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wii arhTseli.ino
Water Bite Oil, 150 Test,
Brilliant Oil, I2o test.
Srmt im your orders ot once, for this
iroii't tost tit wtt if
k Quiet and Uuevoutful Meeting
Last Nlsrht.
'l'lio ScuvciiBcr Orriiuuiicc Tallied
mill tho KccorilcrOrdliuincc Coiiion
Very Near Coins IO l,,e Nanio
l'lncc Tlic Fircoiciiio Ordiiinuco
llond, DlMciniHod mul I. aid Over
Kcliool Coiiimittcc llcport.
Tho meeting of the city council
last night was presided over by Mayor
At 7:30 tho mayor rapped the
council to order with Aldermen Jones
Brinkerhoff, West, Herbert and
Payno present. Aldermen Hawkins,
Laoy, Willig, Glibble and Baker on
tered, while tho Eeorotary was reading
the minutes.
A petition from William Edmonds
in behalf of Mr. Thad Holt, owner of
property in Clay stroot, was re
ferred to the street committee. Mr.
Holt wishes to sell his property in
Clay street, taking therefor a release
from special taxes on Eighth to tho
extent of tho prico agreod upon for
tho Clay street property.
A proposition from Travis Jones
and Goo Oglcsby to hire tho city con
viots was referred to tho finance com
mittee. Tho Mayor and R I Munroe, spe
cial counsel for tho city, reported a
rcoomtnondation to pay the judgment
obtained by A Campbell
against iho city and tho
report was adopted. The judg
ment is for $1,01)0.
Petition of G. W. Wright for per
mission to sell and advortiso a patent
medtoino on tho public square waB
granted. Alderman Herbert; protest
ed stating that the public square was
the property of tho public and should
not bo blocked by modicino men.
There were plenty of houses such
men could rent for tho purpose of
carrying ou thoir business.
Alderman Hawkins was reimbursed
for telegraph expenses while engagod
negotiating the sale of the bonds.
Tho notes given for the now school
house was ordered paid out of tho
current fnnd.
The mayor was authorized to trans
fer tho $o5 surplus in the past indebt
edness fund to tho curront fund,
The ordinance committeo was in
structed to draft an ordinance
authorizing tho issuance of G por cent
bonds for tho purposo of taking up
tho Northwestorn railway bonds.
An ordinanoo amending tho law
oveming the action of tho mayor in
suspending policemen, was introduc
ed and passed under susponsion ol the
rules. Tho amendment will be known
as 100 a and -100 b, and provides for
tho isRuanco of process for witnesses
as in any trial court. It also provides
that tho mayor shall file speoiQo
oharges with tho seorotar.y before bus
pending the officer, giving faots either
of Wb own knowledgo or by affidavit
of another. O
An ordinance levying a special tax
on South Eighth street from Clove
land to Speight, was passod under
suspended rules.
The petition of Brooks and Hol
comb, for uso of tho commons on tho
river bank noar public pound, was
not granted.
Tho public improvement committeo
was authorized to have the roof of tho
Vost onil engine house painted.
An ordinance requiring fire escapes
to all hotols, thoatros, boarding
houses, tonemont houses, factories and
tore houses over two stories high
under a penalty was read and discuss
ed at length. An amendment to in-
X J I 'f lTWfjr w yraw
J' "
oludo two story houses was laid on tho
An amendment inoluding all opera
houses was offered, but wbb substitut
ed by a motion to recommit tho ordi
nanoo for a roport at tho noxt moot
in tr. Carried.
Tho proposition of the Proctor
Springs Company to soil tho city
park grounds was ordered dropped
from tho minutes.
L. Zapidenski petition was by mo
tion laid on the tabic.
Tho soavenger ordinance was laid
on tho tablo.
An offort to lay tho Rcoordor ordin
ance on tht tablo failed and the ordin
ance wont over.
The school committo handed in tho
following roport which was adoutod:
To Tho lion Mayor anil City Council of the
Your committeo on public frco
sohools to whom was referred ocrtain
matters mentioned orally in opon
council at a regular meeting of tho
council on Thursday ovenmg Jan. 21st
would respoctfully report that a meet
ing of tho committeo was held on
Friday aftornoon Jan. 22nd, at the
contral school buildiDg at 3:30. That
besides tho oommittee thero were
present Aldermen Payno and Willig
also tho superintendent, tho princi
pals of all the sohools and four other
citizens. As tuoro were no writton
charges made against any one, tho
committee together with all present
hold a frco discussion of such matters
as were montioncd in the oouneil and
suoh othe.r matters as any ono present
desired to montion, and this roport
will briefly refer to eaoh thing dis
ousacd. 1-t. As to children being kept
outsido of tho house on arrival in cold
and severo weather. Tho rule is that
the teaohcrs shall bo at tho school
room twenty minutes, and the prin
cipals thirty minutes, bofore the time
to opon and tho practioo has been to
address a noto to tho parents rcquost
iug them to lot tho childron start
from home at suoh timo as will allow
amplo timo to re a oh tho sohool house
boforo tho sohool opens and yet not
so early as to roaob sohool boforo the
toaoher or principal arrives; this gives
a margin of thirty minutes to cover
differences of time pieces and distances
tho object being that the children
shall not collect before tho teacher ar
rives, so that thero shall bo as short
an intorval as practicable for tho child
to be out of sight of both toucher and
Cn this rule eaoh prinoipal stated
that every child was expected to come
into tho houso immediately on arrival
and that if any child at any time had
boon bept out of doors against its will
in inclement weather such iant was
unknown to them.
2nd. As to tho statement that chil
dren wero required to eat their dinner
or lunch out of doors in bad weather,
tho rule has been at the central school
torequiro the pupils to eat within the
building in separate rooms, eaoh room
being presided over by a toachor, or
in tho hall, and whenever this rulo
has beon varied it has boon dono in
pleasant weather and upon tho request
of tho pupils thomselves. As to the
other schools each prinoipal stated that
tho children were allowed to eat in the
houso and if anyone ate outsido in
bad weather it was not with the con-
Bont or knowledgo of the principal
and they heard of no suoh case.
3rd. As to excuses botng referred
from teachers to principals, this mat
ter was not fully disousscd owing to
the lateness of the hour but tho com
mitteo understands the rulo to bo that
any written exouso signed by the par-
ont is accepted without requiring a
statement of tho reasons for
absence, but that owing to
tho large percentage of
absentees and consequent falling off
in tho average oi general attendance
tho rulo has been adopted by somo of
tho principals to inquiro of tho pupils
after dismission as to tho cause of
absence and detention, so as to got at
tho facts as far as praotioable in ardor
to remedy tho detect not in any sonso
to punish the ohild or to reflect on the
parents. It is impossible to attend
to this during sohool hours and when
many exouses are sent it somotimes
takes fifteen or twonty minutes after
dismissal, and we beliovo that tho do
tention has novor execodod this.
4th. Tho matter of one session per
day instead of two sessions was not
discussed at this meeting, and the
committee aro not unanimous on the
prosont plan, but it was adopted on
the writton consent of moro than
eighty per cent, of the patrons of tho
sohool and thoro are many good rea
sons in support of it. Tho number
ot hours occupied in teaohing is tho
same under either plan, and tho
amount of work for toachor and pupil
the same. It investigation and dis
oussion show that two sessions aro
better the change can be made.
1 1 mm
Interior Decoratiug and
Paper Hanging a Spe
cialty; Also Dealer in
Painters Supplies and
Wall Paper.
sixths Tit m:t xn.ui fjiaa'ic r,ix.
Thero aro many difficulties arising
in tho oonduot ;of tho public sohools
which aro ohargeable, mainly, to tho
system and not to any individual.
Wo do not beliovo the superintendent
and principals and teachers aro per
fect or above criticism, but take
pleasure in saying that wo have found
in all parties concerned an earnest
desire and effort to discharge con
scientiously tho difficult and delicate
duties devolving upon thorn and be
liovo that the general oonduot and
management of the sohools will bear
favorable comparison with any public
schools known to us. There will neo
ossarily exist a deficiency in the
methods and plans of individuals
where so large a number are employed
but we holicvo that a percentage of
this olass has boon reduced almost to
a minimum but ohccrfully invite full
investigation and fair and reasonablo
criticism but do not expect over to
reach a standard that will be perfect
ly satisfactory to all.
John C. Wkst,
John F. Hekiiert,
A. M. GimniLE,
Jab. B. Baker.
School committee.
Alderman Hawkins askod that the.
matter of extending the Jones stroct
sewer bo referred to tho stroet com
mittee and city engineer for a report.
Tho counoil adjourned at 10 o'olock.
Call on J. A. Early and get his cut
prices for Saturday.
Fine Surgery,
A Burgical oporation was performed
this wook whioh refloots great credit
on tho Waco profession, tho success
ful removal and treatment of a cata
raot of tho oye. The subject was
Mrs. Orman and the surgeon Dr. J.
R. Farrell oculist and aurist assisted
by Dr. D. O. Jones and Dr. Graves.
Tho dolioato operation is said to have
been porformud with a dogrco of
skill that would hare done credit to
the most ronowncd oouliBts. Mrs.
Orman has beon unablo to see from
the 0 e oporated on for two years tho
cataract being an abstinate one and
the restoration of hor sight whioh. is
now well assured will bo a triumph of
surgery, of whioh Waco may well be
Try a pound of J. A. Early's Java
Bloud coffeo 25o por pound.
An attachment was suod out af 5
o'clook yesterday aftornoon by the
Olds Wagon Works against S. A.
Uwens & con to rooovor tho sum ot
Suit was filed against tho samo firm
by tho Whitman Agricultural compa
ny for $225,
Good whiskey 1 .50 por gallon at J.
A. Earlv's.
Look at the shoos in Steeper, Clif
ton & Co.
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Limburecr and Swiss cheese all receiv
ed fresh at J. A. Early's.
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Waoo tolophone Laoy for tho Biiiuu
Whon you neod a bottle of pood
whiskev for modioino purposes oall on
J. A. Early's.
Over Gaiters for ladios at Sleeper,
Clifton & Go's.
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and luaky letter Z in tho pretty show
window 304 and 30G Austin street.
T O.STA chi'ter illnmond ring, with 17 illa
AJraonils. Kinder will bo llbornlly rewarded,
by letumlngto this otUc.
E. Elipsi
Every thing at Cost Except Shirts and E. & W. Collars.
?5 sit Casl
J. II. SHOPE, tho Cash Grooer,
will show you what ho ia doing for
3 lb Tomatoes por doz $1 20
2 lb " ' ' I 00
2 lb Porfootion Corn per doz. . i 60
2 lb Fanoy Family Peas per doz 1 50
2 lb String Boans por dozen. . . 1 10
3 lb Standard Peaches por doz. 2 15
2 lb " " " " 1 55
3 lb Aprioots per doz 2 15
3 lb Grapes por doz 2 05
31bChorrios " " 2 (15
Fanoy Mixed Piokless per gal. 50
ii sman i. . ii 40
" Kraut por lb 3
" Minoomcat, 12 lb 1 00
First quality Flour per owt. ... 2 SO
Sugar cured Hams 10o
Granulated Sugar, 18 lb 100
Y. O. Sugar, 19 lb 1 00
Brown Sugar, 20 lb 100
Grits, 95 lb 1 00
Head Rice, I4 lb 1 00
Evaporated Poaches, 8 lb.... 1 00
" Aprioots, S lb 1 00
Dried Blackberries, 13 1b 1 00
Fancy Irish Potatoes, por b'okt 25
Yellow Yam Sw't Potatoos, " 40
.Red or white " " " 30
Fanoy Apples, per bucket .... 40
Navy Boans, 23 lb 100
Dried Grapes, 20 lb 1 00
To my friends and customers: This
is only a small sketoh of my low
cash prices. So call and look through
my stock of grocerios.
Evory day is a spooial sale day.
205 South Third Street.
Mr. Barnoy Pcarlstono and family
last today for Now Orleans.
The rabbi, Dr. Meyer, will oonduot
services this overling at 8 o'clock at
Templo Rodcf Sholein.
Tho will of tho late Mrs. B. E.
Davis was filed in tho county court,
for probato, lato yesterday afternoon.
Attachment suit has been filed in
the federal oourt styled Molino Plow
Company vs. S. A. Owons & Son for
Another aUaohmont suit was filed
yesterday styled Olds Wagon Works
against same defendants Flint Downs
and Flint are attorneys for plaintiffs
in this latter case,
Relics of our deceased friend, Geo.
Washington, arc accumulating. Snead
& Co. aro exhibiting in their find
show window tho original littlo hatohet
with which tho little G. W, out down
the famous cherry treo.
The examining '.rial of Mr. Buck is
still in progress and will probably not
be conducted oven tomorrow. Tho
ovidenco of yesterday, was so volumi
nous it took up all the space thero
was to spare, in The News and tho
testimony taken today was knooked
Policoman John Hardwiok roturnod
this morning from Bromond with
Donnis Green colored in charge Don
nis is chargod with theft of a pair of
pants and a check book from Joo
Smith also oolored and with forging
Joo Smith's namo to a chock for $13.
Tho ohcok was cashed yesterday
morning tt tho Waoo Stato bank and
tho negro was arrested in tho afternoon
by tho constablo at Bremond. Depu
ty Marshall Clay and John Hardwick
had the matter in ohargo and by in
dustrious telc aphing had tho negro
eaught. Hoi-n mero boy.
Chairman of the finance committee,
Hawkins, called a number of iho -aldermen
togother this morning to con
sult over a lotter received from the
Northwestorn Insuranco Co,, stating
that thoy had received a telegram
from Blair & Co, of Now York,
claiming thoy had purchased the bondB
from Mayor McCullooh. The objoot
of tho meeting this morning was to
oonsult together and get tho data
whioh will form tho subject matter of
an answer by Aldorman Hawkins to
the lato purchasers of the bonds in
explanation. A majority of tho coun
cil do not apprehend serious compli
cations in tho matter,
We are prepared to make
loans on improved country or
city property at current rates.
Vendors' lieu notes extended
Prompt attention.
Waco, Texas
To tho Lovors of Art In Photo
graphy. Having moved to my now gallery,
ovor 701 and 703, Austin street, (tho
old Ilinchman Building), I am now
bettor prepared than ever to give the
people of Waco the finest Photos in
tho state. Tho boautiful "aristo" (so
highly ondorscd by tho loading gal
cries,) in all its beauty, at my studio,
I will have on exhibition for a few
days, an elegant oil portrait of Mrs,
Geo. Clark, by Mons. Do Gissao, whioh
has been framed in a very handsome
"Florentine" frame, making a portrait,
well worth a visit, to all, and more
especially to tho tho ladies.
I will bo clad to welcome my old.
and many now oustomors. Don't for
got my now address, over 701 and 703,
Austin Ave.
Deane, Photographer.
f i . i ' & o
fv -1- ) IT" l'-Z- i.
Pi " w XX
y NJPL: -"
w. wrrwfp
"ii - ' j" j"
W-w I kl V '
1 tr V.
r. 'JiRSr. il ffladfc
' KJ SI :
1t(!f I i l I-' '
&UW- iDiM
7iP ?iBSJt!-rLaaMii
jjtmr,fi '7 iKb- -ituurwriJiM ii.iv
'iitmiJr x-1 i- - 1 1 c- - --va
'm hf-r-j&s?v
7 71:P-''
Those musicians all use tho beauti
ful ten cent sheet music Boid by Herz
Bros. All the latest melodies.
Assignees Notice.
Notico is hereby given that on the
12th day of January 1Sq2 the Blako
Manufacturing Company of Waoo,
Texas, mado a goneral assignment to
tho undersigned assiguco of all of its
property for the benefit of all of its
creditors and that said trust has been
accepted; tho assignee has qualified
and is now in possession of all tho
property of said company for the pur
pose of administering said trust.
All creditors wishing to accopt
under this assignment must make
known to the assignee thoir consent in
writing within four months after pub
lication of this notice.
Address all communications to the
undersigned at Waco, Texas.
D. D. Fairciiii.d, Assignee.
Monday January 25th 1892.
Bargains at Cummins' 5 and 10 ct.
A 1-2 gal. and pint cups 10o
A 5 Hole mouse trap 10c
A deep pudding pan and spoon. lOo
A ooverod tea steoper. . . . lOo
A sooop dipper and funnel 10c
A wood spoon, fork and soro-v
driver t ... lOo
3 Heavy glass sauoe dishss. . . . lOo
2 Thick, plain glass goblets. . lOo
3 8 inch tin pio plates lOo
12 Tin tea spoons lOo
12 Sheots paper, envelopes and
Pen 10c
12 slato pencils and 12 lead. . .. lOo
2 10 oont tablets for lOo
A covered glass sugar bowl. . . . lOo
A covored glass buttor dish. . . . lOo
At Cummins' 5 and lOo. storo, 703,
Austin avonue, b:twoon tith & 8th st.
For Sale.
Fifty acros of fine timbered land in
Walkor county, two milos from Hunts
ville, on the Huutsvillo and Cold
springs road. Will soil ohoap for cash
or trado for town property. Apply to
Joe Ellison.
Lacy's Brier Cr eok Goal.
Ono ton $5.50; one half ton $3.00;
ono fourth ton $1.75.
Big Muddy 1 Big Muddy! Big Muddy

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