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j pCTtay-
Frash Veg3tabla3 Recolvod Dally
Carrotts, Beets, Radishes,
Tomatoes, Oelory, Parsley,
Rutabagas, Turnips, Ye'ow
Yam bwect Potitoes, Spinach, Must
ard Greens, Turnip Greeks, Young
Onions, Cabbage and Mormon Irish
Send us your orders if you wish the
best and freshest of everything good
to oat.
Quality and price guaranteed, Your
trado solioitcd, Hoadquartors for
everything good to eat,
Musi Have Money.
HONEY before the first of March.
This is imperative. Wc regret
the necessity of so urgent an ap
peal, but wc must have our mon
ey. Please give this matter imme
diate attention and call and settle
at once.
A Voice From Patton Against the
Primary System.
-flclltor News
Seeing the subject of conven
tion vs. primary election discussed
in the county papers, and hearing
the same discussed wherever a
group of voters get together, has
prompted me to write this from
the country to show that there
is at least one of the great un
washed throng who is not afraid
but what the city will accord to
the country all her rights in a con
vention, and also to enter solemn
protest against the primary sys
tern. It has been tried and prov
en a failure. The candidate for
office who was so disposed could,
by the judicious use of a little
money and bad whiskey, have re
peating enough done on primary
election day to insure election
over any one who was too honora
ble to resort to such method. I
was told by men of veracity that
an election or two back a hack
load of eight persons and it was
also said they were railroad hands
from an adjoining county voted
in every ward in the city of Waco
and then drove out to White Hall
and Robinson and did the same.
So, instead of eight voters, there
was actually counted not less than
forty, and were this the only in
stance of such it could be over
looked. One other instance and
that in the country where five
boys and I believe all under age,
voted at home, went to Waco
voted in all the wards, and at a
country box ' between home and
How will any Of the advocates
of the primary system trot out
anything to beat this in flagrantly
outraging that which all fair mind
ed men wo'ild love to see accom
plished, "the survival of the fit
test." I hope the executive commit
tee of the county will for once
give us a chance to nominate by
convention or turn the whole ca
ravan loose, every fellow for him
self, and the devil take the hind
most. Old Timer.
John F. Marshall.
Mr. John F. Marshall will con
test with other aspirants for 'the
office of county clerk, and being
thoroughly competent, and pos
sessed of every qualification
necessary for a suc
cessful discharge of the duties of
county clerk Mr. Marshall feels
that his condidacy will meet with
general approval. He has been
a. resident of McLennan county
twenty-years and never asked for
an office before.
OfSpoclmons of Natural History
hero In Waco.
It is an important fact, known
to but few of the citizens of Waco,
that Col. Albert D. Rust, residing
at 1 1 2 1 South Ninth street, has
the largest general collection of
specimens of natural history,
either public or private, to be
found in Texas.
This collection, which has re
quired years to accumulate and
cost considerable money, consists
of land, fresh water and marine
shells from all parts of the world;
fossils from all the geological
formations from the lower silurian
to the tertiary; Indian and mound
builders relics; specimens of
nearly all the precious, rare and
common metals; crystals, precious
and building stone; corals; sea
fans and sea feathers from the
"Gardens of the sea;" about twen
ty different varieties of petrified
woods; fossil ferns of rare
beauty; several specimens
of anthracite, bituminous and
lignite coal, and hundreds of his
toric and valuable relics from
The marine shells of which he
has several hundred different vari
eties of the most beautiful and
interesting, arc mostly from the
southern hemisphere. Of fossils,
Col. Rust has collected over two
hundred different varieties from
the cretaceous of Texas; this, he
says, is the largest collection of
Texas cretaceous fossils in the
world, as only about seventy-six
have ever been figured and de
scribed. The most beautiful and
interesting of the last named arc
Toxastcrs, Hemiasters. Ostreas,
Ammonites, Exogyras, Dia
demac, Fish teeth and Vertebra,
Cyphasoma, Holectipus planatus,
Pyrina parrye and Trigonias.
The richest fields and best pre
served specimens of the cretac
eous of Texas arc found in Tar
rant, Denton, Dallas, Hood, Bos
que, Johnston and Callahan coun
ties. Col Rust has also made a
large collection from the Carboni
ferous of Texas.
Kis Indian specimens have been
collected from both the north and
south and consist ot flint arrow
heads and other flint instruments
gods of pottery, beads and sacred
vessels of the Aztec and Toltecs
badges of honor, etc., besides
many others. He has an ideal
restoration of the celebrated Nean
derthal man who lived 25,000
years ago.
His collection of metals is quite
interesting and valuable and con
sists of gold, silver and copper
from fifteen or twenty different
mines in this country and Europe;
besides this he has many speci
mens of the more common metals,
Probably Col. Cust's collection of
crystals and precious stones is
more beautiful and attractive than
any of his other collections, unless
it may be his shells. His croci
dalite or "tiger eye," from South
Africa, pieces four or five inches
long are exquisitely beautiful,
many varieties of moss fortifica
tion band and Brazilian agates
from different countries, ama
thysts, Amazon stone, onyx, Hot
Springs crystals, marble, granite,
sand and other varieties of build
ing s-one from most of the states,
in the union. Of corals-gems of
the sea, he has several varieties
branching, brain, mushroom, cox
comb and other corals, fifteen or
twenty varieties. Besides the
Used in Millions of Homes
brief mention of a very few of the
above classified specimens, there
are hundreds of relics, and speci
mens not classified, that wc have
not space to give our readers.
At the State Fair at Dallas in
1886 Col. Rust was awarded fine
first premiums and one diploma
as follows:
For the best general collection
of fossils; for the best general col
lection of the reptilian age; best
collection of cretaceous fossils o
Texas; best collection of carboni
ferous fossils of Texas; best gene
ral collection of shells; and a dip
loma for the best collection of
Ethnological, mound builders and
Indian relics.
There arc over 14,000 speci
mens in this collection and it is
one of which the state and espe
cially Waco should be proud.
Organization Efrctod Resolutions
VdoptodOfllcors Elected.
A German-American Club was
organized last evening at the
office of the Waco Post and the
names of a large number were en
rolled. The meeting was called to
order by Mr. S. O. H. Schmitz,
editor of the Waco Weekly Post,
who read a communication from
Judge Julius Schuetze urging Ger
man citizens throughout the state
to organtze.
An election of officers was then
declared in order and resulted in
the selection of Mr. S. O. H. Sch
mitz, president and Mr. H. Bicl,
secretary. A committee of three
consisting of Messers Fred Lued
ers, Henry Martin and Dr.
Charles A. Dreis.
The foll6wing resolutions were
reported and adopted:
Resolved, That we will estab-'
lish a German-American club lor
McLennan county.
2. This meeting approves of a
convention to be held at Houston
April 22, next.
3. A committee to be appoint
ed to draft a constitution and by
laws to be laid before the next
The committee on resolutions
was instructed to draft a constitu
tion and by-laws for the govern
ment of the club and to report
the same at the next meeting
which will be held Monday March
A state convention will be held
at Houston on the 22nd day of
April 1892.
It is reported that a resolution
indorsing George Clark was pass
ed by the club but was afterwards
suspended to be brought up at
the meeting at Houston.
Mayors Court.
Dan McDonald was fined $ij
this morning in the mayors court
for intoxication.
A motion for a new trial was
made and urged by H. T. Wal
ker, attorney for Cora Coleman,
the colored girl who maliciously
assalted two ladies on the street
and pushed them off the sidewalk,
and who was fined $5 for the of
fense yesterday morning. The
colored attorney cited much law
and made a good speech in sup
port of his motion. Mayor Mc-
Culloch promptly and properly
overruled the motion and notice
of appeal to the county court was
The Waco Liquor Dealers asso
ciation held an important meeting
( last night.
oo Years the Staudacrt
Come in and givo up. Not give
away but sold ohcap. J. H. Shopo
is the cash man. io sails A pat nt
flour per saok, $1.85; 2d patont flour
per saok, $1.20; Motnion Irish pota
toes, bucket, 26o.j hams, best, per
pound, 10 1 2c; 6 pounds tomatoes,
per can, lOo. blaokbcrrieB, per oan,
10c; grits, 35 pounds, 1; raisins, 10
pounds, $1 ; goldon prunes, per pound,
15o; French prunes, por pound,
12 l-2o.; ovaporated peaches, por
pound, z 2o.; ovaporated apnoots,
por pound, 12 1 2o.; Arbauklo mid
Liven ooffec, per pound, 22 l-2o.;
br. baoon, per pound, lOo ;, 3-pound
buokot baking powders, 50o ; star
tobacco, per pound, 38o ; Drummond
N L tobaooo, per pound, 55c ; Granu
lated sugar, 18 pounds for $1; yellow
clarified sugar, 20 pounds for $1;
head rice, 14 pounds for $1; 23 pounds
navy beans, $1. I hsndlo balo millut,
bale hoy, oats, bran, Kausas corn and
many other goods too numerous to
mention. Plcaso always bring the
money wlion you order goods and it
will savo trouble and timo making
chango at your houso. T. II. SnorE,
No. 205 South Third St.
Mr. I-I. B. Fontaine, of Dallas,
traveling agent of The Farmer's
World, is in the city in the inter
est of his paper.
Mr. R. S. Ross was elected at
the stockholders meeting of the
Waco and McLennan County
Fair Association the other
day general superintendent of
the ground and is in full charge.
The question is being considerably
agitated today about calling on Judge
J B. Scarborough to run for
mayor. If Judge Scarboraugh will
consent to run it is the opinion of
many that ho would make a stroi g
The music class of Miss McCul
loch entertained a number of
friends last night at the residence
of Mayor C. C. McCulloch by the
rendition of an excellent musical
progrommc, which was highly
enjoyed by all,
Mr. Fontaine is engrossing
clerk of the special session of the
Twenty-second legislature and is
a p ominent candidate for chief
clerk' of the Twenty-third. He
claims that he represents the only
straightout Hogg paper in the
A steam yacht was launched on
the Brazos at the foot of Bridge
street last Saturday afternoon and
attracted quite a crowd on the
suspension bridge all day Sunday
as it plied back and fourth be
tween Mary and Washington
A party consisting of Messers
W. H. Cameron, J. W. Mann and
Charles Hamilton, accompanied
by Mr. A. H. Handlan, Jr., of the
firm of M. M. Buck & Co., of St
Louis, manufacturers of railroad
supplies left for Corpus Christi
last night on a fishing expedition.
J D. Davis, the colored pastor
at the central station, reports that
he was out in the northern sub
urbs this morning at 5 o'c ock and
was pcrsucd about two blocks by
a large African lion. Davis is
thought to be a truthful darkey,
but this statement about this mat
ter unsupported by other evidence
will not be credited.
Judge J. N. Gallagher has had
the annual reports of the superin
tendents of the public schools
from 1882 to 1892 newly bound.
It makes quite a large volume and
contains an immense chunk of
solid wisdom. The position dur
ing six years of the time was
efficiently filled by his honor.
A Sure Cure for Pllos.
Itching Piles are known by mois-
turo like perspiration, causing intonae
itching when warm. This form as
I wen as unnu, tiioeaint: or i'rotrud-
mg, yiold at onoo to Dr. Bosanko's
Pile Romcdy, whioh acts directly on
paits effeoted, absorbs tumors, allocs
itching and effeots a permanent euro.
50 cts. Druggists or mail Circulars
frco. Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by W. B
Morrison & Oo.
To tho Lovors or Art in Photo,
Having moved to my now gailerj
over 701 and 703, Austin stroot, (tho
old Ilinohman Building), I am now
better prepared than ever to give the
pooplo of Waoo tho finest Photos in
tho state. Tho boautiful "aristo" (b0
highly ondorsod by tho loading gal
orics,) in all its boauty, at my studio.
I will havo on exhibition for a fow
days, an elegant oil portrait of Mrj
Geo Clark, by Mons. Do Gissao, wbioli
has been trained in a vory handsome
''Florontiuo" frame, making a portrait
well worth a visit, to all, and mor
especially 10 the tho ladies.
I will bo glad to welcome my old,
and many now oustoracrs. Don't for.
got my now addroB8,over701 and 703
Austin Ave. '
Deane, Photographer.
it Am roujttiAn
Stolen Sweets,
An Adventuress,
Gars ton Bigamy,
(by Albort Itoia)
A Flotida Enchantment,
(by (Jiintor)
The Confessions of a Society Mant
All the Latest Fashion Papers.
A. J. HERZ & BRO.,
Cigar, News Dealers & Stationers,
104 South Fourth Street.
The onl oheap lots offered in Waco
for tho last fivo years aro those now
on the markot in the Kirknatriok Ad.
dition, East Waco. These lots aro
being sold tor one-half thoir real val
ue, making a ohnnao to scours a dn.
sirable home such as will never occur
Cheap JLots.
These lots lio high and dry. They
overlook a large portion of tho city
and havo perfeot drainage. They lit
in tho healthiest part of the city, catck
ing tho pure breezes from the prairie
untainted by passage over any part of
tho city.
Cheap !Lots
Theso lots havo tho finest soil, a
rich sindy loam, admirablo for gar
dens, and are underlaid with pure
wator in inexhaustible quantities at a
depth of fifteen and sixteen foot,
whioh can bo usod for irrigation.
Cheap Lot
These lots aro closer to tho center
of the oity than any other addition,
and at tho same distance lots are sell
ing for three and fivo times tho price
asked for theso. There is millions in
it for persons of small means. Call oa
Mrs. or P G. Kirkpitriok, southwest
oorner Eighth and Clay street.
All parties desiring plats of the
iurkpatrick addition oan obtain them
upon application.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed proposals will be received at
the offioe of oity eeorotary, to be
opened at 3 o'olook p. m. March 10,
1892, at tho city hall, Waoo, Texas, by
tho mayor and strcot committee, for
furnishing all material and labor and
constructing, approximately, 2500
lineal feet of six inoh sanitary sewer
as follows : From Jefferson aloog
Fourth street, with lattoral between
Columbus street and Barron branohto
centor of blook, between Seventh and
Eighth stroets, and latteral between
Washington and Columbus streets ex
tending from Fourth to Ftith streets.
Profiles and specifications for inspec
tion at city engineer's office. The
right to rejeot any or all bids, is ro
sorved by tho oity oounoil of tho oity
of Waco. February 19, 1&92.
Attest: 0. 0. MoCuxiiOdi,
Jonkv Jones, City Seeretary.
Blackwoll Hotel.
Good beds and best of faro. Rat"
$1.00 per day. Meals 25 oents, 120
Second stroot, next door to the couri
house, tf
(Tho latest designs in ingrains
Thompson hangs them on common
walls with sucocss.)

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