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ro awnro of tho amount of charity
nd number of good deeds that are
douo by our King's Daughters, who
arc very quiot and modest about their
work, as becomes daughters of the
Jowly king. It is a worthy organiza
tion and Waoo should show its prido
in tho King's Daughters by contribut
ing largely to this entcrtainmont.
Kvery dollar roeeivod will go to buy
necessaries for tho destitute and com
forts for tho alllicted.
The Ladies Whist Club was de
lightfully entertained by Mrs. John
Sleeper Friday afternoon. Mrs. T. A.
Crawford will entortain tho club at
tho reaidenco of Mrs. Monroe, on
Washington street, next Thursday.
Miss Brown, daughter of Dr. W.
E. Brown, a prominent Gatesvillo
physician, is tho guest of Miss Hilda
Ockandcr, on North Fourth street.
Miss Paulino Wynne is yet very
ill, much to tho regret of hor many
friends in tho city.
Judge George Clark is in New Or
leans lor a few days.
Mrs. Win. Tobin left on Friday for
Austin after sovoral days stay in the
Central city.
Mrs. Hcarno returned homo on Fri
day, after attonding tho World's Fair
Mrs. Rosa Rvan is still in the oity
& guest in tho hospitable home of Mrs.
Edward Rotan.
Mr. Luther Slavdom of San An
tonio, spent several days of the past
week in tho oity as a guest of Mr. and
Mrs. S. W. Slayden, on North Twelfth
Miss Hattio Trioo has returned from
a visit to friends in Fort Worth.
Miss Pate, tho guest of Miss Olive,
will leave for her home in Houston
noxt week.
Tho Misses Clark, of Austin, are
tho guests of Miss Paulino Carrington
on Speight street.
Miss Peugnct has returned to hor
home in St. Louis, after some inonthB
passed in our oity as a guest of Col.
and Mrs. Wm. Hamilton on Washing
ton street.
jis fooa as new
that's the condition of liver, stom
ach and bowels, when Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets hn,vo done their
work. It's a work that isn't fin
ished when you've stopped taking
them, cither. It's lasting. They
cure, as well as relieve. And it's
all done so mildly and gently 1
There's nono of the violence that
went with the old-time pill. One
tiny, sugar-coated Pellet's a gentlo
laxative three to four act as a
cathartic. Rick Headache, Bilious
Headache, Constipation, Indiges
tion, Bilious Attacks, and all de
rangements of tho stomach and
bowels, are prevented, relieved and
cured. As a Liver Pill, the)'' un
equaled. They're purely vegetable,
perfectly harmlcs" the smallest,
cheapest, and easiest to take.
They're the cheapest pill you can
buy, because they'ie guaranteed to
give satisfaction, or your money is
You only pay for the good you
get. Can you ask more V
That's the peculiar plan all Dr.
Pierce's medicines aro sold on.
You do not have to draw on your
imagination while seated at a fire of
the "Big Muddy lump." On the con
trary, you have to "drax back" from
i's "generous heat." Remember tho
Bi Muddy and take no other. Tele
phono Euan for coal.
To Subscribers.
Parties who fail to got their paper
promptly will confor a favor on Tiik
News by notifying us by mall or tel
ephone, and the mattor will be rem
edied Immediately.
nrni iiiii iiiiiiiinn imn inn inn imiiiin
When I Fay euro I do not mean men ly to (top
them for atliioLiicUtic-nlme tin m return acorn.
I nnn a rndiialrure. I have made tho iIin
nllfc long stud), 1 w arrant my remedy to care
the wnret aisee. Jkcauw othinj haio failed ie
no reason turtiut now rceeliluu a cure. stod
ft once Torn, treatise and a l'"rce Boulc of my
Infallible remedy. GlTeFxprcsgandl'o,.t-affl'"e.
It. C. ROOT, M. C, 103 Pearl St., N. YT
I'lirsiriAif aso stntaj:ox,
ti'aeo, .... Txas
Slate at Old Coruor Drug 8toro.
Oftlco hours at residence, from 2 to 1
p. m. No. 1-108 South Eighth street.
Kosidunco iw M y Ht
uosidence :n 8 w vi at.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Slots at Old Coiner DruR'Btoro. Tclopnone
at OOlco and Residence!.
Office on Aiistin Street over
First National Bank.
O O JT-s.
207 South Fifth Street.
Best coal in any quantity
delivered promptly. Prices
as low as the lowest.
20 7 South Fifth Street
Block of 20 lots in Waco addition
to Rookport on Herring, Kolley,
ByanB and Inge streets $-100.
J. E. Andkkson.
Tho Big Muddy lump is strictly
cold-weather coal. Tolephono Egan
or coal.
You oan buy a good shoo from a
good house. We keep the olasa of
shoe that you want.
Slkeper Clifton & Co
For the hest and freshest bcef,pork
mutton, veal, sparerihs, fit b d
oysters o o Crippen comer Fifth
and Frankling
Don't delay, if you desire Rock
port property, it will be too high soon.
iO lot blooks lor $400.
J. E. Anderson.
Our goods and our pncea do
advertising, we find it best in
long run.
Parker Bros,
A J. Lesho for first-class
clock and jowelry repairing,
building with II. E. Ambold
We givo employment to more people
and have more teams engaged in de
livering our "justly colobrated Big
Muddy lump" coal than any other
dealor in the city. "Telephone Egan
or coal."
A Sure Cure for Piles.
Itching piles are known by moisture
like perspiration, causing intense itch
ing when warm. This form as well as
Blind, Bleeding or Protruding,
yield at onco to Dr. Bosanko's Pile
Remedy, whioh acts directly on parts
aiFcctcd, absorbs tumors, allays itohing
and effects & pormaucni cure. oOots.
Druggists or mail. Circolars free.
Dr. Bosanko, 321) Arch St., Philadel
phia, Pa. Sold by W. B. Morrison
Dr. Geo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
sett of upper or lower teeth, $12.50.
If you want tho best cheap coal in
Waco tolephono Lacy for tho Bkikr
Get Lacy's prices on Brier Creek
best cheap coal sold in Waoo.
Buy lots and blooks now in Waoo
addition to Ilockport, and start Orango
Groves and Grapo Yineyards, and
your fortuno is doubly assured. As
these lands are enhancing in valno
every day. Seo an article from a
Ilockport paper in another column.
J. E. Anderson.
$50.00 Reward.
Lost on Washington or CoiumbuB
streets and botween Ninth and Thir
teenth streots a diamond car-ring,
$50 00 reward will bo paid for its
return. I. AI. Pearlstone.
If you want cheap ooal try Lacy's
Brier Urkek, J5.50 per ton.
Parker Bros, oan sell you goods
below manufacturers prices, Soo
their goods and got their prioos.
Have you used an Embreo McLean
MARfYlflNI'F Hign Ulade Education for
Sinn m u u ft c Yuung 0cnUtmen ,nil noyE
M LITARY Superior Eycim.. Salt
milium I Batht. Oai, ilectrlo UehU
AftAliEUY BtetrallMt. itimtttuifiu.
nvnucm I kt, muit hritocs, au.
Tho Fight Deponds on Aransns Pass
United SIuIcn Will Surely Win and
The SoldlorN unil MillorN will bo
Happy llockpnrt l.oti lll Ito u
Pino Investment Whether H'lir In
Hud or Not.
This Garden has been an interest
ing themo for oenturies and itB loca
tion a subject of iuqury for both
soholars and antiquarians.
If this famous spot has not been
definitely located, lot the investiga
tion be confined to Texas, for it Las
within hor vast area tho alimate and
soil, descriptivo of this historio plaoe.
A New loar's dinner was given in
honor of the Aransas County Horti
culturists to be Berved from voluntary
donations of theso men taken from
their own gardens near Rockport.
Drafts were drawn jpon the sdjaccnt
proprietors with the following results:
Every mandato was honored, and
tho result was stupendous. Air. Joo
Tripis sent a liberal quantity of onions,
cabbage, cauliflower and tomatoes with
specimens of groen corn, aspargaus,
and cantaloupes. Mr. AI. Kaltenbach
was absent when tho press fiend arriv
ed at his home, but Airs Kaltenbach
and Miss Floronoo Farrel entertained
him handsomely and loideil his cart
with new Irish potatoes, magnificent
yams, white radishes, black turnips,
lettuco and snap beans, and gavo him
a specimen strawberry plant on whioh
wore growing green leaves, green ber
rice, new blooms and a singlo rioh, red,
ripe berry, that surely tried his pa
tienco to deliver. Tho last cluster of
grapes had been pluaked for their
family dinner on Christmas day.
Mr. William Lomas, of ilockport,
sent liberal specimens of white giant,
golden plumo and bleached celery,
with tho fresh dirt olinging to the
Air. Peter D. Houser sent a liberal
supply of egg-plan' s, celery, ripe
tomatoes, oashaw, squashes, sweet
nepDors, green, and ripe, and rutaba
ga turnips.
Mr. Christy Osborne sent a lot of
magnificent largo turnips, beets and
Messrs. W. II. and J. C. Ives joint
ly sent a load of cabbages, turnips,
onions, beets, radishes and sweet
potatoes, with specimons of groon
pea vines, groon tomato vines, in
bloom, and fresh lcttuuc.
Air. H. G. Boles sent three lareo
watermelons from his enormous vine.
One of these melons weighs 4G pounds
another 40 pounds and the other 118
pounds. Mr. Boles also sent half a
dozen frying-sizo chickens and a
specimen bunoh of rhubarb, of which
some stems but ton days old, are
larger than a carpenter's pencils. Mr.
Boles sent some elegant home-made
preserves and pickles.
Alesers. Holman and Hoffman sent
a lot of lino radishes, and Alessrs.
Isaac Hughes and Jack Burris sent a
full supply of ficsh milk and butter.
Air. Jno C- Emory undertook to
supply tho tablo with gocse, duoks
aniLsmall Gamo, and O. L. Wilson
sent an elegant lot of fresh venison,
whioh ho killed that morning es
pecially for the occasion, aurt which
was warm when deliverod.
Air. J. E. Barber killed a lot of
quail lor the occasion, and sent a fat
young mast-fed hog.
The beef was raised and fattened
on the AloCampbell pasture, and
slaughteree bo Air. G. W. Lowis.
Air. J. I. Caruthcrs sont a dozen
bottles of rioh native wines from his
Inglesido vintage of 1891.
Tho markets of Rockport and Aran
sas harbor furnished fish, oysters and
gamo in endless quantity.
The orchards of Live Oak Peninsula
are yet in thoir infanoy and native
fruits could not bo secured except for
decorative purposes. Prof. II. P. Att
watcr of Ilockport, loaned threo native
oranges upon a freshly cut stem with
leaves clinging to it, and also donated
a largo sweet potato that had takon a
second gorwth and was enveloped in
a network of vines grown from its
own body. The orango specimens had
been givon to Prof. Attwater for pres
ervation in his museum of Southwest
Texas products, and wero loanod on
The Herald's pledge to return them,
but thoy wero inadvertantly eaten and
a sincere apology is the only return
Tho Herald oan make.
Banana culture was represented by
tho nodding loaves on tho throe fine
tre.es in the hotel court-yard.
Orango trees, lemon trees, fig trees,
apple trees, pear trees, plum trees,
ohcrry trees, poach trees, pocan trees
and grapo vines wero represented
among tho decorations by branches
showing green leaves and fresh buds
and bright poach blossoms.
Lot tho bill of faro spoak for
Tho bill of faro was proparod by
Captain Aliller and tho editor, and
sent to tho cook after all the pro
duotshad been rocoived. Everything
upon it was served nt tho dinner,
and overy product upon the
tablo waB prepared or illustrat
ed from tho products of Livo
Oak Peninsula. Several hundred
copies woro hurriedly printed from it
and tho following is a substantia
Oranges from San Patricio County.
Aransas Bay on Half Shell. Fried
Trout, Ovsler Sauce, Red FiBh, plain,
Floundor Crumbed, Wino Sauce,
Chiokcn Salad, Stylo Hotel Hoyt,
Texas Cured nam,
Celery, Whito Grant and Goldon
Dwarf Champion Tomatoes, Sweet
Potatoes, Irish Potatoes, Drum
head Cabbbago, Egg Plant, Alarrow-
phat Peas, Squash, Cashaw,
Egyptian Boets, Sweet Peppers, Silvor
iving Unions,bheppard Radishes,
Golden Stem Lettuco.
Venison, Currant Jolly. Goose, Oyster
sauce. iJraut, Plain. Duok, Celery
Sauoe. Turkey, Oyster Sauce.
Quail on Toast. 'Possum with Kraut.
Fresh Rhuberb Pie, Native Lemon Pio
Southwest Texas Bananas,
Native Grapes, Native Pecans,
Strawberries and Cream,
Watermelon, Vanilla Ico Cream,
oweet and Butter Milk.
Claret, Port, Angelica.
Every article on the above menu
was grown near Rockport, chiefly by
men who bavo rccontly cast their for
tunes in AraLBas county, who with
in little more than one year have
mado homes, developed farms and
brought produots to perfection that
for quality ana variety could not at
this season havo been duplicated else
where within tho jurisdiction of tho
American eaglo.
Throo large ootton stalks with green
stems, groen loaves, green bolls, new
blooms and full opened bolls occupied
tho center of the table decorations.
Green sprigs of honey-suckle vino,
olcaudcn- and orapo myrtle wore
prominentl displayed. In tho contor
of to table assigned to Gov. Whcoler
and uaptain minor, was displayed a
largo watermelon btanding on end,
pinaclo shape with spreading points
to display tho red meat. Arranged in
vases around tho central board woro
innumerable varieties of grasbes and
tlowors, and tho wall decorations wero
prcpapared from the bright green
leaves ot the sweet hay, tho oleaudor,
tho sou bean vino and the salt cedar.
The decorations oooupied tho cen
lor table, four feet by sovon, and in
a pyramid eight feet high, occupied
tho ontire space. In addition to the
illustrations of tho agricultural pro
ducts shown upon it, woro specimens
of red fish, trout and floundor, and
largo, fat oysters from Aransas Bay
upon shells larger than a mule's car.
Theso speoimens were sent by Aliller
BrothorB ot Rockport.
Tho souvenirs for the reception wero
composed of sea beans, pumice stones,
starfish and shells lrom the ocean
beach on Alustang Island, guilded
and hand-painted with mottoes by
Aliss Mayino AIoBrydo. Thoy wero
delivered to oaoh departing guest by
Aliss AIoBrydo in porson, and tho
guests were invited to remain for tho
Bargains at Cummins' 5 and 10 ct.
A 1-2 gal. and pint cups lflo
A f) Hole mouse trap 10c
A deep pudding pan and spoon. 10c
A covcrod tea 6teeper lOo
A scoop dipper and funnel.... 10c
A wood spoon, fork and sercv
driver 10o
.'1 Heavy glass sauce (IibIibs. . . . 10c
2 Thick, plain gloss goblets.. 10c
:i 8 inch tin pio plates 10c
13 Tin tea spoons 10c
12 Shoots paper, envelopes and
Pen 10c
12 slato pencils and 'Z lend.. . . lOo
2 10 oont tablets for 0c
A covered glass sugar bowl. ... 10o
A covered glass butterdish . lOo
At Cumniins' u and lOo. store, 703,
Austin avenue, b.tween tith & 8th st
A Mother's Mistake.
Alotbers frequently inako a mistake
in neglecting the Cough of a ohild. A
Fort Wayne, Jnd., lady writes: "Aly
littlo daughter 0 years old had a sc
vero cough but as it was nothing un
usual 1 thought nothing of it, and al
lowed it to run on for 4 or fivo weeks,
when itbeoamo so obstinatesho began
losing flesh. 1 called in a physioiau
who treau d her throo weeks without
boncfit. A neighbor insisted upon
my trying Ballard's Horehound Syrup
it roliovcd her from the first dosn and
sho began gaining flesh rapidly, whon
wo had used two bottles her cough
had ontirely disappeared. I would
not bo without it. Jt does not oonsti-
pato my children. Ballard's Horo
hound Syrup is frco from opiatop. Its
the most soothing throat and lang
tnedioiuo in tho world.
Sold by 11 O Risher & Co.
Steam Sausngo Factory.
Fresh Fish.
Frosh Jjard.
Fresh Oysters.
Fresh Sparo Ribs.
All Kinds Aleats
And Sausage,
Cheap for Cash.
J. C. Stafford.
Baohlbn'a Arnloa, Salvo.
The bost salve In tho world for cuts,
brulsoB, Boros, uloere, oalt rheum, fo
vor eoron, totter, ohapped hands, chll
blalns, oorns and all skin eruptions,
and positively quroe pllos, or no pay
required. It Is guaranteed to give
satisfaction or uoneyrefumlou Prloe
26 cents a box. For sale by -W. B
Morrison Oo.
A. D. Adams & Bros..
Hard to Beat
Poaoh and Apple Cider Try mo
I am good.
Rockport lots have two strings on
fortunoB bow, Orange and Grapo oul
ture, and will doi'hlo in value in a fow
months as it is tlio coming doop
water port. J. E. Anderson.
miles' Norvo And Llvor Pills
Act on a now principle regulating
tho llvor, etomnolinnd bowols through
the norvos. A now discovery. Dr.
miles' Pills speedily cure biliousness,
bad tasto, torpid 11 vet pllos, consti
pation. Uuequaled for mou, women,
and children. Bmnllost, mlldost, sur
oat. 60 doses 26 cents. Samples free
at H. O Itlshor & Co'sDrug storo513
Austin nvouue
Garden spot of tho great Punhandic.
Rich loamy soil. Great wheat country.
Tulia is tho county sont of Swisher
oounty. One of the finest counties
in tho great Panhandle. Court house,
chnrohes, schools, c, Ac.
Tulia. Lot.
Swisher county is dovoloping rapidly.
Thousands aro going to tho Panhan
dlo daily and the man with tho plow
is daily going to Swisher county.
Tulia Lot.
A pretty town in tho prettiest country
in tho world. Land level as a floor
and produoing immense cmpB of all
cereals, vegetables and fruits.
Tulia Lots
Everlasting freestone puro water in
illimitablo quantities at twonty-fivo to
thirty feet.
Tulia '.Lots.
Are in a growing town, in a growing
county. Property is advancing daily
and will continue to advance- in a way
to inatra the hoad uwiui. Buy now.
Don't delay a day. Lots ohoap as
dirt at pricea now ahked.
For inapB, plats and other particu
lars apply to
II 1 Franklin street.
' i,AM. ON (Jit ADDItKb
Indian Territory.

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