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The skin ought to be
clear; there is nothing
strange in a beautiful face.
If we wash with proper
soap, the skin will be open
and clear, unless the
health is bad. A good
skin is better than a
The soap to use is
Pears'; no alkali in it. It
is perhaps the only soap
in the world with no al
kali in it.
All sorts of stores sell
it, especially druggists;
all sorts of people use it.
jlfej SS&iJUy ifetarja.
Editor and General Manager.
Largest Circulation of any Paper in
Central Texas.
Subscription, 50 cents per month, or 5. 1)0 per
year In advance. Wibkly News 11.00. per year.
Entered at the Waco postoffloo as soo
ond class mall matter.
"I am tor tree coiiiiuercu witli all
nation. ' Tliniuak Jeff croon.
' lint rhjlit Ih rlylit. fimi(;i It f. not til
n'tifJt jwpuliir, ffmf Nttiwl tiji tt uhithi'v It
irthftt mr to jn'h ate ttfr or lilts me to high
er honor." lioyer Q. Jlllls
It is believed n great deal ot oxtra ses
sion talk was indulged at the meeting
of Governor Hogg and liis lieutenants
in Tyler Saturday last, and that either
the time to issue the call was settled,
or elso it was decided not to call the
extra session. Tho people, of courso,
havo nothing to do but wait.
And here is another pointer. A
dispatoh from Valley Mills says: "A
tost vote was made by our business
men for senator, resulting Mills 11,
Culberson 3, Chilton 4." This is
about tho proportion of the popular
voto caoh would get if the raco was
made for senator bofore tho people
A poll of tho passengers on a train
out of Fourt Worth the other'day,
tho Fort Worth city oounoil, Mayor
McCain, of Dublin, and Representa
tive Riddle, of Hood oounty, being
among the number, showed 31 for
Mills and only 6 for Chilton for sena
tor. Tho Gazette is doing good work
for Mills.
Our readers will please note the
increase of spaoe taken by hcvoral of
our advertisers. Those firms are in
creasing their facilities for accommo
dating every customer in the same
proportion as the increase of space
and sometimos more. Tho people
prefer to trado with tboso who talk to
them through tho medium of their
paper, and the firms which visit their
customers every day through the
Eveninu News aro suro to got an
appreciative trade.
Tho Dallas oounty executive com
mittco has thrown tho bars down on
Finloy. They invito all votors who
claim to bo Democrats and will agreo
to support tho Democratio tiokot, to
participate in the forthcoming prima
ries. Tho bars wore put up when
Cole was turned out and Finloy think
ing tho biggest crowd was on tho in
side began to nail them fast officially,
but the gentlomon at tho forks
wouldn't stand it and the bars oamo
down with Finlej', the nailor, under
Mr. N. U. Traoy of Rookdalo whoso
namo oppeo m ono of tho vicc
prcsidonts of tho Hill olub organized
at Cameron doolincs tho honor for tho
following exoellont reasons:
"I am not an unqualified Hill man
against tho field, as I am opposed to
his financial viows. Further I am
opposed to Now York diotatir g who
shall bo president and tho finanoial
legislation of this oouutry. I want a
change from this rule. I propose to
support the Dcmoorat for president,
until the convention makes a nomina
tion, whoso finanoial views suit mino
best; and do not intend to be witoh
ed off my ohoice before the conven
tion so nominates. I indorso the
principles of Domooraoy as onactod
by Jefferson, Jaokson, Monroe and
other grout lights of Demoorcy in
this couutrv, but I detest tho so-called
fDcmooracy laid down by Mr. Finloy
of Tjler, and will not support him or
his followers. I want moro Domoora
oy and less Tammany and Wall
Mr. Traoy furthor states that he
was not present at tho organization of
tho club and was surprised to sco his
name in tho list of vico-prcsidonts.
He wants moro Democracy and less
Tammany and Wall Street, whioh is a
ratling good platform in itself, and
the sooner Texas gets on it tho bettor
for Texas. Mr. Traoy "detests the
so-callod Democraoy laid down by
Mr. Finloy, of Tyler, and will not
support him or his followers." Then
follows his demand for more Demo
cracy and less Tammany, whioh would
indicato that Mr. Traoy considered
Finley and his followers a part and
parcel of the Tammany orowd and timo
will prove that Mr. Traoy is correct.
Now and then an administration paper
is found favoring Cleveland for presi
dent, but thoBO most influential favor
Hill, and thoy will all fall in lino
with tho Tammany crowd, or out of
lino with Finley and his followers. To
this complexion it will surely como,
and Texans had just as well begin to
make np their minds whether they will
surrender to Tammany hall through
the Texas contingent or resent evory
offort of tho Tiger to get his olaws
into their state.
It is pleasant to note tho many
business ohanges in Waco since tho
beginning of tho now year, for the
reason that in nearly ovcry instance
the chango is from a smaller to a
larger business, and from smaller to
more commodious quarters. There is
nothing that could give stronger evi
dence of general business prosperity
than the steady inorease of individual
and oorporate business institutions in
this city during the last few months.
Truo, there has been a failure now
and then, but they have been insig
nificant and did not reflect in the least
upon the stability of business interests
in tho Geyser City. Waco is quietly
reaching up.
Hill's oandidaoy for tho presidential
nomination will bo fruitful of good
results to Texas. It -will bo tho means
of ridding tho stato of all those spoils
politicians who havo furnished a tail
for the Hill kito. Hill will be
ignominiously snowed undor and the
aforesaid politicians will go down
with him.
Thero is plenty of time for tho
Domocratio party to got toeether
enough to lick the Republicans next
fall. Tho president will evidontly be
renominated and tho majority of tho
disappointed Republican ofiioe seekers
added to the Democratic popular ma
jority will insure a victory.
Tho stato oampaign will probable
open up in good earnest in a fow
Before many years Waco will havo
not less tVan half a dozen natatori-
Sleeper, Clifton & Co. havo added a
repairing department in connection
with their shoe store. All repairing
of boots and shoes neatly done.
Charges reasonablo. Leave your
shoes to be halfsolcd at Sleoper, Clif
ton & Go's,, oorner of Fourth and
Austin streots,
Tho Trick)- Horn Hum Overleaped
Hlnikoll ana lUo Ooiinlrr Mill not
Milmlt-i:eii tho M-loctlon of
Wukhlnclali'ii llirthuiir Won't
Help lllm,
Following aro somo nowspaper ex
pressions clipped from tho Now York
World bearing on the action of Hill
and his Tammany machine- in calling
tho Now York stato convontion to
meet on tho 22nd of February:
It is a pretty sohomo, but too trans
parent to foot tho Democrats of tho
country. Milwaukee Journal.
Hill has done serious hurt tn his
cause. The people of Now York must
seo that bo doos not do a gravor hurt
to tho Democratio party, Boston
The Young Men's Democratic Club
of Brooklyn, a very powerful organiza
tion, has adopted resolutions protest
ing against tho aotion of Gov. Hill's
Now York State Committco in calling
an early convention. Tho resolutions
unquestionably voioo tho sentiments
of the great bodv of Domooratio vot
ers throughout New York. Indianap
olis Sentinel.
Hill has altogether overreached him
self in attempting to doprivo her poo
plo of the opportunity for fair repre
sentation in the coming convention,
the stato is much moro hkcly to
vote against him if ho becomes his
party's nominee for tho presidency
than it would be to vote against Cleve
land in the same place. Boston
Senator Hill has complete control
in New York. But outside of New
York ho has the people to fear. Tho
whole west is against him, and its
dislike will bo intensified by the sharp
practice that ho has authorized in
fo o eg a midwinter convention in
New York. Chicago Nows.
Senator Hill is evidently determed
to make hay while the snn shines and
havo Hill delegates ohoson to the
Chioago convention while be has firm
hold on the machine. He may in this
way bo ablo to kill of! Cleveland, but
ho will not by any means mako his
own calling and election sure. Rich
mond Times.
Tho maohino has found it to the
interest of Mr. Hill to make this out
rageous chango from tho time-honored
date, and to attempt to cover the
atrooity has seleoted Washington's
Birthday. It is about the silliest bit
of buncombe ever attempted. It in
no sense represents the Demooratio
party sontimont of this country, whioh
is opposed to star-chamber job meth
ods. Riohmond Stale.
Last Monday tho New York
World, whioh has been ono of Hill s
most enthusiastic supporters, warned
him in its leading editorial that it
would bo dangerous to try tho gamo
of takine snap judgment in his own
State We think Senator Hill's
vaulting ambition has overleaped
itself this timo. Fair-minded Demo
crats, whatevor their Presidential
preferences may be, will not approve
the gamo that is being played in Now
York. It will be donounoed by the
Domooratio press from ono end of the
country to the other, Atlanta Jour
nal. Doubtless Senator Hill thinks that
if ho can got the New York delegation
ho will stand an exoellont chance of
getting tho delegations of sovoral
other states. But it is doubtful if
any of tho other states will bo influ
enced by tho aotion of New York.
They will understand that if a Hill
delegation is ohoson in that state it
will be by machine methods, and their
tendency will be to resont so palpable
an effort to control the national con
vention by suoh mothods. Savannah
Suoh Democratio organs as the
Now York World and the Albany
Argus havo protested, but in vain
ogainst tho policy of rushing the state
convontion through at an unprece
dented timo. IIi'l has oontrol of the
maohino, and is resolved to strike
while tho iron is hot. Of course this
aotion insures a solid New York dele
gation for Hill to the Chicago conven
tion, but the moral effeot of it ia ex
tremely bad, and must roaot against
the candidato of a snap oauous and a
packed convention. Tho Kpooh.
i i
The News 1b not responsible for nor
will itpay any bills unless authorlzod
by a written or verbal order from the
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WACO, - ' - TEXAS.
J. S. MaLENDON. President.
W. D. I.AOY,
0. h. niaaiNSON,
J. T. DA.VIS. Vloe-praetdent.
Aooonntsof bank, bunkers, merchants, farnvtra. mechanics and other classes soUeltod. W
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WACO, : : : : TEXAS.
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