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Whoever wants soft
hands, smooth hands, white
hands, or a clear complex
ion, he and she can have
both; that is, if the skin is
naturally transparent; un
less occupation prevents.
The color you want to
avoid comes probably nei
ther of nature or work, but
of habit.
Either you do not wash
effectually, or you wash too
effectually; you do not get
the skin open and clean, or
you hurt it.
Remedy. Use Pears'
Soap, no matter how much ;
but a little is enough if you
use it often.
All sorts of stores sell it, especially
druggists , all sorts of people use it.
m."fl,'Mnl MrV1JII?'i'J'i"" "Jiiin ijmMffrpni
:iunlT Offlccrv
W are nathorlzcd to nnaounre Mr. .1. 0
Jurney as candidate fur ttic otlice of county
Tat Collector, cubject to the action of the Dem
ocrats of Mcl.i'iinuu county.
For Miorirr.
Wonro authorized to announce Joo V. KllUon
as a candidate fur sheriff at the emnlni! elec
tion, subject to tho action of the Democratic
31 ii 11 lul pal.
rcn mavou.
Tim 'BWi is authorized to announce that
JH.yorC (!. McCulloch Is a candidate for re
election to the oilier or mayor of Waco at the
enaulog election in April.
Election 1st Tuesday in April. We are au
thorized to announce Major A Iliuchman us
candidate for the olllce of Mayor of Waco at the
coming city election.
tjc Wl&Uv 1&&WJS
Editor and General Manager.
Entered at the Vv i postortluo as soo
ond class mull matter.
" Hut rluht it rltjht. Ilu,utli it ii nor nl
teaut ;if(ir, mid I mIhiiiI Ii)I It whrllii'r It
rrtlrt i imp to prlratr llf r litn iib hlili
er hnnnrn,"llniirr (. Mill.
4I inn for freu cniiuuurcu Willi all
mill tons." 'I'll inn a. Jefferson.
Texas id suffdrin from trichina.
Well, did Waoo, seoure the sanitarium
For governor: George Clark. Plat
form; 1, Public office is a publio trust
2 Tiie orcditof tho publio is alarm
ingly strained just at present 3 Pay.
up Give tho offices back to the peop
Hopg's phtform; 1 L can inter
vene, and if it wasn't for tho infernal
supremo court and these dadblamcd
juries; I'd tako theso railroads away
from the owncis and hang every man
in Texas thai, didn't let the "sixshoot-
or go.'
-That's all.
While George Bailey of tho Dallas
News is located at Tyler he will, as
staff correspondent, oovor both Waoo
and Tyler for the present. If thero
is a man in Toxas journalism who oan
stand with ono foot in Waoo and tho
other in Tyler, K50 miles cast, that
man is George Bailey.
Ilonry Watterton hoists tho namo
of Carlisle siuoe Hili must bo Now
Yorks candidate. Carlisle is good
enough; a man Texas would delight
to honor, but over tho thoroughbred
Htato of Kentuoky the political sky is
as clear and oloudleas as the otherial
arch that spans tho Panhandle of
Texas on an averairo July day.
Tho Jjondon ' oorrespondont of tho
Wool and Cotton lloportcr,in tho ootirso
of an article to that paper siys :
"luoidentilly it also oamo out as a
fact, that Amorican-mado workintr
men's boots could bo imported and
sold by tho retailors, with a fair profit.
Tho explanation given, though no:
flattering to our national vanitv, may
also fairly be named; it was that tho
United States were 25 years ahead of
tho old country in tho use of laoor
savititr. machinery, by means of which
tho United States manufacturers only
paid a little more than half what it
costs tho English manufacturers for
the item of labor in producing boots
and shoes."
Tho Wool and Cotton Reporter is
not a political paper but is devoted to
the interest of tho trade. Its corres
pondent is there tn roport faith
fully and accurately tho condi
tions of trade. The "ftot" that
"incidentally" came out was the re
sult of investigations by tho Labor
Commission now sitting in London
Tho Demooratio parly of this countrv
under the leadership of tho senatorial
triuruvirato is afraid, notwithstanding
this "fact'' which applies to thousands
of other products besides boots and
shoes, to make an open fight against
tho protectionists. Tho United
Statos with her improved labor sav
ing machinery and the superior intel
ligenoo and skill of her woikingmen
can competo with the world.
The Sherman Register says: "The
Register does not favor Gov. Hogg,
and, in faot, has never done so, but it
is not prcjudiceo against him. In
the Alleo case, recently dooidod at
Austin, the defondant was acquitted
Ho was charged with the murder of
Editor Bowon. Gov, Hogg did his
best to havo him convicted; wrote
letters and made statements calculated
to influeneo a jury against the defend
ant. Tho jury of twelve men found
the defendant not guilty, and Gov.
Hogg was robbod of his campaign
thunder. It was a small piece of bus
iness for the governor of Toxas, and
tho poople are cuohtug on."
The most oruel cut of all was the
following resolution passed with a
whoop by the Fort Worth Demooratio
convention, 1000 people, called to
nominate a mayor Monday:
Resolved, That the democracy of
Forth Worth in convention assembled
do indorso the Hon. Roger Q. Mills
for tho sunato of the United States,
and do request our members of tho
legislature and stnate from Tarrant
county do all in their power to seoure
fin election at tho spooial session of
the legislature whioh convenes in
March noxt.
The Gazotto will probably livo sinoo
New York went Hill bent.
The Nkws drsires to romind the
Waco water and light company that
thoir large pipes on Franklin street
would hold water better if they wore
joined together at tho ends and buried
or something. Every time it rains tho
water runs right through ono and
misjes the other.
W A.Tuloy spout two days lioro
this wook nnil his portly njruro ntid
white English oliiipoiiu inutlo n con
spicuous Impression on the Avonuo,
Mr. Tuloy is connoototl with tho San
ta Fo routo In n responsible capac
ity and is ono of tho heavy weights
in tho railroad world, both In nvordu
pois and brains. Hols a prominent
member of tho Elks and was onter
talnod by sovornlof tho members at
tho club rooms. He Is n prominent
mombor of Dallas lodge, but paid
Waco tho compliment by saying she
had the most soloot lodjro hi Texas.
Among the conspicuous figuroB
that havo been obsorvod around tho
hotol lobblos for sovoral days Is that of
F. Waltman. He Is a great travollor.
Ho Is also a politician, a fluauolor,
and ho Is a talker from way back.
But no ono has over boon known to"
say that Waltman was uninteresting.
He enn talk ou any subject Ho
has a vii9t store house hi which
ho keeps that varied Information that
every mau who travels 'a great deal
always picks up. And ho dlspeusos
this information according to tho teste
of tho pooplo with whom ho comes in
contact. Ho told mo yesterday ho
was for Clark for govornor.
One of tho latest sonsatlons in tho
way of literature Is G miter's novel
entitled "A Florida Enchantment."
It Is about the wickedest thing that
has appenrod in print sinee Docani-
oron eamo from tho press. lie por
trays a peculiarity in human naturo
that has been treatod by scientists. It
is a peculiarity that Is strongly pre
sented in tho Mitchell-Ward caso In
Memphis. The book Is so thorough
ly bad that I can not ndvlso anyone
to read it. (Now watch the rush lor
the book stores.)
Nearly everybody in Waco bus of
course heard Mr. Brnun in one of his
locturos. They have pleased and eu
tertulued a class of people who rarely
attend anything that Is not strictly
ortnodox. They were fresh and
sparkling; they contained so many
gems of truth that that old article
was scarcoly recognizable by the
side of the now. Every sentence
he uttered fell like a broad ax on
some ones hobby, yot the ax was so
sharp that tho hobby died without
palu and its owner applauded the
dlstroyer of his idol. Mr. Brniui
is attracting wide attention. His
paper, the Iconoclast, Is road all over
tho United States and its circulation
is increasing ovory day. He is a lino
tnlkor, but ho !b a better writer and
the Iconoclast is making its editor
The Saunteker.
Don't forget to Ask for the Consumer's and Merchan ts'
That every Cash Purchase of ONE DOLLAR fm any Merchant
whose name appears below entitles you to a FIVE PER CENT SCRIP,
which they will accept for FIVE CENTS on every
Gash Purchase of One Dollar
And take SPECIAL NOTICE, that the Metchants who belong to this
Association aro the most wide-awake and keep the Rest Selected Stock of
Goods, and their Prices are the LOWEST.
Goldstein & Migel, Dry Goods.
C. F. Smith, Wall Paper
Old Corner Drug Store, Drugs.
W. M. Ragland & Son, Jewelers.
Alf. Herbelin, Harness.
Geo. E. Ames, Rooks and Stationery.
Mrs. B. J. Doss, Millinery.
Harrison & Co. Hardware.
R. T. Dennis & Bro., Furniture.
Gabert & Bro., Tailors.
Love & Co., Music.
W. K. Finks & Co., Groceries.
J. L. Bergstrom, Photographer.
Tho "return to the tariff of 18S3"
plank in Hill's platform is defonded
by tho Times-IIorald by tho state
ment that Hill's position was to re
peal tho MoKinloy act and the law of
1883 wouU then be in force. If tho
adoption of tho McKinloy act did not
repeal tho law of 1833, thon wo havo
two tariffs If it did repeal it, thon
to return to tho bw of 1883 oongross
would have to re-enact that law.
A Detroit family of Poles assaulted a
neighbor under the belief that she is a
Edison denies that ho is dissatisfied
with tho recent big electric deal or was
left out in it.
Aaron Hamacher, keeper at tho state
prison, Jackson, Mich., was convicted of
holping prisoners to escape.
Richard Gray, who killed Stephen
Grogan, betrayer of Gray's daughter at
Covington, Ky was acquitted.
Tho American Fraternal Circlo, a
Maryland institution, is said to bo in
deep water and nobody knows what to
do about it.
A man and woman, tramps, were
killed in a wieek ou the Big Four neai
Indianapolis. No one else was beriotisly
Tho Ilasbrooks and Birchaiiis, two
brothers on a hide, fought with axes and
knives near Vandal ia, 111. Ono on each
Bide will die.
English tOiip-liuiltlerh uie taking stcpti
to' break up the tinmen's und allied
unions. '
Piesidont Carnot called a council of
his friends on tho cabinet appointments.
Ono Hundred Left Helpless In New Vorli
Nr.w YoitK, Feb. 23. A party ot
colored men numbering about 100 ar
rived hero with their families from the
Indian Territory on their way to Liberia,
Africa. They were a curious looking lot
of people and were dressed in nil sorts ot
clothes. Tho polico took them to Stephen
Merritt's Mission to give them sheltei
from tho drizzling rain and something tt
eat. Ono of tho number, George Wash
ington, a venerable darky, told the story
of their wanderings. Ho said they camo
from Red Land', I. T., in tho Cberokea
Nntion, sixteen miles from Fort Smith,
Ark. Most of them owned property and
raiRed cotton, but tho last summer tht
crop was a failure and they became dis
Tho trip to Liberia had been discussed
las,t Juno. Row Mr. Hill, thoir pastor,
favored the project nnd consented to go
witli them as thoir leader. Rev. Mr.
Hill told them that it would cost jJinOO
to get to this city and that the steamship
company would give them free passage
to Africa.
His proposition was accepted. Many
of them sold their homes for almost
nothing to raiho tho amount Tho money
was given to Rev. Mr. Hill. The pastoi
started out to find accommodations foi
his people when they arrived, and got
lost for a time. Ho left his family in the
ferry house, but could not tell where ii
was. He went to polico headquarters
and asked of tho polico would not try
and find them.
Mr. Hill tells a pad story of the peo
ple's oxixrienco. Ho said that some time
ago no received a circular trom a man
named Coppinger of Washington, mana
ger, of tho American Colonization so
cioty. Tho circular stated that negroej
conld go to Africa freo of charge after
taKing tiie oatli of allegiance to the Afri
can government lulministoied hero at
tho custom hutue. This they found was
untrue. The pastor and his people aro
loft here without means, nnd all of theni
beroft of homo and fruinss .
3 3 lb cans of Vanguard best
Dodson & Hill's best in pints,
kotohup '
Superior Chili sauce, pint b'ts.
2 lb cans blakborrios, 5 lor
1 lb can Monaroh B Powder for
Good family fanoy flour, per' sk. 1 25
The best greon coffee 5 J- lbs for 1 00
Nuvy beaus, Xo lbs for 1 00
Hominy, 30 lbs for 1 00
Best preserves, per pound Oil
30 lbs grits for 100
Dried ap)les,quartors,bcst 1G lbs 1 00
And all other goods too numerous to
mention. Please call early and leave
your orders, as I havo a great rush on
Saturdays. Yours for low prices.
J. D Loftin,
At Chas Rast's Old Stand.
J. 8 MoLKNDON. President.
O. H. HiaaiNSON,
J. T. DAVIS, VIoo-prealdent.
TU.08. P. ABKEL,
1 B,
BLACK, Oaehltr
VcoonnU of bmk, bankers, merchnnti, faruvm. ineohanlos and othor olassoa aoUoitod. y
payasmuoh attention toaaial nooounts as largo ones. Wo gtveiMraoaal Mid cpeolal attontloa
to our oollootton dapnitaiunt,an.l roruUTi diy of pnymunt. Kxohunga bought and sold on
all the principal p jlnts or tho United States Bnd Knrope.
Manfactm ers Whclesale Grocers.
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Pure Bpioea.
Alexandre's Java and Rio Blend Coffee.
Moore Bros1 White Wlno and Applo Vinegar.
Moore Bros' Pure Cider.
Mooro Bros' Flint Candy.
Having purchased Mr. Alexandre's buslnesw caro now propared to fill
orders promptly. Patronize Home Institutions. Sustain our efforts to make
Waco a Great Manufacturing Centre.
WACO. : : : : TEXAS.
Plate Glass Insured Against Breakage. : . : : : : : 1
: : : : ; Represent a Line of First-Class Companies
Prompt Attention to all Business Placed with us.
ovvioK nynun jtotki, xoru
O. W. DW1D
The old Vniml ltuiWlno, Xorth of Vlazn,
The finost vehicles and horaetj in th
city. Gall oarriages for ladies a spo
cialty and when desired, ladies can
have a driver in livery. All trains met.
Prompt attention to all orders and
boarded on reasonable terms.
satisfaction guaranteed. Horses

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