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Waco ruti: ii:i'Aiiti:?it.
liOfliitlon of Klro Alarm IIoxcn.
4 Fifth Wari F ro StMlou strikes
5 Corner S h -ind Austin '
G ' 4th " ' "
7 Central Flro station "
i- mi
i iiiii
n Went Knit Fire Station
" 13 Cor .er U h ft id Wmhlngton '
fttliaml Miluoro ih "
1 25
btli a ul Co umbos "
8ttintnlJncson "
Jtli and Wolxrur "
Hth ml Ulcveinml
Mil awl Speight
6tli:inl Waliln
" S3 ltoy.il Hotel 5th ft il Franklin " ill H'H
Hi uooion .t;ns mil nun ainrj iii-inui
" 37 Corner 1 th anil Jefferson ' ni-n HIT
All bou mtinboiiMl above 8 striken tlin$
IJox 13 strikes 1 Rnil Mois, tlio strikes Ul
mnkliu Hox lj, then repouts four times
llox ! slrlkcxU inil st 'lis, then strikes III II
sinking Ilox "5 .1 (1 so on
Keys ll be foil 'd In tiililo'iceon each coi
ner wheroljoteuBrolnca id OponFIro Alnnn
Boxes ami iu)l Uook Joun find lei go. Leave
key In box
Turn alarm In only or Urea. flOOJllue for
false alarms
blow tapping or belln signify company
8c ond Friday In each month ea-h box Is
tanned twice, teatlne b xch and clrcnlt Hi o
When alarm of lire H give ho Fire Depart
meat has trie right of way on a I Ureets All
vehicles must drive near the sidewalk nm! kenp
away from the Urn tAO) tine for running over
llepnrt of any care'ess driving going to or
from flres by the Fire Department ttlll be
thankfully received by the Oh er, as fast a' d
careless driving Is str ckly forbidden.
mm.rTOm-acmniag1MluJLJ I 111 IIUHIIUJ CM
Big Muddy t Bis: Mudrtj! Big Mud.ly
Joe Lohmnti la thu most popular ros
taurant man in Texas. Hjb plane
117 South Fourth 'trpet
It only take two dollars a month
to pay for a share in tho Uitv Savings
Joe Lohnnn'b lor loo oream and
oonfectionories 117 South Fourth
To Subscribers.
Those who arc in arrears on sub
ecriptions will please call at the of
fice and settle before March 1. I will
colloct strictly in advanoe from that
date and will be compelled to cut
off all delinquents.
S. J. Qday,
City Circulator.
Tin I n 8 ft D II ovv a8 a
I In I H"l n new D0k an( pe-
a III 8.UJUJ riodioal storo will
will bo opened up at 401 Franklin
street, where lovers of Literature,
Music and Art will find all tho peri
odicals foreign and domestio, latest
novels, sheet tnusio and all tho Tra-La-La's
of a popular house. Keep
your cyo on the place and your mem
ory on the number of 0. T. Wdloy's
new stand.
The Greatest Strike.
Among tho groat strikes that of Dr.
Miles in discovering his New Heart
Cure has proven itself to bo ono of
the most important. Tbo demand tor
it has become astonishing. Already
tho treatment of heart discaso is
being revolutionized, and many unex
pected cures effected. It soon relievos
short breath, fluttering, pains in side,
arm, shoulder, weak and hungry
spells, oppression, swelling of ankles,
smothering and hoart dropsy. Dr.
Miles' book on Heart and Nervous
Diseases, free. The unequaled New
Heart Cure is sold and guaranteed by
H. 0. Rishor & (Jo., also his Restora
tive Nervine for hcadaohe, fits, sprees,
hot flashes, nervous chills, opium
habit, etc. .
A Sound Liver Makes a Well Man
Are you Bilious, Constlpatedand
troubled with JaiirdKt- SfckHead
aohe, Bad Taste in Mouth, Filn
Breath, Coated Tongue, Dyspepsia
Indigestion, Hot Dry Bkin, Pain in
Back and between the Shoulders,
Chills and Foyer, &o. If you have
any of these symptoniB, your Lilver Is
out of order your blood is slowly
boing poisoned, because your Liver
-does not act properly. Hekbine will
euro any disorder of the Llver.Stom
aoh orBowels. It has no equal as a
Liver Medicine. Prico 75 cents. Free
sample bottle atH. C. Rumor's Drug
M- K- & T-
To Now Orleans and Return ou
account of
5-l i e-L
cai ui
Tickets on sale February 28 and 2o,
pood for roturn passage 10 days from
dato of sale For maps, folders, sleep
ing car aooommedations, tickets or
any information, pleaso call on or ad
press, J. E. SMITH,
Tiokot Agont M. K. and T. Iiy., No
South Fourth street, Waco.Tox
Card parties will always remain
a popular form of entertainment
because of the fact that more en
joyment can be gotten from them
witli less trouble to guest and
hostess than any other kind of
party. Whist parties are hardly
sociable enough for a gathering
of young people but euchre gives
an opportunity for conversation at
the same time that a pleasant
game is enjoyed.
One of the bright events in the
past week was the euclrc party
given by Mr. and Mrs. William
Woodward on last evening com
plimentary to Miss Nannie Wood
ward of Montgomery, Ala. Five
tables participated in the game
which closed with the following
result; Miss Randle and Mr Wil
liamson won the first prizes, a
handsome silver pulT box and a
silver card case; Miss Oliver and
Mr. Dockcry were the boobies,
Miss O ivcr receiving a miniature
drum, bearing the inscription
"Easy to beat," Mr. Dockery was
presented with a blacking brush
marked "if you can't shine above,
try to below." Mrs. Woodward
then served a dainty collation
after which several hours were
pleasantly passed in music and
The guests were, Miss
Delia Baker, Mr. Wm.
Beers; Miss Oliver, Mr.
John Tscharmer; Miss Pcarre, Mr.
Williamson; Miss Thompson, Mr.
Sears; Miss Burke, Mr. Chas.
Turner; Miss Goodrich, Mr. Tom
Dockcry; Miss Mattie Jones, Mr.
H. D. Brown; Miss Woodward,
Mr. Ulric Nolan; Miss Randle,
Mr, Willie Neil; Mr. and Mrs.
Robert L. Cox. Mr. and Mrs. R.
I. Monroe.
A very dclightlul gcrman was
given by the Philos on Thursday
evening last, complimentary to
Miss Nannie Woodward, the
charming guest of Mr. and Mrs.
E. A. Marshall, who leaves for
home early in the coming week.
As it was the first crerman that
has occurred for some time, all
were in good dancing trim, and a
most pleasant evening was spent
by all present. Mr. R. O Burn
ham conducted the figures with
much grace and skill; the Renick
brothers furnished the music.
The dancers were Misses
Woodward, Farrell, Mattie Jones,
Speight, Rotan, Burke, Goodrich,
Hallie Jones, McLendon, Taylor,
Pearre, Boggers, Saffarrons,
Dickey, Oliver, Mistrot,
Maggie Jones, Olive, and
Messers Gus Jackson, Will Beers,
W-. W. Massey, Woolfork, H. D.
Brown, Rufe Williamson, Jas.
Williamson, R. O. Burnhan, H. L.
Taylor, Geo. McLendon, Lee
Caruthers, Connor, Gregg, B. A.
Killough, Will Hawkins, R. B.
Banton, A. A. Weille, Will Parker,
Jas. Curry, Ned Marshall, Ned
Sears, Dr. Searcy, Robt. Caruth
ers, W. M. Mattox, Ed North,
Gid Massey, Tom Clark, Wm.
Farrell, A. L. Dunnica, Bonner
Cornish, Mr. and Mrs. Robt.
Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hall
pike, Mrs. Sears and Mrs. Aik
man. Mrs. James H. Sturgis enter
tained the ladies of the "Literary
Tea" club on last Wednesday
afternoon. After the reading of
the various interestingpapers and
a selection by the hostess, dainty
refreshments were passed and dis
cussed together with other things
of interest. The afternoon scored
quite a success.
The following appeared in the
Galveston News of last Sunday in
an article speaking of the ladies
who are working hard in the in
terests of Texas at the World's
Fair. It is a deserved compli
ment to one of Waco's soaial lead
ers. "Mrs. Georce Clark of Waco
was among the charming visitors
to the city last week, and is one
of the most enthusiastic workers
connected with the world's fair
committee. Socially Mrs. Clark
is very pleasant, and in Waco she
is the spirit and life of the circle
over which she presides. Much
of her time is spent abroad and in
Washington city, where she is one
of the leaders of a brilliant coterie.
Mrs. Clark is a pretty brunette,
with a pair of handsome dark
eyes, and enjoys the reputation of
being one or the best dressed
women in her circle. She is the
wife of Judge George Clark of
Waco, the Warwick of Texas
Democracy, and is universally ad
mired for her numerous gracious
Mrs. L. S. Craik will entcnain
the "Woman's Club" on Monday
afternoon at her residence, corner
Washington and Fourteenth. The
club with its gentlemen friends
will also be entertained bv Mr.
and Mrs. William Wilson Dc
Hart on Tuesday evening next.
With Wednesday. Lent begins
and society, so to speak, will go
into mourning for a while and
give the belles a rest in which to
plan their new spring costumes
with which they will dazzle the
eyes of the beaux when post len.
ten gayeties begin.
Miss Nannie Woodward leaves
sometime early in the coming
week for New Orleans, where she
will attend the festivities attend
ing the carnival, From there she
will return to her home in Mont
gomciy, Ala.
Mrs. James G. Harrison, of
Dallas, is a guest of Mrs. W. L.
White on Speight street.
Miss Harriet Taylor has re
turned from a visit to friends in
Mr. W. H. Cameron spent sev
eral days in Dallas during the
past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Robt. L. Cox have
returned and have apartments at
Mrs. Bradford's, on Washington
Mrs. Nellie M. Scott, of India
napolis, is a guest of Mrs. D. D.
Fairchild on Austin avenue.
Waco society will learn with
pleasure that Miss Pauline Wynne
has almest entirely recovered
from her recent severe illness.
She will return home at an early
Miss Lucy Dickenson returned to
Marlin on Thursday, after a pleas
ant visit of a few days to Mrs. J.
G. Winter on Columbus street.
Mrs. S. W. Slayden entertained
the Ladies Whist Club on Thurs
dayafternoon. TO Y 15 OF
A V- Ml m bbw
Tho St. Louis Shoo Storo will Una
week make its last ieduotion on La
dies' High Grado footwear, and will
continue selling at this discount until
tho last pair is sold or stook olosed
out. We havo also oponed about 250
pair sample bIiocs that drummers havo
had on the road, and will sell them at
wholesale prices, by tho single pair.
Do not fail to seo theso goods.
Corner Sixth and Austin,
Any boot in tho house $1.50.
Finest California bottled winos, at
35 oents por quart, best bargain evor
offored in Waco. J. A.Early.
Tho best restaurant in town, Joe
Lehman's, No. 117 South Fourth
(Tho latest dotigns in ingrains
Thompson hangs them on common
walls with success.)
Just Received Largo Stock
Frosh garden seed. Como ye market
gardeners. Wo havo ample to supply
you in everything.
W. L. Tucker,
at "Lion Drug Store."
Gonnesso canned corn $1.20 per
dozen at J. A. Eailj'e.
Will be Given Away.
Our enterprising druggists H. 0
Itisher & Co., who carry the finest
Btook of drugs, perfumeries, toilet nr
tides, brushes, sponges, etc, aro giv
ing away a large number of trial bot
tles of Dr. Miles' celebrated Restora
tive Nervino. They guarantoo it to
cure headache, dizziness, nervous
prostration, slceplessucss, tho ill eflectF
of spirits, tobacco, coll'ee, etc. Drug
gists say it is the grotttcst sollcr they
ever know, and is universally satisfac
tory. They also guarantoo Dr. Miles'
Now Heart Curo in all cases of tier
vous or organic heart disease, palpi
tation, pain in side, smothering, etc.
Fine book on "Nervous and Heart
Diseases" free.
The News Is not rospoiidlblo for nor
will Itpay any bills unless Authorized
by a wrltton or verbal order from tho
The Waco Wati-r & Light Company
havo removed from their old quarters
on Fourth street to new and elegant
offices in the Provident Building
They occupy room No. 11, 1st floor
fdolng Franklin street me ol tho fin
est and moBt acceB-iblo rooms in the
building. '
To Subscribers.
Thoso who aro in arreirs on sub
scriptions will pleaso call at tho offico
and settle before March 1. I will
collcotly strictly in advance from that
date and will be compelled to out off
all delinquents. S J Quay,
City Circulator.
You do not have to draw on your
imagination while seated at a firo of
the "Big Muddy lump." On tho con
trary, you havo to "draw back" from
tho "generous heat." Remember tho
IJig Muddy and take no other. Tele
phone Ecan for coal.
Everybody goes to Joo Lonman's
whon they want a good meal, or tie
Wear your old shoes a little longer
ana wait tor tho new shoo store, 414
Austin street.
A Sure Cure for Plies.
Itching Piles are known by mois
ture like perspiration, causing intense
itching when warm. This form as
well as Blind, Bleeding or Protrud
ing, yiold at onco to Dr. Bosanko's
Pile Remedy, which acts direotly on
paits efleoted, absorbs tumors, allays
itching and effeots a permanent cure.
50 cts. Druggists or mail Ciroulars
free. Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by W. B.
Morrison & Co.
Why will anyone romain weak when
they can be made strong 1
Eyeryone should kn w that the entir
human atructuie in conatautly being torn
down and rebuilt, the same as in the
vegetable- world the trees shed their leave
and again put forth new shoots. Now,
when tho blood becomes too weak to carry
to the kidneys and liver this dead tissue
that should he removed, the whole system
becomes enervated and a distressed feeling
of weakness and unnatural fatigue follows.
One feels half dead, so to speak, and liter
ally is half dead, the old tissue clinging in
particles throughout the system, prevent
ing the forming of new tisauo and th
awakening of new life. At such times a
medicino that will enliven tho blcod, re
move its sluggishness, fill it with red cor
puscles, and strengthen it, is necessary.
There is only 0110 uch medicine and that
U Dr. John Bull's Snrsaparilla. Its action
on the blood is like the cITict of cream on
coffee, it male) it good. Do you w an t to feel
the exuberance of perfect health? Doyou
want to feel strong and full of life in every
part? Do you want to increase your self
control and be a perfect man or perfect
woman, fiee from the unnatural tenden
cies of wasting and debilitating diseascst
Then use Dr. Bull's Sarsanarilla. It will
make you feel new and full of strength.
"I would now be In my pr.we had 1 no!
UKCd Dr. Hull's Mnrt.nnnrill'i- t irn nnin
it "urruwa, ixiMUGHin, iiy., w rues I
UstlDss.and so weak that 1 spent more
half my time lylne in bed. My memory
was bad. I could not concentrate my mind
on business or anything. My nights were
restless, and my Uieamt unnnturmly vivid.
I lost llosh, and seemed to be wasting away.
I emw desnondont, and constantly fearful
that something evil was going to happen,
Tho smallest out would run Into a sore, and
my blood was tain and cold. I heard Bull's
8ariiparllla was a good strengthening med
icine, and so Rave It a trial. It has made
life geem dlUorent to ai, and filled me with
ctlvlty,hope and determination, whllemr
health Is all 1 could desire."
Mrs. Luoy Iledel, Lawrencoburc, Ind
writes: "I was weak and nervous, welched
only elghty-slx pounds, took twenty-three
bottles of Dr. Hull's Barsaparilla, and crow
strons and fat. I now weigh 117 pounds."
B-Jf you love your child, look after 1U
JTe!fare,y occasionally giving It Dr. Joha
Bull's Worm Destroyers. Ther never ii
harm and will keep ll well.
r Smith's Tonto Syrup cures chills aa
lever after quinine has failed. It Is pleas
ant to take, and never falls to cure. You da
yourself a wrons to use quinine or any
other chill medicine.
JonN D. Paiik & Sons, VhoUtaU Jgmt
ITS, m and 179 Sycamore Bt, Cincinnati, a
iiilt & Co., 414 AuBtin, the
shoo house
The Hobson lino rutiB to tho Waco
Dr. Geo. P. Mann, dentist. Fui
sett of upper or lowor teeth, $12.50
Tho Hobson line runs to tho Waco
GrcenhouBo 14th and Barron street
(Elegant room moulding slights
damaged nt your own prico at Thoron
son's E. J-,) ' '
Pure and wlnto lam at 9 cents
por pound in ton pound cans at Cltip.
ven'f, corner Fifth and Franklin.
Hilt & Co., tho coming gieat shoe
houso of Waoo, 41 1 Austin avenoo
will open up about tho first. '
Fishing tackle of ovory dosoription
with a full stook of huntorflsupplie
11. K. A tnoLDa
Buy tho "Big Muddy" lump coal
Keoptvarm and give your imaginaiton
a rest. "Telephone Egan for coal."
For tho next thirty days, seo our
prices. They will astonish you,
Pakkeh Bll08.
A .1. Loslie for first-class watoh
clock and jowelry ropairing. Same
building with II. E. Ainbold Austin
E. ETThompson sells wall paper at
5o per roll, real valuo Ifm mr mil
(seo those elegant designs in wall
pnper irom 00 to ijsa.OU per roll.)
Dookery & Co., Assuraneo Agents
ropresent first rlass oompanies only,
Eyory attontion paid to placing risks.
Givo us a call at our new quarters in
tho Provident building.
Baoklen'a Aralaa Ualvo.
Tho best salve In tho world for onto,
bruises, soros, uloerB, salt rheum, fe
ver soros, totter, chapped hands, chll
blnlns, oorns and all skin eruptions,
and positively sures piles, or no pay
roauirod. It In o-nnrantnoH , ,f(
satisfaction or uionov refunded. Prico
26 cents a box. For sale by W. B
Morrison r do.
Don't be Deceived.
I am still holding down Standara
Granulated Sugar 20 nounds for onn
Franco-American Food Co'a Frenoh
Soups, 3 pound cans, 30 cents each .
Star Tobacco 40 cents per pound. Low
prices on everything. Call and soe
Joe S. Thompson,
The Grooer.
Undisputed Authority.
Tho United Stutes Dispensary says
that "Onions aro a stimulant, diurotio
and expectorant; thoy increaso tho
appotito and dromoto dijestion." The
juice mado into syrup as in Dr. Gunn's
Onion Syrup, has a specifio action on
the throat, lungs and air passages, it
not only cures coughs, colds, croup
and consumption, but its stimulating
effect, strengthens anc builds up the
system afterward. As a tonio and
restor .tive it has no equal. Wo so
licit a trial in tho most ohronio and
stubborn cases. Prico 50ots. Sold by
W. B. Moirison & Co.
Tulia .Lots
Garden spot of the great Panhandle
Rich loamy soil. Great wheat country.
Tulia Lots
Tulia is tho county scat of Swisher
county. One of the finest oountios
in tho great Panhandle. Court houso,
churohes, sohoola, &e, o.
Tulia Lot
Swisher oountv ia devnloninrr ranidlv.
Thousands aro going to tho Panhan-
uio uany ana tne man witn tho plow
is daily going to SwiBhor county.
Tulia Xjfc
A pretty town in the prettiest country
in tho world. Land level as a floor
and producing immense crops of all
uuiuuis, vugmauies anu iruus.
Tulia JLto
Everlasting frecstono pure vvator in
illiinitablo quantities at twcnty-livo to
thirty feot.
Tulia Lots
Are in a growing town, in a growing
oounty. Pronertv is advancinc dailv
and will continue to advanoo in a way
to matra tho hoad Bwnn. Buy now.
Don't delay a day. Lots cheap aB
dirt at prices now asked,
For maps, plats and othor particu
lars apply to
I. H. Eouldy,
411 Franklin street.

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