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EM" AVANTEUStato orcntilicr for
thonnler nf thnGoldnn ltnd. To the rlcht
yenon A 1 contrast will bo Klvsn V Address,
2S3t. Iba A. OimsLKit, Hup .Scc'y.
lv oap x&m prViis J
Wl J
Unutt & roindoxtcr,
Ladies' Muslin Chemise
Ladies' Muslin Drawers
Infants9 Dresses
Corset Covers
A Store House on Franklin St. for Rent.
Waco, Texas.
J . W. Majcw, President.
R. Botan,
Vm. OAMBnoN, tee President!.
Ton Padqitt. )
niJlKOTOHHJ. W. Mann, K. Botan, Wm. Cameron, Tom i'adgltt, J. .11. H)it, '
Fort, W. M. Eellett, Travis, r. Jones, W. R. Dnnnloa, Wm. lireuitedt, M. A Cooper .
IST'AooonntB of Banks, Binkors, MerohnnW anil others are aollolted. We possess unurpu.
adlltles for making collections.
No. 12117
To the sheilffor any Constable of McLonnan
county, Greeting:
G. U. Triple rtUmlnlstrator ol the estate of
M. Itomunil Deceased, nailci filed In oui
Cnnty Cour; Ills Final Account or the con
illtlon oTtho Jtaioof salil M Itomand Deceas
ed, together with an application to be discharg
ed from said Administratorship
You are Hereby Uomraundeu, that by publi
cation of this wilt for twanty daya In a newspa
lierregularly published It the County of Mc
lennan you Kive due notice to all persons inter
ested In the Account for Plnat Settlement of
said K?tatu, to die their objections thereto, If
any they harj, oir or before the Ma ch term,
ltftKi, of said County onrt, commencing and to
be holden at the Court ilonso or BaldConuty, in
Waco on tho first Mcnday lu March IM, when
said Account and App lention will be conilder
ed by said Court.
Witnicss my hBnd and seal
of oiHcc at VVaco this ::otli day
of January M'2.
:L. S. . J W.Haksu. Clerk Cnimty Court
: Ulcl.ciican ountv. rums.
llyT, II. Bhow.s, Deputy.
NoticeCounty Contractors.
Bids will be received by the Com
missioners' Court on the 10th day
ol February, 1892, for furnishing
medioino and doing tho medical prac
tice for the County Poor Farm and
County Jail. Tho court reserves tho
right to reject any and all-bids.
W. H. Jenkins.
2-2 5t Courity Judge.
,.. m m - ' -
Notice-County Contractors.
Bids will be reoeived by the com
missioners court on tho 10th day of
February 1892 'for burying paupers.
Tho court reserves the right to rejeot
any and all bids. W. II. Jenkins,
2-2 5t County Judge.
i m m i
Remember -tho pool at tbo Park
Natatorium is ready for patrons to
morrow, Wcndcsday evening from 2
to 5:110 it will bo reserved for ladies
and children only.
We offer our entire stock of
new Spring Underwear at a
great reduction from regular
prices. v
K, Roe, Cihtr.
I Assistant
W. V. Fobt
tt. G. PmoocsB, I Csshlors.
no MinVrrU Mental Aurulth.
QuTintin, Ok., Feb. 2. The prelim
inary of u sensational proceeding was
filed in the district conrt at this place.
Geo. 13. McFarlaud makes affidavit that
F. A. .McKennon, a highly connected
citizen of Guthrie and a wealthy property-holder
in Oklahoma and Arkansas,
has wrongfully contrived to deprive the
affiant of the comfort, society, love and
assistance of his wife, and to alienate
and destroy her affection for the said
affiant, and has "wickedly and mali
ciously debauched and carnally known
Hattie E. ileFarland, tho wife of the
said afliant." From this cause the
plaintiff .states that he has suffered gieat
mental anguish and prays for damages
in the sum of $20,000.
McKeiinon is the owner and proprie
tor of the opera house and legislative
building in this city. His wife died
about a month ago. JIcFarland is a
tenant of .McKennon's and lesides at
Oklahoma City. Tho general opinion
teems to bo that tho Miit is a blackmail
iug bcheme, brought for the purposo of
extorting money.
Work nf D.viiunilti'rtt.
Kearney, Neb., Feb. 2. A dynamite
bomb was discovered on tho Union Pa
cific track near Kearney. The bomb
had be"n placed in a switch in such a
position it would explodo when struck
by tho train. Two boys found the bomb
just befoiu tho eastbound passenger
train was duo and removed the deadly
mi?sile, which was turned over to the
llujtl Conferva.
Atlanta, Feb. 2. It is reported that
a man named Boyd is in jail in North
Carolina on his own confession that ho
was tho principal in tho wiecking of tho
Richmond and Danvillo train near
Btatesvillo, N. C, Sept. 0, in which
twenty ierbons were killed. Robbery
was the motive for the crime.
Mr. Geo. A. Knight of Dallas, ib
in the city
Mrj. J. 0. GorniBn of Austin, has
roturncd homo after a short stay in
tho city,
Mr. W. B. Groseclose of Tyler, is
shasing bands with his many friends
in tho city.
Mr. P. Lessirig and family have re
turned homo from ban Antonio and
aro stopping at tho Royal.
Mr. 13. Christopher of Tcxarkana,
seorctary of the Smith Drug Compa
ny, is in the city and is a guest of his
brother, Editor 11. Christopher oi The
Messrs. Kingsbury & Kingsbury
aro reta'ned by the Order of Railway
Conductors to assist the county attor
ney and Judge L. C. Alexander in the
prosecution of O. W. Buck for tho
killing of Charlie Fowzer.
Mr. Dero M. Wood, who is the ju
nior member of tho now firm of The
J. Hansol Wood Shoe and Clothing
Company, arrived in the city this
morning. The News extends Mr.
Wood a cordial welcome and wishes
him the sucoess that it is oertain he
A sure remedv for re
moving superfluous hair.
:m::rs idoss'
What I Know About Hardware and
Hard Times.
The causo of hard times is not short
crops, floods nor drouths, low price of
cotton nor scarcity of money. It is
tho habit of tho people to live beyond
their income, or in the language of
political economy, consumption is
ahead of production. If the man who
earns $50 00 per month and lives
comfortably on same, is advanced to
$100.00 per month, will he save his
inorcase? Very seldom. He will at
onco increase his cost of living. Bat
if tho $100 00 man is reduced to
450.00, ho will go in debt as long as
he has credit, before he will reduco
his cost of living. Laborers who
earn $40.00 per month spend $50.
00 Thoso who earn $100, spend
$150. Farmers spend their crops be
fore there is a seed in tho ground.
Merchants whose income is $1000 a
year manage to live on 81500. Cities
whose income is $100,000 spend
$200.t)00. Railroad Co's., who earn
a million a year, spend two million
No one seems to look out for the
"rainy day" which is sure to oomo
sooner or later. These defioits (be
tween earnings and expenses) which
appear from the lowest to tho highest
strata ol sooiety, accumulate until
credit is strotohed to tho highest ten
sion, A panic is tho tesult. This is
the only remedy, for nothing short
of absolute necessity will teach the
average citizen to live within his in
come. For your hardwaro go to
B. Strauss.
Corner 4th and Mary Sts. Waco.
Sleeptr, Clifton & Co.
repairing department
with their shoe store,
of boots and shoes
Charges reasonable,
shoes to be halfsoled at
have added a
in connection
All repairing
neatly done.
Leave your
Sleeper, Clif
f Fourth and
ton & IO s.i corner 0
AuBtin streets,
MY STORE, 50 marbles for 5 cents
at My Store, 025 Austin street.
Suicides AlnoiiK tho Stolterh.
Tho ratio of suicides among the
stoker-s employed in tho mercantile
marino is stated by tho registrar gen
eral of shipping to bo 1 in 900, while
among tho general population it is 1
in 10,000. London Public Opinion.
Another Niklno for 11 Volcano.
Ono day, after giving an object lesson
on volcanoes, a teacher asked a child of
eight what name was applied to a moun
tain which brought forth firo from its
mouth. "Why, a spitfire, of course."
was the answer-. London Truth.
liHardo.r5oft Water
is Soap worhs so well, tbat.
JronKD want NO OTHER;
A few pieces of brown and colored
Gros Grain Silks, original $1.25 value,
for 50 cents a yard.
Surah ani China Evening Silts.
15 pieces of the above Silks; were (55c,
this week 155c.
Navy Satio.
2 pieces Navy and EleotrioBlue Satin,
was 70c, this week for 35 cents yd.
Satin RaMame.
I piece Silver Giay ; 1 piece Navy
Blue; 1 piece Bottle Green, regular
price $1 50, this week 75 cents yard.
All-silk changeable Irioor, was $2 a
yard, this week at $1 .00 a yard.
75c Stripei Dress Goofls.
In spring weight, all wool, fine tex
ture, for 45 cents a yard.
We are making extraordinary cuts in Ladies' and Chil
dren's Shoes and we guarantee a saving of 35c. on ALL
Shoes bought from us this week.
CSTDon't forget that we offer Remnants of Silks and
Dress Goods at half original cost.
L E3 "VsT X 3XT B :-: IB IS OS-
To 0-u.r
loves and House
420 AND 422 AUSTIN AVE.,
i T 1 Cf- '?&?' i 'tt. J'HHHRiJK5BfctN. &
A lot of genuine English Miss Hose
that were 76o pair, this week 25c.
Gents British Sox.
Wo have display British Sox that are
worth $') a doz , for 10 2-I5o a pair.
Gents Night Gowns
Wo off.r handsomely trimmed Gowne
that wore $1 for (55 oents.
$1 50 Gowns for 85 cents.
$2 00 Gowns for $1.15.
15 Reinforced back aDd front unlauD
dcrcd SHIRTS for $1 00 Sold all
over tho country for $1.50.
Wo offor a lot of Muslin and Cass Caps
for children that wore 50 and 75c
each, for 15 oents
Just opened new line of Infants and
Children's Laoe, Muslin and Silk
Caps and Hats that we will sell
cheap, at 25, 5) and 75 cents.
IbTe-w Store-
Furnishing Goods
& ojxjne)

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