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Arrlvo Every Morning.
Fresh unit water fish.
lied Fish, Trout, Flounders, .dressed
Catfish, etc. Also ,
Throo fchiptneots a wook of Oysters.
They nro Rookaway Oysters, tho
beet on tho iimtkot, Try them,
Ah three phtpmontH a week of Leh-
niannV Berwick Bay Oysters, woll
known to the trade.
Also receive consignments of all
kinds of game. At 717 Austin
Cheap Medium anil 'Fine
Paper Hangings and Decor
ations, Window Glass, Var
nishes etc. Sole agent for
j. W. John's celebrated
Asbestus Paints. Full line
of Colors, Brushes and every
thing kept in a first-class
Wall Paper and Paint Store.
404 Austin Street,
318 Anvtlu Avoiino.
Hartley & Burleson,
flood , Juti unit !oiiiiii(irr.lal
206 South TLlrd Street, 5rar .tlltcliell Home,
A Trial OrilerSollcllvil.
Euoenk Williams. Wt. W. Evans.
Williams & Evans
Atty's $ Counsellors at Law,
ommercial House.
Cor. Eighth y Clay Ste.
Only tiro hlocht Houth of Ho. 1'aelflti It. It.
Terms reasonable. Commercial
Travel especially solicited.
Mrs. N. H. Kirkpatrick.
Have you not heard ahout it??
Well, lam selling,
20 pounds granulated sugar for $1.00
Perfection corn (best in tho world)
(or 12 1 2 eents per can.
3 pounds standard tomatoes at 10
cents per can.
Arbuokle's coffco 22 12 ots. ber poet.
Irish Potatoes 25 cents per bucket.
Best patent flour $1.40 per sack,
loe S. Thompson.
Tho Grocer
m m m
E. E. Thompson sails wall paper at
'r,c per roll, real value 15o per roll,
ego those olegant designs in wall
paper from 5o to $2.50 per roll,)
Parker Bros, can sell you goods
below manufacturers prices, Soe
thoir (roods and get thoir prices.
Have you used an Etnbreo McLean
For tho next thirty days, see our
prioes. They will astonish you,
Parker Brob.
My Store Goouino maplo syrup
reduced from 40 to 25o. por quait
can. tf
' Tho boBt restaurant tn town, Joe
liohman's, No. 117 South Fourth
(Elegant room moulding slightly
damaged at your own prico at Thomp.
son's E. E.)
1- HflF.S
mL .
BB t
Desire to
Present their -'Compliments
Their friends and say
they are now with
Oribble - Bros.
305 A ii xllii Ave,
They would esteem lfa
favor to see them and
sell thru iluo Groceries
as i ow ap thty can be
bought anywhere In the
J. D Lofiln's Bargains for Saturday
3 3 lb cans of Vanguard best
peaches $ 50
Dodson & Hill's best in pints,
ketohup 20
Superior Chili sauoe, pint b'ts. 25
2 lb cans blakbcrrifs, 5 for 50
1 lb can Monarch B Powder for 15
Good family fanoy flour, per sk. 1 25
Tho best green ouffee 5 lbs for 1 0o
Navy beans, 525 lbs for 1 00
Hominy, 30 lbs for 1 00
Best preserves, per pound 09
30 lbs grits for 1 00
Dried pples,viuarters, best 16 lbs 1 00
And all othor goods too numerous to
mention. Please call early and leave
your orders, as I have a great rush on
Saturdays. Yours for low prices.
J. D. Loftin,
At Cbas Rast's Old Stand.
A Good Showing.
Tho county commissioners havo
fixed the rate of taxation of McLen
nan county for tho present year as fol
lows: Twolvo cents for general purposes,
fifteen cents for roads and bridges and
six cents for sinking and bond fund.
This is a good showing and speaks
volumes for this county. It is a re
duction of ono cent from the rate of
last year and muoh smaller than that of
any county in tho state that has a pop
ulation as great or greater numerically
us McLennan.
Liver Complalnt-Bllliousnoss.
The chief symptoms of this disease
are depression of spirits, foul coated
tonguo, bad tasting mouth, disagrcea
bio breath, dry akin with blotches
and eruptions, sallow eomploxion and
yellow oyeB, tirod aohing shoulders,
dull pain in right side, faintness, diz
ziness and irregular bowols. This
complaint in all its forms oan be
readily cured by taking Dr. Gunn's
Improved liver pills as directed, and
a lingering spoil of Mcknoss will often
bo warded off by their use. Sold at
25ots a box by V. B. Morrison &
1 '
Saturday Specialties.
3 lb Can Tomatoes, $1.10 drz.
Genncuso Canned Corn $1 20 per
Florida Oranges, freBh.
Now York Seod Potatoes.
Am o70rstocked in Preserves, finest
lino in tho city, selling at cost.
Best $1.50 per gallon whisky in
Finest California bottled wines, at
35 oonts por quart, best bargain over
offered in Wboo.
At J. A. Early's.
Tolmcco Wo'idi'ltH Wulght In Silver.
In England tho first pipes used ap
pear to havo been mndo of clay, with
naiTow bowls and contracted mouths.
Then, as tho habit grow stronger and
tobacco becamo cheaper, something
rnoro capacious would bo required.
Theso aro tho pipes which, under tho
nnmo of "fairy pipes," aro somo
times dug up and preserved as inter
esting relics of tho past. Aubrey,
writing about 1CS0, says: "Tho Eng
lish people first had silver pipes, but
tho ordinary sort mado uso of walnut
shell and strnwe. I havo heard my
grandfather say that ono pipo was
handed from man to man 'round tho
tablo. Within theso thirty-fivo years
'twas scandalous for a divino to take
tobacco. It was then sold for its
wayte in silver. I havo heard somo
of our old yeoman neighbours say
that when thoy went to market they
culled out their biggest shillings to
lay in tho scales against tobacco; now
tho customers of it aro tho greatest
his majesty hath." All tho Year
Tho LlmlM or tlio Madnrn Drama.
Tho debato at tho London Play
goers' club on Tuesday evening was
remarkably interesting. Mr. R. Jopo
Slado's paper on "Conventionality in
Art" was an excellent plea for good,
sound, old fashioned notions, as op
posed to tho fads of tho hour. Mr.
David Christie Murray, tho chair
man, delivered an oration which con
tained not a few well dealt blows at
tho "naturalistic young gentleman."
Well said and to bo remembered was
tho following ndmirablo seutenco:
"There- aro," said ho, "phases of life
and thought with which tho drama
tist should havo nothing to do. Any
thing which wo could not possibly
discuss beforo a mixed company in
privnto ought not to bo dramatized
beforo a mixed company in public."
London Saturday Roviow.
It YVs SomctlilnK i:ic.
Whilo a Baker streot car was boing
accidentally rolled along at a speed
of four miles an hour tho other after
noon tho connection with tho draw
bar broke and tho whifllotrees fell
down at tho horses' heels. Tho noise
was enough to momentarily alarm
all tho passengers aud overybody
sprang up. Among them was a
motherly looldng woman, with n
dozen eggs in a basket. After sho
had ascertained what had happened
sho sat down and remarked:
"Well, I declare if I didn't jest say
to myself whon tho smash camo that
tho children had broken another
lamp chimney or pulled tho teapot
oil tho tablo I" Detroit Freo Press.
VIbIoiib of Yon 11 k Children.
Somo children transcend tho opium
eater in their capacity for seeing vis
ions, projecting clearly defined im
ages boforo thom on tho darkness;
Btrango figures, largo, saucer oyes,
liko thoso of tho dog in tho fairy talo,
floating detached from any sotting,
or even fiendish faces. It is curious
to find Do Quincy comparing his ex
periences on tho matter with a little
box, oxchnnging notes on tho fre
quency and the manner of theso ap
pearances. "I can tell them to go,
and thoy go," said tho child; "but
sometimes thoy como whon I don't
tell them to como." Argosy.
A 1'oplnr That Does Nut Seed.
It does not seem to bo generally
known that tho Lombardy poplar
uovor seeds; it is simply a variety of
auothor poplar, and lias to bo in
creased wholly from cuttings, Tho
pollen bearing form, so far aB known,
is not in this country. Tho plant is
wholly pistillate. Median's Monthly.
Furniture apd Carpets.
V JrJ : ..Sr '-v
A, JSucldexi Rise
Makes some people gidt y, but a look at our handsome stock of
FURNITURE and CARPETS restores them to their usual state
We keep a full assortment of that stylish OAK FURNITURE
about which the world is raving. We also keep a stock of all the
popular materials, all in the newest shapes, and at prices that would
make a blind man stare.
Come in and look at these roods and hear terms nnrl nnVoo mn
offer and then you can decide about
we carry the best lolclingbcd in
vr vsv
FmstaBass Ousapantesd
Watch, Clock and Jewelry
XEi 1 1 ING.
Plain and Artistic Engraving.
620 Austin Avenue.
RAfeviisiim flqcnl Jk
"i! n 1 ,:. , j
vjuu uiuuu auv lino 01 au- .i.
'J vertising more effectively and I.
more economically than any ad- T
vertiser can.
Scleoi lliu boat auKXT you know
Let bint ilnce MXofyour advertising
Deal frmikly with lilm
Tnko Ills nilvlce.
lour business will then uu
worth his oarofu! atten-J
will servo you
Telephone the News Office and
the advertising agent will call on you
and make you happy.
(E. E. Thompson has a fow more of
thoso damaged paints and wall paper
for sale at your own prico.)
For Saturday Only.
Fresh eggs at loo per doz
Fresh country butter at 20o por
Murphy's sugar cured hams at llo
per pound.
B. Bacon at 10o per pound,
Fanoy apple at 40c por bucket.
Fresh potatoes at 25o per bucket,
Yam potatoes at 40o pur bucket.
5 pounds lima beans,
5 pounds Navy beans,
5 pounds blaok eyed peas,
5 pounds green Ssotoh poas,
All for 50 cents.
100 pounds fanoy Tokay Toa at 25o
por pound, formerly bold at 50o.
California ovaporatcd apriootB, 8
pounds for $1.
Califoruia evaporated pears, 8
pounusjor $1
Californi p
potted plums, 8 pounds
for $1.
California sweet black berries 12
pounds for $1.
California S. S. Poaches 15 pounds
for SI.
5U0 pounds ObIi to arrive for tomor
row trade and lots of other bargains tit
O. J. MlLLEIt'S,
The Cas.h Grocer.
Dookcry and Co , Firo Insuranco
Agents Provident Building. Best
companies and oloso ntion to in
terests of insurers.
et food IJii
f3gk Ho
Ck r J, 7 . y V
- mm
2S 'l-'-O J
the United States, "The Winsor."
Tulia .Lots.
Garden spot of tho groat Pnnhandlo.
Itioh loamy soil. Groat wheat country.
Tulia ."Lots.
Tulia is tho county scat of SwiBher
county. Ono of tho finest counties
in tho great Panhandle. Court houso,
chnrohes, schools, ac, &o.
Tulia .'Lots.
Swisher oounty is dovoloping rapidly.
Thousands aro going to tho Pnnh au
dio daily and the man with tho plow
is daily going to Swisher eounty.
Tulia Lots.
A pretty town in tho prettioet country
in tho world. Land level as a floor
and produoing immonso crops of all
cereals, vegetables and fruits.
Tulia Lots.
Everlasting frccstono puro wator in
illimitable quantities at twenty-tivo to
thirty feet.
Tulia Lots.
Aro in a growing town, ia a growing
oounty. Property is advancing daily
and will continuo to advanco in a way
to maba tho head swim. Buy now.
Don't delay a day. Lots cheap as
dirt at pricoB now asked.
For maps, plats and othor particu
lars apply to
411 Franklin street.
Pure and whito lard in bulk
10 cents per pound at Oimi'PEn'h
oorncr Fifth and Franklin.
(E. E. Thompson has a fow more of
thoao damaged paints and wall paper
lor sale at our own price.)
To Subscribers.
Turtles who fall to got their paper
promptly will confer a favor on The
News by notifying ub by mall or tol
pliono, and tho luuttur will bo rem
edied immediately.
1 a 1
A Sprained Anklo.
This is a common ooourranco and
ono that will lay people up ordinarily
six to eight wcoks, yet wo will guar
antee Ballara's Snow Linamout to
euro any case of spriincd anklo in 1
to .'S days if applied at ono, and im
mediately relievo all pain, Snow Liu
auient will cure any edd soro on man
or boast. It will heal all wounds and
cures Sprains, Burns, soaldK, bruises,
boro throat, soro ohcbt, In mo buck,
corns, bunions, For rheumatism,
Lumbago, unuralgiit, oontraoted ruus
clcs it has no equal. Do not allow
any other white linaments to bo put
off ou ou for Snow Liuament, Thoro
s no other like it. Ark for Ballard's
Snow liiimmunt. Sold by II. C.
llishcr & Co.
(Tho latest designs in ingrains
Thompson hangs them on common
walls with success.)
i -535sst--?3-i- - eri -

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