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vuwsiciAX AMiaviiaj:os,
Slnto ut Old Corner Drug Btoro.
nillco hours hi residence, irom
p. iii. No. 1 108 South Eljrhth .(
2 to 4
neeiilenco 120N'Jt Keslelenco HUl N lii St.
Physicians and Surgeons.
b, UJAMir.ltSlilOCK.
blste Bt Old Cornor Drug Btoro. Telepnone
M Ollicu mid ItesMonciB.
Office on Austin Street over
First National Bank.
207 South Fffll! Street.
Best coal in any quantity
delivered promptly. Prices
as low as the lowest.
207 South Fifth Street.
Hotel Royal Bar.
Haydon & Ilayden, proprietors.
Neat and quiet. Very finest wines,
and liquors. Super!) lunch at 10.
Old friends and customers as well
new will meet a hearty welcome.
Everybody goes to Joe Lonman'e
when they want a good meal, or iie
Tho Big Muddy lump is strictly
cold-weather ooal. Telephono Egan
or coal.
Buy the "Big Muddy" lump coal
Keep warm and givo v our imaginaiton
a rest. "Telephone Egan for coal."
For tho best and freshest beof,pork
mutton, veal, eparcribs, fish and
oysters i o 10 (Jrippen corner Fifth
and Frankling
Uur goods and our prices do our
advertising, we find it best in the
long run.
Parkek Biiob.
Great enro has been taken in tho
arrangement of tho young men's mcot
ing tomorrow, at tho rooms, at 4
o'.look. Prof. Landrum of tho Waco
Female College will mukc a 15 inin-
Doekory and Co , Fire Insurance
Ageuts Provident Building. Best
companies and oloso ntion to in
terests of insurers.
Wo givo employment tomorcpeoplo
and liavo more teams engaged in de
livering our "justly celebrated Bip
Muddy lump" coal than any othei
dealer in the city. "Telephone Egan
for ooal."
You do not havo to draw on your
imagination while seated at a fire of
the "Big Muddy lump." On tho con
trary, you have to "draw baok" from
tho "generous heat." Remember tho
Big Muddy and take no other. Tele
phone Egan for coal.
Steam Sausago Factory.
Fresh Fish.
Fresh .Lard.
Fresh Oysters.
Fresh Sparo Itibs.
All Kinds Meats
And Sausage,
Cheap for Cash,
J. C. Stafford.
m m
Happy Hoosiers.
William Timmons, Postmaster of
Idavillo, Ind., writes: "Eleotrio Bit
ters has dono inoro for mo than all
other medioinos combined, for that
bad fooling arising from Kidney and
Liver troublo." John Leslie, farmer
and stockman, of bamo place, eays:
"Find Eleotrio Bitters to bo tho best
Kidnoy and Livor medioino, mado mo
feol like a now man." J. W. Gardner,
hardwaro merchant, samo town, says:
"Eleotrio Bitters is just the thing for
a man who is all run down and don't
caro whether he lives or dies; ho found
now strength, good appetite and felt
just like he had a now leaso on lifo
Only 50o. a bottle, at W. B. MorriBon"
& Co'a Drug Store.
A Monstrous Monstrosity,
The Now York Metlienl association
nnd nil tho M. D.'h ot tho gioat moti-opo-lia
nro agog over the appearance- ot a
freak of tho most stnitling natuio. This
monster of monstrosities is 11 full 1:1 own
man in the undisputed possession of ,
tin co tongues, four chins, tlneo cheeks
nnd tlneo cats. 0110 of tho latter bonis; as
largo as that of an elephant. Besides tlicr ,
uiieu scjmi.uo tongues liiciuioiicu, tins
uiio.hibHctl treak has four manlier ones,
which boom to bo undeveloped trom
nothing Jiut want ot space. They moan
poifeet in l'oi lnatiou as tho linger ones,
but in 0 so small (less than an inch in
length) that they 1110 not claimed by tho
uuloituimto possessor to bo tongues at!
all. ,
Tho man can speak plainly nnd fluent
ly in tlneo diffeient languages, llo has
four well foimed chins, the lower 0110
being fully ten inches tiom tho nppei
lip. Tlio light sido of his fnco is nor
inal.but tho left is divided into two sep
arato cheeks. What tho doctors con
sider tho most wonderful of nil this
wondeiful creatine's makeup is tho gi
gantic ear on the left side of his head
It hangs down like tho oar ot an ele
phant, measuring exactly twonty-0110
inches from tho crown to tho lower end
of tho lobe! This uminmoth article is
perfect in foiination and use, with the
exception ot its .sizo and the tact that
tho opening is about ten inches below
tho sido of tho head.
This, tho gicatest of tho nineteenth
century human wonders, is Juan .lose
Antonia. Ho was boinaslavo 111 Jeru
salem of Aiabinn slave patents. When
ho was twenty-two yeais of ago ho was
stolen by 11 baud of Arab slno dealers
and taken into Egypt. They kept linn
for soino months in Alexandria and then
took him to Mexico. From tho" last
named country ho escaped and finally
landed in Now Yoik. St. Louis Re
public. l'reili Air In Wiutci.
Why is ftesh air, tho very breath of
our nostrils, ticated by nine-tenths of
ns as nn enemy tin onghout the winter?
It is as essential to health and lifo 111 0110
season as 111 another, and yet from No
vember until May seven-eighths ot us do
our best to barricade our dwellings
against it. It is impossible to prevent
such a close besieger ft 0111 gaming tho
advantago now and then, but wo do
what wo can to iiinke our castles mi
pregnablo to tho outer air. Wo fortify
our doors and windows with contrivances
of all kinds to oxcludo it, and whon
through some oveisight it gams admis
sion wo exhaust tho intinder with over
heated stoves and lurnaces. If we can
not altogether keep it out we can at
least poison it when it gets in.
A fow hunched ot us, congiegaced in
an unvcntilated 1 00111, can soon depnvo
tho air it contains of its vital piinciplo,
and were it not that this sleepless enemy
outsido occasionally makes a plunge into
tho apai tment when a newcomer steps
in to assist in the poisoning opei.ttion,
tho coroners would novcr havo a mo
ment they could call their own. As it
is, tho opponents of ficah air keep them
pretty busy.
Tho occupants of tenement houses, ti
dbit of stopping up crevices with lags
and shutting down the dampers of their
cracked stoves so as to prevent tho egress
of tho coal g.is from their doimitones.
provide the malignant typhus with "all
tho comfortb of a homo," and contrive to
put a large amount of fees into the
pockets of tho coroners during the in
clement months. Self suffocation is
quito an "institution" in this communi
ty. Now Yoik Ledger.
victim r rasiiion.
A correspondent of tho Rockland (Mo.)
Tribune calls attention to tho piesent
scarcity of medricks, thoso swallowliko
bitds that onco havo been counted by
thousands along Alamo bays and har
bors. Their disappeai anco is due pai try
to fishermen who collected their eggs for
food, and who, to insure fresh eggs
mado visits to their breeding places on
two successive days; tho first was to
break all eggs on tho island, tho second
to pick up tho tresh eggs. In this way
many more eggs weie destroyed than
carried away. But in spite ot 1. 1
rifling, desttuctivo as it was, tho binlr
thrived fail ly well until tho ladies' tool;
it info their heads, or rather tho god
Fashion decreed, that their bonnots must
bo adorned with a tern. Then tho etc
structiou began at wholesale.
An enterprising millinery establish
ment sent a collector to tho Alamo coast,
who established himself on an island and
slaughteied thousands. In fact, bo ninny
wero killed that tho price for them, ready
mounted for use, was only twenty cents
each. How easily they could bo killed
uiny be understood when it is known
that whon 0110 of these birds is killed
tho others, instead of flying away, keop
darting down as if to assist their tallou
A You 11 5 Woiiihii's Singular Experience.
Miss Sadie Myers, daughter of Noah
Myers, ot Upper Yoder township, ro
cently recovered from a sovero attack ot
typhoid fever. On Saturday, Nov. 2b,
sho fell into 11 stupor whilo in bed and
lay 'on her back motionless, with hor
eyes wido open, looking directly at tho
ceiling, from Saturday until at tor dm
nor on Wodnesday, Dec. 2, when sho
catne to sufllciontly to tell her relatives
that on Satin day, Dec. C, sho would
como out of tho stupor at 2 o'clock. She
thon foil into another stupor. Exactly
at 2 o'clock sho becamo speechless, but
at 2:25 recovered.
She told her relatives that "sho was
dead and in heaven, heard tho angels
singing, nnd was talking to pooplo sho
know," and then said that sho would get
out of bed on Sundny at 10 o'clock and
eat dinner at tho tablo with tho members
of tho family, which sho did. She fur
ther said that sho would havo two moto
attacks, but not very soon, and in the
second 0110 sho would die. Johnstown
Evlclcnro of l'minor KxperloaotS
Jnmes Richardson, a middlo aged
innn, was pushed into tho receiving'
hospital by a policeman at an early
hour 0110 morning. Ho required sur
gical treatment. Thero was blood
on his face, on his shirt and on his
hands. An interesting assortment of
cuts decorated his scalp and his left
eyo resembled a ripo plum.
"Been fighting?" asked Steward
"Yep," was tho reply from bruited
"Got licked?"
"Yep," nnd tho victim settled back
whilo Freeman went to work with
sponge, necdlo nnd plaster. Whilo at
work Freeman was observing Rich
ardson's nose. That organ was sum 0
what swollen and it pointed over its
owner's right bhoulder, lying almost
flat to the face.
"Noso broken?" tho steward in
quired. "Yep," again answered tho muti
lated man. Freeman beized hold of
Richardson's nnsul organ vigorously
and tried to pull it out straight. If
did not budge, but the man did. H
howled like a wolf and sworo liko a
"Keep still till I fix it," said tho
steward, preparing for another pull.
"Fix I Thunder and great guns!
Young man, that noso was broken
seven years ago and was mended this
way. I don't want it fixed. I havo
got used to it as it is and would bo
lonesome if I could not see it just so.
You let that noso alone." San Fran
cisco Chronicle.
A HorHo'n Attachment to u Companion.
Two Hauoverinn horses had long
served together during tho Peninsular
war in a German brigade of artillery.
They had assisted in drawing tho
samo gun, and had been inseparable
companions in many battles. Ono of
them was at last killed, and after tho
engagement tlio survivor was pick
oted as usual and his food brought to
him. He refused, however, to eat, and
was constantly turning around lua
head to look for his companion, some
times neighing as if to call him. All
tho caro that was bestowed upon him
was of no avail. Ho was burrounded
by other horses, but he did not notice
them, and ho bhortly afterward died,
not having onco tasted food from tho
tiino his former associate was killed.
London Tit-Bits.
TlUlllllo 111 MK ziiulu.
Involutions in countues south of the
United States niu of frceine-nt occut rente,
and some of them pi ou unimportant, but
toincielentes with
icgiud to tho pri
mary causes of
tioublc in seioi.il
cases 1110 w 01 thy
of note, liulnia
ceda came to grief
after having In
volved Chili in
war because ho
tried to incu'UMi
the president's
power, and then
put one of his tools
into ollite. J'rac- PHI SIDI.NT PVLACIO.
tieally Du l'onsecn's career in Hiiiil was a
paiallel one, and the tliitnteneil revolution
in Venezuela will be. if it should ever bleak
out, the direct effett of the , sumo genei ill
A claiiRO in Venezuela's constitution fixes
the term of ollite of the piesident at two
je.ut, and makes him ineligible for re-election.
This provision Dr. Aneluez.i Pnlncio,
pii'snlcut of the republic, dots not liko ami
lie is using e ti y means at his touiinaud to
get congress, which will meet in I'ebiuaiy,
to so amend the iiistiuintut that he may
bu continued without another election for
two years beyond the teim for which he
wiu. oi iginally chosen. IIu has iiupusoned
fearless journalists who have daitd to criti
cise) his acts, anil ho has also caused the ex
pulsion of Dr. Hojas Paul, his pietletessor,
to whom ho owes his present position. An
alliantc has been fountd by tho biainiest
men in Wnoiicln, and unless l'alacic
thanges his tactics beloie long thcio maj
be a tevolutiou.
Tlio KemriiLUnn .if forest.
A pioiuinent .Montana man sounds a note
ot warning well worthy attention. He
says: "When overSO.OOO.OOO.OOO feet of lum
ber are being cut each year it behooves tho
government to make more definite ni range
meats for tho conservation of American
forests. The railroads alone aro using 100,
000,000 tits a j car. Already wo have ar
rived at a stage whero the natural wood
crop in curtain directions shows signs of
exhaustion, aud tho mtro question of ma
terinl supply assumes a national impor
tance." Thero aro moro coral reefs in tho cen
tral Pacific ocenn than olsowhero, though
thoy nbouud in tho Indian ocean, Per
sian gulf, Red sea, Madagascar and
Mauritius and war tho shores of Florida.
Ureiiklng the News.
Jack Coupon, Jr. Why don't vou say
you will bo a sister to me?
Miss Hunter Because 1 am going to
bo your stepmother, Jackie. Sci Miner's
Tho Dullish Language.
That strango and difficult tonguo,
which is supposed to havo onco em
braced tlio greater part of north
eastern Europe, is now pi ncticnlly re
stricted to a remoto nnd sparsely
populated province of tho Russian
cmpiio and, despito tho factitious
support accorded to it in tho past by
tho Russian government, its area
Fcems to bo steadily if slowly reced
iug. Nor is this at all surprising
when wo como to examino tho lau
gungo itself. Finnish grammar is
of a difficulty absolutely repulsive
N0110 of tho other languages of the
samo group is half so hard, nun
garian nay, oven Turkish, despite
tho vexatious initial impediment of
tho Arabic alphabet is easy in com
Tho syntax is at onco provokingly
elaborate and perploxingly obscure,
It possesses fifteen distinct cases and
four and twenty differentiated mfin
itivo forms, but on tlio other hand
thero is no real distinction between
nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prcposi
tious, infinitives nnd participles, sc
that tho student must not bo btnrtled
by finding infinitives reguhuly do
clhicd liko nouns, and nouns talcing
upon them degieesof comparison like
adjectives. Anthenmum.
Ilio Jnl Was Done.
It was a big Fairfield rooster and
ho regularly patrolled tho track of
tho Watcrvillo and Fairfield horse
railroad. Half a dozen times each
day tho drivers would halt their cars
in order to allow tho perverse fowl
to stalk serenely off tho track. In
timo tho rooster becamo a sort ot
railroad specter, and ho was talked
about around tho stables with partio
ulaily lively hatred.
Ono day a bubstituto driver took a
car for a trip. When ho teturued to
tho stablo his faco beamed with ox
ultant malico and ho proudly an
nouueed, "I've killed that dad quiz
zled old rooster; cut his head plum
off, got him right and ran over bini
on purpose."
This was pleasant! until tho now
driver heard tho sequel. Tlio troublo
sorno old rooster belonged to his fa
ther, and ho found tho family lament
ing when ho went homo to dinner.
Ho had been away from homo for a
fow months, and was not posted upon
tho personnel of tho old gentleman's.
Doultrv stock. Lowiston Journal.
Can't he found
tlio equal of Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery. If other medi
cines of its class were liko it, they'd
bo guaranteed. This is. If it
doesn't benefit or cure, in every
case for which it's iccominenelccJ,
you get your money back. It
isn't a "euro-all," hut it docs euro
all diseases arising from a torpid
or deranged liver, or fiom iinpuro
blood. For all Scrofulous, Skin and
Scalp Diseases, it's a jiobitivo rem
edy. Even Consumption, or Lung
scrofula, is cured by it, if taken in
tiino and given a fair trial. That's
all that's asked for it a fair trial.
Then, if it doesn't help you, thero's
no pay. ,
Wo claim it to bo an uncqualed
remedy to purify tho blood and in
vigorato tho liver. "Wo claim it to
bo lasting in its effects, creating an
appotite, purifying tho blood, and
pieventing Bilious, Typhoid and
Malarial fevers, if taken in time.
The timo to tako it is when you
first fctl the higns of icearinm and
weahiess. iiy druggists.
INn. 181)7
mi: vrA'fi:or ti: s,
To thn shpitlYnr un f'nntt,),!.. .,r 1.T ...
COUIltV , (lfi. tllip
..u ' 1'ilplN ilmtnlptrntor nl tlineslnto of
M. linniniul pcceuwl, tail p nled In our
o-.nty Conn IiIk K unl Account ortlii- 11m
illllnu nf f tin lal.iin .if-.i.i.l r i
H tofti'th(rltliaiiDiiil cntlontobarilFcharK
vw ..u... no... ..Millllllcvin.UimilP
vou lire Horcliv (Jimiinnniltil, thntby imMI
cntlon of this n ft f. r 1 ntv ilnj s In a nowspn
per reulnrty linlillshcd li the Comity of Mc
i.onimnjon k ,u ilnnnntlco to oil n roiHlntor
c'Bteul In tli Aieountrnr 1 inn! So lnuunt of
enlil httntu, lei fllo llirlr olijnctions tin re to, if
; ""V "v ior'"'inre in. Mil cu lorm,
1, otnnM County " ourt eonmionrlnir nnd to
lolmltlon nt tlitt Couri Umisu of h.'IiU innay, u
wi'coem tliellrpt Mrnilny In Manli 8U, wlion
i-BliI Account Mid App Kiitlon will hocoinlilor
01I by mid Court
Wi -kss mi ham! anil ne-nl
or oPWp at Waco thlu ilutli ilsy
u(-ianury ls'JJ.
I.. S. .1 W. lUhKii Clnrk County Court
McLennan 1 onntv, loan
iy r 11 iiiioMN, ljeputi.
INo. till,
tiii: vr vi j. or ti:.s
'I-n thn Shitrtff nr itnv rt,,atlil.. nr f..r . ..
coiiniy, Grroilng:
r. K McClaln Ailmlnldtriitor oftlio I utatoof
r. .u, ninnei(i noiiniu linving llleil hi CkT
County CoartliUlli.nl m count 01 tho oomll
tlon of tliu K.tnti'i r ain V M.AInvllclil 1).
e-eiiieel tiiRPttii'r with nn ncpllcntlon 10 hu ells
UidtkimI IrnmsHlit AilmlnUtrtornhl
Vou nro llmeliy C otnniBiHlPil that by pulill
cntlonol 111 writ for twenty clays in anowmin-lierri-Ktilhrly
liubllcheil In the County ot Jit
ljtiinnn you kIto due nolle to nil iors 11 In
tuii'Bt el In tho Aomunt for I Innl Su. lenient of
inlel KKtnte, tolllo their objection theruto, I
nny theylinM', on or before the March urni.
IS'U, of Hild County Court, conintLiicI jr nml 10
buholdrn nt tho Court Iloum ofnalil County, in
VV co 011 the first viouday In March IS'L', when
sml AcLount anil Application villi bocousldor
tdby snlel Court
WlTNiRRinyliind nil mat of
. office, nt W am thlu :ird tl i of IVb-
I.. S. rnnry Itlj ,T. W. 1Iam.ii Clerk
C lty e onit Mclennan Canity,
Tonbb, by T. II. HiiowN. Deputv.
tiii: srATimr ri:..ts
To the SlierlfC or any Constable of Mcl.cmian
t'onnty UrcctliiK
You aro htrcbv cnniinnnitcil, to piminion by
remkl'iR publlontlcn orthlH citation c nco 11 oeh
wi'iklor foiir enecnlvi' wiokn prior to the in
turn rtny hereof In eiuiif nowaiiapor published
In Mel. 11 nn con ity, Iccim.Cleowi Miller to
bo and fippt'iir btforolbe Ilorornbla District
C'outtof McLciiuiiTi (Ouutv, 'Iumib, nt thn next
regular term theieo. to bo lodliithe Ci urt
lloiiflo, In llio Cltv of iVnro, on the llrst Mondu
In vinrch A. 1) l. then nnd Uiero to nnsue
tho l'lnlntlll i 1'e 1 Inn, 11 led In asultl s.ild
Court on trf Ilth dft of Febrnnry ). lbDl
wboreli-- Icb VIHIer In l'lnlntlll, and n o co
MllloMs U fendnnt. KlleNi ofsuli bcinp So,
'ix" inonBiiirooi 1110 I'lainiiiVBiioiii neiiB ns
fflllOMK, to wit:
I' idndfr souks a tuilemont for dlvorco on thn
Krouiids ofo unl turn i.ent, ninl nbundonuitnt
by ilcfiMiiliiut tor hrn yeirs Hkhkin 1'aii,
sot, aim iinvojon men nnu tniru tliin writ,
with your endori-cinent thereon, shonlnir how
you bnv 0 execu'i el tho Bnmo
Give Umiij.ii Mr Hand nnd Roal of
) bhIiI Court, nt Ollluu In thn City of
fj. Wuco. this the) 2-)tb elny of .Iieniinry A,
) I) Uii. Arri".T 7, V Hkmjlky.
Clerk District Court,
McLcrinan ounty, Te "is.
tiii: srATi:oi'TK.s.
To tho Sbrrlff or nny ronstnblo of McLennan
o nuitj, tlre'i Uur:
Y. u nie liprebyenininaiieUd t summon Hol
lo 11 U. Vrofliy by miking iubllntl 11 ufthlK
citation In some now pniicr published In Me
l.i uiiiiii county onco iutnchiicek fur four suc
eeiiflio vni'kB proile us t returii elny Imreof,
toboniidniiiicur lioforu the hi nblu Dlslrlet
C urt nf McliCiiDiin 1 ni ty, loins at the next
regular term thereof to be held in tlio ci urt
bouse In the city 1 ncoonth llrst v'ondny
In Marih, A 1). W2 then nml thero t nnawur
llio innliillll's ielltl 11 llledln 11 suit iu sal'
court on the -Mb day of Innunry. A D. 1'J,
wherein K. I,, Crotby is iilnliitiir anil Uellcv
O CroBhy ilefeniUint
Fllo o ( f milt bnhu. No W,
'Hie iiaturoof tint lilnintlll's demand Is asfn)
bws, to wit a suit fur eliiiireo Irom tho
bunds if miitrlin ny bn ed on the gr uuds of
abumb lime lit
Herein full not nnd have )ou then and them
this wrt, with y tir Indorsement thereon,
cliunlng how yi u luuie execnted tho same
Olieii unilcriiiy luibil suit the: seal
L. S. ol snlil Court, at OIIIlo In tho tlty
: . 1 1 Wnto. thin tliu2 thdnyef Jnnu
nry, A. I) Ittli
vt'est Z. T. IlrAsirv.a
clerk lilelilct Court, ilct.oniiun C nnty, ''w
Tin: statu or ti:.as.
To tho Sheriff or nny Constable of Mrl.cnnau
County --circeting:
Y'on nro hertby ronunnniUd to snn.ivcu
.las U biarks by mnkiiigjiiibllcatinii olihls tl
tutlou In boiiio newsiiiier iiublli bed In Mcl.cn
na 1 cnuiii onco In each week for lour suca-a-silo
weeks tree lous to return (lay h reoTt bo
and appear before tho Honorable District Court
or Mcl.eiinnn tount , Texas, at tlio next regit
lar term thereof, to bnblei In tbu Court Houie,
In tho lltv of Wtiro, ontheirt Momloy In
March, A. D. Is'M tin n and there- to ainucr Ihe
l'lnliittrf's l't tioti, lib d in n bii'l In KRld Court
onMiu'JSth day i f .lniiuty A. I) I Wi. where in
Marthu.l. SparkB Ul'lnlntlir, nnei.Ias. ji Bparks
Is Defoiidnut rile No. of suit bclnir No Ml'i.
iheiimuru of tho I'lnintlff's dcmuiul It ns fol
lows to.wl 1
A f utt lor diiorcn for scpnTntlnn fiom the
bonds of matrlnoiiy based 011 the gioeud of
cruel and ubusho treatment deetrtlou nnd fail
ure) to Slippolt.
IIiiikin Kn. or, and bam you 1 In 11 and
the re this Wilt , llh v our enilnrspuiunt Ihureou ,.
sliowlujrliow J 011 have exetuted tbu eainu,
GntN Undhii Mr Hand and
L, S Sou rfald Court, nt Olllce In the
: . Cltyot Waco, this tlio Jetudny of
I January A. I It'Jl
Attest: .. 1' IIkabut.
Clerk District Cmirt,
iucl-eiinan County, Toxtn.
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
anything you want at any hour at Joo
Assignees Notice
Notico is lieroby given that on tho
12th day oi January 18cj2 the Blako
Manufaoturiug Company of Waoo,
Texas, mado a general assignment to
tho undersigned aesignco of all of its
property for the benefit of all of itb
creditors and that said trust has been
accepted; tho assignee has qualified
and is now in possession of all tho
property of said company for tho pur
pose oi administering said trust,
All creditors wishing to ncocpt
undor this assignment must make
known to the assignee their consent in
writing within four months after pub
lication of this notice.
Address all communications to the
undersigned at Waco, Texas.
1). D. Fahiciiild, Assignee.
.Monday January 25th 1892,

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