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waco i'ikc iii:paktmi:nt.
Location ol Uro Aliirm Hoxcw.
4 Fifth WarJ P to Station strike mi
5 Corner Uh ml Austin " Hill
e 4th " HUH
" 7 CantralKlro station " "inn
' 8 Weft Ktul Fire Station " IIIUIII
" IS Cor .er 14 h a id Washington " i-lll
"14 nth and Maluorojuh ' Will
41 IS " Stlinul Co'umbna ' I nut
16 " 8th and Jackson " l-limi
17 " 4th and Wcbator " I-UUIU
"VI ' 8th .ml Cleveland " ii-mii
".6 " fith and Speight " twiitil
"17 " cthancl ahlngton " ii-iuiiii
' Mltoyal llotul 8th a ilKmnVUn" mum
ill Wooleu Kills Htli and Mary " iii-llitll
37 Corner 1 th and Jefferson ' m-llltll
All botes numbeted above 8 strikes thus)
Boi 13 strikes I and flops, thon strike? HI
maklm Ilox Is, thou repeats fourtlim's.
Ilox 25 BtrlkOHlI and stops, then strikes HIH
making Ilox ".1 a d ho on.
Keyo wll bo found In rcsldoncegon each cat
r where boxen are located Open I'lro Alarm
Boxes and pnll Hook down and lot go. Leave
key In box
Torn alarm hi only for area. 110 00 line for
false alarms. . ...
blow tapping of bells signify company
Sorond Friday In each month ea-h box Is
lapped twice, testing bnen and circuit line
When alarm ol tlretsKlve Iho Klro Depart
ment has the rlKlit of way on all itreels. All
rehlcles mnst drive near the sldoualk and keep
Mvay from the are J 00 Uno for running over
lleport of any care'ess driving going to or
from Ores by the Fire Department will bo
thanktally received by the Cn ef, as fast aud
oareless driving Is strictly forbidden.
Big Muddy I Big Muddy! Big Muddy
Joo Lohman is the most popular ros
Uurant man in Texas. His plaoo
117 South Fourth stroot.
It only takes two dollars a month
to pay for a share in tho City Savings
Joe Lehman's for loo oream and
confeotionorios 117 South Fourth
To Subscribers.
Those who arc in arrears on sub
scriptions will please call at the of
fice and settle before March 1. I will
oolloct striotly in advance from that
date and will be compelled to cut
off all delinquents.
S. J. Quay,
City Circulator.
Sin-1 rt"S JJ new book and pe
i IU L.U EU rjodical storo will
will be (ipened up at 401 Franklin
street, where lovers of Literature,
Music and Art will find all tho peri
odicals foreign and domestic, litest
novels, sheet music and all the Tra-La-La'B
of a popular house. Keep
your cyo on the place and your mem
ory on the number of 0. T. Ridley's
new stand.
The Greatest Strike.
Among the great strikes that of Dr.
Miles in discovering his New Heart
Cure has proven itself to bo ono of
the most important. Tho demand lor
it has become astonishing. Already
tho treatment of heart disease is
being revolutionized, and many unex
pected cureB effected. It soon relieves
short breath, fluttering, pains in side,
arm, shoulder, weak and hungry
spells, oppression, swelling of ankles,
smothering and hoart dropsy. Dr.
Miles' book on Heart and Nervous
Diseases, free. The unequaled New
Heart Curo is sold and guaranteed by
H. C. RiBher & Co., also his Bestoia
tive Nervine for headaohe, fits, sprees,
hot flashes, nervous chills, opium
habit, etc.
A Sound Liver Makes a Well Man
Are you BIHoub, Constlpatednnd
troubled with Jmindjc SfckHead
aohe, Bad Taste In Mouth, Flln
Breath, Coated Tongue, Dyepepsla
Indigestion, Hot Dry Skin, Pain in
Back and between tho (Shoulders,
Chills and Feyer, &o. If you have
any of these symptoms, your iilvor is
out of ordor your blood is plowly
being poisoned, because your Uver
does not act properly. Hekiune will
eure any disorder of the Llver,8tom
aoh orBowels. It has no equal as a
Liver Medicine. Price 75 cents. Free
sample bottle atH. O. Risher's Drug
M. K- & T-
1 8 O
To Now Orleans and Return on
account of
jWafdi s Gras.
Tickets on sale February 28 and 2o,
pood for roturn passage 10 days from
date of sale. For maps, folders, sleep
ing car accommodations, tickets or
any information, pleaso call on or ad
press, J. E. SMITH,
Tiokot Agent M. K. and T. lly No
South Fourth street, Waoo,Tox
Tim Mury Ann MdilaN Cnur Whltelnw
Hold VlmlhiK Up IIiisIih-kn Dntn Set liy
Illi 1'rlrniN Tor till' l'urimvll IliiiiUt
to llu Given lit I'm Is,
P.vnis, March 1. Tho now cabinet
meets with a cold reception from tho
press. Tho conservative and radical
journals agree in saying that tho now
cabinet is composed of tho nmiio mem
bers as tho preceding cabinet.
Air. Rcid, tho United States minister
will probably bo able to complete his
ollicinl business within a fortnight, as
the new cabinet contains ministers
versed in tho negotiations with the
United States representatives. Thopro
Iosed furowoll banquet to Mr. Rcid will
take place on either March 10 or March
23. The banquet committee has already
concluded arrangements, but the date
dciMiuls upon coming events.
Tho connnitteo iuintivo for the Chi
cago fair is now organized.
TIiv Slddiilo AHHiinlt.
London, March 1. John Goodall, tho
evangelist, was arraigned on the charge
of having committed on Jan. 12 last, an
assault which occasioned grievous bodily
harm upon Mrs. Mary Ann Siddals.
When tho prisoner, who is about 33 years
old and tho son of a fanner living near
Alton, was confronted with Mrs. Siddals
two immediately identified him as tho
man who had been in tho compartment
of tho car with her. Thoy were tho only
occupants of tho compartment and tho
man engaged her in conversation and
finally made improjier proposals to which
she would not listen. Ho attempted to
use forco to compel her to submit. She
struggled fiercely to escape his embrace
Finding herself overpowered, she man
aged to open tho door of the compart
ment and reach the footboard of tho car
riage, lost her hold, fell and struck tho
ground with great violence. It was
feared sho would never recover from her
Iluit'lo Is u Prisoner.
New York, March 1. A dispatch
from San Salvador to tiro Herald' is as
follows: It is stated hero that General
Reiiin Bareios, who some time ago re
turned from San Francisco to run as a
candidate for the presidency, is a pris
oner in tho hotel where ho is stopping
with his family. President Barrilliis, it
is alleged, caused rumors to bo spread to
tho effect that B.troois had determined
and powerful enemies who wero plan
ning to assassinate him. To protect him
from this alleged danger, the president
is maintaining a constant guaid of
troops around the hotel. General Bare
ios' wife, who is an American woman, is
half crazed through fear that her hus
band will bemurdered.
StculU Won inn Mntcli.
Havana, March 1. Steinitz defeated
Tschigoriu in tho twenty-third round
and final game of tho great chess match.
Tho final score Steinitz lOandTschigoiin
8, draw 5.
An Agri-rim-iit Ai rived At.
Paris, March 1. Whitelaw Reid, tho
American minister, and M. Jules Roche,
minister of comnierco, arrived at a defi
nite agreement for the establishment of
a commercial treaty between France
and tho United States. Roche will in
troduce a bill in tho chamber of depu
ties to ratify tho agreement.
Terrible Stoi in t Sea.
London, March 1. Tho Times' Oporto
correspondent gives details of n fright
ful storm reported thore Saturday. Ho
says: "It is reported that thirty boats
are lost and 300 persons drowned. Tho
loss of life is probably greater.
FamliH! in Jluugitry.
London, Maich 1. Famino prevails
in northern Hungary and 20,000 inhabi
tants of tho country of Arva are in a
state of distress equaling that prevalent
in Russia.
Hilly JIaclilen Snyn lln Is in Tip Top
Montgomery, Ala., March 1. Two
young Irishmen, botli evidently sports,
attended tho morning services at the
Catholic church hero. Ono was Peter
Maker, who is to meet Bob Fitzsim
mona in tho pnzo ring at Now Orleans.
Tho othor was Jack Fallons, ono of his
backers and trainer.
In an intcrviow with Billy Madden in
regard to Maker's condition and charac
ter ho said:
"Peter's a good boy. Ho don't care a
snap about being among sports. Why,
if ho wins that light ho will go off witli
fcomo Irish friend or other aud dance
with tho girls at sonto Irish reel.
You won't catch him among tho
"And do you think he will win?"
"I don't know. W are not bragging.
1 understand tho betting is three to ono
in Fitzsimmons favor. I have 5,20,000
with mo to back Peter at such odds as
that and I'll either loso or winf
"Is ho in good health?"
"Yes, tip top. But you can say this
for me. If Fitz is in tho condition ho is
cracked up to bo by tho newspapers ho
is in just twice as good a condition as
"What docs Maker weigh?"
"Tho last timo ho weighed, stripped,
ho showed up nt 177 pounds. When he
goes in training ho will weigh about 175
pounds. Ho is 5 feot til inches tall, 23
years old and tho pluckest boy I over
saw In my life."
IlniTy .Storm Huglng.
Pkkasantviu.e, N. J., March 1. A
terrilllc gnlo has been raging hero for
tho past twenty-four hours. Tho wind
is from tho northeast and blowing with
hurricane force. Tho meadows between
hero and Atlantic City nro submerged
about a foot. The tracks of the Camden
and Allegheney railroad are under
water and trains nro being delayed. It
is reported that tho tracks of the Ocean
City railroad aro under water.
Mum or Vi'tiiiliin.
Nashville, March 1. -Physicians
here lmvo had quite a discussion
during tLo past few days as to tho sex
of a convict named Hannah Baz, sent
from Monroe county to servo ono year
for larconcy. When brought here tho
convict had on man's clothing mid per
sistently claimed to bo a man, but re
quested that he, she or it bo not placed
in tho man's wing. Tho warden called
in tho members of tho State Board of
Medical Examiners, who happened to ba
in session here, and several other physi
cians, and all signed n request that Gov.
Buchanan grant n rardon on tho ground
that they could not dotormino tho sox of
tho convict.
Hannah has small hands and feet and
a woman's face, is rather good looking
and aged 19. Govoruor Buchanan
granted tho nrdon.
l'or Cuban Independence.
New York, March 1. It is said that
revolutionary movement has been started
by tho Cuban residents of this and othei
cities for tho purpose of establishing
Cuban independence. Threo revolution
ary clubs have been organized in this
city within the past four days, with a
total membership of 8000. Senor Jose
Marti, tho Uruguayan Consul, is said to
be tho promoter of them. Clubs have
also "been formed in Chicago and othei
cities. Next Sunday tho Porto Ricons
of New York will form a revolutionary
movement to work in sympathy with I
A llrldu Murdered.
Newport, Ark., March 1. News boa
reached here of a fatal shooting. A Mr.
Swearingen and Miss Brnttloy were mar
ried and concluded to remain for tho
night at tho homo of the relatives of tho
brido. Somo hours after retiring n
charivari party arrived and called foi
the bride. Failing to respond, somo
miscreant shot through the window,
fatally wounding the bride. .An entire
charge of buckshot was lodged in bet
head. It is not known who fired tha
Reduces tlio Interest.
Abilene, Kas., March 1. Judgo Hum
phrey of tho Fifth judicial district de
cided that the clauso in all real estato
mortgago notes that, in default of pay
ment of interest, 12 per cent, instead of
7 or 8 jer cent, could bo charged from
date until foreclosure was illegal, as it
was in tho nature of n penalty. Tho ox
cessive interest can only be charged
from maturity. It practically reduces
tho interest for investors 4 percent,
when thore is a foreclosure.
"What Slieriiiim Siijs.
Washington, March 1 Senator Sher
man's comment upon the published
fatatoment that ho has made up his mind
to resign fiom tho senato is briof but
comprehensive. Ho said "There is not
the slightest foundation for tho story.
I have never uttered to any one my pur
pose to resign, for I have never oven
contemplated it."
l'or President IHiiz.
Cm op Mexico, March 1. Eighty
membors fiom surrounding mining
towns held a meeting in favor of tho re
election of President Diaz, and a com
mitteo was appointed to convey the reso
lutions adopted to President Diaz. In
replying to the resolutions President
Diaz said ho would continue to do every
thing in his power to promote the peace
and progress of the country.
Itan to Dentil.
Pittsi'ikld, 111., March 1. James
Haydon, a wealthy fanner living five
miles east of hero, met a singular death.
Ho was killing hogs when ono of them
broke away, and whilo pursuing it at
full speed he tnpiied and fell, breaking
his neck, causing instant death.
round Iluml in lied.
Litti.kRocic, March 1. Charles Myor
a prominent merchant of Plummervillo,
Ark., was found dead in his bed at tho
Shiniis Hotel at Plummerville. Ho re
tired at 11 o'clock in perfect health.
.Silver 11111 Uusulutlnu.
Wasiiinciton, March 1. Tho rules
committee has reported a resolution
making tho silver bill tho special order
for March 22, 23 and 24, and Mr. Catch
mgs has given notico that he will call
tho resolution up next Monday.
Senator Miermuii to ICetire.
New York, March 1. A Washington
special has it that Senator Sherman will
probably retire from tho sonato before
tho expiration of his term and that Sec
retary Foster is to succeed him,
Will be Given Away.
Our cntorpriBing druggists H. 0
Uishcr & Co., who carry tho Gnrst
stock of drugs', perfumeries, toilet ar
ticles, brushes, Fpongos, etc., aro giv
ing away a large number of trial bot
tles of Dr Miles' oolcbrated llestora
tivo Ncrvioo. They guarantee it to
cure headache, dizziness, nervous
prostration, sleeplessness, tho ill efieots
of spirits, tobacco, coffee, etc. Drug
gists say it is the grontcBt sollcr they
ever knew, and is univorsallv satisfac
tory. They also guarantco Dr. Miles'
New Heart Cure in all cases of ner
vous or organic heart disease, palpi
tation, pain in sido, smothering, etc.
Fino book on "Nervous and Ueurt
Diseases" frco.
Tho News 1b not responsible for nor
will Itpny any bills unless authorized
by a written or verbal order from tho
The Waco Water & Light Company
havo removed from their old quarters
on Fourth street to new and elegant
offices in the Provident Building
They oooupy room No. 11, 1st floor
facing Franklin street cue oi tho fin
est and most accessible rooms in the
To Subscribers.
Thoso who aro in arro irs on sub
scriptions will please call at tho offieo
and settle before March 1. 1 will
collcotly striotly in advance from that
date and will be compelled to out off
all delinquents. S J Quay,
City (Jirculator.
You do not havo to draw on your
imagination while seated at a fire of
the "Big Muddy lump." On tho con
trary, you havo to "draw baok" from
tho "generous heat." Eemomber tho
Big Muddy and take no othor. Tele
phone Egan for coal.
Everybody goes to Joo Lonman't
when they want a good meal, or he
Wear your old shoes a littlo longer
and wait for tho now shoo store, 4.14
Austin street.
Just Received Large Btock
Fresh garden seed. Come ye market
gardeners. Wo havo ample to supply
you in everything.
W. L. Tucker,
at "Lion Drug Storo."
Gcnnesso canned corn $1.20 per
dozen at J. A. Eailj's.
Tho best restaurant in town, Joe
Lohman's, No. 117 South Fourth
Wli. --.XESS.
W&7 will anyone remain weak whan
they oan ba made strong 1
Everyone should know that tha entira
human structuie in constantly being torn
down and rebuilt, the same as In tha
vegetable world tho trees shed their leave!
and again put forth new shoots. Now,
when the blood becomes too weak to carry
to the kidneys and licr this dead tissua
that should be removed, the whole system
becomes enervated and a distressed feeling
of weakness and unnatural fatigue follows.
One feels half dead, so to speak, and liter
ally ti half dead, the old tissue clinging in
particles throughout the system, prevent
ing the forming of new .'tissue and th
awakening of new life. At such times a
medicine that will enliven the blood, r
more its sluggishness, fill it with red cor
puscles, and strengthen it, is necessary.
There is only onn ouch medicine and that
Is Dr. John Hull's Barsaparilla. Its action
on the blood is like the cilect of cream on
coffee, ft miika it good. Do you want to feel
thouxuberanceof perfect health? Doyou
want to feel strong and full of life in every
part? Do you want to increase your self
control and be a perfect man or perfect
woman, fiee from the unnatural tenden
cies of wasting anil debilitating diseases?
Then use Dr. Bull's btarsaparill.t. It will
make you feel new and full of strength.
T. D. Uurrows, Covington, Kj, wrltesi
"I would now be In my i:ruv had I not
tued Dr. Hull's Harhnpurllla. I wns pale,
Ustluss, and no weak that I kjien t mora than
half my time lying In bed. My memory
Was bad. I could not concentrate my mind
on business or anything. My ulxbu wera
restless, and my dreams unnaturally vivid.
I lost tlosli, and soemed to bo wa&Uns away.
I crow dewpondont, uud constantly fearful
that something cVIl was goag to happen,
a ho smallest out would run Into a core, and
my blood was thin and cold. I heard null's
Bariaparllla was a good strengthening med
icine, and so gave It a trial. It has made
Ilfeaeemdltrorent to me, ondniled ma with
aotlrlty, hope und determination, while my
health Is alf I could desire."
Mrs. Luoy Bedel, Lawrenceburf, Ind..
WTltea: "I was weak and nervous, weighed
only elghty-sW pounds, took twenty-three
bottles of Dr. Hull's Baruparlllo, and crew
strong and fat. I now weigh 117 pounds. "
-If you love your child, look after Ha
welfare by occasionally ulvlng It Dr. Jen
Bull's Worm Destroyers. They never da
Barm and will keep ll well.
ir Smith's Tonlo Syrup cures chills aM
fever alter quinine has failed. It Is pleas
ant to take, and never falls to cure. You da
rpunelf a. wronp to use quinine or any
other chill medicine.
John D. Pakk & Sons, TfTio.o Agent,
lit, 177 and 17 Sycamore Bt, Ctnolnsmtl, O.
Hilt & Co., 414 Austin, tho
shoo houHo.
The Hobson line runs to tho Wace
Dr. Geo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
sett of upper nr lowor teeth, $12.50.
Tho Ilohson line runs to tho Waco
Grcenhouso 14th and Barron strcot
(Elegant room moulding slightly
damaced at your own prico at Thomp.
son's E. E.) r
Pure and whlto lara at 9 conU
por pound in ten pound cnim at Onnv
ten's, oornor Fifth and Franklin.
Hilt & Co., tho coming great shoe
house of Waco, 414 Austin uvenao,
will opon up about tho first.
Fishing tackle of ovory dosoription
with full stook of huntora aupplie
H. E. A 'tnoLDs.
Buy tho "Big Muddy" lump coal
Keep warm and givo your imaginaiton
a rest. "Telophono Egan for ooal."
For tho next thirty days, soo our
prioes. Thoy will astonish you,
Paukkr Brtos.
A J.'Leslio for first-class watoh
clook and jowelry repairing. Same
building with II. E. Ambold Austin
E. ETThompson sells wall paper at
00 per roll, real valuo lfic per roll,
(see thoso elegant designB in wall
paper from 5o to $2,50 per roll.)
Dock cry & Co., Assuranco Agente
ropresont first rloss companies only.
Every attontion paid to placing risksT
Givo ub a call at our new quarters in,
tho Provident building.
BooUbn'a Arnloa Salve.
The boat salve In tho world for onts,
brnlsos, sores, uloers, salt rheum, fe
ver sores, totter, ohnppod hands, chll
blalns, corns and all skin eruptions,
and positively mros piles, or no pay
required. It Is guaranteed to givo
satisfaction or noney refunded. Prloc
25 conta a box. For sale by W. B
Morrison Co.
Don't bo Deceived.
I am still holding down Standard
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for one
Franco-American Food Co's Frenoh
Soups, 8 pound oans, '60 cents eaoh .
Star Tobacco 40 cents per pound. Low
prices on everything. Call and soe
Joe S. Thompson,
Tho Grooor.
Spring Medicine.
Dr. Gunn's Improved Liver Pills on.
aooount of their mild action aro espe
cially adaptod for oorrooting spring
disorders, suoh as impure blood, tired
brain and aching and worn out body.
They act promptly on tho Liver and
Kidneys; drivo out all impurities from
tho blood, and malaria from tho sys
tom. Only ono Pill for a Doso. Try
them this spring. Sold at 25 conts a
box by W. B. Morrison & Co.
(Elegant room 'moulding slightly
damaged at your own price at Thomp
son's E. E.)
Tulia JLote
Garden spot of the great Panhandle
Rich loamy soil. Great wheat country.
Tulia Lots
Tulia is tho county seat of Swisher
county. One of the finest oountios
in tho great Panhandle. Court house,
chnrohes, sohools, .to., .vo.
Tulia JLot
Swisher county is developing rapidly.
Thousand? aro going to tho Panhan
dlo daily anu. the man with tho plow
is daily going to Swisher county.
Tulia lt$
A pretty town in tho prettiest country
in thn world. T.nnd 1wnl nn n floor
and producing iminenso crops of all
cereals, vegetables and truits.
Tulia Ijiite
Everlasting freestono puro wator iu
illimitablo quantities at twonty-fivo to
thirty foot.
Tulia IjOf
Are in a growing town, in a growing
county. Property is advancing daily
and will continuo to advanco in a way
to make tho hoad awim. Buy now.
Dcn't delay a day. Lots ohcap as
dirt at prices now asked.
For maps, plats and other partiou-
""" aWJ lu e

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