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b 1892.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Hate at Old Corner Drag Btoro. Tclepoone
at Office and. Residences.
t W. HUNTER, M. D.
' pnxHiciAy ani aviianoif,
w,tt, - Tsxa,.
81nto at Old Corner Drug- Storo.
Oflico hours nt rosldonco, from 2 to 4
p. in. No. 1408 South Eighth street.
Office on Austin Street over
First National Bank.
Eoqene Williams. Wm, W. Evans.
Williams & Evans
Atty's $ Counsellors at Law,
vno riitJBKT it uiLnura,
Hartley & Burleson,
IIoolc, Job mid Commercial
2 South Third Strttt, IcarHitthell House.
A Trial Ortlcr Solicited.
Corner Sixth and AVntililngton,
nits. j.m. winniNs, rnorrtiETREss
(J-Good rooms and nncxrellcd table, Host
ofserv :o nt tlie most reasonable rates Con
venient to uQBlncsB center of ttio city.
518 Aaktin Avenue.
207 South FifUs Street.
Best coal in. any quantity
delivered promptly. Prices
as low as the lowest.
207 South Fifth Street
Commercial House."
Corx Eighth - Clay Sis.
Only two Hocks south of Mo. J'aclfle Jl.Jl
Terms reasonable. Commercial
Travel especially solicited.
Mrs. N. H. Kirkpatrick.
;ali on on abdress
Indian Territory.
Tho days of wonder will never
cease till tho end of tho world.
Now is your chance to down all 10c
and 5o. counters at 4o. and 3o. at tbo
Storo, 612
liko it.
Austin Street, Nothing
. It WJLKE8, M D
ii"'11"" Ar"'r""r''tl'"1 nnl the Lobbying
t "f Catholics nt Washington and Mem-
be of tho Houbo Are Trying to flol
KvcnWlth Him.
Washington, March 2. In the hous
the Catholic church and tho charge thnt
it maintains a lobby at Washington to
nlaniptiluto n))iiro)riations in bahalf of
Indian sectarian schools was tho subject
of a three hours' acrimonious discussion.
Tho Indian appropriation bill was tho
mensuro under consideration, and the
immediate cause of tho religious discus
sion was tho section making an appro
priation for tho Carlislo Indian school.
It was stated in tho houso that Captain
Pratt of tho Unite'd States army, super
intendent of that school, speaking of an
uttack made in the houso
Against mi Appropriation
1 or 1110 inuian scnool saw, "They wero
made through tho Catholic church.
which pays congressmen to attack na
tional schools because thoy aro detrv
mental to their parochial schools, which
nro given three times the amount by tho
government tho other denominations re
Congressman Mansnr of Missouri.
Stockdalo of Mississippi and Pendleton
of Virginia, who wero understood by
implication to bo tho congressmen re
ferred to, mnde a lively attack on Capt.
Pratt, and demanded as n penalty for
the utterances that tho $1000 appropria
tion which he annually receives its super
intendent of tho Carlyslo Indian school
bo stricken from tho Indian appropria
tion bill.
Tho houso was powerloss to express its
displeasure in any more forciblo way
than this, as Captain Pratt being an offi
cer in United States army, and as cap
tain is beyond the reach and regulation
of congress. Tho superintendent of the
Indian school had -many valient defend
ers in tho house, however, and it was
moro his reiterated declaration by tele
graph than tho original nowspaper state
ment that finally led tho houso to adopt
an amendment cutting off his salary aa
superintendent. Several of his congres
sional friends who doubted whether ho
had made the statement attributed to
him telegraphed him to know tho exact
declaration. The answer wired back
and subsequently read in tho houso was
about as bad as
Tbo Original Statement.
"My remarks," tolegraphed Captain
Pratt, "wero that Catholics get moro
than double as much of tho Indian
school appropriations as all other de
nominations combined; that thoy main
tain a powerful lobby in Washington
and manipulate politics to accomplish
their purpose. These wero tho general
statements having no bearing whatever
on individual members of congress,
much less to Mansur in whoso general
views I concur. "
This was quite satisfactory to Mansur,
but it was not very consoling to anybody
elso and its reading had tho etfect of
causing tho houso promptly to adopt tho
proposed amendment. Tho cominitteo
then rose and reported tho bill to tho
Tho previous question having been
ordered, Mr. Pickler of South Dakota
demanded a separate vote on tho amend
ment providing that when vacancies oc
cur hereafter in Indian agencies they
6hall be filled by army officers detailed
for duty by the president. Tho bill then
Mr. McMillin from tho cominitteo on
ways and means reported the free wood
bill, which was-referred to the cominit
teo on tho wholo, together with tho
views of tho minority, presented by Mr.
Burrows. Mr. McMillin said ho would
call tho bill up next Tuesday.
Messrs. B-an of Nebraska and Tur
ner of Georgia respectively from tho
same cominitteo, reported bills for tho
free entry of binding twine and cotton
bagging and ties. Itoferred to tho com
mittee of tho wholo and leave was
granted to Mr. Payne of Now York and
Mr. Dalzell of Pennsylvania to present
the views of tho minority ou thoso meas
Divided un Dnvlil II. Hill iiiitl Grover
PrtoviDF.Ncn, March 2. Thero has
been a warm campaign hi this state
among tho Democratic factions in pre
paration for tho convention which occurs
March 22. It has been Cleveland for
president and David S. Bakor for gov
ernor on 0110 sido, and Hill for president
and W. C. Ward well for governor on tho
other. In tho convention tiro 210 dele
gates. If thoso 154 havo already been
chosen. Tho straight Cloveland men
claim 119 of this total, or ten moro than
a majority. Six dologatcs wero out
spoken for Hill, und tho othor twenty
nino delegates whilo ostensibly for
Cleveland are classed as doubtful. This
majority is understood to favor a pledged
delegation for Cleveland. Tho opposi
tion to Clovelaud claim thoy aro merely
working to get un unpledged delegation
to Chicago. Thore is somo prospect that
11 paudidato for United States fconator
will bo named at tho convention. Dr.
L. P. C. Garvin and president Andrews
of the Brown university, aro mentioned.
-CrrncifT udo
Doctor "Well, my line little fellow,
you havo got quite well again. 1 was
Etire the pills left for you would euro
you. How did you take them, in water
or in cake?"
Bon " Oh, I used them in my blow
gun.'' The little fellow put tho nasty, great,
griping, old-fahlonetl pills to a good use.
At most, all his internal economy need
ed was a dose of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
Pellets. They arc tiny, sugar-coated
granule?, oa?v to take, and are gently
aperient, or actively cathartic, according
to Size 01 (lose. js a luxuuvv, umy uuu
tinv Pellet is required.
The "Pellets" cure Sick Headache,
Blllotw Headache, Constipation. Indi
gestion, Billons Attacks, and all de-ra-
'tncnts of the Liver, Stomach and
The "Pellets" aro purely vegetable,
nnd operate without disturbance to the
system, diet, or occupation.
Dr. Pierce's Pellets arc the cheapest
pill, sold by druggists, because they aro
guaranteed to give satisfaction in every
case, or their price (23 cent3 a vwl) U
refunded. Can yon ask more?
Look out for mt bit; specialty sales
Saturdays, J. A. Early.
Finest liquors for medical pur
poses at J. A. Early's.
Pickled and spiced pigs feet 25
cents a dozen at J. A Early'B.
Am overstocked in preserves, finest
line in the city, selling at cost. J. A
Tho lots in the Kirkpatrick addi
tion are the ohcapest ovor offered in
Now York seed potatoes genuine at
J. A. Early's.
Drs. Wilkes & Wilkes and Dr. J.
R. Forrell havo fitted up a suito of
rooms in tho new Provident building,
second floor, where they may bo found
in future Telephone at office and
residences. Slates at Old Corner Drug
A Sure Cure for Plies.
Itchinc Piles are known by mois
turo like perspiration, causing intense
itohing when waim. This form as
well as Blind, Bleeding or Protrud
ing, yield at onco to Dr. Botanko's
Pilo Remedy, whioh aots direotly on
patts effeoted, absorbs tumors, allajs
itohing and effects a permanent cure.
50 cts. Druggists or mail Circulars
frco. Dr. Bosauko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by W. B.
Morrison & Co.
Extras for Buggies.
Carriage and buegy tops, carriage
and buggy wheels, buggy bodios, oush
ions, lazy baoks, springs, 5th wheels,
shaft shaokleB, prop nuts, prop
joints, boots, storm aprons, shaft tops
siDglo trees, shafts in pairs or odd,
poles, breast yokes,polo circles, dathee,
dash rails, seat handles, etc., cart
wheels and springs, at
T. P. SrARics & Son's.
Miles' Nervo And Liver Pills
Act on a new principle regulating
tliollvor, stomach and bowels through
the nervep. A new discovery. Dr.
miles' Pills speedily euro biliousness,
bad taste, torpid live pllos, consti
pation. Unequaled for men, womon,
and children. Smallest, mildest, sur
est. 60 doses 25 cents. Samples free
at H. O Rishor.& Go's. Drug storo 618
Austin avenue
1000 acre farm, 500 in cultivation, all
first class prairio land. Ton houses,
barns, shodB, wells and ono novor
failing spring.
Small farms of 100 or 200, 320 or 400
aorcs each, and many others ohcap
and on easy terms.
Ranging in number of aorcs of 320, 500
1200, 1400, 18G6 aDd 3.000, situated
near Waco. We can Boll special bar
gains in houses, lots and business
Bell & Sassaman,
Real Estato and PvCntal Agents, 111
South Fourth street, Waco, Tozas.
Jtfox All
Tho new oigar. Nothinc iko
Beats tho record for flavor.
Jtfox All
Tho only Hand Made, Havanna
filled, Fivo Cent Cigar in Waoo. Host
ever made Try them and you will
smoko no othor.
Wox All
Has como to stay, The Pioneer
Cigar Faotory, 029 Austin Street,
All bills duo tho News for advertis
ing from July 16th are payable to
ft. ChrlBtophor or his authorized col
lector. This applies also to sub
Elegant Photo's.
Having secured tho services of Mr.
W M. Hal, of Chicago, as operator
aud retoucher, will guarantee tho pub
lie a fioer olaes of photographic work
than has ever been shown in Waco
Havo rocontly purchased tho largest
as well as the Gneat photograph lens
in Texas. Call, on tho old ro liable
photographer, and seo samples.
W. D Jackson.
This is Pretty Good.
Mr. John 0. Goodwin, carpenter of
Danville, III , writes: "About two
week ngo a heavy caw log fell upon
my foot very hudly crushing it,so that
I was unable to walk at all. I sent
for a bottle of Ballard's Snow Lin a
ment and kept my foot well sat irated
by it. It is now two weeks Einco this
happened, and my foot is nearly well
and I am at work. Had I not used
Snow Linammt I should have been
laid up at least two months. For
healing wounds, sprains, sores and
bruises it has no equal. No inflamma
tion can exist wboro Snow Linn
mentis used. You can use this let
Bewaro of all whito linaments sub
stituted for Snow Linatnent. There
is no other linatnent liko Bullard's
Sqow Linament Sold by II. C. Rishcr
Items and communications intended
.or this department should bo sent to
No. 800 North Twelfth street or tele
phoned to No. 30, on or boforo Friday
afternoon of each week, In order to
recelvo propor attention. News
notes received nfter 10 o'clook Satur
day morning cannot appear until the
next week, however much wo, may
regret tho delay.
Sleeper, Clifton & Co. havo added a
repairing department in connection
with their shoe store. All repairing
of boots and shoes neatly done
Charges reasonable. Leave your
shoes to be halfsolod at Sleeper, Clif
ton & Co's,, corner of Fourth and
Austin streets.
Watoh for tho opening of t'o great
new shoo store, 414 Austin street with
a bran now fresh stock and all dainty
JiOOO Aceiifw IViiiiIi-iI (Illicitly
to Bnpp y Iho liiiiiiiiii.i demand to-
i o,vi;i.i, i,iri:oir M'K'itciuiN,
COO J'ntn-i., Iticlilv Illiiklralvd,
Prlif, si.no.
A IllecraDhy of the World's Greate't Divine,
by te Spiiru-ii 11 1 Amt-rleii. Itcwnro of
cutrh-pci ny booka, Hits 1b tho olinidiiru
Ageuts'BUcci rsaalonlehlng Interest Ihk-iimi.
BodU quick 8O0 lor oui lit and Kct the territory.
-10(1 Unco Slrnel, lliliiitulililu.
or, Itroudwuy A LnciiNi Si.,
St. I.uuIb, Itlo,
Tie Texas & Pacific Railway
The direct lino to 8hrovpor nnd Now Orleans,
toTexarkana, 'lemphls, M I. ul, tho
North a l K at, and to all points
la Tex 8, Old and. New
Mexico. Ariz n i,
Colorado and California.
The Favorite I.I no via Sacramento to Orecon
and Wrs tiiKton. Only line oirerlng
Choice of UoutcB to I'olntB In tho
tioutheatt.via Tcxatkana,
Shrav port ani
Between Ft. Worth and St. Louis.
no Fastest Time between Texas nno tho
North and East.
Double Daily Line of Pullman Palace
Sleeping Cars through to if.
Louis via the
Through Sleeping Cars Between New
leans and Denver and St Louis
ana El Paso.
For ratca. Tickets and all Information apply
toor oddretsuuv of tho Ticket nuen a or
Trav I'asaAg't,
UeniiMss AT.ig't.
JOHN A. CHANT, 3i! Vicc-U'rca.
No. 121)7
To the shcrlffor Hny Constable of Mil.enca
county, GteeUngl
O. r. Ttlpls administrator of thcestato of
M. Romand Deceased, tnvl g Mod In our
Cocnty Conn his Final Account ortho con
dition of tbo Kftato of ald M Itomnnd Defeat
chI, together with an nppl-catlon to bo dlscharg-
.... ran... K.I.I ..... I.... . .....
" """ ' Hinilliinrnvurfllllp
lou areilerobT
commandid.tratby rnuU-
enwonm hub wm n r nvrfinj-days In a newer
per regularly published Ii the County of Mc-
Lennnn yon give ilno netlco to nil p. rsot-g Inter
ested In tho Account Tor I'lnnl No I. inent of
saldKstntc, Iodic llielr objections then to, If
nny they Inr on or before tli.' Ma ell term.
1KI-J, orsalil County l onrt, commpnetng anil to
tohohlon at the Conn Houbo or snltlCou ty, la
Wieoon theflrnMcnilay In .March 80.. when
alil Account nnd App Icntlon wi 1 bocomlilcr
ed by mid Conrt.
Wl.'HKsa my hand and Beat
of orico nt Waco this Both day
: otJnouHry WJ2.
:L. 8. : J v. liAKKii, Clerk County Court
: :McLcnnan 1 nimtv, Terns.
Uy T II IIuowk, Deputy.
' p
Mo. lll.
To tho Sheriff or any Conetablo of McLennan
conniv, arreting:
F. K McOlftln A tlmlnlttrator rf tho Katntoof
F. M. Mllrld lrt rated having lied In or
County Court bin Hi. til .renunt 01 tho comll.
tlon of tho Ktatif aalu F. M. .Mnjllolil 1)9
cen-ed together ulth an application to bo dis
charged frumauld AiltilnUlr.torm 1
You are Hereby Lommandeil that by publi
cation i.t hi-writ l'or twenty ilnj alii nnenapa
perregularly mibllcheu. In tho County ot Ma
l.irnnan you kIto ilun notle- tonllpcrsn In
lecst d In tlio Account for 1 Inal So lenient of
tald Katate, to fllo their objection, thereto, I
any they have, on orboforo tho March irrm.
180.2, iifa Id Couuty Conrt, column ci gnnd t
be I10I1U 11 at tho Court Houit or Bald Com ty In
W Co 1 11 the flrat Monday In March 1KM, when
and Account 11ml Application will beioneUlcr
edby enidCouit.
Witness my hand nd real of
: : otllco, nt Waco thlaStdday or 1-Vb-
: L. N rnary lgn-l J. W luxitn. Clrk
: .. U unty 1 outt MoT.cnnan U.unty,
Texaa, ,by T. It. lliiown. JJeiiuty.
Tin: statu or TIIXAN
Tothc Sheriff or any Countable of McLennan
County Greeting:
Ton are Iiircby commanded, to summon by
raakl g publication ol ihlK cltnllnn enco n ouch
week lor fot r eucccralvn week pr'or to tho re
turn Cny hereof in Bomono8inpcr published
In M1I1 n nucnuity, ToxnR,(lcorga Miller to
bo nnd appear before tho Ilororablo District
Cou t of "cl.cnnan county, Tumib, at He next
regular term ihereor, to bo on In the Ci nrt
llonee In tho Cltv of Wnco, on tho tlrol Momlu
In nnliA. 1) 1'0. then andihero to nunwo
the l'lanttff a l'e 1 Ion, filed 111 aultl sold
court on t 0 Ilia ila, ol Februa'j A. II. ISM
wherein A Ice Miller 1h Plaintiff, and Q o go
Mlllei Is I) fondant. KIlnN oreul being No.
r.VJI ThonatU'aoftlio rintntlQ-'Bdem ndlsna
foil own, tomtit:
V aln Iffecohs n jmlgmont for dlvnrcn on the
grounds of o ucl trentucnt, and abandonment
by defendant fonhron yenro IIkhfi.n Fail
ot, and have you then and tluro Ui!b tl,
with your undorncmcut thereon, allowing how
yon hnve cxecu'i d tho name
Uivb IdijiSIy Hand nnd Beat of
I I ....111 Int. A. IllllflA l. 1.A f-I.H rt
I-. 8
(n.. . .1,1. ., ... v.nun til ,uu i,, v.
H' iCO, this trio 2.1th fay of January A,
D. 18U2. ATTEkT Z r. 11KA8LKT.
Clerk District lourt,
McLennan ' ouuty, Te "ts.
Tlfi: SI'A'i IJOl'IKVAS.
To tho Sheriff or any constablu of McLennan
o nnty, tire ling:
11 nio hereby oMnmniided t""anmmnn llol-
lull C.
(Tofby by mnklig publlcatl ncfthlt
citation In tunic new paper published in Mc
Lennan ci unty unco in inch wink for (our eno
coj.Ivo wi eka protb u t return ilny heroof,
to bo and appear toloro tho I10110 nbln IHslrlct
( nrt of Mel, 1 nr an 1 mi ty, 'l'e J as nt the next
regulnr term thereof to bu held In thu 01 art 1
housu In tho city ( a coon the Urat ordny
in MKrih, A I). M2 then and there t niiBwer
the plnintllT'B jioiltl 11 IlleiUn n suit lu bb1i
court on tho 'Jtli day of January. A. I. Is8i
wherein 10. I., Crnbby ia plnUtllf nnd ltcllt
0 Crneby dcfomlnn
File M of suit beln, No rK,
lhunntureof tho ulnlntlff's demand Is as fol-
1 ws, to wit: n Btut for illvi rcu fn in Iho
bnnda i f matrlm ny ba-ed ou tho gr. uiids of
abamb nineut.
Herein fall not nnd havo you then nrd Micro
this wr t, with y ur Indorsement thnruon,
chiming how j tt haqe uxecuted the annio,
: lilvcu tii derm) haul and tho ienl
I,, a. : of enld Court, at pfllco In tho city
: : i f Wacu thlB tho. 3 thdnyirjnnu
nry, A. l). lu'.i.'.
Aticat- .. V. ItcABi.r.r.n
olcrk nlsttlct Court. McLennan C unty, 't'uxa
tiii: .statu or ti:xas.
To tho Bhorlfl'or any ConBtnblo of MnLcunan
You aro hereby commanded to scarcer
Jbb It Sinrls hyinnkliiKPiibllcntion ofihla ci
tation In some ncwepaper publli lied In MeUni
na count- onco In ech week for lour aiicces
sIvowtckB pro loin, to rctu n onyh rcoftjbn
and appem before) the, llonni&irn Dlstr.ct ('onrt
of Mcl.onnaii count , Texaa. at tbo next regu
lar term thereof, to he held In the Court I'ouso,
In the Cltv of tt nro, ontherlr.t Monday In
March. A. 1), ibtlj then andlhereto an-uertho
IMaintllT's I'et tlon. Il'eil in n aiift In said Conrt
on 'hoiWlh day 1 f .1 nuniy A 1) 189'.'. wherein
Martha.f Spares Is 1'lalniltr, apiJa. lLBparka
ta Uorendnnl Fllo No. of suit belne No Ml'.l.
'Ilieuaiuro of tlio 1'lalntlfl'a demand It as fol
Ions to-wl :
A suit lor dl orce for separation fom the
bonds of matrlnouy based on the ground of
cruel and abusive traatment desertion and fail
ure tn support.
IlKiiKi.s F.ilNot, and hate you I hen and
thero this W'rlt, I th your cniliirsenicnt thereon,
ehowiujcuow you have uxecuted the snino.
, ,, . Givkn Unijiu My Hand ami
L. 8. : Sen ofnld Court, at OOlco In Iho
: . City or Waco, this tho iwthilay of
; January A. 1 1-ua
Attest: '' V IIkarlet.
Clerk District Or nrt,
jiicUnnan County, Texas.
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
anything you want at any hour at Joo
A Raro Chanco.
If you want a piano or oran of lino
makes now is tho opportunity to buy
one on your own terms and at prices
unheard of, Call on J. B. Payno
and seo tho largest and finest stock of
pianos over brought to central Texas
and nek terms and prices. Thin is tho
opportunity of a lifo timo and no pru
dent person should neglect it. Tako
notico in time. There will never be
6iioh a chance to buy organs or pianos
as cheap or on such terms.
Finest California bottled wines, at
35 cents por quart, best bargain ever
offered in Waco. J. A. Early,
For Snlo.
Thrco horses, one ten-horso power
ongino and boiler and a lot of shelving
and storo fixtures, Cheap and on
good terms. Mooue Btioa.

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