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City Cash Storo.
For a few day's only I will sell you
lOdoz.eggs for$l.0u.
20 lb granulatod sugar for $1.00.
22 lb brown sugar for $ 1 00.
Nice ripo bananna's at 15ots a dozen.
Sweet oranges at 25ots a dor.on.
Spare rips fresh at lOots porlb.
Fresh salt wator fish to arrivo overy
other day.
Fresh vegetables cvory morninp;. Call
,t O. J Mim.kr'b for bargains, 7I7
Austin Ayo.
Cheap Medium and Fine
Paper Hangings 'and Decor
ations, Window Glass, Var
nislies etc. Sole agent for
J. W. Jolin's celebrated
Asbestus Paints. Full line
ofCoJors, Brushes and every
thing kept in a first-class
Wall Paper and Paint Store.
404 Austin Street,
Tho Big Muddy lump iB strictly
oold-weather ooal. Tolephono Egan
or coal.
My Storo Genuine maplo syrup
reduced from 40 to 25o. per quart
can. tf
(Tho latest designs in ingrains
Thompson hangs, them on common
walls with success.)
For the best and freshest bcof,pork
mutton, veal, sparcriba, 6h and
oystors yo 10 Crippon corner Fifth
and Frankling
Our goods and our prices do our
advertising, wo find it best in tho
long run.
Parker Buob.
(E. E, Thompson has a low moro oi
ihoso damaged paints and wall papor
for sale at your own Drice.)
Dookery and Co , Firo Insurance
Agents Provident Building. Best
oompanics and oloso ntion to in
terests of insurers.
Ladies, we havo just received fresh
stook of floworsceds.
W. L. Tucker,
"Lion Drug Storo.
When you want nice fresh meat
mutton beof, pork and purerlard go to
Mellor & Delaney
125 South Third street.
Hotel Royal Bar.
Haydon & Haydon, proprietors.
Neat and quiet. Very finest wines
and liquors. Superb lunoh at 10.
Old friends and customers as well
now will meet a hearty welcome
5 Cents Each.
A two-hole mouso trap, 24 clothes
pins, a tin dipper, a big pressed pan,
1 lamp chimney, a oovercd buckot, a
tin f unnol, 1 iron stand, a tin sooop, 1
dish mop. 2 pie plates, big box tacks,
a largo grater, 2 boxes matohos, big
potato masher, a kitohen spoon, a
nutmeg grater, a stovo lifter, 1 paok
go good envelops, a box slato pencils,
a large tablet, 1 can oponcr, a wooden
spoon, a good taok lifter, 1 paper file,
1 padlook, a paint brush, 1 maohino
oil can, a bottlo good machine oil, a
strong hitching ring, a pair hinges, 1
wire toa strainer.
703 Austin ave., bot. Gth and 8th sts.
- m
This is what you ought to havo, in
faot, you must havo it, to fully onjoy
life. Thoubands aro searohing for it
daily, aud mourn beohuso thoy find it
not. Thousands upon thousands
of dollars aro spent annually by our
people in the hope that they may at
tain this bonn. And yet it may bo
had by all. We guarantoo that Elec
tric Bitters, if used aocording to di
rections and the use persisted in, will
bring you Good Digestion and oust tho
demon Dyspopsia and mBtall Eupopsy.
TVo irecommoDcL hllectrio Bittow for
Dyspepsia and all diseasos of Liver,
Stomaoh and Kidneys. Sold at 50c.
and $1 per bottlo by W. B. Morrison
& Co., Druggists.
The Popular Grocers,
.105 Auvtiii Avoiilio
California Evaporated Fruits
this week.
Choioo B B. Cigars, finest in tho
market at $3.75 per box.
Hare Bargains in Choioo Califor
nia Evaporated Fruits this week.
Choice B. B. Cigars, finest in the
market, at only 83.75 per box.
Don't miss these bargains.
Don't miss tbesc bargains.
Doti't inies thess bargains.
Don't miss theso bargains.
Gribble Brothers,
.105 Austin Aveimo.
Work Progressing Rapidly.
It is now only a question of a
short time when the new and im
posing building of the new nata-t
tonum will add another grand or
nament to Fourth street adding
another impetus to the develop
ment of what seems destined to
be in the near future the princi
pal street of the city. Work on
the artesian well for the new nata
torium on the corner of Fourth
and Mary street is being pushed
night and day. The drill was in
serted in the surface soil on
Wednesday this week and today
at noon was checfully thumping
away two hundred and fifty feet
below the surface in blue slate.
With good luck the well will be
drilled in about fifty days and
work on the building
will be begun at once.
The management of the new nat
atorium by Col. R. B. Parrot
sufficiently insures rapid work and
great results. No one knowing
him but is fully satisfied that the
new natatorium will be a grand
structure and such as to fill the
hearts of Waco people with pride.
The magnitude of the great Prov
ident building located and finish
ed under his auspices is sufficient
guarantee that the new nata"ori
um will be a grand one and the
public is on tip toe of expectation
which will not be disappointed.
X ItuplM Caught.
Van BUREN, Ark., Feb. 27.
Chief of Police F. D. Houck, has
arrested a negro here as the party
who committed the assault at Se
dalia. A description was obtained
from Sedalia which Jits , him ex
actly. Eourtcou Droivnod,
LONDON, Feb. 27. Fourteen
oersons lost their lives by the
sinking of the steamship Forest
King, which was rundown by the
steamer Loughbrow of Flambor
ough, yesterday.
The list of subscribers to tho stook
of tho City Savings Bank comprises
moro than a hundred good oitizons of
The Application Will Be Contested
by the Defendant.
W. R. Norwood vs. Gortrude Carter
is tho stylo of a dlvorcosult JHod with
District Glork Z. F. Beasley afowdays
ago, which promises to be of an unu
sually sensational character.
Tho petition alleges that the plaint
iff was married to defendant under
compulsion aud against his will on
the 20th of February.
Mr.E. 0. Overby Is tho party named
as tne person who coerced plaintiff,
at tho point of a six shooter to niatry
The News reporter was present,
and witnessed the ceremony whloh
was performed at the County Clerk's
ofllco by Judgo Jenkins, and heard
encli 01 tno contracting pantos eiull
ingly promiso to cleave to each other
so long as mey born snouiu live.
It was, howtyor, rumored that it
was a caso of force, and tho reporter
Wasrequestoa to puuiisu no names.
Mrs. Norwood, neo Miss Gertie Car
ter, is an orphan girl who Is an inmate
ot tho Household 01 Mrs. JbillaJS. liark
tho mother-in-law of Sir. Ovorhy
She is a protty and industrious young
lady, who has enjoyed a good reputa
tion for virtue aud chastlry among all
her associates and fri otitis.
Mr. Overby was approached and re-
queston to raako a statement about
his connection with tho matter. He
statod that about six months ago a
bogus marriage between Norwood and
Miss Curler waB consummated,
through whioh the ruin of the young
lady was accomplished, aud being
the only malo proteotor sho has he
induced Norwood to repair tho injury
he had done her and to remove the
stain and disgrace from hor heretofore
unsullied namo by a legal marriage
with his victim, but denies that It
was done at tho pom tot a six-shooter,
Mrs. Norwood will contest tho ap
plication of hor husband boforo tho
The question now is, how to make
room lor thoso who want stock in tho
City Savings Bank. State authority
may have to be invoked to push out
tho limits; but room will bo made.
Como on with subscriptions.
This Means Business.
Thero are many peoplo in this
county who havo not paid their taxes.
1 do not propose to axsume them, and
unless thoy aro paid immediatdy, some
names will appear in publio next week
that will asstonish tho publio. No
man need como to me and gay ho was
surprised to see his namo in print as
a delinquent; for it will suro be pub
lished unless tho tax is paid at onoo.
O. W. David,
Tax Collector.
a lAii.uni:.
Tho Privuto l'oiiMlnn Kill' Sonklou
IV as 110 Good.
Washington, Feb. 27. The
first evening session for the con
sideration of private pension bills
was not a success. When
Richardson, of Tennessee, took
the chair, there were not two
dozen members present and upon
the first measure called up, Mr.
Kilgorc of Texas assumed his old
role and raised the point of no
quorum. As a call disclosed the
fact that there was but fifty-one
members in attendance the house
Somo said it could i.ot bo dono at
this time. Evorybudy doubted. But
tho City Savings Bank is a fact
Every dollar of tho hundred thousand
will bo tukon. On March 1st tho bank
will bo opened for btibiuesj. ,, All
honor and glory to Waoo !
furpiture apd Garpets,
.yHckv &
v;v tt-iv' i ah 7
J. SStAcldLen Rise
Makes some people gidi y, but a look at our handsome stock of
FURNITURE and CARPETS restores them to their usual state.
We keep a full assortment of that stylish OAK FURNITURE
about which the world is raving. We also keep a stock of all the
popular materials, all in the newest shapes, and at prices that would
make a blind man stare.
Come in and look at these goods and hear terms and prices wc
offer and then you can decide about buying.
We carry the best folding bed in the United States, "The Winsor.'
Liillio .InluiNOii iotn Hull.
Memphis, Tenn., Feb. 27.
Judge Dubose this morning ad
mitted Lillie Johnson to bail in
the sum of $10,000 on the grounds
that her health was being impair
ed by confinement in jail.
Washington, Feb. 27.--House
On motion of Mr. Smith of Ari
zona, a bill was passed ratifying
the act of the Arizona territorial
legislature, making an appropria
tion for an Arizona exhibit at the
World's Fair, The house then
went into committee of the whole
on the Indian appropriation bill.
" Moro I.iiiidM Opetioili
Arkansas City, Kas , Feb,
27. Gov. Seay of Oklahoma has
received a letter from Secretary
Noble which stated that the pro
clamation was being prepared for
the opening of rhe Cheyenne and
Arappahoe lands to setlers. The
opening, he said, would take place
on or about March first.
Tin) Cotton JHurlcct.
NEW YOKk, Feb. 27. Cotton
stead and unchanged.
New Orleans, Feb. 27. Cot
ton essy, low middling 5 7-8. Fu
tures steady, March 6,35; April
6,45; May 6.56; June 6,66; July
6,76; August 6,36; September
6,96; October 7,06; November
727-16. Sales, 10,000. Others
t m 1
Paul Jones Whisky.
Tho only Grms in Waco who handle
tho celebrated "Four Roses" and "Tho
XXXX Monongihola" case goods of
tho famous Paul Jones whiskies, arc
the Old Paoifio Saloon (Ed Ilatton
proietor) and Haydon & Haydon, pro
prietors, of tho Hotol Royal Bar.
Paui, Jonus.
Ills l'nruuiour on IhtfTitnncl.
Bristol, Tonn., Feb. 27. Tho famous
Dr. Baker is ou trial for wife poisoning.
Mrs. Qflmore, who Wits charged with
boing tho paramour of Dr. Bakor and
accessory to tho awful crnno, made a
damaging admission on I ho witness
stand. The Indictment against her was
quashed last term of court. Mrs. Gil
moro was asked: "On tho day after Dr.
Bakor bnried his wife and camo lo see
you what did ho say? How did ha look?
What were his actions?"
Mrs. Gilmoro refused to answer. Sho
aid to answer that question would he to
bring disgraco down upon hor. Thon a
dibcuHflioTi among tho lawyers began,
which lasted quite a while. The judgo
finnlly ruled that sho must answer, and
sho burst into sobs, but responded: "Ho
took mo in his anus, carossod mo and
said: 'Oh, my darling, you aro m'.no for
ever.' "
At this point she was taken very sick
and had to bo removed from the court-
'Women I'ald 1"Ito Cent a Iuy.
Munich, Feb. 27. At a libol trial held
in this city the fact developed that an
embr'oidory manufacturer had in his
employ women who nudor tho "sweat
ing " system rf coived only 5 conta por
t sf
Watch, Clock and Jewelry
Plain and Artistic Engraving.
620 Austin Avonuo
Tho St. Louis Shoo Storo will this
week mako its last ieduation on La
dies' High Grado footwear, and will
continue soiling at this discount until
tho last pair is sold or stock olosod
out. We havo also oponcd about 250
pair Bample shoes that drummers havo
had on the road, and will bcII thorn at
wholesalo prices, by tho biuglo pair.
Do not fail to sno theso goods.
Corner Sixth and Austin,
Any boot in tho houso $1.50.
Waco Bar Mooting.
A meeting of the Waco bar
was held at the courthouse yester
day afternoon at 4 o'clock.
The object of the meeting, as
stated by Maj. Chas, B. Pcarre,
was to express confidence in the
lion. A. P. McCormick as an ef
ficient judge and as an honorable,
upright gentleman.
Captain M. 1). Herring was
then elected chairman.
Maj. Charles IJ. Pearrc and Mr.
J. S. Boynton were appointed a
committee to draft the instrument
and circulate it for signatures of
the members of the bar. The
chairnan was upon motion added
to the committee.
The document was circulated
today for signatures and signed by
nearly every member of the bar.
It will be forwarded to Hon. D.
B. Culberson, chairman of the Ju
diciary committee of the House
of Representatives of the United
A .Saloon lllf.wu Dp.
PKRU, Ind., Feb. 27. By a dy
namite explosion at North Grove
a small town south of this city
yesterday, the only saloon in the
city, was blown to atoms. For
two years past the temperance
clement has been trying to have
the saloon removed and the feeling;
was very bitter against it.
C'lillitrmi lluniixl to Ilontli.
MARIANNA, Ark., February 27.
Two little negro girls yesterday
were burned to death in a shanty
adjoining the old jail. The chil
dren were in the house alone
while their mother was absent.
K. ?

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