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Arrive Evory Morning.
prC3h salt watdr fish.
Red Fish, Trout, PIoundors,";dressed
Catfish, oto. Also
Throe shipments a wook of Oysturs.
Thoy aro Hookaway Oysters, tho
best on tho niarkot. Try thorn,
tfi j throe phipmonts a wook of Lch-
matin's Berwick Bay Oysters, well
known to the trade.
Also recnivo consignments of all
kinds of game, At 717 Austin
Cheap Medium" and Fine
Paper Hangings aud Decor
ations, Window Glass, Var
nislies etc. Sole agent for
J. W. John's celebrated
Asbestus Paints. Full line
of Colors, Brushes and every
thing kept in a first-class
Wall Paper and Paint Store.
404 Austin Street,
."ilS Auallu Avenue.
Waco, : : : tc.vas,
Hartley &'Burleson,
Itnnlc, .lob and Commercial
JE Ifc 3L P 1 E JR ,
206 Sontli Third Street, Var Mitchell llon,
A Trial Orilrrfmllciterf.
Euqenp. Williams. I Wat. V. Evans.
Williams & Evans
Atty's $ Counsellors at Law,
j'jto rinnxr it uir.nrxa,
WACO, - - - TEXAS.
Commercial House.'
Cor. Eighth cy- Clay Sts.
Only two bind; smith iifMn, Vnrlfle It. .
j-pibst a:ri.A.ss.-a
Terms reasonable. Commercial
Travel especially solicited.
Mrs. N. H. Kirkpatrick.
Have you not heard about it??
Well, lam selling,
20 pounds granulated sugar for $1.00
Perfection corn (best in tho world)
for 12 1-2 cents per oan.
3 pounds standard tomatoes at 10
cents per oan.
Arbuoklo'b coffeo 22 1-2 ots. ber poet.
Irish Potatoes 25 oenta per bucket.
Best patont flour $1.40 per suok.
Toe S. Thompson.
Tho Grocer
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
anythmp you want at any hour at Joe
Lehman's. v
Real Estate
Those hunting bargains in dirt will
makeraoneyjby calling on me,afl ljhavo
good city, farm and ranch proporty.
I baro ouo ranch of 1000 acres dividod
into four pastures, 50 aoros in cultiva
tion, at $9 per acre. I have good place
in theeity, worth $5000, to trade for
good larm.
1 want to buy Bmal! place within 8
miles of Waco, 10, 15 or 26 aores,
sandy land.
Real Estate and Notary Public.
303 1-2 Austin Street, Waco, Tex,
I - rlflRS
ML .
MIt. J). S. DUIi IE
Mli. JOE STEW A 11 T
lltslrr to
Present - their - Compliments
Their friends and say
they are now with
Oribble - Bros.
o05 Aiiklin Ave,
They would osteem It a
favor to soo them aud
Boll th in fine G rocerles
as low as they can bo
boughtauywhero In ho
A iample of tho Letters with Which
the Now York World Is
The fol'owing letters are clipped
from the World to show tho charac
ter of the opposition to the snap con
vention ordered by Senator Hill.
To Tho World:
''Every true Demoorat in the Unit
ed ritates ought to be (hankful to The
World for its timely warning to David
B. Hill. "Governor, Don't."
It has undoubtedly, nioro than any
thing that has occurred, brought to
light the true state of mind of tho
pcoplo that Snnntor Hill is not their
ohoico ior president this time. All
the newspapers claim that thoy are
"the voico of tho peoplo," although
their opinions differ considerably, but
your"warning" is ono of the best pieces
of nowspapor work that has been writ
ten in a long while, and with such
striking effect that it has certainly
elicited the "true voioo of tho peo
ple." Every good Democrat is greatful to
Mr. Hill for the service3 he has ren
dered his party in. many a critical
moment and in tho exalted pobiton he
now occupies ho oan, with his ability,
do more for the welfaie of Democratic
principles than if he woro in tho presi
dential chair, which I have no doubt
he will ultimately oooupy.
At present the woods are full of
Clovoland men. Sound another
bugle, as you have done, and you
will sco legions popping their heads
over tho fence, shouting, "Here wo
As you havo warned Senator Hill,
"Governor, don't," so would I liko
through your columns to warn Mr.
Cleveland in regard to the lotter, as
Tho World asserts, ho contemplates
writing, declining tho nomination for
tho Presidency. "Mr. Cleveland,
don't." A Goon Democrat.
"Governor don't" was the heading
of an editorial in The World protesting
against the oarly convention,
. Ml B
The oandidates are coniine out
slowly and tho coming canvass will
surely bo a lively one. A News re
porter heard on tho streets today that
Mr. Joo F. Ellison would be in tho
race for sheriff. Whethor this is true
or not will develop in a few days no
doubt, for it is well u jdorstood that
sovoral candidates have been out
some time and Joe's friends says he
will bo "in,it."
Parker Bros, oan sell you goods
below manufacturers prices, See
thoir goods and get their prioos.
Havo youl used an Embreo McLean'
1 ik n r .n
Uhf A
By Fur Mint of thn Notrcl Women on llio
Stugo Wunr Tlic-lr Own llulr.
Wigs nro seldom worn by actresses on
the stage, und indeed why should thoy
bo. when to many young women havo
beautiful hair? Tho smooth, dark brown
tresses Georgia Cay van wears in almost
every part are her own. Helen Dauvray'e
hair is sleek, quito black, in fact, aud
very heavy. Johnstouo Bennott's hair is
soft, inclined to curl and of a dark
brown that is a littlo reddish by day. A
fow months ago it wtis short liko a
boy's; now sho can just catch it into a
knob in tho back, and sho wears it
brushed sleekly back in shiny "Jano1,
fashion, all the curl being suppressed.
That queer littlo pointed growth in
tho middlo of her forehead belongs tc
her vory own hair, and sho is a wibo girl
to show it. "Oh, yes, of course, slit
pins on all those circles of close braids
at tho back, and they hide thtf littlt
knob I told you of," said the woman
who gavo these hirsute facte.
"But it is there, elso tho curls would
begin to ripplo and Jane's bleek head
would be ruined. Mrs. Kendal's hair is
rather a reddish blond by day. Kate
Claxton has chestnut red hair. Slit
does sometimes wear a wig, but hei
wigs aro mado just liko her own hair. ,
Mano Burroughs has soft, dark brown
hair, and lots of it. Sho seldom wears a
wig. Annie Russell's hair is a sott, pale
blond, just a pretty shoulder length. It
was her own hair sho woro in 'Elaino
und 'Esmeralda,' though most people
thought it a wig.
"Beatrico Camoron's hair is about the
6hado of Miss Russell's, soft, and nearlj
tho samo length. If sho wears a wig it
is almost always made tho samo color m
her own hair. Fanny Davenport's hah
is not heavy, and by day tho harsh yel
low dyo hurts it, though it is very prott j
at night. Odotte Tyler has this shade ol
hair, and Snyder Armstrong. 1 havt
heard that Clara Morris has red hair.
Usually she wears wigs. Modjeska's
hair, is dark. Sho almost always wears
a blond wig for tho stage. Efiio Shan
non's hair is fair, and comes below hei
shoulders. When sho does cover its soft
prettiness with a wig it is usually ono oi
hair a littlo moro decidedly golden than
aro her own tresses.
"Julia Marlowo's hair is rich dart
brown, and sho has plenty of it. She
seldom covers it with a wig. Emma
Sheridan always shows her own hair. II
is heavy and a pretty longth. Sho wears
it in so many different ways in tho dif
ferent parts she plays that sho is often
btispectcd of donning a wig. Every one
knows Bcrnhardt's short crinklo of red
hair. May Yoho has plenty of binooth
daik brown hah", though sho frequently
hides it under a shot twig of reddish
brown. Isabello Urquhart has quant 1
ties of dark brown hair. Lillian Ilussoll
is almost always seen in her own goldor
hair, real goldon it is too. Roso Cogh
Inn's hair is brown. Viola Allen's, too,
though sho often wears a reddish wig.
Georgio Drow's hair is dyed yellow,
Thoy do say Ada Rohan's hair is dyed
yellow, too, and I havo heard sho wears
a wig always.
"Delia Fox has short hair, dyed yellow.
Mario Jausen's hair is dark brown. In
'Tho Oolah' sho woro a short wig of the
samo color, and brushed her own front
hair un ovor it around tho forehead.
1 This is a frequent trick of actresses wear
ing wigs, for fow wigs look natural
around tho forehead. Minuio Maddern's
hair is a beautiful red, and abundant.
Maggio Mitchell's is a crinkly 1 eddish
brown, nnd Lotta's is dyed yellow, thoj
say." Now York Sun.
A V11t1MU1rl.n1.
FaibvbuiiV, 111., Feb. 8. Mrs. Mary
Wray celebrated her one hundredth
birthday anniversary in this city. Sho
is at tho head of a family compribing
five generations, nil of whom wero pres
ent at tho anniversary. Sho is tho old
est lady living in central Illinois, is in
excellent health and bids, fair to live ten
moro years, at lexst.
et li . iSncv
Farewell, old year,
We turn from you
And greeting give
To '92,
And reader, dear,
We wish for thee,
Through all its days,
Early in the year to talk about
iCiu.x'xii.sliJLo.s; YOt.ix House.
We have a large'and well selected slock of
Latest in style, material and
can furnish your house from garret to
'4. ctiT3rffi.fc,
The wedding ring sparkling on the
finger of this beautiful young bride
was bought at the favorite jewelry
house of
2t (ooel
dfelisf93 erjf
Can Dlaco anv lino of ad
'l vertising more effectively and
mnrft nnnnn.ni.nlln llinn n.i.r url-
ihviu uuuiiuiuii.ailr Vliuu uiijr n-
If you -wish to ADVKIITIHR
Select tlio liast AGENT you know
Let liliu placs ALL of your advertising
Deal frniiVly with liliu
Take. Ills lulvico.
, Your buBinoss will then be
Tg worth his oarofu! atten-
fy lion.
will servo you
faithfully and.l
v -"jo
Telephone the News Office and
the advertising agent will call on you
and make you happy.
Laey's Briar Crat)lc Coal.
Ono ton $5.50; one half ton $3.00;
ono fourth ton $1,75.
Rules and Regulations at the Park
Opon G a. m. to 10 p. m. closod on
Sunday night Pool reserved for
ladies exclusively Wednosday evening
2 to 5:80; Saturday morning 0 to 12,
Monday night 9 to 10 for ladies and
gontlomon, pool pirty, tub, necdlo, and
vapor baths at all .hours for patients
and others. Experienced malo and
fomalo attondants day and night.
Tom PAUofTT, Proprietor.
J. B. CuiinNUT, Manager.
Dr. Geo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
sett of upper or lower teeth, $12,50.
mmm . mami , -r
finish. We keep everything and
cellar. Come in and take a look.
Tulia JLt
Garden spot of tho groat Panhandle.
ItinVi Innmp Hnil firnnf wlirm nnnntrv
Tulia IiOis.
Tulia is tho county scat of Swisher
county. Ono of tlio linost counties
in tho great Panhandle. Court house,
churches, sohools, .10,, &c.
Tulia !Lofs.
Swisher oounfcy is dovoloping rapidly.
Thousands aro going to tho Panhan
dle, daily and the man with the plow
is daily going to Swisher county.
Tulia Lt,
A pretty town in tho prettiest oountry
in tho world. Land level as a lloor
and producing immenso orops of all
cereals, vegetables aud fruits.
Tulia Iit
Everlasting frcestono pure wator in
illimitahlo quantities at twenty-fivo to
thirty feet.
Tulia Lots.
Aro in a growing town, in a growing
county Property is advancing dailv
and will contmuo to advanco in a way
to mabi) the head Bwim. Buy now.
Don't delay a day. Lots cheap as
dirt at prices now asked.
For maps, platB and other particu
lars apply to
111 Franklin strcot.
1000 acre farm, 500 111 cultivation, all
first class prairie land. Ton houses,
barns, shods, wells and ono novor
failing spring.
Small formd of 100 or 200, 320 or -100
acres oaoh, and many othors ohcap
and on insy terms.
Ranging in number of acres of 320, 500
1200, 1400, 18(10 and 3,000, situated
near Waoo. Wo can soil special bur
gains in houses, lots aud business
Bell & Sassaman,
Heal Entato and Rental Agonta, 111
outh Fourth street, Waoo, Toxbb.
For tlio ncit thhty days, soo our
pricos. Thoy- will astonish you,
Pakkeii Biios.
n 1
i ?

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