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. JkgSmL
Fresh Vegetables Rocalvod Dally
Carrotts, Boots, Radishes,
Tomatoes, (Jolory, Parsley,
Rutabagas, Turnips, Yellow
Yam Sweot Potitoos, Spinach, Must
ard Greens, Turnip Greo$s, Young
Onions, Cabbage and Mormon Irish
Send us your orders if you wish tho
best and freshest of everything good
to oat.
Quality and prico guaranteed, Your
trado solioited, Hoadquartors for
everything good to eat,
Must Have Money.
MONEY before the first of March.
This is imperative. We regret
the necessity of so urgent an ap
peal, but we must have our mon
ey. Please give this matter imme
diate attention and call and settle
at once.
Miss Rotan Credited with Two
Thousand Votes.
Tho contest for tho honor of
ohristening tho great war ship, whioh
is to bo called "Toxas," is getting
warmer and tho suruggle is beooming
very interesting. Miss Rotan, tho
oandidato tor Waoo, reoeived an ad
ditinnal 1,(100 this morning and is now
credited with 2,000. Tho result at
oleven o'clock this morning was as
loilows :
Norton Campbell 1220
vyoieme mis XZl'o
Bettie Brown 705
Frances Wcis qG
Sillio McLemore ()-!
Addino Wick 251
Helen Nichols 1017
Lnulu Joukusch 39II
Rosa Tiornan...: 3930
Maggio Williams 4801
MidaTideman 1005
Pauline Wynno 1010
Sallie Searight 300
Leo Unson 3222
Lola Williams 274?
JNottio llotan 2000
The County Goes Ton Mills by Over
500 Majority.
Major John F. Herbert was in
"Ennis, cllis county all day Tues
day and worked like a turk foi
the Mills man for representative
at the polls, Major Herbert stayed
in Ennis until the fol owing re
turns were received which shows
the vnto given to each candidate
for representative: Ennis, Beall
the Mills man, 348; Singleton the
Chilton man, 303; Waxahachie
Beall 590; Singleton 194, Milford
Beall 99; Singleton (6, Ferris
Seal 104; Singleton 76, Midlothian
Beail 3; Singleton 62, Forrest
Store Beall 52; Singleton 19, Gar
rett Beall 19; Singleton 9, Palmer,
Beall 52; Singleton 34. Totals,
Beall 1,292; Singleton 7o9;BealPs
majority 583.
There were five boxes to hear
from but BealPs election is con
c ceded by at least 500 majority.
Baoklen's Arnlo Blve
The best salve In the world for oats
bruises, sores, uloers, salt rhenw, fe
ver sores, tetter, ohoppod hands, chll
Jolalns, oorns ,iui all skin eruptions
nnd positively nres piles, or no puj
required. It U inranteed to glvi
Batisfftotlon or uo.iov refunded. Prlo
25 cents a box. Fcr ealo by W. B
Morrison Co.
Poarro Honorod by tho
And Union 10 tlio Mow Orlcitti Itlccl
I11K Only Five Dollar front Ilullitu
to Now Ork'iiiu and Itolurii i:ucli
Camp ITIitNt liavo 11 I.ikt of tho
ITIcmborN Who Will Attend.
Tho following has been recorded
from headquarters and is sclf-oxplnno
United Confederate Yotrans Tran.i-MIssIs Ippl
Dallas, Texas, Feb. 27, 11)82.
Gbnehal Oiider No. f).
Colonel Oharlos B Pearro, of Waoo,
Texas', is hereby appointed Aid Do
(Jamp, on the staff of tho lieutenant
general, United Confederated Veter
ans, Trans-Missippi department, with
the rank of colonel and to date from
January the 1st, 1832 He will be
obeyed and respected accordingly.
By order of V. L. Cahell,
Lioutonaut Gencr&l United Con
federato VoteraiiB Trans-Missippi de
partment. For the information of Confederate
veterans of tho Trans Mississippi De
partment, we publish the fullowii g
extract from circular dated Februir
2, lSo'2, and issued by W. L. Cabell
Lieutenant General United Confede
rate Veterans Trans Mississippi De
partment. uTho committee of arrangements
of Sterling; Prico Camp have secured
roduoed rates on all railroads to and
from Dallas, and from Dallas to New
Orleans and rotnrn, at the rate of five
dollars tho round trip.
They request each oamp to for
ward as soon as possible (not later
thflu 15th of Maroh) tho number and
names of caoh member, inoluding
wives and ohildren, who will be in
Dillas and who will positively go to
iNew Urloans.
"The sauio is requested of Confede
rates not members, of any camp or as
sociation in order that thsy may make
suitable provision for their oomfort
during their stay in Dallas and for
their transportation to New Orleans.
Tho honor above conferred on
Major Pearre will bo greatly appre
ciated by his many friends here and
A Child Run Over by an Electric
Street Car.
Ardelia Jaokson, a oolored child,
was acoidently run over this morning
at 0:30 by elootrio car' No. 20, and
very seriously hurt. Tho oar was
going south on the Univorsity belt
and running down grade at moderate
speed, with tho current turned off.
When near tho bridgo over Waoo
crook, on South Fourth street where a
number of oolored 0 ildren aro con
tinually playing, tho little colored
girl, about two years old started to
run across tho traok, immediatolv in
front of tho oar, and foil. Tho motor
man applied the brakes as quiokly as
possible and turned on the reverse
current, but was not ablo to stop the
car till it had passed about half way
over tho ohild. The front wheels
passod over her right hand so man
gling it as to npoossitato amputation
at the wrist. The operation was per
formed by Dr. O. I Halbort, assisted
by Drs. W. O. Wilkes and Seaver
The child was also considerably
bruised and soratched about tbo head
and face, and though its injuries "are
altogether very serious thoy aro not
considered necessarily fatal.
It is duo the moterman and the
Citizens' Street Car company to state
that the passengers on the car sa
that the operator was not to blamo and
that tho accident was unavoidable.
Dookory & Co., Assuranoa Agent
ropresent first rlass oompanies only
Every attontion paid to placing risks
Give us a call at our now quarters hi
tho Provident building.
Used in Millions of Homes
no0 Baking
Ivccp in mtna mo organization 01
theCIrk olub at tho distriot court
rocin Friday night.
Dr. B. H Carroll will preach to
nisht at 7:30 at tho East Waoo Bap.
tint church. Subject -'The Life and
Character of tho Great Spurgeon."
Cards are out announcing tho be
trothal of Mr, Eugene B Wiel, well
known in this oitv, to Miss Clara
Muorcman of Indianapolis, Indiana.
Tom Robinson the well known
negro porter for the past six years
at the Wortham hotel died very
suddenly yesterday of hemorhage
of the lungs.
Alex Rosenthal and A. C.
Coleman had a fisticuff last night
on Austin .street in which it is
said the latter got knocked out.
Both parties were promptly ar
rested and gave bond to answer
the charge of fighting together.
The funeral of Dr. J. T. Ever
ett of Lorena took place today
from the late residence of the de
ceased and the remains was fol
lowed to the grave by a large
number of sorrowing friends.
Rev. T. E. Muse officiating.
The fishing party which con
sisted of Messrs. Lucias Haley,
Charlie Fortrand and others re
turned from Jackson's lake last
night and brought back a fine
lot of fish of various kinds and
sizes. They camped, while there,
with Jack Bradley, the dog trainer,
and slept with the dogs.
There is a water plug on South
Forth street which is utterly
worthless as the threads are in
such a condition that the hese
cannot be screwed on. In case
of fire in that locality the resi
dents would be entirely at the
mercy of the angry flames. This
plug should be at once con
demned and replaced by a new
One of the fine young horses of
the Hook and Ladder Company
happened to quite a serious acci
dent yesterday evening. Mr.
Tom Wilsford was training his
fine team when one of the ani
mals, in making a quick turn, fell
and a piece of flesh nearly as
large as a man's hand was cut
from his thigh. The wound was
sewed up and nicely dressed but
it will be some time before he will
be fit for service again.
Rev. J. B. CranrtU of this city
and Rev. Dr. M. V. Smith of Bel
ton have purchased the Western
Baptist of Dallas and will shortly
move it to Waco. The Western
baptist is one 01 tne leading pa
pers of the Baptist denomination
and will be a valuable acquisition
to Waco both from financial
standpoint and the personnel of
the editorial and managerial
corps. The name of the paper
will be changed to The Western
A small blaze last night about
7 o'clock, at a livery stable on
South Fourth street near the Cot
ton Belt depot, called out the fire
department in a rush and the
flames were extinguished before
any material damage was done.
The tongue of engine No. 1 was
broken off and the ponderous
machine had to be taken back to
the engine house by hand. The
West End boys made a very
quick run with their engine and
hose carriage, but their services
were not needed.
4Q Years the Standaci.
Come in and givo up. Not givo
away but sold ohcap. J. H. Shopo
is the cash man. Ho sells A patent
flour por saok, $1,85; 2d patent flour
per sack, tl 20; Mormon Irish pota
toes, buokct, 26c; hams, best, por
pound, 10 1 2c; 3 pounds tomatoos,
per can, lOo, blaokborries, per oan,
lOo ; grits, 35 pounds, $1; raisins, 10
pounds, $1 ; golden prunes, por pound,
loo; I'rcncu prunes, por pound,
12 1 2o.; ovaporated peaches, per
pound, 12 l-2o.; ovaporated aprioots,
por pound, 12 1 2c; Arbacklo and
Liven ooffeo, por pound, 22 l2o.;
br. baoon, per pound, lOo ; 3-pound
buokct baking powders, 50c ; star
tobacco, per pound, 38o ; Drummond
N L tobacco, per pound, 55c ; Granu
lated sugar, 18 pounds for $1; yellow
clarified sugar, 20 pounds for $1;
head rice, 1-1 pounds for $1; 23 pounds
navy beans, $1. I handlo bale millet,
bale buy, oats, bran, Kansas corn and
many other goods too numerous to
mention. Plcaso always bring tho
money when you order poods and it
will save trouble and timo making
change at your house. T. II. SliuPE,
No. 20D South Third St.
Nights Meeting Harmonious
and Satisfactory.
About 150 citizens interested in
looal politics met last night at the
otty hall.
Just boforo the meeting convened
Mr. Charles Bannis'er called all tho
mombers from tho Fourth ward to ono
end of tho hall whoro a ward meeting
was held. Tho names of Dr. .1. C J
King aod Robort H. Rogors, Esq.,
were plaoed in nomination for alder
man. Dr. King was nominated as a
cundidato by a voto of nineteen to
evon over Mr. Rogers. A few votes
wero cast lor Mr. A. J. Caruthers.
Mr J R. Downs, chairman of tho
centnl olub then called the meeting
to ordor, tho minutes ot the previous
meeting wore read by secretary Biuco
Gerald, and reports of tho various
ward meetings cilled for.
Dr. Burger reported that uo nomi
nations had b'-ea made in tho First
ward and asked for further time.
W. L. Radnoy, Esq , repeated that
at the meeting of tho members
in ihe Second ward, Mr. W. D
Laoy bad bion nominated as candi
date for aldorman. The nomination
was ratified.
Mr. Frank Cravens reported for the
Third ward that they had mido no
nomination and asked for further time.
Mr. Chas. Bannistor reported tho
name of Dr. J. 0. J. King as tho
nomiceo of tho Fourth ward, whioh
was ratified by tho club.
Tho Fitth ward reported through
Mr W. A. Kirk that they had undo
no nomination and askod for farther
timo. Granted.
Tbo resolutions passod at the Seo
ond ward meeting wero read by Mr.
M. Surratt. The resolutions elnited
tnuoh discussion by Messrs. Fred
Kingsbury, J. G. Monrose, Frank
Cravens, J. E Boynton and others, as
a result of whioh thoy wero with
drawn. Upon motion of Mr. Cravens a re
cess was taken to givo tLoso present,
who were not members, to sign tho
Mr. W. B. Morrison moved that Mr.
Surratt bo requested to reinstate te
resolutions, whioh was carried and tho
request complied with.
Upon motion of Mr. J. E. Boynton
tho resolutions wero received with
The wards which had not yet' made
nominations for aldermen wero in
struotcd to do so and roport at tho
next meeting of the club.
Tho nomination of mavor was do
foirad till next mooting.
Tho meeting "then adjourned till
next Wednesday evening.
Waiters Union, No. 13, met last
night at thoir hall on tho publio
squaro and onstalled tho officers re
oently elected for tho ensuing term.
After tho installation ceremonies was
over an elegant banquet was onjojed.
Altogether, an enjoyable time was had.
Naomie Kirkpatrick the little
grand daughter of Mrs. N. M.
Kirkpatrick was very badly burn
ed a few evenings ago by having
her clothes accidentally ignited.
She is suffering very much but
will recover.
The ladies of Robinson will
give an entertainment tomorrow
night for the benefit of the World's
Fair fund. Mrs. C. C Conger is
superintending the arrangements.
To tho Lovors of Art In Photo,
Having moved to my now gallery
ovor 701 and -703, Austin stroot, (tho
old Hinchman Building), I am now
bettor prepared than over to givo th
peoplo of Waoo tho finest Photos in
tho stato. Tho beautiful "aristo" (so
highly ondorscd by tho loading gjj.
ories,) in all its beauty, at my studio,
1 will havo on exhibition for a few
days, an elogont oil portrait of Mra,
Geo. Clark, by Mons. Do Gissao, whioh'
has been framed in a very handsotuo
"Floroutino" frame, making a portrait
well worth a vihit,' to all, and more
especially 10 tho tho ladies.
I willbo glad to welcome my old,
and many now customers. Don't for
got my now address, over.701 and 703
Austin Ave " '
Deane, Photographer.
iiavi: rovjMAit
Stolen Sweets,
An Adventuress,
Garston Bigamy,
(by Albort Kos)
A Florida Enchantment,
(by Qnutcr)
The Confessions of a Society Man?
All the Latest Fashion Papers.
A. J. HERZ & BRO.,
Cigar, News Dealers & Stationers,
104 South Fourth Street.
Oljiap Loll.
The onl oheap lots offered in Waco
for tho last five years aro thoso now
on the market in the Kirkpatriok Ad
dition, East Waoo. These lots are
being sold for one-half their real val
ue, making a ahanoo to secure a do
sirable home such as will never ocour
Cheap JLots
These lots lio high and dry. They
overlook a large portion of tho city
and havo perfect drainage. They lis
in tho healthiest part of tho city, catch
ing tho puro breezes from tho prairie
untainted by passago over any part of
tho city.
Cheap Lots.
Those lots havo tho finest soil, a
rich sindy loam, ndmirablo for gar
dens, and are underlaid with puro
wator in inexhaustible qmntilios at a
depth of fifteon and sixteon foot,
whioh oan bo used for irrigation.
Cheap JLo.
Those lots aro closer to the centor
of the city than any other addition,
and at tho same distance lots tro sell
ing for three and flvo times the prico
askod for these There is millions in
it for persons of small means. Call on
Mrs. or P G. Kirkpitriok, southwest
corner Eighth and Clay streot.
All parties desiring plats of the
kirkpatrick addition oan obtain them
upon application.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed proposals will be roooivod at
tho offiae of city secretary, to bo
opened at 3 o'olock p. m. March 10,
1892. at tho city hall, Waco, Texas, by
tho mayor and stroot committee, for
furnishing all material and labor and
constructing, approximately, 2500
lineal feet of six inoh sanitary sewer
as follows : From Jefferson alodg
Fourth street, with latteral botweea
Columbus streot and Barton branch to
center of block, between Seventh and
Eighth streets, and lateral between
Washington and Columbus streots ox
tending from Fourth to Fifth streots.
Profiles and specifications for inspec
tion at city engineer's oflioe. Tho
right to njeot any or bI I bids, is ro
sorved by tho oity council of tho city
of Waco. February 10, 192.
Attest: C. 0. MoUuLliOcn,
Jonev Jones, City Secretary,
. .
Miles' Nerve And Liver Pills
Act on a new principle regulating
the liver, stomaoh and bowels through
the norven. A new discovery, Dr.
miles' Pills- speedily cure biliousness,
bad taste, torpid llvei piles, consti
pation. Unequaled for men. women,
and children. Smallest, ml bloat, sur
est. 60 doses 25 cents. Samples froo
at H O RlHher & Co'b. Drug store 618
Austin avenue

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