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Water White Oil, 150 Test,
fBrilliait Oil ISO test.
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at once, for tltlx
Till! riAM!U (JltJIJHTTlIi; ,1J,IN
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A AVoll llohorvccl Kitloirr Upon tlio
IHficI onuy of lio Waco Kiru l)c
liitrmipiil A City Olflcur Ceiiktircil
For Ncclrcl or IMit -.
Tho gavel in the hand of Mavor
MoGullooh dropped at tho regular
hour last night calling tho council to
order, aud Aldermen Willig, Lacy,
Brinkerhoff, Hawkins, West, Ilerbert
and Pajno answered to their namos
at roll-call Aldermen Baker and
Qribblo woro, however, soon lu their
Tho minutes of tho last mooting
were read, and upou motion adopted.
A petition from Mm. Maud Lord
Drake tho spiritualist asking th; uso
of the Blue Room for two lectures
was road and unanimously granted.
A letter from Mrs. It P. Chamber
hn claiming 25 feat of iround ou
Marlsoro Avcnuo and requesting that
a committee of tho council bo ap
pointed to confer with her agent
with icgard to tho matter, was read
and explained by tho mayor.
Alderman West objected to tho
council having anything to do with
tho nutter, and thought tho existing
troublo was botwoen Mrs. Chamber
lain and property owners adj tcent to
her. City Engineer Turner was
called upon for information and
stated that at that point Marlboro
avonuo was seventy-five feet wide.
Tho matter was finally referred to the
street committee, city atuney and'
oity engineer.
A petition from Miko Palmo re
questing the privilege of moving an
old wood shed from the oornor of
Sixth and Franklin streots, was read
and referred to tho fire committee.
L McGhoe asked to he roliovid of
oertaiu taxes on property wrongfully
assessed and placed upou the tax
rulls through insdvertonco. Tho mat
ter was referred to the finance com
mittee. Publio Weigher R. N. Palmer ro
ported $15 1 00 for the last qaarter.
Alderman Payne, reported in favor
of stringent measures to prcvont oar
oasses irom being dumped at the
mouth of sewors. Rsferrcd to the
sanitpry emmitteo.
Alderman Herbert, chairman of the
firo committee, reported the ceiitr.il
tiro station in a very dangerous condi
tion. He stated that the tower was
shaky aud the horse stalls in a dange
rous condition. In the oourso of his
remarks upon this subjoot Mr. Her
bert spoko warmly as to tho efficien
cy and galantry of tho firo boys and
was lavish in his praise of them gen
erally. Tho oocupanoy of the Wash
ington street Cumberland Presbyte
rian cburoh property was strongly
nrgod, and Aldorman West also spoko
in terms of high praiso of tho fire de
partment and oited in proof of their
j.'i'iiipt action of tho lato
firo at tho residonoo of Mai.
Charles D. Pcarre. Ho said that inex
actly seven minutes from tho timo the
alarm was sounded tho firemen wero
on the scone and had water playing
upon tho flames. Alderman Hawkins
had also timed tho department and
joined the other alderiHon in thoir
Alderman Baker statod that tho
highest piice, so far offered, for the
presont sito of tho Centeral firo sta
tion, on Franklin Btroot, was only
$-11,00, and that ho thought this offer
too low. Ho preferred to borrow tho
necessary money than to sacrifioo this
property to get at it.
Tho following resolution was offer
ed by Alderman Herbert and unani
rniusly adopted:
Rpsolved, That tho finanoo couiniit
tp.o be instructed to borrow sufficient
s4zr Zt
raonoy for tho purpoao of construct
ing an ongino house on Washington
stroot and that they bo empowered to
give suoh linn on tho building and
grounds on Frnklin stroot, now used
as a Gro station, or to bell same, as in
thoirjudgment may doom best, and
that a levy bo made at the next as
sossmontto pay said olaim.
Aldorman Willig, reported for the
gas otimmitteo tho selection of loca
tions for ten elootrio lights, to be
furnished by tho Waco Gas Company,
as follows.
Nineteenth and Austin streets;
Klovonth and Jones stroets; South
Fifth street bridgo, between allov and
bridge; First and Jones streets; Fifth
ward on Dallas streot noar Chestnut
street at point to bo designated by
Mr. A. Payne; Eighth and Speight
Sixteenth and Clay streots;
und Uolumtnis streets; iNortii
Third street between Jefferson streot
and Clifton's gate.
Aldorman Hawkins aroso and stated
that ho oould not longer roirain troiu
complaining at tho indiffurenc with
which the commands of tho council
wero treated by a certain city officer
and spoko very discouragingly about
tho hopo nf improvement on his part.
An ordiuanco abolishing tho office
of public weigher was plaoed upon its
second reading and laid over till the
noxt meeting for final action.
The roadiug of this ordinanco creat
ed some disoussion and from tho ex
pressions of several aldermen will not
likely pass. Alderman Payno is the
father of this ordinance and will
warmly advosato its passage.
At this juncture the following
opinion of Oi'v Attorney Flint on the
protest of S. O. Olive to pay taxes
alleged to bo over valued by tho board
of equalization.
To tho Honorable, tho City Council of the City
of Waco:
In the matter of S. C. Olivo, asking
ror an abatement of his city tax, ro
ferrcd to me I have tho honor to re
port as follows:
Mr. Olivo docs not complain in his
petition that no was not duly notified
by the board of equalization and giv
en a fair hearing bofore them. Until
it appears to bo otherwise it will be
presumed he was so notified and
availed himself of his right to go be
fore them with his witnesses, if nec
essary. I am of the opinion that the
valuation fixed on his property by tho
board is final and concludes the rights
of Mr. Olive in the premises in a
legal sense. Judge Uooley, the lead
ing authority on taxation, eays
on this subjcot : "It is supposed
that a board of equalization
is inadequate to all to requirements
of justice and it is the party's own
tolly if ho falls to avail himself ol it,
and its valuations are final unless
otherwise provided,
Respectfully submitted,
John F. Flint, City Att'y-
Under tho head of new business,
Alderman Hawkins referred to ex
haust steam in tho storm sewers. Re
ferred to tho city engaeer.
A report recommending the drain
ago of tho Fifth ward sohool grounds
was read by Alderman Payne. lie
ferrcd to tho oity engineer and street
Alderman Hawkins complained
that ho had counted no less than
seventeen hacks standing on the streets
in tho Fourth ward. Referred to tho
city marshal.
Alderman Brinkorhoff brought up
the matter of tho need of a sewer be
tween Mary and Franklin streets
Referred to tho city engineer.
A resolution was offered by Alder
man Laoy authorizing tho employ
ment of an attornoy to assist the oity
attorney in tho suits brought to col
Ion the spooial improvement tax, to
which he spoko warmly.
Aldorman Baker also spoke in fa
vor of this resolution and stated that
it was an absolute neoessity; that tho
matter involved tho sum of $200,000
dua the oity whioh would bo irretriov
ably lost if the test osos wero lost.
Counoil thon adjourned.
Dr. Goo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
sett of upper or lower teeth, $12.50.
1 li ftt iFWUfrfo8
Used in Millions of Homes to Years the Standarrt
John Crookct and John Wiggins
contributed 6 each to tho city's
treasury this morning, ono for assault
and tho other f r assault and battery,
Tim lnrinrn on the rjhilosonhv of
spiritualism Sunday afternoon will bo
an opportunity to hear about the
higher spiritualism seldom accorded
to tho people of Waco.
Tho county commissioners havo,
upon petition, ordered an eleotion to
bo held in the Geneva sohool district,
number 15 on Maroh 12, to dptermino
whether or not a tax of 15 cents on
thn10f worth of nronertv iu that
district shall bn lovied for sohool pur
poses. Attached to tho south bound train
of the Missouri Kansas & Texas Rail
way today was a special coach con
taining General Suporintondcnt Max
well of that road and Messrs. Fair
banks, Lingo, Merrill, Goodwin, Mun
son, Waldron ,Brookn and Bottwiok
of Denison. They wero joined hore
by Messrs. Kellott, Fort, Pickett,
Watson , and W. II. Cameron. Tho
party will go out on tho Boggy Tauk
division of the Katy at Taylor and
spond several days hunting and fish
A Legal Technicality Interrupts
Ponding Negotiations.
Tho attention of The News repor
tor was called to tho publication, in
this morning's Day, that the North
western Mutual Life Insuranco oom
pany, of Milwaukee, had written a
letter to Mr. Hawkins, chairman of
tho finance committee, declining to
take tho last issue of street improvo
ment bonds according to its offer.
Much dissatisfaction is expressed that
publicity of this matter should havo
boon mado at this timo.
The roporter call upon Mr. Hawk
ins to learn more about tho matter,
and was informed trut ho had received
a lettor from tho parties with whom
negotiations for tho sale of tho bonds
arc pending aod thoy had declined to
take tho street improvement bonds,
on technical grounds.
He says that tbo offer of 05 cents
for tho bonds was mado with tho pro
viso that upon examination they
proved to bo all right. They
wero submittod to the atttornoy
of the company who has raised
a technical objection to them upon
which thoy deoline to purohaso. Ho
states that .he objection raised is not
as to the price, as from tho publica
tion the impression could easily bo de
duced, and that tho negotiations, at
tho price offored, is stilt ponding for
tho sewer bonds, which aro being ex
amined by the company's attorney,
and will be taken if ttiey sh'ow up all
He sUtes further that for pruden
tial leasons, it was particularly ander
ttood between tho mayor and alder
men that this matter should not bo
made publio for tho present and that
ho considers tho violation of thU
compact a very unwise aot.
Alderman Licr also thinks that tho
giving of the ma'.tor to a roporter was
very indicrcet and expresses tho fear
that it will bo a great damage to the
city in dollars and cents.
Hope He Will Get It.
Tho purposo of Galvoston to pave
her streots to the tune of 200 000
and tho o.ill for bids for tho same re
cently brought out tho street contrac
tors from all parts of tho oountry.
Waco was in it, represented by Mr.
Ockandcr, tho genius of street paving
in this oity. Mr. Ojkandcr's bid was
the lowest of all the largo number
opened and ho will most likely got tho
contract. There is no one hore but
would be pleased to hear that ho had
secured it. His exoollont, conscien
tious and skilful work on the Waco
streets, aro a tribur.o of honor to a
most worthy man, who if ho has errod
in his own work has never erred in
his own favor. His work has always
boen a littlo better than that nomin
ated in tho bond.
But bonodtted by going to J. II
Shope, tho Soot Cash Grooerman, ue
has tho Lowest Prices on tho best
Grooves of any ono in Waco, ho
soils tho bost
Sugar Cured Ham at $ .10$
Best Patent Flour 1.40
3 lb Tomatoes per oan 10
Lion aud Arbuuklo Coffee 22
Fresh Butter per lb '2U
Mormon Sweet Potatoes per pock 25
Yellow Yam Swoet Potatoes 40
also he has a full liuu of Garden
Seeds, Seed Potatoes and Onion Sots
he also has a fine lino of Can goods,
evaporated fruits of all kinds, Rais
ens 10 lb for 1.00 Turnips, CabbajiO,
Krout, Pioklos and many other goods
too numorous to moutiou and all these
goods will bo sold at a reduced price fur
spot Cash.
Remember tho placo 205 South 3rd
below Franklin. J. H. SnorE,
Transfers of Real Estate
Reported by tho Waco Abstract
nnu Investment Company, 119 South
Fourth streot, Waco, Texas.
J N Byrd and wifo to J B Waddell
and wife, 100 aoros of J D Webb
league, $1 and partition.
T L Glover and wifo to S W Rtuv.
den, half interost in 100 acres R S
fcpps Burvey and J2U acres in Freo
stono oottntv, $2-105 und others.
RGHotuhkiss and wifo to A P
Barr ot al. lots 5 and 0. block'iO. Mo.
Grceor. S525.
George Ivranser to Juo Sohiemens,
00 acres B W Owoos survey, $800.
W W Larmour Jr. by sheriff to A
M Gribble, lots 1 and 2, block 12,
Baylor addition, $25
J S Mills and wifo to Wru Morri
son, lots 1 and 2, block 28, Glenwood
addition, $1300.
Win Osborn to Paul Downing, lots
9 and 10, block 7, Fairview addition,
$570 SI 2-3.
Clara P Smith to Wm Morrison,
50x105 foot, lot in farm lot 27, Waco,
Heirs of J S Wills to J L Hunter,
interest in 00 acres of Manohaou
grant, $1 and other considerations.
City of Waoo to F O Rogers, lot
50, bloolc 4 Oakwood Cometery, $25
Total Feb. 11, 1892, $0552.81 2-3
County Treasurers Report.
Tho following is a condensed report
of county Treasurer R. S. Ross to tho
county commissioners for tho quarter
ending February 12, 1802.
Amount broucht ror waul from last
quarter .... .S !),0S8 CJ
Amount received Blucu last quarter,... 15,810 53
Total 25.747 21
By Amount of disbursements 7,837 65
Balance on ha'd ... 17,810 85
Amount brought forw.irtl from last
quurter 387 93
Amount rocelvod slnco last quarter,. . . 12, & 0 0 1
Total 12,S37iS-i
Amount of disbursoment 3,373 12
Ualaneoon band 0,014 St
Amount brought forward from last
quarter 2,386 45
Amount received Blnco last quarter,,. 'i.UO UO
llalanceou band 1,360 1.1
It 8 Uosq, County Treasurer.
Examined and approved by tbe County Cora-
Mrs. Maud Lord Drake tho eminent
spiritualist who will lecturo at the
City Hall on Sunday ovening, is said
to possess the gift of healing in-a mar
velous degree. An instanoo of her
great power, given in tho las,; day or
two, is thrilling tho anxious hoarts
watohing long and hopelessly about
ono sick bed.
Tho Hobson line runs to tho Waoo
Greonhouso 14th and Barron street.
All bills duo the News for advertis
ing from July 15th aro payablo to
ft. Christopher or his authorized col
lector. This applies also to sub
scribers. FOR SALE,
1000 aore farm, 500 in cultivation, all
first olass prairio land. Ton houses,
barns, shods, wells and ono never
failing spring.
Small farms of 100 or 200, 320 or 400
asres oaoh, and many others ohcap
and on easy terms.
Uangingin nurabor of aores of 320, 500
1200, 1400, 1806 and 3,000, situatod
near Waoo. We can soil special bar
gains in houses, lots and business
Bell & Sassasnaii,
Real Estato and Rontal Agents, 111
South Fourth 6troot, Waoo, Texas.
To the Lovers of Art In Photo
graphv. Having moved to my now Rallory
over 701 and 703, Austin stroot, (the
old Hinohuiau Building), I am now
better prepared than ever to givo the
pooplo of Waoo tho finest Photos in
tho state. Tho beautiful "ansto" (so
highly endorsed by tho loading ca
cries,) in all its beauty, at my studio,
I will havo on exhibition for a few
days, an elegant oil portrait of Mr?.
Goo. Clark, by Mons. Do Gissao, whioh
has been framed in a very handsome
"Florontino" lrame, making a portrait
well worth a visit, to all, and more
especially 10 tho tho ladies.
I will bo glad to woKome my old
and many now customors. Don't for
got my now addross, over 701 and 703
Austin Avo.
Deank, Photographer,
Gato's jey
West Cigars
Cigar and Newsdoalers, 101 South
Fourth street.
At less than
First Cost.
Only sixteen days more and tho St.
Louis Shoo Storo closes its doors, Now
is your opportunity to buy Ladies and
Gents lino Shoes at less than first cont.
Thoso are tho finest good over brought
to Waoo, and if wo havo your sizo, wo
aro sure to tmit you iu the prico. A
fino lino of Children's Shoes at lesi
than it cost to manufacture Come
early and seo thoso goods and avoid
tho rush. Any boot in tho houo $1.50
Corner SixtL and Austin,
5 Cents Each.
A two-hole mouse trap, 21 clothes
pins, a tin dipper, a big pressed pan,
1 limp ohimncy, a covered bucket, a
tin funnel, 1 iron stand, a tin scoop, 1
dish mop. 2 pie plates, big box tioke,
a large gratur, 2 boxos matches, big
potato masher, a kitchen spoon, a
nutmeg grater, a stovo lifter, 1 pack
ago good envelops, a box slato pencils,
a large tablet, 1 oan opener, a woodea
spoon, a good taek lifter, 1 paper filo,
I padlook, a paiut brush, 1 maohino
oil oan, a bottle good machine oil, a
strong hitching ring, a pair hinges, 1
wiro tea strainer.
?03 Austin avo , bot. Gth and Hth sta.
Had not Slept for Years.
Mr. A. Jaokson, an old resident of
Rusk, Texas, and manager of the mag
nificent now hotol at Rusk, informs us
he had not slept at night for years
except in short naps, owing to inces
sant coughing. Ho was advised when
very raunh run down to try Ballard's
Horelnund Syrup; ho was immediate
ly relieved of his cough aud his reat
improved to suoh a degrco that ho
could sleep soundly all night; Mr.
Jaokson states: "I regard Ballard's
Hcrohound Syrup superior to any
Cough Syrup on the market, and its
froedom from opium and morphine
leave no constipation after using it.
For this reason alono I consider it tho
best cough syrup in the world for
ohildron. My lungs aro now stronger
than thoy havo boen for yoars. This
syrup is very soothing to tho throat
and lungs."
Sold by H. C. Risber & Co.
Tho Pool Open Again.
The repairs at the Natatorium ate
completed. Somo big improvements
have beon made; tho pool is full onoe
nioro of clear, sparkling hot water.
'Ihe tub, necdlo and vapor baths aro
complete and as pcrfcot as any in tho
oountry. Tho publio is invited,
Toji Padoitt, prop,
E. E. Thompson sells wall paper at
5o per roll, real valuo 15c per roll,
(seo thoso elegant designs in wall
paper from 5o to $'.3.50 per roll.)
Daokloa's A.rnlo Halve.
Tho best salvo In tho world for outs,
bruises, sores, uloers, salt rhoum, fe
ver soros, tottor, ohappod hands, chll
blalns, oorns and all skin eruptions,
und posltlvoly rares piles, or no pay
required. It Is guaranteed to give
satisfaction or iKiuoyrofundod. Price
26 cents a box. For sale by W. B
Morrison A Oo.

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