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waco t'litu iuh'AKTihknt.
Locution or Flro Alarm lloxos.
4 Firth War A Fire Station strike mi
6 Corner 9ih ana ausUu ' mil
6 4th ""
' 7 Central Flro Htatlnn " iMilil
' 8 Wert Entl Fire Station " """l
13 Corner ll'h noil Washington ' l-lil
M4 MhanUMulVioroagh " win
"IS " fctlia'id Columbus " i inn
'16 " gtlmnil Jackson " l-mtli
"17 " 4th and Wobnter " l-iimil
" V, ' 8th snd Cleveland " ii-imi
'6 " Mh and Speight " ii-iimi
"27 " CthandWVhlnRton " imiiiiii
33 Itoyal Hotel 8th ami Franklin ' ' 111 IHH
" if. Woolen M11N 1 itn anil Mary " lll-llltll
"37 Corner lutli l nud Jefferson ' lll-llilill
All boxes numbered above 8 strike' thus)
Bex 13 strikes 1 Bnit (tops, tlioti Btrikes 111
making Box 13, then repeats four times.
Boi 25 strikes U and Btops. then strikes UHr
making Box 25 and so ou.
directions ron oivino alaiim.
Keys vrill bo found In rcsldonces on cicli cor
ner where boxen arelocnted. Open Flro Alarm
Boxes and pnll Hook down and lei go. Leave
"-Fur" alarm in only for fires. 10.00 lino for
false alarms. . . ...
fclow tapping of bells signify company
Second Friday In each month eah box Is
tapped twice, tcstlnc boxes and circuit line
When alarm ol Urelsplve i the Fire Depart
ment has the right of way on all streets. All
vehicles mnst drlvenear the sidewalk and keep
way from the flro. i.0 lino for running over
Keport of any careless driving going to or
from fires by the Fire Department will be
thankfnlly received by the Chief, as fast and
careless driving Is strlckly forbidden.
Big Muddy I Big Muddy! Big Muddy
Dr. Goo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
eett of upper or lower teeth, $12.50.
Joe Lehman Is tho most popular ros
taurant man in Texas. His plaoc
117 South Fourth stroot.
Joe Lohman's for ioo oream and
oonfeotionories 117 South Fourth
Specimen Cases,
S. H. Clifford, Now Cassel, Wis.,
was troubled with Neuralgia and
Ehoumatism, his Stomach was dis
ordered, his Liver was affected to an
alarming degreo, appetito fell away,
and ho was terribly reduced in flesh
and strength. Throo bottles of Eleo
trio Bitters cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisbury, 111.,
had a running sore on his leg of eight
years' standing. Used threo bottles
of Eleotio Bitters and seven boxes of
Buoklon's Arnica Salvo, and his leg is
sound and well. John Speaker, Ca
tawba, 0., had fivo large Fever sores
on his leg, doctors said ho was inoura
bio. One bottle Electric Bitters and
eno box Bucklen's Arnica Salvo cured
him entirely. Sold by W. B. Morri
son & Co., Drug Sioro.
Don't fail to teo tho three days'
go as you please walking matoh at
Padgitt's Park, commencing Monday
A Sure Cure for Piles.
Itching Piles are known by mois
ture liko perspiration, causing intense
itohing when warm. This form as
well as Blind, Bleeding or Protrud
ing, yield at once to Dr. Boaanko's
Pile Remedy, which aots dirootly on
paits effeoted, absorbs tumors, allays
itching and effects a permanent cure.
50 cts. Druggists or mail Circulars
free. Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by V. B.
Morrison & Co.
M. K- & T
To St. Louis and return on ac
count of National Convention of
Peoples Party
Tickots on sale Feb. 18, 19 and 20,
good for return until Feb. 28. Ite
niember tho M. K. & T. is tho only
line running double daily trains bo
tween "Waco and St. Louis with ele-
it reohninrr ohair oars. Seats freo.
9 T 1 1 n '
i ruiiman aicepers through with-
FNew Orleans and Return ou
ant of
aj-di : Gf
Tiokots on sale February 2S and 2o,
pood for return passage 10 days from
dato of sale. For maps, folders, sleep
ing car accomraedations, tiokets or
any information, pleaso call on or ad
press, J. E. SMITH,
Ticket Agent M. K. and T. By., No
South Fourth sticct, Waco, Tex
I'lo TlnmvHiid 1'mpln AVitiiri llio
tVrrtch's I.nt Agniili"! Tim Victim ol
Ills l.imt Applies tint 3luti.li to lilt
Tkxaukasa, Ark., Feb. 22. Ed Coy,
tho negro rapist is dead. Ono week ago
ho assaulted tho young wife of a resiH't't
ublo farmer two miles bouth of town,
since which time ho has succeeded in
eluding tho oflicers until Sunday. Ho
has a mistress at the homo of Ed Gaines,
four miles north of town, and it was sho
who gave him away fear for tho
tafoty perliaps of horelf and family act
ing as the incentive.
Pobteb in m'uil'Ii of Coy suspected that
be wan being harbored by Gaines, and
two or threo times this week put a rojw
around Gaines' neck to make him give
information and assured him that death
would certainly be his portion should ho
fail to notify tho posse upon tho first ap
pearance of Coy.
The mistress of Coy went to the houso
of a white neighbor, "W. B. Scott, and
told him that Coy was at tho houso of
Gaines. Scott immediately sent ti mes
senger with the news post haste to town
and a posso immediately went out to ar
rest the negro.
In tho meantino Coy had left Gaines'
house, but was apprehended and taken
in chargo of by Mr. Scott and his two
sons, who held him until tho arrival of
the men from town.
The latter immediately brought their
prisoner in and placing him in a carriage
conveyed him to the Jewell farm, where
his victim without hesitation identified
him beyond all doubt as the man.
The trembling wretch was then re
turned to town and placed in a room with
a number of guards. A heavy guard
w;vs also placed outside the building, it
having been resolved that ho should not
be disponed of until all the posses that
were still out should return, in order
that they might take part in tho proceed
ings. All tho posses wero in by 2 o'clock and
the leaders, after a consultation, decided
to hang tho negro to a telegraph pole on
Broad street on tho state line, the most
public place in the city.
Coy was accordingly marched to this
point with a view to carry out this pro
gramme, but when tho crowd saw tho
rope and divined that hanging had been
decided upon there were thunders of pro
tests. "Away with the ropo! hanging is too
good for him! Burn him! burn him!"
was the shout that went up from 5000
Coy was quickly strapped to tho body
of a treo with iron fastenings and coal
oil was poured over his entire person in
liberal quantities. Theio was a moment
of silence, and then another shout went
up. It was:
"Let Mrs. Jewell apply tho match! Let
Mrs. Jewell set him off!"
Walking slowly ami very pale, but
collected, tho lady emerged irom tho
crowd. Her appearance before them set
the crowd fairly wild, and such a cheer
went up as almost shook the ground on
which they were standing.
Tho crowd fell back at her approach,
making a pathway for tho lady, who
leaning upon the arm of a male relative
ou either side walking unhesitatingly
forward to where the negro stood pin
ioned, struck a parlor match with her
own baud and with perfect deliberation
tired the negro's clothes in two places.
In a second the poor wretch was ono
mass of consuming flames, but even in
death his wonderful nerve, exhibited
ever since his arrest, never forsook him,
and wlulo sufftuing tortures of fiie ho ;
actually cullerifto tho men of tho assem- J
biy anti in clear voice requested them to
move back so that the ladies could see,
referring to the negio women, a largo
number of whom witnessed the execu
tion. Coy raado but little noise pending his
horrible death oxcept to groan and grunt,
and tlied in about twenty minutes after
tho application of tho torch. Ho died
denying his guilt, but theio is not a
shadow of a doubt as to his being tho
right party.
Rochestek, N. Y., Feb. 22. One of
the most daring express robberies in
the history of this section was porpo
trated on tho Central Hudson road near
Woodsport. This train carries immense
sums of money, one car being known as
the "money car. " containing specio from
tho United States tieasury for western
banks. The robber had been discovered
in tho oxpiess car by the conductor and
the lnttor had signalled tho engineer to
go ahead at full speed, but at Fort By
ron tho brakes weio set in an unaccount
able way and when the conductor went
to tho express car ho found signs of a
desperate struggle. Money packnges and
jewelry wero lying scattered about and
everything in the car was stained with
blood nnd the messenger, Mclnery, was
lying bleeding from several wounds and
almost unconscious. Tho robber wns no
whore to bo seen and wns supposed to
hao jumped and mudo good his escape.
The news had spread along tho lino by
this time and tho station at Lyons was
all alive. Among others in tho crowd
was a well-dressed yonng man wearing
gold eyeglasses nnd carrying a satchel
over his shoulder. Now it happened
that trainmen had noticed tho young
man at tho station at Syracuse before
tho train 'had started out and they had
not seen him since, and tho question,
what was he doing at Lyons? at onco
suggested itself. An attempt to arrest
him was made, but ho pulled two revolv
ers, held tho ciowd back and backed
across tho yard, jumped on an engine
standing by, i un the engineer and fire
man off, pulled the throttle, and started
west on ono of tho four tracks of tho
Central Hudson load. Conductor Leas
of tho express train uncoupled his engine
and started in pursuit on tho adjoining
trade. The express engino soon overtook
tho robber, who suddenly loversed his
engine and let his pursuers pnsn him,
pouring u perfect rain of pistol bullets
into tho cab as his pursuers went by.
Tho pursuers stopped nnd tho pursued
went ahead. Another artillery duel en
sued, a shotgun taking part this time.
No one was hurt in either battle. About
seven miles further on tho robber found
his steam going out of tho engine. He
dropped off at a cross road and startod
across tho country, going south. The
sheriff of Wayne county organized a
posse and started in pursuit. The runa
way was sighted about live miles south
of Newark in a swamp which proved to
be too full of water to be ienotrated and
tho fugitive took up his position behiud
a stone wall and faced his pursuers.
After some parley ho surrendered to
Deputy Sheriff Collins.
Ho gave the name of William Cross
and said Ira was from Now Mexico. He
admitted ho was the man who attempted
tho train robbery. Tho story of the at
tempt at robbery as far as it can be
gathered is this: Cross boarded tho train
when it pulled out of Syracuse anil
climbed on top of the express car. lh
was provided with a hooked rope. Fast
ening tho hook in the slight cornieo ol
tho roof on one side of the car, ho let
himself down on tho other and resteO
his toes on the ledge that runs across tin
car. Ho looked through the glass o!
tho sido door and saw the express mes
senger in front of one of tho safes, whicl
was open, making up his bills. Hi
smashed the glass with a lovolver, cov
ered the messenger and shouted to hin.
to hold up his hands. Instead of doing
so Mclnery reached for tho signal core
with ono hand and his revolver with the
other. A bullet smashed his hand, but
not before the signal had been given thai
aroused tho conductor. Then Melnorj
fired on tho robber and put a bulloi
through his coat. Then tho robber shoi
tho messenger twice, onco in tho rigid
leg and onco in the left leg. Ho climbed
into tho car and a desparate struggli
took place, which did not end until tin
train stopped for the first time ne.u
Eastport. It is evidont that the robbei
had climbed out oil tho cars and ro
maiued there.
A Nut l'oif;tMj.
CiM'iNXvTi. Feb. 22. The officer ol
fho Third National bank here h .? rnndt
known ,i lurgory wh.oa wn-, , r, a Mc '
on the bank neaiiy a we '',: . r. It vr.u
the pmiit'iit ot a drafi u- the First
Ni.tiitii.il bank ! '"lu'.ru'i.jii ji mi! urn
of Tiiijiii.ii Ilr.nt tor sitful). li'i'ir -i.'
natniv w.i-. attested by tint or i.i-,,.. I
Pitlibuiu of l lie Oh ittaiunvM b .nk. Tlu
real draft was for $18 and it had beer
raised to jJISOO, even tho hols punclux.
m tho paper showing thotiuo sum tt
have been raised to $1800.
Srlimil Elojh (Jo At inril.
Lansixu, Mich., Feb. 22. At tin
Towusend street school one of the teach
era had occasion to punish a 10-year-old
pupil named Guy Cottington. She
stiuck him twice when he pulled out b
revolver. Pointing the weapon at the
teacher's head, ho said if she struck him
again he would shoot her. After a
slight struggle tho teachor succeeded in
taking tho revolver from tho boy bofoie
it was discharged. A canvas of the
school was made and thirteen boys of
tender age were found who own rovolv
errand who aio accustomed to carry
them at different times. Threo of the
boys go continually armed.
- .
lleuth IVnulty Atiscieil.
LiNiir.N, Tex., Feb. 22. In tho case o!
the state vs. Mack Demmons, charged
as an accomplice with Leo Gieen in the
murder of Mrs. Lowe, and who was sub
sequently burned at the stake near
Douglasville, tho jury brought in a ver
dict of guilty and assessed tho punish
ment at death. Motion for new trial by
H ThrefOiinuo llnllrttii.
Lampasas, Tex., Feb. 22. This sec
tion was visited by a fine rain, accom
panied by ono of tho heaviest hailstorms
ever known here. The stones fell thick
and f.ist for niteen minutes, leaving the
ground white. Somo of tho stones wore
very large, wo ighing without exaggera
tiuii threo ounces.
l.urtjrst Woman In tho World.
WiXNii-KQ, Fob. 22. Theio died at
Dog Lake reservation, near Lako Mani
toba, on the 2d instant, tho largest wo
man in tho world. Sho was a squaw
and was married to a buck named Chij)
powa. Sho weighed 700 pounds and
measured !14 inches nround tho arm. It
took a coffin 7 feet long and 5 feet wide
to bold her remains.
Liver ComplalntBllllousnoss.
The chiof;symptoms of this disease
arc depresaiou of spirits, foul coated
tongue, bad tasting mouth, disagicea
bio breath, dry skin with blotches
and eruptions, sallow complexion and
yollow eyes, tirod aching thouldcrs,
dull paiu in right sido, faintness, diz
ziness and irregular bowols. This
complaint in all its forms can be
readily cured by taking Dr. Gunn's
Improved liycr pills us dircoted, and
a Hogering spoil of sickness will often
bo warded off by thoir uso. Sold at
25ot8 a box by W. B. Morrison &
Tho News is not responsible for nor
will ltpny any bills unless authorized
by iv wrlttou or vorbalordor from tho
Ballard's Snow Liniment,
This Liniment is different in compo
sition from any other Liniment on the
markot. It is a soientiGo discovery,
which results in its being tho most
penetrating Liniment ever known.
Thero aro numerous white imitations,
whioh may bo recommended because
they pay the idler a great profit. Be
ware of theso and demand Ballard's
Snow Liniment It positively euros
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Cuts,
Sprains, Bruisos, Wounds, Sciatic and
Inflammatory Rheumatism, Burns,
Scalds Soro Feet, Contracted Muscle,
Stiff Joints, Old Sores, Pain in Back,
Barb Wire Cuts, Soro Chest, or throat
and is especially benoiicial in Pa
ralysis. Sold by II. C. ltishcr & Co.
Ds bund that rooks the cradle il th
baud that rules llio world.
The influence of a mother, the influence
ot a sister, tho influence of a wife. Th
world feels this influence. It shapes the
destiny of men. For n mother's ake, for
a sister's sake, for a wife'a sake a man will
strive to be honorable. He becomes am
bitious. He becomes successful. Happy
the household where the women folks are
cheerful, contented, and happy. How
pltable the home where mother, sister, or
wife lies ill. How Brand the remedy that
Is suited to the ills of womanhood and that
will restore nervous, sickly, aching, de
spondent women to health and strength.
Such a remedy is Lr, John Bull's Sars
parilla. It is eminently the best remedy
for the weaknesses nnd distress incident to
and following a condition of disordered
female functions. It myites, strengthens,
and regulates the feminine constitution.
Mrs. llary F. Wilkinson, Jackson, Tenn.,
"I was a very bealtliy Noninn before my
marriage, but ilntlnn Iroin u miscarriage,
my health got to bo cry bad. My complex,
lou beciuuu sallow. 1 became nervous anij
sleepless; I grew thin uud despondent. Mj
appetite w.w Uukle, und what I ate laid like
lead upon my biomucli. My liublts were Ir
regular, and I hiiflered much pain. 1 used
prescriptions ot kuvural good doctors, but
my allmeuts I net eased A benrlug down
ftaln about my buck uud loins teemed as It
t iroulil kill me 1 wuht-ubjectto frequent
beadnebca unit bilious attacks. In this con
dition 1 bognn a use of I'r. Hull's Sarsapa
rllla. It seemed piecUtly bulled lo my
condition. Every spoonful seemed to go
to the rlyht upot I mioh t-howtd i;rcat Im
provement, and my friends rejoiced at my
roturnltn,' health. 1 used It during the
months ot March and April, und give It all
the credit for my present enjoyment of life
arid good health. It is a boon to weak and
ulloilntr women."
Welly Davis, Helena, Ark., n rites: "Dr.
Bull's Sarsuparllla has improved oy health
wonderfully, also greatly ltDjed my
iooks. I had eruptions on my .n but they
lave disappeared, and I win very weak,
with no appetite, and at times sullered great
pain, but now I feel quite uellaguln."
BWMany a pale and sickly looking little
child has been saved by Its good mother
riving It Dr. John Bull's Worm Destroyers.
They tate good. Price 25 cents.
r Nothing makes a person feel so bad
as a touch of chills and fever. Smith's Tonlo
Syrup is pleasant to tuko, and cures this
ailment quickly.
John D. Park & Sons, WhoUtale Agentt,
175. 177 and IIS byeamore fat., Cincinnati, O.
Tie Texas & Pacific Railway
The direct line to Shreveport an'l New Orleans,
to Toxarkmm, Memphis, ht. I.ouln, the
North nnd Kust, and to all points
in Texas, Old and.Now
luexico. Arizonn,
Colorado and California.
The Favorite Line via Sacramento to Oregon
aid Washington. Only line offering
Choice of Itoutes to Points in tho
Bbrevepurt ana
New Orleans.
Between Ft. Worth and St. Louis.
no KoHtest Time between Texas auc the
North and East.
Double Daily Line of Pullman Palace
Sleeping Cars through to it.
Louis via the
Through Sleeping Cars Between New Or
leans and Denver and St Louis
ana El Paso.)
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