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Locution of I'lro Alarm Ho.ycn.
4 Firth Ward I'lro Station strikes mi
r Corner 9 h niia Anstlu " 11)11
6 " 4th " " nun
7 Central Flro Station ,' ' 1111111
8 West End Fire station " Illlllll
" 18 Corner ll h and Wxldneton " i-m
"14 Mb and Malboro jgh " lmi
"15 '' 8th and Columbus " l-lilli
"16 " 8th anU Jackson " i-imii
"17 " 4th find Webster " 1-1111111
" 2J ' 8th nd ClevelBud " 11-iilu
' M " 5th ami Speight " li-miii
"S7 " Bthaiid Washington " ii-uiiui
"35lloyal Hotelstha ul Franklin " iimiiii
" iO Woolen Mills Wth and Mary ' xil-niill
" 37 Corner 1' th and Jefferson lll-lliiut
All boxes numbeied above 8 strikes thnsi
Hoi 13 strikes 1 and "tops, then strikes 111
making llox 13, then repeats rnurthnes.
Ilox li strikes 11 and stops, thon strikes 1III
siaklng Hox2S ai d so on.
DI11KCTI0X3 roitmviNOAi.Aiui.
Kojo will bo found In residences on each coi
ner where boxen are located. Open Flro Alarm
Boxes Bnd pull Hook down find let go. Lcavo
key In box.
Turn alarm In only for Arcs. J 10 00 line for
false alarms.
Slow tapping of bolls signify company
Second Friday In each month cboIi box Is
tapped twice, testing boxes and clrcnlt line
When alarm ot flro Is give tho Flro Depart
ment has the right of Way on atUtrecls. All
vehicles must drive near the sidewalk and keep
uway from tho lire. ti.O0 lino for running ovor
Heport of any careless driving going to or
from Area by the Flro Department will bo
thankfully received by tho Chief, as fast ntid
caroloes driving Is strckly forbidden.
A Mystery Explained.
The papers contain frequent notices
of rioh, pretty and educated girls
eloping with negroes, tramps and
coaohmen. The well known spcoialist
Dr. Franklin Miles, says all such girls
are more or less hysterical, nervous,
very impulsive, unbalanced, usually
eubjeot to headache, neuralgia, sleep
lessness, lmtnoderato orying or laugh
ing. These show a weak norvous sys
tem for which there is no remedy equal
to Restorative Nervine. Trial bottles
and a fine book, containing many
marvelous oures. froo at H. 0. Rishor
& Go's., who also sell and guarantee
Dr. Miles' celebrated New Heart Curo,
tho finest of heart tonics. Cures flut
tering, short breath, etc
Just Received Large Stock
Frosh garden seed. Come ye market
gardeners. Wo uavo ample to supply
you in everything.
W. L. Tucker,
at "Lion Drug Store."
A Wonder Worker.
Mr. Frank Huffman, a young man
of Burlington, Ohio, states that he
had been under the oarc of two promi
nent physicians, and used their treat
ment until he was not able to got
around They pronounced his case
to be Consumption and incurable.
He was persuaded to try Dr. King's
New Disoovory for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds and at that timo
was not ablo t walk across the street
without resting. He found, before
ho had used half of a dollar bottlo,
that he was muoh better; he continu
ed to uso it and is today enjoying
good health. If you have any Throat
Lung or Chest Trouble try it. Wo
guarantoe satisfaction. Trial bottlo
free at W. B. Morrison & Co.,
drug store.
At tho Park Natatorlum for the
Winter Months.;
Open 7 a. ra, to 0 p. m. Saturday
nigt uutil 12 o'clock. Closed on
Sunday night. Tub, Vapor and
Noedlo Baths day and night for inval
ids and others- Physician's offieo
hours 9 to 11 a. m.; 3 to 5 p. m.
Skilled male and female attendants
lay and night. Tom Padoitt,
J. B. Ciiesnut, Proprietor.
" -
Make Christmas presents of Book
port lots.
J. E. Anderson.
For Sale.
One four room house and two lots
ICO9 Franklin street.
P. G. Smith.
Joe Lehman is tho most popular res
taurant mn in Texas. His plaoo
117 South Fourth street.
iOOO aore farm, 500 in cultivation, all
first class prairio land. Ten houses,
barns, shods, wells and ono never
failing spring.
Small farms of 100 or 200, 320 or 400
tores oaoh, and many others cheap
and on easy terms.
Jnging in numbor of acres of 320, 500
i200, U00, 1800 and 3,000, situated
near Waco. We can sell special bar
gains in housos, lots and busint
Bell & Sassaman,
Real EBtato and Rental Agents, 111
South Fourth stroot, Waco, Texas.
Ctjeap Lois
The onl cheap lo's offered in Waco
for tho last fivo years are thoso now
on the markot in the Kirkpatriolc Ad
dition, East Waco. These lots aro
being sold for one-half their real val
ue, making a ohanco to secure a de
sirable home such as will never occur
Cheap JLet
Those lots lio high and dry. They
overlook a large portion of the city,
and liavo perfect drainage. They lie
in tho healthiest part of the city, catch
ing tho puro breezes from the prairie
untainted by passago over any part of
tho city.
Cheap !Lots
Thoso lots have tho finest soil, a
rich sindy loam, admirable for gar
dens, and are underlaid with pure
wator in inexhaustible quantities at a
depth of fifteen and sixteen foot,
which can bo used for irrigation.
Cheap LiOt .
Thesolots aro closer to tho centor
of the city than any other addition,
and at tho same distance lots are sell
ing for thrco and fivo times tho price
asked for theso. There is millions in
it for persons of small means. Call on
Mrs. or P. G Kirkptrick, southwest
corner Eighth and Clay street.
All parties desiring plats of tho
Kirkpatriok addition can obtain them
upon application.
In New Quarters.
Messrs. Dookery & Co , tho popu
lar insurance agents, formerly of South
Fourth street, aro now domiciled in
their elegant now office, room S, Prov
ident building, where thoy have in
creased facilities in carrying on their
extcnsiveu icsuranco business in ovcry
branch. Thoy represent tho best
great fire insuranoe companies. Thoir
latch string is always on tho outaide
and they will bo pleased to soe their
friendo and strangers at their new
If you want good coal, quiok doliv
ery, "telephone Laoy for McAlister
LuMr. No one sells it but Lacy.
Hotel Royal Bar.
Hayden & Hayden, proprietors.
Neat and quiet. Very finest wines
and liquors. Superb lunoh at 10.
Old friends and customers as well
new will meet a hearty welcome
Electrict Bitters.
This remedy is becoming so wel
known and so popular as to need no
speoial mention. All who havo used
Electric Bitters sing the samosong of
praise. A purer medicine does not
exist, and is guaranteed to do all that
s claimed. Electrio Bitters will nnrn
all diseases of tho Liver and Kidneys,
will removo PimplcB, Boils, Salt
Rheum and other affections caused by
impure blood. Will drive Malaria
from tho system and prevent as well
as euro all Malarial fevers. For curo
of Beadache, Constipation and Indi
gestion try Electrio Bitters Entire
satisfaction guaranted, or money rc-
tunaea. rnoe ou cts., and 1.00 per
bottlo at W. B. Morrison & Co., druc
Removal Notice.
Tho Bell Wator Comnanv nflirns
have been removed from the old placo,
iici I'ranKim street, to the building
io. iuv south imth stroet. Tho now
offices aro better and more convenient.
Patrons and friends pleaso take notice
of change.
Buy lots and blooks now in Waco
addition to Rockport, and start Orange
Grovos and Grape Vineyards, and
your fortune is doubly sssurod. As
these lunds aro enhancing in valno
every day. Seo an artiolo from a
Rockport paper in another column.
.1. E. Anderson.
If you want cheap ooal try Lacy's
Brier (Jrkek, j5.50 per ton.
To Subscribers.
Parties who fail to got thoir paper
promptly will confer a favor on The
News by notitylng us by mall or tel
ephone, and the matter will be rem
edied immediately.
The President Sends His Ulti
matum to Chile.
Mr. lluri'liMin Will lrl mi Amu it frnni
M In Infer Kiitfiui TimIiij Tin- llrtt Uli .Mln-isti'i-
ItcciiUi'h Instruction to Oiler Hit
.Nervlee iih Mediator.
Santiago, .Tun. W. It is learned
that the question at issue between Chilo
and the United States has assumed a
most acute phase. The Chilean govern
ment has received from the United
States mi ultimatum which in tho
strongest possible terms states that tho
diplomatic relations between the two
countries will cease unless the offonsivo
circular note sent out by Senor Mutt 11,
lecently Chilean foreign minister, in re
gard to the Baltimore affair is with
drawn. Furthermore tho ultimatum
demands that Chile immediately make
reparation for tho attack by a mob upon
tho Baltimore's sailors in Valparaiso and
that she make apology for those attacks.
Tho ultimatum concludes with the state
ment that the United States will tolor
ato no turther delay on tho part ot
Chile in answering the demands of the
American government.
1'rcpnratlmi-t nt AVu.lilii;;toii?
Washington, .Tan. 25. A prominent
officer of the national guard of the Dis
trict of Columbia, who made a special
study of tho matter, sums up tho si tun
tion 111 the following words: "Should
there bo war with Chile or any othei
powur the value of the national guard is
at once apparent. In round numbers
there aro 110,000 men and at least !I0 poi
cent would volunteer for service abroad.
The national guard's usefulness will by
no means end nt that point. Tho de
mand for volunteers would bring to tho
front a vast number of raw material.
Camps of rendezvous and instruction
have to be organized nnd one of tho?o
camps would naturally bo located in this
city. Them aro at least !!00 men hero
who would be used as drill instructors.
They would bo tho best men for such
work. National guard officers would bo
the best men to use in instructing re
cruits. They could do work more thor
oughly and rapidly and satisfactorily
than tho officers of the regular army.
They understand tho civilian temper and
know how to handle it. Army officers
havo no experience nowadays with bod
ies of green men. Recruits aro sand
wiched between old soldiers and as they
are comparatively few they are soon ab
sorbed. No msonsibln men desires wai
but should there be one the national
guard can be depended upon to do its
Sailed for Valparaiso.
Montevideo, Uruguay, Jan. 25. Ad
miral Walker with his ffagship, tho
craher Chicago, accompanied by the
cruiser Atlanta and the gunboat Ben
nington, has sailed for Valparaiso.
Muitliigo Hulling Ovor.
Santiauo. Chile. Jan. 25. Excite
ment over the imbroglio with the United
States is growing rapidly. The Vnlpa
raiso incident is the all prevailing topic
of conversation and the probable results
of war between Chile and the United
States are eagerly discns-wl.
While it cannot be said the excite
ment has reached tho stage commonly
known as -war fever." yet tho natural
martial instincts of tho Chilean people
are without doubt greatly aroused.
It is definitely ascertained that Senor
Pereria. Chilean minister of foreign
affairs, has sent to United States Minis
ter Egan a formal notification that the
Chilean government will reply today to
tho note containing the ultimatum of
tho United States, in effect that the
diplomatic relations of the two countries
must cease unless the offensivo note sent
out by Matta concerning the Baltimore
affair be immediately withdrawn and
reparation made for tho attack upon the
American sailors at Valparaiso.
It is also learned the British ininistei
to Chile has received instructions from
his government to offer his services a
mediator to prevent war between Chile
and the United States.
'IIib 1'ieslilent's Message.
Wasiumjto.v, Jan. 25. Tho course ot
proceedings in congress during tho ninth
week of the session depends largely upon
tho manner in which the president's
mossago and tho Chilean correspondence
are received. Tho usual course will
doubtless be followed in each house of
congress, by referring tho messago and
accompanying correspondence to an ap
propriate committee. Pending consid
eration in the committee tho message
and correspondence will bo printed. Af
ter the members havo thus had an op
portunity to inform themselves of tho
official history of tho trouble, some ot
thorn may desire to bo heard on tho floor,
but tho disposition of tho most inlluon
tial men in tho senate and in tho hoiibt,
is adverse to unusual hasto in tho con
sideration of the subject.
It is expected tho promised message ot
the president and all correspondence re
lating to the trouble with Chilo will be
sent to congress today.
To Curry t'n.il o Clillp.
San Franc isco, Jan. 25. Tho United
States government has chartered tho big
southern Pacific -tt amer San Benito and
will dispatch her to Chilo with a eargf.
of coal. Friday afternoon agents of the
government purchased tho entire cargo
of tho British ship Bowdoin, which re
cently arrived hero from Cardiff. A
largo forco of men was put to work
transferring tho coal from tho ship to
tho steamer and tho work will bo prose
cuted day and night until tho San Ben
ito's hold is filled to tho hatches. The
San Benito will carry a cargo of -150 tons
and is expected to inako tho run to Child
in less than a month. Sho is tho largest
carrier on tho coast.
TI10 aiurt Islanil Ynril.
Vai.M'JO, Cal Jan. 25. Tho bingle
tnrrcted monitor Comanche wns tnken
from the buoy midstream and towed
alongside tho wharf. Tho work of pre
paring her for active servico has already
begun. Tho Charleston is in tho largo
stono dry dock and her bottom is being
scraped. The Baltimore was brought
alongside the quay wall. Her repairs
aro almost completed.
Hush the PimiliT Milliliter.
Santa Cuuz, Cal., Jan. 25. Tho pow
der works of this city received a dis
patch from Washington to rush tho
work of manufacturing government
IKiwder to tho full capacity of tho
Tho Ohio I'lisM'.l Out.
Philadelphia, Jan. 25. The steam
ship Ohio, couriered by the Un'ted
States government, passed out of Caie
Delaware bound for Boston.
A StrmiKo DlH.ippi'iii'auro.
Dr.xvr.it. Jan. 25. The English di
rectors of the Tarryall Creek Gold com
pany, limited, whoe placer mines are
located in Park county and whoe office
is at Fairplay, Col., aro trying to find
out where 5000 ounces of gold, taken
from their mines, has gone to. It wai
supposed to have left Colorado for Lon
don, Eng., in September, 1800, and
should havo arrived at London, Eng.,
inside of two weeks from the time of
leaving Colorado. Several meetings ot
the directors and .stockholders are said
to have been held for the purpose of as
certaining what became of this amount
of gold, but strange to say. thus far no
action has been taken, although it has
been over a year since tho disappearance
of this shipment. It is reported that an
agent of tho company has been sent to
Colorado to investigate tho mutter, hut
he has not yet been heard from in
The records of the secretary of state
show that tho Tarryall Creek Mining
company was incorporated Aug 7,
1SSI, with $100,000 capital and the fol
lowing trustees: James Sittrell,, Charles
II. Hall and Assyria Hall. Thu'proporty
consisted of placer mines located in Park
county, and tho office of the company
was at Fairplay. It would seem that
the English company has siueo obtained
control of the property.
AiUonliiion T si Mmimwiy.
San Fhancikco, Jan. 25. .Tame:
White, a stowaway from Honolulu 011
the steamer Australia, tells a remarka
ble story of his adventures in the South
seas. Last May he deserted from an
American ship in Sydney and hhippedon
a 100-tou schooner for a trading voyage
among the islands of tho Pacific." Soon
after leaving tho Australian coast gum
were brought up from tho hold nnd
White was told thoy were to be sold to
tho islanders. The vessel carried a crow
of fifteen men, commanded by Captain
Bolton, a southerner. At tho first pluce
tho vessel touched five young girls were
forcibly abducted: the natives pursued
in a canoe and when near the ship wen
fired upon, six or eight being killed; the
canoe was overturned and tho rest wort
dovoured by sharks which swarmed in
the water. Two weoks later tho vessel
touched at another island, and in a fight
with natives ono of tho crew was killed
and the ninte'b arm broken. At auothei
island a lot of sandalwood was stolen
and the ship was chased by a French
gunboat, but she got away. At tin
Guuhan islands White de.MJited and wa
taken to Honolulu by the brig Madrono.
' V1111II1I11I Miii'iloror-i.
Lima, O., Jan. 25. John Stephenson,
Burt Smith, Win. and Chsus. Spin-lock,
school boys 12 to 17 year of age, aro in
Kenton jail charged with murder. Their
teacher, Miss McLaughlin, corrected
them for some misdemeanor in school
yesterday, whereupon they become un
governable and began to beat her, when
Frank, the teacher's 12-yearcold brother,
interfered, when tho boys turned on
him and beat him to insensibility and
inflicted injuries frimi which ho died in
a few hours. Miss McLaughlin is also
very badly injured and her recovery is
doubtful. The young murderers aro be
ing guarded, as theio aro threats of
lynching them.
Howell IIi-iimii's Death.
Fout Wayne, Tnd., Jan. 25. Howell
Brown, a prominent young politician of
El Paso county, Texas, hhot and killed
himself this afternoon in tho presonco of
his young wifo at tho house of his father-in-law
in this city. Brown camo hero
with his wifo in search of health. When
the inquest was held Mrs. Brown claimed
to know Jiothing of tho cause which led
to the suicide. Brown was IW years old
and prominently connected in Texas
His father is clerk of Travis county'.
Austipj. Tex,
Liver Complaint--Bllllousnoss.
The chief symptoms of this disoaso
arc depression of spirits, foul coated
tongue, bad tasting mouth, disagreea
ble breath, dry skin with blotches
and eruptions, sallow coniploxion and
yellow eyes, tired aching shoulders
dull pain in right sido, faintness, diz
ziness nnd irregular bowols. This
complaint in all Us forms can bo
readily cured by taking Dr. Gunn's
Improved livor pills as directed, and
a lingering spell of Mcknoss will often
bo warded oft by thoir uso. Sold at
Uoots a box by W. B. Morrison &
To tho Ladles.
Mrs. F.J. Sullivan has romovo d ho
dressmaking establishment to 509 1 2
Austin avenue, up-Btairs over tho
"Leader," where sho will bo glad to
Bee her patrons and friends.
Tho Boston Texas.
MoA lister Lump ib tho best coal
sold in Texas. Laoy is tho sole
Fishing taokle of ovory description
with a full stock of huntors supplies
H. E. A "tnoLDB.
Buy tho "Big Muddy" lump coal.
Keep warm nnd givo your imaginaitou
a rest. "Telophono Egan for ooal."
Height of Cruelty.
Nervous women seldom receivo the
sympathy thoy deserve. While often
the pictures of health, thoy aro con
stantly ailing. To withhold sympathy
from these unfortunates is tho height
of cruelty. Thoy have a weak heart,
causing shortness of breath, fluttering,
pain in side, weak and hungrv spells,
and finally swelling of ankles, oppres
sion, chokmff, smothering and dropsy.
Dr. Miles' New Heart Curo is just the
thing for them. For their nervous
ness, headaoho, weakness, etc, his
Restorative Nervine is unequalcd.
Fine treaties on "Heart and Nervous
Diseases" and nervous testimonials
free. Sold and guaranteed by H. 0.
Kisher fc Co.
Pure and white lard in bulk
10 cents por pound at Orippen'e
oorner Fifth and Franklin.
Tho best restaurant in town, Joe
Lohman's, No. 117 South Fourth
& dsitrnotivo agent, that, like fire, ooa
fumei aud annihilates life.
Is there a sinulo partielp of blood polaon.
In your veins? howaro' Like tn de
vouring flame, it inrfiws in forco and
leaves only destruction in its track.
Poison in the blood is due sometimes to
contagion, tometi'iics it is inherited. It
ruins health, no matter from which source
it springs. It feeds in a horrible manner
on the ilesb, and devastates every organ
of the body Pitiable in the extreme
would be the condition of that man await
ing deatli from the effects of scrofula,
syphilis, deep-seated ulcers, rottcnlng 01
the bones, sloughing of the ilesh, aching:
Joints, etc., were there no salvation for
him. But there is; for, although these '
conditions continue to grow worse if neg
lected, ho nevertheless van be saved to a.
life of iisefuliicu, and every trace of blood
poison can bt eliminated from Ins system
and Im be made safe from further suffer
ing, and his posterity insured against the
possibility of a fearful heritage, easily and
quickly, if he will only ue that infallible
antidote for blood poison, Dr. John Bull'i
Earsuparilla. It contains just such ingre
dients us nature has provided for cleans
ing the blood of every Impurity, for re
storing strength to the digestive processes,
for assisting in the correct assimilation of
nutrition and building up new tissue.
Try it when other remedies have failed.
It has neverand novcrwil) disappoint any
one. J, It. Morse, Clinton, Iiid., writes:
" I wa8 for many years affeptod with con
tagloun blood poison. Portions of my flesh
seamed to be fulrly putrid and mortifying;.
My hair foil out, and I was an object of re-
Eulsloii to overy one. Mr breath smelled
orrlble, nnd I bad catarrh to fearfully bad
that pieces of frontal bones rotted and came
out my nostrils. I lost the sens or taste
Snd sinoll. I became a veritable one '
oneg. and weighed only eighty-nine
pounds. I could hardly sleep from pain,
Snd was so weak I could hardly walk. The
octors said I could not live many months.
A druetjlBt persuaded me to try Dr. Hull's
BarsaoarllU, and straneo as It may seem,
that lemedy saved my life and brought me
baok to health. I now weigh 136 pounds,
am free from pain mid sorrs, and although
have deep hears where soros were, I consider
myself In excellont health."
Don't wait for your ohlld to have
spasms. Remove the worms at once with
Dr. John Hull's "Worm Destroyers.
r-My wife had chilli and fever for
nearly a year. At last Hmith's Tonlo Byrup
brokethemup.and I now prescribe it In my
praotlce. Dr. A. W. Travii, Oliver Lake, Kat.
John I). Park & Sons, WhoUialt Agents,
115, 177 and li Sycamore Bt., Cincinnati, O.

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