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Brilliant Oil, I2o tost.
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Tho Fire Escape Ordinance Passed
'I' lie firm Time mnl l.ulil Over A
Hvaoliitloii from Aldoriuuu Haiv
liinaoii I'liiiiiicem Soma Smvcr I'c-
tltloim.-Tlic INitylor Damage Milt
The city council mot last night,
Mayor McUulloch presiding.
Mayor 31cCulloch notified the coun
cil that tho attorneys for Mra Mary
L. Hunter threaton to brine; suit for
the land at the crossing of Speight
and Fifth unless tho eity paid for it.
Alderman Herbert moved to defer
action until tho next meeting and
that the city seoretary be required to
furnish the data brought before tho
oouncil at a previous meeting bearing
upon the case.
Petition of S. C. Olive for a reduc
tion in tho tax assessment on certain
property was referred to the city at
torneys. Tho following report from the
school committee was read signed by
nil the members savt. Alderman Her
bert. To tlie Mayor and City Council of Waco:
We respectfully report that the
board has aooeptcd tho resignation of
Miss Mary V. MoAlpino ono of the
leaohers in the Columbus street school
and havo elected iu hor phoe Mrs.
Hattio CoDgor and ask confirmation
of our action.
Second We submit also that sinco
the organization of the public schools
in Waco, it has boon a uniform cus
tom "id practice in tho colored
bchools to require tho children by turn
to sweep the bouso no janitor being
employed by the eity. There has
never been any written regulation on
tho subject and is not now and nover
has beon any general objection, but
recently an objsotion has been made
and the board has adopted a written
rule endorsing the former practioo
to-wit: Authorizing tho principal of
the school to require the pupils in
turn when necussary to sweep the
house and that a refusal to do so is
an aot of disobedience and that the
soholars shall obey or go home. We
submit this regulation applicable to
oolored schools only for action of tho
oouncil. Respectfully,
Wiley Jones,
John O. West,
A M. GRinniiK,
Jab. B. Bakek.
Alderman Herbert opposed tho
clause in the report requiring the
oolored children to do the swooping
unless same rule waB applied to all
tho sohools, and he did not believo
tho oounoil had any authority to re
quire tho sohool ahildron to labor uu
(lcr penalties.
Aiderman Brinkerhoff took the
same view of it.
A motion to rojeot that part of tho
report was made by Maj. Herbert and
seconded by Judge Brinktrhoff.
Alderman West explained what tho
oimmitloe thought was tho necessity
fo- the rule; tat tho colored ohildron
had been in the habit of sweeping,
and to onforco that custom it was nec
essary to have wrttton rules.
Alderman Baker also defended tho
report, station that tho parents of the
colored children generally desired
that their ohildron should learn those
Tho motion to rejoot was adopted
5 to 1
Tho regular batoh of b'ills approved
by iho finanoo committee were allow
ed and ordered paid.
The jury of appraisers in tho Dr. A.
DHhk Hl IB 11 h D HI HI 9n
(W0 Baking
ICLdiiPowdei: .
Used in Millions of Homes .0 Years the Standard
L. Jonos condemnation proceedings
sent in a bill for services and tho bill
was allowed and ordored paid.
The gas bill for lights in tho city
hall last month was larger than tho
ohairman of tho iioauco committeo
thought it ought to bo und the dis
cussion brought n motion from Alder
man Brinkerhoff to instruct t e gas
committee to have a gaB metro put in
tho Blue Room whioh was adopted.
Alderman Hawkina submitted tho
following rooommendation:
To the Hon. Mayor und Clly Council:
I would respoctfully call tho atten
tion of your honorable body to tho
continued creation of now indebted
ness by this oounoil without making
provisions for the paymont of same, it
is not only unlawful and works a
hardship upon an innocont contractor,
but is not consistent with a sound
finanoial policy, and tin payment of
these amounts of this now indebted
ness ont of funds set aside for another
purpose creates a deficiency that will
work a hardship upon innooont em
ployes drawing their salary from that
fund. I would urge this matter upon
your honorablo body for serious oon
siderAtion. In tho handling of tho
street forco I find that tho street com
missioner draws the amount in full of
tho weekly pay roll and settles with
the men. I would respectfully reoom
mend that ovcy man employed on the
street force Do requirod to sign tho
pay roll and tho oily secretary bo re
quested to issuo a draft on tho city
treasurer to oaoh employed for tho
amount duo them. I would also re
commend that your honorablo body
take moro notico of the working of tho
street force. Tho monthly report
made by the street commissioner is
not worth reading. It gives no data
by which tho counoil can arrive at a
conclusion as to whethor tho work
done justifies tho expenditure. I
would further rooommend that tho
street commissioner bo required to
present to your honorablo body at
every rogular meeting an ourline of
his intended work the succeeding
weok, giving the looation and charac
ter of his work, for your approval.
Ilespoctfully submitted.
W. E. Hawkins.
Tho report was adopted.
The eeorotary was instructed to
communioato with Mr. Thad Holt of
Houston in regard to tho land claimed
by him in Clay Btreot.
Tho joint committee reported favor
ably the application of Jones and
Oglesby for tho hiro of tho oity pris
oners and tho mayor was instructed
to enter into a contract with the par
ties for 12 months beginning Jan. 1
1S92 to tako all tho prisoners of tho
Tho firo osoape ordinance was read
the third time and passed.
Tho ordidanco orcatiig tho office of
oity recordor was read first timo and
wont over.
An ordinance ropealing an ordinanco
granting tho Houston & Texas Cen
tral railway a franohise to lay a side
track in the Fifth ward was road first
timo and motion to table was made
but withdrawn by Alderman Wost.
I3y motion of Alderman Payne con
sideration of tho ordinance was in
definitely postponed.
A petition from W. T. Harris and
others for a sower was referred to the
street committee.
Another potition from Hinohman
Petticrew and othors for a sewer in
tho FirBt ward was read and referred
to tho street committee and oity en
gineer. City Attornoy John F. Flint was
granted leave of absonce until Satur
day evoning.
Alderman Payne submitted an
ordinanco abolishing the oflioe of
oity public woicher, whioh was read
first time and allowed to tako tho rcg
lur course.
Matter of Dutting in a light in
front of tho Fifth ward engine house
was referred to the firo committee.
The mattor of tho judgment ob
tuined against tho city by Mr. John
Naylor, was brought up.
Tho caso had beon first tried in
the justice court and a judgment for
$125 obtained. An appeal to
the county court resulted in
a judgment for $1G0. The city at-
tornoy explained that there seemed
be no way to avoid tho judgment, to
The suit is fir damage on a buggy
broken on a bridgo on South Third
stroet below Waco creek. Alderman
Jonos said it wus a peculiar case; tht
no person could bo found who had
seen that buggy sineo the accident;
that plaintiff had it in a house look
ed up
City Attomey Flint said the evi
dence adduocd in the trial showed that
tho shafts were both broken,the spatter
board smashed, tho exlos both sprung,
the back of the body orushed and
that the vehiole wbb nearly new hav
ing boon purolmsod only a few weeks
beforo at a cost of $180.
Alderman Brinkerhoff did not see
how thero could be anything loft but
a small pilo of old iron if the testi
mony was true.
Tho matter ww dropped and the
oouncil adjourned.
Remember that tonight is tho night
for tho Board of Trade to meet in
rocular session. There is a whole lot
to do. Go and do it.
A negro woman, Mrs. Brixy, drop
ped dead yeetorday afternoon while
sweeping hor house. Heart disease is
said to have been the cause of her
sudden death,
Mr. Sol Weslow attorney for N. W.
Itjese of Louisville, Ky., his bdught
the stock, fixtures etc., of Lack &
Son, tho Fourth street merchant tail
ors. Tho prioe paid was $1250.00.
Mr. 31. B. Davis, tho fluent poncil
pusher of Tho Day, has partially re
covered from a protracted and severo
oaso of la grippe, is again at his past
but is as yet only ablo to perform half
The News regrets to announce tho
serious illness of Mrs. Charles B.
Pearrc, at her homo on South Fourth
street, and joins her many friends in
wishing her a speedy and comploto
Mr. James Beokett of Liverpool,
England, left last night for his old
home across the "big pond." He
leaves a host of friends behind who will
miss him both in social and business
Tho already exoellent library of tho
Baylor University was greatly bene
fitted by tho addition of a full set of
Bancroft's history, A present from
Gen. Felix II. Robertson, which was
highly appreciated.
The Philornathesian Literary so
ciety of Baylor University will hold
open sossion in the, university chapel
next Saturday ovening, February 0, at
7.30 p. m. The publio aro invited to
be present. No admisson fee.
Interesting oxcroises, consisting of
orations and essays and music, by
members of tho senior class will be
held at Baylor University, beginning
at 2:30 this afternoon. Friends of
tho univoraity are oordially invited to
attend. No admission foo will bo
The ladioB of tho World's Fair
Commi8son are working earnestly to
raiso Waco's quota of the World's
Fair fund, and tho gentleuion may
aid them greatly. No ono should for-
cot their reception tonight at Mrs. Col.
Tho craployea of Goldstein eVMigei
made up a purse of $5 50 among
them and presented it to Mrs L. E.
MoDonnell who has beon in tho oity
hospital sinco tho burning of her
home a few nights ago. This is a
commendable aot of charity, worthy
of emulation.
An exciting runaway occurred last
night on tho publio square, whioh
oame noar demolishing several ohille
stands. This oalamity was averted
only by the overturning of tho buggy,
whioh changed tho oourso of tho
maddened animal and caused it to de
scribe several oirolcB on tho square
beforo being oaught. Tho horso and
buggy was a livery turn-out from tho
stables of Mr. O. W. David. No ono
was hurt, but the fine buggy was al
most complotoly demolished.
Everything at Cost Except Shirts and E. & W. Collars.
205 silt Cash 205
Look what you pay on crodit and
sco how I sell the samo article for
Largo Jar Imperial
Larco Jar Herican
$1.00 .75
Half gal. bottled pick.
Quart bo' tied pickets,
Piot bottled pickles,
Bbl Mixed pickles gal
Bbl small pickles, gal
31b Tomatos, per can,
lib Family Peas, can
3600 Parlor Matches.
Best eating I potatoes
GritB 20 pounds for
Gran Sugar 10 lbs, for
Arbuckle's Coffee,
Best pat Flour, sack,
.75 .00
.50 .25
.25 .15
.55 .10
.05 .40
.50 .30
.15 .10
.20 .m
.40 .25"
,40 bk .25
1.00 35 1,00
1,00 18 1.00
.25 ,22
1.05 1,40
Friends this is but a small sketch of
my low cash prices. Call at my store,
205 South Third Street.
A Deed of Trust Which Brought
About Trouble.
ISroiiglit Into Court I pun l'cucu
warrants, but Promptly IHMiiUseit
Wlion the 'leMtlliiony In Heard,
An Affair that lias (Jeuorutcd
Somo Had Feellnc iu Certain Clr
clos Too Hindi Conlidunuu in ono
.Hun Cauau .llauj' Others to ITlourii.
II. B. Cohen, tho Fifth street mer
obant, who inado a deed of trust a
few days ago for the benefit of I lay
don and Haydon, filed a complaint, on
tho 2nd beforo Justice Gallaghor,
against M. Marks and E. Frankfott,
charging them with making threats of
serious bodily harm against him, and
feiring tho parties thus charged would
oarry their threats into cxeoution ho
desired that they be placed under
peace bonds.
Tho trial oame up for hearing this
morning and proved a veritable farco.
The state was represented by Assis
tant County Attornoy L. T. Williams
and tho defondants by Mr. Sol Wes
low. Tho court room was crowded with
tho friends of tho defendants and a
very few of those of the complainant.
Among those of tho latter was Phillip
Powski, a would-be Jewish lawyer and
witness in favor of Cohen, who sat at
the elbow of the attornoy for the state
and coached him throughout the
trial. Iu order to make his testi
mony weighty he swore that ho had,
for tho past two months, been on bad
terms with tho complainant but hear
ing of his danger was advised by an
other porson that ho must put asido
prejudioe and stand botween his eno
my (Cohen) and threatened danger to
him. This ho did, and had over since
slept with him, with a shot gun at his
bedsido, and bad acoompanicd him on
the streets to protect him from the
violenco of the mob.
The witi ess referred to, as having
informed him of dangor of his former
onouiy, Cohon, was in, and who ad
vised him to make friends, informed
him of his dangor and protected him,
protested that ho had given him
(Powske) m such advioe and made
him out a ptovaricator.
Other witnesses stated, upon oath,
that Cohen had, thiouh the deed of
trust, laterally robbed them of t'cir
hard earnings, and that they did not
intend to do him any bodily harm, but
they had held a mooting to confer to
gothor to raiso a fund to contest in tho
courts tho trust deed, and to try to
get their just rights.
Needless to say, tho defendants
wero promptly discharged.
Having heard tho testimony, and
seeing that the partios were some
what oxoited over their losses, The
News reporter cast about to loam tho
facts about tho mattor whioh wore not
admissible upon the trial of tho case.
From tho statements of tho parties
themselves it seems that Cohon,
through his influonce and tho mis
placed confidence they had iu him,
had, from timo to time, borrowed
monoy from them in many instances
the last dollar they had and kopt
Wc arc prepared to make
loans on improved country or
city propert' at current rates.
Vendors' lien notes extended
Prompt attention.
Waco, Texas
To tho Lovers of Art In Photo
graphy. Haviug moved to my now gallery,
over 701 and 703, Austin stroot, (the
old Hinohman Building), I am now
better prepared than ever to give the
poople of Waco tho finest Photos iu
tho state. Tho beautiful "aristo" (so
highly ondorscd by tho loading gal.
cries,) in all its boauty, at my Btudio
1 will havo on exhibition for a fow
days, an elegant oil portrait of Mrs.
Geo. Clark, by Mons. Do Gissao, whioh
has been framed in a very handsome
"Florentine" frame, making a portrait,
well worth a visit, to all, and more
especially to tho tho ladies.
I will bo glad to wokome my old,
and many now customers. Don't for
got'tny now address, overt 701 and 703,
Austin Avo.
Deane, Photographor.
this up till 3 o'olook on tho afternoon
of tho day tho deed of trust
was filed. They claim that
it was Cohen's intention to rob them
and that when tho last borrow was
inado tho bced of trust was being pre
pared. Tho nimes of somo of tho sufferers,
and tbc alloged amounts duo them are
as follows:
M. 3Iirks $250 00
E. Fraukfort, 102 00
Woiss Taylor 250 00
Bakou & Lcbonkind, 1S5 00
A. B. Freeman, 21100
F. Adelman , 50 00
M. Adelman, 150 00
S. Kessner 175 00
L. Lip3hitz, 220 00
It is said that a number of the suf
ferers aro poor chicken peddlers and
aro now in destituto circumstances.
Ono of them statcB that his wifo has
beon in New York for somo time past,
on her way to join him at Waco, and
that he had been working hard to ac
cumulate sufficient monoy to pay her
faro here and had nearly raised tho
necessary amount when ho loaned all
bo had to Cohen, with tho positivo
promiso from him that it would bo re
turned in a fow days. If what those
men say is true, they havo oertainly
beon shamefully treated and shows
that if there is no remedy for them in
the oourts, wo aro living under vi
soious laws which allow unscrupulous
men to pilfer and rob othors.
Their Very successful Entertain
ment Last Night at Goggln's
Music Store.
The King's Daughters ontortin
ment last night was a success in overy
particular tho usual result when that
noble band has anything to do with
an entortainmont. The following is
tho programme rendered :
naval i:m;.;i:.hi;.t.
Admiral Kingston
Lieutenant Kingston..
Dennis ....
Mrs Pnntlfcx
Mary Mortimer
Ill J.Tolson
Sam Korsytlio
1). I). Bryan
....Sam Pope
Mrs. IIcDct
..Mil" Nnrnlo Harrison
A .maid's choice.
Mli'i'llotan, Sir. Thorji, Mr. Tscharner
Mr. Rosa, Mr. Daniel,
Mies Harrow, Planiste
The first part of the programmo, A
Naval Engagement, w?s oomody in
two acts. From beginning to ond it
abounds in laughable situations and
dialogues. The Histrionics showed
their versatility by making a great a
hit in comody as over they did in
The second part was the musi
cal part of tho programmo and with
the exoeption of tho two songs, not
a word was spokon in its entiroty.
"Actions spoak louder than words,"
howovor, and in this oase the silent
wooing of the four lovers kept tho
audionoo laughing until the curtain
went down.
Other attractions in tho oity pre
vented the audionce from being as largo
as it oonld havo been, but it was
sufficiently largo to not a very noat
bum for the treasury of the King's

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