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l-ocittloii of riro Alarm lloxc.
4 Fifth Ward Fire Station strike
Corner 8ih and Austin '
0 4th " " '
" 7 Central Fire Ktatlou
" 8 Weft End Fire Station "
' 13 Corner 14h and Wasmnifton '
"14 " Kth anil Malboronsli ;'
"IB " Hh ami Colnmbus
"18 " Mil aw Jackson "
"17 " 4th and Webster "
3Ti ' Mh mid Cleveland "
"M " .'.th ami SlielRlit "
ot " fti.lmnd Wa'hliiRton "
" 35 Koyal Hotel 6th and Frnnklln
i an Wnninn V'll lath and Mary "
"37 Corner nth aim denorson ui-iiiun
All boxes numbered nbovo 8 strikes tliUHS
Dor 13 strikes 1 and Hope, then strikes 111
inaklno llox 13, then repeats four times.
Box 25 strlkcsll anil stops, tbeu strikes HUr
unking Ilox'iS nLd so on.
Keys will bo found In rcnldonceg on cch cor
ner where boxes aro loca led. Open Fire Alarm
Boxes and pull Uook down and let go. Leave
kev In box.
turn alarm In only for Urea. 110.03 tine for
false alarms. . ,.
Slow tapping of bells signify company
Second Friday In each month each box Is
tapped twice, testing boxes und circuit line
When alarm of flrelRglve the Fire Depart
ment haB thorlKlit of way on nlUtrcets. All
vehicles must driv near tho sidewalk and keep
away from the lire. 3.0J lino for running over
Keport of any careless driving going to or
from fires by the Fire Department will bo
thankfully received by the Chler, as fast and
careless driving is strlckly forbidden.
Big Muddy I Bic, Muddy! Big Muddy
Joo Lohmatpis the.uiost popular ros
Uurant man in Texas. Hie plaoe
117 South Fourth stroot.
Joe Lohman's for
oonfeotionories 117
ioo ore am and
South Fourth
Specimen Cases.
S. H. Clifford, Now Casscl, Wis ,
was troubled with Neuralgia and
IttioumatiBm, his Stomach was dis
ordered, his Liver was affected to an
alarming degreo, appetite fell away,
and ho was terribly reduced in flesh
and strength. Throe bottles of Kleo
trio Bitters cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Ilarrisbury, 111.,
had a running soro on his leg of eight
years' standing. Used three bottles
of Electio .Bitters and seven boxes of
Buoklou's Arnica Salve, and his le iri
sound and well. John Speaker, Ca
tawba, O., had five large Fever sores
on his leg, doctors said ho was incura
ble One bottle Electric Bitters and
ono box Buoklen's Arnica Salve cured
him entirely. Sold by W. B. Morri
son & Co., Drug Sioro.
Tho best restaurant in town, Joe
Lohman's, No. 117 South Fourth
A Sure Cure for Plies.
Itching Piles are known by mois
ture liko perspiration, causing intense
itching when warm. This form as
well as Blind, Blooding or Protrud
ing, yiold at once to Dr. Bosanko's
Pile Remedy, which acts directly on
paits effeoted, absorbs tumors, allays
itching and effects a permanent cure.
50 eta. Druggists or mail Ciroulars
free. Dr. Bosanko, 1529 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by W. B.
Morrison & Co.
M- K- &
To St. Louis and return on ac
count of National Convention of
Peoples Party
Tickets on sale Fob. 18, 19 and 20,
good for return until Feb. 2$. Re
member tbo M. K. & T. is tho only
line running double daily trains be
tween Waco and St. Louis with ele
gant roolining chair oars. Seats free,
and Pullman Sleepers through with
out change.
To Hew Orleans
account of
and Return on
jViafdi s Gfas.
Tiokots on sale February 28 and 2o,
pood for return passage 10 days from
dato of salo. For maps, folders, sleep
ing car accommodations, tickets or
any information, please call on or ad
press, ,r. E. SMITH,
Tiokot Agent M. K. andT. Rv.. No
South Fourth sticet, Waco.Tex
WARM fl DUKE JUta" Education for
, - JoUBKOentlemen and Boys.
MILITARY !u.?jr.lorn ni?'. sit
ACADEMY. B'e??nf- Awin.R!:
5b " nr snilMij. nu.
Iir li l'lirpoM- or DUcikoIiii; IHlTrrrnt
Sllu'liH'H In Promote tin- Mmmtli rf
Tlii'lr I'lirtlcs-M-iintoi- I'lilmer Ueelarei
for Cleveland.
l-'iit' Itoli". iT Iowa.
Ni:w Youk. Feb. M. V. K. MeClure
of this city recently wrote to W. II.
Phelps of Ciirthiigc. Mo., a member of
Missouri's Democratic Mate committee,
to ascertain the sentiment of western
Democrats in rerjurd to the Chicago
nomination. In his reply Mr. Phelps
"If the Hill anil Cleveland factions in
New York could unite upon some man
in that state satisfactory to both, say
Governor Flower or Mr. Whitney, he
would likely be nominated by acclama
tion, bnt as it is not probable that an
agreement can be reached in this way,
in my opinion the nomination should
come west anil 1 believe that Governor
Boies is the most available man to select.
He has carried the state of Iowa twice,
is an able man, not identified with any
faction and ono whom I believe every
Democrat in the United States would
support. He is especially strong with
the Germans and in my opinion would
receive a large part of their vote, and
they hold the balance of power in Illi
nois, Iowa and Wisconsin and are very
strong in many other western states. I
do not believe that the movement against
holding the state convention in New
York on Feb. 22 will have much effect
on the national convention. If Hill can
carry tho state in February there is no
reason why lie cannot cany it in May
or June."
Chicago, Feb. 2:1. Congressman
Simpson of Kansas, who is here with a
congressional delegation viewing the
World's fair site was interviewed ou
politics and the St. Louis convention:
"Both the sub-treasury scheme and
free coinage are loosing strength among
the farmers," he said. "In my opinion
the former will be dropped and the
latter must give way to the tariff."
"What will the St. Louis convention
"It will authorize the calling of a na
tional convention and a presidential can
didate will be placed in the Hold by tho
latter on a short platform, deal
ing with the land question, tho
tariff, transportation and finance."
" What K)sition is likely to be taken
on the tariff question?''
"An effort will be made to get a more
radical declaration on the subject than
any other party has yet ventured. We
will go as near a .leiniiiid for absolute
free trade as is possible. "
"Who will be the third party candi
date?" "That is hard to tell. General James
B. Weaver of Iowa is one favorite. Hh
is a free trader and believes indirectly
in the most advanced tax reformes. "
M. Louis C'mm-iitlon.
St. Loi'is. Feb. a:. The industrial
conference having delegates representing
nearly a dozen national organizations,
farmers, laborers, prohibitionists, etc.,
began its sessions in the great music
hall, where four years ago G rover Cleve
land was put in nomination for the pres
idency of tho United States. Pyrotech
nics all whirled around tho burning
question to be decided whether brand
new Third party nominees should ho put
up to run this fall against Cleveland and
Harrison or whoever else the Democrats
and Republicans may choose as leaders
in the coming national campaign.
Before Benjamin Terrill of Texas let
fall the gavel calling the convention to
order the big hall was lively with the
discussion of tho national committee of
the People's party. While .Mr. Terrill
was getting the convention under way
the talk among the delegates was that
President Leonard of the Missouri state
Alliance would bo the temporary chair
man and that tho permanent chairman
ship would lie between Messrs. L. L.
Polk and T. V. Powdnrly.
Trill! to Clt-vuliintl,
CuiCAOO, Feb. iM. Senator John M.
Palmer is still true to Cleveland, despite
tho temptation of a presidential nomina
tion freely offered by the Democracy of
Illinois. In reply to a letter from Wil
liam Florence, a resident of Irving Park,
111.", under date of Fob. 1, he writes: "I
am interested in your remarks regarding
a national ticket and certainly agree
with you in ono particular that Cleve
land would arouse tho enthusiasm of
the masses of the people. Tho contin
gency of my nomination for president is
so remote as to be hardly worth consid
ering at all. I would not under any cir
cumstances accept tho vice presidency.
I couid only be induced to accept first
place by tho conviction that it was nec
essary that I should do so, a contingency
that is very unlikely. "
Ti)lni; to lliirinonle.
Washington, Feb. Sa.Thure is a
feeling of uneasiness on the tmrt of Dem
ocratic members in tho house of repre
sentatives over tho condition of business
in the house and a disposition to get to
gether and agree upon a programme.
At present the members aro simply
drifting along and it is desired to bring
order out of tho confusion which pie-Tails.
Tho silver question Is tho mast disturb
ing element. Tariff bills and regular
annual impropriation bills will soon de
mand a great deal of attention nnd it is
agreed thero must shortly come it timo
when tho programme of business for
some months to como must bo settled if
anything is to be accomplished.
Now York DemncriitH.
Aijiany, Fob. 2!l. The state commit
tee met provious to tho assembling of
tho convention for tho purpose of settling
several contests. The protest from the
Cftoper Union meeting with a resolution
asking tho dissolution of the convention
was received by the committee and on
motion of Burke Cockran by unanimous
vote the Protestants' resolution was
.Ml. I.t'sl Ik's 01 r. Willi. .
New Youk, Feb. 2!). There is consid
erable gossip afloat about Mrs. Frank
Leslie, who has retaken th;U name, be
cause, ius she asserts, her latest husband,
Mr. Wm. Wilde, has taken no steps to
make a name for himselt in this country
in any way adequate to that which she
has established by her exertions, al
though she has given him every facility
which a literary man could desire. Tho
Press club delegates to tho International
League of clubs, which met recently
in San Francisco, tell a great many
stories of the eccentrics of Mr. Wild
and his wife, including such incidents as
their going to reception in separate car
riages, at different hours, and each going
home without the other's company. Mr.
Wilde has an apartment at tho Lotos
Club, but drives out with Mrs. Leslie
every afternoon and goes with her to re
ceptions, theaters and other evening en
tertainments, but he will insist on going
to bed at li or -t o'clock in the morning
and breakfasting at 12 o'clock, and he
can do so at the Lotos Club without dis
turbing Mrs. Leslie's usual rouiine.
Alter riMirli't-ii Witt.,
Li'Nuvmw. Tex., Feb. .':!. Sherifi
How ant has succeeded in runniiij; ilown
Wesley Grover. a negro, whoiiiurderetl
John Oavis in is;.s. near Kilgore, m ilns
county. The murder, it is saul. was uu
pi'u oked, and will doubtless result m
hanging. The murdered man was ilnv-
tti - :i w:i.-"ini ltHiiliii" i-tilittti st'i.il mtti
..i.Hllt.riii.r uti Tnllv l 'lniii' f.i.lti :i,. '
.V....V.... .... ,...fc. ..... V . . ... ,
sisted by two negro girls, when Gloer
insisted upon riding in the wagon, and
was refused by Davis, who was driving,
and he thought no more of the incident.
Glover, later on, rode up from behind
him and shot Davis dead with a double
barrel shotgun. Glover tied pu his
horse, and was traced by Sheriff Howard
to Robinson county, thence to tho Indian
nation, then to Louisiana and New Or
leans, then up lied river twenty-five
miles northwest of Texarkana, where he
was captured, having married and had
a family and good home.
Southern Society Dinner.
New Youk. Fob. 23. Tho sixth an
nual dinner of the New York Southern
society was given in this city. President
Hugh R. Gardner presided and with
him at the speakers table sat: Governor
William Russell of Massachusetts, Col.
A. M. Waddle of North Carolina, Col.
J. D. Williamson of New Orleans,
Charles Leighton of Texas, Clarence
Ctiry and Rev. Charles Deems, D. D.,
of Denver. John S. Roberts, of Virginia.
Among the 5100 present were the follow
ing: John C. Calhoun, Patrick Calhoun,
Hon. E. C. Hall and John II. Inmau.
The Confederate veteran camp of New
York attended in a body.
Governor! Russell of Massachusetts
responded to. the toast, ''Our country."'
The governor received an ovation when
he aroo to speak.
The other speakvw. Hen. J. B. Wilkin
son, Jr. of New Orleans and Charles
Leighton of Harrison. Tex.
-K''I ('onpll- MllliM-nt.-il.
Joii.ct, 111.. Feb. 5:i. The neighbors
of Henry Assenmayer found him
itnd his aged wife barely breathing
'and the room filled with coal gas that
was escaping from the top of a stove.
Doctors were summoned, but so far
have not brought the sufferers to con
sciousness and they are beyond recovery.
The couple are about SO years old.
The IiKllauapolU Honor.
LvniANAi'oi.iK, Ind Feb. 2il. Tho
jury which has been investigating tho
medical institute burning of u few weeks
ago has returned a verdict e.xhonorating
tho management and employes of all
blame, holding that tho death of the pa
tients was duo to fright and confusion;
also that none wore burned to death,
but died from suffocation.
Snll'oealeil by Coal (iu.
Sioux Citv. In.. Feb. 2!!. The familv
of M. Henry, living in tho northern part
of tho Sao and Fox country, was suffo
cated by coal gas. Neighbors who went (
to the house found all tho family insen
sible and at oncti summoned a physician.
It was too late to save all the family
nnd a young child died, while tho rest
are very feeble.
A 1'alal Wreck.
Meridian, Miss., Feb. 2;). A. fatal
wreck occurred at Lane's station on tho
Alabama and Vicksbnrg railroad. A
freight train was derailed and fourteen
cars ditched. One negro was killed and
two others mortally wounded.
Undisputed Authority.
Tho United States Dispensary says
that "Unions are a stimulant, diurotio
and expeotorant; thoy increnso the
appotito and droinoto dijestion." The
juico mado into syrup as in Dr. Gunn'e
Onion Syrup, has a specific action on
the throat, lungs and air passages, it
not only curcB coughs, colds, croup
and consumption, but its stimulating
elleot, BtrongthonB nuc builds up the
system afterward. As a tonio and
restor.tivo it has no equal. Wo so
licit a trial in tho mos chronic and
stubborn cases. Prico 60ots. Sold by
W. IJ. Morrison & Co.
The News is not responsible for nor
will it pay any bills unless authorized
by tv written or verbal order from tho
Ballard's Snot Liniment.
This Liniment is different in compo
sition from any other Liniment on the
market. It is a soientilic discovery,
which results in its being tho most
penetrating Liniment ever known.
Thero are numerous white imitations,
which may be recommended because
thty pay the idler a great profit. Be
ware of theso and demand Ballard's
Snow Liniment. It positively cures
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Cuts,
Sprains, Bruises, Wounds, Sciatio and
Inflammatory Rheumatism, Bums,
Scalds Sore Feet, Contracted Musole,
Stiff Joints, Old Sores, Pain in Back,
Barb Wiro Cuts, Soro Chest, or throat
and is especially beneficial in Pa
ralysis. Sold by fl. 0. Risher & Co.
hand that rooks the cradl U thl
hand that rules the world.
The influence of u mother, the Influence
of a sister, the intlucnce of a wife. Ths
world feels this influence. It shapes tht
destiny of men. Kor a mother's sake, for
a sister's sake, for a wife's sake a man will
striva to be honorable. He becomes am
bitious. He becomes successful. Happy
the household where the women folks are
cheerful, contented, and happy. How
pitable tho home where mother, sister, or
wife liei ill. How grand the remedy that
is suited to the ills of wimmnhond and that
will restore nervous, sickly, aching, de
spondent women to health and strmigth.
Such a remedy is lir. John Hull's Saraa
parilla. It is eminently the best remedy
for the weaknesses and distress incident to
and followim: a condition of disordered
female functions. It revives, strengthens,
and regulates the feminine constitution.
Mrs. Mary b Wilkinson, Jackson, Tcnn.,
"I was a very healthy womnn before my
marriage, hut ilatlnt; from a inlscarriaKe,
my health got to be very bail. My complex,
loa became hallow. 1 became nervous anq
sleepless; I grew thin ami iletponijcnt. llj
appetite was tli-kle, and what J ate laid Ilk
lead upon my hloiuaeti. My habits were Ir
regular, aud I taillered much pain. I used
prescriptions of several e.ood doctors, but
my atlineutH increased A beariug down
pln alxnit my bi,clt and loins beemed as If
It would Itill me I was subject to frequent
headache and blllou.-, attacks. In this con
dition I begun a use uf Ur. Hull' Sareapa
rilla. It seemed precisely suited to my
condition. Every spoonful seemed U go
to the right spot. I mhiu showed jjreat im
provement, aud my frlendH rejoiced at my
roturnltiK health. I used It during the
months of March and April, and give it all
the ciedlt for my present enjoyment of life
and good health. It is a boon to weak and
sutlering women."
Nelly Davis, Helena, Ark., writes: "Dr.
Bull's Sarsap.irilla has Improved uy health
wonderfully, also greatly lm"ved my
looks. I had eruptions on my " nbuttney
have disappeared, and l win very wea.
with no appetite, and at times sutlered great
pain, but now 1 feel quite well again."
WManya pale and sickly looking little
ohild has been saved by its good mother
jiving it Dr. John Hull's Worm Destroyers.
They takte good. Price 'Jo cents.
so-Nothing makes a person feel so bad
as a toni-h of chills and fever, rimltli's Tonic
Syrup Is pleasant to take, and cures this
ailment quickly.
Jons D. 1'auk k Pons, Wholesale Agent),
176, 177 aud 17V Sycamore SI, Cincinnati, O
The Texas & Pacific Railway
The direct line to Shreveport an-l New Orleans,
to'J'exurkaim, Memphis, St. Lnulx, the
North and Etnt, and to all points
lo Texas, Old and.New
Mexico. rlzonn,
Colorado end California.
The Favorite i.lno via Sacramento lo Oregon
aid Washington. Only line ottering
Choice of lioutes to I'olntH in tliu
Southeast,via Texarkana,
Shrevt-pnrt and
New Orleans.
Between Ft. Worth and St. Lotus,
no Fastest Time between
North anil Knst.
Texas auc tlip
Double Daily Line of Pullman Palace
Sleeping Cars through to it.
Louis via the
Through Sleeping Cars Between New Or
leans and Denver and St Louis
ana El Paso.
For rates, Tickets nnd all Information apply
to or address nny of tho Ticket agents or
Trav. Pass Ag't.
dontPasB. AT. Ag't.
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portnr, or a mechanic of any kind,
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JOHN A. U.tN'l',:id Vlcc-I'res.

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