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iQfoop 53lttr &fc;a
Editor and General Manager.
Largest Circulation of any Paper in
Central Texan.
Subscription, 60 cents per month, ur 5.UU per
Tear In artvnnco.WEKLY Nwg tl.OO. per yoar.
Entered at the Waco postoHloo us see
ond class ninll niattor.
"I nut for tree commerce Willi all
nations." 'I'll onum Joffumou.
"Hut rlfll'l I" rlttltt, though it I ii -trull
;jiii)ir, miif litml till " trhtthrr It
rrtlre me In prlrutr life ur tlltn me to hluli
rr honor." Jtofirr Q. Mill.
That meeting at Dallas Tjcsday
means a groat deal to Texa3. It
means that there is yoing to bo a Hogg
killing time right in tho heat of sum
mer. With three artesian natatoriums in
Waco there will bo no excuse for
any ore coming to tho Geyser City
without seeing, drinking and bathing
in tho great elixir of life.
Judging by tho complimentary
clippings in this week's Courior-Jour-nal
Henry Watterson's presidential
boom doesn't only wear pants, but
has great shaggy whiskers.
The Texas sugar industry must
find it pretty tough competing with
tho sugar industry of other state
now, since tho other States get ag
bounty of 2o a pound and Texas gets
nothing. Don't you ask us why TexaB
gets no bounty, ask Governor Hogg.
Somervoll county Democrats mot
at Glen Hose Saturday and instruotcd
their representatives for R. Q Mills
for senator. Tho ropnrt says Culber
in's friends wero there but there was
jl deficit. The Somervell Democrats
probably never thought of Horace at
all Thoro won't be any name in it
but Mills.
Tho Paris Herald says : "It iB said
that Gov. Boies voted for Blaine in
IS84. If this bo true his conversion
to the cause of Democracy is too ro
cent to make a desirable oandidatc
for president." He might do for the
tail of the tiokct. If after election
the tail got to wagging with Repub
lican propensity, tho presidont could
chop it off with his veto.
Tho communication of Mr. DoVany
in our news columns, may be worthy
of serious consideration. A man who
could savo 15,000 out of f75,000 in
vested in tho eastern Texas iron oro
country if the Bhot gun rulo provailcd
cs is charged might bo a goid man to
tio to but tho businoss mon of Waco
would want to know under what pro
vocation tho Bhot gun business oauie
in. Our correspondent is altogothor
too vague.
Trm News has pleaded for months
with tho capitalists of Waco to utilize
tho artesian hot water to be found no
whero else in tho world, as au adver
tisement of tho city. Our hopes are
about to be realized. The Waco Na
tatorium to be built by Col. Parrott
and his company and another institu
tion of the same sort by Mr J K Rose
and his company are sure enough
realties and The News is glad.
There will bo abundance of business
for all of them.
The associated press reports from
Washington yesterday with reference
to tho oandidaoy of Senator Hill are
intended to create the impression that
Hill is not scheming for tho nomina
tion himself but just trying to beat
Clovoland out of it That's
too thin, Hill knows very woll
his only ohance for a nomination
is to forco through the maohino at his
command in Now l'ork, and ho is
working it lor all there is in it. It is
a bold stroko that Hill thinks may
win, but for onoo ho will bo balked.
The spring timo will soon be upon
us and, of course, tho oaudidatcs will
bud out as usual. Tho question as to
what method the Domoorots will adopt
to select their candidates is an import
ant one, and should be discussed
freely and sottlcd now pretty
soon. Tho primary election has
been growing less popular year by
year as its evils multiply, and its
frauds incrcaso in boldness and thcro
is altogether too much prejudice
against conventions. As between
tho two The News would prefer 11
tree for all raoo for county and pre
cinct officers. The News was oppos
ed to tho primary oleotionin 1S00 and
offered a feasiblo plan for a conven
tion but a majority of tho Democrats
in McLennan county wero
ovidently in favor of a
primary and Tun News aooopted tho
situation. Tho frauds so palpablo in
that elootion wero spoken of at tho
timo by hosts of good oitizons and tho
majority of those spoken to about it
expressed a prefcronoe for a frco for
all raoo next timo. The News re
members the sentiment very distinotly
and desires now to call attention to
tho same as the question
must bo decided by tho oxeoutive
committee before long. The News
submits that that sentiment which re
fleotod the views of tho most promi
nont Democrats in the party at the
time tho evils of the primxry system
woro apparent in all thoir
flagranoy is the best ovidonco
of what ought to bo tho son
timent of the party at this time, when
another election is at hand. We de
sire to bo understood as being willing
to submit as we did before to tho de
cision of tho executive committee
whatevor that may be and only sug
gesttho free-for-all race to preopi
tate discussion at tho same timo desir
ing to bo known as candidly in favor
of that method of oleoting tho county
and precinct ticket.
The Austin SaateBman siys: "Rich
ard Mansfield, tho aotor, has aban
doned the bulletin boards and dead
walls as a means of advertising and
confines himself to tho newspapers."
Then follows a roasting of the busi
ness men for spending their money in
fake advertisements, after which the
Statesman adds:
horo "Tis but ono perfect advertis
ing medium, and that is tho homo
newspaper. It is the one immigration
agent that can always be depended
upon, that is always at work, that
never misrepresents things, that gives
a fair reflection of everyday life, of
improvements and new enterprises.
Moreovor, instead of being looked at
once and then dropped and ignored,
it goes again and again, every day or
every week, the wholo year round.
It comes to bo troated as a welcome
visitor. The strange names in it bo
come familiar, and it accomplishes a
work no pamphlet or foreign advertiser
could do."
At a meeting of tho Southern
Press Association in Atlanta, Ga , the
delegates woro polled for president.
It was nip and tuck between Hill
Gorman and non-committal, and
Clevoland got 10 votes out of 19.
Merit Wins.
Wo desiro to say to our citizens,
tthat lor years wo have boon selling
Dr. King's Now Disoovrry for Con
sumption, Dr. King's Now Life Pills,
Buoklon's Arnica Salvo and Elootrio
Bittors. and havo nover handled rem
edies that sell as well, or that have
given suoh universal satisfaction. Wo
do not hesitato to guarantoo them
ovory time, and wo stand ready to re
fund tho purchase prico, if satisfactory
results do not follow thoir uso. Theso
remedios havo won their great popu
larity purely on their merits. W. B.
Morrison & Co, Druggists.
Cord wood and stove wood always
on hand at
GimiiEY Wood Yaud,
Telephono connection.
Almost Assured Within the
Next Few Years,
(r tlw Tc-i mill I'm' I Mr, In .SpniUlncr of
.Mexican llnslnr" inlt citiui .Should
Not Ask llullitmili lu A online An Purl
ur lli-r 1IkmIiI1II..
Nnw Oklkans, Feb. I. General
Freight Agent Ilinton of tho Texas and
Pacific arrived fiom St. Louis Monday
and bus left for Dallas. Mr.
Ilinton attended the meeting of tho
Southern Railway and Steamship asso
ciation, which discust-ed among other
things, Mexican rates. "Mexican busi
ness," said Mr. Ilinton, "is only .settled
in so far that interior lines will pay no
uttention to Mobile and Tampico eoinpo
tition.fc In tho matter of shiinkago, we
have nuido up our minds to insist upon
reasonable division!) with American
lines and will not consent to be imposed
upon any further. I look upon reci
procity and absolute fico trade as almost
assured within the next fow years."
With reference to Galveston securing
better port rates, etc., than Now Orleans,
he said: "Our only aim is to put Gal
veston and New Orleans on parity as to
rates, and think that Galveston should
publicly assert her ability and hold her
own upon an even plane with other
ports and not ask railroads to assumo
any part of her disability which she has
advertised so freely."
Obnoxloua rixtmustcr.
ViCKSinma, Miss., Feb. 4. Efforts to
oust the obnoxious negro postmaster.
James Hill of this city are about to como
to a successful termination. Official cer
tificates havo been prepared and will be
forwarded to Washington certifying
that Hill is not at present a registered
qualified voter, and was never assessed
as such, though he has paid pell taxes
for tho years 1S89 and 1890. It
is generally believed that the Bruce and
Hill interest in the state will Ije
nioro than sufficient to defeat tho con
fhmatiou. I11 .Suvcn llnnilrud JVot.
Pana, 111., Feb. 4. Peter George, un
married, aged 2a years, employed about
the Penwell coal mine, attempted to
place some heavy timber across tho top
of tho shaft for a water box to rest
upon, contrary to orders. The timber
missed the side of tho shaft opposite him
and fell, striking him in such a way as
to precipitate him headlong to the bot
tom of the shaft, over TOO feet, killing
him instautlv.
NIrIiI Wiitelimun Suicide.
Bai.timoius, Feb. 4. Not receiving the
usual hourly alarm from tho watchman
at the Continental National bank, the
district telegraph company sent a mes
senger to investigate. The messenger
found the watchman, Mr. McCauley,
lying on the floor in a pool of blood dead,
having committed suicide by shooting.
Mr. McCauloy was CO years old and a
brother of Rev. .Tas. A. McCauley at
Carlisle, Pa.
Ciacil by Ulilcqiiltcd Love.
Lincoln, Neb., Feb. 4. Cora Dinges,
a comely young girl of 20, of good
family, was sent to tho insane asylum.
Sho was to have married .Tames Wilcox,
a railway conductor, last Christinas, but
for soino unknown reason ho jilted her
and left the city. Sho has been ill over
since, but last night became suddenly
violent, and would have throttled an
aunt had not assistance been near.
Striken Use Djiiuinittt.
PiTTsnuna, Pa., Feb. 4. The strikers
on tho Manchester lino placed a dyna
mite cartridge on the track at Wood
Runs. An all night car, No. 1, filled
with employes or scabs was blown from
the tr.ick. The car was completely
wrecked and the windows in the houses
near by smashed but no ono wjis seri
ously hurt. The forco of tho oxplosion
was 1011 several nines.
IluriK'il to Death.
PADUCAII. Kv.. Fob. 4. Npiir Tiir.la.
ville the little daughter of James
uroeliott tell in a brush hie and was
burned to death. In tho wnstarn iinrHnn
of this county Miss Mattio Toriau fell
111 a lit wmio standing before an onon
grate. Her clothing caught and sho was
frightfully burned beforo ussistmwn
reached her.
Conrmlenilo Vet era Hi.
Atlanta. Feb. 4. Tho stsitn tmn.
urer has begun payment of tho
Confederate widows' pensions. This tax
authorized by the late legislature entails
upon tho state an annual tax of $100,000.
There are 4000 widows on tho rolls;
.00,000 has been paid out in tho last
two days.
A aiytei-iii .Mil 1 dm-.
Pine Bluff, Ark., Fob.4 .Tho crow
of a train which stopped at Wahbasoka,
on the Cotton Belt road Tuesday, found
tho dead body of Agent W. M. M. Mc
Kenzie lying on tho floor in the depot
faeo downward, with a bullet hole
through the heart. Tho shot was fired
through a window only a fow feet away,
No attempt was nuido at robbery and iw
theory can be offered for the mysterious
Don't forget to Ask for tlio
That every Cash Purchase of ONE DOLLAR from any Merchant
whose name appears below entitles you to -a. FIVIS PER CKNT SCRIP,
which they will accept foi FIVE CENTS on every
Gash Purchase of 0ne Dollar
And take SPECIAL NOTICE, that the Metchants who belong to this
Association aro the most wide-awake and keep the ltest Selected Stock of
Goods, and their Prices are the LOWEST.
Goldstein & Migel, Dry Goods.
C. F. Smith. Wall Paner.
Old Corner Drug Store, Drugs.
W. M. Ragland & Son, Jewelers.
Aft. llerbenn, Harness.
Geo. E. Ames. Books and Stationery.
Mrs. B. J. Doss, Millinery.
Of et. Ivifetixxxe.
Don't - Miss - It. See
Real Estate Agent, : : Waco, Texas.
B Xl. Vv X
- vs? W y WTnli )j
All people aro rushing to J. D. LOFTIN'S NEW CASH STORE,
Chas.heses old stand, 60S Austin Avenue.
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for $1, and other goods at prices nover be
fore heard of.
J 8. M0I1KNDON. President.
J. T. DAVIS, Vioe-prestdent.
J. K. PAHKfcn,
W. 11. L.AUY,
Accounts of btnk. btnkori, marehftnU, farm am. meohanloi and other ol&ssos sollolted. W
payaamtioh uttent on tos-nul amounts ln-guones. We giro personal nd ipeolal attention
to our oollostlon department, and reuU"i dy of puymont. Exohanga boueht and gold 01
all th principal palntsof the United Staina nd Europe.
Manfactm ers 1
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's PuroSpioea.
Alexandre's Java and Rio Blond Coffee.
Moore Bros' White Wine nnd Apple Vinegar.
Moore Broa' Pure Older.
Having purohased Mr. Alexandre's buslnes wo aro now propared to till
orders promptly. Patronize Home Institutions. Sustain our efforts to make
Waoo a Great Manufacturing Centre.
MCOiifccrw, iivTXNnK: e of & Co.
WACO. : : : : TEXAS,
Plate Glass Insured Against Breakage. :.::::: i
: : : : ; Represent a Line of First-Class Companies
Prompt Attention to all Business Placed with us.
Consumer's and Merchants'
Harrison & Co. Hardware.
R. T. Dennis & Bro., Furniture.
Gabert & Bro., Tailors.
Love & Co., Music.
W. K. Finks & Co., Groceries.
J. L. Bergstrom, Photographer.
- Lands
L,. B. BLA.OK, Gathltr
Whdesale Grocers.
MooroBros' Flint Candy.

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