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i-iirNiciAX Asnisvnaiiox,
- Tuxim,
Hiftto at Old Cornor Drug Storo.
Office Iiourfl nt rosldonoo, from 2 to -1
No. 1408 frjouth Eighth streot.
p. Hi-
, W1I.KKS, M D
llosldcnco III!) N 12 St.
physicians and Surgeons.
Mtte st Old Cotner Drug Blore. Teleptione
nt O01c and Iteeldem es.
Office on Austin Street over
First National Bank.
C O T.
207 Soulli Fifth Street.
Best coal in any quantity
delivered promptly. Prices
as low as the lowest.
207 South Fifth Street.
A Sure Cure tor Piles.
Itching piles are known by moisture
like perspiration, ciuisinjj intenso Holi
ng when warm. This form as well as
Blind, Bleeding or Protruding,
yield at once to Dr. Bosanko's Pile
Remedy, which acts dirootly on parte
affected, absorbs tumors, allays itching
and effects a permanent cure. oOots.
Diupgists or mail. Circulars frco.
Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St., Philadel
phia, Pa Sold by "W. B Morrison
Cord wood and stove wood always
on band at
Telophono connection.
Hotel Royal Bar.
Hayden & Hayden, proprietors.
Neat and quiet. Very finest wines
and liquors. Superb lunch at 10.
Old friends and customers as well
new will meet a hearty welcome
Everybody goes to Joe Lenman's
when they want a good meal, or he
The Big Muddy lump is st rictly
oold-wcatber coal. Tolenhono Egan
or coal.
Buy the "Big Muddy" lump coal
Keep warm and give your imaginaiton
a rest. "Telophono Egan for coal."
For tho best and freshest bcef,pork
mutton, veal, spnreriba, fish and
oystors no 10 Crippen corner Fifth
and Frankling
Our goods and our prices do our
advertising, we find it best in tho
loDg run.
Parker Bros.
A J. Loslio for first-class watoh
clook and jewelry ropairing. Same
building with H. E. Ambold AnBtin
You do not have to draw on your
imagination while seated at a fire of
tho "Big Muddy lump." On tho con
trary, you have to "draw baok" from
tho "generous heat." llcmembor tho
Big Muddy and take no othor. Tolo
phone Egan for coal.
M. K- & T
1 43 5 O
To Now Orleans and Roturn on
account or
JWardi : Gras.
Tickets on sale February 28 and 2o,
pood lor return passage 10 days from
dato of sale. For maps, folders, sleep
mg car aooommedations, tiokets or
any information, please call on or ad
dress, j. E. SMITH,
Tiokot Agent M. K. andT. Ry., No
124 South Fourth stieet, Waco, Tex.
IMhoo In tint Sunny South of Franco
I'artleiilarly Adopted to l.ovcmiildiig,
Honeymooning u, Luxurious Idle
ness Xotas of n Itccent Visit.
(Copyright, 1891, by American I'rcss Assochi
tlcm. I
. . SAW tho Hiin rlso
i from tho window
01 tno railway car
riugo as 1 rattled
nloiiK on my way
from Annecy. Wo
went on slowly, as
Is tho innnncr of
trains In Suvole,
stopping ut every
little station, and
I finally lenched
JJon St. Dhllor ut
two minutes past 8
ii hungry womua,
for whom, after
nil, nothing better waited than chicory
coffee and bad bread. I had to wait till
pnht 1 o'clock p. m. for tho Lcs Voiron1!
wagon, in what was called the restaurant
of the station. How to pass thoo five hours
was a problem. Happily I had pen and
ink, and I bet to work and wrote letters,
pausing only to eat 11 forlorn luncheon of
fried veal and sodden potatoes.
To leave Hon St. Dirtier is of Itself
enough to nils.' one's bpirits. and I wel
comed the "carriage" warmly. I mounted
be-sirto the driver and found him a good
man and true, properly proud of the beau
tiful scenery through which lie conducts
his p.issengi'rs, and which 1 was ready to
admire to his heart's content.
Tho ten miles which climb from St.
Dirtier to Ics Voirous occupy four hours.
Looking nt the mountain ftom the valley
below, you fancy it must bo like climbing
a ladder to get to its summit; but the road
winds and doubles, and winds and doubles
again and now you face the east and now
you lace the west now you are looking at
Mont ISlnuc, and now at tho blue waters of
Lake 1 .01111111 smiling below. And as you
go on aud up. wild flowers thicken about
your way, and you get into tho sweet
breathed shelter of tho great llr woods, aud
your spirits rise with the rising way
At3 o'clock you come in sight of the
Hermitage tliesolitary hotel on this moun
tain top. The guide book of Savoio tells
you it is a "magnificent hotel" otherwise
I should have said it was the simplest and
most primitive place imaginable, but thor
oughly licit mill comfortable, and pervaded
by such n spirit of friendly hospitality that
you feel at home at onto. The view which
the hotel commands is the great thing, and
that must be a joy forever. On one side is
the Alpine range, with .Mont Blanc the
crowned king of the whole. On the other
you look down to Geneva, which seems like
a toy village in the distance, to the blue
waters of Lake Leman and the mist robed
Jit ran beyond.
The site of this hotel has many a legend
counectcdwith.it. It is called "The Her
mitage," because it was formerly tho re
treat of certain hermits who founded a
convent there. But it-s traditions go much
farther back than that. Long ago, when
SMFFKT. 1 rt'
the world worshiped the gods of Olympus
on this very spot, the pagans erected a
temple to Venus. In this temple was an
oracle of much note, and, long lifter Christi
anity bnd conquered tho valleys, Paganism
still reigned on these heights and tho
mountaineers used to como to the Venus
berg to consult tho oracle. Bur, at last a
certain godly bishop of Geneva was so scan
dalized by theso performances that ho led a
band to overthrow tho templo and break
tho stntuo of tho goddess, and so, hence
forth, tho oracle was dumb, and poor
Venus lot her ohelter. But Satan was
not disposed to quit his old haunts, so he
entered the shapo of a wild boar and rnv
aged tho country and toro iu pieces all
pious travelers who refused to deny the
name of Christ and tho apostles. But this
could uot lust.
One day while hunting in tho mountains
that good Christian, Chevalier Amedeo do
I jingin, encounterwl thissntanic wild boar.
The boar devoured tho servant of do Lan
gin in a trico nnd wounded tho chevalier
himself, when tho noblo gentleman uttered
a vow that if iio were delivered from death
he would build on tho spot a chapel and
consecrate it to tho Holy Virgin. This ex
cellent olTer wns accepted by tho higher
powers, and tho wild boar forthwith ex
pired under the swonl of the knight. The
Sieur rto Langin erected the chapel accord
ing to his vow, and beside it he built a
hermitage, whither he retired from the
gay uses of tho world and passed tho rest
of his lifo in penitence nnd prayer. In the
cliapol he set up 11 statue of tho Virgin, of
which tho figure, was black, while tho face
was gilded. This "Black Virgin," as she
was called, worked many miracles, one of
which was in favor of n beautiful girl
named Brigitta.
ilrigitta was a shepherdess, and one of
the hermits saw and loved her--for, ulas,
bin enters sometimes even into tho abodes
of the holy. Brigitta herded her Bhecp
quite ucarthe Hermitage, whicb,w.is,npity,
71 J'
TTi W &F"
for it wns putting temptation in tho poor
hermit's way. Suddenly he rushed out mid
caught her iu his arms, aud sho cried aloud
on the Black Virgin, and with her cry sho
gave 11 leap an awful leap over tho near
precipice. The hermits all rushed forth
and sought for her, and found her an hour
Inter quite unharmed, for the Black Virgin
hart sustained her in her fall and deposited
her gently at tho loot of tho precipice. And
do I not know that this is true, for 1 have
seen the rock whence she jumped, and they
call It to this day the "Sunt do la I'ucello"
the .Maiden's Leap.
After this wonderful miracle tho chapel
was repaired and tho Black Virgin was set
bravely upon her pedestal and people camo
to neck her favor more numerously than
ever. Hermits of high degree sought
refugo for their bodies nnd peace for their
onls in tho Hermitage, and all went well
until 17C9, when, the monastery being
burned, tho hermits had toretiro to Annecy
anil the Black Virgin was taken ton church
in Boegc, where I bcltovo she reigns still.
Since that time the mountr.in top of Les
Voirous has been glvcu over to more
worldly uses, though there is still a chapel
there near tho ruins of the old one, nnd tho
good cure lives in his little bouso near by
and gathers from among the guests of the
hotel a small congregation of the faithful
for his daily morning mass iu tho little
Some years ago, 1 don't know just how
many, Dr. Lombard, of Geneva, wrote a
good deil about the immense benefit to bo
derived from mountain air, and called much
attention to Lcs Voiron, tho air of whicli
place seemed to him of so remarkably in
vigorating a quality that be greatly de
plored tho absence of any accommodation
there for visitors. Thus it camo about that
ono of the mayors of Boego built the hotel
called "The Hermitage." and threw open
to the public this spot, which I think 1
may justly call a "I'aradise on a Hill
top." The view of Mont Blanc from
Cliamouuy is not at all compaiahlo for
beauty with the nearer view from Lcs
Voirons. The prospect there is the noblest
nnd most beautiful I can recall anywhere
indeed it is said by the much traveled to
bo one of tho most beautiful views iu the
whole world.
On the east is llio whole chain of which
Mont Blanc is king. And you never see
these glorious mountains twice under the
same aspect. Sometimes the air is so clear
that they seem preteruaturally near, aud
fitrsiC -'t' V M' "few
that means that a storm is threatened.
Sometimes the lower mountains are covered
with clouds, and you would fancy a great
inland sea rolled before you, out of w Inch
Mont Blanc lifted, like a strange god, his
snow crowned front. 1 have risen to see
the golden glories of the sunrise break over
these mountain tops. I have lingered to
sec the afterglow of tliu'Miuset Hush them
with roso color as soft as lines the beat t of
a sea shell. I have seen them with a full
moon hanging iu tho clear sky and bath
ing them with pale splendor till they
seemed like hills in gliostland. And
morning, noon and night their beauty
thrills me with an ever fresh surprise.
The wonder Is that people live hero just
as they live down in tho lower world. I seo
them llirtand gossip and play billiards, and
laugh at bail jokes and smoke their iixlif
ferent cigars just as if this were not Para
dise, and the gates of some golden heaven
did not open just above the heights.
I must own that of all places I have ever
seen this would bo the very Garden of Kden
for lovers. In every direction paths lead
up or dowu among the fir tiees paths soft
with tho fallen leaves of many a vanished
year. The air is fujl of tho sweet, balsamic
odor from tho myrlnds of trees. Tho climb
ing is just steep enougli to give excuse for
tho constant service of a helping hand; and
here and there 1110 seats on which to sit
and dream while the tempeied sunshine
sifts through tho green boughs, and the
happy, unafraid birds call to each other
over your heads. I am suro tho world hard
ly holds so charmlug a. spot for a honey
moon as Les Voirons.
1 havo seen ono pair of lovers there who
had been married for twenty years, and
had not got over honeymooning jet, and
still made tho most of their opportunities
as if they had been newly betrothed, I
bupposo it was tho influence of the place.
It is cheap bliss, moreover for tho higli
cst prico any ono pays for room and bo.iixl
is two dollars a day, aud the denizens of
tho star chambers under tho roof pay but
S1.-I0. The hostess prides herself and with
goal reason on tho excellence of her table,
though it would seem t difllcttlt thing to
supply It thus liberally on the top of a
muiiutaiu nearly as high om 'Mount Wash
ington. Von cannot possibly spend any
money tbero for frivolities, sinco shops and
their temptations are of tho lower world.
Tho far off cares and tumults of thnt lower
world do not vex you. On the heights,
why should you listen for vain rumors
from below?
In tho two weeks I was thero no drop of
rain fell. Suns ro?o in glory and set iu
splendor. Soft winds shook out the balmy
odors from the balsaniy trees; flowers
sprang up by the million in tho meadows,
and 1 felt like saying Ut thoio afar ofT,
"Come hither, for here is tho Garden of
Kdeu, and here shall the sad Perl find
ngain tho lost Paradise."
Loiisi Chandler Mollton.
tVluit Vyiinlelinno Itrnlly Is.
Owing to n popular misconception
this Htibstnnce, whoso tnoro appropri
ate nnmo is "baleen," lins been call oil
"bono," while it really contains no
bono whntuvor in ita composition.
It resembles rather 11 number of hard
ened hairs cemented together by a
sort of gum. Chemically it consists
of a basis of albumen hardened by
phosphato of lime, tho latter, how
over, in very &mafl quantity. It
takes tho place of teeUi in certain
&leeie3 of whales, especially tho
Greenland nnd southern whale.
A full grown Greenland whalo
yields about a ton of tho substance.
Tho whaling vessels usually bring it
hi pieces of ten or twelve blades each,
but sometimes, if tho voyage is long,
tho sailors hnvo time to strip off each
blado and divest it of its hairs. In
preparing them for uso tho blades aro
cleaned and softened by boiling for
about two hours; while tstill hot they
aro fixed in largo wooded vises and
shaved iuto tho required sizes.
Theso slices or strips aro dried
smooth by steel scrapers and polished
with either emery or dry quicklime.
Besides its original usage in stiffen
ing corsets and tho waista of ladies'
dresses, whalebone or baleen is em
ployed in making walking sticks,
snuff boxes covering telescopes and
whip handles, and oven making some
kinds of urtiticial llowers. Tho libers
detached in slicing tho blades aro used
instead of bristles in cheap brashes,
nnd sometimes instead of hair in
stulling mattresses. St. Louis Post
Dispatch. Ancient I.nus anil I.iinmiilicm.
In ancient days nobody but a lord
was deemed worthy to establish rales
of conduct for tho people, and very
crado rales thoy wero too. The
Greeks at tho time of tho Trojan war,
tho Jews, tho Irish and tho Anglo
Saxons placed a money valuo on ev
ery crime which man committed.
Thus it cost about $05,000 of our
money to murder a king and
only 1,000 to kill a priest. If
tho lino was not paid, then the
friends of tho king or tho priest could
fall on the murderer and kill him.
If one man scratched another's faco
ho had to pay for it. Such wero tho
laws of tho lords, but as civilization
advanced and tho common peoplo got
seats iu legislative assemblies, crim
inal jurisprudence took 011 dignity
and wisdom. Now wo hnvo good
laws and virtuous lawmakers, as a
general thing, but wo still maintain
tho notion that a lord is better tluui
anybody else. Cleveland Leader.
Often r.niiKCil I'nr.
Littlo Hoy (pointing to window of rub
ber store) What's them?
Maminu Those aro diving suits, iiinrto
all of rulnVr, so tho diver won't get wet.
Littlo Hoy 1 wislit 1 hurt one.
Mamma Why, what for, my dear?
Littlo Boy To wear when you wash
mo. Good News.
A bnggngo car containing ovory piece
of scenery and every costume of tho
"A Fnir Itobel" company was recently
burned. Tito company had to suspend
business for a month.
'CQJflAlCKTi 39
Kept up
for years the offer that's made by
the proprietors of Dr. Sage's Ca
tarrh Remedy. It's addressed to
you, if you have Catarrh. It's a
reward of $500, if they can't euro
you, no matter how bad your case,
or of how long standing an offer
that's made in good faith by re
sponsible men.
Think what it means ! Absoluto
confidence in their Remedy, or they
couldn't afford to tako the risk. A
long record of jierfcct and perma
nent cures of the worst cases or
they couldn't have faith in it. It
means no 111010 catarrh or $500.
If you fail to be cured, you won't
fail to be paid. '
But perhaps you won't beliovo it.
Then there's another reason for try
ing it. Show that you can't bo
cured, and you'll get $500. It's a
plain business offer. Tho makers
of Dr. Sage's Catanh Remedy will
pay you that amount if they can't
cure you. They know that they
can you think that thoy can't. If
they're wrong, you get tho cash. If
you'ro wrong, you'ro rid of catarrh.
CvC?& As."
The World is Better for ft.
Tho world ia better bciiausn nf snnh
a remedy as Bollard's Snnw I.inlmnnV
becauBo this article rolievcs it of muoh
pain and misery, and wo aro thus en
abled to eniov its britrhtcr suln. It
positively cures al forms of Rheuma
tism, neuralgia, Hoadaoho, Hick Head
ache, Lame Baok, all Sores nnd
Wounds, Outs, Sprains, Bruisos, Still"
Joints, Contracted Muscols, Poison,
eruptions, Coma, Weak Back, and nil
pain and all inflammation on man or
beast. Its the best because its tho
most penotrAtinir. Bewnro of nil
white Linimont whioh may bo palmed
off on you for Ballard's Snow Lini
ment. Thorn is nono like it. Snlil
by H. C. ltislior & Co.
Stoam Sausago Factory.
Fresh FiBh.
Fresh .Wd.
Fresh Oysters.
Fresh Sparc llibs.
All Kinds Meats
And Sausage,
Cheap for Cash.
J. 0. Stafford.
Wo civo employment tomoroneonlo
and havo moro teams engaged iu de
livering our "justly celebrated Big
Muddy lump" rioiil than any othor
dealer in tho city. "Tclcphono Egan
ior coai.
Dr. Geo. P. Maun, dentist. Full
sett of upper or lower teeth, $12.50.
The News is not resnondiblo for nor
will itpny any bills unlossnuthorizod
by n written or verbal order from tho
An. 1411.
Tin: .viwti: op ti.wan.
I'o tliu SlicrllT nr unv Coimtiililn nr Mni ...,.,...
comity, GivpiIiik:
' " ""-'" " uHiiiunuur 01 1110 r.BliUoor
. Si. Mm lipid llmeun'U ImviiiK llJuit In our
County Court Ms lliml account ol the condi
tion of tho Kstnto ef mlu F. .M. MnMI,.l,l n..
cenoeil together with an application in bo dig
charged lrom nulil AOmlnlstmtorutiin
YouaroHoiehy CoiniiiMirinl. thnt by publi
cation ol Ills writ for twenty da) uln nnuHnini-
inn ivKiiiuriy miMirnt-ii III lllu UOUIliy OI file
Jjtiiimin you give iIuh notl.v (o nil jiers. n In.
lereat d In the Ancouiu Tor I Innl Sot lenient of
enhl Kstntu, to lllo their nbJti'lloii thereto, 1
nny thuylimc, on orlnrro the Jlnioh term,
isiu, orsulil Cnuiity Court, coniuifiirli g nnd to
beholden nt the Cmiri Houst orsnlil County, In
Wcco on tho llrst Mnmlnvln March is"i- m1.i,
bhiI Account nnd Application will Iju consider-
fttny emu court.
WnwKsBiny Imnd 1 ml enl of
: : offlce, ut W aro tills ;ird day of Ki b-
: b. S. innry 1M2 J. W IUickii. Clerk
. .'''"'y ' t McT.onnan Comity,
TexnB. byT. II. llnowN. Deputy.
tiii: stati: or ti:xas.
To tlio Sheriff or nny Conxtnblo of Mcl.oniiRii
County-. OrcotiBK
You aro horcby commnmleil to H&iuueu
Jan. JJ Sparks ly mulling piibllciitioii of ihU ci
tation in Borne 1 uwepnper liiilillihed In Stcl.cn.
na 1 connt onto In uncli week fur lour sticoc a
Biw weeks irmloimlu return dny le reoU j be
and appear before thu Hnnmnli'e DiutPCt t onrt
or McLennan tount , Texan nt the next regit
lur term theronr, to ho held In the Court 1'oiiki,
in tho Ulv nf Wni'o, ontliPlirrt Monday In
March, A. I). 'mi thii nnd there to nmucr tho
lMulntiir'9 ret lion, tiled In n Butt In nld (,ourt
on tho Mtli day nf .J.aiuaiv A I) Wi. wheielu
Mnrthft.I. bparbs Is I'lutnl ill, u cl .In-. U Bparkn
IB Defendant File No. ofHtiit liultiu- No TWJ.
IbenniiiTo of tho I'lalntln'a demand U ns fol
lonB lo-wl :
A mlt lor illforc.9 for Reparation fioni tho
bonds of iiintrlnony liascd on the gtonml of
cruel anil nlniele treatment doeortlon nnd fail
ure tn BUppolt .
Hkiuein K..11. Xcit, and hnta youthen nnd
thero this Writ, ulUi our endorsement thutf on,
showing how you have executed thu fntno.
OithN Uniuii Slv Hank and
L. 8. .Sen el'mld Court, nt Olllco In the
. City ot Waco, thin tho itotd day of
; January A. 1) lf'ia
Attest: " Z. V IlKAHi.Kr.
Clerk District Ci tin.
McU'imun County, Texts.
tiii: sta'i i:oi"n:.As,
To tlio Sheriff or any countable of .Mcl-cniif.n
ciiuity, (Ircellng:
Yi 11 aro hcrchvcoiiiiiiftudfil t'l summon Mel
lon U. Crosby by nmklrg publication ef tlilx
citation lu homo new. paper pulillshcd In Mc
Lennan county onco In inch week for four hiic
ceivo weeks priivloim tn return dny hereof,
to bo aud appear Leloru the hoim nolo District
O art of Slt'Xi-nnna I mi ty, Texas, nt the noit
regular term thereof to ho held In tlio court
liouso In thu city 1 f "ncoontlm Hret Vondny
Iu Mnnli, A li. 1ii-j, tlii'ii and thurit tonnswer
tho plaintiff's petition filed In a suit In sali
court on tho -Mh dny or .Innuary. A. I. lu;
wherein K b, Umistiy is plnlbtln" and Ilellci'.
O. Crosby defendant
Filo Mi 1 r suit bolnj. No oril,
'J he nutiironf tho idulntlff's doiiiunil Is as fol
lows, to Mlt- i suit for divorce from tlio
bonds ef inntrlni"iiy lia ed on the grotindB of
abnmfi nmcut.
Herein full not nudhnte )ou then nrdlliero
this wr t, villi yi ur Indorsement thnmon,
hhowlng how y 11 haiio iixiuuted tho sarilu.
' " : (ilven iiiideriny liauil snil Hie real
'I.. S. : ol snlil Court, ntOllleo In tho elty
: : of Wneo, Ibis tho'.' th dny of Junu
nry.A. I). 1K.'.
t'esf .. V. liKAi.tr.v,h
clerk District Court, McUnuan O uuly, '''ui
Tin: .STATU 1111 Ti;.v,ts
Tothe Sheriff or any Countable of Stcl, ,
t'ounty Greeting
Yon aro hereby commanded, to summon by
tuaklog publication of this citation o.-icu in oach
week for four succetHho wuuki prior to tho re
turn day hereof In some newspaper publlslio
In McJi ni nti county, 'rxus,leorgo Miller t
bo and appear before tho Iloeorablo District
C'ouit of ilclxjnnan conutv, Texas, at the next
regular term thereof, to bn 1 old In the. Court
liouso, In tho Cltv of Waco, on the llrst Sfondn
In March A. O. ls'J2. then and there to answer
tho I'lnintlfTo l'clltlon, filed In ssulttn said
Conrt,0u thellta day ol Kolirniry A. J), lain
wherein A lee Sillier la I'labitlff, anil Qiorgo
Sllllei Is D fendant. FiloMn ofeiilt bclnc No.
!l2i. Tho nature or I ho i'labitlff ' demand Is nu
follows, to-wlt:
l'almllJtcekHa judginont fordltorco on tho
grounds of o net truutu,ent, and abundoament
by defendant for Ih roe yearn HcnitiN Fail
.- ot, ami hnvo you then and there ttiln Writ,
with your endorsement thereon, showing how
you bnve executrd the tame
.-. Give UMit.iiSlr Hakii and Real of
( ) said Court, at Ofllce In tho City of
h. g. Wuco, Oils the 2Sth day of January A,
( 1 1). 1SV2. A-rrisT K V llEASLicr
-, flerk District Court,
Mcleunan ( ouuty, lrxas.

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