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Mw&X Slttiltf 3fc)W.
Comity orilet-M.
Wo are authorized to mi aounco Mt. J. I'
Juiney bb candidate lor the oilico or county
Tfti Collector, mibjoct to the action of the Worn-
ooraU of McUnnnu c ounlr
lor Mioritt.
Wcaro nnthorlml to announce .loo Y Klllson
msaraudldste for sheriff at the iwmtlnic elec
tion, subject to tho action of tlic Democratic
K!cctlnn 1st Tncailay in April. We arc au
thorized toannoume Mnlnr Y lllticlimaii :i
candidato for the olUco of Mayor of tt aso at the
coming city election
Editor and General Manager.
Entered at the Wav. j postoillco as sec
ond class mall mutter.
Iliitviiihl li rltiht, tliiimh It Is not u
irui iwiHilnr, mill I stunil I'll It irlntlitr It
retire me to iirlniln life or lift " ' '''("-
r honors." Ilofier ' Mill-.
"I inn for iroc oiuiiiiieri't" with till
IllUloiih.' Til inn u .Irfferson.
The Presidency si public trust not 11
private perquisite -New York plat
form. How in the devil can Eill
stand on this?
Tho Lorena Democrats want to
meet their brethren of the cntiro
oounty at the court house in Waco
next Saturday to express a preference
for gjvernor.
Tho Dallas News correspondents
aro polling their towns for governor.
It is astonishing to observe tho opposi
tion to Governor Hogg. Ulark leads
tho field handsomely.
Tho Tyler Kecord says: "Waco
can boast of her b a d mon and fight
ers, but Tyler is a combined colony
of sprinters, politically and otherwise."
This is from an expert.
Tho Now York Hill demooraoy has
two or throe planks in its platform on
the money question, and every one of
them boiled down opposes frco and
unlimited ooinago of silver.
Tho anti-Hill Democrats aro not
doing their oausn any good by assuur
ing a bolting attrude. Thoy have
shown already tint Hills ability to
carry Now York is problematical and
the uational convention will do the
Tho Hill convention jumped back
over Cleveland's administration and
ondoised Tilden as governor of New
York and then hopped back and
Blobborcd all over Hill. Tho
spoilsmen are as thick in New York as
are tho sprinters in Tyler.
It will bo observed by noting the
report of the Deuiooratio meeting in
Lorena, published in this issue, that
a request is made for the Democrats
of McLennan oounty to meet in Waco
noxt Saturday, the 27th instant, to
express a preference for governor. As
that is the day Judge Clark will
speak in Wcathertord and quito a
number of his friends in Waoo desiro
to go to Weathorford to hear him,
Tin: News suggests that tho meeting
be deferred until some timo noxt week.
Any timo after Saturday would answer.
Tyler is tho headquarters, the jowl
town, so to speak, for Hogg's cam
paign. Rumor has it that somo of
Hogg's lieutenants want to be cap
tains end tho captains want tho lieu
tenants to "stay whar dey is" and
that tho Hogg machine is Badly in
neod of repairs. The following from
tho Record is excellent oireumstanoial
ovidonco that tho rumor is based upon
faots :
"There are somo of tho smartest
politicians in Tyler on earth. Tho
only trouble with a real, gonutno
smart politioial is the fact that, whilo
ho is thoroughly posted, kuows all hip
political enemy's weak points, can tell
you precisely how to knoak 'em out,
yet never accomplishes anything ex
cept to rolieve his overcharged giz
zard of a wonderful amount of gall
and gas. Blessed aro tho men who
do something."
Wo have got tho sprintors on tho
The action of tho Now York Stato
Democratic convention at Albany yes
terday was exaotly what was oxpectod
Tho endorsement of Hill by tho much
ino was & forogone conclusion. It could
have- been aocompliahod with muoh
more foroo two months later but that
would not uavo servod tho purposo of
Mr. Hill. His object was to get an
expression from New York in advance
of any othor stato and with tho cry
that to win tho Domocraoy must let
New York name tho candidato, ho
hoped to browboat tho other 43 states
into following suit. Ono littlo act of
Hill's, howovor, will prevent Texas
from sending Hill dolegatos to Chicago
eveu if there were m
other objections to tho
Tammany candidato. It was his in
terference in tho speakership fight
which had moro to do, perhaps, than
any other influonco with the defeat of
R Q Mills. Representative Stahl-
neoker. of New York, had been voting
steadily for tho Texan until Monday
he recoived a telegram from Hill to
'quit voting for Mills, that Now York
was against Mills." Ho voted for
Crisp on tho next ballot, broke tho
dead lock and in the rush from the
other candidates Crisp got a small ma
jority. Every well informed Toxan
knows what it was done for. Mills.
tho leading exponent and the
I wont to honr Nranu's looturo last
nlglit ami as I camo down Austin
Htroot this morning a man callod mo
a tludo nnd I callod lihn a Mokminn.
Ills funoriil will occur tomorrow. I
ohargo nothing for this but you will
find It very valuable J'ltzlln would
tuako you pay $25 for stioli a potntor,
but J got it for notliltiir ami havo no
right to soil It. Wlion I asked Hrann
yostorday what ho meant by his uso
of tho word Mokaunii, ho said: "If
you haven't sense ouough to know,
come to tho city hall to-night and I
will toll you."
Tho candidato Is at largo now.
Ono of them struck mo tho othor day
but notliiaingo was done Ho told mo
to put his niuiounoomout in tho pa
per. I hold out my hand. Ho grasp
od it and said don't mention i t; and I
haven't moutioued It yot.
embodiment of the great tariff
reform idea in tho Do
mocratio party. Mills' elevation
to tho speaker nioant an aggres
sive fight on that issuo not only in
congress but in the noxt campaign.
Hill knew that upon a progressive
tariff roform platform ho stood no
show whatever of getting the nomina
tion but believed Mr. Cleveland would
be chosen as tho logioal candidate, and
rathor than see tho patty choose his
New York rival again to lead the
Democratic hosts he lent his every
effort to striko down the great Texan
aad bury with him the principles of
his party. Texas has a noble duty to
perform. It is to send a solid delega
tion to Chicago instructed against
the man who defeated her candidate
for speaker and to strive unfaltering
ly for the restoration of the inscrip
tion "Tariff for Revenue only" on tho
party banner and for tho nomination
of somo bravo honest Democrat who
will light for that principle.
The New York scap convention in
struotcd for Hill.
Tin: Ninvs i" imiisv.
Tho peoplo who Ilvo on "Wash
ington stroot have named tho electric
car which runs up and down that
thoroughfare tho ''lltnltod express "
It Is said to bo the fastest electric car
In the world. Two gentlemen got
aboaul this car at tho corner of
Washington and Fourth yester
day and as the motorman pulled
tho throttlo open, one of tho
gentleman took out his watch
and said he would timo the car; when
ho arrived at tho othor oud of tho
lino ho looked at his watch again and
yelled: "Damnation; its sooner than
it was wli6U wo started. "
The real estato mon aro feeling very
much encouraged just now. Thoy are
not soiling a great deal of property
but thoy aro having a groat many in
quiries. It Is true that Inquiries don't
pay very large crmmissions but it
costs very littlo to answer them.
Somo of our real estate men say Waco
is on the preclpico of it great boom.
Tho building of nntatoriums and san
itariums is attracting a great deal of
attontion now and many predict that
those will mako Waco the best city in
A man, apparently deaf and dumb,
walked into McKonnou's drug store
this morning and handed ono of the
gentlemanly attomlnuts a card on
which was written: "Does Mr. Hlank
stay horu'."' The clerk wrote "no" as
distinctly as possible on the card and
handed it Lack. Then tho doaf mute
wrote the question: "Can you toll mo
whero lie stays?" Tho clerk wroto in
answer that ho did not know the gen
tleman. Tlien the doaf muto turned
and started out and roared: 'I'd liko
to know where that damn follow is."
Till: SAl'NTKllEIt.
Don't forget to Ask for the Consumer's and Merchants'
beepit ;: scrip.
That every Cash Purchase of ONE DOLLAR from any Merchant
whose name appears below entitles you to a FIVE PER CKNT SCRIP
which they will accept for FIVE CENTS on every
Gash Purchase of One Dollar
And take SPECIAL NOTICE, that the Metchants who belong to this
Association are the most wide-awake and keep the 15est Selected Stock of
Goods, and their Prices are the LOWEST. .
Goldstein & Migel, Dry lioods.
C. F. Smith, Wall Paper
Old Corner. Drug Store, Drugs.
W. M. Ragland & Son, Jewelers.
Alf. Herbelin, Harness.
Geo. E. Ames, Books and Stationery.
Mrs. H. .f. Doss, Millinery.
Harrison & Co. Hardware.
R. T. Dennis & Bro., Furniture.
Gabert & Bro., Tailors.
Love & Co., Music.
W. K. Finks & Co., Groceries.
J. L. Bergstrom, Photographer.
Congressman Kilgore of Texas be
hoves tho Democrats would win with
Clovt'land and bo defeated with Hill.
Attempts to convict druggists of hell-in-?
liquor in Emporia, Ka., havu
Fiank Wright, colored, aged 18, was
shot dead by an uctoroon namoil Mary
Stevens in Palestine, Tex.
Ex-Senator Ingalls was initiated int
tho G. A. R. at Atchison, Kas. Several
old soldiers objected.
Four train loads of coii;iessnieii ar
rived in Chicago and aro being lavishly
entertained by World's fair officials.
Mrs. Mary Pillow was defeated in tha
Arkansas supreme court in her attempt
to get iK)ssesion of H. Clay King's es
tate. Ex-Senator Henry W. Blair of Now
Hampshire announces his candidacy for
tho Republican nomination for the pres
idency. Thos. G. Mulligan was buried at Ores
ton, Io., without having been identified
by any of the persons who claimed to ba
Ins heirs.
Three naked, starving babies and a
dog were found locked in a room in a
Now York tenement house. No one know)
who put them there.
Mary Nevins Clainu was divorced at
Deadwood, S. D., from .lames G. Blaine,
Jr. She secures custody of tho child,
$1000 for expenses and $100 monthly ali
mony. Two members of the Russian famine
relief committee are accused of assist
ing in adulterating flour contributed for
tho starving peasants.
Mrs. Deacon made desperate efforts to
save her lover, M. Abeille, from thu
fury of Mr. Deacon in Cannes, but was
unable to prevent tho muider.
A. J. Clus.M't, nf tlm Pmiuuvlvo,.!..
Railroad coinnanv uml T. v iw.wiv their nrefferonoo for governor.
of tho Knights of Labor protest against Tho club then adjourned to meet
tho Reading deal. , again Saturday Maron 5 at 11 p. m .
Organize a Club and Endorse R. Q.
Mills for the Senate.
The Democrats of Lorena met Sat
urday niht last at Aerl's hall and or
ganized the Lorena Democratic club
with J. P. Williams chairman and H.
J. Hudson secretary. Twonty-threo
members wero enrolled and a great
deal of enthusiasm was evinced during
the meeting.
A motion prevailed to appoint a
oommitteo of three members of tho
club to prepare a constitution and by
laws to be presented at the noxtmoet
ing. City Attorney John F. Flint who
is chairman of tho county oxecutivo
committeo of tho Demooratio party
was invited to address the club at its
next meeting which is at 3 p. m. Sat
urday Maron 5.
The following resolutions were
unanimously adopted:
Resolved, That we instruct our rep
resentatives, J H. Harrison, F. M.
Sellers and G. B. Gerald, to cast their
votes in favor of R. Q. Mills for Unit
ed States senator first, last and all thj
time; because we reoognizo in Mr.
Mills a truo patriot and a bold, pro
gressive leader, over ready to defend
the rights of the people; also,
Resolved, That wo understand and
approve Mr. Mills' views on tho silver
question. Givo us tariff reform first
and lot no issue stand in front to tho
detriment of our cause. Give us tariff
roform and freo silvor added, with a
western man to oarry our banner for
Tho club also adopted a motion re
questing all Democrats of MoLennan
county to meet at tho oourt house in
Waoo aaturday Feb. 27 for tho pur
poso of expressing their views as to
Jl 3 lb cans of Vanguard best
peaches 50
Dodson & Hill's best in pints,
kotohup 20
Superior Chili sanco, pint b'ts. 25
2 lb cans blakbcrrios, fi for 50
1 lb can Monarch B Powder for 15
Good family fanoy flour, per sk. 1 25
The best green ooffee 5 lbs for 1 On
Navy beans, 25 lbs for 1 00
Hominy, 30 lbs for 1 00
Best preserves, per pound , 0!)
30 lbs grits for 100
Dried ipples.ouartors.bcst 1G lbs 1 00
And all othor goods too numerous to
mention. Pleaso call early and leavo
your orders, as I havo a great rush on
Saturdays. Yours for low prices.
J. D Loftin,
At Chas Rast's Old Stand.
. :oi:R,:EjaTo:R,s.
J. 8. MoIiKNDON. President J. T. DAVIS, Vioe-prestdent. L 11. BLACK, Oashlil
w. D. L.AU1, j. e. PAUKKB.
Aceonntjof binkt. banker, merchants, firmar.. mechanics an 1 other olasHes solicited. W
pay os inuohHttent.cn to sinnl nooounta aslargeonen. We Kt7(ironal ind special attentloi
to our collection derartmHnt, nt roinnouclny of pnyinont. Exah-inae bought and sold oi
all the pitnolpnl punts of tho United 8tatft and Europe.
HIanfactuiers 1 Whdesale Grocers.
Alejandro's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Puro Bpioea.
Alexandre's Java and Rio Blend Coflbo.
Moore Bros' White Wino and Apple Vinegar.
Moore Bros' Pure Cider.
Moore Bros' Flint Candy.
Having purchased Mr. Alexandre's buBinosw tare now nrarmred to till
uiubib juuujjiiy. .ruiruuize uome xnautuiions
Waco a Great Manufacturing Centre.
Sustain our efforts to make
WACO. : : : : TEXAS.
Plate Glass Insured Against Breakage. : . : : : : i i
":::; Represent a Line of First-Class Companies
Prompt Attention to all Business Placed with us.
Tlie old Oriiml Jtullillny, A'ortli of l'Uizn,
The finost vehicles and horace in thr
oity. Gall oarriagos for ladies a spe
cialty and when desired, ladies can
have a driver in liverv. AH. trains met.
Prompt attention to all orders and
boarded on reasonable terms.
satisfaction guaranteed Horses

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