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Locution of J'iro Aliinn Itoxc.
' 4 Fifth Ward F ro SUtlon strikes mi
6';ornor9 h ml Austin " inn
C " 4tli " ' " nun
" 7 Central I'lrotitlon " mini
" 8 Wet Kml Fire htntlon " millli
' i Corcur II h and Wnlilncton " i-lil
"14 ' fitti nnilMilborojKli " i-lin
"IS " stlmnd Co tiitibnH " I mil
" 1A " RtliHiidJnosunn " I-1II11I
"17 " 1th nuil Wobstur " x-t III It t
"23 ' Hth Mtiil Clovflnud ' it-nut
".' " Mli ami Speight " intuit
"27 " fltlinnil Valiltiglon " li-nimi
" 3SKnnl Ilotol 8tU ft id Franklin " lit nut
"10 Woolen Mills lUli nnrtMnry" Ill-mill
" J7 Corner 1 th ntid Jcfforflon ' m-iiiiiu
All boxes numbmed nbove 8 strlko than;
Uox 13 Rtrlkna 1 Bud dors, tlien Btrike" HI
maklnc Bo 13, tlioa ropeats four times
Uox 25 strikes II anil Btops, thun strikes Illlr
making Uox 5 aid so o:i.
Keys will bo found In residences on each coi
ner whore boxen arolocated Open Flro Alarm
Boxes and pull Hook down and let go. Lcavo
krv In box.
furn nlnrmln only forllrcs. f 10 00 line for
false alarms.
Mow tapping of bolls elgnlfy company
Second Friday In each month earn box Is
lapped twice, testlnu boxes and circuit line
When alorfti o( Urals Klve i tho Flro Dopirt
roent lifts tbe right or way on all itrcets. All
vehicles mast drive near the sldonulknnd koop
nway from the flro. $5.001) no for running over
Iteport of any careless driving going to or
from flros by tho KIro Department will be
thankfully received by the Chiof, as fast atid
srelees driving Is str ckly forbidden.
Tho Hobaon line runs to tho Waco
Grccnhouso 14th and Barron street.
Big Muddy! Big Muddy! Big Muddy
Joe Lohtuan's for loo cream and
oonfectionorios 117 South Fourth
Joe Lohnian is tho most popular ros
taurant man in Texas. His plaoo
11? South Fourth stroot.
A. D. Adams & Bros..
Hard to Beat
Peach and Apple Cider Try mo
I am good.
Sleeper, Clifton & Co. have added a
repairing department in oonncction
with their shoe store. All ropairing
of boots and shoes noatly done
Charges reasonable Leave your
shoes to be halfsolod at Sleeper, Clif
ton & Go's,, oorner of Fourth and
Austin streets.
. okson.
Happy Hoosiers.
Wm. Timinons, Postmaster of Ida
villo, Ind , writes. "Electric Bitters
has done more for mo than all other
medioiues combined, for that bad
feeling arising from Kidney and Liver
trouble." John Leslio, farmer and
stockman, of same plaoo, says "Find
Elcotrio Bitters to be tho best Kidney
and Liver medicine, mado me feel liko
a new man " J. W. Gardner, hard
waro merchant, same town, says
Klcotrio Bitters is just the thing fo'r a
man who is all run down and don't
caro whether he lives or dies, he found
now btrength, good appetite and felt
just like he had a now leaso on life.
Only f0c. a bottlo, at W. B. Morrison
& Co's , Drug Storo.
M. K & T
$15.30 To New Orleans and Return on
account of
jVlafdi s Gfas.
Tickets on sale February 28and 29,
pood tor return passage 10 days from
dato of sale. For maps, folders, sleep
ing car accommodations, tiokets or
any information, plenso call on or ad
dress, J. E. SMITH,
Ticket Agent M. K. andT. liy., No
VM South Fourth st cet, Waco, Tex.
1000 aore farm, 500 in cultivation, all
first class prairio land. Ton houses,
barns, sheds, wells and ono cover
failing spring,
Small farms of 100 or 200, 820 or 400
aores ouoh, and many others cheap
and on easy terms.
Banging in numbor of acres of 320, 500
1200, 1400, 18GG and 3,000, situatod
near Waco. Wo can Boll special bur
gains in houBcs, lots and business
Bell & Sassaman,
Real Estato and Rontal Agonts.lll
South Fouith street, Waco, Toxas.
Evrn tliu l'fll lht,'!'li l lij Ills Ac
tivity. duetto, Feb. 11. Chicago has al
ways been noted for tho number of foot
pads, guuotcrr. and snulli.iggera wlio
liavo made it their -tamping to omul, but
for tho past week or two things linvo
been m such iiu uttorly lawless condi
tion that even tho police foreo of this
city hao been to u ccitalu extent
aroused. The icigii of toiror has also
moused tho public. Thu epidemic of
robbery and assault seems to have raged
more iolenlly than ever during tho last
twontv-four hours.
Between 7 o'clock Sunday morning and
2 o'clock Sunday night theio weio lodged
at the Annoiy police station twenty
tour comphviuts by citizens who hud
been .stopped on the sheets and lobbed
of hitch sums as they had about them.
At other stations a largo number of .sim
ilar complaints were made.
At about 9 o'clock last night tlnee
gentlemen were passing tho comer of
Clark and Madison stieets. Iimdv crtentlv,
0110 of them blushed against u shabby
liguro that lounged against tho building.
Instantly the figino sprang forward and
with a savage oath drew aditk. For 11
moment it looked as though a mmdor
would bo done. But tho three men
walked 0.1. This w as in the he.u t of the
city and goes to show the singular bold
ness which seems to iuspiio the ciimiual
Among the more important ciimes re
potted to tho police were the following:
Andrew Soiouson of 'Jl North Union
street, assaulted by two men within
twenty fiet of Desplnines stieet station.
Nothing secured. Gooige Sullivun, 131
Van Bui en stieet, robbed of 0U by two
men on the Polk stieet biidge. Mary
Foster, 40 Wct Fourteenth stieet,
robbed by tlnee men of her pocketbook
at Adams and IIalste.nl streets. Charles
Harkenstein, 18'J South Hnlstead btrcet.
stopjwd by tlnee men at Pcaisou and
Ilalstead streets. Nothing seemed.
John "Warner of Columbus, O., lobbed
by ciowd of men of diamond pin and .?o0
in fiont of a saloon on Clark stieet, ne.u
Polk. Unknown Chinamen assaulted by
two men on stieet car at Madism anil
La Salle streets; nothing seemed. A.
P. Riehtmoyer, IGOo Deaiborn stieet,
robbed of ij.li.Vi in Lldridgo court.
D. Van Hooten, 31 Eighty-first
street, near Stato stieet, robbed
by three men of gold watch and $5 on
Rock Island tiacks near Taylor stieet.
Edward Baiiau of Toronto, Canada,
robbed of SCO by colored woman inlioni
of 103 Dearborn stieet.
Cnnci uilng Druu I'okor.
Kansas City, Feb. 11. If A, B and
C sit down to a social game of poker and
A should loo all his money to B, who 111
turn should be skinned by C, then A can
sue C and lecover tho nioiiov which he
This is the latest rule on gambling of
Kaus.u, City com t of ttppe lis, nnd of
com so is applicable only to tho state of
Missouri. As a general nile, suits which
arise out of gambling have no standing
in the couits of this state, but theie is a
law on the statute books of Missouri
winch pi ovules that any jiei am has the
right to letovov money or pioperty
which ho may lose at any game or
gambling device. The case 111 tpiestion
came to the court of appeals on an ap
peal from the encnit coiiit of Veinon
county Three of the inhabitants of
that count) , named lespectively Biooks,
Clinton and McMahon, indulged in .1
littlo game of draw. Biooks lost ipSOO in
money and checks to Clinton, who was
pioinptly lelieved of it in a jackpot by
McMahon. The ne.t day Brooks asked
McMahon, who in thu meantime had
cashed the checks, to lotiirn his money,
lie was leferred to Clinton, who had
won finni biin, as being tho person
liable. Ho failed to obtain satisfaction !
and so entered suit against McMahon.
... vw.a.v .-nn luui iiiu injiuu en
gaged 111 the game undoubtedly know
that tho money w ould necesaanly fre
quently change hands in tho course of
betting on straights bluffs and fulls,
and accordingly tho loser would finally
bo loser to him who came out wanner.
The specific identity of the money in cir
culation would make no diffeience.
DUoiti'K by l)i fuiilt.
Kansas City, Feb. 11. Tho refusal of
thoencuit comt to grant 11 divorce to
Edwnd B, Claik from his vvifo, Laura
Clai k, was sustained by tho court of
appeals and at tho same time the judge
took occasion to make a lew pertinent
romaiksiegai ding the granting of de
crees 111 ex paite divorce Htiits.
One year before applying for a divorce
Claik -epaiated from his wife in Indian
apolis and camo to Kansas City. Ho
mado the usual affidavit that ho did not
know tho -whereabouts of his wife, and
mado publication of bis prayer for di
vorce in an Independence paper. Hq
accused his wife of offering such indig
nities as to render his condition intoloi
ablo. Ou tho trial of tho case a di voice was
denied, not because Clark did not swear
strong enough against his wife, but sim
ply because tho court told him bluntly
that it did not believe his statements
In reviewing tho case the com t of ap
peals remaiks that in all default divorce
cases the tnal comt is justified in hold
ing the petitioners to satisfactory proof
of their allegations, and oven though
their testimony is undisputed,, the comt
is uol obliged to behove it. Such cases
naturally arouse suspicion, anil 111 tho
instance of Claik it was esteemed lather
Iieculi.tr tbat, although a lesulentof
Kansas City, he should go to a small
ncighhoting town and utseit his publica
tion of the proceedings in a pnicr which
he naturally intoned would never be
seen by his wife. It looked 11s if ho was
endea voting to avoid rather than to give
information to his wile ot what ho was
lIurili'K il and IIiiIiIkmI.
PiKr.MX, Am., Feb. r. Two
Chineso, Lfo Wong nnd Do Mong, had
then tin oats cut ftom ear to ear at Par
qua Hall, a mining camp, last night, and
their watches and several bundled dol
lars in money stolen
burnt) Important Mutters to Conic Up ut
the Next Mi'etliig.
Gaiat.ston, Feb. 11. Colonel Ores
hnni, who is chairman of the commit
teo on constitution and by-laws of tho
TiansniisMssippi congress, which is to
meet in Now Orleans ou tho 2,td of this
month, has wiitten to the diffeient
members of the committee, inviting
them to meet him in this city on tho
20th instant for the puiposo of prepar
ing the report of the committee. Col.
Gicshitm is in leceipt of n letter from
Hon. Howell Jones of Topeka, stating
that ho will bo piesent on that occasion.
Hon. AVarner Miller of New Yoik will
nddiess tho congress at New Orleans on
tho subject of tho Nicaiagua canal,
and it piomises tobe a oiy interesting
and impel taut session.
It is suggested by some of Galveston's
leading citizens that it would bo a good
idea to In ing Hon. Warner Miller and
othet piomineut gentlemen f 10111 the
New Oilcans meeting to this city oil a
Colonel Gresbam has also leceived tho
following letter auent this matter, which
is self explanatory
Nlw Oi:r.r.ANs," Feb. 1;. Tho indica
tions aio tbat the meeting at Now Or
leans will bo tho most successful
ono ever held by tho congiess.
Among tho subjects to bo discussed
aio the following: " Waterways and Hsu -bors,
" "Arid Lands and litigation,"
"Siher Coinage," "Tho Interstate Com
merce Law," "The Nicaiagua Caual,"
wConi as Food, " "Minos. Mining and
Minoial Lands" tmd "Tho Hennepin
Among the prominent and able speak
ers who are expected to bo pte-ent aio
the following named gentlemen: Hon.
Warner Miller of Now York. ex-Gov.
R. B. Hubbard of Texas. Senator F K
Wanen of Wyoming. Hon. George T.
Anthony of Fatir-as, Colonel A. C. Fisk
ot Colorado, Hon. t-Seoic L. Miller of
Nebia-ka Hon. .los. Shakespeaie, mayor
of Now Orleans.
The muting at New Oi leans will be
most inteieting and impoitnut.
Subjects of Mial importance to the
Trnnsmibsisippi states and territories
will bo discussed and oiiMilend.
The citj of New Orleans put on her
gayest anil best attiro in the month of
At the close of the congiess will begin
tho March Gras festival. Theso festivals
are wotld renowned for llieir splendor
mid magmfii ence.
It is urged upon thoso who have au
thority to appoint delegates to do so at
once and immediately send their names
uiul postoiheo addresses to the secretary
at Lincoln, Neb.
You .tie earnestly requested to call
this matter to tho attention of tho-,0 who
have authority to appoint delegates and
give tho matter as much publicity as
possible tlnough tho pi ess ot your stato
and otheiwise.
C. A. Atkinson, Secretary.
Colonel Gicahum bays it is geneially
undei stood that Hon. George L. Miller
of Nebraska will open tho war on tho
intei stato commerce commission ut tho
New Oilcans meeting.
The Oturmiiu Court111111tl.il.
Cu:vi:i.ni, Feb. 11. The taking of
testimony in tho Oveiman courtmaitial
ended today, and tomorrow will bo oc
cupied by tho counsel in summing up
tho evidence. Overman was practically
the only witness, and ho was subjected
to a searching cross-examination by
Captain Myrick, judge advocate. He
admitted th.tt he had written letters de
manding money iiom contiactois, but
that no leconl of such lottors appeared
in his office. Ho said his piivnte letter
book would show copies of the letters
but that tho book could not bo found,
having been lost or destioyed by his
bllCCessOl .
Against II10 A Jtl-opt Ion U.
Chicago, Fob. 11. At a meeting of
the board of direotois of the board of
trade, tho anti-option bill, now ponding
in congiess, was dibcussed and tho piesi
ilont was authorized to appoint a com
mittee to go to Washington and appear
in opposition befoio tho senate commit
tee considering the bill on Feb. 10.
11o-s1h-:k1 Chcusn Poisoning.
Ghkenville, Tex., Fob. 11 R. d.
Woodard, Ed Bouldon, Mrs. Cook and
Johnnie Mays were poisoned from eat
ing hogshead cheese at supper. Thoy
all became violently sick shortly after
eating and buffered gieatly. All have
recovered except Mrs. Cook, who is dan
gerousli iH.
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Estimating an average of five readers
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nvr tr vov no
PACIFIC 15AR, where
nothing but absolutely Purk Liq.
uors and Finest ok Wines arc
ofTercd customers. A full stock
Spanish I land-made Cigars.
Remarkable Rescue.
Mrs. Michel Curtain, Plainficld,
111., makes the statemont that sho
caught cold, which settled on Iter
Lungs; sho was treated lor'a month
by hor family physician, but grow
worse lie told her she was bhopclctt.
victim vf consumption and that no
tnediciuo could oure her. Her dtug
giat suggested Dr. King's Now Dis
covery lor Cor.sumptioD; sho bought
a bottlo and to her delight found her
self benefited from the first dose
She continued its use and attcr taking
ion bottles, found herself sound and
well, now does her own housework
and is as woll as she ever vtas. Free
trial bottles of this Great Disoovery
at W. B. Morrison & Co's. Drug Storo
large bottles 50c. nnd $1.00.
To the Ladles.
Mrs. F.J. Sullivan has rornoved ho
dressmaking establishment to 500 l-'l
Austin avenue, up-suirs over tho
"Leader," whore she will bo glad te
see her patrons and friends.
Itoms and communications inteudott
tor thlt department should bo sent to
No. 800 North Twelfth street or tele
phoned to No. 30. on or before Friday
afternoon of each week, In order t
receive proper attention. Nowe
notes received nfler 10 o'clook Satur
day morning cannot appear until the
next weok, however much we may
roxrot the uoluy.
Remarkable Rescue.
Mrs. Michael Curtain, PlainQold
111., makes the statcmint that she
caught cold, which settled on her
lungs, sho was treated for a month by
hor family physician, but grew worse.
Ho told her she y.ib a hopeless viclim
of consumption and that no medicine
could oure hor. Her druggist sug
gested Dr. King's Now Discovery for
Consumption, she bought a bottle
and to her dolight found herself bene
fited from first 'dose. She continued
its uso and after taking ten bottles,
found herself sound and well, now
does her own housework and is as
well as sho ever was. Free trial bot
tles of this Great Discovery at W. B.
Monison & Co's , Drug Store, largo
bottles 50o. and $1.00.
Contentment at Homo better
than Klclica Abroad.
As the cTcmni; sIiuiImus darken more
deeply tho liiuuienn,: twilight of a mid
winter day, me curtains are drawn, the
mutters closed, the Iani) s rrr lit, the coii
In tho grate piled higliL ttu asy chairs
drawn nearer to the op 11 lire, and the
Queenly uife, with hor bun temsbaboia
her arms, awaits the coming of her bus
hand and iirottrtur. ih' children, too,
ailt a father s coming vuth euger appe
tites, for wo.l ilrtij know his arrival will
signal tliu riniiif of the supper bell.
How warm and pleasant it is indoors this
dear, cold ni'-ht. What enjoyment of
Feaco uud contentment ,iovcn around tb
milv llresiile. Alii I ero is happiness.
But here comes Pa, his features lit up
with a kindly smile, beneath which, how
ever, tan be icon a trace of siiniring.
Overwoik, care and ansa ty is breaking
dowA his iinstittitinii He don't sleep
well, he don t i-ut t II, lie don't feel welL
His stomaoli leen u'ik Ids kidneys feel
lore, ho aches all over so ho sajs he
don't want at y suppci, ras he feels tirod
and mil co to bed. Ali,s, he is a sick
man. The nioriiiiij,' funis him too ill te
go to his ollite, a donor ism ut for, says
he needs rest, and needs it ludlv. Sayc
he needs n good tonic Rerommends Dr.
John Bull s .sarsap.irilln Knows the com
position of this remedy, and advises his
patient nj-iinst taking any other. II
uses this remedy, quickly recuperates, and
every one is happy. When you feel weak
and debilitated, when your system crayes
a tonic, when eating gives you distress and
your dlcpstinn causes pain, when your
back ac'us and vour kidnejn bcem to be
wasting away, take Dr. John Hull's Sarsa
parilla and it will give you health and
strength again.
Edward t .Maunlnu, Newport, Ky..wrltes:
"Kqr u year my health Imd beon falling. I
lost tlosh nnd strength. Jtj wrlgtitdcrrenseA
from lhO Iiu,. to HS lbs. 1 sutrert.d excruciat
ing imlu in my liaelc nnd loins, and rheu
matism in my loft leg mado me a cripple.
I was advised to try lit Hull's Nareaparflla,
and used In nil about ten bottle From rue
start I gained in llcsh and Improved In every
way. Knw again I feel onro more mysell
I sincerely believe It saved my life"
BM-NeglccUngaclillrt troubled with worms
is cruel, aive ft Dr. John Hull's Worm De
stroyers. They taste cood, aro safe, und only
cost 2o cents.
or " LeSS than one bottle of Smith's Tonlo
Brrup cured me of chills and fever." C. B.
Clarke, Frankfort, Mo.
JonN D. 1'aiik & Sons, Wholesale Agent,
Uh, 177 and 170 Sycamore St., Cincinnati, &

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