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Fresh Vegetables Received Dally
Corrotts, Bents, Radishes,
Tomatoes, Celery, Parsley,
Rutabagas, Turnips Yellow
Yum Sweot Potatoes, Spinach, Must
ard Greens, Turnip Gree$s, Young
Onions, Cabbage and Mormon Irish
Send us your orders if you wish tho
best and freshest of everything good
to eat.
Quality and price guaranteed, Your
trado solioitcd, Headquarters for
everything good to cat.
Must Have Money.
MONEY before the first of March.
This is imperative. VV'c regret
the necessity of so urgent an ap
peal, but we must have our mon
ey. Please give this matter imme
diate attention and call and settle
at once.
A Great Exhibition of Our Native
Wood In a New Field.
Wo desire to announce that wo
will havo on exhibtion Wednesday
Feb. 24th some of our latest and
riohost work manufactured from
Texas pine. We will show one ol
the most elaborate bank counters ever
placed in tho stato ,iud in addition an
attractive line of centre tables, hall
racks, etc., of our own manufacture.
This work is manfajturtd to order for
Col. Parrotts office in tho Provident
building and cannot be seen at our
place lator than Wednesday. Wo ex
tend a special invitation to the ladies to
visit our establishmflut on the above
date and promiso tlut our display of
TexaB made furnit ir will be worth
many times the ti .nolo of a visit. Wc
will take pleasure in showing you
through tho displuys uud our estab
lishment. A beautiful souvenir will be
sented to every lady visitor.
Waco Fuiiniti-ue Co.
Sixth and Jackson Streets
An Intellectual Treat.
Mr. W. C. Brann, editor of the
Iconoclast, lectured last night, ao
oording to previous announcement, at
tho city hall to a largu and apprecia
tive audienoo upon tho subjeot of Tho
Modern Mokannu. The hall was
crowded to overflowing and tho leo
turo was one continued strain of elo
quenco from the start to tho finiBh,
holding hia audionoe spell bound
It is not saying too much to assert
that a Wajo audionoo has never bo
fore enjoyed such an intellectual
treat as that listoned to last night
and it has over sinoo been the subjoct
of favorable oomment from all who
heard it. His subjeot tonight will be
"Humbugs." Admission free.
Don't be Deceived.
I am still holding down Standard
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for ono
Franco-American Food Go's Frenoh
Soups, 3 pound oans, 30 cents each.
Star Tobacco 40 eents per pound. Low
prioeB on everything. Gall and soo
Joe S. Thompson,
The Grocer.
Bi a
Tra La-La
In a fow days a
now book and pe
riodical store will
will bo opened up at 401 Franklin
street, where lovers of Literature,
Music and Art will find all tho peri
odicals foreign and domestio, latest
novels, sheet musio and all tho Tra-La-La's
of a popular house. Keep
your eye on the place and your mem
ory on the number of 0. T. Ridley's
now stand.
remains of I'. II. Steed, a
young man, 18 years ol ago, who died
at tho residonco of his father near this
oity yeBterday, were followed to their
last resting place this morning at 10
o'clookat Oakwood cemetery b a largo
conoourse of sorrowing relative and
Hill Organs Trying to put tho Great
Texan In a Holo,
Ami tlio IMllliiCk oftlio 'I'll nit Will
Ho Appreciated Wlion tlic Kxtrti
Suwolnii ('nine In ote for .Noimtnr
Tlio Proliublo IIllocl of till) I'nuMitfo
of 11 free Coliuitfo Aft.
Following is a dispatch sent to the
St. Louis Ucpublio recently from
"Tho battle over the silver ques
tion will perhaps be ono of tho most
interesting that has taken plaoj in tho
congress of tho United States in many
years. The chancos are that the free
coinage men will have a majority, but
they will havo no walk over. There
is a very sot and 'determined opposi
tion to them. It is not unlikely now
that a majority of tho northern Demo
ciats will oppose frco coinage, and
that there will not bo by any means a
solid Democratic voto in favor of the
Under ordinary conditions there
would bo an overwhelming majority
in tho house in favor of free coinage,
but the most conservative and
thoughtful sentiment among the Dem
oorals is favorable to postponement of
the question until after tho presiden
tial election, Somo of tho Hill organs
of Texas, who are bitterly fighting
Mr. Mills, dcclaro that his refusal to
sign a petition to tho speaker asking
that a day bo set apart for considera
tion of the silver question, is proof
positive that he is opposed to frco
coinage. Mr. Mills' honorable record
of twentv years in congress oan not
be smirched at this time by the or
gans of David B. Hill or Barnett
Mr. Mills stands now as ho stood
for somo time past just as he stood
when he mado his specoh to tho
Texas legislature a Austin snon after
tho adjournment of the Fiftv first
congress, 'Mr. Mills will contribute
nothing towards inserting the silver
wedge into tho Democratic party for
the purpose of splitting it, but if
others iusert the wedge Mr. Mills
will vote as ho always did vote when
an opportunity offered itself, and as
his convtotions will direct him, in
favor of free ooinago.
Ho believed now, however, as he
has believed and as he pointed out in
the past, that if the freo coinage ques
tion is forced now it will disrupt tho
Democratic paity, defeat the next
Demooratio candidate for tho presi
donoy, give a Republican senate and
house of representatives in the fiftv
third congress, give tho south force
bills and perpetuate Republican
As stated before, Mr. Mills will not
give aid or comfort to those attempt
ing to insort this wedge for the pur
pose of splitting tho party, but bei g
an advocate of frco coinago, if tho
question confronts him, he will vote
for free coinage. A cw days ago
ono of Mr. Mills' colleagues in tho
house of representatives sent to Mr.
Mills a petition to tho speaker, asking
that a day bo set for consideration of
the freo coinago bill
This undoubtedly was for the purpose
of putting Mr. Mills in the holo. Mr.
Mills, however, is not in the habit of
going into holes, but of doing what
he considers to be right and proper
in any contingency. Tho gentloman
who sent the petition to Mr. Mills
ought to have known him well enough
to be satisfied on this point, but if he
was not, then the chances are he will
in the future.
But the fight for free coinage, when
it oomes up in tho house, will bo a
royal one. New England will plump
a solid Demooratio vote of I4 against
the ooinago of silver; Now iork has
23 Domocratio members and 21 of
them aro counted against free coin
age; 4 of the 5 deraoorats in New Jer
sey will be against free coinage, and
5 of Maryland's 5 representatives will
also be against froo ooinago. Dela
ware's solitary representative will op.
Used in Millions of Homes
poso froo coinage, and Pennsylvania
will cast her ton demooratio yotos
against tho mcasuro. It is believed
that not more than throe of tho Ohio
Damoorats will voto for free coinago
and porhaps 6C,ven of tho Illinois dem
ocrats. Tho Demooratio representa
tives from Wisconsin will bo solidly
against freo coinago and tho threo
Minnosota men will also bo against
Mr. Bland.
From this it will bo soon that tho
measure will by no means have a
walkor-over in the house, though as
stated boforo tho chances aro that the
bill will pass. It is understood that
most of tho western Republicans will
voto for freo coinago, and thus tho
moasuro will become a sectional
rather than a party one."
Th Entertainment Given at tho
Young Men's Christian Asso
ciation Rooms Last Night.
In response to tho announcement
th it tho toaohors and young ladies of
tho Waco Female College would give
an ontertainment and the rooms of
tho Young Men's Christian Associa
tion wero filled to overflowing last
night. That the audience was highly
pleased was attested by tho great
applauso which followed each number
on tho progremmo.
After the opening prayer 'Misses
Lloyd and Reynolds opened tho per
formance with a piano duott "Dauso
Maoabre opus 40 of C. Saint Saens."
Tho second number on tho programmo
was changed on account of the illness
of ono of the performers and Miss
Ilallio Tarver camo to the resono with
tho yooal solo "Loves Sorrow,
iey. xne song was roiiowea oy a
splendid recitation "Aux Italians" by
Miss Willie Dyer. Tho fourth num
bar "Kemonoi Ostrow opus 10 No.
11 Rubenstein'' was rendered by Miss
Reynolds in a stylo that won
a hearty round of applause.
The fifth number was that finest bit
of modern desoriptivo writing the
chariot race from Ben Hur and was
rendered in a style worthy of tho piece
by Miss Lassoter. Tho sixth number
was also substituted and Miss Etta
Burgess sang a sweot little song enti
tled "You" whioh wont diroot to tho
hearts of the audienco. The applause
which followed was kept up until fclie
oamo bofoie the curtain but tho audi
ence was not to be appeased or quiot
od until she sang again which she
finally did. The song was a beauti
ful one and tho singer had one of the
sweetest voices heard in Waoo for a
long time. Tho concluding number
was another testimonial to Miss Lloyds
skill as a musician. The picco ren
dered was "Marchen (Legend) opus
102 No. 4 Roff." After tho conclu
sion of tho programme the crowd
went into a "social session" and spent
tho time very pleasantly in games and
conversation until nearly midnight.
I 11 m n .1
Justice Courts.
Lewis Rcid, oharged with assault
with intent to murder Jeff McCucn,
was brought boforo Justioo Gallagher
this morning and waived examination.
His bond was fixed at $400.
Ella Givens waived examination
this morning upon the ohargo of as
sault with intent to murder and was
admitted to bail in tho sum of $300.
Abe Novioh and Jano Bell wero
fined $5 and costs each for assault.
Tho case of W, M. Kollett vs. J.
W. Lawrenoe, a suit on claimants
bond is on trial today bel'oro Justioo
Jack Harrison.
mayor's court.
In the mayor's oourt this morninc
Albert Pattorson was acquitted of the
ohargo of standing a back on tho
street, Zeke Williams of solioiting
custom on tho depot platform and
John Morris of fighting.
Tom Russell and "Mexico" were
fined $5 each for intoxication.
Tho sidewalk on Clay street de
mands tho imtnediato attention of the
street commissioner. It is obstructed
from one end to tho other with piles
of dirt left there bv tho contractor
who put down the ourbing and should
be at onoe removed.
40 Years the Standard.
But benefitted by going to J. II
Shope, tho Spot Cash Grooerman, ho
has tho Lowest Prices on tho host
Grooarics of any ono in Waco, ho
soils tlio beat
Sugar Cured Ham at $
Best Patent Flour 1
3 lb Tomatoes per oan
Lion and Arbuoklo Coffee
Frosh Butter per lb
25 .
Mormon Irish Potatoes per bk t
Yellow Yam Sweet Potatoos "
also he has a full lino of Q anion
Soods, Sood Potatoes and Onion Sots
he also has a fino lino of Can goods,
ovaporatod fruits of all kinds. Rais
ens 10 lb for 1.00 Turnips, Cabbage,
Krout, Pickles and many other goods
too numorous to mention and all theso
goods will be sold at a reduced prioefor
Spot Cash.
Remomher the plaao 205 South 3rd
below Franklin. J. H. SnorE,
Tho political pot is getting warm
and within a tow weeks will begin Jo
The finance oommittoe will meet
noxt Thursday afternoon to consider
the bond question.
Dookory & Go. paid this morning
the amount of insurance due by their
oompany to Miko Palmo on tho lato
A suit was filed in tho oounty oourt
this morninc bv V. M. Kellott
against Charles Dunning for $250 on
promisory note
About seventy-fivo gentlemen and
ladies have taken stook in tho City
Savings Bank. Get a few shares, and
keep in tho prooession.
Tho entertainment given last night
at tho Young Mens Christian Associa
tion rooms by the teaohers's of the
Waco Female Collcgo, was well at
tended and highly CDJovcd.
The assertion tbat anyone thinks
that the ealo of tho oity bonds five
weeks ago at 91 cents world havo
been more advantageous than their
sale now at 95 cents is a canard.
The Waco Liquor dealers held an
important meeting at their new hall
yesterday evening. Officers for tho
ensuing year were elected, rosulting
in mo re-eieciion 01 u. W, J3U0K as
Mrs. Ed. Whito tho popular pro
prietress of tho Fifth street restaurant
has sold out her establishment and
will leave in a few days for an extend
ed trip throughout tho northorn and
eastern states.
Tho many friends andupportnrs of
County Attornoy J. W. Taylor will be
sorry to learn that ho has determined
not to become a candidate for re-election
to tho offioe ho now holds. Joe
has made a good officer and MoLonnan
county can illy afTord to dispense with
his valuablo scrvicee. Ho will retire
with tho best wishes and oonfidenco of
all in favor of a worthy young man
who, with his support, will prove a
formidable contestant in tho coming
race for county attorney.
Mr. Don Rust, representing tho
Dallas Screen Company, has been in
Waco several days and has procured
office room at tho corner of Fourth
and Franklin with the Provident
Drug company. Mr. Rust's firm
handles a patent screen and ono that
has a great deal of merit, and he will,
doubtless, do a good business. He is
ready now to tako orders and will
have something to say himself in tho
oolumns of The News about tho
soreen business in a fow days.
Transfers of Real Estate.
Roportod by the Waco Abstract and
Investment Company, No. II9 South
4th street, Waoo, Texas.
J H Torbett and wifo to J C Birk
head lots 2 and 8 Torbott addition,
A W Storrs and wife to J E and R
F Brown 27 1-3 aores Galihdo 8
loagues $0505 50.
L B Duval to J I Moore 1-2 intor
est in 1 1-2 lots block 1 Mooro addi
tion, $100.
J B Loftin ot al to W T Beheler
1-2 aero soction 52 Univorsity land.
Total Fob.'y 22, 1892 $8230.50.
Ladies aro all invited to visit tho
Waoo Furniture Oo.'s atoie on Wed
nesday Fob. 24. Thoro will bo a
protty display and pretty souvenirs
will bo given in acknowledgment of
the courtosy of a visit.
It only takes two dollars a month
to pay for a share in tho City Savings
To tho Lovers or Art In Photo,
Having moved to my now gallery
ovor 701 and 703, Austin stroot, (the
old Hinohmau Building), I am now
bettor prepared than ovor to give the
pooplo of Waoo tho finest Photos in
tho stato. Tho boautiful "aristo" (so
highly ondorscd by tho loading gal.
orios,) in all its beauty, at my studio.
I will havo on exhibition for a fow
days, an elogant oil portrait of Mrs.
Geo. Clark, by Mons. Do Gissao, whioh
has been framed in a vory handsonio
"Florentine" lramo, making a portrait
wen worm a visit, 10 an, anil morn
especially 10 tho tho ladies.
I will bo glad to woloome my old,
and many now customers. Don't for
got my now address, over 701 and 703,
Austin Avo.
Deane, Photographer.
Mew Goinage.
Herz Bros, havo halves and quarters
of tho new silver coiuage of
and will swap for old coin to those
desiring specimens of tho now coinage.
Drop in and get a quartor or half,
Tho new silver money is protty. The
aro the first to havo this money
do this for aa advertisement.
tthe Ladies wfco.
The St. Louis Shoo Store will this
week niako its last ieduotion on La
dies' High Grado footwear, and will
continue selling at this disoount until
tho last pair is sold or stook oloscd
out. We havo also opened about 250
pair sample shoes that drummers havo
had on the road, and will sell them at
wholesale prices, by tho singlo pair.
Do not fail to seo thoso goods.
Corner Sixth and Austin,
Any boot in tho houso $1.50.
5 Cents Each.
A two-hole mouse trap, 24 clothes
pins, a tin dipper, a big pressed pan,
1 lamp chimney, a covered buckot, a
tin funnel, 1 iron stand, a tin soood. 1
dish mop. 2 pip plates, bic box ticks.
a large grater, 2 boxes matches, big
potato masher, a kitohen spoon, a
nutmeg grater, a stovo lifter, 1 pack
age good envelops, a box slato pencils,
a large tablet, 1 can oponcr, a wooden
spoon, a good tack lifter, 1 paper filo,
1 padlook, a paint brush, 1 maohino
oil can, a bottle good machine oil, a
strong hitching ring, a pair hinges, 1
wiro tea strainor.
703 Austin ave., bet. 0th and 8th sts.
The Pool Open Again.
Tho repairs at the Natatorium aio
completed. Somo big improvements
havo beon made; tho pool is full onoe
moro of dear, sparkling hot water.
The tub, needlo and vapor baths aro
oompleto aud as perfect as any in the
country. Tho pUblio is invited.
Tom Padqitt, prop,
Startling f-acts.
Tho Amorican people aro rapidly
becoming a raoe of nervous wrecks,
and tho following suggests the best
remedy: Alphonso Hempfliog, of
Butler, Pa., swoars that when his son
was speoohless from St. Vitus danco
Dr. Miles' great Restorativo Nervino
cured him. Mrs. J. R, Miller, of Val
paraiso, and J. D. Taylor, of Logans
port, Ind , oaoh gained 20 pounds
from taking it. Mrs. n. A. Gardner,
of Vistula, Ind., was oured of 40 to 50
convulsions u day, and much hoad
aohe, dizzinoss, Imokacho and nervous
prostration by one bottle. Trial bot
tles, and fine hook of marvolons oures,
free at H. C. Risher & Co , who re
commends and guarantees this una
qualed remedy.
Following Suit.
On and after Maroh 1, 1892, I will
sell for oash. My terms will be from
10 to 20 per oont cheapor on every
thing except lard. Prompt dolivery
as horetoforo. Try me for oash,
J. C. Stai'foiid.
Corner market G01 Franklin St.
See tho short hand and aoourate
system of garment cutting, any child
oan loam it quickly, 185 diagrams
ombraoing all styles and sizes for
men, womon and ohildren. Hotel St!
Clair Eighth and Washington.

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