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People have no idea how
crude and cruel soap can be.
It takes off dirt. So far,
so good ; but what else does
it do?
It cuts the skin and frets
the under-skin ; makes red
ness and roughness and
leads to worse. Not soap
but the alkali in it
Pears' Soap has no free,
alkali in it. It neither red
dens nor roughens the skin.
It responds to water in
stantly ; washes and rinses
off in a twinkling ; is as
gentle as strong , and the
after-effect is every way
All sorts of stores sell it,
especially druggists, all softs
of people use it
County (Ifficrrn.
"Wo are authorised tn nnnounen Mr. J. C.
-Inrney as candidate fur the otlicc of ounty
Tax (Solicitor, subject to the action of the Dcm
orBt ot McLennn'i couutr.
Election 1st Tncuday In April. We are au
thorized to announce Major A Uluchman
candldnto for the olUce of Mayor of Waco at the
ooiniDR city election.
g&SlZiX H&Sltt 38feCK3
Editor and Ooneral Manager.
Largest Circulation of any Paper in
Central Texas. .
"Subscription, 50 cents pur month, or 5.U0 por
7ear in advance. Wkkkly Nws 11.00. per year.
Estc-pil at tho Waco postoffloo as sec
ond olasu mall matter.
"1 am tor free commerce Willi all
nnlloiis." TliouiiiN JuffurNUtt.
"Ilut right In rl(i(. though U In not al
irw Tiojuifor, inf I utiiml tu It trhrthrr it
retires ie t private lifn or lifts to il(h
er honor." llotirr (. Mills.
Blaiue is too shrewd too risk a se
cond defeat.
Did Clevelanda asceuding star ob
scure Blaino's moon ojed boom?
Thoy call Mills tho Corsicana Cob
den. That is all right. Demooraoy
makes no kick againBt tho name.
A primary eleotion is only necessa
ry whero there is a close party fight.
No such contingency exists in MoLen
r.an county.
Build half a dozen natatoriuins in
"Waco and her future prosperity is as
sured. Build a do.on and advortiso
the artesian water liberally and she
will need a dozen moro in less than
Jlvo years.
Sinoo the publioation of tho Reagan-Gerald
oorrespondenoe considera
ble intorost has been manifested here
as to what effect it might bavo upon the
shattered norves of that member of
Chairman Heagun's official family
upon whoso vitals tho Fantods ar
knawing. Tho following dispatch was
reooived by a gentleman this morning
in answer to an inquiry in that diroo
lion :
"Austin, Tex., Feb. 10, 1892.
"Thanking you for kindly interest
in my unfortunate brother Uriah Suf
ferings, can say that while there is no
itopo of ultimate recovery from tho
dread diseaso, ho is though 'unable,'
still ablo to draw his salary with that
patriotic devotion to the public ser
vieo that has over characterised his
official career.
Signed "A. Heap."
The following from tho Now York
Sun makos us laugh beg pardon, it
makes us smile I ! :
"Both tho llav. Josoph Cook and
the Hon. Roger Quarles Mills wcro
in town last night. It is soldom that
so much missionary zeal is found even
in this town, to which all the talents
are drawn. Tremont Tcmplo is, of
course, a very dlfferont plaoe from tho
houBo of rcprosontatives, but tho Bos
ton Monday Locturor and tho Corsi
oana Cobden both oarry on an educa
tional campaign. Both are poaitiye
and doginatio, paesionato and vehe
ment, burning and boiling. If Mr
Cook has tho more learning, Mr.
Mills has tho hoavior repartee If
Mr. Mills is the handsomor, Mr. Cook
can be hoard further. The maiu dif
ference among many minor differences
betweon tho two is that tho Bostonian
is a goneral roformer who wants to
smash things in general, whilo tho
Corsicanan concentrates his destruc
tivoness upon the Tariff.
"A phrenologist who examinod Mr.
Cook's head whon that head was worn
on youthful shoulders, gavo this chart:
'Is fond of applause; has much vor
bosocess and faculty of speeoh; is
given to repetitious, is confident and
loud. I adviso that he follow the
calling of aa auctioneer.'
"An inferior strolling phrenologist
who examined Mr. Mill's bumps early
in 188S wrote enthusiastically: 'You
have the biggcBt head I havo ever
seen. Your oombativoncss, well-do-velopcd
self-esteem, and tonaoity indi
cate that you would have BUcooeded
as a policeman in a wostcrn town if
you had not taken up another field of
public life'
"Yet neither combativeness nor
self esteem is moro developed in Mr.
Mill's than in Mr. Cook. So much
for phrenology."
Oh, what a fortunate thing that the
same phrenologist did not oxamino
the head of the Now York Sunl Tho
oxposure would havo been humiliating
to the people whom tho Sun supports.
The local newspaper has so many
missions to perform that it is often
tho caso that said local paper will
single-foot out on one, two or three of
tho said missions to the neglect of all
tho rest. For instanco, one paper
may claim to givo all the local news,
state nows, and tho political "ins-and-outs."
Another paper will mako other
claims, porhaps, as broad as these, but
oovering entirely different ground or
performing other missions. In tho
main, newspapers arc sound docu
ments. Thoy aro necessarily sound,
as they form a web ovor tho country,
ono is a oheokmate and oirtio of the
other, and whon'ono paper'gets "out of
lino" all tho balanoo fool tho effects of
tho said paper being "oul-a-lyin." So
tho erring brother is called back and
tought to know the meaning of
"straight up." The papers are great
agents for good or evil, and as tho
brethren know this they feel a com
uion interost in the oonimon prees, and
a general desiro that all papers
should be "straight up," and that jus
tico and truth should prevail in news
papor oirolos throughout the country.
Most editors aro as scrupulous as most
of tho clergy. They havo not forgot
ten tho precept of tho father of their
oountry. Georgo W. was always "in
line" and not always "out-a-lyin," and
in this the editors of today aro simply
imitators. They very much revere
their illustrious father and some of his
Tho nowspaper that furnishes daily
a full local and foreign news summa
ry, tho market reports. Kindly but
keep personal montion, wholesome,
useful and interesting misoellany,
and is at tho same time an expounder
of the gospol of truth, tho exponent of
tho people and their sentiment, the
upholder of right beoauso it is right,
and the censor of wrong booause it is
wrong wo are going to say right
horo, unblushingly, that suoli a paper
7B this is a power in the land
To ondoavor to plaoo a propor
estimato of tho value of suoh a shoot
to any community would bo a task for
which but few aro fitted.
Tho nowspaper is tho balancing
weight of tho world. Today with
oliuroh, tomorrow with state whero
truth and juBliae aro, there the news
papst will be found. Its shafts of
criticism aro sent fast and doep into
tho vitala of wrong, uud sooner or
later it triumphs, and juBtice is vindi
cated. The Evening News is endeavoring
to covor all these points, and whilo it
is enabled to walk boldly between
justico and meroy borrowing of
neither but disseminating both yet it
is always gratifying to us to b ena
bled to dieeern in tho mists that arise
daily from the battlcGclds of life that
light, that beacon light of approval
and public upprcoiation whioh lures
one on to moro victories and greater
achievements, and which nerves one
to the full disohargo of duty.
In other words, if you appreciate
your oveniug paper, lot your card
show up in its oolumns. Also, throw
your job printing around this way.
Our job department is first class in
every partioular, and having engaged
permanently the finest job workmen
in tho state wo are prepared to exo
cuto and turn out all kinds of job
work, upon short notice, excelled in
stylo and workmanship bj no other
well appointed establishment of tho
kind in Texas.
The News is strictly "in it," and
don't you forget it.
Traiff reform
this time.
must climb the Hill
Business houses at Lnrncd, Kas.,
worth $1S.,000 were destroyed by Hie.
Miner fired upon the militia camp
at Coal Creek. Tenn., but were routed.
Arizona, and Now Mexico are the only
territories likely to be admitted by this
Diamonds valued'at $1000 were stolen
from the room of cx-Seimtor Boweu of
New York Typographical union is to
Establish a school to teach type-setting
by machines.
Hough, Ketcliam & Co. 's architectural
iron works, Indianapolis, suffered $150,
000 loss by fire.
Flora Moore, the actress, hat. lefi Now
York for Europe, taking along a promi
nent New Yorker.
William Itehmann of Terro Hauto
finally killed himself, after attempting
it once and rejienting.
Tho wives of the Chinese minister and
tho Corean charge d'affairs have devel
oped into charming society women.
G. A. R. men of Carlyle, 111., are
making war m Miss Nichols, a school
teacher, but tne school board refuses to
remove her.
Iluttle in a Hunt House.
Point Pleasant, W. Va., Feb. 10. A
desperate and bloody riot occurred in a
disreputable boathouse kept by a woman
named Morgan near this place. A party
of six men were at the house carousing,
wlicu Charles Knapp and John Casey
began a fight over a young woman
named Clark. Casey drew a dirk and
stabbed Knapp four times. Knapp's
brother camo to his rescue and the rest
of tho gang engaged in the fight, the
four women taking part. Tho battle
was fought with knives and revolver.
Casey was frightfully cut about the
head by a knife in the hands of tho Clark
woman. Luther Knapp received seri
ous knife and pistol wounds, and John
Burk was shot through the arm. Knapp
and Casey will die. Ora Clark, over
whom tho fight shirred, cscuikmI unhurt.
All the participants are under arrest.
1'utal AlTray Itetivrcil lVomen,
Lkadville, Col., Feb, 10. Mrs. Cul
lom and Mrs. Arbor ijnarrelled and the
former slushed Mrs. Arbor with a knife.
The hitter's unborn child was killed.
Mrs. Arbor is expected to die. Tho
Cullom woman has been arrested.
Lying: liijiito.
London, Feb. 10. -Thirteen thousand
persons viewed the body of llov. Chas.
Spurgeon, which is lying in state in the
tabernacle here, up to eleven this morn
ing. The coffin is covered with P;Uin
Ial In u riiirrrl.
Nashville, Feb. 10. -Late Monday
afternoon two river men discovered it
barrel floating in the river about two
miles below tho city. They towed it
ashore, broke it open and were horrified
to find tho remains of a man within
I1 urther investigation will be made.
Don't forget to Ask for the
That every Cash Purchase of ONE DOLLAR from any Mcrckaat
whose name appears below entitles you to a FIVE PER CENT SCRIP
wliich they will accept for FIVE CENTS on every
Gash Purchase of One Dollar
And take SPECIAL NOTICE, that the Mctchants who belong to this
Association aro the most wide-awake and keep the Best Selected Stock of
Goods, and their Prices are the LOWEST.
Goldstein & Migel, Dry Goods.
C. P. Smith, Wall Paper
Old Corner Drug Store, Drugs.
W. M. Ragland & Son, Jewelers.
Alf. Ilerbelin, Harness.
Geo. E. Ames, Books and Stationery.
Mrs. B. J. Doss, Millinery.
All these pooplo aro rushing to J.
Chas.Rast's old stand, G08 Austin
Granulated Sucar 20 nonnds fnr
fore heard of.
J. B. MoLK.VDON. President.
vy. 11. L.AUI,
0. u. niaamsoK,
..VuZriZ1. .V. "' ' raerenanw, rarraen. mechanics and other olassea eolloltod. W
Fn!2Wil?,i,'0?.!0,,'n?1 a2""tea8larg8ones. Woglveporronal and apeolal attentloi
lltheprtnolimlpaintiiStlSDiiiasuiiMaEittSpS: " UUU8"1 ouu
Manfactm ers 1 Whdesale Grocers.
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Pure Bploea.
Alexandre's Java and Rio Blend Coffee.
Moore Bros' Whlto Wine and Apple Vinegar.
Moore Bros1 Puro Cider.
Moore Bros' Flint Candy.
Having purchased Mr. Alexandre's buBinoBW oaro now propored to fill
orders promptly. Patronizo Homo Institutions. Sustain our efforts to make
Waco a Great Manufacturing Centro.
morrow, :e3LXjpo: e rs s Co.
WACO. : : : : TEXAS.
Plate Glass Insured Against Breakage. :.:::: i i
' ' ' ' ; Represent a Line of First-Class Companios
Prompt Attention to all Business Placed with ns.
Consumer's and Merchants'
Harrison & Co. Hardware.
R. T. Dennis & Bro., Furniture.
Gabert& Bro., Tailors.
Love & Co., Music.
W. K. Finks & Co., Groceries.
J. L. Bergstrom, Photographer.
1 nA !.... nnjn : i.
J. T. DAVIS, Vloe-presldent.
L O. BLACK. OtBhlii

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