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couutr otrui-r.
W aro nuthorlri-ato nnounca Mr..I. C
ecratBOf McU-nnnn comity.
For Sliorllf.
Wnnro authorized to announce .loe V Utlison
1, a cSmlUla Ifor eliertir at tho eu.ulnR ck;o-
on. VubjVct to the action r tho Democratic
J""'?' i
Tun Nmtb Is authorized t annoonco John C.
"Witt b a crtiul Onto for mayor at tlio ensuliifj
city election, on April Btli
This Nbwii Is nuMmrlzed to anii-nnco ttiat
BI.,orC O. McCulloch I a can IMnto for re
flection to tho olllc ' of mayor or aco at tho
t neoli g election In April.
Election let Tuesday In April. We aro an
thorlzel to announce' Major A "Inc"'";
"ndilato for the olllco ot Maor of aeo at tho
tomlnR city election
Wms& Btit ISsfcfcxjs
Editor and General Manager.
Entered at the Ww ) postofflce as eoo
oml class nmll matter.
Largest Circulation of any Paper in
Central Texas.
' Hut right If right, though I (- not ill
trats noimlnr, mid I ''' ''! whether
rttlrrn iii' to prlrnte Ufa or tips me to hlyh
tr honor." Hoger Q- MIUk.
'I am ror free ooinmorcc with all
tuition.'' Thoinitu Jefferson.
And tho farmers, thoy aro plauting
Thero aro a few mou in Texas who
actually bel ovo that Hogg can be ro-jiominatcd.
The sprinters, they have gone up
after their hats and damned bo the
Tyler man who is phat.
Tho February number of Sanger
Uros.'s Monthly Magazine has been
received and it is an interesting visi
tor. Tho thousands of customers of
this popular dry goods firm will ap
preoiato this favor, for the magazine
is well edited and contains some
choice stories.
Before tho New York convention
Mr. Hill in his speech said: "I do
not shirk a deadly grapple with tho
Republican revolutionists, whoso ban
ners no longer fly tho tariff, of 18S3,
but now fly the" mad McKiuley laws
and wild Sherman law and mook us
from tho citadels of power." Vo are
loft to infer that if the Republicans
were flying tho tariff banner of 1883
Hill would shirk. This inference is
strengthened by the fact that
Dill favors a return to tho tariff of
lt83. It is further strengthened by
the i'aot that when the Republicans
met us in the last national battle that
was their banner and they carried Hills
stato. It is further strengthened by
tho fiot that while New York endors
ed tho Republican tariff of 1883 it al
so endorsed Hill for governor.
Plank No. 12 in tho platform adopt
ed by tho labor convention
at St. Louis reads as
follows: "Wo demand that tho gov
ernment issuti legal tender notes and
pay American soldiorB the difference
between the prioo of the depreciated
money in whioh pensions are paid(
and gold." Tho theory of the most
influential labor leaders is that the
government stamp on a legal tender
noto makes it equal to any coined
money of tho same denomination.
The twelfth plank repudiates this
theorj by providing that the differ
ence between paper money and
gold shall bo paid pen
sioners. How can there bo a
difference. How can a logal tendor
dollar, according to thoir thoory, bo
come depreciated? Another thing, if
tho difference is tnado in deprcoiatcd
currency, how would it be possible to
pay it? It would bo a feat similar to
that of tho oat whioh was to jump out
of tho well twenty foot deep by jump
ing ton foot tho first jump, five feet
tho next and so on, shortening oaoh
succccdiug jump ono half. Of course
tho cat novor got out of tho well.
Neither could a pension over bo paid
according to the twolfth plank of tho
labor platform,
Tho Houston Post is willing to al
low the other papors of tho state to do
all tho "discussing" of men and issues
but wants more issues and less men.
It says:
"Tho Democratic party is just now
in something of a muddle, not only in
New York and Texas, but in tho na
tional congress. Thero is a good doal
of unfriendly criticism being indulged,
whioh tho Republicans are storing up
for uso a littlo lator on. Tho advo
cates of Senator Hill bolicvo him to
bo tho fittest and most available man
for tho presidential nomination and
the advocates of Mr. Cleveland, of
Governor Boies, Senator Palmer and
others boliovo the samo thing of their
presidential preference. Mr. Mills
believes that tho tariff hould be the
issuo of tho campaign and Mr. Crisp
is said to favor a froe silver coinago
issuo. Eaoh may bo equally honest
in his views and caoh must bow to tho
will of tho majority whon it has boon
given a fair expression. Would it not
be much bettor to discuss tho issues
more and tho loaders loss?
The Post rarely disoussos either
affirmatively, and it would be a roal
treat to read in its cditcrial columns
a cloar cut opionion, a oonviotion
boldly exprossed as to any ono or all
of the great issues either state or na
tional or either ono or all of the great
men cithor stato or national whose
names adorn Democracy's roster. A
docidod opinion seems to bo tho one
thing the Post avoids. It has in a
few instances, almost committed itself
to Hill but recovering it3 proverbial at
titude perhaps through inspiration
from its candidate has invariably left
us murmering, "now you aoe it and
now you don't soo it." Men ropresont
issuos. Leaders stand for idoas. If
there had beon no differenco between
Hill and Olevoland on the politioal is
sues of the day, no suoh antagonisms
as now oxist could have been produc
ed. Clovcland represents the idea
that no taxes shoull be levied for any
purpose save for revenue, while
Hill represents the idea that tho
protective principle must bo retained
though not up to a prohibitive tariff
as with tho Republicans. Olevoland
believes a public office is a public
trust. Hill regards it as a private
snap. Cleveland believes that the
free and unlimited coinago of silver,
without an international agreement,
would be disastrous to this country.
Nobody has ever found out what Hill
believes on this subjeot, and his va
cillating course has probably '.had
moro to do with alienating so many
members of his party in New York
than anything else The fight there,
whilo a personal ono bo far as the
two oandidates aro concerned, is kept
up by the so who favor Clovoland's
ideas on tho ono sido and thoso who
favor Hill's ideas on tho other. In
Texas tho battle is pitohed on protty
much tho samo lino. Governor Hogg
ropresents certain ideas and Judgo
Clark represents certain other
ideas in opposition to Governor
Hoire. Tho principles involved
is the issuo between them. Governor
Hogg favors an increase in tho pow
ers of tho oxeoutivo so as to enablo
him to bring tho railroad corporations
to timo compelling them to surrender
their vast properties consisting of
hundreds of millions of dollars to the
management of threo men appointed
by him. Judge Clark believes that
the railroads should manago thoir own
properties subjeot only to tho law as
interpreted by tho courts of the land.
Governor Hogg certainly bolievos a
publio ofBoe is a private snap or ho
would not have used tho appointive
power bo rcoklessly. Whon ono has a
good thing to give away he should of
oourso givo it to a friend, but he
should haye a decent regard for the
rights of the peoplo generally as well
as his frionds in particular. The ap
pointment of Chilton on purely per
sonal grounds dvor Mills, Culberson,
Ireland or a dozen others who
by reason of public services were
justly entitled to some such recogni
tion, and who woro aho his friends,
(the peoplo and not tho offioo holdors
Aro you on tho side of tho poople dear
Post, or with tho office holders?. Tho
right of appeal to tho court for redress
of all griovauoos is a sacred right. Tho
prasent commission law, whioh is the
governor's law, donics tho ruilroads
that right. Whioh sido aro you on,
dear Post?
Ono of my lady frionds told mo tho
other day that Waco would soon bo
shown some novoltlos In ontortalu
moiits; that card partlos, whist nmtl
noos, Hermans, etc., wero to bo put In
a vault for awhllo and tnat thoy
would bo Btioeoodod by othor social
atuussuiBUts. She would not toll mo
what tho now nttraotloua would bo
nor who would Introduce thorn, but I
ohservo that tho old fashion datieos
aro occupying tho attention of Now
York's 400 now ami I would not bo
surprised to soo Wa-ao souioty dressed
in powdered wigs, kulokorbookors
andallvor-tmcklod shoos, bowing and
scrnplug through the mazos of tho
cotillion or tho mluuot. Now York
ovau gja Into tho puncheon floor
business. At. a reoout.ontortalnmoiit
there, Ward McAllister did tho "pat
ting" whilo Miss Fields, a young so
ciety hello, danced an old-fashioned
jig In tho middle of tho Hour.
Thtj Young Men's Reform Club
Booms to begottlng Into some rocky
placos. They havo mado some blun
dors tliit will almost wrook the or
ganization, or at loist very seriously
impair its influence.
Patient Doctor, I want you to cure
me of the habit of drinking. My wife
says my broath gives her the head
ache every time I kiss hor.
Doctor-(a month later) Well,
how is your wife doing sluco I cured
you of drinking?
Patient She still has a vlolout
headache ocoasioually. I think you
cured tho wrong man.
The headquarters of tho Texas
World's Fair association will be mov
ed to Galveston, but Waco Is gouerous
In behalf of Texas and would do noth
ing to obstruct tho success of the
work. Galveston has very llborally
agreed to guarantee 5150,010 to tho
fund, but she will be liberally repaid
for the expenditure of that amount.
It Is a big leather for Galvoston. Tho
headquarters came to Waco without
solicitation and tho officers hero did
all in thoir power to obtain tho ends
desired. Thoy would have evontually
succeedod, but the now plan makes
success certain. In this connection I
am reminded that Waco will loso an
elegant and accomplished goutlonian
in the person of Mr. Dudloy Bryau,
tho secretary of the association. Ho
has beon here only a short while but
has made many friends who will re
gret his dopartune. Mr. Bryan 1b an
able and experienced journalist and
his World's Fair work is a little re.
croatlon which will put him in hotter
trim than over, for newspaper work
whon tho World's Fair is over.
The Sauntekek.
Don't forget to Ask for the Consumer's and Merchau ts'
That every Cash Purchase of ONE DOLLAR from any Merchant
whose name appears below entitles you to a FIVE PER CENT SCRIP,
which they will accept for FIVE CENTS on every
Gash Purchase of 0ne Dollar
And take SPECIAL NOTICE, that the Mctchants who belong to this
Association aro the most wide-awake and keep the Best Selected Stock of
Goods, and their Prices are the LOWEST.
Goldstein & Migel, Dry Goods.
C. F. Smith, Wall Paper.
Old Corner Drug Store, Drugs.
W. M. Ragland & Son, Jewelers.
Alf. Hcrbelin, Harness.
Geo. E. Ames, Hooks and Stationery.
Mrs. 13. J. Doss, Millinery.
Harrison & Co, Hardware.
R. T. Dennis & Bro., Furniture.
Gabert & Bro., Tailors.
Love & Co., Music.
W. K. Finks & Co., Groceries.
J. L. Bergstrom, Photographer.
3 3 lb cans of Vanguard best
peaohcB 50
Dodson & Hill's best in pints,
kotohup 20
.Superior Chili sauco, pint b'ts. 25
2 lb cans blakborries, 5 for 50
1 lb can Monarch B Powder for 1ft
Good family fanoy flour, per sk. 1 25
The best green coffee 5J- lbs for 1 Oil
Navy boans, 525 lbs for 1 00
Hominy, 30 lbs for 1 00
, Best preservos, per pound 09
30 lbs grits for 100
Dried pples,quarter8,bcBt 1G lbs 1 00
And all othor goods too numerous to
mention. Pleaso call early and leavo
your orders, as I havo a great rush on
Saturdays. Yours for low prices.
J. D Loftin,
At Chas Rast's Old Stand.
J. S. MoT.ENDON. President. J. T. DAVI8. Vioe-prostdent. L B. BLACK, Cashl.r
isocount of bank 1, banker, merohauti, f armors, xneohanlcs anl othor classes solloltod. Vy
Sayssmuoh attent on tottmal uooounta as largo oneR. We give pornonal and ipeoi&l attentloi
our collection drrt:nont, an 1 romltnn day of p7mnt. Gxohinge bought and sold 01
aU the prlnolpal points of the United States and Europe.
Manfactm ers
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Puro Bpioes.
Whclesale Grocers.
Alexandre's Java and Rio Blend Coffee.
Moore Bros' White Wine and Apple Vinegar.
Moore Bros' Pure Cider.
Moore Bros' Flint Candy.
What tho Texas Exibit Cars aro
.Dolnerfor Waco.
A News reporter was shown a pri
vate letter today from Maj W. B.
Slosson of tho Texas Car Exhibit, and
ho had the following to say about
Waoo and ono of her institutions :
"I havo rooeived Tom Padgitt'a
advertisements of bis natatorium and
was very glad to recoive it, only sug
gest to him that we can use very
much more of it as it goes out in
every bundle of Texas literature. Tho
Geyser Wells at Waco attraot moro
and more attention every 'day, and
should bo moro and better advertised
with us. Can you not got tho Bsard
of Trado or individuals to send us
Waoo advortisoments. I sent to the
passenger agonts a list of 342 names
of pooplo going to Texas making over
GOO in a week. It is surprising to
the railroad men and even I am sur
prised as th6 list crows. Waoo sel
dom gets less than fifty or seventy-fivo
now names a day, with destination
and timo of starting. I notico in go
ing over tho list that Waco appeals
quite often. A railroad manager said
to mo yesterday, 'I cannot understand
how your exhibit moves tho peoplo bo
that you can accomplish moro in a
town in three hours than any travol
ine nassencer agents can do in a
was an act in koeping with the ohief month.' My next post offioo address
oi spoilsmen, Tho offioes belong to will bo at Chattanooga."
Having purchased Mr. Alexandre's buBlnesw eare now prepared to till
orders promptly. Patronize Home Institutions. Sustain our efforts to make
Waco a Great Manufacturing Centre.
MOIfclfcOr, PIUNK E OD Sa Co.
WACO, : : : : TEXAS,
Plate Glass Insured Against Breakage. : . : : : : 1 1
: : : : ; Represent a Line of First-Class Companies
Prompt Attention to all Business Placed with us. '
0. W. DD
The old Orand Jtuildhiy,Ji'orth of Plain,
The finost vehicles and horses in tb
oity. Call carriages for ladies a spo
cialty and when desired, ladies can
have a driver in livery. All trains met.
Prompt attention to all orders and
boarded on reasonable terms.
satisfaction guaranteed. Horses

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