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Rules and Regulations at; tho Park
Opon ( a. m, to 10 p. m. oloccd nn
Suniliiv night Pool reserved for
lrtilic exclusively Wednesday eveniDg
J to f H'M Saturday morning 9 to 12,
MontlHy niuht 1) to 10 for Indies and
gentlemen, pool party, tub, ncedlo, and
vnpor baths at all hours for putiontfi
and others. Experienced rnalo and
cnnilo altondants day and night.
Tom Paihiiit, Proprietor
J. 11. CmthNUT, Manager.
Just Roeolved Largo Stock
Frosh garden seed. Como yo market
gardeners. Wo havo ample to BUpply
you in everything.
W. L. TuoicEit,
at "Lion Drug Storo."
When you want nice fresh meat
mutton beef, pork and purcrlard go- to
MfiLLOR & Delanev
125 South Third street.
Qljeap Lois,
The onl cheap lots offered in Waco
for tho laBt fivo years aro thoso now
on the markot in the Kirkpatriok Ad
dition, East Waoo. These lots aro
being sold for one-half their real val
ue, making n olinneo to scouro a de
sirable home such as will never occur
Cheap JLot .
These lots lie high and dry. They
overlook a large portion of tho oity
and havo perfect drainage. They lie
in tho healthiest part of the city, catch
ing tho pure breezes from the praitie
untainted by passage over any pait of
tho city.
Cheap !Lots
Those lots havo the finest soil, a
rich sindy loam, admirable for gar
dens, and are underlaid with pure
water in inexhaustible quantities at a
depth of fifteou and sixteen feet,
which can bo used for irrigation.
Cheap JLots.
These lots aro "closer to tho center
of the oity than any other addition,
and at tho same distance lots aro sell
ing for three and flvo timeB the price
asked for theso. There is millions in
it for persons of small means. Call on
Mrs. or P G KirkpUrick, southwest
corner Eighth and Clay street.
All parties desiriug plats of tho
Kirkpatriok addition cau obtain them
upon application.
New - England - Magazine
It is uniquo, containing American
Legonds, Traditions, History, Story
and Poetry. Philosophy and JMusIe;
Science and Art.
Jiftw Articles firl8J2.
brui: i i;s o7r"STi7;iM n'xivnviiA J:r,
y iii i.i,i i's nitooKs,
111 nut rated,
' -n, Illustrated.
utnry.j.i.'s itosTOX,'
tiii: i'utuiu: oi'i:li:ottiihti',
sroi:n:s a i'iionixi:sr vi:atvm:.
X) OU want this cnrofally edited and finely
Y llhiBtrtiteil literary ninKiuIno of Bostou,
Whether yon huvo any otlieror not.
Every Nunibor Finely Illustrated.
It treats of American subjects. Tast mid
prptcnt Social mustiuis aro discussed In Its
l'rlce $1.00 a War. SmJ lot. for a Sample Coij.
l''or sale oni!( newsstands.
36;Pedoral Sc.Roston, Mass.
am, oNortADimnss
Indian Territory.
III tllP I.llllllimr.v lr liny Our l.lttlo
IIiii Hi Mljjlit Ho Di-uppnl Into mi tliiibni
"Without JWiiUIiik a,, Iiiiii(..,;tiii In tho
Nr.w Youk, Feb. lo. Astronomers
nro intensely interested just now in tho
sun hpot recently developed on the east
ern limit of the sun. 13y moans of a
piece of smoked glass everybody may
observe- this great cl.nsm on tho miu's
face and it wdl well repay observation.
A warning must bo given, however,
against the inexperienced iw of an opera
glass in this connection, as the concen
tration of tho sun's powerful rnys is suffi
cient to crack tho glass or burn' tho eyes.
Sun spots will probably bo much
talked of this year, as a spot period is
now approaching, and during a maxi
mum tho sun's .surface is hardly ever
f reo from spots. Sometimes as many as
forty or fifty will be visible at once,
while at a minimum not one will be
seen for weeks.
The spot iwriod is about eleven years.
Tho last maximum was in 18SII-81, but
it was u year behind time. It has been
established that there is a decided
connection between theso violent
disturbances on the sun and
the so called magnetic storms on
earth. Such manifestations, for
example, as tho gorgeous Auiora boro
alis. Some spots are vast cavities on the
photosphere of the sun and it is yet un
certain whether they are caused by or
aro tho cause of eruptions on that in
tcnsely heated luminary. They tire
usually found in two zones extend
ing from fl degrees to -10 degrees
of latitude north and south of tho sun's
equator and develop rapidly, lasting
comparatively but a short time, from a
few days to a month or two. One spot
Wits known to havo lasted for over fif
teen months, but that was tin exception.
They tiro usually quite irregular in shape
and are composed of two p.tits, namely,
tho umbra or black center, which is
dark becauso f'dled with coolergases and
vapors which consequently absorb light
and the fringing gray penumbra, con
sisting of long feathery filaments reach
ing toward tho middle of the umbra and
usually ery lovely in form. The diam
eter of an umbra varies from r00 to 1000
miles in a small spot to tremendous rents
of 50,0(10 or 00,000 miles in a large one
into which our little earth might bo
dropped many times without niakin
impression on the penumbra.
A Chemist Socks IM otcctlnn,
"Washington, Feb. 15. Hickman P.
Rodgers of St. Louis, representing Battle
& Co., and tho manufacturing chemists
of St. Louis, iippeared before tho com
mittee on patents to advocate Mr.
O'Neill's bill providing a penalty for
counterfeiting trade-murk. Mr. Rodg
ers had a number of bottles labeled,
which he exhibited to the committee.
Somo of the stuff in theso bottles, it was
alleged, was poisonous and dangerous to
public health and public comfort. Ho
asserted that quack doctors and quack
medical compounders made it a practice
to counterfeit the labels of reputable
chemists and palm off poisonous concoc
tions on tho public. In the courso of his
remarks ho defined his position to the
committee to be not so much in the in
terest of protection to tho manufacturers
of chemicals as to tho public at large,
who aro humbugged by counterfeit pre
sentments of legitimate medicines, wares
and goods.
Kvlil!ii-i iifii I'.ilij .Mitiilt-r.
Pau'.ktini:, Tex., Fob. lfi. Evidence
of it most cruel murder was unearthed
nt the old Duko place, four miles west of
the city. Dock "Wright, colored, had
recently moved on the placo, and dis
covered in a small clump of bushes in
tho garden a largo piece of sheet iron
with a rock on it. Ho became suspi-'
cious, but did not disturb tho position of
tho things until a Mr. Peoples camo by,
and togother they explored tho ground
under tho sheet iron, whore thoy found
buried a small child with its ontiro skull
crushed in. Tho child had been buried
about six weeks and was so decomposed
it w;is impossible to tell whether it was
lualo or female, black or white. A col
ored family had been living there previ
ous to tho discovery.
Allisons oT.'MK'.ir.slppl.
Vicicsnuna, Feb. 15. Just beforo its
final adjourninent Friday tho Masonic
Grand Lodgo of Mississippi adopted tho
following rule and made it a part of tho
Masonic law:
"It shall bo an offense against Masonry
for any Mason not now so engaged in, or
any Mason now so engaged, to continue
in tho buying or selling of intoxicating
liquors to bo used as beverages after
Jan. 1, next, and tho ponulty therefor
shall bo expulsion."
Mr. A. T. Roan of Oxford was elected
grand master and James T. Harrison of
Columlnis, deputy grand master.
1)1(1 Nut Slum- Up.
Washington, Feb. 15. Tho commit
tee on agriculture- waited half an hour
for President Labouirso of tho New Or
leans cotton exchange to put in appear
Since and then adjourned the anti-option
hearing until Monday. t
Dentil 111 u llulluny uf Mrs. Isnlicllo I'ur
iliihiir r Sen Vin-lt.
CliR'Atio, Feb. 15. The joung woman
who was found in a dimly lighted hall
way at 40 Franklin stieet Monday
evening in a dying condition and who
died in the ambulance while being re
moved to tho hospital, has been identi
fied as Mrs. Isabelle Faitjuhar, who
came to Chicago recently from Now
Tho identification of tho body only
deepens tho mystery which sunounds
the woman's death. About a o'clock
Monday afternoon Mrs. Fnrquhar was
seen several miles troin the spot where
she was found dying six hours later. She
was then endeavoring to find rooms in
which she might conceal herself for a
fow weeks lrom a man she claimed its
her husband, with whom she had hud
trouble and of whom she was in great
terror. She succeeded in finding rooms
to suit her at i!75 Center. She paid fot
them in advance and then left tho house,
saying that bho would bo back before
liiiinil in u riehliiif; Nut.
Cmc.uio, Feb. 15. After an unceas
ing search for over a month Mrs. Michael
Murray found tho body of her husband
in the pickling vat at tho Rush medical
college. Jan. 7 Murray was struck by a
Grand Trunk engine at a street crossing
and taken to Mercy hospital, wheio he
died an hour later. It was not until
Jan. 2."i that his wife could learn the
came of his disappearance. That day
she identified his clothing at the hospital.
Then began the search for the body,
which tho lecords showed was buried at
Dunning, Tho grave could not be found,
however, and it becaiuo evident that
bomebody had disposed of tho remains.
As a last resort, search of the medical
colleges was begun, which finally proved
faiiccessful. Mrs. Murray has placed tho
matter in tho hands of her lawyers, who
who say they will seek to prove that tho
railroad company was instrumental in
an attempt to keep Murray's death a
Lcgiu-y TIiioiikIi MiiiiIit,
Li:.vv,i:nwokth, Kit., Feb. 15. On tho
night of Oct. 8. lfc'JO, David E. Davis,
now serving a life sentence in the Kansas
penitentiary, murdered his wife in this
city for the purpose of inheriting her
property. A suit has been brought in
tho district court against tlio administra
tor of the murdered woman's estate,
which piesses the question its yet unde
cided by tho supreme court, whether a
man can inherit from his wife, when, by
his own hand, ho murders her. Davis'
attorneys are mado parties to the suit,
because Davis gave them a mortgage to
secuic their fees after the murder, and
before his conviction. The case comes
to trial in April.
3Iociiieiit to Detent litlil II. If 111.
ClHL'AOO, Feb. 15. A combination has
been engineered in the past ten days to
throw the votes of live northwestern
states solidly to Cleveland at the Demo
cratic convention so as to offset the ef
fect of Hill's New York convention in
February. Tho states mentioned as being
in the combination are Minnesota, "Wis
consin, Iowa and the D.ikotas. The
Minnesota committee will meet Tues
day and name tho date of its convention
March ,'0, and the others will follow, all
being held before April 15. Boies will
receive a complimentary vote from
Iowa, but tho remaining states named
will cast first and hist for Cleveland.
A lYi'iuliio .11 til h Dentil.
Wiii:i:mxi, W. Vn., Feb. 15. A ter
rible accident occurred at Cameron near
this city, in which two beautiful young
girls, daughters of Win. C. Criswell, a
wealthy citizen, lost their lives ouo of
them while heroically attempting to save
the other. Essio and Qeoriana Criswell,
aged lonpectively 1 1 and 10, wore walk
ing along tho Baltimore and Ohio rail
road tracks and while attempting to
cross in front of a westbound train
Essie fell, when tho engine was almost
upon her. Georgiana, seeing her sister's
danger, rushed to her rescue. She, too,
stumbled and was struck by tho loco
motive and killed. Essie was cut in two
by tho wheels.
Tolmi'tonlsls I ml let eil.
Mkmphis, Feb. 15. Nearly ono hund
red tobacconists and grocers have been
indicted by tho grand jury for selling
cigarretles to boys under 18. The on
alty is a fine of not more than .$50 with
imprisonment in tho workhouse not to
exceed a year. Tho jury is still at work
and tho small boy and his cigarettes aro
fewer on tho streets.
Anil)' Ollleer Keuil.
St. Paul, Feb. 15, Lieutenant-Colo.
nel Herbert Culluin Curtis, deputy
judge advocate general of tho United
States army and judge advocate on
General Merritt's stall department,
Dakota, died here of la gripie. Colonel
Curtis served through tho war as cap
tain of tho First Massachusetts cav
alry. lltllliliiilis lllirned,
EijZAni'.TUTOWN, Pa., Feb. 15. Chron
iclo block und a number of dwellings
were destroyed by fire. Tho inmates
escaped in their night clothing and suf
fered severely from the extromo cold.
Los, f W.OOO.
"va-co Texas.
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Waco Evening News
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DAILY NEWS. Information furnished frou.
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tun. tf
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atH. ORislior;& Co'b. Drug storo 613
Austin avenue
NMflWBW' r2y-i
Local Time Card.
nissourl, Hniiaat A Toxin.
sreenger Trains South Bound,
No., arrive HMD a. in
No. liKrtVis. , . 12:al a, m.
S'o, S arrhet 1 k p. in.
No. :ilekvrn.... 1:10p.m.
North Hound.
No. 3 arrlcs. 2: IS a. iti.
No. 2 leiiiTo '.k:fs a, m.
No. 4 snivel , 3:10 p, m.
No.4 leaves 3:20p, m
Thavib Jomib,
Ttoket Agent, Paclfio Hotel Elock
Cotton Holt Ilonle.
noma wkbt.
Train No. 1 leaves 11,00 a m.
Train no 1 errlvee lOMSa. m
Train No. a arrives fulBDni
TratnNo.2 leaves 6:110 p m
Between Waco and M. Lonli solid train via
Parnronld to St. Lonls ou lion Mountain tract"
Into union Depot.
W, 8. QlLLBSF!).,
Ulty Tlokot Ollloe at No. 112 South KourtSt.
. 88 Arr.. .,
SI Arr....,
, 6il6a. m,
:80 a, m
4 -OS p. m.
Vest bound
East hound.
.10:20 a.
84 Arr 8:20 p,
;u Li'v s:iup,
W. E. OWENB. Tloket AKent,
Under Paolflo Hotel Illook, OppoBlterostofflCi
Hun Alitnnin and AritiiMix l'likK.
Lv Wnco nt o n. in. Arrives li:rj p. m,
South Ilnnnil fielpht which will carry pae
eugerB.IIenvcsWaco at 12:4Bl. m.
Between Point: in TtIA
Taylor md Kansas City and Hannibal,
1)1) JJUIlull lilt) Jt 111 111 Cllltk
trails oi eastern and ionitiillin, nau
tbs e.. .. & 7. k't tbe Dot ltce to
New Yort Boston Montreal and St.Pa
J. E Smith, Tiekct Agent. No. 12-1
South '1th Slrert, Pacific Ilbtel Waco.
A. S. Dodck, Truffle Manager, at.
Louis, Mo.
II. P. IIumiKS, O. P. and T
Dcnison. Texus.
E 13. Pakkeii,
Louis, Mo.
A. G. P. A.
Cotton Belt Route
(St. Louis Southwestern Ry.)
St. Louis, Cairo, Memphis,
Preo Reclining Chair Cam
and Pullman BulTot Slooporft.
Two Daily Trains To
The Only Lino ilu,i0K PMM.
Ken to conoectlDK rda atUBUFHIB wtu
out along and d!itff"bleomnlbn traao
ffraoroMUiaolty. The Only Line wjththronjnaiMp.
U'ftcarserTloebatwtrarOUTWOKTn aa4
Tll6 Only Line tatntonRhearaar.
Tie botwetn MKMPnlB aid point! In CW
The Shortest Route
S3"CL t lb- e a s t-
AUTeza LlneaUaTothronghttoetonal rt.
The Cotton Belt Boutei
Rate, map tliua tablet and all Informatio
trill be efawrfaUr farnlihed on application t
viy agent of the company, or
it. at. oahtjsu. ir. it, it i rtttzM.
tl'T'llnj- raaa Ag't, I O'U'aM' Ag'U Un

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