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ItPBldcnco ;)i U N 12 8t..
Physicians ana burgeons.
-,( at Old Corner Drag Blore. Tolepoone
el OOIco and IlcBldonces.
(il W rfr" I
..--- Tsxaa,
glftto nt Old Corner Drug .Btoro.
nnico hours nt roBldonco, from 2 to 4
p. in. No. 1408 South Eighth street.
Office on Austin Street over
First National Bank.
Hcoenb Williams. Wm. W. Evans.
Williams & Evans
Atty's $ Counsellors at Law,
Hartley & Burleson,
Honk, Job mill Commercial
J Sooth Third Eire et, lor BlUbeil Uonit,
Atrial Order Solicited.
Corner Sixth mid Vm.liliiKtoii,
KJ-Good rooms nnd unexcelled table,
of serr'io nt tbc mo&t rcii-unable ratoe
lenient to business center of tlio cltj.
v&vr e fcisJvcKi K3
SIS AriMln Avenuo.
wauo, : : : texas.
C O J1L.
207 South Fillls Street.
Best coal in any quantity
delivered promptly. Prices
as low as the lowest.
2O7 South Fifth Stroot,
Cor. Eighth $ Clay Sis.
Only two bloelts south of3lo. l'acifl Jl. Jl
Terms reasonable. Commercial
Travel especially solicited.
Mrs. N. H. Kirkpatrick.
;ai.i.', on or aduress
Indian Territory.
The dajs of wonder will nerer
ecaso till tho end of tbo world.
Now is your chanoo to down all lOo
and 5c. counters at 4o. and 3o. at tho
Store, 012
like it.
Austin Street, Nothing
Proposing to Admit I'rcn of Duty am
clilnery for Mimuriiclurinc; Cotton ling
EliiR n Well ns tlio Mniuirncturod Article.
Supremo Court Decisions.
Washington, March 1. Tho follow
ing is tho report of Mr. Turner of dcor
gin, from tho ways and menus committee,
in favor of tho bill to admit freo of duty
bagging for cotton, machinery for manu
facturing bugging, cotton ties and cotton
Tho bill proposes an act of tardy jus
tice to those who contribute tho chief
item of our export trade. Tho right to
resort to imported bagging and ties will,
it is confidently believed, protect tho
farmers and laborers engaged in tho pro
duction of cotton ajrainst comers anil
combinations among thoso who tmder
tho present tariff control tho supply of
theso indispensable articles. Tho im
portation of machinory used in tlia
manufacture of bagging is proposed in
this bill for tho benefit of American bag
ging factories. They already havo their
raw material free. An additional rea
son is suggested by tho fact that if theso
very simple machines can bo imported
free, the frnncrs themselves can join in
production of bagging. Tliey will thus
havo in their own hands a final defense
against trusts and monopolies. They aro
Btill smarting from tho oppression which
tho very recent combination imposed,
raising the price of bagging nearly 100
per cent. Tho effect of tho McKinloy
rates upon bagging and ties has not yet
been fully developed. Tho first effect
has been to cut off importation of theso
articles. Tho nest btop will bo an aug
mentation of price.
Dalzell of Pennsylvania is preparing
tho reiwrt of tho Republican minority
in opposition to tho bill.
No Quorum Was All Hlglit.
Washington, March 1. Tho "no
quorum" cave, in which tho legality of
of tho Dingley worsted act was attacked
by Ballin, Josoph & Co., importers, was
decided by tho United States supremo
court. The Dingley act was passed
through tho action of Speaker Reed in
counting a quorum of members present,
but not voting. Tho importers main
tained that Speaker Reed's action was in
violation of the constitution and an act
passed in this manner was void. Tho
United States circuit court for tho south
ern district of New York decidual against
tho United States and in favor of tho
importers on this ground, so that tho
caso came before tho United States
supreme coxirt adverso to tho constitu
tionality of tho "no quorum" method of
parliamentary procedure. Tho court, in
a decision by Justice Brower, held that
"no quorum" rule was valid and -that
tho house of representatives had tho
right to mako such a rulo.
Tho suggestion thero might bo a delib
erate conspiracy between tho presiding
officers and the president to mako a law
not passed by congress tho court said
could not hold. Tho enrolled act tho
court held was conclusive.
Tliroo Times Constitutional.
Washington', JMnrch 1. Threo cases
in which tho importors sought to contest
tho constttutionauty of tho McKinloy
tariff act were decided by tho United
States supremo court. Tho titles to
theso aro: Boyd, Sutton & Co. and Her
man Stenibach & Co., each void as to
the United States, and Joel B. Erhardt,
collector of tho port of Now York, and
Marshall Field & Co. vs. Clark, collector
of tho iort of Chicago. Tho ground on
which it was maintained tlio tariff was
unconstitutional was tho tobacco rebate
section of the bill had boon omitted in
its enrollment ufter its passago by con
gress and therefore tho bill sigued by
tho president was not tho bill passed by
the legislative department of tho gov
ernment; that tlio reciprocity feature
was a transmissson to tho executive of
law making powor and therefore void,
vitiating tho whole act, and lastly that
tho act was void becauso of tlio sugar
bounty provision. Tho court affirmed
tho judgments of the Now York and
Illinois courts of tho United States in
favor of tho constitutionality of tho act.
About Gold IlnxorTM.
WASinNdTON, March 1. At tho in
stanco of Representative Dockory of Mis
souri tho house adopted a resolution di
recting the committee on judiciary to
inquire and report to tho liouso as to tho
right of tho secretary of tlto treasury to
nso the $100,000,000 gold reservo lor cur
rent expenditures, iii regard to tho res
olution, Dockory said: I asked tho houso
to'accept tho resolution for tho reason
that thero seems to be somo doubt upon
tho question, especially emphasized by
an interview of tho secretary himself,
published in this city, in which ho is
quoted as saying: "As to tlio $100,000,
000 gold reserve, it is hold against .'J50,
000,000 national bank notes, to mako tho
credit of the government impregnable,
for no ono will be able to get together
enough greenbacks to tako all of tho
gold out of tho treasury and therefore
thoy do not take tiny. But theso notes
outstanding aro legal tender and tho
government can as well use tho gold re
serves if it needs to in n pinch. It should
therefoio appear in tho dobt statement
What Your Great Grandmother Did.
Sbo hctchcled tho flax and carded tha
wool, nnd wovo tlio linen, and spun tho tow,
and inailo tho rlothcs for her husband and
ten children. Sbo inado butter nnd cheese,
Bho dipiKKl tallow candles, to light tbo bouse
at night, nnd sbo cooked nil tbo food for her
uouscuoui oy an oien liro piaco mm a wick
oven. Yes; and when sbo wns forty years of
ago, sbo was already nn old lady wboso best
days wcro over. Ilcr shoulders ero bent and
her joints enlarged by bard work, nnd sbe
woro spectacles nnd a cap.
Her great prniuldatiRhtcr, with nil the
modern conveniences for comfort, refinement
and luxury, mny ho as charming nnd attract
ive nt forty-llvo n3 nt twenty. Especially is
this truo if sbo preserves her health by tha
uso of Dr. l'iereu's Fnvorito Prescription,
which wards oh" all fcnialo ailments and h
1 LIUUI illW. -ui wi lllllll IL tJIUJ1 ill IXU.Jf UA3K,
keeps tbo lifo current healthful nnd vigorous,
ami enables tho woman of middle ngo to re
tain tho freshness of girlhood upon brow and
check, tbo light of youth in be
its elasticity in her step.
tin in Tm.f .I.Mtrv cfmn nntt n .lnlln. a.
bottlo and try it try a second, a third if nec
essary. Bcforo tbo third ono's been taken
you'll know that tbcro's a remedy to help you.
Then you'll keep on nnd a curo'll come.
But if you shouldn't feel tbo help, should
bo disappointed in tho results you'll And
a guarantco printed on tho hot tie-wrapper
that'll get your monoy back for you.
Con you ask more I
A Ncirrn KiirlNlicr CitiiKlit ami
Trouble Looked fur.
SEDALIA, Mo., Feb. 29. The
Taylor affair was made the subject
of the sermons of two city churches
last night. Both ministers took
ground in opposition to a wide
open town such as Scdalia has
been for some time past, warning
the Deoplc what such a state of
affairs would lead to. All informa
tion which might tend towards
the capture of the negro ravishcr
is promptly reported to head
quarters at tho Council Chamber.
The public feeling is moderating,
though if the criminal be captured
now, lynching will be inevitable.
Dick Bcatly, a suspect, was ar
rested at Utterville by members
of the Vigilance Committee yes
terday and brought to this city.
He was not, however, identified
by Mr. Taylor. Frank Collins,
another negro, has been arrested
in Kansas City on suspicion, but
many believe the man under arrest
at Van Buren, Ark., is the one
The fire department was called
out Sunday afternoon to the
corner of Eleventh and Ross ave
nue. A barn, the property of
Mrs. C. W. Smith was destroyed
together with a small quantity of
feed. A calf tied up in the barn,
also a fine surry was rescued from
the flames just in time. Mrs.
Smith desires through The News
to thank the gallant firemen for
their promptitude in protecting
her property. There was no in
surance on the building or con
tents and arc a total loss.
Miles' Nerve And Liver Pills
Act on a now principle regulating
the llvor, stomaohand bowols through
thenerveB. A now discovery. Dr.
miles' Fills speedily cure biliousness,
bad taste, torpid liver piles, consti
pation. Unequaled for men, women,
and children. Smallest, mildest, sur
est. 60 doses 25 cents. Samples froo
at H. O EIshor.& Co's. Drug storo 513
Austin avenue"
1000 acre farm, 500 in cultivation, all
first olaas prairio land. Ton houses,
barns, shods, wells and ono nover-
failing spring.
Small farms of 100 or 200, 320 or 400
aores each, and many others choap
and on easy terms.
Ranging in number of acres of 320, 500
1200, 1400, 1800 and 3,000, situated
near Waco. We can sell special bar
gains in houses, lots and business
Bell & Sassaman,
Real Estate and Rental Agents, 111
South Fourth Btreot. Waco, TozaB.
Wox All
Tho now oigar. Nothing iko
Boats tho record for flavor.
Nox All
Tho only Hand Made, Havanna
filled, Fivo Cent Cigar in Wnoo. Best
ever made Try them nnd you will
smoko no othor.
Jtfox All
Has conio to stay, Tho Pionoor
Pipar Faotory, G20 AuBtin Street,
All bills duo tho News for advertis
ing from July 16th aro payablo to
R. Ghrlstophor or his authorized col
lector. This applies also to subscribers.
Elegant Pboto'a.
Having seoured tho services of Mr.
W. M. Hall, of Chicatjo, as operator
and retoucher, will guarantco tho pub
Ho a finer olass of photographic work
than has over been shown in Waco
Uavo recently purchasod tho largest
as well as tho Gneat photograph lens
in Texas. Call on tho old ro liable
photographer and see samples.
W. D Jaokbon.
This is Pretty Good.
Mr. John 0. Goodwin, carpenter of
Danville, III., writes: "About two
weeks ago a heavy saw log fell upon
my foot very badly crushing it,so that
I was unablo to walk at all. I sent
for a bottle of Ballard's Snow Lina
ment and kept my foot well sat iratod
by it. It is now two weeks since this
happened, and my foot is nearly well
and I am at work. Had I not used
Snow Linament I should have been
laid up at least two months. For
healing wounds, sprains, sores and
bruises it has no equal. No inflamma
tion cau oxist whoro Snow Lina
ment is used. You can use this let
ter. Beware of all whito linaments sub
stituted for Snow Linament. Thero
is no othor liunment liko Ballard's
Snow Linament Sold by II. 0. Itishcr
Itoms and communications Intended
or this dopartineiit should bo sent to
No. 809 North Twelfth street or tele
phoned to No. 30. on or boforo Friday
afternoon of each wook, In ordor to
recolvo proper attention. News
notes received after 10 o'clock Satur
day morning cannot appear until the
next week, however much wo may
regret the delay.
Sleeper, Clifton & Co. havo added a
repairing department in connection
with their shoe store. All repairing
of boots and shoes neatly done
Charges reasonable. Leave your
shoes to be halfsoled at Slocpcr, Clif
ton & Co'e,, corner of Fourth and
Austin streets.
Watoh for tho opening of the rreat
new shoo store, 414 Austin street with
a bran now fresh stock and all dainty
fHinO A(reii(N Wan tori tliilcltly
to BUpply tho limiiciiki) demand for
OOO I'iikon, lticlilr 1 1 111 Nt ruled,
I'rlro, M.ftO.
A lilography of the World's Orcatvt nivlno,
by tho Spurirt'oii ol America. Ilcwaro of
catch-penny books, this Is tho hiuiidurit.
Agents' succcps BHtonlehlng Interest I I i-ii io,
Send quick . 'Wo for out 11 tend get tho territory.
10(1 Unco Stroot, I'lilmlolplilii.
or, Ilroudwuy Sc I.ociini Si.,
St. I.uills, Ma,
Texas & Pacific Railway
The direct lino to Sbreveport and Now Orleans,
toTexarkanu, Memphis, St. Louie, tho
North and Khdi, and to all points
In Toxws, Old nnikNew
Mexico, Arlzinx,
Colorauo and California.
The Favorite Line via Sacramento to Oregon
and Washington. Only line offering
Cholco of Jlontes to l'olnts In the
Slirevtport and
Sow Orleans.
Between Ft. Worth and St. Louis,
no l'BHteat Time between Texas auc the
North and Kust.
Double Dally Lino of Pullman Palace
Sleeping Cars through to it.
Louis via the
Through Sleeping Cars Between New
leans and Denver and St Louis
ana El Paso,
For rites, Tlckots and all Information apply
to or address any of tho Ticket agents or
Trar. I'ihh Ag't, tient I'sbs. AT. Ag't.
JOHN A. ;itANT,:id Vice-I're.
no. lain f
To tho sheriff or any Constable ot MiLennn
connty, Greeting!
O. ). Triple ndmlnlitrntnr ol tlio cotnto of
M. Komnml Deceased, t.ntlrg filed In our
Connty Conrt bin Final Arcou t ortho con
dition of the Estate of said M Ilomnml Dcceas
ed, together with An application to bo dlrchsrg
ecl from ssld Administratorship
You are Hereby Command! d, tl at by publl.
cation of this writ ft r twenty days In n newspa
per regularly published li the Comity of Mc
Lennan yon give duo notlco lo nil p rsoi b Inter
ested In the Account for 'Inal So l.ment of
baUI Kctate, lofllc thclr objrotlnns then to, If
any they torn, on or bcforo tli Mi cli term,
IKia, ofsald Connty Court, commiMirlnir nnd to
bo holdcn nt tlio Court Houfo of si.liKou ty, in
conitIic llrot Momlny In .Mnrcli b9'.'. wlion
cnld ACOonntvnd Appilcatiun wl 1 bo coifhlur
ed by tnld Conrt.
Wnxi-ss my hand nnd soul
.... of oPIco nt Vnco thin noth day
: ofiInnnry 1812.
II.. S. : .1. W. lUKKii, Clnrk Connty Court
! :Mclnun omitv, Texns
i Hy T. II. IliiowN, Deputy.
Nil. Ill.
Tin: STATU of ti:xas.
To tho Sheriff or nny Conetablo of Mol.cnnnn
county, GrrctliiR:
V. R. McClnln AdmlnUtrntor 1 f tlio I'ntntoof
T. M. Mm Held Pcccnxt'tl Intvlr x 11 nl In or
County Court tile flrml Aiconnt ot tho condi
tion of tho Ktnto of (nla K. M..Mn)llu1il I
ceneil toKctbcr with on application 10 bo dla.
charficd from Bald Adrulnlatrntorsl I
You ore Hereby Commanded thnt by publi
cation nl hU writ for twenty daj sin nnuwBpii
IHTrcRulhrly iinbllthcd In tin- County of Mo
Lennnn you rIto duo notlcv to nil pern n In
to r e b t d In the Aoruiint fur I'ltial So lenient of
eald KRlalo, to lllo thclr objccllon- thereto, I
any thoy hare, on or bcforo tbo Mnrcli urm.
Ib'Ji, of B.ilil County Court, commei rl (rnnd 'a
ho holden nt the Conrt H,uet of bhUI Com ty In
W'Co on the flrat Monduyln Mnrcli igu, wheu
and Account and Application will be i onelclor
edhy BnldComt.
; WiTNrBSinyhnnd nd irnl of
: : omco, at W uoo tlilB 3rd day ol V b-
: L.N. ruary 16a J. YV lUmtu Clrfc
: .. C unty i outt McI.onnaiiO unty,
Toxob, ;by T. II. IIhown. Deputy.
Tin: statu or tf.xan
Tothe Sheriff or any Constable of McLennan
IJounty Grectinc:
You ore hereby commanded, to summon by
ranM (r publication of thin citation cc no th
week lor loi r Bticcofslrc wcoKb pr'or to tho re
turn ilny hereof In somo noBtinppr lu hllBhed
In MuIj n mi con 'ty, TuxnMlcorgn Mlher to
bo and nppenr before tlio llororahlo I) strict
Comt of McLcnnnn couitv, Te.Mie, ot U 0 next
Tegular term theren .to bo o il In tlio C art
House, In the Cltv or u ni o, on tbo llrht Mondii
In Mnrcli A. D in)', then nnd there to nnswo
tho Hnlntlu" b I'e'l Ion, filed in i-Bllltl Bald
Court on ti 0 lit Aa ol Fobrtii") A. I. 181)1.
wherein A Ice .Miller Is I'lnintllT, nnd 0 o ga
Mtllei IB l)-rondunt. rlloN ofsnl buixKNo.
Wjt Tho nntu'o or Uiu l'lnlntlff's ilein mil b as
follows, to-ult:
I" nln Iff peeka n jnilgmoi t for divorce1 on the
croundRofo uel tient,, cnt, nnd nhnudoniucnt
by defendant tor hto Joith Hkik Fail
hit. and havo von then and thero thin rt.
with your endorsement thereon, showing how
you luivo execu'i d tho pamo
Oivit UmjliiMy Hand and Seal ot
) xald Court, nt Olltcii In tho City of
Y Wuco, tills the until Coy of .Imiunry A,
JD.1SU2. ATTKkT 7. Y lll'.AHLKY.
lork District Court,
McLonnan omity, Te is.
Tin: NTA'iuor tkxas
To tho Sheriff or any constnbluor Mclennan
O'luntT, (ire, tint;:
Y it ate hereliyci inmnudrd t- Bunimon Uel
len C. froby tiy mnkui; publlentl inftlil
citation In Borne tiewipaper published In Mo
l.cnnnn county unco in nch wi ek for four bids
cof.lvo wiekB prcli us t return tiny hereof,
to ho nnd appear tolorn tho bono nhlo I'lstrlct
(!. urt of 51 c, I. i-ii t an ' uu ty, TVxns nt the next
regular term thereof to bo held In thu n urt
house In the city f ncoun the Ilrst onlay
In Mnrcli, A 1). IM'J then and there t ntrnwer
the plaintiff's pelltl n tllcdlii n biilt I,, sidi'
court on tho 'tli day of January. A.I. 1;
wherein K. I., Ciobby la plnl. tiff nnd llollii
O Crosby defenlnii
Fllo Mi of Bttltbeliih No roil",
Tho nnluruiif tbo pliiintlff'B demand Is nafn.
1' -UH, to -wit: a suit fur dlv rcu fr. in tho
bmulB f mntrlm ny ba cil on tbo gr tudsof
abnnib nmeut.
Herein lull not and havo you then nn Micro
tbla wr t, with y nr Indori-oniont thnruon,
Showing how , it hnqe executed tho sauio
tilteii in doriin tin. d end tlio seal
I,. S. : or snlil Court, 'at DIIlco In tbo city
; : if Waco, thia tho'J thdny i fJnnu
nry, A. 1). IK!).'.
ttCBf Z. '. llKASLKV.a
clerk District Court, Mcbennnn C unty, ,n
To tho Bherlffor any Conntablo of McLennan
You aro hereby commanded to st.ii.ircn
Jan Jt SparkB br ml kli'g publication of this ci
tation In Bomo I'CWspupcr liuhlli lied in Mi Len
na cntiutt onco In uuuhucek for lour hiicccb
Blvowbots pro InuBto ret ii n dayh nort b
and aptieni before tbo Huno at) oDlstr ft Court
of McLennan Count , TexBB, at tbo next regu
lar term thereof, to bo hold In tho Court I ouso,
In tho cltv of Waco, on tho fir t Monday In
March, A.I). 'MM then nnd thero to an war tbo
I'liilutlff's l'et tion, tl'ed tn a su't In rati) t ourt
nn iho'JSth day i f .1 nil my A I) IWU, wherein
Martha .1. Sparks is I'laluilff, m ilJa. II rJpnrka
Is Defendant File Nn. of suit belli No oHIU.
'Ihenaturo of thu l'lalntlff's demand It ub fol
Ions to-ul :
A suit for dl orce for separation f om tho
bonds of mntrln ony based on the ground of
cruel nnd abusive treatment desertion nnd fail
ure to Buppoit.
I1i:iii:in Fn. Not, nnd hnv youthen and
there this Writ, with your endorsement thereon,
showing how yon have executed tbo same.
: Oivkn Undui My Hand and
L. S. : Sen of said Court, at Office In tho
: . Cityot Waco, this tho 'Jdtli day ol
', January A. D I-U2
Attest: " F llKAHLET.
CIe1: DlBtrlct C tin,
Mclennan County, Texas,
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
anything you want at any hour at Joo
A Raro Chanco.
If you want a piano or orpan of fino
makes now is tho opportunity to buy
one on your own terms and at prices
unheard of. Cull on J. JJ. Payne
and bco tho largest and finest stock of
pianos ever brought to central Texas
and bbk terms and prices. This in the
oppprtunity of a lifo time and no pru
dent person should neglect it. Tako
notico in time. There will never ho
Buoh a chanoo to buy organs or pianos
as cheap or on such terms.
Finest California bottled wines, at
3ri oonts per quart, beet bargaiu ever
offered in Waco. J. A. Early.
MflMflDU KE v"!6n.S?l "'-ft"'
BuMwr nrKieris, Salt
I)tih. Gl. f.lMtrlo LJrhL
IPinCMV BtenHet. Adrf.U.IISlr.
NUAUCm I wii.li, bltXKT SrlllSVS.BU.
as available cash."

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