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gBrilliait Oil, I2o test.
AVmt tit ytnir ortttva
won't ln.it nlwiiin
lit oiirn, t'nr tlila
The Coal Monopoly in Now York
Alarms the World.
HillN Cornered and it i Time to
Slop mill Tliluk Such itloiiopol
Izliic of SliUuriil ICckourccB i liyll
ami Dnugi-rouei --An IMIIotIiiI that
.11(111111 .llucli.
Tho following editoiial appeared in
the New York World lust Sunday:
"Tho consolidation of the four coal
oarrying railroads completes a monop
oly whioh Ins been in process of. for
mation for years.
"It gives to a single organized
group of men practically absolute con
trol of tho entire anthraoite coal prod
uct oi America.
' It empowers theao men to deter
mine how much coal tho miners shall
take out of tho ground, for how many
days in the year they diall have work
and wages and for how many days.
they shall bo nnpoveiished by idle
ness. "It enables them to fix the prioo of
onthractito coal without referenco to
Btiy law of supply anil domand and
without consideration of the cost of
"It authorizes thc-e men arbitraily
to increase, diniiuish or completely cut
off the supply of coal to great cities
and to factories that employ thousands
of workmen. Iu a woid, these meu
have seized upon tho whole of one of
tho oountry's most important natural
resources. They have uiada exclusively
their own a vast natural wealth which
should mimister to the prosperity ofd
all. Iripy have cornered tho rocour
ces of the everlasting hills.
'That suoh monopolizing of natural
resources is evil and dangerous thore
oau be no doubt. Or ir one bo in
doubt ho has only to reflect upon the
inevitable result of doing the same
thing with rospent to other resources
that are the common horitago of men.
Tho logical outoomo of tho monopo
listic policy is the concentration in tho
Lauds of tho few not only of all
tho means of producing wealth, and
the reduction of the rest of mankind
to a slavery not the less than actual
because it is called another name.
Tho Railroads Courteous to Slosson
Bacause He and the Exhibit
Cars Glvo Thorn Buslnoss.
The following is clipped from tho
Macon, (Ga.) Tclograph of Fob. 4:
The Texas Exhibit in cars have tho
good will of all the railroads, and it
is extended evory oourtcsy by them.
This is not strange, for all tho roads
aro gotting business out of this great
advertising project. It is on record
that tho Riohmond and Danvillo road
somo time sinoe sold 800 tiokots to
Tcx:s in ten days from placeB in
Tennessee whore the cars had beon.
So far no ono has beon hoard from
who has given up Georgia for tho
Lone Star State, hut tho Richmond
and Danvillo evidently has faith in
tho ability nf the exhibit to attract
emigration from tho faot that it pro
poses to send Passonger Acent Bv
thewood into Alabama with the cars,
oxpeoting to handle somo Texas busi
ness brought up by thr exhibit.
To Subscribers.
Parties who fall to got their paper
promptly will confer a favor on The
News by uotltylng us by mall or tel-
phouo, and tho matter will bo rom-
euieu immediately.
Dr. Clifton has moved to the Provi
dent building and has his dental
rooms on tho fourth floor. lw
By Russoll H. Conwell, D. D., LL. D.
Wo aro pleased to learn that a Bi
ography of the world's greatest divine
ChurleB II. Spurgcon, of London, in
boiuc prepared by one of America's
mr.st popular looturcs and pulpit ora
tors, Rov. Russell H. Conwell, of
Thin must necessarily bo a very
rioh book, und oujjht to find a place
in every family. No man of the tune
tnenth contury has so universally won
the heart and esteem of mankind as
tho, late Mr. Spurgcon, and at tho
aatno time lived bo eventful and inter
esting a life. His career has been
full of signal surprises and remarkable
Mr. Conwoll's personal familiarity
with Mr. Spurgoon and his life, to
gother with his great ability as an au
th or and popularity as an orator and
minister is a guarantee to the pubho
of a brilliant, entertaining and in
structive book. JNoxt to Mr. Spur-
goon's Tabernacle in London, Mr.
Conwell, perhaps, preaches to tho
largest regular congregation of any
minister in the world, and in many
respects his work in Philadelphia so
closely resembles that ol tho great
London divino that be is not infre
quently called tho Spurgeon of Amer
ica Before entering tho ministry Mr.
Conwell was a lawyer, great travel
er, a journalist, and author of soveral
popular books.
"Conwell s Life of Spurgeon" will
undoubtedly be regarded as tho stand
ard bioaraphy of the great London
Preacher, aud is sure to have an im
mense sale.
This work is being issued by the
well-koown firm of Hubbard Bros.,
of Philadelphia, and will be .old by
A Narrow Escape All on Account
of a Girl.
A difficulty 4ocourred yesterday
evening about 7 o'clock at the corner
of Ninth and Clay streets which nar
rowly esoaped serious results,
i iTho participants were two young
men, W. T. Watts, a student of the
Baylor Commercial College who
boards at the corner of Ninth and
Clay streets at the house of Mrs.
Oldham, and Hubert D. Powell who
resijes with his parents at 707 south
Ninth street.
Tho young gentlemen wero both
seen by a News reporter and each
stated that there was a woman in the
W, T. Watt's statos that something
had been tiaid by someone about a
youug lady to wuioh Powell took ex
ocptions aud called him to account
Powoll oau,e to his boarding house
about 7 o'clock yesterday evenii.g aud
called him out on the strcat and afier
somo rough word between them he
was struck in the forehead with what
he took to bo brass knucks, and sUg
gored. Powell again made at bim,
when he (Watt's) drew his pistol and
fired two shots, and Powell ran The
vers'on of Powell is that he was pass
ing Watts boarding house in the af
ternoon and was stODoed bv him and
a difficulty sought, He told Watt's
that he would return with borne in
torested friends after suppor
and settlo "the matter. He went to
Watts' boarding house about 7 o'clock
and knocked at tho door and asked for
him. Watts answered from within
and told him he would bo out in a few
minutes. He (Powell) then wont out
to tho oorner of Clay streot and Watts
soon camo out. Angry words followod
and he struck Watts in tho forehead
with a rook ho held in his hand and
nearly knocked him down. As Watts
was recovering ho attempted to stnko
him again when Watts drew his pistol
and firod, the ball just urazintr his
oheek, and tho powder burning his
faoo. Ho stopped baok and fall
into a ditoh and upon recovering him
self started across tho street. Whon
about the iniddloway tho htreet ho
turned around to aoe if he was boing
followod when just as ho d'd he heard
another shot and felt that he was shot
in tho left arm. Tho wounds of neither
9Jj MM 0 Bi H iU B H bb H bhi Ba
Used in Millions of Hemes
of tho combatants aro serious, but
painful. Powell received a flesh wound
in the loft arm and Watts will oarry
to his grave an ugly boar upon his
brow and all on account of foolish
bickerings and magnified tattlings
about a girl.
(In newspapor patlanoo tho abovo
would bo designated a "sooop," and
not a breaoh of oonfidenoo )
Tho Waco Liquor Dealers Associa
tion held an important mooting last
night at their now hall.
Mr. F H. Kingsbury returned last
ovening from Hillsboro whoro he had
been on personal business.
Mr. Lee Stowart and MisB Mary
Edgar wero married yesterday aftor
noon at tho Fifth Street Methodist
Kaufman & Strauss filed suit yes
terday aftornoon in tho county court
against S A Owens & Son for $250
on open account.
A regular meeting of tho Triple
Allianco will be held tomorrow night at
the parlors of the Wavorly hotol A
full attendance is desired.
Tho candidates for county offices
are getting rpstloss and tho pot is
bosimiing to boil. The campaign
promises to bo a very lively ono.
The S A. & A P. iumtablo will
bo moved from its present location,
near hdgefield, to the new site soleo
ted for it near the First street cetno
tery. Tho examinging trial of Harrison
Bowie and '-Reuben the Night Hawk"
alias Reuben wells, for burglary is in
progress today in Justico Gallagher's
Pompey Smith, charged with bur
glary, had an examinging trial before
Justice J. N Gallagher and was ad
mitted to bail in tho sum of $300 yes
terday. Mr. T. B Waite was, last night,
the vioiim of a robbery at his saloon
on Austin Avenue, by which ho lost
about $7 from tae till. An entrance
was effeoted by cutting a hole through
a door leadii g from tho room above
into the saloon. About a quart of
whiskey was also carried away.
Mr. N B Tiohcnor, representing
the firm of C. B. (Jours & Son's man
ufacturing company, Indianapolis,
Ind., has been in Waco for a week
taking a course of baths at tho Patk
iiatatonum. Mr. Tiohenor has beon
prostrated with rheumatism and when
ho camo here was suffering intensely.
He is now almost entirely oured and
in a few days will return home.
"Reubin The Night Hawk" Alias
Roubin Well, jointly oharged with
Harrison Bowie with burglarizing tho
store of Abe Freeman, on North 5th
street, and who had an examining
trial before Justice J. N. Gallagher
this afternoon was discharged, the
evidenoe not being considered suffi
cient to require a bond of him Har
rison Bowie was required to give a
bond in the sum of $500 to await the
action of the grand jury. The "Night
Hawk" was defended by Mr. 11. J.
Goode and Bowie by Mr. Fred Kings
bury. Following' Suit.
On and after March 1, 1892, I will
sell for cash. My terms will bo from
10 to 20 per cent cheaper on every
thing exoept lard. Prompt delivery
as heretofore. Try mo for cash,
J C. Stakfoud.
Corner market G01 Franklin st.
Mayor's Court,
The following cases were disposed
of this moraing in the mayor's court:
W. T. Watts for oarry ing a pistol,
was find $25.
R. D. Powell, for assault and bat
tory, was fined $5
Phil Hogan was arraignod for as
sault and battery. The decision in
his oaso was withheld till tomorrow
4.0 Years the Standard I
But bono6tted by going to J. 11
Shope, tho Spot Cash Grocerman, ho
has tho Lowest Prices on tho host
Groceries of any ono in Waoo, ho
soils tho best
Sugar Cured Ham at $
Best Patent Flour 1
3 lb Tomatoes per can
Lion and Arbuoklo Coffee
Fresh Butter per lb
Mormon Irish Potatoes per bk'r,
Yellow Yam Sweet Potatoes
also he has a full lino of Gardon
Soods, Seed Potatoes aud Onion Sots
he also has a fino line of Can goods,
evaporated fruits of all kinds. Rais
ens 10 lb for 1.00 Turnips, Cabbage,
Krout, Pickles and many other goods
too numerous to mention and all those
goods will bo sold at a reduced prioe for
spot Cash.
Romomher tho plaoo 205 South 3rd
below Franklin. J. H. Shope,
Deed of Trust.
Jonos & Goeth, liquor dealers of
Brownwood, Brown oounty,filed a deed
of trust in tho offioo of County Clork
J. W. Baker, this morning naming
Gus Fisho ot said county as trustee
Tho property convoked, besides the
entiro stock of liquors, wines,
beer, gin, brandy, fixturos, billiard
tables, oto., was tho following real es
tato in tho city of Waco: Lots 8, '9,
10, 11, 12, 13, aud 14, in block 7,
Daughtrey addition, a oil throo lots in
Boll's addition.
Tho trust deed was mado for the
boncfit of the following creditors:
K. E $ 150 00
Goodwyn & Goodwy n 100 00
R. P. Payne, Brownwood,
Texas 175 00
Harry Scott 50 00
Gains Soott 50 00
Bonnio BroB.Jjouisville, Ky. 107(1 00
Allman Bros., Brownwood, S9 00
H. Henncsdorf, Brownwood, 78 00
Thompson Bros., Louisville,
Ky Ogiy Og
H. E. Walter & 'o'o,No.v
York 211 00
Arohenhold & Co., Waco 170 00
Noineman Bro., Baltimore 50 00
Napa Valley Wine Co , San
Franoisoo 80 00
Bryan & Richardson Com
pany, Austin 70 00
Rothohilds Sons & Co., Cin
cinnati 450 00
Brunswick Blake Co., Cin-
cinnatti 80 00
National Csh Register, Co.,
Dayton, 0 45 00
An Error Corrected.
Tho Soux Falls Press of Feb,
"A gentleman of this received a
letter from Waoo, Texas, yesterday
whioh stated that there was a good
deal of feeling being worked up over
tho shooting affray in whioh O. W.
Buok, formor resident of this oity was
ono of the principals, resulting, it
will be reraemberod, in the death of
his opponent aoonduotor by tho namo
of Fofvzer. The bondsmen, the letter
states, wero once mtn of wealth, but
wero not considered bo now. This
must be a mistake as tho Waco Daily
News received at this offioe, declares
that they are worth a hundred times
the face of tho bond."
The News will repeat for the bono
fit of the Sioux Falls readers that the
gentlemen who signed Mr. Buck's
bond are worth two hundred times tho
faoe of it.
Jeff Gantt, tho thoroughbred poin
ter dog of Dr. J. L. Gantt, doiarted
in 1 1110 this morning at 11 o'clook.
after an illness of eight days from a
tevoro attaot ot spinal moningetiK,
and was buried at 1 p. m.
The deceased was four months old
and, for his ago, was the smartost dog
in Waoo. As young as he was, ho
would go to tho poatoffije aftor tho
mail and do many other things useful
and amusing which not only endear
ed him to his owner but to all who
know him. Peaoo bo to tho ashes of
Jeff Gantt.
Elegant Photo's.
Having soourod tho servioos of Mr.
W. M. Hall, of Ohioago, as operator
and retoucher, will guarantee tho pub
lic a finer olass of photographic work
than has ever been shown in Waoo.
Have recently purohased tho largest
as well aq tho Cnost photographic lens
in Texas. Call on tho old rehablo
photographer and seo samples.
W. D. Jackson.
l)n nnt. fnrtrat th mantinn. nf fVm
Young Men's olub at the oity hall to-
To tho Lovors of Art In Photo
graphy. Having moved to my new gallery,
over 701 and 7015, Austin stroot, (the
old Hinohmau Building), I am now
better prepared than over to givo the
pooplo ot Waoo tho finest Photos in
tho state. Tho beautiful "aristo" (so
highly ondorscd by tho loading j?ai.
orios,) in all it hoauty, at ray stuuio.
I will iihvo on oxhibition for a fow
days, an elegant oil portrait of Mrs.
Geo. Clark, by Mons. Do Gissao, whioh
has been framed in a very handsome
"Florentine" frame, making a portrait
well worth a visit, to all, and more
especially to tho tho ladios.
I will bo glad to woluome my old,
and many now oustomors. Don't for
get my uow addros8,over 701 and 703
Austin Avo. .
Deane, Photographer.
u..y... - & Sft
f -47
Gato's f(ey
Cigar and Newsdealers, 104 South
Fourth street.
Ladies' OUniTs! At less than
Fine QfllmU First Cost.
Only sixteen daya more and tho St.
Louis Shoo Storo closes its doors, Now
is your opportunity to buy Ladies and
Gents lino Shoes at less than first cost.
Theso are the finest goods over brought
to Waoo, and if wo have your size, we
are sure to suit you in the prico. A
fino lino of Children's Shoos at less
than it cost to manufaoturo. Come
early and see theso goods and avoid
tho rush. Any boot in tho houso $1.50
Corner SixtL and Austin,
5 Cents Each.
A two-hole rnouso trap, 2t clothes
pins, a tin dipper, a big pressed pan,
1 lamp chimney, a oovered bucket, a
tin funnel, 1 iron stand, a tin scoop, 1
dish mop. 2 pie plates, big box tacks,
a large grator, 2 boxes matches, big
potato masher, a kitohen spoon, a
nutmeg grater, a stovo lifter, 1 pack
age good envelops, a box slate pencils,
a large tablet, 1 can opener, a wooden
spoon, a good tack lifter, 1 paper filo,
1 padlock, a paint brush, 1 maohino
oil can, a bottle good machine oil, a
strong hitching ring, a, pair hinges, 1
wire tea strainer.
703 Austin ave., bot. Gth and Sth sts.
Had not Slept for Years.
Mr. A. Jackson, an old resident of
Rusk, Texas, and manager of the mag
nificent now hotol at Rusk, informs us
ho had not slept at night for years
oxcopt in short naps, owing to inces
8ant coughing. Ho was advised whon
very much run down to try Ballard's
Ilorehound Syrup; ho was immediate
ly relieved of his cough and his roat
improved to suoh a degree that ho
could sleep soundly all night; Mr.
JackBon states: "I regard Ballard's
Horehonnd Syrup superior to any
Cough Syrup on the market, and its
froedom from opium and morphine
leave no oonstipation after using it.
For this reason alone I consider it tho
best cough syrup in tho world for
ohildren. My lungs aro now stronger
than thoy have beon for years. This
syrup is very soothing to tho throat
and lungs."
Sold by H. C. Risher & Co.
Tho Pool Open Again.
Tho repairs at tho Natatorium-aio
completed. Somo big improvements
have beon made; tho pool is full once
inoroof clear, aparkling hot water.
The tub, necdlo and vapor baths aro
oompleto and as perfoot as any in the
cuntry. Tho publio is invited
Tom Padqitt, prop,
See the short hand and accurate
system of garment cutting, any child
can ieum it quickly, 185 diagrams
embracing all styles and sizes for
men, women and ohildren. notel St.
Clair Eighth and Washington.
I have this day sold my laundry on
Franklin streot to Hong Wah. 1 will
settle all olaims against mo on the
21st at twelve o'clook if tho parties
will oall. Hono Charley.
Waoo, Texas, Feb. 17th. It

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