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or t'iro Aliirm Hove.
4 Fifth Ward Flro Station strike
5 Corner 9ih and Atistln "
6 " 4th " " "
" 7 CeutrM Fire Station "
a Wont V.ntl Flro Mutton "
i urn
' m um
" IS Corner 14 h nml WaihltiRton "
1 U " Sthand MalboroiiRti '
"15 ' sttinnu uoiuiuduh
16 " 8th and Jackson "
"17 " 4th and Webster "
"23 " 8th and Cleveland "
!! " Mil nnd Speight "
"27 " 6th and Washington "
" 35 Itojnl Ilotel Sth and franklin '
"37 Corner Hth and Jefferson ' m-llllill
n, woolen aims ltn aim aiaiy
AU boxes nuinbeied above 8 strikes thus!
Bex U strikes 1 and stops, then strikes 111
tnaklns Ilox 1J, then repeats fonr times.
Box 25 strikes 11 and stops, then strikes llllr
making Jlox 25 and so on.
Keys will be fonnd In rcidenceson each coi
ner where boxes arelocated. OpenFireAlarm
Boxes and pull Hook down and let go. Lcavo
key In box.
Torn alarm In only for Arcs. MOOOflne Tor
false alarms.
blow tupping of bells signify company
'alls. , . ...
t'econa Friuay in eacn monin eivn iox is
tapped twlco, testing boxes and circuit line
When alarm of llrelsplveu the Flro Depart
ment has tnerlgbt or way on nlletrtets. All
vehicles tnnst drlvo near the sidewalk and keep
away from the Are. " 00 lino for running over
Ileport of any caroleas driving going to or
from flres by the Fire Department will be
thankfully received by the Chief, as fast and
careless driving is etrickly forbidden.
Big JIuddyl Big Muddy! Big Muddy
Dr. Geo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
sett of upper or lower teeth, $12.50.
Joo Lohman is tho most popular ros
taurant man in Texas. His plaoe
117 South Fourth street.
it Joe Lehman's for ioo orcam and
confectioneries 117 South Fourth
Specimen Cases,
S. H. Clifford, Now CasBcl, Wis.,
was troubled with Neuralgia and
Ehoumatism, his Stonuoh was dis
ordered, his Liver was affected to an
alarming degreo, appetito fell away,
and ho was terribly reduced in flesh
and strength. Throe bottles oi Elee
trio Bitters cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisbury, 111,,
had a running sore on his leg of eight
years' standing. Used three bottles
of Elcctio Bitters and seven boxes of
Bucklen's Arnica Salve, and his leg is
sound and well. John Speaker, Ca
tawba, 0., had five largo Fever sores
on bis leg, doctors said he was inoura
bio One bottle Eleotrio Bitters and
ono box Buoklen's Arnica Salvo cured
him entirely. Sold by W. B. Morri
son & Co., Drug Sioro.
All bills due tho News for advertis
ing from July 15th are payablo to
R. Christopher or his authorized col
lector. This applies also to sub
scribers. A Sure Cure for Piles.
Itching Piles are known by mois
ture liko perspiration, causing intense
itohing when warm. This form as
well as Blind, Bleeding or Protrud
ing, yield at once to Dr. Bosanko's
Pile Kemedy, which aots directly on
paits offeoted, absorbs tumors, allays
itching and effects a permanent cure.
50 cts. Druggists or mail Circulars
free. Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by W. B.
Morrison & Co.
M. K- & T
To St. Louis and return on ac
count of National Convention of
Peoples Party
Tickets onsalo Fob. 18, 19 and 20,
good for return until Feb, 26. Re
member the M. K. & T. is tho only
line running double daily trains be
tween Waco and St. Louis with ele
gant rcolining chair oars. Seats free,
and Pullman Sleepers through with
out change.
To Now Orleans and Return on
account of
llafdi Gras.
Tickets on sale February 28 and 29,
pood for return passage 10 days from
dato of salo. For maps, folders, sleep
ing car accommodations, tickets or
any information, pleaso call on or ad
dresB, J. E. SMITH,
Tiokot Agent M. K. and T. By., No
South Fourth street, Waco, Tex
Thn VVnnt n llciiiix'iiitlr Ciiihih on
U hltiOli till Iliirli r Mijt I'u Colimm
Miuik Shi Inkiifi' hi IVutlcpln- liliiml'a
Iti'imtrkH 1111 tin' S11I1J1 1 1,
Wamiixoton, Feb. 1!(. Tho nnti-Mlvcr
men 111 o becoming very iine.isy over tho
MisiK!iibe. They 111 e now trying to gut
up a Democratic caucus for tho purpose
of (lisciis-simj whether or not bilver shall
be laid aside foi tins session.
Tho silver men are happy in tho ratio
of tho despondency of the anti-silver men.
borne of them e.uly in tho day .signed
tho call for tho caucus, but in tho evening
witlulrow thoir names fiom tho call. It
looks now as if tho silver men would
not go into caucus at all. They wiy that
they have enough siinuituies to their no-
tition to tho cominitteo on rules to t-et a
day mid hour for the vote on the ques
tion to have it done, and that they have
tho assurance that tho committic will
giant their lequest. They have ceased
to ask any 111010 iwisons to sign tho peti
tion. They have become to bold
and confident that they intimate
that oven if tho committee should dis
appoint them, and theieby the anti-silver
men could filibuster against their
bill lien it comes up to tho extent ot
preventing a vote, they me in a position
to retaliate and piovent anything being
done till their measure shsuld get a fair
show. 0
Quite an excitement was caused 111 tho
house by Mr. Bland sending to the
cleik's desk to lead u eneular issud by
Congressman Halter of Ohio to the pen
sioners of tho country, which stated
that fieo coinage of silver meant a
shrinkage in their pensions to 70 cents
on the dollar. Mr. Bland charaeteiued
this .is an effort on the part of Mr. H.ir
ter, who was a millionaire national
banker, to bulldoze congress tiuough
tho pensioners of tho countiy.
This bi ought Hnrter to his feet, who
denied he was a millionaire or national
banker. fie said he w.is a m.iuufactuier,
a tanner and free tiader. He said he
had no gold e.vcept a 1 nig on his linger
and a gold watch in his pocket.
Bryan of Nebiaska, a siher man,
pulled out his watch and said it was
the only silver that he would like ro
swap it for Barter's gold one.
Harter replied that this showed tho
tendency of man to pieiei the jellow to
the white metal. The occasion gave op
portunity lor botli Bland and Harter to
make a lew rem, ales on silver. It was
lather a lively time for a tew moments.
"Washixotox, Feb. 19. If tho amend
ment to the constitution which is pro
posed is adopted, the members of the
senate will bo chosen by a diiect vote of
tho free people of the sevei.il states mid
it will be what it has never yet bien, 11
popular urancn ot tne congress ot the
United States.
These were tho words of Senator Pal
mer of Illinois m his speech urmng the
election ot United States senatois by
popular vote, and his niiaignmentof the
upper house of congiess was 111 language
not often heard by tho veneiablo meui
beis ot that dignified and august as
sembly. That this language, too, should
have been used 111 tho maiden speech ot
the senator is not in keenm" wirli tlw.
usual decorum and tiaditions of that
august body, but .is Palmer fought his
way to a seat m the unner lionsi! In- liw
advocacy of tho principle of tho popular
eiecnon ot senatois, lie probably does not
feel constrained to observe with icver
enco all the bairiers of tradition. Tho
resolution presented by Palmer, and
which is now pending 111 tho senato, pi o
vides for the formal submission of a con
stitutional amendment lequning sena
tors to be elected by a diiect vote of tiie
people of tho various states inhtraiil nf
btate legislatures ns at piesent.
ine beuator reviewed briefly the great
Douglass and Lincoln sonutnrml nnntj.st
in Illinois and then detailed tho success
ive steps and declarations that had been
made by the Democracy of Illinois in i.
gard to the subject, and winch finally
leu louemociatic tiiumpti in tho state
and tho election of a lepresentativo of
that principle to the United States sen
ate. Tho beuator insisted that tho con
stitutional mode of electing benators by
tho legislatures of tho state was no
longer satisfactory to tho American
people. lie did not mean to nuiko him
self responsible for tho charges of brib
ery and undue influence that attended
nearly every beiiatorial election by in
dorsing or repeating any of them. Nono
of tho reasons which led tho fanners of
tho constitution to deprive tho ieople of
direct contiol of tho executive depai t
ment and of the senate now existed. Ex
peneneo had long ago demonstrated tho
uselessiiess of electois for the selection
of president and vice president. All
that tho people could gain by the pro
posed amendment would bo enlaiged
poweis of selt-defense; senators would
be true and exact representatives of the
leoph) and would defend their homes
and propei ty from unequal and excess
ive burdens. 'Thoy would dignity tho
states, for the people were tho btates.
Mr. Mitchell of Oregon said he listened
with pleasure to tho remarks of tho sen
ntor from Illinois. Tho preposition had
been refeired to tho committeo on pnv
ilegesand dutioni and by that com-
inittco to a sub-committee, and ho was
gratified at being ablo to stale that
aftei consultation a majority of that
sub-commit tee hud agreed to lepoit in
favor of such an amendment to the con
stitution. The subject then vwnt
'I hi' ltimkliLiiil lEcoiliitiiiii.
Washington-, Feb. 10. It is piobablo
that on Tuesday next a sub-conimittee
will bo appointed by the judiciaiy com
mittee to take chaigo of the resolution
introduced by Congressman Bankhead
looking to the imieachment ot Judge
McCornnck and to go to woik on look
ing into the charges.
ApiHilntc il Hunk litu'lirr.
Wasiuxutox, Feb. 10. Tho comp
troller of cm rency has appointed Em
erson Collins of Willi.unspoit receiver
of the First National bank of Muncy, Pa.
I111II1111 right In i' 3!rlin.
Washington, Feb. 1!). General Scho
field has iecived a telegram f 10m the
commanding general of tho dep irtmcnt of
Arizona saying that a fight had occuned
at Foit Stanton, New Mexico, between
Mescaleio and Lip.m Indians, during
which four men were killed and ten
wounded. The general says uffnuslmve
quieted dow u and no further trouble is
Choctaw anil CliiiUiisnw Claim.
Washington, Feb. 10. The presi
dent's message rel.itivo to tho Choctaw
and Chickasaw claims was laid before
tho house and lead by the cleik.
llrj Dock Tor N- Oileuns.
Washington, Feb. 19. Congressman
Meyer has succeeded in getting an np
pi epilation of SI.OOO lor a dry dock foi
New Orleans placed in the naval appio
piiation bill.
Snppusi il Cllli'lt).
Comjmiu-s, O., Feb 10. A case of al
leged crneltv to one of the inmates of the
Athens asylum for tho insane has been
niado public and has cieated a sensation.
The victim of the alleged outrage is Mrs.
Sarah Phillips of Jackson county, 70
years of age. The family of Mrs. "Phil
lips visited the asylum on different occa
sions and were not satisfied with tho
treatment of the aged woman, who ap
pealed 111 a daed conditiou. Sho was
removed irom tne asylum ami upon ex
amination b physicians the discovery
was made that cruel punishment had
been inflicted by those in charge, marks
upon her peison being most prominent.
After the woman had been removed, and
while recovenng from the effects of the
opiates administered, she would scream;
"Oh, my God, do not let them lull me!"
Charges have been made to the trustees
against the superintendent. Dr. Citiin
bacher, and tho board will nuet for the
purpose of investigating the sune. Gov
ernor Mclvinloy addressed a letter to the
bo.ud of state charities upon the subject
aud urged a piompt and thorough in
vestigation, at tho same timo requesting
a wntten leport at tho e.uliest possible
No W.iUh 'Kin VIic Out nfClili 11-11.
CilR uio, Feb. 10. A few days ago it
was assented that soveial pi eminent 1 ail
way officials stated that sooner than
yield to public demand for tho abolish
ment of grade ciossings in this city they
would abandon their tracks and" othei
ptopeity here and move to a point in
Indiana where they would establish a
now city, thus piactically leaving
Chicago without l.ulvvay facilities, othei
than those furnished by street cars and
a belt hue. In view o"f tins fact, it is
interesting to note th.it Mayor Wash
bin no sent a lengthy communication to
the city council 011 the subject of grade
crossings. Tho message recites the f.ict
that there have of lato been several
frightful calamities caused by the lim
ning down of street cais by incoming
passenger trains, and urges upon the
council tho adoption of some remedy
therefor. Tho elevated teiminals, in the
mayor's opinion, foun tho best solution
of tho question, and his message closes
with the recommendation that a compe
tent committeo bo employed to thor
oughly investigate tho subject and re
poi t as soon ns possible.
Investigating a Ljnclilng.
Centuu, Tex., Feb. 19. In the prelim
inaiy investigation into the lynching of
Joo Shields, Fayette Hurra,, Billy Har
ris, Charley Peidy and Jim Stanton
were remanded without bail. The ease
was dismissed as to James Harris and
nil others charged with tho hanging.
Will Oppoto Moving tlm I'uter Linos.
Toi'EKA, Kas., Feb. 10. Tho Kansas
Livo Stock Sunitniy commission lias de
cided to fonnally oppose tho niovinp
fui ther south of tho Texas fever quaran
tine line, and the commission will go to
Washington at onco to present tho mat
ter to Secretary Rusk.
Ih'pittlo; with Willi lii'HteiK,
AitKALox, Kas., Feb. 19. The cases
of iivo of tho alleged murderers of
Sheiiff Dunn have been set lor trial on
Feb. S3, by Judgo Botkm ot the district
couit. The case of ono of the ex
pnsoners will bo tried by social judge,
but tho otliors will bo heard by Judgo
Botkm. Thirty bailiffs armed with
Winchesters have been in attendance on
the court this week and tho number will
bo doubled next week. There does not,
however, seem to bo any apprehension
ot trouble.
Livor Complaint" Billlousnoss.
The ohiof symptoms of this disease
are depression of spirits, foul coatod
tongue, bad tasting mouth, disagree a
bio breath, dry skin vvith blotches
and crupticut, hallow comploxioti and
yellow eves, liicd aching thouldors,
dull pain in right side, faintness, diz
ziness and irregular howols. This
complaint in all Us forms can bo
readily cured by taking Dr. Gunn's
Improved liver pills ns directed, and
a lingering spell of'Mckness will often
bo warded off by their use. Sold at
25cts a bos by V. B. Morrison &
T1ioNevv3 Is not responsible for nor
will itpay any bills unless authorized
by a written or verbal ordor from the
Ballard's Snow Liniment.
Thih Liniment is difl'eient in compo
sition from any other Liniment on the
market. It is a scientific discovery,
which results in its being the most
penetrating Liniment ever known
Thero are numerous white imitations,
which may be recommended because
they pay the seller a great profit. Be
waro of theso and demand Ballard's
Snow Liniment. It positively euros
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Cuts,
Sprains, Bruises, Wounds, Sciatic and
Inflammatory Rheumatism, Burns,
Scalds Sore Feet, Contracted Musolc,
Stiff Joints, Old Sores, Pain in Back,
Barb Wiro Cuts, Soro Ohoft, or throat
and is especially benoticial in Pa
ralysis. Sold by II. C. llisher & Co.
Read, be convinced, invest, and
get well quickly.
How many continue to sulTer from year
to year from the ellocts of blood poisonl
Some seem to get pocsscd of the insan
idea that there is nn cure Yet nature hat
provided n cure foroery ailment. Thera
are herb" of such sure healing v irtue that,
rightly used, they will eradicate every
traca of blood poison from the system.
These herbs are ul ended 111 the composi
tion of Dr John Hull s Nirsapanlla, a
remedy that has rrstored to health more
Tictims of inherited and contagious blood
disease than all other medicines put to
gether Don't sutFer longer, but gie this
remedy a trial If it did not excel in
curative virtue the many so called blood
medicines that arc commonly found in
drug stores, we would never spend on
cent to advertise it. Our object is to re
lieve aiiflcring humanity, and every bottle
sold proves tins to bo afatt. Mrs." Robert
A. white, of Carrollton, Ky , writes:
"I Inherited scrofula, llic dleuse did not
develop until after I wns murrled. Th
glands of my neck lue.tmo mid lemalncd
wnllen and give run ircat pain. I hnd mli
erable health urul louked consumptive. I
begun 11 ue of Dr. Hull's fmrtnparilla, and
before I li.id used a dozen bottles the swell
ings disappeared and I gained In llcsti, and
I nm now (11 hiiltncllU heultU ; thuuku to tula
one remedy alone "
Alfred I minors Memphis, Tenn., wrltesfc
" I was born nn invalid. From my earliest
recollection, 1 sullerod from eczema. My
limbs would becotno lnllamed nnd looked
almost like raw beef, nnd the Itching was
terrible. I know my pureuts doctored me
nerent deal, but I nuvtr knew what it was
to bo tree fiom sutlering. A enr ngo (I nm
now lSj 1 lsltetl my uncle up In Indiana,
aud ho got me to try Dr. Hull's fNinuiparilla.
After using n few bottlen I vrns surprised to
find tbc itching ceiised, and shortly after
my skin healed over and became clear Now
1 look and feel as well as an body, and I
cannot praise Hull's .Sir-nparilla enough."
Mnrv Powers, Forest City, Ark., writes:
"I sullerui from salt-rheum nnd my hands
were in a terrible condition. My head also
was full of sores, and I bad many largo pim
ples on my face. 1 am, happy to write that
Bull's 6unapnrl!la has cured me thorough
ly. I used about 15 bottles."
ttJTMany little children's lives ore sacri
ficed by neglecting to give them Dr. John
Bull's worm Destroyers. They only cost
85 cents.
TTMy wife was long aUllcted with chills.
Quinine did not agree with her, so we tried
Bmlth's Touio friyrup Two bottles mad
hsr well. P. C. Ie, Blgbee Valley, Miss.
John D. Fauk & Sovs, Wholesale Agents,
175, 177 and 179 Sycamore 8L, Cincinnati, O.
Tie Texas & Pacific Railway
The direct lino to Shreveporr an'l New Orlcnns.
toTexarkaun, Memphis, St. Louie, the
North and Est, and to all points
in Texas, Old and Now
Mexico. Arizona,
Colorauo and CaJCornla.
Tho Favorite Line via Sacramento to Orecon
and Washington. Only lino offerlne
Choice ofNouti a to X'ointu In the
Southenat.vla Tcxarkunu,
Sbrovepnrt and
New Orleans.
Between Ft. Worth and St. Louis.
no Pnstest Time between Toxas one the
North and Kaat.
Double Daily Line of Pullman Palace
Sleepmg Cars through to &t.
Louis via the
Through Sleeping Cars Between New Or
leans and Denver and St Louis
ana El Paso.'
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