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All theso people aro rushing to J. D. LOFTIN'S NKW CASH STORK,
Chas. Bast's old Btand, 608 Austin Avonuo.
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for $1, and other goods at prices novcr be
fore beard of.
Of a Hi etii-raL.e
Rockport - Lands
Don't - Miss - It. See
Real Estate Agent, : : Waco, Texas.
ffato, .... Tsjcat,
Slato at Old Corner Drug 8tore.
Ofllco houru'at rosldenco, from 2 to 4
p. m. No. 1408 Bouth Eighth street.
Residence 120 N 9 t
Residence 31 9 N 12 St.
Physicians and Surgeons.
HUtfl at Old Corner Drug Blore. Telepuone
nt OOlce and Residences.
Office on Austin Street over
First National Bank.
207 South Fifth Street.
Best coal in any quantity
delivered promptly. Prices
as low as the lowest.
2O7 South Fifth Street
Block of 20 lots in Waco addition
to Rookport on Herring, Kolley,
vans and Inge streets $400.
J. E. Andkubon.
Tho Big Muddy lump is strictly
cold-weather coal. Tolephono Egan
or coal.
You can buy a good shoo from a
good house. We koop the class of
shoe that you want.
Slbepeu Olipton & Co,
For the best and freshest heof,pork
mutton, veal, spireribs, fh) d
oysters yo 10 Crippen corner Fifth
nd Frankling
Don't delay, if you desiro Book
port property, it will bo too high soon.
20 lot blooks for $400.
J. E. Andeusox.
Our goods and our prices do our
advertising, we find it best in tho
fang run.
1'ahickk Bnos.
A. J. Leslio for first-class watoh
clock and jewelry ropairing. Same
building with II. E. Arobold Austin
You do not have to draw on your
imagination while seated at a fire of
tho "Big Muddy lump." On tho oon
trary, you have to "draw baok" from
its "generous heat." Bemember tho
Big Muddy and take no other. Telo
phono Egan for coal.
A Sure Cure for Piles.
Itching piles are known hy moisture
like perspiration,' causing intense itch
ing when warm. This form as well as
Blind, Bleeding or Protruding,
yield at once to Dr. Boaanko's Pile
Bomedy, which aots directly on parts
affected, absorbs tumors, allays itching
and effects a permanent euro. 50ots.
Druggists or mail. Circulars free
Dr. Bosanko, 329 Aroh St., Philadel
phia, Pa Sold by W. B Morrison
9 .
lUmlilnc KeimliH oiTlho MonlnuU.
Philadelphia, Jan. 'JO. To equip and
repair tho iron turreted.steol hulled inoii
itor Montauk tho United States govern
nient will expend $25,000. Tho work ol
ucraping tlie monitor Montank's hull
was resumed this morning and repairs
on tho vessel will be proceeded with ru
nipidly as possible. It is stated here
that tho representatives of this govern
ment have been negotiating with Clam
Spreckels for tho charter of some of hii
vessels on tho Pacific coast, but Spreck
els declined to be interviewed.
UiihIiIiik A mini- l'latc.
PiTTSiioiio, Jan. 2(5. Commodore Fol
ger of the ordanco bureau of the United
States navy arrived in Pittsburg Mon
day and immediately visited tho armoi
plate plant of Carnegie, at Homestead
Ho was closeted with members of the
firm. He could not be seen by news
paper men, but it is said his object in
coming to Pittaburg was to facilitate th
manufacture of armor plate for the
cruisers now being constructed.
One TlioumiiKl Mm Enrolled.
NnwYomc, Jan. 20. One thousand
men have alreapy had their names en
rolled in tho First New York volnutoci
infantry for the Chilean service and
Colonel James G. McMurray wrote tc
tup secretary of war offering the. services
of tho company if war is declared. The
volunteers are mostly young men, but
include many veterans of the civil war.
Te He AltMK-reil Todn).
Washington, Jan. 20. Tho depart
ment of stnto this morning recoived n
dispatch from Minister Egan stating
that President Montt is not at Santiago,
but Minister Pierriera had informed him
an answer to the statement of tho posi
tion and demands of the United States
telegraphed by Blaine on Jan. 21 will bt
made today.
Chllt- Grtt. .liiuthm- CiiiImt.
Washington, Jan. 20. Authentic in
formation was received lieu from Eng
land that the Chilean government ha
just purchased a now cruiser now being
built nt tho Armstrong ship yard, New
castle, and her completion is being rap
idly pushed. This vessel is described us
a high speed JlOOO-ton rruibor.
I 'our Shipload if Cnnl.
San Francisco, Jan. 20. Tho South
em Pacific steamer San Benito, which
has been chartered by tho United State
government to convey coal to Chilo foi
warships there, will probably be read)
for sea Friday. Three other ships will
follow tho San Benito on tho same er
rand. 0.00 Rotoard.
Lost on Washington or Columbus
streets and botween Ninth and Thir
teenth atreots a diamond car-ring,
150.00 reward will be paid for its
return. I. M. Pearlstone.
Tho Mtrry Stiriiiiiiiilliiff 11m Mnnlor ol
Dr. J. II. lliirrt-ttuml Wlfr.
Atlanta, Jan. 20.- -Tho mystery sur
rounding tho murder of the venerable
Dr. J. II. Barrett and his wife, near.
Griffin, several weeks ago, bids fair to
lie bolved at hibt. Tho developments of
tho past few hours reudl vividly the
terriblo Woolfolk tragedy of two years
ngo a tragedy which stands without an
equal in tho annals of crime. Tom Wool
folk was hanged for tho murder of his
father, mother and boven children. To
day Will Nunally, a prominent young
man of a prominent family, the grand
son of Dr. Barrett and Mrs. Barrett,
was arrested for the murder and tonight
ho was brought to Atlanta for safe keei
ing. Nunally, nt tho timo of tho mur
der, wns living nlono with tho old folks.
From tho first he has been connected
with tho crime in the minds of a number
of iwople, but suspicion had not hereto
fore been Mifliciently strong against him
to cause his arrest. Nunally has spent
butlittlo time in Creswcll, where tho
murder occurred. Since tho burial of
his grandfather he has been visiting his
mother in Griffin most of the time.
Late Saturday a negro named Sam
Kendall was arrested for complicity in
the crime. He is a bad character, and
was seen near Creswell tho night of the
murder. Ho disappeared immediately,
nnd the police have been searching for
him since. When apprehended Kendall
told a story implicating a negro named
Joy Holt, and they claim they were in
stigated to their crime by Will Nunally,
tho grandson.
Tho murder was u horrible one.
Nunally made tho firbt report of it 'to
neighbors, telling a story about being
away from home that night and return
ing late to linH his grandmother dead,
his grandfather dying, both with their
heads terribly mashed and mangled in a
pool of blood. He found a heavy rail
road coupling pin and this was also
found by the neighbors when they nr
rived. It was generally conceded that
this heavy pin was tho instrument of
death, but it developed at tho corner's
inquest that tho blows had been dealt
with n sharp instrument, a shovel evi
dently, that was found later. Tho
shovel had been hidden away. Thcro
was talk of Nunally being connected
with the crime at first, but nobody could
imagine a motive, and this talk died
down. The arrest today was therefore
a great sensation, and excitement has
run high. There was a great deal of
talk of lynching the negro Kendall when
ho was carried there, and when his story
implicating Nunally was told, there was
a leuewal of lynch talk. To be on the
safe sido tho Griffin authorities hurried
him to Atlanta. Ho protests his inno
cence and has many friends who believe
him. .Negro Kendall says Nunally paid
bim and Holt to kill the old folks.
Mutt- lliipltnl Noti-n.
Austin, Jan. 20. The governor hni
appointed Walter Gillis of Alpine, Brew
ster county, judge of tho Forty-first ju
dicial district vice Winchester Kelso, re
signed. Judge Kelso resigned on account
of tho expense and fatigue of traveling
to tho courts in his district.
Chartered: Tho Texas Malt and Grain
company of Fort Worth, capital $100,
000; incorporators, F. Kraus, Martin Ca
sey, George G. Guenther. Also tho
Yoakum Seed and Nursery company of
Tyler, capital $100,000; incorporators, L.
W. Wells, J. P. Douglas and John
Tho charter of tho Deuison and North
ern Railroad company was filed. Tho
road is to nin from tho Red river, near
tho mouth of Shawnee creek, to Ken
tucktown, about twenty miles in Gray
son county. Capital $200,000; incopora
tors, J. B. McDougal, J. M. Ford, D. B.
Lincoln, A. H. Henderson. J. H. Fair
banks, Georgo B. Goodwin, E. A.
Thompson and John A. Shannon, all of
Denibon, and H. L. Brennan of Paris
and Newton B. Childs of Kansas City.
Tho secretary of state deposited $2 I'M
to tho credit of tho Confederate homo
from fees for tho month. Tho homo
has $35,000 availablo in tho state treas
ury. About $2500 county bonds, held by tho
school fund, were redeemed Monday.
IiiiIIhii I.iiikI .Mutton.
Muskohki:, I. T., Jan. 20. Tho dis
barred Indian lawyers who victimized
so many into paying largo sums of
money to havo their claims for citizen
ship pressed beforo tho Chorokeo council
aro just now being haunted by their un
sophisticated dupes. Not one of tho
thousands who applied were admitted.
They cauio from many states and in
some instances prepared to stay. Some
statesmen do not seem to understand
that tho last congress passed a wise "law
effecting the status of poor Lo.
Tho Oklahoma bill extends tho Arkan
sas laws concerning tho partitions of
lands over the Indian Territory. A suit
for partition is now pending and many
will appear by affidavit and ask for par
tition. Tho peoplo aro hardly ready for
a radical change. They may under
present lawb conio ono or moro at a timo
into court and ask for their rights and if
these first to como nro successful in a
fow years they will all have taken their
lands in severalty, avoiding that dan
gerous and sudden chango to statehood.
If you want a clerk, book keeper, office
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Columns of
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WORD each insertion, and,
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Cheap Columns of
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Estimating an avorage of five readers
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to subscribers, the number of read
ers of each daily issue of The
A Mother's Mistake.
Mothers frrmirntlv mnlrn - .:c.i,..
in neglecting the Cough of n child. A
lin tlF 1 1 t t
'uit n uync, inn., may nriteB. "My
littlo daughter years old hud a so-
VCrO COUllh bllt ns it wan nnilut,.. ..
usual 1 thought nothing of it, and al-
iowcu u to run on for 4 or fivo wcoks,
when it became sn nliHtiti-iiru),n v,n.n
losing flnsh. I exiled in a phjsioian
who treated her throo weeks without
bonefit. A noighbor insisted upon
my iryiDg uaiianra tiorehound Syrup
it rcliovcd her from tlu first Hnan ,...a
sho began paining flesh rapidly, when
u iuu usuu two ooities ncr cough
had entirely disaniioarorl. T wnnl.J
not bo without It. It does not consti-
pato my olnldrcn. Ballard's Horo
hound Syrui) jb froo from onintna. Tl.
the nioBt" soothing rhroat and lung
meuicino in tiio world.
Sold by II 0 Risher & Co.
i m
Stoam Sausago Factory.
Fresh Fish.
Fresh .Lard.
Fresh Oystors.
Fresh Spare Bibs.
All Kinds Meats
And Sausage,
Cheap for Cash.
J. 0. Stafford.
Baoklon'a Arnloa Salvo.
Tho beet salvo In tho world for out,
bruises, soros, uloor, Bait rhouui, fo
vor sores, totter, oh&ppod bandB, chll
blains, corns and all skin oruptions,
and positively juros piles, or no pay
required. It Is guaranteed to give
satlsfaotlon or 'jioney'refundod. Price
25ooutsa box. Kor sale by W. B
Morrison & Oo.
A. D. Adams & Bros..
Hard to Beat
Poach and Apple Cider Try mo
I am good .
Bockport lots have two strings on
fortunes bow, Orango and Grapo oul
turo, and will dovblo in value in a fow
montliB as it is tho coming doc
water port, J. E, Andeiison.
Miles' Nervo And Llvor Pills
Act on a now principle rogulatlug
the liver, stomach and bnwols through
thouorvop. A now discovery. Dr.
miles' Pills opoodily euro biliousness,
bul tasto, torpid llvoi piles, consti
pation. Unequalod for mon, women,
and children. Smallest, mildest, sur
est. 50 dosoa 25 cents. Samplos fro
at H. C Itishor & Co's..Drug store 51S
Auotln avenue
Tulia JLots.
Garden spat of the great Panhandle.
Bioh loamy soil. Groat wheat oountry.
Tulia lot.
Tulia is tho county Beat of Swisher
county. Ono of tho finest oountics
in tho great Panhandle. Court houso,
churches, sohoola, &o., ao.
Tulia Lots
Swisher county is doveloping rapidly.
Thousands are going to tho Punlia'n
dlo daily and the man with tho plow
is daily going to SwiBhor county.
Tulia JLots.
A pretty town in tho prettiest oountry
in tho world. Land level as a floor
and producing imtnenso orops of all
cereals, vegetables and fruits.
Tulia Lots.
Everlasting frcestono puro water in
illimitable quantities nt twenty-fivo to
thirty feet.
Tulia Lots.
Are in a growing town, in a growing
oounty. Property is advancing daily
and will continuo to advanoo in a way
to mato tho head ewim. Buy now.
Dcn't delay a day. Lots ohoap as
dirt at prices now asked.
For maps, plats and othor particu
lars upply to
I. H. Couldy
Ml Franklin r"treot.
Indian Territory.

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