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Frash Voatablos Recolvai Dally
Carrotts, Uents, Radishes,
Tomatoes, Celory, P.irs'ey,
Rutabagas, Turnipy, Yelbw
Yam -Sweet PoUto?, Spinach, Must
ard Greene, Turnip GrecSs, Young
Onions, Cabbage and Mormon Irish
Seud us your orders if you wish the
best aud freshest of everything good
to eat.
Quality and prioo nuarantecd, Your
trade solicited, Headquarters for
everything good to eat,
Must Have Money.
MONEY before the first of March.
This is imperative, Wc regret
the necessity of so urgent an ap
peal, but we must have our mon
ey. Please give this matter imme
diate attention and call and settle
at once.
An Intelligent Dog.
Mr. W. L. Caudle, the popular
Stewart at the Pacific, is the owner
of a very intelligent dog which
he has taught to do many amus
ing tricks and to perform useful
services. This dog is a daily vis
itor at The News office, where he
brings the copy for the daily bills
of fare to be printed and is highly
esteemed. He was written up in
The News some time ago and
his intelligence and good qualities
highly commended. Mr. Caudle
is responsible for the following
extravagant statement, which is,
however, vouched for by Mr. Sam
Treadwell, foreman of the job de
partment. He states that the
write up was read to "Dude" and
it gave him the big-head so badly
that he could do nothing with him
for several days afterwards. The
next day he started the faitkful
animal to the office as usual with
the copy, but instead of bringing
it he determined he would take a
lay off and hid it in an old black
smith shop several blocks away.
When he was sent after the work
which was supposed to have been
finished he refused to go. Upon
investigation it was found that he
had not delivered the copy that
day and was given a whipping, for
dereliction of duty, and directed
to produce the copy. This lie
did in short order and by putting
on an extra force the work was
run off just in time.
It is also said that he is so fa
miliar with the names of three
of the compositors of the job de
partment that he refuses to deliv
er the copy to anyone except the
one his master names. Caudle
declares he will never read The
News to Dude again.
Card of Thanks.
The very hearty thanks of the
Young Men's Christian associa
tion are tendered the kind friends
of the Waco Female college who
rendered such an amiarble pro
gram at the monthly social recep
tion last Monday night. They
are always ready and willing to
lend all possible assistance for the
advancement of association work
in this city. The first of the
scries of "Practical Parlor Talks",
to young men, took place Saturday
night, D. H. Hardy, Esq!, speaker.
On next Saturday night, Dr. M.
L. Graves will give a health talk.
All young men are invited, and
will be benefited by these plain,
well studied and practical addresses.
Appointments Made by tho County
A special session of the County
Commissioners Court was held
Saturday afternoon for the pur
pose of appointing judges of elec
tion, to preside at the various poll
ing places throughout the county,
with the following result:
Election precinct No. I, first
ward of the city of Waco at the
city hall, E. P. Massey presiding
officer; Second Ward, No. 2, Cath
olic church, J. M. Warner; Third
Ward, J. F. BrinkerhofF; Fourth
Ward, engine house, F, O. Rog
ers; Fifth Ward. East Waco. W.
H. Turner; sixth election precinct,
Daughtry's dairy, W. F. Mont
gomery; seventh, Robinson, L B.
Foster; eighth, Duty's store,
George W. Stubblefield; ninth,
Hewett, John A. Warner; tenth,
White Hall, B. J. Kendrick; elev
enth, Duval place, Joe Guyton;
twelfth, poorhouse, H. A. Mc
Election precinct No. 1 3, Har
rison, P. F. Ross, presiding offi
cer; fourteen, Mart, J. K.
Dunn; fifteen, Battle In
stitute, J. H. Gilliam.
Election precinct No. 16 Gene
va, T. J. Rcnfro; seventeen, Chalk
Bluff school house. Joe Smith;
eighteen, Robinson School house,
W. K Umberson; nineteen, Ross,
HenryJohnson; twenty, West,
Abe Russell.
Election precinct No. 2, Bos
queville, V. R. Ballew; twenty
two, Spcegleville, Phillip Ppeigle;
twenty-three, Patrick, William
Home; twenty-four, China Springs,
B. L. Kennedy.
Election precinct No. 25, Coke,
W. F. Christie; twenty-seven,
South Bosque, twenty
eight, McGregor, H. C. Mills.
Election precinct No. 29,
Lorcna, Henry Schaefer; thirty,
Brucevillc, A. W. Wilkerson;
thirty-one, Eddy, Frank Kencan
non; thirty -two, Moody, J. C. Col
Election precinct No. 33, Prai
rie Chapel, J, F. Riley; thirty-four,
Crawford, M. M. Warren; thirty
five, Bell View school home, W.
I. Christian; thirty-six, Patton,
W. C. Barrett.
Election precinct No. 37, Ax
tell, E. P. Kirkland; thirty-eight,
Morgan School house, Elijah
Phillips; thirty-nine, Harper's
school house, A. J. Holloway.
Miles' Nerve And Liver Pills
Aot on a new principle regulating
the liver, etomaoh arid bowels through
the nerves. A new discovery. Dr
miles' Pills speedily cure biliousness
bad taste, torpid llvei piles, const!
patlon. Unequaled for men, women
and children. Smallest, mildest, sur
est. 60 doses 25 cents, Samples free
at H. ORlsuor.& Co's. Drug store 51S
Austin avenue
Dr. Dawson Dead.
Dr. Morrice Dawson died Sat
urday in Lynchburg, Va., Mrs.
Dawson will arrive in Waco with
his remains Wednesday morning.
runerai will take place from resi
dence of W. M. Park 726 South
Fourth at 10 o'clock Wednesday
Dr. B. H. Carroll officiating.
Used in Millions of Homes
Ono of tho passions of tho hu
mau nice, la 11 doeiro for being
well dressed. It is iv passion that
hns raced over sinco Evo in tho
Garden of Edon miulo for horsolf
n stylish, ovon though vory decol
late, costume of llg loaves nnd
ilancotl tho gcrnmu with Adam,
who wore a pigeon-tailed coat
miulo of ono leaf from 11 century
plnut. Tho passion for dross has
increased daily from that timo un
til now, nnd wliilo some pooplo do
not caro for a great amount of it,
they want the finest and moot
fashionable to bo had.
lwus strolling on tho Fourth
street, which is tho Boulevardo of
Waco, last Saturday, and was par
ticularly Btruek with nu exhibition
of clothing and men's furnishing
goods. This display was so great
and attractive, I thought I was in
Paris, and began jabbering Fie 11 ah
to several parties who wore near
mo. I could not realize evou nftor
being awakened from my lauciful
rovorie, that I was in Waco.
This attractive display is ren
dered more attractivo by being
shown in tho largest plato glass
window iu Texas. .Not a sign nor
a mark appeared to show whoso
house it was, but when I cast an
oblyjuo glauco into tho nearest
doorway, I discovorod tho hand
some face and jolly figure of my
friend J. Hansel Wood nnd his
brother Dero Wood. 1 also dis
cerned Geo. Yarbrough smiling
like a suu-boam, and several other
salesmen, who were busily engaged
in showing and selling goods.
They had suits of every descrip
tion on their counters. Spring
suits, summer suits, marriage
suits, divorce suits anil every kind
of suit imaginable except rejected
suits, convict suits and libol suits.
George Yarbrough said there were
some rejected suitors there, but no
rejected suits.
I wandered in bewilderment
through tho spacious storerooms,
and although I kept my hands in
my pockets, one of tlio clerks kept
his eye on 1110. I suppose ho
watitod to see if I was well pleas
ed. When I reached the roar end
of the building I saw, or thought
I saw, a largo opening into anoth
er apartment, wnich looked as gor
geous as tho first. I concluded
to walk in, but a mau who looked
vcy much like myself stood in
front of me and wouldn't get out
of tho way. I tried to pass him,
but ho remained right in front of
mo all the time. 1 then heard the
salesmen laughing, aud one of thorn
told 1110 not to walk through the
This embarrassed me considera
bly but I continued my rounds
and became more and more en
chanted as I looked through that
vast stock of goods and examined
tho frescoing and fine work on tho
walls aud ceiling. The shoo de
partment was complete, tho hat
department more so aud tho fur
nishing goods department made
mo sigh for a raise in my salary.
I remain od nearly an hour, and
saw somethiug now and attractive
every timo I turned my head. I
am considered very truthful and
am willing to risk my reputation
for vera ity on the statement that
there is not a handsomer store nor
n handsomer stock of goods in
Texas than is now being shown
by the J. Hansel Wood Shoo and
Clothing Company. There may
bo a few people In Waco who havo
no faith in my claim for truthful
iioss, but thoy will havo, after vis
iting this store. It is complete
and neat; it is novel; it is interest
ing and attractive; it is an orna-
4.0 Years the Standard.
Come in aud givo up. Not givo
away but sold ohoap. J. II. Shopo
is the oash man, fcL) solU pit) ut
flour por saok, $1.35; 'ii patent flour
per saok, fcl 20; Mormon Irish pota
toes, bucket, 26o.; hams, best, por
pound, 10 1 2o.; 3 pounds tomatoos,
por can, lOo. blaokbernes, per can,
10c; grits, 35 pounds, $1; raisins, 10
pouuas, tfl ; golucn prunes, por pound,
15o; Fronoh prunes, nor pound.
12 l-2o.; ovaporated peachen, por
pound, vs l'&o.; ovaporated apnoots,
por pound, 12 2o.; Arboeklo and
Liven oofFeo, por pound, 22 l-2c;
br. bacon, per pound, lOo ; 11-pound
buokot baking powders, fiOo ; star
tobacco, per pound, 38c ; Drummond
N h tobaooo, per pound, 55c ; Granu
lated sugar, 18 pounds for $1; yollnw
clarified sugar, 20 pounds for $1;
head rice, 1-1 pounds for $1; 23 pounds
navy beans, $1. J handle bale millot,
bale hay, oats, bran, Kansas corn and
many other goods too numerous to
mention. Pleaso always bring tho
ruonoy when you order goods and it
will save trouble and timo making
change at your houso. T. II. SnorE,
No. 205 South Third St.
mont to Waco, and reflects great
credit ou tho gentlemen who own
The Lounger.
The Hobson line is doing a
rushing business. The motor
men present a goodv appearance
in the handsome new 'uniforms.
The motormen of the, Hobson
line are out in their new uniform
01 ugnt grey, inc suits aye very
They were made W the
Gabert Brothers.
In mentioning the names qf the
contestants for the World's "Fair
scholarship race last' Saturday
The NEWS contained the name'ef
Sam Owens which was an error.
It should have been Sam OranaL
The case of H. E. Bennett vs.
R. H. Hill for a $50 scholarship
in Hills business college, and obout
which much fireing and cross
fireing through the press has been
indulged in between the defenc
and and H. A. Ivy, was dismissed
this morning by Justice Galla
gher at the cost of the plaintiff.
Miss Ray Goldberg has entered
the commercial college of Baylor
university and is studying steno
graphy, type writing and penman
ship. Prof. Cammack, the pro
prietor, says that Miss Goldberg
shows evidence of having received
thorough training in her high
studies while at the Academy of
the Sacred Heart.
Another seance was held Saturday
night at tho Waverly, in whioh -quite
a nuranor ot intonated persons par
ticipated. Mrs. Tabor, of California,
hold the boards, and all prcsont were
either mystified or converted to tho
faith. She will remain somo timo in
tho oity and will givo a series of sit
tings tothoso who desiro to investigate
the mysteries of spiritualism. Two
other powerful mediums will visit
Waco soon and all persons of that
belief will, doubtless, see and hear
miny things of Interest to themsolvos.
John Dickey and Lcwine Sears,
colored, were united in the holy
bonds of wedlock by Justice J, N.
Gallagher at noon to-day. It was
a case ot choice between matri
mony or the penitentiary for se
duction with the groom, and he
chose the former. The bride,
though considered, by her ac
quaintances of her race, quite a
belle and unusually comely, , she
had upon this important occasion
a sour expression upon her face
and seemed undecided, at first,
whether or not she preferred single
wretchedness to double blescd
ness. She however, became
reconciled to her fate and the
knot was securely tied.
Arthur Friederick Kophal 7
years of age, son of Mr. Chas.
Kophal, died at the residence of
his parents Saturday evening at
7 o'clock and was interred at Oak
wood cemetery yesterday at 10
a. m.
To tho Lovors or Art In Photo
graphy. Having moved to my now gallory,
over 701 and 703, Austin stroot, (tho
old Hiuchman Building), I am now
bettor prepared than over to give tho
pooplo of Waco tho finest Photos in
tho state. Tho beautiful "aristo" (so
highly endorsed by tho leading gal
cries,) in all its beauty, at my Btudio.
1 will havo on exhibition for a fow
days, an elogant oil portrait of Mrs.
Goo. Clark, by Mons. Do Qissao, whioh
has been framed in a very handHomo
''Florentine" frame, making aportroit,
well worth a vieit, to all, and uioro
especially to tho tho ladies.
I will bo glad to welcome my old,
and many new oustomers. Don't for
got my now address, over 701 and 703,
Austin Ave.
Deane, Photographor.
ji.ivi: you jitiAn
Stolen Sweets,
An Adventuress,
Garston Digamy,
(by Albert Rom)
A Flotida Enchantment,
(by Uunter)
The Confessions of a Society Mant
All the Latest Fashion Papers.
A. J. HERZ & BRO.,
Cigar, News Dealers & Stationery
104 South Fourth Street.
Gfyeip Lais,
The only cheap lots offered in Waco
for tho last five years aro thoso now
on the mnrkot in the Ktrkpatriok Ad
dition, East Waoo. These lots aro
being sold for one-half thoir real val
ue, making a ohanoo to secure a do
sirable homo such as will never ooour
Cheap JLots.
Theso lots Ho high and dry. They
overlook a large portion of tho oity
a u.avu pcncai arainaee. inoy nc
tho healthiest part of tho city, catch
inx; too puro breezes trom the prairie
umtaintcd by passage over any part of
tho city.
Iieap It.
Theso- lots have tho finest soil, a
rich siody loam, admirablo for gar
dens, arnd aro underlaid with pure
wator in inexhaustible quantities at a
depth oil fifteen and sixteon feet,
which caiA bo usod for irrigation.
ciiWp it .
These lots aro closor to- tho contor
of the oity tban any other addition,
and at tho sarmo distance lots aro sell
ing for tfirco mud flvo times the pticc
asked for thesd Thero is millions iu
it for persons oft small means. Call on
Mra. or P. G. KiirkpUriok, southwest
corner Eighth ornd Clay street.
All parties difcsiring plats of the
ixirkpatriok additjion can obtain them
upon application.
Notice to (contractors.
Sealed proposals mill be rcoeived at
tho offioe of oity j sooretary, to be
opened at 3 o'olooty p. m. March 10,
1892, at tho city halli Waoo, Texas, by
tho mayor and stropt committee, for
furnishing all inaterral and labor and
constructing, approximately, 2500
lineal feet of six inolji sanitary sewer
as follows : From Jjofferson along
Fourth street, with littoral betwooB
Columbus street and lyarion branoh to
center of blook, between Soventh and
Eighth stroets, and laUteral botweon
Washington and Columbus stroots ex
tending from Fourth to Filth stroets.
Profiles and specifications for inspec
tion at oity ongineor'i offioe. The
right to reject any or all bids, is ro
sorved by tho oity council of tho oity
of Waco. February 19, 1892.
Attest: 0. O. MoOoixocii,
Joney Jones, City Secretary.
Blackwoll Hotel.
Good bods and best of fare. Itatos
$1.00 por day. Meals 25 oents, 120
Second stroot, next door to tho oourt
house. tf
(Tho latest dosigns in ingrains
Thompson hangs thorn on common
walls with suooess.)

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