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The skin ought to be
clear; there is nothing
strange in a beautiful face.
If we wash with proper
soap, the skin will be open
and clear, unless the
health is bad. A good
skin is better than a
The soap to use is
Pears'; no alkali in it. It
is perhaps the only soap
in the world with no al
kali in it.
All sorts of stores sell
it, especially druggists;
all sorts of people use it
County offlcera.
We are authorized to announce Mr. T. C
Jcmey as candidate for the offlce of or.nty
Ta 1 Collector, eutiject to the action of the uem
oor&tn of McLennan county.
m '
We arc ant h rlied to announce Capt. T. A
iiiau a a "innaiuaio 101 cuu ijanuiijipi- ,
Lennan county, enbjoct to the actlun of the 1 deceive
Democ auc iar;y.
Mr S. A Ilogan authorizes us to annonnco
thrthofra c.i.dldate Tor crnnty attornoy of
llcLci'nnn con1 tv, subject to the action of the
Deaocratio party,
For Sheriff.
We are authorized to annonnco Joe P Ellison
st arat riid&tu fur sheriff at the ensulntceleo
Uon. eubjccl to tho action of tno Democratic
W. I Bnrko 's a rand date for theriffof Mc
Lennan cou tv. subjoct to the action of tho
Democratic i tty.
Dai Fo d l arnndldntef r re-eloctlon to the
offlce rshcrlff fMcLe nau rount , oubjoctio
the action of the Domoeratl party.
ron mssitnicT cleiik.
Wo are uthorlzed ton ouno th t Mr. Z
T lJca'lcy 1-ao.nit'date for le-elc-tlnn to the
ofDce of tllDrtct dork of McLennan con ty,
subject tot on tionofthe Democratic party,
The News l aathoriz-d to announce that
Tom II. Hi own Is a candl'lato forcoumv cleric
of McLennan county, subject to lb? action of
IhvDrmot ratio party.
The Niwale author xd to nnounco Dee
Oook asacandlda'ef.T.re-clecl'on to th ottli e
of comtab'e f leclroi No Mo fnnau coun
ty, subject to the action of tho Democratic pa ty
Wr Jame IT Loekwood uth rlro us to
announce him a'andldat or const hie of
jirclnct No. 1 McL nnnuc unty, subject to the
action of .he Democracy,
Tnr Ntws Is authorized t annourcoJohn O.
"Weft s a cmid Unto for nn.yor tt the tnsnlnR
alty election, on iril Bth
The Newp In au horlzed to ann unca that
T! yorG. ' McCulloch Is acanlldato for re
el ctlon to tho olllo t mayor of Vco at tho
cnsoii g clectlo In April.
Election 1st T'csdayln April. We are au
thorized to announce Major A Ulnchman as
candidate fur the office of Mayor of Waco at the
comlnK city election.
The V? wsId nu hnrlzedto announce lion. It,
JGondeasao ndldateformav r of the city of
Waco at the e suing electiou iu April.
ran aldehhan.
The News Is authorized to announce the
EMii-nf Mr . M Qilbblefor rf-ole tion for
the ofllioof alderman for the 'Ihlri ward.
$$&&& Ufi&lW "$(&
Editor and General Manager.
Entered at cue Waco postoflloe as sec
nnd class mall matter.
Largest Circulation of any Paper in
Central Texas.
"llutrliihl Is right, though not '
tonus ni)iilnr, ami Jstnnit lll it tvhethcr it
rerTrr tie to private Itfe or lift nie to high
er honors," Itoger Q. Mills,
Tammany stands within its
dominion and tenders to the Dem
ocracy a candidate for president.
It boasts of possessing the only
true Democracy, but takes care
to add that if the Democratic
party doesn't accept the Tamma
ny candidate he cannot be elect
ed. It means that Tammany will
not support him.
"One who knows how the Wig
wam fought Tilden "Says the St
Louis Republic" until the time
came when he was powerless) and
Hancock whom it cruelly betray
ed and Cleveland (who beat both
it and Blaine in 1884, but who
was knifed in 1888 in the inter
ests of Hugh J. Grant and David
B. Hill) one who remembers
1 879 when John Kelly, Tamma
ny's dead saint (we will canonize
the rest of them if they will only
die,) having been unable to con
trol Governor Lucius Robinson in
the matter of patronage, bolted
the convention that renominated
that gentleman, got himself nomi
nated, for governor against his
party's regular candidate, polled
some 80,000 Tammany votes, thus
electing the Republican candidate,
Mr. Cornell one who is familiar
with this awful record of cold
blooded, calculating treachery
cannot be made to admire the
"sterling Democracy" of Tam
many Hall. Its self assertion can
aeceive no wcii-iinurureu man.
Knowing the facts, he cannot be
beguiled by the loudest anJ most
pious professions of orthodoxy.
And it is this gang which, with
the able assistance of the New
York Sun, has slaughtered or
tried to slaughter more Democrats
than it has helped to elect; which
loudly boasts of its party loyalty;
and yet in the same breath it
threatens with its wrath any can
didate who does not wear its
Hessian uniform."
The Democracy had just as
well begin the fight without refer
ence to Tammany. Nominate a
good clean man from the west
and let New York support
him or not just as she pleases.
Her cause is problcmati -al any
how. Both the Republican and
Democratic machine (Tammany)
in that state are so treacherous
neither party can afford to depend
on them. If we have no western
man of sufficient strength try
Cleveland again. Cleveland is
the only man in the East who has
the confidence of the South and
West and the only thing in his
way is the fear that he cannot
carry his own state. The Rhode
Island Democrats are practically
solid for Cleveland. The Massa
chusetts Democrats arc practi
cally solid for Cleveland. Palmer
says Cleveland can carry Illinois
and these three with six votes
from Michigan would elect with
out New York. If the Demo
crats are determined to put a
free silver plank in the platform
they had better nominate Cleve
land because he is the only man
on earth who would have the
ghost of a show to win on a
silver platform.
The portly flguro of It. M. .Tohusou,
who was for many yonrs managing
editor of tho llouston Post was
dlsoovorod In tho hotol rotunda last
night. Johnson la ono of tho best
newspaper workers in Texas nnd
did moro to bring tho Houston Post
from obscurity than any mnu con
neotod with that papor. I worked
with Johnson many yoars ago In
Austin, nnd thoro ltnruod that ho
could discover a news Item at longer
rango than any man I over met. Ho
always had a string of scoops dan
gling from his bolt.
Mr. Cheek, of tho Galveston Eve
ning Trlbuue, was In tho city yoster
day to ascertain If Waco would havo
a candidate for the houor of christen
ing tho now warship "Texas." Some
of tho frionds of Miss Nettie Rotau
promptly nominated her for that
honor and she received 1,000 votes on
tho spot. Upon being informod of
what was ooutomplated Miss Rotau
demurred against, tho use of her
name, but after much persuasion
from somo of her most lutimato
friends finally consentod with reluct
ance to outer tho contest. Waco is
too patriotic to allow her
to bo defeated. The rosult of tho
votoand the uamos of all tho candi
dates will be found In the local col
umns of The Nkws every day.
I was shown a cut of tho Texas
World's Fair building to bo con
structed at Chicago. Thoso are sup
posed to bo the accepted plans. Possi
bly I am not a competent judge of
such matters, but to mo there Is loss
bejtuty In the design, than any thing
I havo seen in several moons. It is
supposed to represent in appearance
the Alamo at Sau Antonio, which it
does to a cortniu extent, but that does
not render it beautiful nor attractive.
Unless tho visitors to the World's
Fair are told tho history of tho
Alamo they would pass tho building
without a glance. Other statos will
have bul'dlugs constructed with a
View to attracting as muoh attention
as possible. If Toxas .proposes' to
spend 5100,000 on a building she
should have somothing very attract
ive. The Sau tkrer.
Don't forget to Ask for the Consumer's and Merchac ts'
That every Cash Purchase of ONE DOLLAR from any Merchant
whose name appears below entitles you to a FIVE PER CENT SCRIP
which they will accept for FIVE CENTS on every
Gash Purchase of One Dollar
And take SPECIAL NOTICE, that the Metchants who belong to this
Association are the most wide-awake and keepvthe Best Selected Stock of
Goods, and their Prices are the LOWEST.
Goldstein & Migel, Dry Goods.
C F. Smiih, Wall Paper
Old Corner Drug Store, Drugs.
W. 51. Ragland & Son, Jewelers.
Alf. Herbelin, Harness.
Geo E. Ames, Books and Stationery.
Mrs. B. J Doss, Millinery.
Harrison & Co. Hardware.
R. T. Dennis & Bro., Furniture.
Gabert & Bro., Tailors.
Love & Co., Music.
W. K. Finks & Co., Groceries.
J. L. Bergstrom, Photographer.
3 3 lb oans of Vanguard best
peaoheB $ 50
Dodson & Hill's best in pints,
kotohup 20
Superior Chili Banco, pint b'ts. 25
2 lb cans blokborrioa, 5 for 50
1 lb can Monaroh B Powder for 15
Good family fanoy flour, per sk. 1 25
The best greon coffee 5 J- lbs for 1 00
Navy beans, U5 lbs for 1 00
Hominy, 30 lbs for 1 00
Best preserves, per pound 09
30 lbsgritsfor 100
Driod pples,quartors, best 1G lbs 1 00
And all other goods too numerous to
mention, Pleaso call early and loavo
your orders, as I havo a gtcat rush on
Saturdays. Yours for low prices.
J. D Loftin,
At Ghas Rast'c Old Stand.
L B. BLACK, Oathltt
J. B. MaLKNDON. President
w. D. LACY,
J. T. DAVIS, Vloe-prestdent.
"I 11111 lor troo comiiiorcu tvltu nil
milium.," TlioimiN JufforMoit.
"When our constitution says that
all persons t-hall have tho right to op.
peal to t he courts for protection of per-
eoii nd property, it means something
substantial. It does not mean this
right thall bo granted as a special
favor, or limitod by any conditions.
It ia au absoluto right, t,o bo oxoroised
by the citizens at pleasure, and free
fran ruinifthment if it dovelops that bo
is mistaken in judgment." Goorgo
dark at 'VTeaiherford.
Finley's speech at Tyler will
probably be printed in circular
form "for men only." It is entire
ly too tough to be printed in a
paper that goes into th e family
Every man in Waco should go
to the Clark meeting Friday night.
For governor; George Clark.
Platform: Texas God bless her.
Sarah Althea Terry scores Justice
Field severely in the San Francisco Ex
aminor. Supporter. 8 of tho single tax doctrino
have adopted a platform in favor of that
Louis Herbert died in Camdon, N. J..
after having subsisted four years on a
diet of skimmed milk.
Merchants at Victoria, British Colum
bia, announce a discount of C per cent,
on American silver coin.
Tho big clothing establishment of
Smith, Gray & Co., in Brooklyn, was
destroyed by fire. Loss over $350,000.
Jerry Simpson nnd Congressman Wat
Bon of Georgia talk on tho prospective
candidates of tho People's party.
An oil painting of a one-dollar bill in
a Chicago art gallery has been declarod
a counterfeit and seized by secret serv
ice officials.
The enumeration of tho population of
New York is expected to show about
1,800,000 inhabitants, or about 800,000
more than was shown by tho Federal
census of last summer.
Fifty armed and mounted men havo
been seen in tho Potrillo mountains in
Mexico. It is not known whether they
are Garza men or not.
Protestant preachers of Minnesota are
making a determined fight to drive tho
parochial school in Slillwator out of the
public school system.
Doxtor, Me., litis beon greatly excited
ovor tho recent tragedy, 'lliu unknown
suicidf has been iden'ific-d, but tho es
caped prisonor lias been caught.
At Whilestono, L. J.,R. J. Spite, dur
ing ri.il serviced, prayed in puulio that
tho Lord would cut off hisAvifo'H tongno,
to winch no attributed all his misfor
tunes. Tho decoration of tho Royal Cross of
Groeco has been conferred on Domotrius
Jannopoulo of St. Louis. There is but
six in oxislence and his is tho second ono
in Amorica.
Tho American Express company has
uueii buoii at Aionroo, .uicu., Dy James
Kirchner, who says tho company found
a lottory ticket lost by him on which1
they collected a $7C00 prizo. j
. I
IVunta a Direct Vote. J
Des Moines, March 2. Senate joint
resolution passed asking congress to pass
a law requiring tho election of United'
States senators by a direct voto of tho
Accounts of banki. bankers, marohaats, f rtnor . moohanloi as i other olassoi solicited . W
Say nanuioh attention to tfmal aoooonts as largo ones. We giro pdruaat and ipeotal attentloi
) onrooUectlon department, and ro niton day of payment. Biohinjro bought and iold oi
til tic pimolpoipalntaof tho United States and Europe.
Manfactiuers 1
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Aloxandre's Puro Bpioes.
Whdesale Grocers.
Alexandre's Java and Rio Blend Coffee.
Moore Bros' White Wine and Apple Vinegar.
Moore Bros' Pure Cldor.
Moore Bros' Flint Candy.
Having purohasod Mr. Alexandre's buslnes vn t re now prepared to (111
orders promptly. Patronize Home Institutions. Sustain our efforts to make
Waoo tk Great Manufacturing Centre.
MOifcSfcor, iXXJjstb: jb Is & Co.
WACO. : : : : TEXAS.
Plate Glass Insured Against Breakage. :.:::: i i
: : : : ; Represent a Line of First-Class Companiei
Prompt Attention to all Business Placed with us.
Governor Hogg's platform: ME.
Have removed from Pacific Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'g
The old Oraml JluUdlna, Xorthof J'lata,
Moli.lo, Til., had n $50,000 fire caud
by a dynamo explosion. j
The finost vehicles and horses, in tb' I
oity. Call oarriages for ladies a spa I
cialty and when desired, ladies can '
have a driver in livery. AU trains met,
Prompt attention to all orders and
boarded on reasonable terms.
satisfaction guaranteed. Horses

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