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nl Klro Aliirm lloxitti
4 Filth Ward Fire Stntlon strikes
! ','orner 9th and Atistln
C ' Uh "
" 7 Cntrnl l-'iro Station '
" a Wont Rml Vlro St.itlon "
l inn
' ttt-iitii
13Corcor 14 h ttiul Wmlilneton"
Mh nml MalbnrodKti
' 15
1 23
fctha'id Co'itmbua "
HttinndJncsson "
JMi and Webtor "
Btli and Cleveland "
Mh and Speight
f.thnnd vnliliiirton "
" 35 Iloyal Hotel (ktli soil Krnnklln
' Wi Woolen Mills Hth and Mary
1 37 Corner 10th and Jcflerson ' lll-lltllll
All boxes nmnbeied above 8 strikes thus;
lioi 13 strikes 1 aud nova, tlicti strikes 111
makhn llox 13, then repeats four times.
Box 25 strike II and stops, tbon strikes HII
making Box 23 aid so on.
Keys wll1 bo round In resldonceson each co
ner where boxen arulocalod. Open I'lroAlsrin
Boxes nnd pnll Hook down and let go. Leave
key In box.
Tarn alsrm In only for fires. I10.0D fine for
false alarms.
Slow tapping of bells slgnlry company
Second Friday In each month ea-h box Is
tnppcd twice, testing boxes and circuit lino
When alarm of tiro Is give Hie Klro Depart
ment has the tight of way on all ttrects. All
vehicles: must drive near tho sidewalk and keep
away from the fire ti.OJ lino for running over
Keport of any careless driving going to or
rrom fires by the Fire Department will be
thankfully received by tho Chief, bs fast atul
areless driving Is strlckly forbidden.
Big Muddyl Big Muddy! Big Muddy
Dr. Geo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
Bett of uppor or lower teeth, $12.50
Joo Lehman is tho moat popular res
taurant man in Texas. His place
117 South Fourth stroot.
Joe Lehman's for, loo cream and
oonfeotioneriep. 117 South Fourth
Sleoper, Clifton & Co. have added a
repairing department in connection
with their shoe store. All repairing
of boots and shoes neatly done
Charges reasonable. Leave your
shoes to be halfsoled at Sleeper, Clif
ton & Co's comer of Fourth and
Austin streets,
Cord wood $3.f0, stove wood $4 40
per cord until further notice at Gur
ley Wood Yard. lw
i i
Happy Hoosiers.
Wm. Timmons, Postmaster of Ida
villc, Ind., writes: "Electric Bitters
has done more for mo tlun all other
medicines combined, for that bad
feeling arising from Kidney and Liver
trouble." John Leslie, farmer and
stockman, of same place, says: "Find
Kleotric Bitters to bo the best Kidney
and Liver medicine, made me feel liko
a new man." J. W. Gardner, hard
ware merchant, same town, says:
Electric Bitters is just the thing for a
man who is all run down and don't
oaro whether he lives or dies, he found
new strength, good appetite and felt
just like he had a new lease on life,
Only 50c. a bottle, at W. B. Morrison
& Co's , Drug Store.
M- K- & T-
To St. Louis and return on ao
eount of National Convention of
Peoples Party
Tickets on sale Fob. 18, 19 and 20,
good for return until Feb. 2tf. lle
membor tho M. K. & T. is tho only
line running double daily trains be
tween Waco and St. Louis with ele
gant reolining ohair carB. Seats free,
and Pullman Sleepers through with
out change.
1 3 3 C3
To New Orleans and Return on
account of
jVlafdi s Gfas.
Tickets on sale February 2S)and 2o,
pood for return passage 10 day's from
date of salo. For maps, foldors, sleep
ing car accommodations, tiokets or
any information, pleaso oall on or ad
dress, J. K. SMITH,
Tiokot Agent M. K. andT. lty No
Fouth Fourth street, Waco, Tex.
Sj 224:3
Another "Ouirt mil Onlvrly I.jnrlilng,"
ThN Tlinuiit l'luu 111 ll IV, All.. Two Col
ored .Mi'ii llmigcd li'iim Mil) Sitinii Tt'li
graph 1'imt.
St. Louis, Feb. 15. A special to tho
Republic from Pino Bluff, Ark., says:
John Kelly, tho negro who murdered J.
T. JlcAdam, a prominent citizen of this
city, on the streets, was captured ut Hi
son, twenty miles south of here, and
brought here.
Tho nuws of the capture spread rap
idly, and when it became known Kelly
would reach here a crowd of 1000 con
gregated, and it became apparent num
mary justice would bo speedily adminis
tered. As soon as tho train arrived the
crowd took tho prisoner from tho ollleers,
and marching to tho courthoUM.', pro
cured a roe and placed ono end around
the victim's neck, while tho other was
thrown over the cro-s-arm of a telegraph
polo and Kelly was soon hanging forty
feet in tho air, and his body was riddled
with bullets.
As tho hotly of lifeless Kelly swung
from side to side the air resounded with
cries of "' Lynch Uulbert Harris, his ac
complice. " A rush was made for tho
jail in tho rear of tho courthouse. Ac
cess to the jail was effected with axes
and Harris was rushed to tho front,
where another ropo was secured, and as
the clock on tho courthouse tolled a
quarter to eleven his body was jerked
into the air. Simultaneously there was
tho report of 100 shots and the body was
a corpse. Both men were hanged from
tho same telegraph post. Tho bodies tiro
now dangling in the air.
Uistmliled ik Mrlrr.
Washixhton, Feb. 1."). The crowd at
the president's reception at the White
House is believed to have been tho
largest that ever attended a state rccep
tion. So great was the throng and so
closely were the people jammed together
in tho east room, and in making their
entrance to and exit from tho mansion,
that ornaments were torn from the
ladies' gowns and trampled under foot,
in some cases all traces of them being
lost. In one instance a diamond star
valued at $1000 was torn from tho lace
on a lady's corsage, while soveral soli
taire pins, amounting in value to ."00,
shared a similar fate. Fortunately for
the owners, tho diamonds were all
found. One of the tallest army oflicers
present had his epaulets torn from his
shoulders, while of lace handkerchiefs,
ribbons and such additions to ladies'
toilets there were enough lost to stock a
moderate millinery establishment.
(Inly faun- Home lo Die.
Mascoutaii, 111., Fob. 15 Frank Huil
ling left Mnseoutah thirty-two years ago
to seek his fortune in the west. No
word was received from him by his rel
atives for twenty-eight years, and he
was given up for dead. Recently it was
learned that he was in Arizona, where
he owned a large wagon train. Ho had
irt'cumulated a moderate fortune there,
and was happy in his western home.
About a month ago a gray-haired man
nlighted from a train here. It was
Frank Huilling. Ho had been kicked
by a mule some time before, sustaining
fatal injuries, and had returned to his
boyhood homo to die. Ho found that
his parents had both been dead many
years, but there were sisters and broth
ers left to receive him and tenderly euro
for him in his last days. Ho died late
this evening.
A l'Ulol it 1th it History.
Ciiicaoo, Feb. 15. Officer James B.
Colo of Desplaines street station was ac
cidentally shot and killed in the station.
Ho was sitting in a window in tho main 1
room discussing with Officer Welbasky
tho recent attempt of Frank Henderson
to shoot his mother and sister. Wel
basky remarked that ho had tho revolver
in his overcoat pocket which Henderson
had used.
"Let mo see it, " said Colo as he reached
into Welbasky's pocket to take tho
weapon out. Welbasky's hand was also
in tho pocket and tho weapon was acci
dentally discharged. Tho bullet entered
Cole's right eye and lodged in the back
of his head. Ho died in a fow minutes.
Ie;llit' l.lltlo ,liil;e.
St. Joski'U, Mo., Feb. 15. Tho war
about tho flag on tho public school
threatened to break out again. Janitor
McGinty of tho Garfield school hung
tho stars and stripes unsido down.
Soveral neighbors called his attention to
tho change of iiosition, but McGinty.
who was in a humorous mood, told
them ho was running that flag, and
it should remain as it was.
In an hour's time Garfield Hill
was alive with angry patriots, but
tho janitor's fun was cut short when
Secretary Parker of the school board
drove up and gavo instructions to Mc
Ginty to placo tho flag in right shape and
to "stop his monkeying."
Killed ii Clcil..
New Oin.kans, Feb. 15. Tho steamer
Assumption brings nows of tho killing
of Antonio Sere, a clerk or assistant of
tho steamer Alexander on that boat
while lying at Thibodeaux, by Edgar
Blanchard, tho pilot of thoAssuinption,
whose brother is mate on tho same boat.
Sore received two pistol shots in Ins
body, ono on tho side of his faco nnd
another on tho lower portion of tho
body. Tho cause of the shooting was
the result of a quarrel over a package of
A r.iiplot fiipluivd.
MoxTnoMr.KY. Aln.j Fob. 15. The city
was greatly excited over the arrest of a
colored man by the police olllcers, who
has been identified as the assailant of
Mrs. Crump, a lespectablo while lady,
Feb. II. After being identified the negro
was hastily carried ojit of the city by tho
sheriff's deputies and their whereabouts
is unknown. A large mob is collected
around tho jail and are organizing scouts
to follow the deputies. If overtaken
they will lynch the negro.
Hnsbitiid and Wlfi Commit Suicide To
gether. Gallatin, Tenn., Feb. 15. A most
deplorable tragedy is reported from
Portland, a small town in tho northern
portion of this county, near tho Ken
tucky line. Elias Hardue, a well known
young farmer of that neighborhood, .and
wife, wero found at home lying
dead on the lloor of their bedcham
ber, with their thioats cut from car to
ear. Tho circumstances were such as to
create tho belief that tho deaths wero
both tho result of a deliberately planned
suicide, though tho reports that reached
this plaoo are rather meagre and unsat
isfactory as to tho particulars. Both
bodies wero lying on pillows on the lloor,
nnd near Mrs Hardue was a bloody
razor with which tho ghastly deed had
been committed. Tho act that the razor
lay nearest Mrs. Hardue, led to the con
jecture that she was tho last to uso tho
instrument of death. In fact, this the
ory is supported by a noto which is said
to have been found in tho room, written
in Mrs. Hardue's hand and signed by
her, in which it was stated bhe and her
husband had no friends, and as he had
concluded to commit suicide, bho would
take her own life rather than live with
out him. Tho couple had been married
only a year and appeared to live happily,
and no cause can be divined for tho mel
ancholia that teems to have led to the
desperate act.
Wiiiinmsiker .Made u .Million.
Ni:w York, Feb 15. A World Wash
ington special says: Postmaster General
Wanamaker has profited very largely
by the recent rise in Reading stock since
Wednesday. The postmaster general's
share in tho increased value of the stock
is understood to foot up over 1,000,000.
A prominent gentleman from Philadel
phia is quoted as follows:
"The head of tho post office department
is a very lucky man. Thejiet iirolit on
his interest this year is more than $1,000,-
uuu. Jt is a Dig sum but he deserves it,
for ho held on under very discouraging
circumstances. All of his troubles a
year or so ago wero brought about by
his lieavj interest in Reading. He was
in a tight place, so tight a place that ho
would have gone to tho wall if the
Uroxels had not come to his assistance.
They helped him to the extent of $000,000
and offeied to assist him with as much
more if necessary, but he managed to
get along without it. His fight with
Gould totteied him gieatly. Ho has
However, weathered the storm and
turned the corner. To be nearly exact,
Mr. Wanamaker is about $1,200,000 but
ter off than he was a short time ago."'
Illalne Dluiiiii Cum-.
Di:ai)wooi). S. D., Feb. 15. The depo
sitions in tho Blaine caso have arrived.
but have not been opened yet. Martin
and JIaron aro in receipt of a letter from
General Palmer, counsel for Mrs.
Blaine, saying James G. Blaine, Jr., had
withdrawn tho cros-exuiiiiuatiou in tho
deposition, and it seems that no opposi
tion will be made to granting tho decree
The ca.-e is at issue and will bo tried this
term, but Mrs. Blaino will probably not
come out. Attornev's sees and alimony
have not been paid, and February 10
was tho last day.
Lleetlmi lor supervisors.
Nr.w Yoiti;, Feb. 15. On Tuesday ii 18
Republican supervisors and 1 14 Demo
cratic supervisors were elected in
twenty enmities against 10!) Republicans
and Hi:i Democrats in 1801.
Neroe (iittw nil ii Treu.
Tuscaloosa, Ala., Feb. 15. The usual
quietness of Foster's neighborhood, this
county, has been broken by a double
lynching. Tho bodies of two negroes.
John Johnson and Chas. McKolton, were
found hanging from tho limb of a tree
bearing icspectively placards reading,
"Warning to house burners," "Protec
tion to our homes." Tho negroes made
a lull confession to tho crime of burnin;
tho store of D. O. Robertson and plunder
ing same lost Monday.
A (tintl strike.
Indianai-olis, Feb. 15. Tho strike of
tho Panhandle machinists is still unset
tled. When tho men were naid off aIum
tor Mechanic Swanson informed them if
they did not return to work immediately
they would bo discharged. Tho men re
fused to KO to work and HOW deelnro mi.
less the company grant their demands
every machinist on tho Pennsylvania
system uetween Indianapolis and Al
toona will hi t ailed out.
If you want a clerk, book keeper, office
man, salesman, butler, criand boy,
porter, or a mechanic of any kind,
the cpuickest way to obtain him is to
advertise in the Cheap Columns of
Tiie - Hews.
If you want a servant, cook, nurse,
seamstress, housekeeper or any
other female help, you nn always
obtain the very best by advertising
in the Cheap Columns of
The - Hews.
If your house, flat, room, store, build
ing or stable is vacant, you can a 1
most invariably obtain a satisfac
tory tenant by making the fact known
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The- Hews.
If you have city, suburban or country
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change for real estate, you can pret
ty surely find a buyer of
through the Cheap Columns of
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If you have a dry goods, boot and
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Columns of
The - News.
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WORD each insertion, and,
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experiment, you try an ad. in the
Cheap Columns of
The ' - News.
Estimating an average of five readers
to every copy of The News sent
to subscribers, the number of read
ers of each daily issue of The
III T If YttV lU
nothing but absolutely Pure Liq.
uors nnd Finest of Wines are
offered customers. A full stock
Spanish Hand-made Cigars.
Remarkable Fescue
Mrs. Michael Curtain, Plainflcld,
III., makes tho stateineut that she
caught cold, which settled on hnr
Lunj;s; she was treated lor a month
by her family physician, but grew
worse, lie told her she wbb a fiopclas
victim of consumption and that no
medicine could oure her. Her drug,
gist suggested Dr. King's Now Dis
covery for OoLsumptiooj sho bought
a bottle and to her delight found her
self benefited from tho first dose.
She continued its uso and after taking
ten bottles, found herself sound and
well, now does her own housework
and is as well as sho ever was. Free
trial bottles of this Great Discovery
at W. B. Morrison & Co'b. Drug Store,
large bottles 50c. and 1.00.
To tho Ladies.
Mrs. F.J. Sullivan haB removed lie
dressmaking establishment to 509 1 '2
Austin avenue, up-stairs over the
"Leader," where she will bo glad to
see her patrons and friends.
Items nnd communications intended
or tiil department should bo sont to
No. 309 North Twelfth street or tele
phoned to No. 30. on or before Friday
afternoon of each week, in order to
receive proper attention. New6
notes received after 10 o'clock Satur
day morning cannot appear until the
uoxt week, however much wo may
reyrot the delay.
Remarkable Rescue.
Mrs. Michncl Curtain, PlainGold,
111., makes the statement that she
caught oold, which settled on her
lungs; sho was treated for a month by
her family physician, but grow worse.
Ho told her she was a hopeless victim
of consumption and that no medicine
could ouro her. Her druggist sug
gested Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, she bought a bottle
and to her delight found herself bene
fited from first dose. She continued
its uso and after taking ten bottles,
found herself sound and well, now
does her own housework and is as
well as sho ever was. Freo trial bot
tles of this Great Discovery at W. B.
Morrison & Co's , Drug Store, large
bottles 50c. and $1.00.
Rend, be convinced, invest, and
yet well quickly.
How many continue to suffer from year
to year from the effects of blood poison!
Some seem to get possessed of the insan
idea that there is no cure. Yet nature hai
provided a cure for every ailment. There
are herbs of such suru healing virtue that,
rightly used, they will eradicate every
trace of Wood jioison from the system.
These herb are nlended in the composi
tion of Or. John Hull's 8arsa)arilla, ft
remedy that litis restored to health more
tictims of inherited and contagious blood
disease than nil other medicines put to
gether. Don't suffer longer, but fiivo this
remedy a trial. If it did not excel in
curative virtue the many so called blood
medicines that are commonly found in
drug stores, no would icver spend one
cent to advertise it. Our object is to re
lieve.suireriiij; humanity, and every bottle
sold proves tliii to be a fact. Mrs. Robert
A. 'White, of t'armllton, Ky., writes:
"I Inherited M-iofula. Tin' disease did not
develop until after I was married. The
glamU of my ueek ln-rsimu and remained
wntlon nnd irai i. tiim irn.Mt iinln. I hud llllft-
l erablu health nnd looked rniifcUtuptlve. I
DeRun u um? or Dr. null's rcirMiiiariua, ana
before 1 hud Used ti dozen bottles the swell
lugs disappeared and I gained In Hush, nnd
I am now la biilendid health ; thanki to this
one remedy alone." .
Alfred Connor. Memjihl", Tenn., wrltest
" I win born an invalid. Krom my earliest
recollection, 1 autlered from eczema. Alf
limbs would become Inllumed nnd looked
almost like raw beef, and tho Itching was
terrible. I know my parents doctnted me
a great deal, but I never know what It was
to be free from (.ulIcrlnR. A year ago (I aro
now 18J I visited my undo up In Indiana,
and he got mo to try Dr. Hull's Huixaparllla.
After using a fow bottles I mt surprised to
flnd tho Itching ceased, aud shortly after
my skin healed over and became, clear. Noir
I fook aud feel a-s well as anybody, and I
cannot praise Hull's Karsnparillu enough.
Mary Powers, Forest City, Ark., writes:
" I sintered from salt-rbeuiu and my hands
were in u terrible condition. My head also
was full of sores, and I had many large plm-
Bles on my faco. I am happy to write that
all's Barsaparllla has cured uio tboroucb
ly. I used about IS bottles."
MrMany Utile children's lives nro saerl
flced by neglecting to glvo them Dr. John
Bull's worm Destroyers. They only cost
25 ceuts.
tartly wife wan long alllicted with chills.
Sulnlno did not agree with her, so we tried
in it b 'a Tonlo Syrun. Two bottles mads
her well. V. C. Io, lllgbee Valley, Miss.
John D. Park & Sons, Wholesale AgenU,
175, 177 and 179 Sycamore St., Cincinnati, O.

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