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waco vim: in:vAivraiKX'v.
Locution of Flro Alarm llnxc.
4 Fifth Ward Flro Station Btrlkcs
5 Corner 9ih ami Austin '
C " 4th " ' "
" 7 Central Flro Station '
' ' 8 Went Kntl Fire station "
" 13 Corner 14 h snit Washington "
1 ti mi
i tun
' m urn
Ath nnd Malboroauh
bthaad Coiiimbas "
Stlinnd JncVuon "
4th ami Webstar "
8th mid Cleveland "
5th and Speight "
Ctlinmt ValiliiEton '
" S3 Roynl Hotel 6th ami Franklin
so wooieu x:us iim nnu jinry
"37 Corner 10th and Jefferson iii-iiiiii:
All boxos numbeipit above 8 strike tlins)
Bor 13 strikes 1 and (tops, then strikes 11)
in&Unp Uox 13, then ropents four times.
Box 25 strikes II anil stops, thou strikes 1III
making Uox 23 aid so on.
diiikctions roii oinso ai.ahm.
Keys will bo fonnd In residences on each coi
ner where boxen are located. Open Flro AI arm
Boxes ami pall Hook down and let go. Leave
key In box.
Torn alarm In only for Urea. 10.00 tine for
false alarms.
Slow tapping of bella signify company
Second Friday In each month ea-h box Is
tapped twice, tcstlnit boxes and circuit Udo
when alarm of lire In give the Flro Depart
ment haB the right of way on all streets. All
vehicles mnst drive near the sidewalk and keop
away from the lire. tJ.OO lino for running over
Heport or any careless driving going to or
from Arcs by the Klro Department will be
thankfully received by tho Chief, as fast aiid
carolers driving U stnokly forbidden.
BiB Muddy I Big Muddy! Big Muddy
Joe Lohman's for ioo oream and
oonfeotionoricn 117 South Fourth
(Tho latest designs in ingrains
Thompson hangs them on comuiui
Malls with Bucoess.)
Joo Lohman is tho most popular res
taurant man in Texas. His plaoc
117 South Fourth street.
o tokson.
Sleoper, Clilton & (Jo. havo added a
repairing department in connection
with their shoe store. All repairing
of boots and shoes neatly done
Charges reasonable. Leave your
shoes to be halfsoled at Sleeper, Clif
ton & Co's corner of Fourth and
A.ustin streets.
Happy Roosters.
Wm. Timmons, Postmaster of Ida
villo, Ind., writes: "Electric Bitters
has dono more for me than all other
medicines combined, for that bad
feeling arising from Kidney and Liver
trouble." John Leslie, farmer and
stockman, of same place, says: "Kind
Electrio Bitters to be the best Kidnpy
and Liver medicine, made me feel liko
a new man." J. W. Gardner, hitrd
waro merohant, game town, says:
Electric Bittors is just the thing for a
man who is all run down and don't
care whether he lives or dies, ho found
now strength, good appetite and felt
just like he had a now lease on life.
Only 50c. a bottle, at W. B. Morrison
& Co's , Drufx Store.
MflRHADUKE h"5".?0
' .... .-.-.: Joung Gentlemen and Boys.
FriiLITARY Sf"" Hygiene. Salt
.'".""' Pths, Gas, Electric LiRht.
U M U T. Ill I Kdn.. Ml KKT BMIIMiS. B".
M. K- & T-
To St. Louis and return on ae
count of National Convention of
Peoples Party
Tickets on sale Fob. 18, 19 and 20,
good for return until Feb. 26, Ke
rnombor tho M. K & T. is tho only
line running double daily trains bo
tween Waco and St. Louis with ele
gant reclining chair oars. Seats free,
and Pullman Sleepers through with
out change.
To How Orleans and Return ou
account of
jViafdi : Gras.
Tiokots on sale February 2S'and 2g
good for return passage 10 day's from
date of salo. For maps, folders, sleop
nig car accommodations, tiokots or
any information, please call on or ad
dr.8', J. E. SMITH,
i.Jc 0tASont ,M-K-andT-lly No
14 South Fourth stioet, Waco, Tex.
k. -.
Fli Tlioiiniinil llnrtfH Hum' Iti-rn Killed
In IV11711 AIdiiu lur I'imhI Tun IIiiiiiIiciI
r-u:iiit Din from IHplitllillu anil
London, Feb. 13. A dispatch from
Penza, capital of the government by
that naino in the southwestern part of
what is known us (.-treat ltisia, is pub
lished in the Chronicle. Tho dispatch
my that the thermometer registers fit.
degrees below zero and that there is ter
riblo MiiTering among the peasants. A
number of hum have been frozen tc
death on tho high roads and so intom-ely
cold is it that birds drop dead from tree:
in which thoyTiavo sought shelter. None
of tho children iu Penza aro allowed to
go to school.
A trmintity of grain for the famint
sufferers has arrived at Penza, but it is
impossible to distribute it among the
peasants in the Mirrounding country
owing to the fact that nearly all tlit
horses have been killed for food or sold
to procure money with which to buy
tho necessaries of life. Five thousand
horses have been killed in Penza alone,
and it is estimated that several million
draught animals have been killed
throughout the empire since autumn.
So far the sinall-iiox and diphtheria
are decimating the inhabitants. Around
Penza 200 ioasants havo died lrom the
diseases. The dispatch adds that in tlit
governments of Samara, Laratov ' and
Nijni Novgorod tho conditions aro far
worse than in Penza. In these three
governments thousands of peasants have
fallen victims to hunger, the typhus and
other epidemic diseases. In tho govern
ments of Charkov and Kazan the typhus
fover is especially terrible in its ravages.
Tho inhabitants are dying oil' by the
hundreds; whole families have been
stricken by tho disease and have died,
not a singlo member recovering. The
records show that in the vicinity of
Penza 17,l)(i(i persons men, women and
children am fed by charity.
Killing of Von llnl.uril.
P.UUrt, Feb. lo Several ot tho news
paiers of this city publish a rumor that
the Itussian general, Yon llofsord, wht
was found dead with a bullet hole in his
head and by his side a revolver, in the
hotel Louvre, was the victim of nihili-ts.
The rumor has it that he incurred the
enmity Of the nihilists, and that for a
long time they have been waiting an op
portunity to revenge themselves upon
him. Yesterday the upport unity came,
and ho was assassinated by a man who
had been watching his movements foi
sometime past. It is not known posi
tively what babis theru is for this rumor,
but the published reports agree in some
of its details with those connected with
tho murder of General SeliveratoiF, thu
head of the Russian secret servico in
Paris, who was found .shot in his apart
ments in the Hotel Da Dado in Novem
ber, 1800. He died the day afterward.
It soon transpired that he had been shot
by a Polo named Padlewski, who was
employed as a waiter in the Franeo-Kus-sian
club and who was well known to
his intimate friends as a rabid uihili.it.
Every effort was made by the French
police and tho Russian secret agents to
capture Padlewslci, but through tho aid
rendered to him by a French journalist,
who subsequently published a full ac
count of his connection with the affair,
Padlewski was smuggled out of France,
and tho police weie never able to capture
lnm. Intelligence has reached hero
within a short time that Padlewski
made his way to the United States and
that ho either committed saicide or was
killed at the city of S.m Antonio, in
Mrs. OhIiuiiui Ai imI'-iiimI.
London, Feb. 13. Mrs. Florence Eth-j
ei usnorno was Drought lrom Holloway
jail to tho Bow street police court,
whero she was arraigned beforo thu
magistrate to answer to tho charge ol
perjury made against her in connection
with tho libel suit brought against hoi
friend, Mrs. Hargrave, who charged hot
with tho theft of a iinantity of valuable
jewelry. Mrs. Osborne, accompanied
by her husband, presented a most piti
ful sight. She wept bitterly, bearing
her head in her hands so her face could
not bo seen. Captain Osborne stood bo
sido her outside the dock, and held one
of her hands in his own and strived tc
infuse her with courage to faco tho try
ing ordeal. After tho prisonor was for
mally committed for trial, it developed
today that tho treasury prosecution of
Mrs. Osborne is based on a charge ol
larceny as well as perjury.
.KUln,l Cattle liiipni tiitlon.
London, Feb. 13. Tho agitation
against live cattio imports is gaining
strength. Following tho Times, the
Morning Poot says: In tho preseuco ol
tho grave danger of tho spread of the
disease to British herds tho most obvious
dictates of common sense say close the
English ports. Wo aro spending millions
of pounds to suppress disease among
homo animals, yet with inexplicable fa
tuity, leave tho doors open at tho ports.
Tho closuro of tho ports to live animals
would make no difference to tho iinporU
of dead meat nor raise tho price.
Boll's Weekly Messenger indicates tho
soriousness of tho present outbreak and
urges public support of Chardjn, if nec
essary, to stop all imports of live cattle.
.ItlllM'lllslH Mill TlOtlllll'MIIIH'a
Xr.nra, Spain, Fob. 13. Tho execution
of anarchists hete Wednesday has not
had tho effect of putting a stop to an
urcbist iiiritiitimi. Snvwnl Icinils nl
anarchists have been marauding in the
country close to Xeies, but detachments
of gendarmes were tent after them
whereupon they took to flight. Thu
gendarmes aro still in pursuit. From
Cadiz today comes tho intelligence thai
the police of that city havo arj-csteil
three anarchists, who, when searched,
were found to bo armed with long, keeii
daggers. Thoy had in their possesion .".
quantity of documents, couched hi the
usual liery anarchistic style, calling
upon tho people to avenge the deaths in
the executed anarchists and right the
many wrongs which working peopk
1'i'H llfiiilliini; In (hi- I'lri'iiliict'.
Madison, hid.. Feb. 13. Albert Ends,
nged 22. was suddenly seized with a
spasm while alone at his father's Iioush
in Manvillo. this county, and fell head
long in the open fireplace. On hit
father's return homo he found Albert
still lying in the fireplace, literally
roasted alive. Everything jiossible was
done to alleviate his sufferings and save
his life until today, when death came to
his lelief. The unfortunate young man's
right hand and part of his arm were
burned off. His eyes were also destroyed,
nnd on being picked up pieces ot his
liesh dropiied from his body.
31rs. 4ii:it". riiistr.ilt'il.
Dknvi:u. Feb. 13. Mrs. Dr. Graves,
tin company with several friends, ar
rived in Canon City for the purpose ot
seeing the doctor at the penitentiary.
Mrs. Graves is extremely feeble, and
had to bo assisted to and from the car
riage which conveyed her to tho hotel
from the depot. She is so ill that it has
been thought best not to take her to see
the doctor for a day or so. Dr. Graves
knows of his wife's arrival, and will try
to persuade her to return to their friends
in tho east. Mrs. Graves' mind is still
slightly befogged.
Cniitnlu ISiigaKliis on link A;alii.
YinciiNiA, 111., Feb. 13. In sporting
circles the match which has just been
arranged between Captain A. II. Bogar
dus and Georgo Rexroat of this placo is
attracting a great deal of attention. Tho
affair will tako placo at tho fair grounds
in this city Feb. 2." and a largo number
of prominent sportsmen aro expected to
be present. One hundred live pigeons
will bo iis-ed. Tho match will bo for
$100 a side.
A Kcnliit-lcy Killing'.
PiNr.viu.i:. Ivy., Feb. 13. A messen
ger brings news of a sensational killing
at Headquarters on Redbird river in
Clay county, thirty miles from here.
Bob Sizemore, a well-to-do citizen, fired
upon Felix Farmer, Gerald Baldwin and
an unknown man from his homo as they
were passing. The compliment was
quickly returned and Sizemoro killed.
The killing is supposed to be the out
growth of former trouble.
Ills Last SIiip Walk.
Hinii BitiDnr.. X. ,T., Feb. 13. Benja
min Fntls. a wealthy fanner living at
Sunnyside, this county, has been for
years a victim of somnambulism. Sun
day night ho arose in his sleep and
wandering through the houso fell head
foremost downstairs. He broke his neck,
dying instantly. Ho was tho owner of
several of the finest farms in tho county.
A wife and three children survive him.
A Xru ltial to Tca.
Toi'KKA, Kas., Feb. 13. Tho charter
of the Arkansas City, Oklahoma and
Texas Railroad company has been filed
with the secretary of state. It contem
plates constructing a road from Arkan
sas city southwest to Oklahoma thence
to Texas.
You lit; J 'air Drail.
San FitA.vcisCO, Feb. 13. James G.
Fair, aged 2!l, eldest son of ex-Senator
Fair, died suddenly early this morning
from heart failure.
Wi'iiwis on StriKi!.
Jacksonville, 111., Feb. 13. Tho
weavers of tho cotton mills havo struck,
their trouble being over the discharge of
certain men and their demand for nine
hours' work a day.
It Strengthens tho Weak, Quiets the
Nerves, Relieves Monthly
Suffering and Cures
jHATTANOOGA MED. CO., Chattanwgj, Term.
If you want a clerk, bonk keeper, office
man, salesman, butler, enand boy,
porter, or a mechanic of any kind,
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The News.
If you want a servant, cook, nurse,
seamstress, housekeeper or anv
other female help, you an always
obtain the very best by advertising
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The - Iew.
If your house, flat, room, store, build
ing or stable is vacant, you can a 1
most invariably obtain a satisfac
tory tenant by making the fact known
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The - JTews.
If you have city, suburban or country
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change for real estate, you can pret
ty surely find a buyer or
through the Cheap Columns of
The ?Jlrew.
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nounce the factiin the ;Cheap
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The -fUTews.
Business notices of all kinds are cer
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Columns of
The - News.
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compared to the results you obtain,
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experiment, you try au ad. in the
Cheap Columns of
The - News.
Estimating an average of five readers
to every copy of The News sent
to subscribers, the number of read
ers of each daily issue of The
iivt ji' '( no
nothing but absolutely Puke Liq
uors and Finkst ok Winks are
offered customers. A full stock
Spanish Hand-made Cigars.
Remarkable Rescue.
Mrs. Michnel Curtain, Plainficld,
111., makes the fctaturnent that sho
caugbt cold, which settled on her
Lunga; sho was treated lor a month
by her family physician, but grew
worse. lie told her she wbb a hopeless
victim of consumption and that no
medicine could oure her. Hor drug
gist suggoHted Dr. King's Now Dis
covery for Consumption; sho bought
a bottle and to her delight found her
self benefited from tho first dose.
She continued its use and after taking
ton bottles, found herself sound and
well, now does her own houEowork
and is as well as sho ever was. Free
trial bottles of this Groat Disoovery
at W. B. Morrison & Co's. Drug Store,
large bottles 50c. and SI. 00.
To tho Ladies.
Mrs. F. J. Sullivan has romove d he
dressmaking establishment to 60D 1-2
Austin avenue, up-stairs over tho
"Leader," where sho will bo glad to
see her patrons and friends.
Items nnd communications inteudod
tor thin department should bo sont to
So. 300 North Twelfth stroot or tele
phoued to No. 30. on or before Friday
afternoon of each weok, fn order to
receive proper attontlon. Nows
notes recoivod after 10 o'clock Satur
day morning cannot appear until the
next wook, howovor much we ruay
regrot tho dolay.
Remarkable Rescue.
Mrs. Michael Curtain, Plainfiold,
III., makes the statement that sho
oaught oold, which settled on her
lungs; she was treated for a month by
her family physician, but grew worse.
tie told hor she was a hopeless victim
of consultation and that no medicine
could euro hor. Her druggist sug
gested Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, she bought a bottle
and to her delight found herself bene
fited from first dose. She continued
its uso and after taking ten bottles,
found herself sound and well, now
does her own housework and is as
well as she ever was. Free trial bot
tles of this Great DiBcovory at W. B.
Morrison & Co's , Drug Store, large
bottles 50c. and $L.OO.
Contentment at Homo ucttev
than Jik'hcn Abroad.
As the evening oluulows darken more
deeply the glimmering twilight of a mid
winter day, tho curtains ure drawn, th
butters closed, the lamps are lit, the coal
in the grate piled higher, the easy chairs
drawn nearer to the open lire, nnd th
queenly wife, with her beauteous babe is
her arms, awaits the coming of her hus
band and protector. Tho children, too,
aw&it a father's coming with eager appe
tites, for well they know Ids arrival will
eignal the ringing of the supper bell.
How warm and pleasant it is indoors thi
clear, cold night. What enjoyment of
weaco and contentment hovers around the
wmily lireside. Ah I here is happiness.
H'lt hero comes I'n, his featuics lit up
with a kindly smile, beneath which, how
ever, can be seen a trace of suffering.
Overwork, care and anxiety is breaking
dowu his constitution. He don't sleep
well, he don't cat well, he don't feel well.
His stomach feels weak, his kidneys feel
ore. ho achei all over. No, he says he
don't want any supper, says he feels tired
anu win go to bed. Alai, he Is a sick
man. The morning finds him too ill to
o to nis ollioe; a doctor is sent for, says
le needs rest, and needs it budlv. Sts
uu neeus n goou tonic. Jteconunenus Dr.
John Hull's Sarsaparilhi. Knows the com
position of this remedy, and advises his
patient against taking any other. II
uses tliis remedy, quickly recuperates, and
every one is happy. When you feel weak
and debilitated, when your system craves
a tonic, when eating gives you distress and
your digestion causes pain, when your
back aches and vour kfdneye seem to b
wasting away, take Dr. John Hull's Sarsa
parilla and it will give you health and
strength again.
Edward V. MiuiulnK, Newport, Ky.,wrlteu
"For a year my health had been fullluff. I
lost flesh and strength. My weight decrease
from lf0 lbs. to IIS lb. I sutlcred excruciat
ing pain lu my back and loins, nnd rheu
matism In my left lee mado uio a cripple.
I was advised to try Dr. Hull's Sarfcaparflla,
and used In nil about ten bottles. From tto
tart I trained In ilesh and Improved In every
way. Now again I feel once more myself.
I sincerely believe it saved my life."
WWNesleoMneachlld troubled with worms
U cruel. Olve It Dr. John Hull's Worm De
stroyers. They taste good, are safe, and only
cost 2i cents.
"Lets than one bottle of Smith's Tonle
Srrup cured me of chills and fever." C. D.
Clarke, Frankfort, Mo.
John D. Pam: & Sons, IWwUialt Agentt,
175, OT and 17V Sycamore St., Cincinnati, A

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