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; rsiaiAX a yitisvuanos,
noo, ' Txa.
glnto (it Old Corner Drug Btoro.
Ollleo liourn nt roslrieiico, from 2 to 4
p.m. No. 1408 Bouth Eighth stroot.
vr W11.KKS. M D W. O. WILKKS, M I)
Residence 1!W N 9 t Uecldenco IIIU . l!i St..
Physicians and Surgeons.
b, UlAMUF.liSllI.OCK.
Sit at Old Corner DruK Blore. Telepnone
at OCIco and Resident re.
Office on Austin Street over
First National Bank.
C3 C3 j. lL9
207 South Finis Street.
Best coal in any quantity
delivered promptly. Prices
as lovr as the lowest.
207 South Fifth Street.
Cord wood and stove wood always
od hand at
G imi.EY Wood Yaiu,
Telephone connection.
Hotel Royal Bar.
Hayden & Hayden, proprietors.
Neat and quiet. Very finest wines
and liquors. Superb lunch, at 10.
Old friends and customers as well
new will meet a hearty welcome.
Everybody goes to Joo Lonman't
when they want a pood meal, or he
Tho Big Muddy lump is ft rictly
cold-weather coal. Tolephone Egan
or coal.
Buy the "Big Muddy" lump coal
Keep warm and givo vour iuiaginaiton
a rest. "Telephone Egan for coal."
For tho best and freshest beef,pork
mutton, veal, sparcribs, fish and
oystors i o to Crippcn corner Fifth
nd Frankling
Our goods and our prices do our
advertising, we nnd it beBt in the
Parker Bros.
A J. Loslio for first-class
clock and jewelry repairing,
Dunning witn 11. a
Ambold Anstin
Wo give employment Jo more people
and have moro teams engaged in de
livering our "justly celebrated Big
Muddy lump" coal than any othei
dealer in tho city. "Telephone Egan
for coal."
You do not have to draw on your
imagination while seated at a lire- of
the "Big Muddy lump." On tho con
trary, you have to "draw haok" from
tho "generous heat." Bemember the
Big Muddy and take no other. Tele
phone Egan for coal.
Steam Sausage Factory.
Fresh Fish.
Fresh .Lard.
Fresh Oysters.
Fresh Sparo Ribs.
All Kinds Meat
And Sausnge,
Ohcap for Cash.
J. 0. Stafford.
r- -
Happy Hocsiers.
William Timmons, Postmaster of
Idavillo, Ind., writes: "Eleotrio Bit
ters has done more for mo than all
other medicines combined, for that
bad fcejing arising from Kidney and
Liver trouble." John Leslie, farmer
and stockman, of bame place, 6ays:
"Find Electric Bitters to bo tho best
Kidney and Livor mediaino, made me
feel like a now man." J. W. Gardner,
hardwaro merohant, same town, says:
"Eleotrio Bitters i'b just the thing for
a man who is all run down and don't
care whether he lives or dice; ho found
new strength, good appetito and felt
just like he had a now leaso on life.
Only 50o. a bottle, at W. B, Morrison
& Co'b Drug Store.
Tim KspcrlunrF of Knllwny ji
Inillu, I'oru anil lMnculicre.
The llrltlsli-Amerlcnn nice (Including, of
course, the Scotch, Irish, Welsh, Manx,
etc.,) is just now thu moit enterpriilnfr in
tho world, mid travelcra seldom penetrate
a region m remote-that nonio of this raco
are not found there. If the Individuals aro
gone, their work till dhows; nnd of nil
Hildas thu ralJruulrr.4 seem to have had
tho most extraordinary expel leni-es. All
over South America, especially in the
mountains of Peru, far tip in India nnd fur
down In Africa, Hrltish' and American en
gineers are doing all totts ol wonderful
things, from tunneling the loftiest moun
tains to managing and outwitting luzy and
treacherous natives.
Mr. W. W. Thompson, of the mechanical
department of the New York Central rail
way, seems onu of tho (piletestof common
place office men, yet ho has put in twenty
years in the wildest legions on with ami
has the happy faculty of generally light
ing on his leet. Horn in Scotland fifty
three years ago, but reared in New York
city, he learned tho trade of an engineei
and went to India just In time lo j.ileh thu
Sepoy i ehel lion. Ho fought It through, ol
course, as every white man thorn had tc
fight; got a had wound, rusticated In tlgei
hunting and then went to South America
for a i est, accompanied by his wife.
The rest consisted in engineeiing for the
famous Henry Meiggs in "tho wildest part
of Peru and among a people for whom he
can find no terms sufllciently strong. In
laziness, cowardice, treachery, thieving nnd
immorality he thinks tho lower class ot
mixed breeds In Peru beat tho world. Tht
1-ailro.id men who employed them had tt
rule with an Iron rod. At every ngency
there wore old fashioned .stocks, nnd in them
refractory native were set and whaled with
a rawhldo till they agreed to work, or gave
up stolen property.
The experience of railroad men in Peru
was a wild compound of romance and
tragedy. Mountains of the hardest rock,
hills of sliding sand, chasms 0,000 feet deep
and tall clilfs, along with hurricanes and
earthquakes, they did not mind; it was the
necessity of incessant care against tho mur
derous and treacherous people that wore
out tho nervous system. In some section.'
there is a good population, but there are
regions in tho hot lands where every bush
has a thorn and every insect a sting, every
worm is vile and every snake Is venomous,
and every man is an assassin. Evidently
"a poor place to bring up a family."
Tho W cdcll ii- of it Diilnty imglUli .Mulct
on oT IIIkIi lH'tfrcc.
Weddings in high life are always inter
esting, and it is not to be wondep-d nt that
all fashionable London was thrilled tho
other day, the common folks crowding
around the church doors, when Miss Daisy
Cornwallis West was ecclesiastically made
the Princess of Plow. Tho groom is Prince
Hans I Ielnrich, eldest son of tho Prince
and Princess of Pless, of the Schloss ot
Furstenstein, Silesia, and tho bride the
eldest daughter of Colonel William Corn
wallis West, member of parliament and
of a family not unknown in Ameiicau wai
and diplomacy
Among those present were the Prince ot
Wales, Duke and Duchess of'Connaught,
Duke of Teck, Prince and Princess of Saxe
Weimar, the German, Turkish, Russian
and Italian embassadors, Mr. Henry White
nnd Commander Emory, of tho United
States; Prince and Princess Mnlcom Khan,
and a long array of ordinary lords, ladies,
counts, knights and esquires; but thu
great interest appears to have been in
the dresses and presents. St. Margaret's
church, Westminster, whero the ceiemony
took place, was in a blaze of silks, jewels
and costly decorations, and at tho town
'residence of Miss Fleetwood Wilson, where
tho reception was held, a long dining room
table was literally loaded with gifts, rang
ing from necklaces of pearls and diamonds
down tosapphiro bracelets.
S3S-. r
The wedding gown was in tho empire
stylo a fourrcau In pearl white satin edged
with a cloud of silk .Valines tulle caught
with garlands of orange blossoms. The
mnntenu was edged to correspond with the
fourrcau and the train finished with quilted
lining of white satin. Tho Brussels lace
Vr fr
I is SaVWiiit
veil was held by a diamond and pearl
crown, tho gift of tho groom's father. There
were eight bridesmaids and two pages.
Conspicuous among tho presents wero a
diamond cross from tho Princess of Pless,
a "ropo" necklace of pearls from tho
Prince and Princess of Wales, n silver
chandelier from the Countess Solmes, n
diamond and sapphire bracelet from the
bridegroom's brother and a dazzling array
of ordinary single stone ornaments. In
short, the enumeration indicates that the
J oung couple have been very well started
in Ufa
Cincinnati Messenger it Unto Lot nr
Scientific Fun ultli Undents.
"Hurry up and say wlmtch yer
want; I wnnter get back to th' oflico
on sco der electricution." This was
tho half shouted, half gasped excla
mation of a tiny messenger boy tho
other morning as ho answered tho
ring from a restaurant, whero a party
of sons of Belial wero holding forth.
Ho was wanted to call a hnck, and
upon receiving his fco dashed out
into tho rain. Followed to tho office
on Vino street a follow night hawk
intruded upon tho company that had
gathered to witness tho solemn event.
Tho long legged night clerk, it stu
dent of npplied electricity, was tho
warden of tho inako believo peniten
tiary where tho legal murder was to
take place.
In duo time, which was after
"Smittio" had returned after steer
ing tho hackman, vho condemned
criminals wero brought out and tho
"live" wires uiado ready. The doom
ed wero two in number, and wero
fine, well fed rats that had been en
snared into an old rusty trap by
using u part of tho midnight lunch as
bait. Taking the two flexible wires
that ran from tho dozen or moro cells
of tho battery, tho executioner began
his work without ceremony.
Tho minute tho wires touched tho
cago a bell set up an infernal ringing.
Tho amateur electrician was not
aware that his wires wero short cir
cuited, and as ho plunged tho end of
ono of them against the nearest
squeaking rodent ho was somewhat
surprised to see tho littlo pest make
a savago effort to bito tho shurp
pointed gad, making no pretense at
all toward keeling over and dying.
This jabbing wns kept up for some
moments with the same ill success,
so far as tho slaying of tho rats was
At last tho warden tumbled. Wot
ting the cago, ho was careful to see
that tho wires did not come into con
tact with tho same Btrsind on the
netting over it. Selecting tho big
gest of tho doomed twain, ho quickly
thrust tho wire against its sleek coat.
A scream of tiny vol tun o followed and
Sir Rat dropped on its sido. Tho cur
rent was kopt on, causing it to shud
der and twitch convulsively. When
it was removed tho first victim was
dead. The other, suspecting tho
deadly nature of tho wire, Iccpt to
tho opposite corner of tho death coll.
Tho ends of tho office scissors applied
suddenly from tho rear mado him
leap forward quickly, and beforo ho
could jump back again tho lifo de
stroying wiro was upon him. Liko
his ill fato.V'omrado. ho wont down
in a heap, kicked, twitched and at
last lay still.
Tho work of tho executioner being
done ho started to wrap tip his wires,
and turning to tho group remarked :
"Say, No. 10, trow dem rats into
do barrel and fix do trap again. Wo
might ketch another beforo day
light. "Cincinnati Enquirer.
Two Compliments for tho Queen.
Tho compliment paid to our pres
ent queen by tho sovereign of Zanzi
bar is worth repeating. It is a fmo
piece of oriental poetry. Ho said that
ho mentally likened her "to that
mountain of loadstono mentioned in
tho 'Thousand nnd Ono Nights, 'which
drow tho nails out of tho sides of the
ships which passed that way. Even
so did tho hearts of tho Englishmen
I have hitherto met seem drawn on
by a magnet to her majesty." A
pretty compliment indeed. Tho fol
lowing, howovor, is still better, it
somewhat grotesque in its termina
tion. It is credited to a Siameso em
bassador, who wroto of tho queen
thus: "Ono cannot but bo struck
with tho aspect of tho august queen
of England, or fail to observe that
she must bo of pure descent from a
raco of goodly and warlike kings nnd
rulers of tho earth, in that her eyes,
complexion and, abovo all, her bear
ing, aro those of a beautiful and
majestic whito elephant. "Loudon
A Now Artinclul llonoy.
An artificial honey, which is said
to bo likoly to becomo a formidable
rival of tho natural product, is being
mado in Germany. It consists of
water, sugar, a small quantity of
minoral salts and a freo acid. Tho
resemblance is increased by incor
porating into tho product tho scent of
flowers. Pittsburg Dispatch.
John W. 1'lilllp Is u Si-iimun of Whom
America In I'l-innl.
When tho magnificent cruiser Xew York
wns launched (and by tho way that was
Uono at Philadelphia, whero she wits built)
captain john w. riiiur.
It was a great event In the history of the
United States navy, nnd naval circles were
all alive with curiosity to learn who was
to be her commander. The choice is made
nnd the man is Captain John W. Philip,
recently In command of tho Atlanta.
His biography lends like a sea tale outnl
FVulmore Cooper. He wns born In IStDut
Kluderhook, N Y wns admitted to the
naval academy in 18.V), graduated In 1WS1
and entered at once into the most stirring
episodes of the civil war. Most of his
service was on blockading vessels, and dur
ing tho great naval attack on Fort Suiutet
he was on the monitor Moutauk. He next
went to China as executive olllcer of tho
Wachusett, and from IWi'J till IS72 served
as executive on the Richmond, of tho
European squadron. After two years in
tho service of tho Pacillc Mail Steamship
company he returned to tho navy, was
mado captain In IbS!), nnd In 18'JOwasput
in command of tho Atlanta.
Of the forty-fivo captains in the navy only
six have had more sea servicetlmn Captain
Philip, his record covering seventeen years
nnd nine months. When he lelt the At
lanta at Fort less .Monroe to take charge ot
tho Xew York he was lowed over to hi"
new vostsel by a full crew of oulcentau
unprecedintid compliment, hut none too
marked lot the louiuiauder of the pride o
the raited states navy.'
. llltK ' i
TlnTc I iv"
ii.il n It'i .i
' ii'
from the o'ltoi' etui .f th.' Ii. .' . :
vi-ritalik' .Mi's Miil.-ru-op Sbi-iievu
takes mi "i-li valor." t ;,l oeit.Hiouitlly
ridi'h in u "ventilator." When she
goes to the beach she profeis to take
her "coiu-lavo" glasses for protection
from tho sun's rays, and she has dif
iculty at times when persons tell
her too funny stories to preserve tho
"equilibrium of her countenance.
A friend of here recently had "ty
phoid neuralgia," and her daughter,
who attended a wedding last week,
wore a vory becoming "coffycur."
To cap tho climax, this namo daugh
ter, according to her mother, is en
gaged to a most "illegible" young
man. Her Pomt of View in Now
York Times.
Hostess May I introduco you to Miss
Wag Woll, if her namo isn't Anna.
Harper's Bazar.
ouuinir na
A wontatis aim
is to look her best but she'll
never reach it without perfect
health. For perfect health,
take Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription. All the func
tional irregularities and weak
nesses that make life misera
ble to women, are cured by it.
It's a powerful, invigorating
tonic, and a soothing and
strengthening nervine purely
vegetable, perfectly harmless.
For ulcerations, displacements,
bearing-down sensations, un
natural discharges every
thing that's known as a "fe
male complaint" it's a posi
tive remedy. It's the only
one that's guaranteed to give
satisfaction in every case. It
costs you nothing, unless it
helps you. You can afford to
trv if nn trift;r forme fnn
you afford to neglect it ?
No. m?
tiii: s'Bwi'i: or ti:xan.
To the tharlffnrrny ConetuVn or Mil.ennnn
O. . TtlplB dnilnlptrnter ot the opinio of
uitlpii ortlio r.rtiiflorpniil Jl Itomsml Deceits
eil. tOK llinr with mi nppl enllnii to lie iIIpcIibib
ob i from B M AiliiiitilMTatornhip
J on nrellBteliT Cuinmnnilnl, that by luilill
cntion or thl w it r. r twiutyilnya la a ncwi
lierre.nlnrlyimblUlitMl 1. the County or Mc
l.onnnnynn k oilnn m the In nil innornntrr-
I'Atnil 111 VMM Atltllltll trt UI...I L .. .1 a. -m
until I'.etfttc, to Mo Hirlr objection UiiTitn.tr
tlllV lllfltt t AM An ah . .1. .a .
1W.U, orsntil County t ourt, conimenrlae ami to
to holdoii at tho Conn Houbo or m.iu County, Hi
tVsroon the tlrxtllrmlny In -March si.', when
mid Account Mill Appikatlou will horontlilcr
eil by tnkl Court.
WfnifBH my liatnl ami seal
of oWco nt U'nco this IKJth day
!L. S.
wi "niiuiii J iJi.
!,. ,J w' Hakkm. Clerk County Court
Mcl-cnntn I ounttr, Texas.
. Uj T It lluowN, Deputy.
Mo. Ill.
To tho Sheriff or uny Constable, or MoLcnnnit
county, Cri'dlng:
V K. McClaln Administrator or tho Kutnto or
F. M. MMIlelil liecenu'U linvlrj! tiled In our
County Court bin Until a count ol tho ronill
tlon or thu Estate it pnln V, j. Mnjilohl Db.
"nnanrl fncvuttiall nvttli nn ...! t n I .. . .. . , i
, t.ui. i.. n-PiV ifvt !. o'jniuaiiiu m UU (11 B
clmrpc.J froniBHld AttmntfitrAtorBll
itumruiiuiriiv uinniainif(i in at uy publi
cation nt Uh writ furiwonty ilninln niKmnim
norreRulhrly iiubllphml in thr r lntyof Mo
IipnAnn vnn i?lrn iln.i itntliM inaiiimM, .
ton'std In tliu Aocouni Tor Miml Soi Icmont ot
turn r.suue, 10 1110 innir oujecuon- tlicroto, I
any theyhaTc, on orbcrom tlio March linn.
JW-,t"rB,ll Comity Court, commei.rh jr nnil io
linlinlilpn ntlliit llimri IThm.i nr.iilil f.. ...
W co on tlic llret Momlny In Mnr V ihil', wlim
aid Aroonnt nnd Aiiihration will boiouslilcr
cilby Bald Court.
Wl ........... 1 ... .
. . i mnw-i tuj iiiiiui f nn n'ni or
; onlre, nt itno thin .'ird day or Krh-
L. N. Tiinry Win. J. W. I!kkii. Clerk
f IllltV r.ii.4 M.I....... f .......
ToxnB, ly T. II. lluoWN, Ihipuly.
tiii: statikif ti;xas
TotheShcrirr or any Constable or Mcl.cunau
l-'ountj GrcotUiK!
You uro In rrliv rniiinanitril, to siimmnn y
mnkl (t iiubllcaticn orihlH rltntlnn caco n oieh
week for Iott snocutrilvii weeks )irlor to the re
turn rtny hereof In pome no simper imhlished
In Mclj n an cou ity, Texas, (lenrK Miller to
ho unit niienr beforo tho Hororublo D'Btrlcl
t'onit or McLennan county, Texas, nt ti tn-xt
regular term thcreu . to bo o din the t' urt
Ilonso, In the Cllv or Wmo, on the tlrsLMondii
In Vnnh A. I) UUV. then nml hno to nnswo
tho l'luintUT s I'e I Ion, tiled In ssultli said
court on tlio lltb ilaj ol Fubrunry A I). Ib'JI
whuruluAlee Miller Ih 1'litlntllT, ami 0 o-iro
MIlliSj Is I) rendnnt HloN orsnli huijjr No,
rJMl 'I ho iiatuio or i ho I'lalntiff's dciii, ml Is as
Ifollowri, to-wlt:
P nln Iff seeks a JtnlKinuvt for dlvoreii on tho
Kroiiiuls or o uol trtaiu rnt, and abandonment
by defendant fonluen vears IIidkin Fail
oT, nudhntoyon thon nnd there thin r t,
with yourondoreement thereon, showing how
you linve cxeui'i tl the samu
-. GlVE llMlkllllY Haxii nnil Rmil nf
) Hiild Court, nt Ollleii In tho City of
VWuco, this tho iMith nay or .! miliary a.
1 1). 18i)i. ArrskT 7. V. I1i:m,kv
Clerk District Court,
Mcl.iiiinan i onuty, TetM.
th i: s tatii: or ixxas,
To the ShtrllT or any constnblool aIcLciiiuii
0 unty, !rci Hut;:
Y u urulierehyuriniimuilrd to HUluniou Mel
lon C. tlriuby by nmklrK vuhlleatl u of this
citation In hiiiuu iiew paper publlslied In Mo
l.eiinan Cbtinty onco ininchwtek lVr fmir siio
cola weeks iirotli nn t return dny livronr,
t bo andspnear lioloro tho lmnii nbte District
: urt nt Mel.i-nnnn i iu ty, Texas nt the noil
reKulnr term thcrenr tnho held In thu ci urt
house In the city i I nco i.n tin- first VorMay
In Marih, A Ii. 1M"J then and there t wuiFuwir
,tho plulnttn'H pelltl n lllcilln n suit lj sah1
rnurt on tlio 2iih day ot Jnnuurv r l, lvg
wherein 10. I,, Cintby Is plaUtliV nml ielh".
C Crosby dofcndaiu
Fllo No i r suit bell.,, No fWI.
lhu niitnruortlio plnlntltr's deiunnd Is usful-
1 wrl, to wit: i suit Tur clvi ret- rrmn the
bnmlH or nmtrlmany ha eil on th" gr umIs or
Herein full nut nnd have you men nnd there
tlds wr t, with y nr imliirscre'it tlior-vin,
ehuli(; how yi u Jiaqo executed thu siuiiu
: : (liven under my haul end the mini
; h. S. or snlrt Court, ntCi'Icr In tho city
: : if Waco, this the! tlulavi r.innu
.... nry, A. n. wai.
t'est .. I'. l'rAHi.iti.n
clerk Dlstilet Conrt, MuLennnn C unty, 'ie
Tin: vmti: if ti:.as.
To the SlierlfTor any linHtnhlo or Mnl.enuan
Conntj (IrcetliiB
You aru hereby rmnliiut'did to sUn.ivcu
Jas. IE. hpurkB liyrnHkliiKimlillciilioii orthls ci
tation In some i uwspaper iiubllihidlii Mol.en
n i count) onco In ohcIi week t r lour sin res
elvei.eliB imi' loua to Tetmii ilayh rtoftjliu
and njipear liefore thu llonornli'o nlstr.rt Court
of Muhonnau Count ,'Ipxiib. at the next regit
lar term thereof, to tin held In the Court noni-iv
In the Cltv of nro, nnthellrtt Wonday In
Blarcli. A. U. IH)1 thin and there to nnt-ucr the
I'lulntlff's l'Pt tlim, ll'eil tii n suit In t-ald Court
on the lath day nf ,Jnutv A I ISfc. wherelr
Martin.! SparVs in rialnilff, hmiJh. t. Bimrka
Is Dclcndant File No. or suit liolns- ho WH'J.
'Ihoriniuru of tho I'lftlntlO's demand U as Ail
Ions to-vi:
A suit for dlrorcfl for separation Hum the
bouda of matrimony based on the ground of
cruel nnd ntitulvo treatment desurtlon and fail
ure toauppmt.
IIuiiein Fail Not, and have youthen and
there this Writ, with your endorsement thereon,
eliowliiL'liow ) on limo executed the rnino,
tlivHN Unuku My Hand eint
L. S. . Sen ornld Couil. it OP e In tho
: . City or Waco, thlsthu'Jsthdny of
I January A. I) lj
Attest! 7,. F IliUHLF.r.
Clerk District Or urt,
Mclominu County, Texas.
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
anything you want nt any hour at Joo
Assignees Notice.
Notiee is hereby given that on thu
12th day of January 18o2 the Ulako
Manufacturing Company of Wauo,
Texas, mado a general aflsitrnmout to
tho undersigned a&sigrico of ail of ito
property for the hcncOt of all of itn
creditors and that said truitt has been
aoocptod; tho assignpo ha3 qualified
and is now in postiCBHinn of all tho
property of said oompuny for tho pur
pose of administering said trust.
All oreditora wishing to acoopt
under this aBsignmeut must make
known to the assignee their consent in
writing within four months after pub
lioationof this notice.
Address all communications to the
undersigned at Waco,, Texas.
D. D. Fa mem M), Assigneo.
.Monday January 20th 1802,
!v 1

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