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ArrAd&i linuuil
1rl mAAw& 11 1 U I U
V RJ iwiF Z&&& "-
Water ,lite Oil, 150 Tost,
Brilliant Oil, I2o lest.
tientl lis ymirrlrr tit mire, for thi
ou' last iri
The Koblnson Entortatnmont.
The News acknowledges, with
thanks, a special invitation to its en
tire staff to Httcnd tlio entortainment
to bu given by the Robinson public
schools, on Tuebday evening. Feb
ruary 12. Following is tho pro
gramme to bo reudored on Jthat ocoa
sion: Music.
Song, Wolconie, by school; Recita
tion, Wclcomo, Clinton Cherry; Bur
lesque, Welcome, John Moore; Motion
soug, Old Time I'luys, primary school
girls; Iteoitutiou, The Creed of tho
Bl'IIb, concert.
Recitation, For Lovo, Bart Taylor;
Motion song, Tho Suow Brigade, pri
mary school boys; Rooitation, A New
Toy, John MoMurry; Recitation,
Tom's Littlo Star, Ciena Crowder.
Drill, Mother Gooso, primary
school; Speech of Governor Henry
Smith on tho eve of tho Toxas revo
lution, by Chas. Moore.
milkmaids' bonu.
Recitation, Tho Irishman's Letter,
Eldon Stegall, Recitation. The Green
Mountain Justico, Thou. McMurry;
Flag Drill by youug Indies.
Dialogue, Geographic il-play, by
Recitation, Daisy's Faith, Sadie
Parker; Dialogue, That Boy Tom,
;Roitation, No-
body'n Child. Halite Crowder.
(1) Miio.
(2) Tibhux.
h) iTUaio.
(4) S'a'.uary.
(5) bong, Good Bye.
Doorv f.ptu at 7: p. in., oxorcisos
begi.i at 7:30 sharp. Admis3ion 15
Transfers or Real Estate.
Reported by tho Waco Abstract
nnu Investment Company, 119 South
Fourth street, Waco, Texas.
W and S F Cutev to T J Whaley,
Lot 12, block 5, Eddy, $800.
P II and J K Carnes to E K
Brown, lot 4, blook 1, Tinjloy addi
tion, $1400.
J W Oaniron and wifo to R C
Wright, 10 acres Walker league, $150
K E Easterling to W L Eastorling,
half interest lot Eleventh and Clay,
H Kcttlor and wito to H Sohafer,
90 acres Murtines grant, $080.
N II Kirkpatriok to MoLennan
oounty, load way on II & T O R R
M C MajorB to 15 M Aiusworth, 55
by 105 f-et Oakes, South Fourth
street, $800.
S P Mills to A W Crawford, 5
acros Roberts league, $100.
O Soveranoo ot al to O J Miller, lot
1, block 53, Farewell Heights, $200,
J F Sedwick to J W Mann, interest
in part O'Campo grant, 1 and others.
Geo Scott and wife to J V Reed,
part blook 15, Charnberlin addition,
U C and O R Sloan to T W Gaddy,
2 tract H Pearson Burvoy, 51050.
Waco Building association to P H
Carnes, lot 4, blook 1. Tinsloy addi
tion, 13G0,
Total Fob. 10, 1892, $0090.
j . fj n Iu a low days a
fr in I n now hoolc and p
riodical store will
wjll Uo opened up at 401 Franklin
streot, where lovers of Literature,
Musio and Art will find all tho peri
odicals foreign, and domostio, Utest
novels, sheot musio and all tho Tra-La-La's
of a popular house. Keep
your cyo on the plaoo and your mum
nry on the number of O. T. Rldloy's
new stand.
... , 7 nniii?f
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard
A Small Atioiuluiico-l'ornuiiioiit
Orffiiiiiziitiou Bireclotl Kcnolii
llona Adopcd-Mudi Spccclillylutf
ludulgod In.
The Toung Men's Reform olub met
last night in tho oity ball. The at
tendance was small but all present
showed much enthusiasm in tho move
ment. Tho mooting was called to ordor by
Mr. .1. 11. Downs, promptly at the ap
pointed hour, who, in a short spcooh,
stated tho object of the mooting to bo
-- i i ..-:. :..i l..k
co organize into a muai puuuuai uiuu,
with aims and objects tho samo as the
old olub, under tho banner of whioh
thoy had before marohed to victory.
Ho urged that in or ler to buoocss it
was necessary for every member to ox
ert his every onorgy in tho work, and
in seleoting thoir standard bearers to
bo conservative, discret and cautious.
Ho further etatod that the organiza
tion would dovoto itsolf solely to oity
politios and in tho intorest of good
local government to put iu office the
very best men; that the members
were expeotcd to pledge themselves
to abide by the deoissions of the ma
jority of the club and to suppoit every
candidate thus solootod. Temporary
organization was then oompleted by
tho eleotion ot Mr. J. R. Downs
as temporary chairman and
Mr. Tom O. Plunkett temporary
A motion was made by Mr. J. B.
Boynton, and oarried, that a com
mittee of threo bo appointed to draft
resolutions sotting forth the aims and
objects of tho organization. Messrs.
.f E. BoyntoD, Stark West and Cbas,
Bauister were appoiutod and a rcoess
ot fifteen minutes taken, during whioh
time scvoral enthusiastic speeches
were made.
Upon tho return of tho committee
the following resolution was rpported,
and after some discussion, adopted
Wheroas: We, the undersigned,
citizens of Waoo, believe it to be for
the best intorosts and future welfare
of tho city that an organization be
effected for the purpose of securing
tho election of good men to tho cLy
offices, to bo filled at tho coming
April o'oction; therefore bo it
Resolved. That we organize our
selves into a olub, to be known as tho
Young Men's Roform Club, of the
city of Waco; that we invito all voters
having tho good of tho oity at heart
to join us, and that the object of this
olub is solely to tho aocoinplishitont
of this end.
Stark West.
Ciias. Banister.
J. E. Boynton.
Tho roll of membership was then
opened for tho names of thoso desir
ing to become members and the fol
lowing gentlemen joinod tho olub:
W L Radway, J B Stone, 0 A Rioh
ardson, Bruce Gorald, Ctias. Banister,
T M MoCullooh, It L Allen, J T
Studer, J G Monrose, W E Hawk
ins, J E Boynton, C F Thomas, W B
Morrison, O A Boynton, R JH Kings
bury, Ewoll Bassett, Wm J Talloy, R
W Joblonowski, Stark West, S J Quay,
J R Downs R H Rogers, Willio
Sleeper, Pat Massey, N L Davis, Tom
O Plunkott, H L Taylor. Willie
Plunkett, C P Alboa, R. B. Banton
and J. B. Baker.
Tho olub then went into pormanent
organization and tho following ofiioers
woro elected:
J R Downs, president; Bruoo Gor
ald, scoretary; Thomas P Stone, as
sistant secretary; Pit Masaoy, treas
urer. A motion wa3 mado by Mr. R n
Kingsbury that ono vioo.president
from each ward in the oity bu oleoted
but as a precautionary measure it was
suggested by Mr. J. E. Boynton,
that aotion tberoon bo deferred till
tho next meeting of tho olub.
The following oall signed by all tho
members was authorized to bo pub
lishodin nil the papers:
Tho undersigned, who havo organ
ized for the purposes indioatod in tho
abovo resolution, earnestly request all
oitizons interested in reforms in tho
city government and in the eoonomi
cal distribution and application of tho
proceeds ot taxation are earnestly re
quested to meet with and aid us with
their presence, countenance and sup
port at tho oity hall next Wednesday
evening at 8 o'clock.
The nieoting then adjourned.
Texas History Getting Nixed.
Editor Evening Ncwd:
I havo read Wm. B. Slosson's
Georgia letter with great interest,
but regret to see ho gets tho history
of Miss Troutman's Lone Star Flag
and Santa Anna silver plate, some
what confused.
Ho says in 1833 Capt. Miroboau B
Lamar aftorward Ptesident Lamar
raised a oompany of Georgians to aid
Texas in her revolution and that Miss
Troutman gave Capt. Lainai'j Compa
ny tho "Lono Star Flag" and that
Capt. Lamar and Company fought so
bravely, thoy received as a premium
a part of Santa Anna's silver plate and
that thej returned tho "Lono Star
Flag" to tho fair donor with a part of
Santa Anna's plate.
Tho facts ot history aro theso:
1st. Tho Texas Revolution did not
ocour in 1833 but in 183G.
and. Gen. Lamar never raised a
oompany of Georgians but oamo to
Texas alono and landed at Velasco iu
March 1830 and set out alone and a
foot and joined Houston's army oa
tho Brazos near whero Hempstead
now stands. Gen. Lamar commanded
tho whole Texas oivalry force and
fought heroically at San Jacinto.
3rd. Capt. J. W. Fauin did raise a
Georgia Company which increased to
a regimont of whioh ho became Colon
el and Mi&s Troutman, a lady of great
beauty and talent and they say an
early sw-Jet heart of Gen. Thos. J.
Rustin, did present Capt. Fanin's
Company a Lone Star Flag from
which the Lone Star Republio and
Lono Star State took their glorious
4th. Tho beautiful flag was riddled
with bullets and was captured at Coli
ta and its bravo defenders marohed
back to Goliad and shot on Maroh
27th by order of Santa Anna.
5. That ilag and all Santa Anna's
other trophieas, captured at tho Alamo
were recaptured with all Mrs.
silvor plate and 812 000 in ail
vor at Sail Jaointo, April 21, 1820.
0. Tho Texas government, by spec
ial vote, ordorod Gon. Rusk, secretary
of war, to rorurn that battle torn flag
to its fair maker and donor and also
present her Santa Anna's splended eil
vor servico. Tho name and history of
Miss Joana Troutman, who afterwards
married Col Pope, should ever bo
cherished by ovory true Toxan. One
of our fair seniors will read at our
next monthly reviow an essay or poem
on "Miss Troutman and her Lono Star
flag"; and should her son, Col. H. B.
Popo, of Romo, Ga., or auy ot her
family ever visit Waoo I suggest wo
give them a banquet.
Baylor University, Waoo Fob. 11,
1892. Rufub C. Burleson.
An Incendiary Fire,
About 12 o'olook last night, whon
all the family of Maj. Charles B.
Pearro were "wrapt in the arms of
Morpheus," they were arousod by tho
Borcaras of the servant who had just
roturuod to her room and fouud nor
clothing on fire. The alarm of firo
wa3 immediately soundod and Waco's
efficient llro department hastenod to
the soene.but not until tho flames had
gained such headway that the ser
vant's room and kitchen, with all thoir
furnituro, was entirely' consumed.
Maj. Pearro is lavish in his praiso
of tho firomen and thoir prompt ap
pearance, and stated to a News repor
ter, this morning, that in two minutes
after their arrival they had the firo
under control, and asoribod to thom
tho credit of saving the main part of
his resilience.
Ono featuro of tho incident, whioh
disturbod tho minds of the friends of
the family, was tho serious illnoss of
Mrs. Poarre at tho time, and it is a
matter of congratulation that tho ex
oitoment of tho oocasion did not ma
25 spot Casb s
Look what you pay on orodit and
sco how 1 sell tho samo artiolo for
credit, cash.
Largo Jar Imperial
Piokles, $1.00 .76
Largo Jar Hcrican
Piokles, .76 .60
Halfgal. bottled piok. .50 .25
Quart bo' tied piokols, .25 .15
Pint bottled piokles, .15 .10
Bbl Mixed pickles gal .G5 .40
Bbl small pickles, gal .50 ,30
31b Tomatos, por oan, .15 .10
lib Family Poas, can .20 .12
3600 Parlor Matohes. .40 .25
Best eating I potatoes ,40 bk ,25
Grits 20 pounds for 1.00 35 1,00
Gran Sugar 10 lbs, for 1,00 18 1.00
Arbucklo's Coffee, ,25 ,22
Best pat Flour, saok, 1,05 1,40
Friends this is but a small sketch of
my low cash prices . Call at my store,
205 South Third Street.
erially affoct her, detrimentally, in
her already precarious condition. Tho
praise, m this particular, is ascribed to
tho careful attomion of her physician,
Dr. J. H. Sears, who attended her
bedside immediately after the first
alarm was sounded,
Tho firo originated in the servant's
wardrobo in her room and tho theory
is, that it was the work of an incen
diary who entertained somo grudgo
against her.
Tho los is fullv covered by insur
anoo in tho Aetna Insuranoe oompany,
Mr. R. B. Killough, agent.
r 1
A Plan posod for Raising the
Money for tho Texas building.
It will require $100,000 in the ag
gregate to oouetruct tho Texas exhibit
building on tho World's Fair grounds
at Chicago, tho plan for whioh, as now
adopted, will give Texas one of the
handsomest buildings on the grounds.
A great many who are able and
willing to subscribo toward tho con
struction of this building arc simply
holding back their contributions until
success is assurod.
If 500 citizens of Texas can bo so
cured who will contribute $200 each
to tho enterprise the amount neoessa
ry for tho construction of the build
ing oan thus bo raised and tho suc
cess of the movomont will be assured.
Tho Texas World's Fair association
pledges that thiB money will not bo
called for until tho ontiro amount is
raised, and it shall become noccssary
to be used in the construction of tho
Texas building.
Who will subscribo $2u0? Or who
will raiso $200 to be added to this
conditional fund? This list is not
confined to business men or capitalists
alono, but is opon to all who wish to
add their names to tho roll of honor
We, who subsoribo our nainos horo
to, agree to contribute) $200 to be
used in oonstruotion of tho
Toxas exhibit building at tho
World's Fair, providod that 500
citizens oan be secured, eaoh of
whom will subscribo $200, whioh will
be the means of raising the necessary
$100,000, and thus insure the success
of tho enterprise This subscription
is intended oxolusively for tho build
ing fund and is subscribed with tho
further condition that no part of it is
to be drawn until tho 560 names shall
be Beoured and tho full amount bo
R. B. Parrott $200
Ed Botan 200
Evening News 50
Note Similar lists ore boing pub
lished iu other Toxas papers and tho
aggregate result will, from time to
time, bo reported from Waco by tho
sooretary of tho Toxas World's Fair
It Comes Near Town and Defies the
Mighty HunterB.
That irroat beast whioh has been
pnzzling tho hunters of Waoo while
roaming tho Bosque brakes, made its
abpoaranoe near college heights last
night. It howled, it yowled, it yawn
ed and cut up didos generally in tho
codar brnkcs while consternation was
spread among tho inhabitants thoreof.
A gentleman who resides on College
heights Bays ho believes the great
boast was looking for certain huntors
who havo beon ohaeing it with hounds
for the past soveral weeks. If this is
true, tuen tnoso mighty hunters will
not havo to travel .but two miles in
tho horoaftor to strike a trail that will
mako all tho fun thoy want. Certain
doubting Thomases will novor be satis
fied until that mighty beast is captur
ed. Now is tho timo to oatoh it.
To tho Lovers or Art in. Photo
graphy. Having moved to my now gallery
over 701 and 703, Austin stroot, hfo
old Hinohnnn Building), T ttm now
better prepared thau ovor to give the
pooplo of Waoo tho finest Photos in
tho statu. Tho beautiful "aristo" (j0
highly endorsed by tho leading gjj
cries,) in all its beauty, at my Htudio
I will havo on exhibition lor a few
days, an elegant oil portrait ol Mrj
Geo. Clark, by .Motis. Do Gissao, whioh
haR bt-en trained in a very handsotae
"Florontino" irauie, making a portrait
well worth a visit, to all, and more
especially to tho the ladies.
I will'bo glad to wokome my old,
and many now customers. Don't for
get my now address, overOl and 703
Austin Avo.
Deank, Photographer.
mP "x'Ssy
P 3S?
Gato's ey
West Gigars
Cigar and Nowsdoalers, 104 South
Fourth street.
Ladies' OTjnTnCI At less than
Fine uilUHj First Cost.
Only sixteen duys more and tho St.
Louis Shoo Storo closes its doors, Now
is your opportunity to buy Ladies and
Gonts fino Shoes at loss than first cost
These aro tho finest goods over brought
to Waoo, and if wo havo your size, wo
aro sure to suit you in the price. A
fine lino of Children's Shoes at losi
than it cost to manufacture. Come
early and soo theso goods und avoid
tho rush. Any boot in tho houeo $1.50
Corner Sixth and Austin,
5 Cents Each.
A two-holo mouse trap, 2i clothes
pinB, a tin dipper, a big pressed pan,
1 lamp chimney, ti covered buckot, a
tin iunnol, 1 iron stand, a tin sooop, 1
dish mop. 2 pie plates, big box tioki,
a largo grater, 2 boxes matohes, br
potato masher, a kitchen spoon, a
nutmeg grator, a stovo lifter, 1 paok
ago good envelop?, a box slatb pencils,
a large tablet, 1 can oponer, a wooden
spoon, a good tack lifter, 1 paper filo,
1 padlock, a paint brush, 1 maohino
oil oan, a bottle good machine oil, a
strong hitching ring, a pair hinges, 1
wiro tea strainor.
703 Austin ave , bet. Gth and 8th sts.
Had not Slept for Years.
Mr. A. Jaokson, an old resident of
Rusk. Texas, and maiia(?(rof the mag
nificent new botol at Rusk, informs us
no had not slept at night for years
except in short naps, owing to inces
sant couuhirisr. ITo w.ih advised when
n D. ..-
very much run down to try Ballard's
tlorehound oyrup; ho was immediate
ly relieved of his cough and his rest
improved to such a degree that ho
could Bleen soundlv all nicht: Mr.
Jackson states: "I regard Ballard's
Horohound Syrup suponor to any
Cough Syrup on the market, and its
freedom from opium and morphine
leave no constipation after using it.
For this reason alono I consider it tho
best cough syrup in tho world for
childron. My lungs aro now stronger
than thoy havo boon for years. This
syrup is vory soothing to tho throat
and lungs."
Sold by H. C. Risher & Co.
The Pool Opon Again.
Tho repairs at the Natutorium aio
completed. Somo big improvements
have beon made; tho pool is full onoe
moroof clear, sparkling hot water.
The tub, necdlo and vapor baths ere
completo and as perfect as any in tho
country. Tho publio is invited.
Tom Padqitt, prop,
E. E. Thompson sells wall paper at
5o por roll, real value 15c per roll,
(see thoso olegant designs in wall
paper from 5o to $2.50 per roll.)
Baohlon's Arnica Halve.
The best salve In tho world for outs,
bruises, Bores, ulcers, ealt rheum, fe
vor sores, totter, onapped hands, chll
blalns, corns and all skin oruptlons,
and positively qures piles, or no pay
required. It la guaranteed to glvo
satisfaction or uioney rofundod. Price
26 oents a box. For oalo by W. B
Morrison tr Co.

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