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HhmF A H Mm
Hiifernl at thn PotloJJiee at intra, Texat, t Srrnmt Cfii.tn Mutter.
VOL. 4. NO. 169.
50 Cents Per Month.
Trimmed Millinery at less than half price. No other
reason except that -we do not want to carry them over.
Trimmed Hats $i.oo each, reduced from $2.50.
Trimmed Hats $2.00 each, reduced from $4.00.
Trimmed Hats $3.50 each, reduced from $8.00.
Trimmed Hats $5.00 each, reduced from $10.00.
Reduced prices on goods until all are sold. Children's
Trimmed Felt Sailors, were $1.00 and $1.50, at 50c each.
$lo.oo Newmarkets for $4.50.
$12.50 Newmarkets for $6.50.
$16.00 Newmarkets for $8.50.
Are you going traveling? or if you need to be Out in all
kinds of weather you should purchase one of these.
SPECIAL A large lot of odds and ends ladies' wraps,
all styles, all sizes, worth from $17.50 to $25.00 each. A
choice for $ 1 0.00.
Take passenger elevator to second floor.
OUR STOCK is made up of the best in quality, the
And we always make the
You will be pleased with the
Of our solid Oak Sideboards priced at from $18 to $30.
Sixth and Jackson Streets.
Theoltl Orantl JluU(llug,Xorlh of J'laau,
' """ U'AVO, XEXAN.
The finest vehicles and horere in tho
city. Call oairiages for ladieB a spe
cialty and when desired, ladies can
have a driver in hverv. All trains met.
Prompt attention to all orders and
boarded on reasonable terms.
J T- J T" Im
satislaction guaranteed. Ho
r -" -,. . -"fc j
Least That Is What the
President Advises
A StrotiK I'rracittntonof tho Caso Against
Chile Democrats In n "Hole" and Cun
Not Kaeape Chile AVnnU to Arbitrate,
Buys u London Correnponileiit.
"Washington, Jim. 20. Tho long ex
pected messngo of the president on the
Chilean mutter anno to congress Mon
day. Several days ngo it was stated
thnt the message would havo Leon sent
in had not congress taken a recess. So
it was known that it would como in
Monday and as a consequence tho galler
ies in both, chambers were filled to over
flowing with Uioso who had como to
hoar it. Tho congressmen paid much
moro attention to tho reading of tho
document than thoy gonerally do to
communications from the white houso
and nearly all of them wero in their Beats,
which is something unusual for tho first
hour after a three days' recess.
The crowd in tho galleries wero greatly
delighted with tho content of tho
messago and made their approbation ot
it known by long and vociferous ap
plause. Tho message is agreed on all sides to
be a very strong presentation of tho case
against Chile, and defends tho reasons foi
the president's ultimatum with consum
mate ability and force. Ho takes up the
evidence in the case of tho Baltimore's
sailors and handles it like a strong dis
trict attorney, with Chile as the defend
ant, and presents tho wholo as good
grounds for his demand on Clulo for re
dress. Ho announces that ho adheres to
his viowB that the dignity of tho people
requires this redress, and as Chile had
not mado it or showed any inclination
to make it, ho felt bound to submit the
matter to congress.
There can now be no donbt whatever
IlnrrMon In for 'War.
His message is takon as oviden.ee that ho
is anxious for trouble.
It has been said for a month or moro
that Blaino has done all in his iovcr to
repress tho warlike spirit of Harrison,
and the eminent secretary has been
quoted as saying that if Harrison would
keep his hands off for a while tho whole
matter could be satisfactorily adjusted
by arbitration. Blaino has been sailing
under a vigorous foieign policy flag for
many years, but those who know his
character well havo always said that ho
would never permit a war.
With Harrison tho case beems to bo
different. He sniffed tho battle and,
ruling out any suggestion's of Mr. Blaine,
ho shows his desire to engago in it.
The general opinion is that
We Will Have War.
The president has put tho Democrats
in tho houso in a "hole" from which
thoioisnt present no c-caiw. Ho had
the advantago of making up his caso and
ho mado it up so strongly that tho
country will render its verdict in behalf
of his contention. Tho Democratic
houso under his showing cannot refuse
war, and it will go ahead with it, too.
This can bo relied upon. There are
many congressmen who in their inner
most eouls sneer at a war with Buch a
weak little bantling as Chile, and who
would if they dared oiieer that tho
country might see and hear them.
But this is a presidential year. Har
rison shows that our country has boon
Outr.igeoualy Treated by Chllo
and the intimation is that no country
could stand such treatment without loss
of prestigo as a nation. Ho represents
tho Republican party. Tho inforonco is
that ho and his party aro willing to
strike back. Tho Domocrats cannot
hang back on tho breeching in such a
crisis as this.
From conversation with congressmen
who aro conservative I am convinced
that only ono thing can prevent a war
and that is thatChilo will head off con
gress by complying at once with tho do
niands of tho president.
It is generally believed that England
offered her services as mediator, but tho
caso was one that presented no
gronnds for mediation. Chilo must
promise indemnity for outrages on
thV Baltimore's sailors, must withdraw
tho offensive noto of Matta and must
apologize. She has shown no inclina
tion to apologize and sho has been un
satisfactory in her answers in all
Tho general impression is that sho will
not comply with tho demands. Sho is
satisfied Bhe-cau whip anything in South
America and is under tho impression
that alio can give tho great republic of
the north a light that sho will not for
get. There is no uneasiness about the
Our Cost Sale!
As wc will move to our new quarters at the corner of Fifth and
Austin Streets about Feb. 15th, wc do not want to move any of out
winter stock. Therefore we place our entire stock of Clothing, Hats,
Furnishing Goods, Trunks and Valises on the market at
Except Dunlap hats, E. & W. collars and Scrivcn's drawers. Wc
hope our friends will take this ad. .is intended, that we mean JUST
WHAT SAY COST. OUR COST MARK is posted where all
can see it, and all prices will be made from it. This price will
enable you to buy a suit for gio.Oo, $12.00 and $15.00 never before
offered for the price. But we will not .attempt to name articles or
prices, but ask you to come and sec.
These Prices are for Cash,
As it is less trouble to move than books. Wc will continue OUR
COST SALE through next week, and perhaps longer. If you would
get the BEST BARGAINS come first.
Remember this actual COST SALE will be from day to day
next week at
The Clothiers, Hatters and Men's Furnishers.
40 7 -ATTSTinsr 'uSL-VDaaSTTJE.
result as far Chile is concerned, but
there is an undercurrent of fright
through fear that before we are done wo
may become involved in a row with
somo European power. Then wo would
havo a quarrel that would mako tho jin
goes turn pale.
JIoic About the Mrtifiugc.
Wasiunqton, Jan. 20. Tho president
sent his messago to congress yesterday,
accompanying tho Chilean correspond
ence, which was very bulky. The mes
sage contains 0000 words and is conserva
tive, but firm. Tho president in his
messago says tho attention of tho Chilean
government was called to tho offensive
character of a noto addressed by Mr.
Matta, its minister of foreign affairs, to
Mr. Montt, ite minister at tills unpital,
Dn tho Uth nit. This dispatch
was not officially communicated
to this government, but as Mr. Montt
was to translato and givo it to tho press
of this country: "I havo notified tho
Chilean government that unless this
note is at once withdrawn and an
apology as public as tho offcn&c made, 1
will terminate tho dip omntic relations.'
The president also defends tho action ot
Minister Egan and sees no reason for hia
Uovletv or the Coileapondenre.
Washington, Jan. 20. Tho corres
pondence accompanying tho president's
message is in great volume, and would
probably fill moro than 100 columns of
nn ordinary newspaper. It dates back
as far as Aug. 15, 1800, and much of it
has been described with sulllceint ac
curacy in tho president's messago bent to
congress at tho beginning of tho present
bession and copious newspaper publica
tions that havo been mode. It is divided
into threo portions, tho first comprising
tho correspondence between Blaino and
Egan, or Wharton in Blaine's absence,
tho correspondence between Senoi
Lazcauo, Chilean minister under Bal
inaceda, and lastly the.notes exchanged
botweon Blaino and Montt, tho pruseut
Chilean minister to Washington.
SuceeoHful Torpedo Tent.
BETHLwinsi, Pa., Jan. 20. Tho first
flask of domestic manufacture for 100
Whitehead torjiedoos for tho navy,' was
tested at tho works' of tho E. W. Bliss
company last Friday. It is 00 feet long,
17 inches in diameter withashnll 31-10C
of an inch thick and mado by tho Bethle
hem Iron company. Having success'
fully withstood tho test tho flask was a&
cepted by tho navy department. Tht
test consisted in filling tho flask with oil
and subjecting it to a pressnro of 202-1!
pounds to tho square inch. Tho thin
6holl withstood tho pressure without
leakage and tho cylinder retained its
original dimensions when tho pressure
was removed. Tho contract for 100 tor
pedo firing flasks will shortly bo award
ed by tho navy department. It took
tho European ordnance men a genera
tion to perfect a flask, but tho Bethle
hem Iron company was successful in tht
first attempt.
CIluduKIl lor tlio Ohio.
Washington, Jan. 20. Commandei
P. B. Chadwick has boon ordered to com
mand tho repair Bhip Ohio, just acquired
by the United States navy. Sho will be
fitted out for service at Boston.
"HOW TO ItKCO.Iir. UIOll," TO-
I'ror. Windsor AVill Continue, 1IU
tint nil I'numu.ol fr'roo I.uclurcN at
tlio HiifclmikN Colluifo at llnylor
riiivorxlt)') Corner I'ourtli und
Mary Sired. Over ITlooro Kron,
Every young man and woman inter
ested in tho problem of making 11
success of Hie should hear Prof.
Windsor tonight in his grand eoime of
Free Phrenological Leotures. Tho
businePB oollego of Baylor University
(Prof. E. E. Oanimaok, president) has
been provided with amplo seating ac
commodations, and fitted up with
electric lights especially for this
course of leoi tires. The program will
continuoasat first announced.
Tonight, January 20, "How-to Bo
como Rich."
Wednesday, January 27, "'Matri
mony and tJourtsbip Made Kasy,"
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
nights, to mou only. "Magnillcont
Manhood," "Mistakes of Singlo and
Married Men. 'I
Froo public examinations will ho
made each night of promiuontcitizoDS
selected by the audionoo. Tlioir
character will bo faithfully desoribod,
producing astonitjlnnont and roars of
laughter. On Wednesday night at
tho "leuturo on Matrimony" Prof.
Windsor will examine several yonng
ladies and seloot busbaixU for them
from tho audience.
Prof. Windbor controls the largest
phrenological praotiae in the world,
and is the most popular looturer now
on tho soiontifio platform. He is
acknowledged to bo tho highest living
authority on the subject of phrenolo
gy and mental science. Ho will re
main in tho city until January .'il,
only, and may bo consulted for pri
vate phrenological examinations at the
MoOlulland hotel, rooms on first Hour.
Hours, 10 a. m to 6 p. in.
te m
Big- Muddy I Big Muddy! Big Muddy
When you want uico fresh meat
mutton beef, pork and purcrlard go to
Mki.lou & Dei.anky,
125 South Third street.

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