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Klnto at Old Cornor Drue Btoro.
Ofllco hourB ut roBidonco, from 2 to 1
in. No. 1408 Bouth Eighth street.
p. ni
Wl il, Y7II.Ki:S, M D
Itceldcnco atu N 12 St.
Physicians and Surgeons.
. b, UlAlll'lUISHLOCK.
SUte at Old Corner Urns Store. Telepnone
at Ofllce and Iiesldoncca.
Office cm Austin Street over
First National Bank.
207 South Fifth Street
Best coal in any quantity
delivered promptly. Prices
as low as the lowest.
207 South Fifth Strcot.
Hotel Royal Bar.
Haydon & Haydon, proprietors.
Neat and quiet. Very finest wines
and liquors. Superb lunch at 10.
Old Irionds and customers as well
new will meet a hearty woloomo.
Everybody goes to Joo Lenman't
when they want a good meal, or he
The Big Muddy lump is strictly
cold-weather coal. Telephone Egan
or coal.
Buy thu "Big Muddy" lump coal
Keep warm and give your imaginaiton
a rest. "Telephono Egan for coal."
For the best and freshest bcef,pork
mutton, veal, sparcribs, Gsh and
oystors to 10 Crippen corner Fifth
and Franklins?
Our goods and our prices do our
advertising, we find it best in the
long run.
Parker Bros.
Dockcry and Co , Firo Iusuranoo
Agents Provident Building. Best
companies and oloso ntion to in
terests of insurers.
We givo employment tomorepeoplo
and havo moro teams engaged in do
livering our "justly celebrated Big
Muddy lump" ooal than any othei
dcalor in the city. "Tolephone Egan
for coal."
You do not have to draw on your
imagination while seated at a firo of
the "Big Muddy lump." On tho eon
trary, you havo to "draw baok" from
tho "generous heat." Remember tho
Big Muddy and take no othor. Tele
phone Egan for ooal.
A Sound Liver Makes a Well Man
Are you Bilious, Constlpatodand
troubled with Jmio SiekHead
aoho, Bad TaBte in Mouth, Filn
Breath, Coated Tonguo, Dyspepsia
Indigestion, Hot Dry Skin, Pain in
Back and between the Shoulders,
Chills and Feyer, &o. If you have
any of these oymptoms, your ijlver is
out of order your blood la slowly
being poisoned, because your Liver
does not aot properly. Hkkbinii will
cure any disorder oi the Liver,8toin
aoh orBoweis. It haB no equal as a.
Llvor Medicine. Price 75 cents. Free
sample bottle at H. C. Risher's Drug
The Cotton Belt will sell round
trip tickets to Now Orleans on aocount
Mardi Gras, Feb. 28 and 2o at $15.30
W. S. GiLLKsriE.
Tho days of wonder will never
cease till tho end of tho world.
Now is your chanoo to down all 10o
and 5o. oountors at 4o. and 3o. at tho
Store, 612 Austin Street. Nothing
liko it.
l'nr IVihiiiiuI I'lolll I.ii-uli-iiiiiil lliirli.w,
Worlil'H 1'iilr Cimminlm-i, it I'liitytu
the TiiuiMidloiiH-llmillih. Oilmen in
MiikiIi-Ihii-i;, (in iiinn.
New York, Fob. 34. Tho Hoiald's
Valparaiso npuci.il says: A hcnmltil has
cropped out here. It implicates United
States Consul MoCrcary. Tho story is
tho recusation of tho hour. Documents
in tho case havo just been niatlo public.
Thoy relate to alleged t impactions in ox
changoby McUreaiy. Tho revelations
havo fairly astonished mercantile cir
cles. It is asserted tho bills show thero
was bought and sold heie in December,
lb!)0, and in .lantuiv and February,
18!1. over $1,000,000. For the last thieo
months, it is fuither alleged, ho has ex
tensively engased in exehango transac
tions. This was especially the caso
during tho time of tho Baltimore af
fair. It is also alleged ho nsed information
vrhieh ho gained fiom oilicial winces in
his dealings.
This data which lias so astonished and
wrought np tho whole community
leaked out through a letter which was
i-ent to Broker Nicklemann by Mr. Mc
Creary and in which tho consul thieat
ened legal proceedings unless ho was
paid a certain bum of money which he
claimed was due him. Nicklemann
avers on his part that MeOreary owes
him money.
It is rumotjd that Lieutenant Harlow,
World's fair commirsioner, is seriously
mixed up in this scandal and that ho en
tered into a sort of paitnership with Mc
Creary in his lato put chases of bills.
The complicity of Mr. McCreary and
Lieutenant Harlow is hard to give in de
tail, as all the documents in the affair,
photographs of McCieaiy's letters, sig
natures and contracts for exchange aio
now en route by mail to New York.
News of these transactions lias helped
to increase the feeling in this city
against tho consul, who has not for
quite awhile been favorably icgarded
here. Lieutenant Harl jw's letters to
cei tain Now York newspapers, in view
of present ciicumstances, neem to Chil
ean minds to furnish gt omuls for the
startling rumors in tho United States,
viz.: For the pmpoe ot materially
piofitiug those engaged in this affair. 1
am given to understand that prominent
Chileans of Valpai.uso aio considering
tho advisability of Hiking their govern
ment to leturn Comul McCieary's ex
equator. Crime ut .Miigileliurg.
Bcki.in, Feb. 24. The police of
Madgebuig, a large town seven miles
from tho city, aio instituting inquiries
into a series of murders of servant girls,
information of which they only recently
obtained. The ciimei were of the most
bloody character and givo evidence of
the brutal and depi. 1 ved nature of the
persons who aio accused of having
planned and carried them into execution.
These minders leiemble in most of theii
horriblo details tho startling list of mur
ders which not long ago were unearthed
in Vienna, in which Fritz Slineider and
wifo by means of decoy adveitisements
calling for servants lined a large number
ot girls to their lesidence wheie, upon
the first favorable oppoi tunity, Schnei
der, assisted in the revolting work by his
wife, would tieat the unfortunate girls
in a most outrageous manner and then
strangle the poor victims to death after
wards, taking pos&esiion of all their be
longings. Tho prisoners charged with the mur
ders at Madgeburg are a man named
Fritz Erbee and fiance, Dorothy Bunt
rock, and since their ai rest enough ovi
deuce has been collected b- tho police to
implicate them 111 thn mysterious disap
pcaranco of servant girls, who while
seeking oinployment were suddenly lost
sight of by lelatives and friends.
Again, as in tho Vienna caso, the sus
picions of the authorities was aroused by
the disappearance of a certain ono of tho
victims, and investigation rovealed
series of foul crimes, Erbeo and the
woman Buntrock weio ai rested on sns
picion of having murdered a servant
named Kin en. The conplo it is now
known also decoyed and mmdered an
other girl named Doia Klasses. Tho
authorities aro btill prosecuting tho in
vestigation into the matter. Dorothy
Buntrock has broken down and made a
confession to tho police.
Sensational Pleaching.
Augusta, Ga., Feb. 24. At St. John
Mothodist Episcopal church an incident
occurred. This is tho church of which
Rev. W. W. Wadsworth is p.istor. F01
a year past Mr. Wadsworth ljas been
delivering Fensational sermons denounc
ing the social customs of tho city. He
took for his text "Christ as aseusaiioiiEl
pieacher," in which ho proceeded to
criticise an editorial on cliiistmu enmity
.liich leceutly npe.ned in tho Ciiiuni
cle. Tho author ol tli.it editorial was
known to bo Mr. C. J. Bj lie, a uienibei
of Mr. Wadswoi th'r. clinu'h, and who
was present. Tho pieacher Held up to
ridicule tiio.pcrsonal iH-tnharit.es of the
editoi, dubbing linn an embryo poet,
etc. As soon as tho iwriuon was con
cluded Mr. Baynu anwo and announced
that ho would answer tho preacher.
Great applaiibo followed tho announce
ment, when tho pieacher again sneering,
lyieplaidby hoping "the kid would do
better than he had done heietoforo."
nero the applauso became uproarious
and Wadswoith recalled their attention
to tho fact that they weio in the house
of God. Then the congiegation dispersed
in great confusion.
' rutiiniblu ItejMirt Onleied.
Washington, Feb. 21. The houso
judiciary committee authorized Mr.
Oates of Alabama to leport favoiablv
his bill to repeal tho provision of tho re
vised statutes making loyalty during tho
lato war a pie-iequisito to securing a
pension on tho part of persons othwiso
entitled to be liensioiiod. No back pay,
however, will bo received by persons ;if
fected by this act.
II Im latuiilu Daughter.
Memphis, Feb. 2;i. Near Claiksville,
Ark., .1. W. Thompson, a wealthy and
highly respected farmer, attempted sui
cide by ctting his throat, and at last ac
counts was in a critical condition. The
cause of his act was despondency result
ing from the disgiace brought upon his
name by his favorite daughter, Geotgia,
who has been for six months past lead
ing a life of shame in this city. She is
not more than 20 years old, well educa
ted and the most beautiful woman ot
her class that has appealed in Memphis
for years. Her downfall dates lioni last
spring when, as she claims, she was led
astray by a bur.iness man of this city,
who mot her whilo on her way home
from n visit to friends in the interior of
the state. Sho becamo his mistress and
his wifo had them both an estod for ille
gal cohabitation. Tho affair was pub
lished in the Memphis papers, and Mr,
Thompson found out for tho first time
what had became of his daughter. The
thought of her conduct tlnew him intu
a stato of melancholy, whiclL finally re
sulted as stated. The girl will go home
in the hope of obtaining his forgivenesi
befoie ho dies.
All Tin itlliliil I'nrt.v.
St. Louis, Feb. 24. The Reform Press
association held an open session at which
theie was a much more numeious at
tendance. Most of tho session was con
sumed in discussing and denouncing the
National Union company as being con
nected with or backed by the coidnge
trust. A committee of five was appointed
to investigate the whole subject and ie
poit at tho afternoon session. Tho 1 est
of tho time was taken up with addi esses
by Colonel L. L. Polk, General Weaver,
A. J. Streeter of Illinois and IgnatiiiF
Donnelly. All took ground in favor of
a thitd party.
MlglilM Mixta.
nAitniSBUHO, Pa., Feb. 2.!. Sixty-five-year-old
Geoige Smiley of Haiiisburg
has just man led !7-year-old Miss Annie
Caramon of Southeastern Missouri in
this city. The brido is the voungest sis
ter of tho wife of T. M. Smiley, sou ot
Georgo Smiley, and by this pecuhai
union tho bride becomes the mother-in-law
of her elder sister and the latter the
daughter-in-law of her youngest sister.
The father and son aie brotheis-in-law.
Tho fivo children of T. M. Smiley (the
son) aro now tho giaudchildien of theii
lato aunt.
A large vessel, supposed to have been
Spanish, was wiecked off Penzance on
the Cornish coast. All hands aio be
lieved to havo been lost.
right at the scat of difficulty, is accom-
fished by tho sure and steady aim of
r. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. Don't
fool around with a pop-gun, nor a
" Flint-lock," when this reliable "Win
chester" is within reach 1
Dr. Sage's treatment of Catarrh in the
ncad is far superior to the ordinary, and
when diicctinns aro reasonably well
followed, results in a pcimaucnt cure.
Don't longer be indifferent to the veri
fied claims of this unfailing Remedy.
The worst forms of Catarrh disap-
Sear witli the uso of Dr. Sage's Catarrh
:cmedy. Its mild, soothing, cleansing
and healing properties effect a pcifcct
and permanent cure, 110 matter how bad
tho case, or of how long standing. It's
a remedy that succeeds where every
thing else has failed. Thousands of
such cases can bo pointed out. That's
the reason its makers back their faith in
it with money. Thoy offer $500 reward
for a caso of Catarrh which they can
not cure.
It's a medicine that allows them to
take such a risk.
Doesn't eommon sense lead you to
take such a medicine?
"An advertising fake" you say.
Funny, isn't it, how some peoplo pre
fer sickness to health when tho remedy
la po'itlvo and tho guarantee absolute.
Wise men don't put money back of
' fakes." And "faking" doesn't pay.
Wox All
Tho now oigar. Nothing liko
Beats tho record for flavor.
Wox All
The only Hand Made, Havanna
filled, Fivo Cent Cigar in Waco. Best
ever made Try them and you will
smoke no othor.
Nox All
Has como to stay, Tho Pioneer
Cigar Factory, (i29 Austin Street,
All bills duo thoNKWs for advertis
ing from July 15th aro payable to
R. Christopher or his authorized col
lector. This applies also to subscribers.
Elegant Photo'a.
Having seoured tho services of Mr.
W. M. Ilall, of Chicago, as operator
and retoucher, will guarantee tho pub
lic a finer class of photographic work
than has ever been shown in Waco
Have recently purchased tho largest
as well as tho finest photographio lens
in Texas. Call on tho old rel blc
photographer and see samples.
W. D. Jackson.
A Mother's Mistake.
Mothers frequently make a mistake
in neglecting the Cough of a child. A
port Wayne, Ind., lady writes: My
little daughter G years old had a bo.
vero oougli, but as it was nothing un
usual I thought nothing of it, and al
lowed it to run on for ! or 5 weeks,
when it became so obstinate sho be
gan losing ilesh. I called in a physi
cian who treated her without benefit
A neighbor insisted upon my trying
Ballard's Ilorohound Syrup; it re
lieved her from tho first dose and she
began gaining flesh rapidly, when we
had used two bottles her Cough had
entirely disappeared. I would not bo
without it. It docs not constipate
my children, Ballard's Horehound
Syrup is fioo from Opiates It's the
most soothing Throat and Lung medi
cine in tho world Price 50o and
$1.00. Sold by II 0. Risher & Co
Items and communications intended
or tills department should bo sent to
No. 309 North Twelfth street or tele
phoned to No. 30. on or before Friday
afternoon of each woek, in order to
receive proper attsntion. Nows
notes received after 10 o'clock Satur
day morning cannot appear until the
next weok, however imioh wo may
rogrot tho dolay.
Sudden Deaths.
Heart diseaso is by far tho mot
frequent cause of sudden death,
which in three out of four cases is tin
suspeotcd. The symptoms aro not
generally understood. These aro: a
habit of lying on the right side, shoit
breath, pain or distress in side, back
or shoulder, irregular pulse, asthma,
weak and hungry spells, wind in
stomaoh, swelling of ankles or dropsy,
oppression, dry oough and smolhorintr.
Dr. Miles' illustrated book on Heart
Disease, free at H. C. Risher & Co.,
"vho sell anil guarantee Dr. Miles' un
equaled New Heart Curo, and his
Restorative Nervine, which cures ner
vousness, headache, sleeplessness, ef
fects of drinking, cto. It oontains no
The Pulpit and the Stage.
Rev. F. M. Shrout, pastor United
Brethren ohuroh, Blue Mound, Kan.,
says: "I feol it my duty to tell what
vvondors Dr. Kings New Discovery
has done for inc. My Lungs were eo
badly diseased, and my psrislioncrs
thought I could livo only a few weeks,
I took fivo bottles of Dr. King's New
Discovery and am sound and well,
gaining 2G IUb. in weight.
Arthur Love, managor Lovo's Fun
ny Folks Combination, writes: "Af
ter a thorough trial and convincing
ovidonce, I am confidont Di. Kind's
Now Discovery, beats em all, and
ouros when ovorything oIbo fails. Tho
greatest kinduoss I can do my many
thousand friends is to urge them to try
it." Free trial bottles at VV. B. Mor
rison & Co.'s Drug Storo. Regular
size DUo. and $1.
Slcoper, Clifton & Co. havo added a
repairing department in connection
with their shoe store. All repairing
of boots and shoes neatly dono
Charges reasonable Leave your
shoes to be halfsolcd at Sleeper, Clif
ton & Co's corner of Fourth and
Austin Htreots,
Watch for tho opening of tho great
now shoo store, 414 Austin stroet with
a bran now fresh stook and all dainty
So. 1207
tiii: mati or ti:i.n.
'lO the fihmlff nr f tiv f ,,. it.i.. r . .
county, Orating ' """ " "' ""'
vi 1. "'.'"?. ""UnlMratoroI the ostato of
?j "nr" hi. "ftnat 'accou, tTrt. " cX
(lltlon of the ltalp of said St Itotnnn.l Decern"
uS'iyVSr. - 1 1 ", ""."I'l" C1J0 to lio aiKliMR-
'rt froniBiM Aditilnlxlrntori-hiii s
ion nrp llntnliv f.ti. ,..... .r .. . . . ..
1 at ton of this wilt r, r twnt ilnjs In n"reiiV
,. ... ...,i; iuu,i?mu 11 me vuuniy or Jlc
l.oiirmn jou k,v, One notice to nil i rui inti r-
1RIP1I It, Ihi (iii,.t r. til..-, . , . 1
. if . .,"".' '"' ' "'"' " inelil or
nv it i H't-lr olijictloni. t'.ientii.lr
iuii. - ' tV.. . ' "iu wo am on urrii,
1Nli. nf Miiiil fnnitti 1 ..,,! 1 .. .
to holileii 1 at thu Court House of snlilCou. ty, m
Wm-oontiK drpt .Mi mlnj- lu March ci.'. when
fold Aiconntr.nt A)ii lintlon wl.l uocon.lilcr
etl h tnld Court
t kh my linml nnd sent
of ol'lco nt Waco thin :,otli Uny
of laniii.ry Is').'.
I W. llAKKit. Clerk County Court
SloLcnniin ouiitv, acxas
1 lly T. II lliiowN, Deputy.
IN ii. 14 11,
Tn thn Mt.iviir n. ...... i ,.1.1. -. ....
-- ... ....... ,,, j vuiibiuuiu ui oiri.cnnnn
count), Urietlng:
v i i. n ". ""'""HMraior i mo 1 Plato or
F. M. tlMflclil IH'ieninl haliK llieil In oir
r, j ., "-; yr "" fn-uuni. mine condi
tion of the Estate of ivalu F. .M.MnxlluUl Do-
I'nnnPH tnitfttlmr t. III. .. .....I. .1 . ..
cbuTRoi) Itom abIiI Ailmlnlstrhtorel I
lounrellorehv CotmuMiilcd that hy publi
cation of thU writ Torment) ilnjaln nnosia
perreRnlarly pnbllxhed In the County of Mc
Jitnnnn you Kite due notlo. to all pern n In
tcteetcd In the Account for Mnal 8e lenient of
tald Jstnte, to file thHr objection, thereto, I
any tlicyliiuc, on or before tho March nmi,
is'U, nfauld County Conrt, coiumeirl a and 'o
be holilen at the Court Hoiut of bkM Com ty In
Wnco on the first Moudayln Man h ibu.', wlicn
Bull Account and Applltatlon will boionsidor
edby paldCoutt.
WtT.NKBsmyhnnd nd fcnl of
I : ofllce, nt Vinon thlaMil ila of Pi b-
: Ii. S itinry lb'). J. W IIkkii' Clrk
.. .cC."n.t5r ' onlt MoIennniiC uuty,
Texua, by T. II. Ilitows. Deputy
mi: M.iTi:or ti-.x i
Tothc Sheriff or nny Constable of McLennan
)ount GrcuthiK:
Yonnrelnrebv commanded, to utimmon by
ninl.lt k publicatldi uTIIiIh cllntlon enco n o-ch
week for lonr puccipIto weckn pr'or to the re
turn itny hereof In soiiir mm simper published
lu MUiPnuan county, Texas, Giotko, Miller to
bo nnd appear before the Hororablo D'atrlct
Comt of Mclennan (outitv. Texas, nt tt next
regular term thereo .to be nil In the (.url
llotiRH, In the City of Wnco, on tlio llrst Momlu
In v.irch A. D. lf!t. then nnd thtre to biipuo
tho l'laintlll p Pell Inn, tiled in r. ault 1 Pnlil
( otirton tf.e lltfa iln ol l'lOirunrx a. ii. injI
whorelii Alice -Miller Ih Plaintiff, and 0 o go
AUllor Is Defendant, tile N ofsul bclnK.No.
.1 (iibui uciuk -M).
lnlntlff p item ml la at
iyi 'iiio nnin'o ot ino I'll
fdlloup, to-wlt.
I"alnia seeks a lliilirinont for dlorcn on thn
KronmUof O'tiel tuatu ont, nuJ abandonment
by defendant forUtrei' je-rH Hki M Faii.
OT, ami liiiTujmi thou and Hare tliin ttrt,
wltli your ondomcimut tlnreon, phowlng how
you linve execute d the biuiio
( I Hill!
uib UMiKii.MY liANn nmi Kenl of
Id Conrt, nt Oilloo In tho City of
uco, tins the sain ony of ,i inuary A,
llerk DlstrlcHourt.
McLennan nuuty, Te is
tiii: s i'ai r.oi'i i:as,
To the bbcriir or nny constnble of McLennan
county, fin cllnc
Yi u nro liertbycrmmniidcd t "pummon Hol
lo ii C, Crophy by iiihKIi'K publlrntti n of this
citation In pome iiouipnper ptiblluliid lu Mc
l.eunan count J onco In i neb wi ek fur four suc
ceJIo wieks preli up to return dny hereof,
to be and appear I'ulore tho liuno able I'lstrkt
(' urt of Mel.i noiui ( mi' ty, 'Ions nt the next
regular ti im thereof to bo held lu the ci urt
house in the city I v-neoonthe llrst Monday
in MktiIi, A li. 1Mi2 thun and tliiro t answer
the plaintiff's petltb n llledin a suit lu Bab1
court on the 2Mh dny of Iniiiinry. A. li,K
wherein V.. I., Crob is plal. tiff and llellt
C Crosby defendant
Fllo o i.l suit boliifc No r.81a.
lhonaturool thu jilnlntiff'p demnnd Ipasfnl
lows, to wit A suit fur iliM rto fri m tho
bonds i f miitrlim ny bated on the gr unds uf
Herein lull not and have you thin ard ibcre
this wrt, with y ur Indorpeu ent thoruon,
Showing bow j ti liaijc executid tho pamo
, Olven undoriny liaud and the peal
I.. 3. ol pnld Court, ntoilleo lu tho city
; tf Waco, this the 2 thilay ifjanu
nry, A. n 1KU.
Attest Z. V. Ukari rr,a
clork District Court, McLennan C nnty, 'txa
tiii: s'rATi: ttv ti:xas.
rotho Sheriff or nny Countable of McLennan
County Greeting:
Yon aro hereby cmnmandid to ann-inou,
Jbp It Sparks by making tiiildlcntioii of 1I1U ci
tation In BOino uewsin)ier piibliihcd lu JkLen
iiBn couutj onco In each wt ok fur lour pucces
BivowieLa preiloutto relu n dayli reoft.be
and appear before tho Honoiab'e DlBtrif 1 1 ourt
orMcLonnan Coiinti , Toxas, at tho next regu
lar term Unroof, to bo held In the Court Douse,
In tho ( lty of v nro, onthnllr.t Monday In
March, A. I), ih'tt, thin and thero to ain-wor thu
Plaintiff's Pet'tlon, ll'ed 'n a su't In raid ( ourt
on ihuVMth day of January A D. IHW, whtreln
Martha J. Spark b Ib Plaintiff, nr it Ja. it. Bpnrkt
1b Defendant l'llc No. of suit liolin No dHIO.
Iheuatnro of the PlalntlD'e demand li asfol
lows to-wl :
A Ptilt lor dl'orce for Bi)iatatlni f om the.
bonds of inatrln ony based on tho ground of
trtiel nud ubiielye treatment deeertlun and fail
ure t puppon.
Hkhkin Fa ii. Not, and havp youthen nnu
tin re this Writ, v I th your cnilnminen t thereon ,
showing how yon hae nxeiutid tin fame.
Qivkn llNiixn Mv Hand and
L. 8. Sen of raid Court, at Office In tho
: . Cltyot Waco, this the Jeth day of
January A. I l'J2
Attest: ' 1' IlBAHLKT.
Clerk District Ci urt,
Mclunun Comity, Texas.
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
anything you want at any hour at Joo
Assignees Notice.
Notice is heroby given that on tho
12th day of January 18q2 the Blako
Manufacturing Company of Waoo,
Toxas, mado a general assignment to
tho undersigned assigneo of all of its
property for the benefit of all of its
creditors and that said trust has been
aoooptcd; tho assigneo has qualified
and is now in possession of all tho
property of said company for tho pur
pose oi administering said trust.
All oreditors wishing to accept
under this assignment must tnako
known to the assignee their consent in
writing within four months after pub
lication of this notice.
Addroes all communications to tho
undersigned at Waco, Toxas,
I). D, FAinciiii.D, Assigneo.
Aiooday January 2nth 181)2,

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