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Al vAU
ta 9.l? flBbte .H fBw' JL. B HLb4l
Eliltretl ii( Hie fflce at HViro, Tpxna, n Necomt Cln.iit Mutter,
50 Cents Per Month
Footwear for Gentlemen,
Our Cost Sale
We have opened our three new lines
for spring at
$3.00 a pair.
' $4.00 a pair.
$5.00 a pair.
These Shoes are made with strict regard to the wants of our trade
and will make the most satisfactory shoes at the price that have ever
been sold. The styles are new, goods fresh, and we are satisfied
that any puschascr of these shoes will save at least $1.00 a pair.
Ladies' Low Quarter Shoes, :
Spring stock now open. Some very
pretty and tasty styles on exhibition
Inspection Invited.
Store closes at 6:30 p
Saturdays at 9:30 p
Si-nntor 1'nliiitfr'n Hill Inr tin- Klrctlnn ut
Srnntors lj n Direct Yutn uftlio Pcopln -World'
Fafr luveatlgiitlnii Kriltttlun
Mr. Itlimd'ft I'ice Coliuine Dill.
Washington, Feb. 8. The senate
programme tbis week includes the Pad
dock bill to prevent tbo adulteration
and misbranding of food and drugs.
After final action is bad upon the bill
relating to public printing and binding,
which is unfinished business, the Idaho
senatorial contented election case will be
brought to the attention of the senate at
the earliest possible- moment. Mr
Palmer may also address the senate
upon the bill proiwsing the election of
senators by a direct vote of the people.
It is exected that in executive session
will be fought out the contest ovor the
nomination of Postmaster Kathburn of
Elinira, wherein Mr. Hill has taken
issue with the president, and perhaps
also the content growing out of the
opposition of the Indiana senators to the
nomination of Judge Woods of Indiana
to be circuit judge.
Contests are expected over several
matters which will be called up in the
house ut the first opportunity. The most
important ot these are the World's fair
investigation resolutions reported by
the appropriations committee and the
special Columbian exposition commit
tee. Tho latter committee will make a
strong fight to have the jurisdiction of
the investigation conferred upon it. The
rules committee will report during tho
week and if occasion offers will call
up one or more of the numerous resolu
tions of the investigation now before it.
Perhaps the most interesting feature
of the week, however, will be found in
the proceedings of the house coinage
committee, which made an ordor that
discussion close and votimr begin at 1 1
o'clock Wednesday on the Bland free
coinage bill. Since that order was made
Mr. Bland introduced a substitute for
the bill named in the committee order
and the session Wednesday may bo ex
hausted before the committee reaches u
iiual vote on the .question of reporting
the free coinage bill to the house.
As we will move to our new quarters at the corner of Fifth and
Austin Streets about Feb. 1 5th, we do not want to move any of our
winter stock. Therefore wc place our entire stock of Clothing, Hats,
Furnishing Goods, Trunks and Valises on the market at
Except Dunlap hats, E. & W. collars and 'Scrivcn's drawers. We
hope our friends will take this ad. as intended, that we mean JUST
WHAT SAY COST. OUR COST MARK is posted where all
can see it, and all prices will be made from it. This price will
enable you to buy a suit for gio.Oo, $12.00 and $15.00 never before
offered for the price.' But we will not attempt to name articles or
prices, but ask you to come and sec.
These Prices are for Cash,
As it is less trouble to move than books. We will continue OUR
COST SALE through next week, and perhaps longer. If you would
get the BEST BARGAINS come first.
Remember this actual COST SALE will be from day to day
next week at
JOjSlES t & : G0ODL0ES
The Clothiers, Hatters and Men's Furnishers
Our splendid facilities enable us to give you the best value
for your money. We have the largest assortment of
Sixth and Jackson Streets.
The old Ornml ItnlUHiw, Xortli of flnzu,
The finest vohicles and horses in the
city. Call oatriages for ladioe a spe
cialty and when desired, ladies can
have a driver iu livery. All trains met.
Prompt attention to Jail orders and
boarded on reasonable terms.
,? -V" r
A Clrl Ituby.
New York. Feb. 8. Mrs. Minnie
Spindle, aged :t5, of 102 Monroe street,
started out to do the family, marketing.
On Jier way homo she was taken sud
denly ill. She boarded 11 Grand street
car going west at Third avenue. At
Broadway and Grand street Mrs. Spin
dle gave birth to a girl baby. Tho pas
sengers on the street car attended the
mother and child its best they could un
til an ambulance could be summoned.
They were then removed to St. Vincent's
hospital, where mother and child are
doing well.
A Vnmlul'ii W01K.
Nkw Yoiik, Feb. 8. The eoplo of
Woodhtwn and tho cemetery authori
ties are much excited over tho mysteri
ous person, who, armed with hammer
and chisel, enters the larger cemeteries
at night ami defacea the most costly
monument shafts and blocks as if for a
pastime. Among the tombs tho vandal
lias defaced are the Itoxalienah vault,
Horace F. Clark, Sarcophagus and tho
Farragut pillar. He was. dotected
near Gould's mausoleum Friday night,
but made his escape.
Cutclir .Many llorror-strlckt'n Vlctluis
Our H11111I101I Mlsklnc.
Nkw Yoiik, Feb. 8. A disaster up
palling in horror and bringing to mind
the terrible occurrence at Park Plact
still fresh in the public mind, Occurred
in this city Sunday morning. Tho Hotel
Royal, a well known landmark which
stood for inure than a imarter of a cen
tury at tho southeast corner of Sixth av
enue and Fortieth htreet, burned to tht
ground and a large number of peopk
were burned, crushed and, sulfncated in
thu ruins. At the time of the disastet
there were neurly'irK) guests in the hotel.
The employes all told number fifty-five.
Of this number of people five have thu
far been found dead, six are in the hos
pital and sixty-three have been it-ported
alive. One hundred are still missing.
The number of dead will probably not
exceed thirty.
The scenes were heartrending and ap
palled even the firemen and policemen,
who are used to terrible scenes. Soon
after the fire broke out ambulances ar
rived from the various hospitals. Many
physicians whose residences are in tho
neighborhood weie quickly on the scent
and they did all they could to relieve
the injured.
Nearly every one of tho 12f room
which the hotel had on its five floors
was occupied by guests. Many of them
wero transient. In fact, all tho rooms
save four had been taken at 1 o'clock
Sunday 'morning when Richard Mears,
tlie proprietor, went to bed.
Tho flames burst forth from some un
known origin near tho elevator shaft
about it o'clock and soon tlie entire build
ing was enveloped in llames.
satisfaction guaranteed.
Money to lend' on Vendors Lien Notes.
Money to lend on Pawns.
Money to buy Notes, long or short time.
Houses and Lots for sale on Installments.
We will now contract to build residences
3"2TO, 3D.
Murdered by III. AVITo.
MrLAN, Tenn., Feb. 8. Charles Travis,
living in Carroll county, was murdered
Friday night by his wife whom he had
kicked out of his house a short time ago.
Tho woman entered the house and go
ing to the bed where her husband lay
asleep, slashed and cut hid faco and
throat with a razor, death following im
mndiutely. Wlien lielp arrived t'lie
woman was covered with blood and in
the act of shooting her.-elf. She is now
Itputfu ly WlillM-upi.
novKiNSVUXK, Ky., Feb. 8. Friday
night a mob of thirty men, wearing tall,
jieakcd white caps, went down to tho
jail and secured a colored man,' John
Pendleton, charged with several ugly
deeds. They carried lu'm to the woods
near by, stripped him of every shred of
clothing, tied his hands high above his
heart to a tree, and with hickory sticks
beat him almost to death. They
ordered him to leave the country, which
he did after crawling to the physi
cian's. Dujiter l)loi Orad.
PrrrsBUita, Feb. 8. Miss Kittie Shaw,
a daughter of a prominent physician,
dropped dead at tf o'clock Friday morn
ing while dancing a waltz at a reception
given by the Pittsburg club,
liiiK-i) ii.r 11 Tuiuntiilii,
Eva.nsvii.ij!, Inil., Feb. 8. Fornearly
thirty years Joe Mariscano, a wholesale
merchant hero, hua Ih'cii handling ba
nanas and otner irnits, and lias seen
hundreds of tarantulas concealed in the
bananas. This morning, however,
whilo handling a bunch ho felt a sharp
sting in the foro finger of his left hand.
Ho jerked his hand away and a lingo
tarantula fell to the floor. Tho hand
swelled rapidly, but a" prompt immer
sion in nmmonia neutralized the poison
until medical assistance could arrivo.
The arm is. swollen to twice its natural
size, and so painful that two injections
of morphine were mado to deaden tho
pain. The doctors have hopes that tho
bite was not deep enough to provo
Itaucu lleniorratft.
Kansas Citv, Feb. 8. The Dem
ocratic state central committee of Kan
sas met here Friday night and decided
to hold the state convention March 5 at
Leavenworth, Kan., to belect delegates
to tho national convention.
Crukhud to DeutU.
Gukhdon, Ark., Feb. 8. Frank Ty
ler, 11 well-to-do fanner, and his wifo
were crushed to death while attempting
to repair an outbuilding. Tho building
collapsed.cruHhing every boue in their
An Open Swlleti.
Kansas Citv, Feb. 8. A disastrous
wreck occurred on the Chicago and
Alton railway. Thiee men wero killed
and considerable property was d
htroyed. Tho limited passenger train from Chi
cago, bound for Kansas City, loft Cen
tralia behind time. At Larnbeo the
Nwitch of the siding had been left open,
and the passenger train dashed through
it into a stock train standing on the
siding. The two engines came together
with such force that they were wedged
tightly together. Two of tlw stock
cars, loaded with cattle, were deinol
ished'and many cattle wero killed. The
fireman and engineer of tho stock train
wero instantly killed, and tho fireman
of the passener train was so severely in
jured that he died within lin hour. Not
a passenger received .as much us a
The names of tho killed are: Oliu
Elliston, Roixlhouse, 111., engineer of
freight: Thomils Jliudman, Uoodhouse,
111., fireman of freight; John W. Kolle
her, Kansas City, lireinau passeuger
Injured: Charles Adlenum, engineer
passenger train, leg broken; John
O'Day, bag-gnpiiiian. arm broken.
A lliii'iiilchk .l-ihj L'liink. , .
Miu.viu.r., N. J., Feb. 8. Ephraim
Hine, the Millvillo crank who tried to
borrow ifl,."i()U,0(M from Jay Gould in
New York, arrived home on a late train
last night. Ho liven about four milea
out of the city on the road leading to
Newport, and is looked upon around,
here us one of tho most harmless men in
tho world. When questioned about his
visit to Mr. Gould's office, ho seemed
much discouraged that ho had been un
successful iu getting tho financier to
boom his big enterprise, and was much
surprised when informed that the cleik
wero afraid that his three satchels con
tained dynamite. Ho does not know
what dynamite is and never shot a gnu
in his life. He says that while ho would
like to have secured a loan of $.1,000,000
from Mr. Gould, he would not harm u
hniron his head, lline isa farmer's son,
and for many years worked on an oyster
boat in Maurice River cove. Ho has.
always had big schemes on his brain,
Hmihiia' I'uuilui; Crop.
Toi'KKA, Kas., Feb. 8. A heavy r.tiit
has been falling 111 Kansas the past
forty-eight hours. All sections of tho
state received a thorough soaking and
'tho ground is in fine condition for spring
plowing. The rain virtually insures a
magnificent wheat crop, as the plant is
in"fino condition and looks better than
any previous year at this time. Tho
total yield of tho sfctt this year will bo
75,000,000, an increaw) over labt year of
(limigla I
Atlanta, Feb. 8.
Thu Domocratio
state executive committee has been
called for .March '. Chairman Atkinson
says there is a necessity for early action,
as the People's party leaders are figuring
on working with the Republicans and
there is work for the Democrats to do if
they wish succet.

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