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Mntrretl lit lle 'ofo7lct Wiro, Tenia, s Sceoiitl (Hunt Mnttt
VOL. 4. NO. 171.
50 Cents Per Month.
9mmmm. hC Jmbr mmm Jmm. mmtJ mms) MUl L Ri. Mm
Trimmed Millinery at less than half price. No other
reason except that we do not want to carry them over.
Trimmed Hats $i.oo each, reduced from $2.50.
Trimmed Hats $2.00 each, reduced from $4.00.
Trimmed Hats $3.50 each, reduced from $8.00.
Trimmed Hats $5.00 each, reduced from $10.00.
Reduced prices on goods until all are sold. Children's
Trimmed Felt Sailors, were $1.00 and $1.50, at 50c each.
$lo.oo Newmarkets for $4.50.
$12.50 Newmarkets for $6.50.
$16.00 Newmarkets for $8.50.
Are you going traveling? or if you need to be Out in all
kinds of weather you should purchase one of these.
SPECIAL A large lot of odds and ends ladies' wraps,
all styles, all sizes, worth from $17.50 to $25.00 each. A
choice for 10.00.
HGSTake passenger elevator to second floor.
OUR STOCK is made up of the best in quality, the
And we always make the
You will be pleased with the
Of our solid Oak Sideboards priced at from $18 to $30.
Sixth and Jackson Streets.
O. W. DWjD
The 0I1I Unuitl lluUdhtv,Xortli vf l'liitu,
""""""-" TAGO, TJKXAS.
The finest vehicles and horses in the
city. Call oarriagos for ladies a spe
cialty and when desired, ladies can
have a driver in hverv. All trains met.
Prompt attention to all orders and
boarded on reasonable terms.'
r.s- .., -
.. &M7tJ'
' 2&'--.
satisfaction guaranteed. HorsC8
I . KJ
General Parsons Oners to Raise
a Brigade
Anil Calls 011 tin- I'ri'xIiU'iit of th ITnltcil
MiMph tu ilu the Olil Conn-ili-rutt'i 11
CIiiiiico Ho Set l'orth IIlH.drc-ut 31 III
tury KrL'firil.
Roanokk, Vn., Jan. 2."). To tho Dallas
News: Inclosed is a letter from myselt
to the president of the United States,
which explains itbolf. Tho occasion that
draws it forth is one that appeal
strongly to my patriotic instincts and is
not ono of partisan politics.
Even should the storm of war blow
over and 1 think it will I know thous
ands of my old comrades in arms would
be deeply gratified at my offer, on my
own niul their behalf, to serve theii
country on the field and demonstrate a
common devotion to a reunited country.
I therefore ask tho favor of its publica
tion in your widely circulated journal.
I subseribo myself as I am universally
known, W. II. Parsons of Texas.
The Offer.
Roanoke, Va., Jan. 21. Benjamin
Harrison, President of tho United
States Respected Sir: In event hostilities
are declared against Chile for an offense
offered American seamen far greatei
than that which provoked our war with
Great Britain in 1812, tho uudersigned
earnestly desires to attest his love for his
native land and devotion to its ilag by 11
tender of his iersonal military bervict
and the possible benefit of his long prac
tical experience in tho cavalry arm of
extensive field operations to the govern
ment of tho United States, of whose
forces, both in peace and war, you art
the constitutional commander-in-chief.
Having berved in the United States
Second dragoons in the army of occupa
tion under General Taylor in 1815-10,
also as aide-de-camp and colonel com
manding the camp of military in
struction and the Fourth Texas cavalry,
late Confederate Stales army, and hav
ing also acted as commander of tho
cavalry brigade which bore my name
for three years throughout all the active
field operations in the Traiismississippi
department of tho late Confederate
States army, whether ou the west bank
of tho Mississippi or the' eventful and
historic campaigns of the Red and Ar
kansas river valleys, I feel justified in
claiming an exiwricnce, tactical and
strategic, in that arm of military service
which emboldens me to hereby offer
to raise a brigade of two or more Texa
veteran cavalry, to consist each of 100(1
unrivaled horsemen, experienced to tho
use of arms, familiar with outpost and
advance guard duty and military evolu
tions, each man of whom as eager and
willing as myself to prove their devotion
to their country and its flag should
Chile refuse reparation for the indigni
ties offered this government, and for re
cent murders and outrages indicted on
Americans in tho sheets of Valparaiso
bolely because they were Americans and
represented this republic in foreign wa
ters. If impressment of American sailors
was a casus belli in 1812, how much
more tho wanton and brutal murder of
American men-of-war'b men in 18111 in a
supposed friendly port. If the forcible
seizure and impressment of seamen from
American ships on tho high seas by tho
British war vessels was justification for
hostilities with Great Britain, how
much moro the attempt at wholesale as
sassination (as attested by officers as
well as men) of American seamen be
cause the uniform of its victims repre
sented our people and its government,
imperatively demands reparation and
In defense of "sailors' rights" thon
(1812) wo subjected ourselves to tho hu
miliation of tho capture of Washington
City and tho destruction of its capitol,
but it ended in the victory of Jackson at
New Orleans, our supremacy on the seat)
and the treaty recognition of a now in
ternational law that tho Hag represents
sovereignty and covers tho ship as well
as tho territory, both hereafter Baoied
from intrusion and neither to bo invaded
with impunity. Was not this result
worth all it cost of blood and treasure?
It is not an issue of partisan politics
but appeals to individual patriotism
alone. The person of an American from
south or north, from west or east, when
abroad, should bear tho sacred charm
which once invested the proud citizen of
ancient Rome with universal safety and
respect, as now accorded the subjects of
England, becuuso assured and accorded
protection by all tho power of either om
pire. It is thereforo an issue which en
bets (as it will) the sympathies of all
Our Cost gale!
As we will move to our new quarters at the corner of Fifth and
Austin Streets about Feb. 1 5th, we do not want to move any of our
winter stock. Therefore we place our entire stock of Clothing, Hats,
Furnishing Goods, Trunks and Valises on the market at
Except Dunlap hats, E. & W. collars and Scrivcn's drawers. Wc
hope our friends will take this ad. as intended, that wc mean JUST
WHAT SAY COST. OUR CoST MARK is posted where all
can sec it, and all prices will be made from it. Tin's price will
enable you to buy a suit for gio.Oo, $12.00 and $15.00 never before
offered for the price. But we will not attempt to name articles or
prices, but ask you to come and sec.
These Prices are for Cash,
As it is less trouble to move than books. Wc will continue OUR
COST SALE through next week, and perhaps longer. If you would
get the BEST BARGAINS come first.
Remember this actual COST SALE will be from day to day
next week at
ES s & :
The Clothiers, Hatters and Men's Furnishers.
civilized nations as it should every in
dividual citizen in the demand and en
forcement of redres.
To this end I invoke your recommen
dation or approval if passed into law of
the repeal of section 1218 of tho revised
statues of the United States, which now
imposes military disabilities on the par
ticipant in the late Confederate service
This exclusion from military rank is an
anchorism in a restored union, where
political disabilities having been already
removed the same citizen is now eligible
either to political preferment or to any
position in the civil service (not except
ing tho presidency itself) whereby the
said citizen now excluded by said law
from a lieutenancy, would, if elected
president, become commander of tho en
tire forces of tho United States.
If tho privilege asked to cement a re
stored nationality with our blood, or if
need bo to die for one's country in vindi
cation of ita honor or in ledress of its
wrongs, is now accorded veterans of tho
late Confederacy, it would heal tho last
wound and obliterate tho last scar in
flicted in the late war of states; states no
longer "discordant, dissevered, beliger
ent," but fully regenerated, and
thereforo for tho first timo truly
disenthralled, and therefore at last re
united, ono and indivisible forever.
In proof that my claun as an experi
enced and approved cavalry officer and
soldier is not groundless, I refer without
hesitation to tho rank and file of the
veteiau survivors of tho late Transmis
sissippi army throughout the state of
Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana, and
General E. Kirby Smith, now of Ken
tucky, former commander of that de
partment of tho late Confederate states;
and for special references I likewiso 10
for to Senator Coke, ex-Senator Reagan,
Congressmen Culberson and Abbott, all
of Texas; also to General Reynolds, late
commander of department of Texas,
now a resident of Washington, D. C,
and Genoral Avery, whoso address is
Aldrich court, Broadway, New York
City, both of the volunteer and regular
army of tho United States. Respect
fully, your obedient servant.
W. JI. JPaiisons.
A Ilimlilti C'iiIIIhIuii.
Omaha, Jan. 28. At the union depot
Tuesday an accommodation train pulled
in when a light engine backed down the
6amo track to get out of tho way of tho
through train. Somo 0110 liad misplaced
tho switch and the through train crashed
into tho light engine telescoping it with
the accommodation train, and completely
demolishing two of the engines. Tho
trainmen juinied. but Fireman Dolau
and Engineer Driffon both received
broken anus. Loss to tho company is
about $20,000.
I'rum IIIU'm Home.
Ai.danv, Jan. 28. A gentleman who
has tho very best sources of information
in this stato says he is confident Mr.
Cleveland will writ and publish a letter
withdrawing from tho presidential race
within three weeks. He says tho feeling
of Mr. Cleveland is that nothing should
bo done which might tend to disrupt tho
paity, and he will insist upon his friends
following his advice.
.11 I lii! Itiisinohf. College or lliiylor
IJiiIvitnIi y, Cornur l'ourtli uml
illnry MrnelN Over .llnorii UroN.
AiIiiiInsIiiii I'rco to til.
Every young man interested in
tho problem of making a
buoocss of lifo should hoar Prof.
Windsor tonight in his grand courso
of Phrenological lectures. The busi
ness collogo of Baylor University
(Prof. E. K. Uaniniaok, president,)
bus boon provided with aniplo seating
accommodations, and fitted up with
eleotrio lights especially for this
courso of leoturos. Tho program will
oontinuo as at first announced:
Tonight, (Friday) and Saturday
nights, to men onlv. ''Magoifioont
Manhood." "Mistakes of Singlo and
Married Men."
Free public examination will bo
niado each night of prominent citizens
solcotod by tho audience. Tho char
acter will ho faithfully desoribod, pro
ducing astonishment and roTB of
laughter. Tonight at tho lcoturo on
"Matrimony" Prof. Windsor will ex
amine several young ladies and select
husbands for them from tho audiunco.
Prof. Windsor's groat work on Mar
riage, Heredity and Parontago, "Tub
Science ok Ckkaticn," prioo $6.00.
"Phrenology, Choice of Professions,
Matrimony," Lectures, paper, 50 cts.
"Hoalth, Wealth and Sunshine," or
Indigestion Cured, pamphlet, $1. All
persons married or singlo should pro
cure Prof. Windsor's Groat Soxual
Secrets. Call and get oiroular.
Weaic Men consult Prof. Windsor
and scouro a simpio, safe and reliable
means of self cure, without modieincs
or oxpense.
When you want nice fresh meat
mutton beef, pork and purorlard go to
Mk 1,1.011 & Delanet
125 South Third street.
Only a few more days loft in which
to buy 6uits at oobt at Jones & Good
loo's. Such a chance will nover oo
our again.

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