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Rules and Regulations at, tho Park
Opon G a, ni. to 10 p. m, olosed on
Sundiiy night. Pool resorvcd for
ladies oxcluBivoly Wodnosday evening
2 to Bi.lO; Saturday morning 9 to 12,
Monday night 9 to 10 for ladieB and
gentlemen, pool prty, tub, nccdlo, and
vnpor baths at all hours for patients
and others. Experionood rnalo and
icnialo attondants day and night.
Tom Pauout, Proprietor.
J. B. CuKbNUT, Manager.
Just Rocoivod Largo Stock
Frosu garden sood. Como yo market
gardeners. Wo havo ample to supply
jou in everything.
V. L. Tuoker,
at "Lion Drug Store."
When you want nice fresh meat
mutton ueof, pork and purorlard go to
Mellou & Dei.aney
12.) South Third street.
The only oheap lots offered in Waco
Jor tho last fivo years aro thoso now
on the market in the Kirkpatriok Ad
dition, East Waco. Those lots aro
being sold for ono-half thoir real val
ue, making a ohanco to scouro a de
sirable homo such as will never occur
Cheap JLots.
Theso lots ho high and dry. Thoy
overlook a large portion of tho oity
and havo perieot drainage. Thoy lie
in tho healthiest part of tho city, catch
mg tho puro breozes from the praiiie
untainted by passago over any part of
tho city.
Cheap !Lots.
Thoso lots havo the finest soil, a
rich sindy loam, admirablo for gar
dens, and are underlaid with puro
water in inexhaustible quantities at a
depth of fifteon and sixteen foot,
which can bo usod for irrigation.
Cheap Lots.
Theso lots arc closer to tho center
of the oity than any other addition,
and at tho samo distance lots aro sell
ing for three and flvo times tho price
aBked for theso. There is millions in
it for persons of small means. Call on
Mrs. or l G Kirkpatriok, southwest
corner Eighth and Clay street.
All parties desiring plats of tho
iurkpatnok addition can obtain them
apon application.
New - England!- Magazine
It Is unique-, containing American
Legends, Traditions, History, Story
and Pootry, Philosophy and Music;
Scienco aud Art.
A Few Articles for 1892.
STOllll.1, OI' bAhEM W'lTCliaitAKT,
,.-, . Illustrated.
..,.. illustrated,
.,,.,. Illustrated.
UOHHr.r.'i, HOSTOXf.
,, .. Illustrated.
" t- urujiji or KLi:aTTiiiaiTY,
,.... IlliiNtrated,
iioitias a pjcoxixkxt njATiriti:.
"V 9,V w,nt ,h, cnrofnlly edltod and finely
2 illustrated literary inaRazlno of Boatou,
whether yon have any other or not.
Every Number Finely Illustrated.
'' tr.eat" of American aulijeots, past and
lum Soclal questions aro dlscossod In Us
Prlft $3.03 a War. Send lot. far Simple Cop).
'ilrewNh ENlLANl'
Indian Territory.
Look out for m big specialty salos
Saturdays, J. A. Early.
Gitv Taxes are boing paid slowly
but surely and tho delinquent tax list
this year will not be very largo.
Finest liquors for rnodieal pur
poses at J. A. Early's.
Salt Sea fish at lOo por pound and
fresh oysters at $1 por hundred brings
these luxuries within tho ordinary
means of tho common man.
Piokled and spiced pigs,' feet 25
cents a doen at J. A. Early's.
Thoso firms whioh advertiso aro in
nino caBCS out of ton reliable. Thoy
havo nothing to conceal, no trickery to
coyer up and aro not afraid to invite
the trade of tho pooplo.
Am overstocked in preserves, finest
line in tho city, selling at cost. J. A
Publio sentiment in tho city seems
to bo overwholmingly in favor of a ro
turn to the old fashioned domocratio
convention of tho forofathers aud
against tho ncw-ftinglod trumpery of
Tho lots in tho Kirkpatrick' addi
tion are the cheapest over offered in
Housckooper will do well to place
all their orders for groceries with the
firms which advertiso in Tub News
There is not one of thom in our col
umns but are, within tho knowledge of
The News, straight, reliablo and
Now York seed potatoes genuine at
J. A. Early's.
If you would spend a jolly evoning
take in the Catholic Fair tonight.
Fun, danoing and light hearted recre
ation rule tho hour at those fairs
There aro fair ladies galore and
Father Badclon, tho prosiding genius.
Those Catholio Fairs aro most enjoy
able. Gennesse oanncd oorn $1.20 per
dozen at J. A. Eatlj's.
Mokanna or the veiled prophet of
Khorassan tho hero of Tom Mooro's
grandest poem, Llala Rookh, is a type
as tho heroes of all great geniuses
are. The new Washington City
novel "In Oflico" by Bogy makes
Washington city, a city of Mo
kannas, using the dignity of senator
&.O., as a silver voil under which aro
hidden the nnst shocking deformities
of lust.
Fine new suitings just in at Kirk
& Rcosing. All the now stylos and
prettiest patterns. Call in and soo
them, thoy aro going off very fast.
llain is still needed and all the in
dications aro that it is coming.
Finest California bottled wines, at
35 cents por quart, best bargaiu ever
offered in Waoo. J. A.Early.
Shall Waco have an agricultural
fair this year is a question of more
importanco than any of politics.
A Waco poet broke loose this
morning and before ho could be cap
tured and gagged ho was delivered of
the following :
Clark v. lining:.
For a pagslonato tjrnut, a fierce Dema-KoKue
Ulvous hlatent, and bullying Ooiernor Hogg,
Bnt a fair minded statesman, with Intellect's
Is about to succeed him, his naiuo Is George
8o good-by to tallrond robber).
To politician's Jobbery,
To government paternal.
And to hogglshneBn internal.
To tricks that are devious, and ways that aro
For we're bound to elect him, his name is
George Clark.
(Tho latest designs in ingrains
Thompson hangs thom on common
walls with suooess.)
Baoblea's ikraloa Halve.
The best salve In the world for outs
bruises, sores, uloers, salt rheum, fe
ver sores, tetter, olmpped hands, ehli
blalns, corns and all skin eruptions,
and positively 5ures piles, or no pay
requlrod. It la guaranteed to give
satisfaction or money refunded. Price
26 eents a box. For sale by W. B
Morrison Sr Oo.
Tho days of wonder will never
cease till tho end of the world.
Now is your chance to down all lOo
and 5o. counters at 4o. and )o. at tho
Store, 612 Austin Street, Nothing
like it.
Pollen lit Cnnlllrt With Cltl7n-Si-vcraI
Killed mill Wounded-Prominent Poll
tlrliin shut lUrctlnn I'ihiuIk luwntlga
tlon CiiiunI the Tumble.
New Yoiik, Feb. i:i. Tho Hei aid's
Buenos Ayit'ssjwcial cables: The conn
tiy continues in a condition of giu.it
agitation over the nnni (inching piesideu
tial elections. The nots and hands
which tlfcgrat od thoiecentcongiessional
Sunday elections stirred up public in
dignation which has incioaed as the in
vestigation into tho chaiges against tho
oflici.tlH has pioeeeded.
At San Luis, tho capital of tho pro
vince of tho same name, .some 100 miles
west of Ununos A.vies, the (listui bances
weio most serious. In a couilict be
tween tho police and radicals tho foiinur
discharged thoir guns at tho eiowd.
After tho firing had ceavd it was louiid
that twentj-two civilians had been
wounded and two killed. A large num
ber of poisons were ai rested. They were
treated verj haishly, not being per
mitted to communicate with
their friends. Tho wounded, it is
alleged, weie left unattended for seveial
bouts, and many of them weicin danger
of death. benorAnas was one of tho
Senor Salvador was also shot de.id by
tho police. He was one of tho toieiuost
ladic.ilsiu San Luis and had a largo iol
lowing. His killing moused a storm ot
indignation thioughout the piovincc.
The hands at San Luis elections an
also arousing bitter ciiticism. Tho
cheating taking place in most all of tho
depaitments was in neatly otery case
accompanied by ,i low, which lesulted
in the killing or the wounding of civil
ians by tho police. This was especially
the case in tho depaitments of Santa
Rosa and Delgrauo, where the police
ihed upon the people
Luis Saenz Peua now appeals ceitain
ol election as piesident of the lepubhc.
lie in popul.u with tho people and tho
politicians aio ralljing to his suppoit.
The report that President Pelhgriui
favors his candidacy is continued. A
luetting ot tne committee to select a
suitable candidate tor piesident in
Buenos Ayies has agieed on Pena loi
Woid was leceived here of gieat dfc
hess anions the lanning population of
the province of Mendosa. Owing to the
locust plague ucaily 150 percent ot tho
vines in the province have been de
htiojed. Tho ioieign ministers attention is now
engaged upon points lelative to tho lim
its ot Chile m the boundaiy question. It
it stated that tho difficulty between tho
Argeutmo limitation commission and
Chile niisetifiom a dilfeienco of opin
ion in tho inteipietation ot the treaty
hxmg tho boundaiy.
JVla-.Mioied by Indian.
Nkw Yohk, Feb. 2.! - Tho Herald's
La Paz, Bolivia, eahlegi.im of tho 21st
says: "At Iluano, in tho Peruriv.ui
depaitmont ot -Ajacuclia tho Bolivian
&aus have attacked a number of i.uiu
houses. People took letuge within the
doots and sustained a long light with
their enemies. Beioie the savages had
toiced an I'utinnio two legiments from
Ayncucha, capital of tho department m
nved and touted the icd skins, killing
twolve of their number and badlj
wounding tlneo othei.s. Advices fioin
other pal ts of the utate tell of Indian
outbreaks and massacie of a number of
missionaries and settleis.
IllU'y fJicit lliiniu.
Washington, Feb. S.I. Southern
members of congress heio aro watching
the development of tho Alliance with
much inteiest. Hill has gained stiength
very rapidly in tho south of late and will
hare not only tho solid New York sup
port, but a largo share of the southern
delegates. Tho Cleveland jieople, how
ever, .lie not idle, and have been stincd
up to special activity by Hill's success
in New Yoik and the south and aio do
teuuined to mako a haid light, putting
thegicat noithweot against tho south
and Now Yoi k state m tho convention.
in i)ni.iinr i .n in.
London, Feb. 2;!. Tho bt. James Qn
zetto says negotiatioui which am being
conducted between JCtiilainl and Kussia
inreg.udto tho expulsion by Iluv.mil
officers m September last of Captaia
Younghusband fioin -tho Pamir, point t
a settlemont favorable to England. Bus
sian authorities havo fully investigated
tho aflair and concluded tho liussiaa
ofliceis acted piecipitatoly.
AiiOfd "iti-lli
Flatonio, Tox., Feb. 2.I. Mrs. Mo
Dow of this place has a powder horn
that is I'M ears old. On it is engraved
a map of Now Yoik, showing all tho
then principal forts and cities, coat of
aims, etc. It heais tho d.ito of 1700,
also tho numo of Mis. McDow's groat
giandfnther on her mothorV side, John
Savi. Mrs. McDow prices tho i elic very
highly and seldom allows it to get out of
her sight. Sho has been offered $.ri00 for
it, but refused it, saying that she will
t wirl wjth it for auy consideration.
f aco EYening Bews
",7vra,co Texas.
What Do You Want?
Do jou want Agentl
Do you wnnt I'urili?
Doyou wmiI l'artnerf
Do you ttant it Sltustloni
Do you who t to buy Anything)
Do yon want o ItuBbntiJor WHo
Do ycu want Hourderoor ledgers)
Do you want any Help," male or female!
DoyouwantScrTitnU, Clerks or Mechanics?
Do you want to rent a Hoom, Honse or Store!
Do yon want to nell your Good-will and Vlx
(ureal Do Xou want to Kent or Soil your Uoneo, Ot
flee, Lot or Farm!
Do yon want to liny or Bell a llorjo. Wagon, ot
any kind ot Vehicle? '
Haro you Loat or Kound anything!
Have you second hand Ooodsot uny kkd thul
yon wlli to hell ar exthange7
Personals or Matrimonial Advertisements!
If to, Thk I,rwa will mbllh an advurtlse
ment In tho Want Column forONKU'N'' I'KR
WOllD per day, or r-1 VK CKNTS Pkk WOllD lor
ono week, s(en duyn
Thb News it the on y paper that cocs Into
nearly every renilltn.' boiitehnld In Waco, and
besldea circulating largely In adjnlnlUR towns.
Hundreds can bo referred to who hsre prolltablj
advertleed In Its "Wnnt" rolumns
Waco Evening News
Advertising In thlsrnlumn ohnrged n th
rat" of one cent per word for each Inaortfon.
Cash must accompany tho order, oxcopt where
ordered by a regular adverllaer.
W!M'rr.n--ThoadrtrcsB of nnvono desiring
to acqulien snug little fortune for usmn'l
ca'li InvcHttnent No hooks (c patent nnBtrum.
A ddreBS lockbox 78 Hrjnn Tex. U-22 0t
I ?OK VIEii: 100,000 pood heart Pblnglo" at
S2 80 ptr thousand. Apply 70a Austin
Acnuo. 2 10 tf
WAMTIID-To tiado a iloren squaro
planoi, rnnplng in value from Jl to 201)
dollars, for lnnup or city lots, lildreeg
Pianos" Hot. 78 I" O. J-16 Ct
vyAlSTI511--1o Uny a Jersey cow, must bo
young and a, good milker. Apply at
Ncusoiuco -'utr
ANTIJII To buy vendors lien notes.
WAISTKI)--Work In is'cnography and
typewrltlrghy Geo W. hcurhoiough at
Williams A Kvana law olllce room '."J Provident
WANTIil). Job Printing ofall kinds atTiir
News btcam.Iol Itoomi bhow onrnp
preclntion of u llvt- o ( nlng jiajier by giving it at
least a sharp or your patronage, (satisfaction
gn.irnnteid on cMry older received, and proor
show u if dtsirtd.
WARTI31I 1o buy feccond hand Furniture,
' btoves, Cur)otH, Tools, Kverithlng.
Waco Curiosity Shop.
WANI'IUI rartleH who want tolnveBtin
in tho rich agricnllnral lands of Central
Texa, to send their address to THE WACO
DAILY NEWS. Information furnished free.
WAHTUII One thousand old suits to
cloan at 80.1 North Fonrth street A.
Friedman, successor tu lhu IJttlo Frenchman.
li'ou ui:rt'r -iiaiiorodico ion smith nth
street. U. M. CiiAiiiitm in X Sun.
nuini fn.
ilk illiii jt ikiv flB4 44Hi' urLU
nutnt forllgbt houHcktopIriK. IuBurrn for
$J0" Well loc ted, i ood house. Kent thosp
Call or address, 4il, North '2nd htretl.2 i'J 2l
FOIt Ui:rVT--Sult of roonm, flrat floor,
Miutheru and ciiUcrn expCHiire, bay windows.
Mrs Harmon, corrtr or Klghth and Washing
ton, tf
FOIt KKIST varch 1, four room houso,
no. 001 South 1th street. Apply next door,
or to .W. Darby at Hill's BusIiubb Colli go.
LliMi: At Gaunt llros. Hficmlh and Jack-streets-
Hock 1,1m" or Slacked Lime
Portland, Koseudale and Louisville Cement.
(r 121UlDio
"O ll A Iji: Old papers at 20 cents por hun
dred at The f.ws olllce.
ITlOltKIiNT Furniture, StoveB, Sewing
Machines, Everything. Waoo curiosity
bnop, 617 ana 619 Austin street.
TTIOItSAI.L: At Costl At Cost I At Cost 1
iJ Jewelry. Clocks. Silver Plated Knives
forks., SnooiiH, apkln llliifH, Poiket and
Tablo Cultery, Bterlecopts, Ink BtandB, Pic
ture Frames ard Notions. Tlitfl is the fliHt
time woecradvcrilscd to soil at cost hut we
desire to handlo only ew itirnituro and
cconu nomi gooee.oiRii xinus. naco curios
Ity Shop.
rni:i.i:rilIi:--Gauntlros. for Post Oak
X or Ash cord wood, ttine wood or llro
place wood cat any length 12101 mo
TPAniHn Tnwrtl.. mnnn Mna Vn,llA .1 . .
numau, jyu.cijr ,TUI11I1, UIID (UUillU w. u.
celcbratJU Tonti will permanently enlarge
yonr forml Inches in 3u days, and, make von
at neauuiui as uieopaira, ormoner reinnneu.
Price only 12.00. Woman's only truo friend.
for it ne er falls. IOnti, glorlius Tonti,
will make tho leaneBt pprson Tat, and remove
those horrid wrinkles. Sen I for sealed circu
lar MltH.DK.JIILl.KH.
.'lOOO Audita Willi led (llllrltly
to supply the liinimiii demand lor
'Oil I'uuk Kiclily lllimtruicd,
I'rlfe, l.."i(l.
A lllography of tho IVorM's Orotcft Dlvino.
by tho Snirii or Amorlvii. licwamof
catch peony bonks, Ihl Is the hlitiidurii
Agents' succrssBHtonlshlng Interest lnlciifcii
bend iinlck aia lor outfit and get tho territory.
Addieas. UI'ltllAUIt IIIKIS.,
10(1 Ititre .Slrnvl, I'liluilel plila.
or, Itroucmiiy A. !. nit M.,
M. Louie, ?lo.
(Tho latest designs in ingrains
Thompson hangs them on oominon
walls with success.)
V..tr iftl
Local Time Oard.
nimnnrt, Hnniaift Toxna.
tseenger Trains South Bound .
So. arrives rauo . m.
No. 1 ltmvti in. s m
no. 3 arrives ik p. m.
No.3leavs 1:10p.m.
North Bound.
No. 2 nrrlvcs 2; a. m,
N0.8I9RW 2!6sa,m.
No. iarrtvea i;io p. m,
No.ilcavos 3:20 p, m.
. Tains Joxis,
Ticket Agent, 1'aclUo Hotel Iilook .
I'ottiin Holt Itnntti.
Train No. 1 leaves 11.00a.m.
Train No 1 arrives lO.l'ia. in.
Train No. 2 arrives 5'lsp m
Train No. '2 leavea &;,io p,m
Uotween Waoo and Bt. I.oult solid train via
Pirajould to St. Inlsoi Iron Mountain track
Into Union Dapot.
. W. 8. QiLLasrU,
City Tloket OUloe at No. 112 South Foutt St.
H. T. .
(No. 88 Arr 6il6a.m,
tbound.j:: ...... ,...
K..t bod. :; g.:..:::::::io..
l ' WL'v 8:10p. m.
W. E. OWENB. Tieket Agent.
Under Facdao Hotel Iilook, Opposite Poetofflct
Nan Autoulo mill A ran mi h I'iihs.
Sooth bound ko. 32.noktu ddund--no. Si
Lv Waco at 15 a m. Anivrs n:J p. m.
South Hound freight which will carry pas
engors,,lcavet)Wacoat 12 46i. m.
Between Folnti li TEIA
Taylor ind Kansas City and Hannibal.
Old ;jiiii(in il in Ji 119 iJJf iClllei
trains ol eaiteis aid EontallBn, nati
HBM..K. 41. E'y the Dtti line to
New YoriBoston Montreal and St.Par
J. K Smuii, Tiokot Agont, No. 121
South I ih Strert, PaciGo Hotel Waco.
A. S. Donr.K, Traffic Manager, St.
Louis, Mo.
II. P. Humus, O. P. and T. A.
Dcnison, Texn.
K. B. Paukku, A. G. P. A. St.
Louis, Mo.
Cotton Belt Route
(St. Louis Southwestern Ry.) ,
St. Louis, Cairo, Memphis
ANDALIi poihtb bbtohd.
Vreo Rocllnlner Chair Cars
and Pullman Buffot Sleopertti
Two Daily Trains To
The Only Line u pUM
Ken to eenncetlof radjtMBUPinfl wlU
, out a toiff Ad dlMsreeaiMs oatnthsa traao.
fer itois th elrj.
Tho Only Llnewlh thrown mp.
IngeATltrrloobotWMal'ORT'WOIlTn ajta
Tlie Only lano wttkttaoMhe...
vie between MBUPmS tad point to CHD
The Shortest Route
All TtzM Line fear through ttcktti on tl t
The Coiton Belt Routei
RsIm, Bup tlBW Ublei ami all !oforrniti
HU1 bt ehmtfaUy rturelihed em appllrttlon Mt
w; agent of tie company, or
ftt'T'lJnlTsM' Ag'U a'll'au' Ag'U Ubm

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