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Fra3h Vocfatablas Rocalved Daily
Carrotts, Bcots, lladishes,
Tomatoes, Celery, Parsley,
Rutabagas, Turnips, Yellow
Yam Sweot Potitoos, Spinaoh, Must,
ard Greens, Turnip Greo$s, Young
Onions, Cabbage and Mormon Irish
Send us your orders if you wish the
best and freshest of everything good
to eat,
Quality and prioe guaranteed, Your
trado solioitcd, Headquartors for
everything good to eat,
Must Have Money.
iltt of tho People.
Captain T. A. Blair.
In this issue of The News ap
pears the name of Capt. T. A.
Blair as a candidate for the office
of county attorney of McLennan
county. It is entirely unnecessary
for The News to offer any ex
tended introduction of this gen
tleman to the voters of McLen
r nan county. His ability as a
criminal lawyer and his efficiency
as a prosecutor is well known to
them. Captain Blair is an ener
getic, consciencious worker in any
undertaking he may engage in,
and as his record in this county
heretofore shows is a vigorous pros
ecutor, handling criminal business
with that decision and alacrity
that always characterizes the offi
cial who knows no guide but pub
lic duty. Captain Blair offers his
services as county attorney for
the ensuing two years, and his
announcement will be greeted by
hundreds of voters with kind
wishes and a determination to
give him cordial support.
The announcement of this pop
ular gentleman also appears in
this issue for the office of county
attorney. Mr. Hogan is one of
our stanch citizens, has been in
"Waco cyer since it was a village
and is identified with the progress
of the Central city and the match
less growth of the county around
it. Mr. Hogan has never asked
his people for an office
before and believes that his first
adventure in politics will prove a
successful one and that the Dem
ocrats of McLennan county will
respond in his favor. Mr. Hogan
is thoroughly qualified to fill the
offi :e of county attorney, having
practiced law in Waco eight years
during which lie has had a great
deal of experience in crimininal
practice. If his fellow democrats
conclude to honor him he oledtres
his entire time and abilities to
their service, promising to prove
himself a terror to the criminal
It would be a waste of space to
go into a lengthy introduc
tion of our present sher
sheriff to the people of McLennan
county. Beginning years ago as
deputy sheriff he steadily gained
in public favor as a trusted peace
officer until four years ago he was
chosen as our sheriff. He has
filled the office creditably for two
terms and asks a re-election hap
py in the consolation that in all
the varied functions of an office
like that of sheriff he has been
ever true to the trust imposed in
him by the people and in every
instance has acted with bravery
and prompitudc when called by
official duties. Dan Ford has
made a good officer, there arc few
better ones in the state.
This gentleman offers in this
issue of The News as a candi
date for sheriff. Mr. Burke has
been Sheriff Ford's chief deputy
for two years and no better
officer ever served a subpoena
or spring a hand-cuff than Will
Burke. Cool and collected at all
times, he is safe, sure and relia
ble. He has the instinct of a nat
ural detective and after obtaining
a clew to a crime he never ceases
his ferreting until the perpetrator
is in his grasp. He is indefa
tigable in his efforts to run
down a criminal when he once
gets on his trail and as a general
thing he gets his man unless his
man quits the earth. Mr. Burke
is attentive to his duties and can
find as many people in a day
when waiting upon the courts or
grand juries as any man living.
With these remarks The News
turns Mr. Burke over to the
tender ercies of a kind Provi
dence and a critical people with
the confident assurance that if he
is elected sheriff, his conduct of
the office will bear out everything
we have said.
In the proper column will be
found the announcement of the
candidacy of Mr. Tames H. Lock-
wood for constable of Precinct
No. i. The News takes unusual
pleasure in sayiner that no better
man could be found for the place.
Mr. .Lockwood is a young man of
indefatigable industry. Whatever
his hand finds to do is done with
all his might. In his work in offi
cial business he has shown remark
able acumen and iudcrment and is
one of the most level-headed men
in the city. To this he adds
pleasing manners and a kindliness
ot disposition which has made him
a host of friends all over the coun
try. He has the unlimited confi
dence of all who know him, and
no one voting for him for consta
ble of Paecinct No. I will ever
have cause to regret his vote.
The announcement of this gen
tleman for re-election to the office
of constable of Precinct No. i,
McLennan county, appears in the
proper place in this issue. Mr.
Cook has served one term, and
every day has increased his popu
larity among his friends. By
close attention to business his
office has been kept in perfect or
der and official business in good
shape. Dee is a constant rustler
and never allows an opportunity
to pass when there are papers to
serve. Whether it be criminal or
civil business he is prompt in his
attention to it, and, while he is
positive and courteous in his
treatment of his prisoners, he is
.Ift PI
Used in Millions of Homes 4.0 Years the Standard.
always kind to them, and never
mistreats a man because he is
backed by the law. Dee Cook
cheerfully points to his record as
constable as the best evidence of
his fitness for the office, and upon
this record he is willing to go be
fore the people and abide their
This gentleman, as a candidate
for mayor, announced in Thurs
day's issue of The News. By
some inadvertance notice of his
announcement; did not appear that
day. Judge West has been iden
tified with Waco from its early
village daj s, and served as mayor
in 1875 and 1876, giving general
satisfaction and winning much
favor as an honest, energetic, con
sciencious executive. Judge West
is a man of strong convictions and
has a thorough knowledge of mu
nicipal affairs. His record as al
derman of the Fourth ward shows
him to be possessed of strong per
ception, being always on the alert,
and guarding faithfully the inter
ests of his constituents. If elected
mayor, Judge West will prove
himself equal to every occasion
and the city's interests will be in
good hands.
The contestants for the World's
Fair' scholarship has narrowed
down to Miss Ruth Evans, Miss
Fannie Willis, Mr. Sam Owens
and Mr. James Henshaw.
The Ladies' Whist olub had a very
enjoyable session on Thursday after
noon of this week, with Mrs. S. V.
Slayden as hostess. The club will
bo entertained cost week by Mrs. J.
0. Walker.
Mr Murray killed a mad dog
down on the river bank this morn
ing. It is not customary for hy
drophobia to become epidemic at
this season of the year but we
may look for dogs to suffer for
the next few weeks.
Those who are looking for bar
gains should take in the corner
of Austin street and the square.
Mr. S. Marx has added another
store to his already large one and
now fills three stores with a fine
stock of dry goods and clothing
and is selling at prices that makes
people buy. It is one of the best
places in the city to buy good
goods cheap and don't forget it.
Cards are out announcing the
betroth al of Mr. Sol Weslow, a
rising young attorney of Waco
and Miss Sophie Freed, a charm
ing young lady of Hempstead,
Texas. The betrothal ceremo
nies will take place at Hempstead
on Sunday next. People in Waco
will wish the young couple all
Society Notes.
On account of rush of other
matter we were compelled to let
our society report go over until
Monday. That popular depart
ment will be full of interesting
notes Monday.
Ileliof fur'Itloxico.
ToRREON, Mex., Feb. 2 1.
There has been 150,000 hushels of
corn received here from the
United States for distribution
among the half famished people.
In this section of the state of Du
range heavy rains have been fall
ing during the past several days
and it is believed the prolonged
dronth is now thoroughly broken.
Come in and givo up. Not givo
away but sold ohcap. J. H. Sbopo
is the cash man. Ho soils A p atont
flour por saok, 11.85; 2d patont flour
per saok, $1.20; Mormon Irish pota
toes, buoket, 26o.j hams, best, por
pound, 10 l-2o.; 3 pounds tomatoos,
por oan, lOo, blaokborries, per oan,
10o.; grits, 35 pounds, $1; raisins, 10
pounds, $1 j golden prunes, por pound,
15o; Fronoh prunos, por pound,
12 l-2o.; evaporated peaches, por
pound, 12 l-2o.; ovaporatod aprioots,
por pound, 13 l-2c; Arbuoklo and
Liven ooffeo, per pound, 22 l-2c;
br. bacon, per pound, lOo ; 3-pound
buoket baking powders, 50c; star
tobacco, por pound, 38a ; Drummond
N L tobacco, per pound, 55c ; Granu
lated sugar, 18 pounds for $1; yellow
clarified sugar, 20 pounds for $1;
head rice, 14 pounds for $1; 23 pounds
navy beans, $1. I handlo balo uiillot,
balo baj', oats, bran, Kansas corn and
many other goods too numerous to
mention, PIoubo always bring tho
nionoy when you order goods and it
will save trouble and tinio making
change at your house. T. II. SlloFE,
No. 205 South Third St.
With Pretty Display of Goods at
Curtis and Orand New Store.
Tho two new stores on tho oorner of
Fifth and Austin tho C. N. Curtis
and Senator Coke buildings tho one
about complctod and tho othor ap
proaohing completion aro daily tho
cynosures of all oyos to the passers
by. The C. N Cuitis store oooupied
by Curtis and Orand is not only im
posing in sizo but in dosign and fin
ish the handsomest building in Waco.
Tho extensive glass front is all in and
a beautiful tessalated pavement in
front is nearly oomploted. The inte
rior arrangoment is entirely now and
made after tho plana of Mr. Curtis
and is something cntiroly new in Waco
and as pretty as new. When their
now goods are all in this store will
not bo exceeded if equalled by any
thing in the state Tho display of
goods even at present is very fino
and everything is new and of latest
styles and patterns tho fire having
made a clean sweep of everything.
They have a big line of goodss tand
ing and hanging in a hundred different
designs and tablo ware in large quan
tities. Among the latter thoy are
offering this week a bargain in cham
ber sets which no housekeeper can
afford to ncgleot. Any ono should
seo those sets. Thoy are offering im
ported English chamber sets hand
somoly deoorated in assorted colors 9
pieces at $3 00 per set and the same
in twelve pieces inoluding now patent
stop jars at only $3 50. Those Bits
are superb and at marvelously low
prices. Thoy also offer a large lino of
English dinner sets of latest shapes
designs and patterns at remarkably
low prices as they aro themselvos tho
importers of those English goods.
They havo an immenso stock in
window and door soreans and these
goods aro just in season as put on now
flics will be kept from entering a
house to breed and make trouble all
summer. Tho patent process gaso
line stovo of whioh they mado such a
great success last year takes a conspi
cuous placo among tho grand display
of now stoves this year. Tho now
store will bo a great ornamont to Waoo
and ladies in shoping should always
tako it in and this coming week espe
cially to see tho big bargains in obain
ber sots mentioned.
Flt'TV-DOLLAK Hit,!,.
An Almciit-iiiliiilccl ITIan tiutN
New York, Feb. 27. About a
week ago, Supervisor French of
Brooklyn, in a moment of absent
mindedness tore a fifty dollar bill
in two by accident and lost one of
the pieces, lie forwarded the
piece he retained to Washington
and asked for a new bill. He
was surprised yesterday by a re
ply from the treasury department
informing him that the other half
bill had got there ahead of his
and that John Daly, was before
him in application for the new
bill French lost no time in se
curing an interview with D?.ly,
who told him that he found half
of the bill in a pile of rubbish on
Strand avenue and he agreed to
withdray his claim for$20. The
supervisor refused to accept these
terms and the rival claimants will
have to fight it out with the treas
ury authorities.
To tho Lovors of Art In Photo
graphy. Having movod to my now gallorv
ovor 701 and 703, AuBtin stroot, (tn,'
old Hinohmau Building), I am now
bettor prepared than ovor to givo the
pooplo of Waoo tho finest Photos in
tho stato. Tho boautiful "aristo" (so
highly endorsed by tho loading gal.
cries,) in all its boauty, at my studio,
I will havo on exhibition for a fow
days, an elegant oil portrait of Mrs,
Geo. Clark, by fMons. Do Gissao, whioh
has been lramed in a very handsomo
'Florontino" fromo, making a portrait
well worth a visit, to nil, and mote
especially to tho tho ladies.
I will" bo glad to woloome my old,
and many now oustomcrB. Don't for
got my now address, over 701 and 703
Austin Ave.
Deane, Photographer.
u a rt: you nit An
Stolen Sweets,
An Adventuress,
Garston Bigamy,
(by Albort Hois)
A Florida Enchantment,
(by Qunter)
The Confessions of a Society Man?
All the Latest Fashion Papers.
A. J. STERZ & I3RO.,
Cigar, News Dealers & Stationers,
104 South Fourth Street.
Tho New Furniture Mado from this
Native Wood,
Tho oponing on Wednesday at tho
Waco Furnituro Company opened tho
oyes of a groat many business men to
the new industry inaugurated by this
great furnituro company. The new
and elaborate work from Texas pine
was conspicuously displayed bat it
was in direct contact with immense
quantities of tho finest furnituro from
all the great faotorios ot tho north
consisting of all sorts of fine wood
used in furnituro making. Visitors,
and they wero very many, walked
through aisles nearly a quarter mils
in longth on oaoh sido of which tho
most olaborato and beautiful furnituro
was displayed and tho now Texas
furniture was merely a factor in open
oomparison. But those new goods
from our nativo wood foroed admira
tion. Side by sido with walnut,
cherry, maple, old 16th century oak
and long oak with tho finest grains
and most beautiful polish the counters
and desks of tho Provident Savings
office, forced tho most hearty np
plauBe. Its great beauty is palpable
and the adaptation of Texas pine to
tho mauufaoture of tho most beautiful
furnituro is unquestionable. In de
monstrating this tho Waco Furnituae
Company deserves tho thanks of tho
entiro stato. It will not be long bo
foro furniture from Texas woods will
bo fashionable not alono in Toxas but
also in other parts of tho oountry.
Ono groat beauty abont Toxas curly
pine in addition to tho beautiful grain
and high polish is its warmth and life
and softness of color. It makes othor
woods look dull and sombro when
plaoed side by side. It is tho most
oheorful furniture in tho world and
tho grain is a study in its diversity.
In tho largo number of small square
panels in tho counters of the Provi
dent office furniture eaoh ono forms a
picturo in itself. Tho fantastio forms
assumed by the grain bankrupts the
imagination and ono never tires of the
sight. Those who have not yot seen
this boautiful furniture trom native
wood should not nogloct to seo it.
Tho Waoo furnituro deserves great
praise in showing tho way to a new
industry. This has bcon dono only
by the expenditure of muoh money,
and by the exercise of pluck and per
severanoo and by tho ubo of the skill
of their workmen who are among the
best furnituro makers in the trade.
Tho Waeo Furnituie Oomiany carries
ono of tho largest and finest stooks of
furnituro in the state and by means 01
their immonse wholesale trade will bo
ablo to introduoe this now furniturb to
tho attention of tho trado throughout
tho stato and that it will take liko
wild fire is well assured and thus open
up a Lew suuroo of wealth to Texas.
Drs. Wilkes & Wilkes and Dr. J.
R. Forrell havo fitted up a suite of
rooms in tho new Provident buildioc,
seoond floor, where they may bo found
in future Telephone at office and
residonoes. Slates at Old Cornor Drug

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