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Water Wlita Oil, 150 Test,
Brilliant Oil 12 o test.
Semi in your onlert at unco, for this
tron't lust t(irii;;
Judna Gorald has Something to
Say About
;ucl or Kuilroad Attorney Simon
Mcrnu-A Prediction lio .Undo Ilnr
iiitf tbo CutiTiui-X Comnilsuloiier
Willi the Fuiltod utid u Uokcrlp
tion of the tlroad DIncuwu.
Tho fellowing is clipped from Tho
ho ttio Editor of tho Day:
Austin, Jan. 23. Chairman Rea
gan and wifu loft for tour through
Mexico in oompiny with Mr. Scerno,
tho New York ottornoy of tho East
Lino bondholders. Thoy havo a
sposial Pullman and will boo the City
of Mexico in Btylo. Dallas News.
Some will remember chat whon a
candidate that I several times express
ed a fear that before two yearn elapsod
after tho adoption of the amendment
that on some sunny summor morning
a special car of a certain railroad mag
nate would bo seen hurrying aoross
tho prairies, and through tho fields,
bearing tho commissioner:, as guests
of tho magnate, down to Galveston, to
enjoy a week or ten dajs of free boats
and beach rides, free hotels,
etc., aud that possibly some hon
est granger, ploughing his fields,
would stop his mule as the train roll
ed by, and lean upon his plow, and
whon to his noso was borne tho aroma
of tho fine Ilavanas smoked by tho
guests as they lolled back on the lux
urious oushions, that he might possi
Vly exclaim as he caught the sniff of
tho smoke, "Ah ! Tobo, I fear this is
all of our sbaro." But I assured
thorn if fiuoh should bo tho case, ho
would still have another interest in it;
that the same b-erzo that bora to he
and Tobo the fragrant smoke would
play with tho narrative of his shirt, as
it struck out through tho rents of his
breeches, which he had mado toiling
with Tobe to contribute his Bhare of
the salaries and other expenses of the
threo political Moses' thatwero to lead
as out of the railroad wilderness.
Tho excursion has come sooner and
gone further than 1 expected. Mow,
who is Simon Storne? He is tho
general attorney of the Missouri, Kan
sas and Texas railroad, a railroad in
wbiah Jay Gould is largelyjintnrested
and ho is generally called Jay Gould's
attorney. It is said of this Simon that
whon a boy, his father sent him to
Suutiay school, whero he learned tho
Lord's prayer, whioh, on repeating to
his father, whon ho oamo to that patt
which says "give us this day our daily
bread," tbo old man stopped him and
said, "Vat ish dat, Simon?" Simon
repeated it ovor, and tho old man
looked at him sternly and said: ''Si
mon, striko him lor pie," and Simon
has been striking for pio from that day
to this. This is tho same Simon that
had that convenient cold that you
may remember of, iu conncotion with
the International and Great
Northern investigation, and it's
dollars to dimes that somewhero on
tho road during this trip, that Simon
will bit down and musingly say to
himself : "Business is business, but
Jay Gould's attorney is tho most in
nocent man on tho road." If a law
yer accepts a fee from a railroad in tho
ordinary course of his business, there
aro certain crowds in this state forever
howling at him, "corrupt nnd bought
up railroad attorney." If a newspa
per editor who is so poor that he is
glad to got temalea aud stale beer for
his rations, does not agroe with tho
gang, again oomes tho howl of tho
"venal and subsidized press." Mr.
Reagiu, the chairman of tho railroad
commission of Toxaa, oan go with his
family and friends, for it is prceumod
ho carries somo friends, ou a ooitly
junkoting expedition to a foreign land,
and not ono of them raise an objec
tion, but will probably oritioiso mo
lor calling attention to it, and
will probably hold mo to bo
worso than tho "corrupt"
lawyer and subsidized pross
Chairman Reagan ought not to havo
loft, in justice to the commission, for
it is gonorally believed that ono of the
commissioners is going into a decline,
from the insidious approaches of a
disease called Fantods, which is an ac
cumulation of blacking around tho
liver, produced, acoordiug to tho high
est racdiod authorities, by tho tonguo
of tho sufferer having too industrious
ly licked tho boots of 6ome man who
had an offioo to give. His friends fear
that if thero is a called session of the
legislature that ho will not survivo to
tbo close.
Thoro aro many things hero in Tex
as that Mr. Reagan might loam that
would bo of more profit to him than a
nioro familliar acquaintance with the
greaser, For instanoo, he might learn
that thoro ib no need of a Pinkerton
annex to tho railroad commission of
Texas: micht learn that a centleman
'could recoivo his mail without the aid
of his detective reading it, scaling it,
and proparing himself to prove both
its contents and delivery. Ho might
learn that whon a man writes an
article for a nowspapor over his
Eiguaturo, that it is probable
that he would not take to
tho woods, on receiving a bulldozing
letter from him, asking whoihor ho
wrote it. Chairman lteagan ought to
hurry back to Texas for there is somo
mighty interesting reading awaiting
his return, not sent to him as he sent
somo of his scaled communioations,
but sent under the cover of registered
mail, so his receipt could bo obtained
The ohairman must return and prove
ono of two things, either that his
name has been forged to two cr three
different documents or that the man
for whoso oyes ono of thoso documents
was intended was so infaunus, both
genorally, personally and in position,
that ho could not be treated as even
an ordinarily decent nigger would
have tLo right to bo treated. If ho
does not he must prove his right to
establish a star chamber annex to the
commission, cut off ears, slit tongues,
cut off fingors, cts., or ho will find that
he is not the only man in Texas with
both tho materials and ability to run a
tri-daily liCwspapcr.
G. B. Gerald.
Waco, Jan. 25 .
Transfers of Real Estate.
Reported by Waco Abstract and
Investment Company, II9 South
Fourth street, Waoo, Texas.
0 M Cornitius to A Grudendorf, lot
7 and 8, blook 7 Fairviow addition,
M Gridcrion and wife to F Fechnor
150 acres H Miller survey, 2 00.
Z Hunt ot al to W & N W R R Co.
right of way on Sanchez grant, $10 eta.
J W Lewis ot al to B F Day 50
acres La Vege grant, $800.
J F and E A Marshall to J II
Finks & Co., one-half intorost 828
acres O Oampo and Fronoh suryeys
$15,000 and others.
P E and P A Nioholson to M L
Sterling lot South Fifth street, $000.
W Band I R Stodghill to R S
Smith 10 acres Donahoo survoy, $200.
J B VeBey and wife to R O Thomp
son lots 8 and 3, block 5 Axtell, $175.
C Weil et al to Texas Savings Loan
Association lot 18 and part of 17 and
I9 block 1 Congor addition, $1300.
J B Cornish to J 0 Birkhead lot
Trice addition 5th ward, $250.
W S Gillespie and wif j to V 0
Billingslcy lot 9 Diokoy addition
II L King to W O Cook lots 5 and G,
blook G8, MoGregor 135.
Total Jan. 2G, 18o2, $2G,225.
The entertainment to bo given by
tho Histrionics for tho benofit of tho
"King's Daughters" on Thursday
evening hus been postponed until
somo overling next week, whioh date
will ho advertised in duo time. All
who have reooived invitations will
pleaso note tho ohango of dato, as it
will bo impossible to send others. Tho
program will be the samo.
, . .
Mrs. Fitzwllllams Dead.
Mrs. Annio Fitzwilliams wifo of
Mr. Pat Fitzwilliams of Galveston
and sister of Mrs. Tom Padgitt died
yesterday at Los Angeles. Tho re
mains will bo buried thcro where tho
family have mado thoir homo tho last
ten years.
If over you bought a thing ohoap in
your life you oau do it now at Jonos
& Goodloo's.
1. E. p
Interior Decorating and
Paper Hanging a Spe
cialty; Also Dealer in
Painters Supplies aud
Wall Paper.
WACO, -:- -:- TEXAS.
The street oommitteo had a moot
ing this afternoon at 3 o'olook at the
city hall.
Mr. A. Oborlander left this after
noon for Galveston to attend tho State
Liquor Dealers' mooting.
Tho Provident building is about
completed atid is being filled up rapid
ly. Tho elevator is now running all
Mr. Geo. W. Scarborough has a no
tice in tho cheap column asking lor
work in stenography and typewriting.
Head it.
Elder David Pennington of the
Christian church is jd the oity and
will preaoh tonight at tho Edgefield
Mr. Isaao Simmons left thfcovcning
for a trip to Galveston to represent
Waco at the State Liquor Dealers'
A thief entered tho residence of
Mr. Waller S Baker last night and
curried off his overooat which was
hanging in the hall.
Thero was only ono oiso tried in
the mayor's court this mjruing,
Albert Patterson was fined $2 5u lor
soliciting custom upon tho depot plat
form. Tho streot commissioner had his
weather eye on a few of the largest
mud holes on the square this morning
and they will doubtiebs be filled betoro
the next rainfall.
Officer Clay arrested an obstreper
ous ''coon" this afternoon and locked
her in the calaboose. She fought like
a tirgess, badly scratching tho officers
hands and arms.
The examining trial of Hattie
Tyroe was, oonoluded yesterday after
noon at 5 o'clock. She was admitted
to bail in tho sum of $3000, whioh
she roadily gavo and was released
from custody.
Central City lodge No. 230, Knights
of Honor, iustalled the following Offi
cers last night for tho ensuing year :
Joseph E. Johnson, vice-dictator;
Robt M. Ligon, assistant dictator;
Tom O. Plunkott, financial reporter;
Fred W. Meyer, reporter; Stanley Ep
stein, treasurer; Louis Lipman, guide;
Sam B. Harris, chaplain. Central
City lodgo is very strong, finanoially
and othorwite.
County Court.
L. Colo, charged with impersonat
ing an officer, was tried in tho county
court this morning and fined $50U.
This is ono of tho crooks who by rep
resenting that ho was an officer and
arresting a man for selling a grease
erasor without license and swindled
him out of $10.
Jim Shands is on 'rial this after
noon upon a chargo of aggravated as
sault and battery.
Bargains at Cummins' 5 and 10 ct.
A 1-2 gal. and pint oups lOo
A 5 Hole mouse trap 10c
A deep pudding pan and spoon, 10c
A ooverod tea steeper 10c
A sooop dipper and funnel 10c
A wood Bpoou, fork and scro-v
driver lOo
3 Heavy glass sauoo dishes. . . . lOo
2 Thick, plain glass goblets. . 10a
3 8 inoh tin pio plates lOo
12 Tin tea spoons 10c
12 Sheets paper, onvolopcs aud
Pen 10c
12 slato pencils and 12 lead.. . . lOo
2 10 cont tablots for 10c
A coverod glaBS sugar bowl. . . . 10c
A covered glass buttor dish .... lOo
A n l 1 r 1 1ft- -A rrr
(xii. vjuiuiuius uanu iuo. bio re, iuo,
Austin avonue, b:twcon Gth & 8th at,
Everything at Cost Except Shirts and E. & W. Collars.
SDDt Call as
J. II. SHOPE, tho Cash Grocer,
will show you what ho is doing for
3 lb Tomatoes per doz $1 20
2 lb " " " I 00
2 lb Porfootion Corn per doz. . 1 60
2 lb Fancy Family Peas per doz 1 50
2 lb String Beans per dozen. . . 1 10
3 lb Standard Peaches per doz. 2 15
m b 11 11 11 ti 1 55
3 Ib Apricots per doz 2 15
3 lb Grapes per doz 2 05
3 lb Cherries " " 2 G5
Fancy Mixed Picklcss per gal. 50
" small " " 40
" Kraut per lb 3
" Mincemeat, 12 lb 1 00
First quality Flour per owt, ... 2 80
Sugar ou'cJ Hams 10o
Granulated Sugar, 18 lb 1 00
Y. C. Sugar, 19 lb 1 00
Brown Sugar, 20 lb 100
Grits, 35 lb 1 00
Head Rice, I4 lb 1 00
Evaporated Peaches, 8 lb.... 1 00
" Aprioots, 8 lb.... 1 00
Dried Blackberries, 13 1b...- 1 00
Fanoy IrUh Potatoes, per b'okt 25
Yellow Yam Sw't Potatoos, " 40
Red or white " " " 30
Fancy Apples, per bucket .... 40
Navy Beans, 23 lb 1 00
Dried Grapes, 20 lb 1 00
To my friends and oustomers: This
is only a smnll sketch of my low
cash prices. So call and look through
my stock of grooerics.
Every day is a spooial sale day.
205 South Third Streot.
Tho Hall Crowded Last Night to
Hoar "How to Become Rich."
It may seem strange, but a great
mauy pooplo in Waoo havo a yearning
desiro to become rich, and having
learned from Tub News last evening
that Profossor Windsor would givo
the desired information, the hall over
Mooro Bros', wholesale grocery store,
corner Fourth and Mary streets, was
orowded to overflowiug last night
with citizens eager and expectant,
anxious to hoar from tho great phre
nologist the prcoiso 0 urso to pursuo
to obtain tho coveted wealth neces
sary to tho exalted position known as
Those who obtained admission wero
not disappointed. They received val
uable information from a scientific
standpoint. The professor's lecture
on "Marriago" will be delivered to
night at tbo samo place. .
At Rest.
Tho remains of John H. Robinson
who died at Fort Worth yesterday,
camo in on tho noon train today, ao
oompanicd by tho widow, littlo daugh
ter and Mr. James Robinson, brother
of deoeased, Mr. C. W. Peabody, of
Fort Worth, a delogato of the R. E
Lee Camp Confederate Veterns, of
whioh the dooeascd was an honored
member, also came down in ohargo of
tho corpse. The following members
of Pat Olcborno Camp, of this oity,
aoted as pallboars: John Mooro,
Miller Moore, L. B. Fostor, W. D.
Mayfield, Capt. C. L. Johnson and
Capt. Alf C. Noill. Tho casket, upon
whioh was engraved on a Urge silver
plate, tho words, "At Rest," was trans
ferred from tho oaso to the hearso and
tho largo prooession started at 1
o'olook for tho First Streot comotory,
whore tho last Bid rites wen peif lim
ed by Rev. Dr. King and tho body
tenderly laid away to rest by old
Tho aondolonce of The News is
oxtendod to tho borieved family.
Taken In Custody,
Immediately upon tho death of
Uharlio l'owzer (J. W. Buck was ar
retted by Sheriff Ford and has sinoo
been escorted around by Deputy Tom
Maddin. Tho examining trial beforo
Justioo J. N. Gxllaghcr was to havo
been oommoncod this after
noon at 2 o'olook, but tho witnesses
wcro not all summoned and
tho case was re-sot for 10 o'olook to
morrow morning. Tho dotendant has
secured tho sorvioos of Messrs. Clark,
Dyer & Bolincer, and John F. Flint.
Tho trial will bo largely attended.
Big Muddyl Big Muddy! Big Muddy
We are prepared to make
loans on improved country or
city property at current rates.
Vendors' lien notes extended
Prompt attention.
Waco, Texas
To tho Lovers or Art In Photo
graphy. Having moved to my now gallery,
over 701 and 703, Austin stroet, (tbo
old Hinohmaii Buildiog), I am now
better prepared than over to give tht
pooplo of Waoo tho finest Photos in
tho state. Tho boautiful "aristo" (go
highly endorsed by tho leading gM
cries,) in all its beauty, at my studio.
I will havo on oxhibition for a few
days, an elegant oil portrait of Mrs.
Goo. Clark, by Mons. Do Gissao, which
has been framed in a very handsomo
"Florentine" frame, making a portrait,
well worth a visit, to all, and more
especially 10 tho tho ladies.
I will bo glad to '.reluome my old,
and many now oustomers. Don't for
got my now addicss, over 701 and 703,
Austin Avo.
Deane, Photographer,
Ballard's Snow Ln.ament.
This linamont is different in compo
sition from any other linament on the
market. It is a soiontifio discovery,
which results in its being tho most pon
etrating linament ovor known. There
are numerous whito imitations,
which may be recommended bocauae
they pay tho seller a greater profit.
Beware of theso and demand Ballard's
Snow Linament. It positively cures
rboumatism, Neuralgia, outs, sprains,
bruises, woundf, soiatio and inflamma
tory rheumatism, burns, scalds, sore
feet, oontraoted musole, stiff joints, old
sores, pain in back, barb wire cuts,
sore chest or throat and especially
bonoficial to paralysis.
Sold by H O Hither & Co.
Liver Complaint Billlousness.
The chiofvsymptoms of this disease
are depression of spirits, foul coated
tonguo, bad tasting mouth, disagrees
bio breath, dry skin with blotohei
and eruptions, sallow comploxion and
yellow eyes, tired nohing shoulders,
dull pain in right side, faintness, dis
zincss and irregular bowols. This
complaint in all its forms can be
readily cured by taking Dr. Gunn's
Improved liver pills as dircotcd, and
a lingering spell of Mckness will often
bo warded off by their uso. Sold at
25ots a box by W. B. Morrison it
Assignees Notice.
Notice is hereby givon that on the
12th day of January 18o2 the Blako
Manufacturing Company of Waao,
Texas, mado a general assignment to
tho undersigned assignco of all of its
property for the benefit of all of ita
creditors and that said trust has been
aoocptod; tho assignee has qualified
and is now in possession of all tho
property of said company for tho pur
pose of administering said trust.
All creditors wishing to acoepi
under this assignment must make
known to the assignee their consent in
writing within four months after pub
lication of this notice.
Address all oominunioations to the
undersigned at Waco, Toxas.
D. D. Faiiichild, Assignee
Monday January 25th 1892.
If you lot tho first of Fobruary oome
without buying a suit at Jonos &
Goodloo's you aro out from $5 to $12.
Lsdies, we havo just reooived fresh
stook of flower seeds.
W. L. Tucker,
"Lion Drug Storo.
For Sale.
Fifty acres of fino timbered land in
Walker county, two miles from Hunts-
ville, on the Huntsvillo and Cold
springs road. Will sell ohoap for cash
or trado for town property. Apply to
Joe Ellison.
Laey's Brier Cr 00k Coal.
One ton $5.50; one half ton $3,00;
ono fourth ton $1.75.
Only a few more days loft in whioh
to buy suits at cost at Jones & Good
loo's. Such a ohanoe will nover oc
cur again.

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