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Itesldcnco :Jtt) N 12 St.
Besldcnco 11 k
Physioiansand Surgeons.
SUte at Old Corner Drng storo. Telcpnono
nt ODlco and Residences.
t W. HUNTER, M. D.
viiysioiax axj .Hvnaaoy,
H'aco, - Taxn.
Slate nt Old Cornor Drug Btoro.
Ofllco hours nt rosldonco, from 2 to 4
p in. No. 1408 South Eighth Btroot.
Office on Austin Street over
First National bank.
Eucikne Williams. Wir. W. Evans.
Williams & Evans
Ally's $ Counsellors at Law,
j'jiorjitJcxT ji uiLiuxa,
Hartley & Burleson,
Ilnnlc, Jolt mid Coniiiiercliil
206 South Tltlril Ctretl, Itarllitclitll llomr,
A Trial Order Solicited.
Corner Sixth mid AVuhliiiigloii,
raits, j.m. wicgiss, puopiubtkk.ss
J3"Gooil room and unexcelled table. Host
ofrerroo 8l the most ron-onnblc rates Con
renlent to business center of tho city.
lv T
& BRO.
tf.t-a.SVjK Vx7rtWL3&-l
518 AuMin Aveituo.
O O A.
Uh 1IIV1T,
207 South
h Street.
Best coal in any
delivered promptly.
as low as the lowest
20? South Fifth Street
r r.-..i.jt. 1
Clay Sis.
uur. Mttyiun (
Only firo blocks south
f Ho. 1'aeifle Jt.Jt
b&- pirs otcx.-A.ss. -tea
1 erms reasonal
Travel espei
Mrs. N. Hi
1 lUlUJJM'l
Indian Territory.
' L
Tho dayjj of wonder will
cease till the end of tho world.
Now irj your chanoo to down all lOo
and 5o. Counters at 4o. and 3o. at tho
Storo, 012
like it,
Austin Streot, Nothing
IieutU Accidental- In IIIh lloom The Old
Geiitlfiniiii Kofimed to Allow Any One
tit Sleep In Ills House A ltoiiiurkublo
Curator l'.iuliil.
Litti.k Itocic, Fob. 29. A deplorable
accident lias occurred lioro, Ex-Gov.
Elitia Conway being bumed to death
in his homo in Scott and Second
Smoko was discovered issuing from
the front room of tlio bouso shortly be
fore the hour named and tho firo de
partment was called out. Those who
entered tlio building found tho interior
of tho apartment occupied by the gover
nor in flames while Conway himself was
found Htretched on tlio iloor, burned al
most to a crisp.
The supposition is that ho had got up
from his bed mid in moving around had
overturned the lamp. His head was ly
ing in the old fashioned firo place and
the garmonts which yet remnined on his
charred body were thoroughly saturated
with coal oil.
llo led the life of a recluso and had
lived entirely alone for several years.
Ehas Conway was one of tho most noted
characters in tho state. Ho was born in
Tennessee May 17, 1812, and came to
Littlo Rock in lSIW and has sinco resided
here. In 18114 ho was territorial auditor
and after admission of tho state he was
elected auditor and held the position for
thirteen years. In 1852 ho was elected
governor on tho Democratic ticket and
re-elected in 1851. ,His administration
was cminontly successful and ho retired
from office leaving every department of
the state in a flovirishing condition and u
larger accumulation of gold in tho treas
ury than has been credited to the state
before or since.
Ho uoverinarried. For many years
his was a familiar figuro on tho streets,
his old-fashioned garb attracting atten
tion, bur recently he has lived moro and
more bccluded, rarely going out. His
death ifi a tragic sequel to his brilliant
public career.
They l'lilled tliu Hope.
M.AXSFIF.I.D, Mo., Feb. 29. "Pull your
d-Al rotH)'' was tho bentence with which
IMck Cullon requested tho party of lynch
ers to accomplish the deed for which
they took him out of jail. A secret
mcuuiiK UL'umtu li ij iiuii uuuuu. it
10 o'clock 150 determined men halted on
the west side of the square. A ropo was
produced and tho men inarched to tho
jail, where tho sheriif was quickly over
powered. The mob got tho man, marched
him to tho square and asked him if ho
and Ids mother wero guilty. Tho an
hwer was "pull your d d ropo." He
was at onco drawn up at tho command
"pull away boys" and in a few minutes
Cullon was dead.
Tho crime was a heinous one. Four
years ago a baby ten days old was found
at his stepfather's door. Young Cullon
thought it was meant for an heir by
adoption. Last Monday night ho tied
a car link to tho neck of tho child and
threw it into an unused well. His guilt
is certain.
Pointer tn I'liriiicrn.
BLAKEI.Y, Minn., Feb. 20. J. H.
Jolinson, tho owner of a fifty-barrel flour
mill hero and a devotee of tlio Farmers'
Alliance doctrines, has created a great
deal of comment in this neighborhood
by issuing u letter to tho farmers urging
them to organize Farmers' Alliance
milling associations. Ho maintains that
tho farmers of tho Dakotos and Minne
sota have lost $28,000,000 on tho wheat
sold up to Dec. 8, 1892, of this year's
crop. Ho thou proceeds to show the
fanners thoir folly in not building then
own mills and thereby securing $1 a
bushel for their wheat with a ton of
feed per 100 bushels, togother with some
minor advantages. Any community
that can deliver 75,000 bushols of wheat,
ho says, can thereby keep it fifty-barrel
mill running for a year and tho mill cim
bo built for $700. This, Mr. Johnson
says, will securo $1 a bushel for every
bushel of wheat raised by tho share
holders. filler. I ut leu I'uIlerMuy Ili'Hlgn.
Chicago, Fob. 29. A Washington
bpecial to tho Daily Times says: Chief
Justice Fuller of tho supremo court is
seriously contemplating a step unprece
dented in the history of that court, tho
tendoring of his resignation, and if n
Democrat lie elected president ho will
probably resign after inauguration. Tho
reasons assigned aro that ho is yot com
paratively a young man and does not
care to go on tho sholf, that tho pay is
inadequate to meet his living expenses
and tho work hard and trying, leaving
him littlo leisuro.
Tutored Com lei Stmt.
nuTCHiNS, Tox., Feb. 20.--Will Will
iams, a negro convict on tho county
farm, inndo a break for liberty. Tho
farm physician picked outbotween Will
iam's (Moulder and calf of leg about
thirty No. 8 shot. Tho negro escaped
from tho farm bOtno timo ago, subse
quently was jailed in Ellis county, es
caped and voluntarily returned to tho
Dallas county farm to borvo out his
term. Ho says he has always been well
fed and treated at tho farm.
Gone mad
tho person with bad blood who's not
taking Dr. Picrco'B Golden Medical
Discovery. You aro bereft of judg
ment and good senso u you allow
your blood to get out of order, your
liver sluggish life dull, everything
blue, for you may soon find out that
you'ro in tho grave or next to it
because- you did not procuro tho
G-. M. D. soon enough, and some
dread disease, may bo influenza
or consumption, may be typhoid
or malarial fever, lias taken you.
Consumption is Lung Scrofula. For
Scrofula in its myriad forms, and
for all Liver, Blood and Lung dis
eases, tho "Discovery" i3 an un
equalcd remedy. Everybody, now
and then, feels " run-down " " played
out," with no power to generate
vitality, in fact, just too sick to bo
well. That's where tho right kind
of medicine comes in, and the "Dis
covery" docs for a dollar what tho
doctor -wouldn't do for less than five
or ten.
"We claim that nothing like it has
been discovered for a blood-pursier.
It's ffuarantted by th comakers. X our
money is returned if it doseu't bene
fit or cure you.
Transfers of Real Estate.
Reported by tho Waoo Abstraot and
Investment Company, Rmm 17 Prov
ident Building, Waco, Texas.
S O Wilson and wifo toT J Moffitt,
lots 1 and 2, block 2. MoCana addition
to McGregor, $11000.
H Lewino and wifo to J Guitar,
82 1 2 bv 150 feot farm lot 17, $0000.
W A "Howard to J C Dallas el, al, 4
lots, block 2, Baylor addition, $034.
Total Feb. 27, 1892, $9034.
Total for week, $8,225 50.
An Ordinance.
An Ordinance pertaining to Fire Es
capes :
Be it Ordained by tho City Council
of the City of Waco.
Seotion I. That tho owners or
lessees of all hotels, boarding houses,
tenement houses, faotories and storo
houses over two stories hicrh, and all
theatres and opera houses,in the city of
Waco, are hereby required to provide
tho same with good and suitable fire
escapes amply suffioicnt to furnish
means of safe egress to all inmates in
case of fire.
Seo. II. Hereafter tho oity engi
neer shall issue no permits for build
ings mentioned in seotion ono of this
ordinance unlcfs suoli firo csoapoB aro
provided for in tho plans and epocifi
cations. It is hereby made unlawful
for any person, firm or corporation to
hereafter erect any of Eaid buildings
in tho city of Waco without pro
curing the same with such fire escapes.
Seo. III. That any person violating
any of tho provisions of this ordinance
bIi&H bo tiued not less than twenty
five (25) dollars or moro than two
hundred (200) dollars for each offense,
and caoh day's refusal after due no
tico shall be givon, shall bo deemed a
sepcrato offense,
Seo. IV. iuat all ordinances or
parts of ordinances in conflict with any
of the provisions of this ordinance
shall and the satno is'horebj ropealed,
Sec. V. That this ordinanoo tako ef-
frot and bo in forco from and after
its passage.
Passed February 4, 1892. Approvod,
Attest: C. C. McCulloch,
Joney Jones, Oity Secrntay.
By It. W. Jarlonowski, Deputy.
1000 a ore farm, 500 in cultivation, all
first class prairio land, Ton houses,
barns, sheds, wells and one novcr
failing spring.
Small farms of 100 or 200, 320 or 400
aores oaoh, and many othors choap
and on easy terms,
Ranging in number of acres of 320, 500
1200, 1400, 18G6 and 3,000, situated
near Waco. Wo can soil special bar
gains in houses, lots and business
Bell & Sassaman,
Real Estate and Rental Agents, 111
South Fourth street, Waoo, Toxas.
2ir Ti
Wox All
Tho new oigar. Nothiug
Bouts tho record for fWvor.
Wox All
Tho only Hand Mam:, Havanna
filled, Five Cent Cigar in Waco. Best
ever made Try them nnd you will
smoko no otbor.
Wx All
Has coino to stay, Tho Pioneer
Cigar Factory, G29 Austin Street.
All bills duo tho News for advertis
ing from July 15th aro payable to
ft. Christopher or his authorized col
lector. This applies also to sub
scribers. Elegant Photo'u.
Having scoured tho services of Mr.
W SI ,1111, of Chicago, as operator
mid retouelier, will guaranteo tho pub
Ho a finer class of photographic work
than has over been shown in Waco
Llavo recently purchased tho largest
as well as tho Gnost photograph lens
in Texas. Call on tho old ro liable
photographer and see samples.
W. D Jackson.
This is Pretty Good.
Mr. John 0. Goodwin, carpenter of
Danville, III., writes: "About two
week ago a heavy suw log fell upon
my foot very badly crushing it,so that
1 was unable to walk at all. I sent
for a bottle of Ballard's Snow Lina
tnent and kept my foot well sat irated
by it. It is now two weeks since this
happened, and my foot is nearly well
and I am at work. Had I not used
Snow Liuanient I should have been
laid up at least two months. For
healing wounds, sprains, sores and
bruises it has no equal. No inflamma
tion can exist wlioro Snow Linn
mentis used. You can use this let
Beware of all whito linaments sub
stituted for Snow Linament. Thero
is no other linament like Ballard's
Snow Linamont. Sold by II, 0. llishcr
& Co.
Items and communications intondod
ior this department should bo sent to
No. 309 North Twelfth street or tele
phoned to No. 30. on or boforo Friday
afternoon of oaoli weok, in order to
receive proper attention. News
notes rocoived after 10 o'olook Satur
day morning cannot appear until tlio
next week, however much wo may
regret tho dolay.
Sleeper, Clifton & Co. havo added a
repairing department in connection
with their shoe store. All repairing
of boots and shoes neatly done
Charges reasonable Leave your
shoes to be halfsoled at Sleeper, Clif
ton & Co's,, corner of Fourth and
Austin streets.
m -w
Watoh for tho opening of tbo great
new shoo storo, 414 Austin street with
a bran now fresh stock and all dainty
I styles.
5000 AROiitN Wanted (Illicitly
to Hupp'y the liumeiihii demand for
OOO I'nu'iiN, Itictily Illimtritled,
-ric.o, i.iu.
A Hlonraiiby of tbo World's Grcntet Dlvlno
by tho .Spnrceoii ol America. Ilewaro of
catch-pe&ny books, this Is tho htuiidiirrt,
Ageuts'succrsB astonishing Interest InleiiNO.
BoodqnlckSOo for outfit anil get tbo territory.
Add cbh. IIIJIillAHll IIKOS.,
IO(I Itlicu SI real, IMlludolpIllll.
or, ItrouatVHy.Vlji1u111.lS1.,
SI. l.ouls, Mo.
Tie Texas & Pacific Railway
The direct lino to Sbreveport and New Orleans,
toTexarknua, Memphis, St. Tvuls, tho
norm ami Hist, unci 10 ail points
In Texts, Old and.NeW
Mexico, Arlz-mx,
Colorado and California.
The Favorlto Lino via Sacramento to Oregon
and Wbs' InRton. Onlv lino olfcring
Choice of Itoiitcs to Points In the
Houtlieast.vla Texarkaua,
Hbrev. P'irt and
New Orleans.
Between Ft. Worth and St. Louis.
no Fastest Timo botwecn Teias ano tho
North and East.
Double Daily Lino of Pullman Palace
Sloepmg Cars , through to if.
Louis via tho
Through Sleeping Cars Between New
leans and Denver and St Louis
ana El Paso.,
For rates, Tickets and all Information apply
to or address uuy of tbo Ticket agents or
0. I". FEOAN,
Trar. Pass Ag't,
UomPasi. AT. ig't.
JOHN A. (lit ANT, .Id Vlcc-1'res
No. ISD7
To tbo sheriff or Hny Constable of MiLonna
county, Gtovtlngi
U. . Ttlpls 'dniliilstrator of the estate of
M. Romnnd Deceased, iml g filed In our
t'onnty four his F'nal Account or tho con
dition of tho F.stalo of said M Itnmand Deceas
ed, together with an nppl cation to bo dlrcharR-
curium n in AiiiiiiiiiBiriuorniiip
You lire HoreliT Cimiirinmliil. thnt liv unlili
ration or tiiin WMt fi r twsnty days In a newspa
psrro.nlnrly published It tho Comity of Mc-
I.ennnn von ir vn i!ni nntlrn in nil n. rsnttnintur.
eeted In the Account for i-'innl So Iiiuout o
naldEftnte. to file their objections then to, IT
nny they 1 nv onorlirforo tin Mn cli term,
ltfi'i, fifunlil Connty t onrt, coinmenclnK and to
lo holdcu nt the Court llousnof KnldCoin ty, In
W coon the first Monday in March SJJ. hen
'nlil Account And AiijnUntlon wl.l bocomldor-
uu uj emu iOim.
Wmiis my hand nnd Beal
of oPlco nt VVnco this liOth day
: uUnnuKry WJ2.
.L. S. : ,1 V. IIAKK11. Clerk County Court
! IMcI-cimnn I onntv, Tenia
l'y T. II Piiuwn, Deputy.
INo. Mil,
To tho Sheriff or any Conatnblo or&tcl.cnntn
county, Grreilng:
F. R McClnln Administrator nf tlio I'ptato of
F. M M-flfld lieicnud IidtIhr Hied In nt
County Court lil llnnl Acoonnt 01 tho coniU
tlon (if tho 1'Miite.of paid Y. M..Ma)llelil I)u
ceneil toRether with nn nppllcatlim to bo ilia
chaiKoil rrumeald Admlnlatrktorsl 1
You aro Hereby toiun'iaiidrd that by uibll
catlonet lit-writ for twenty ilaya In iviimana-
lierreKiilarly inilillrliiMl In the Comity of Mu
l.t'iinan you rIvc due notlo to nil erB n In
ter cat d In tho Account Ter Unal So lenient of
eald Kstntc, to file their objection- thereto, I
nny they have, on or before tbo March linn,
Ittii, ofsild County Court, coniiueiiCl r nnd a
bohoUUn nt tho CnurtHoust ol aald County In
W eo 1 11 the first Monilnyln March lsw, wheu
sad Account and Application will bo lonaldor
odby enld Court.
WiTNKHHmyliMid ml K?nl of
: : offlce, at Warn thleUtd davot IVli
: I.. S runry IbW J. W IIakku. Clerk
: .. C-iinty 1 omt Mrl.cnnnn O.tinty,
Texas, '.by T. II. Known, Deputy.
Totho Sheriff or any Constable of McLcnniu
County GreotliiK :
You nro hereby commanded, to Bnmmon by
raakl k publication of thin citation cneo nutdi
week for foi r enccetalvn week prior to the re
turn day hereof In eomo no simper published
In McIj n an cnu 'ty, Toxan.dcoriru Miller to
bo ami appear bcforotlio Hororablo District
Conit of 'icLciman coi.uty, Texas, nt tte next
regular term thereo', to bo 0 d in the C nrt
House, In tho Cltv or Wmo, on thoflret Mondn
In wanh A. D UU. then nnd ihoro to nuitwe
tho I'lalntiff s IV l Ion, tiled in n eultl said
Court out ellU ilaj of l''ebruir) A . I). 18'Jt
whereto A lee Miller in l'lnintlll, and Q o go
Mlllpr-Is D-fendiint. KlloN orsnl- belnp No.
nn Tlio natu'iiof U10 l'latntlff't! dciu mllBBt
follows, to-wlt:
P nln Iff seeks a JntlRino' t for dlvorco on tho
pronnils of 0 nel tivat 1 cut, nud abandonment
by defemlnn' for.hro- yern Hkiki.n I'Air.
ot, nndhnvoyou then nnd there tiiin M,
with your oiulorfcmcnt thereon, ehowlng how
you hnvo execn d the same
( 1 salt
Ih.S MV.
uivb UMiLiiiiiY ham) nnn beal or
Raid Court, nt Olllce In tho City of
.co, mis llie 2Aiu nny or .lannnry A,
IBXi. ATTTiT . f. lll'.AHI.KY.
t lerk District Court,
Mclennan omity, Te .
tiii: siA'i i:oi"ti:xas.
To tho Sheriff or any constnhlo of McLennan
omnity, (ire. Uiir:
Y u nie hcreliycfinmnudcd ti'summon Mel
lon C. Cro-by by iimkiiR publlcntl' 11 ofthla
citation In some newrpnper published in Mc
l.euunii UKlinty onrn intnehweek for four sue
ccrrho weeks proli iih t- return day lieronf,
tobe nuilnpiicnr boloro the Initio nblu District
(! urt of Mcl.i-iirnn iu ty, Texns nt the next
reirular term thctnuf tn bu held in thu ci urt
house In the city f a conn the llrst onlay
In Murdi, A li. 1M"J then and there t' answer
tho plnlntlir's polltl 11 tiled In a milt In sab'
court mi the -!Mh day or Jnnuarv. A. I. ls"
wherein )'. I., Crosby is plnlLtlu" and llellci.
C. Crosby defendan
Fllo No of snlt belli). No r.l.
' Ihoiiaturonf tho pliiintUT's doiminil Is nsfol
lnws, to wit: n suit fur dlvi rco In III tlio
bonds if niatrun ny bn-ed 011 tho gr. unds of
abamb nmeut.
Herein lull nut and have you then aril thorn
this wr t, with y ur Indorsement thereon,
Phoning bow . 11 liuqe oxreuted tbo same.
" : iSttcMi iiideriny habil mul the real
; I,. S. : of snbt Court, nt Olllco In tho rlty
; : il'lVaco lids tho'J thdnycrjanu
nry, A. I). IWi.
attest- Z. V. ltKAsi.Kv.a
clerk Dlstiict Court. McLennan Ci nnty, '-'x
Tin: statu or ti:xan.
To thoSherlffor nny Constable of Mfil.enliao
County-- Greeting:
You aro hereby commanded to sr.11.n1cu
Jas, It. Spurt b by inn King publication of ibis ci
tation In some newspapor iiubllihed In Mclin
na 1 cnuutt onco In ohcIi week for lour succea
slvowiokB prctlouBlo ret 11 n day lertof tj b
and appear before tho Honnrnb'o District Court
ofMcl.oiinnn Count1 , Texas, at the next regit
lar term thereof, to he hold In tho Court House,
In the Cltv of wnro, ontlintlr.t Monday In
March, A. I). Iv'.H then uud there to an.wer thu
I'lalntifT's l'et tlon, ll'ed In n Butt in mid Court
on iliu'-Mtlnlay i.f .1. niiniy A I). 1802. wherein
Martlm .1. Sparks Is I'lnlnilD", hdiI Janjl-Bparks
la Defendant Fllo No. of suit liolnir No oHI'.l.
lie nature of tho I'lalntlO's demand it as fol
lows to-wl :
A snlt for ill oro,B for separation fiom tho
bonds of matrln oily based 011 tho ground of
cruel and abuslyo truatmeut desertion and fail
ure tn suppnit.
llKitKiN Fail Kot, and hare yon then and
there this Writ, wlthjouronilnrscment thereon,
sl.owlni: bow you have executed thu Kamo,
- Oiven Uhdrk My Hanij and
L. 8. : Sen nr raid Court, at Olllce In tha
: . City of Waco, this tho ikth day of
; January A. 1) Ir92.
Attest! '' F IlKHLicr.
Clerk District Onrt,
Mclennan County, Texts.
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
anything you want at any hour at Joo
A Raro Chanco.
If you want a piano or organ of fino
makes now is tho opportunity to buv
one on your own terms and at prices
unheard of. Call on J. B. Payuo
and seo tho largest and fincHt stock of
pianos ovor brought to contrul Texas
and ns terms and prices. This is tho
opportunity of a lifo timo and no pru
dent person should neglect it. Take
notioo in timo. There will never bo
suoh a olianco to buy organs or pianos
as cheap or on such terms.
For Salo.
Throo horses, ono tcn-horso power
ongino and boiler and a lot of shelving
and storo fizturca Choap and on
good terms.
MooitE Baos.
(Elegant room wouldiop- slightly
damaged at your own price at Thomp
son's E. E.)

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