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.EiffrI n the Vo,tofflce,tt Waco, Texas, a Secou.l Cla Matter.
VOL. 4. NO. 174.
50 Cents Per Month
Special Sale-Ladies' Chemise,
Muslin and Cambric, Trimmed Lace
and Embroidery, perfect workman
ship, were $i and $1.25, all atlJCg1
Extra good quality, choice novelties,
the greatest bargains ever sold, hand
made and other styles, were $1.45,
$1.50 and i. 75, all at
Children's Muslin Underwear Special Sale,
Night Dresses,
Entire stock thrown on our counters at one-third off
regular prices. This is a great, labor-saving sale for
m others. Passenger Elevator to second floor.
Every night except Saturdays we close at 6:30. Satur
days, 9:30 p. m.
5 AN
Our splendid facili'es enable us to give you the best value
for your money. We have the largest assortment of
Sixth and Jackson Streets.
The t,hl Oriiiiil H,iiUUng,Xntthof l'lazit,
The finest vohicles and horse e in the
c'ty. Call oatriages for ladies a spe-
have a driver in 1iviru All rrnins mpt
Prompt attention to all orders and
boarded on reasonable terms.
Money to lend on Vendors Lien Notes.
Money to lend on Pawns.
Money to buy Notes, long or short time.
Houses and Lots for sale on Installments.
We will now contract to build residences
Fnoni g (n 14
r oave
" "",'SSS" ti&-irfCiiS
satisfaction guaranteed. Hor
95 W
Boyd Entitled to the Governor
ship of Nebraska
I.ouUlunn Lottery Com puny Kccclvct u
lliiril lllnu Utah's Statehood IJkrly ti
ltecoinu Ouu ol tln Political Ignite of
the l'rocnt Coii(,-r'.
Washington, Feb. 2. The United
States supreme court this moniing de
cided James n Boyd was a citizen of the
United States and entitled to the oilieo
of governor of Nebraska.
All the justices except Field concur
red in the conclusion.
The opinion of the court is by Chief
Justice Fuller.
The I.iuv If. Upheld.
Washington, Feb. 2. Tho death blow
was struck the Louisiana Lottery com
pany this morning when the supreme
court of the United States unanimously
upheld the constitutionality of the anti
lottery postal law, and refused writ of
habeas corpus.
This is a great victory for the anti
lottery faction and will create a great
bensatiou in Louisiana.
Want II U Sculp.
Washington, Feb. 2. In the house of
representatives .Arnold of Missouri pre
sented for reference a resolution request
ing the president to recall Minister of
of the United States to Chile Patrick
Egan to the end that a reciprocity of
the amicable relations between the two
countries may bo had and maintained.
Supreme Court Allotments.
Washington, Feb. 2. The chief
justice" of the supreme court announced
the following allotments among the
circuit: First circuit, Horace Gray;
second, Samuel Blatchford; third, John
M. Harland; fourth, Mellville W. Fuller;
fifth, Lucius Q. C. Lamar; sixth, Henry
M. Brown; seventh, John M. Harlan;
eighth. David J. Brewer; ninth. Stephen
J. Field. Adjourned till Feb. 29.
United State Wui .lilp-i.
Washington, Feb., 2. The navy de
partment was informed that the United
States steamer Concord left Bahia bay
Saturday for Montevideo. The flagship
Philadelphia is expected to arrive at the
last named point in a few days. The
Boston and Yorktown are still at Callao,
and it is not yet settled whether either
or both will bo sent to Valparaiso.
.Jerry Sinipon' Hill.
Washington, Feb. 2. Mr. Simpson
of Kansas today introduced a bill to pro
mote and encourage agriculture, by
authorizing the United States govern
ment to lend money on farm land at 2
per cent, interest per annum.
Iteturn of Mexican ring.
Washington, Feb. 2. A joint resolu
tion requesting the president to return
to Mexico the Hags captured by the
United States army during the Mexican
war was introduced in the senate and
house today.
Statehood for Utah.
Washington, Feb. 2. The question
of Utah's statehood is likely to become
one of the political issues of the present
congress. Already a bill is pending in
the house commit teo on forejgn affaire
for tho admission of Utah, and Monday
Mr. Bushnell of Wisconsin introduced
iu the house a resolution stating that
Utah had a larger population than tho
three adjoining states, Wyoming, Idaho
and Nevada combined, and declared:
"Whereas, it would seem a part of
wisdom to so deal with polygamy as to
effectually and finally disoso of it now,
while yet it may bo easily done, there
fore resolved by tho senate, tho house of
representatives of the United States of
America m congress asxembled (two
thirds of each house concurring therein),
that this congre.-vs hereby proposes to tho
legislature of the several states the fol
lowing amendment to the constitution
of the United States, to bo known as
article 10 of the amendment thereto, to
wit: Section 1. Polygamy shall never
exist within the United States or any
place subject to their jurisdiction.
Sec. 2. Congress shall havo jwwer to
make all needful laws to enforce this
article and, punish its violation.
Ilrrliij; Sea Oiirtloii.
Washington, Feb. 2. Sir Julian
Pauncefote, British minister, called at
the state department with tho British
Bering sea commissioner, Sir Baden
Powell, and Dr. Devon. They had a
conference with Mr. Blaine and ar
ranged certain preliminaries of the joint
conference to be held between tho
United States and tho British commis-
Our Cost Sale
As wc will move to our new quarters at the comer of Fifth and
Austin Streets about Feb. 1 5th, we do not want to move any of our
winter stock. Therefore wc place our entire stock of Clothing, Hats,
Furnishing Goods, Trunks and Valises on the market at
Except Dunlap hats, IS. & W. collars and Scrivcn's drawers. Wc
hope our friends will take this ad. as intended, that wc mean JUST
WHAT SAY COST. OUR CoST MARK is posted where all
can see it, and all prices will be made from it. This price will
enable you to buy a suit for gio.Oo, $12.00 and $15.00 never before
offered for the price. But wc will not attempt to name articles or
prices, but ask you to come and sec.
These Prices are for Cash,
As it is less trouble to move than books. Wc will continue OUR
COST SALE through next week, and perhaps longer. If you would
get the BEST BARGAINS come first.
Remember this actual COST SALE will be from day to day
next week at
ES s & :
The Clohicrs, Hatters and Men's Furnishers.
doners, who visited Bering sea last
summer for the social purpose of in
vestigating tho seal industry, and tho
United States commissioners, Professor
Mcndeuhall of tho geodetic survey and
Professor Merriam of tho agricultural
department. It being practically con
ceded that arbitration cannot bo con
cluded in time to be effective during tho
coming season, steps will at once bo
taken to secure a renewal of tho modus
vivendi of last year, which compact
will expire May 1 next.
The I'lcdn Waldo .Hinder.
Mi:mi-his, Feb. 2. Miss Mitchell, tho
murderess of Freda Warde, and hei
friend Lillio Johnson were arraigned be
fore Judge Dnbose in tho criminal court
Monday morning. Deputy Clerk Hun
ter read tho indictment, and the accused
wero called upon to plead. Miss John
son baid: "I am not guilty," and dropped
her veil instantor. Miss Mitchell was
immovable Not a sound escaped hei
lips. Colonel Ganlt of tho counsel foi
tho defense, interposed in her behalf,
saying, "Your honor, wo plead not
guilty as to Lillio Johnson and present
insanity as to Alico Mitchell."
The prisoners were then remanded to
jail. The defense will presnot tho plea
in Miss Mitchell's case in due form some
time this week. It is their intention to
summon a number of medical experts to
testify before an inquisition of lunacy.
No application for bail for Miss Johnson
will bo made if the case is set for trial at
an early day.
A Fatal Accident.
Monn.E, Feb. 2. Two young colored
men, Thomas .Teenies and Wilson Hen
derson, were playing with each other.
.Teenies had a revolver in his hand whilo
Henderson had a shotgun. The gun was
discharged, the shot striking .Teenies
over tlie left eye, blowing his brums out.
The victim lived three-quarters of an
hour after tho accident. Henderson has
been arrested and claims that ho did not
know the gun was loaded.
Death lleToro IIHorce.
Kr.OKUK, Io., Feb. 2. Nick Schouten
commenced proceedings today to secure
a divorce from his wife. About noon
he received a telegram from his wife's
mother, Mrs. L. A. Moegan, at Neosho,
Mo,, saying his wife could not live, and
asking him to come at once. A later
telegram stated she was dead. The sup
position is that it was a case of suicide.
Schouten alleged infidelity on tho part
of his wife, ami, while ouly 0110 co-respondent
wat named, it is claimed there
would havo been racy developents, im
plicating several prominent people, had
the case come to trial.
Watchman .'Murdered.
Savannah, Feb. 2. M. E. Lowo,
watchman for the Commercial Guano
company's factory, has been murdered
by unknown parties. He was riddled
with buckshot. Four negroes have been
arrested ou suspicion.
Wljird Out.
Bkandon, Out., Feb. 2. The best part
of tho business iwrtion of Bcndhead was
destroyed by fire Monday morning. Tho
nostoffice. telegram! and teleibuiia
J offices wero wijied out.
Iror. Win, M'liulsor, 1. 1.. It,, Ilia i;iu
lnunt 1'hruuoluuui, will lvo
III (Jlukiiiu: l.uciurub 'I'ouIkIu a ml
Tomorrow MIit at I ho Itiihlnokv
College, or ltitylur IJiilvon.Ui-,
Corner Fourth ami Mary .struoln,
Oyer llooro llro AdiiiUnlmi
This is Prof. Windsor's most phil
osophical looturo and will bo to both
sexes and ho will examino soveral
prominent gentlemen selected by tho
lsdios, also several ladies and seleot
husbands for thorn from tho audience
Every joung man and woman inter
ested iu the problem of making a suc
cess of lifo should hear Prof. Windsor
in his grand course of Phrenologioal
Lectures. Tho business college of
Baylor University (Prof. E. E Cam
mack, f icsidoiit,) lias been provided
wi'h ample soating accommodations,
and fitted up with electric lights eepo.
cially for this course of lectures.
Prof Windsor controls tho largest
phrenologioal practice in tho world,
and is tho most popular lecturer now
on tho soiontifio platform,
lie is acknowledged to ho
tho highest living authority on tho
subject of phronology and moral
soionco. Ho will remain in tho oity
ono week longer only, and may bo
consulted for private phrenological
examinations at tho McClolland hotel,
rooms on first floor. Hours, 10 a. m.
to G p. m.
Procure and road "Tho Snienco of
Cieation," This is Prof. Windsor's
great work on marriago heredity and
parentage; price $5. All persons
married, or contemplating marriago,
should prooure Prof. Windsor's Grant
Sexual Secrets.
"Health, "Wealth and Sunshino," or
"Indigestion Cured," is anothor of
Prof. Windsor's valuablo publications,
prioo $1,00.
Tomorrow night to men only, "In
digostion, its Causes and Cure." Free
to all.
Lacy's brior Crook Coal.
Ono ton $5.50; one half ton $3,00;
ono fourth ton $1.75.

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