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City Cash Store
For a few day's only I will sell you
10do7..epg8for$1 Ou.
20 lb granulated sugar for $1.00.
22 lb brown sugar for $ I 00.
Nice ripo banauna's tit 15ots a dozen.
Sweet oranges at 25ots a dozen.
Spre rips fiesb at ltiota per lb.
yrcub salt water fish to arrivo ovory
other day.
Fresh voftiiblcR evory mornincr. Call
jt O J Millkb's for bargains, 7I7
Austin Ave
- O 'iT C 1. -
Paints g Oils,
404 Austin Street,
Bay Egin's "Black Diamonds."
Straight diuuer from 12 to 2 and
anything you want at any hour at Joe
Egan's blauk diamonds" will soon
givo way to "coal comfort," try him
ore it is too late.
Buy Egan's Big Muddy Lump eoal.
FiocRt California bottled winos, at
35 cents per quart, best bargaiu ever
offered in Waco. J. A. Fjrly.
For the best and freshest bccf,pork
mutton, veal, spareribs, Gsh and
oysters yo 10 Crippen oorner Fifth
and Frankling
Ltdies, we havo just received fresh
stook of flower seeds.
V. L. TnoKEn,
"Lion Drug Storo.
Sleeper, Clifton & Co. havo added a
repairing department in connection
with their shoe store. All repairing
of boots and shoes neatly done
Charges reasonable Leave your
shoes to be halfsoled at Sleeper, Clif
ton & Go's,, oorner of Fourth and
Austin streets.
For Sate.
Thrco horses, one ten-horso power
engino and boiler and a lot of shelving
and storo fixtures. Cheap and on
good terms. Moore Baos.
Don't be Deceived.
I am still holding down Standard
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for one
Franoo-American Food Co's Frenoh
Soups, S pound cans, 30 cents caoh .
Star Tobacco 40 eents per pound. Low
prices on overy thing. Call and see
Joe S. Thompson,
The Grooer.
5 Cents Each.
A two-hole mouse trap, 21 clothes
pins, a tin dipper, a big pressod pan,
1 lamp ohimnoy, a oovercd bucket, a
tin funnel, 1 iron stand, a tin scoop, 1
diih mop. 2 pie plates, big box ticks,
a large grater, 2 boxes matches, big
potato masher, a kitohen spoon, a
nutmeg grater, a stovo lifter, 1 pack
ago good envelops, a box slato penoils,
a large tablet, 1 can opener, a wooden
spoon, a good tack lifter, 1 paper filo,
1 padlook, n paint brush, 1 maohino
oil can, a bottle good machine oil, a
strong hitohing ring, a pair hinges, 1
vino tea strainer.
ma Austin avo., bet. utb and bill sts
A Husbands Mistake.
Ilusbaudti too often permit wivo?,
and parents thoir children, to suiler
from headache, dizzinoas, neuralgia,
sleoplossness, tits, nervousness, when
by tho use of Dr. Milos' Itestorativo
Nervine euoli seriouR results oould
easily be prevented. Druggists every
where say it gives universal satisfao
tion, and has an immense sale Wood
worth &OoofFort Wayne, Ind.;
Snow & Co., of Syracuse, N. Y.; J. O.
Wolf, Hillsdale, Micb.; and hundreds
of other tay '-it 11 the groatest seller
they ever knew,'' It contains no
' I opiates. Trial bottlo and free book
( on Nervous Diseases, free at H.j 0.
I Itishcr & Co.
iDIDdi cr
1 1 t l c &
The Popular Grocers,
505 .timtiii Avciiiio
public to give them a call. They
strivo to please both in quality of
good and in low prices. They ofifr
a pretty specialty this week inShopp's
In one pound paiikaes. Every
housekeeper should try it. They
also offer to smokers tho indisputable
and incontestHbln best
in the city of Waco, betides hundreds
of other choice goods, Pleaso give
us a call.
GribWe Brothers,
505 AllHtlii Avenue.
TTjtHIS MAN has been hunting
1 with one of H. E. Ambold's
fine guns sure shot. Fine guns
for sale or for hire.
419 Austin Street.
Ms istfiBiEEiiEianlS
Wo havo $1200 worth of 8boes
loft, and wo are going to surprheyou
tho next two weeks. We havo rented
the houso for two more weeks, and
reduced tho remainder lower thun
over. About 300 pairs Ladles' fluo
Oxfords and Button Boots, at prices
that will surprlso you. The mer
chants aro trying to buy us out, but
wo prefor selling at retail. Seo our
Mon'B$2.60 Shoes; well worth S5.
Cor. Sixth ana Austin, WACO, 'VEX'
SA-- a
Wlflkw .
$s kJIItc
A Sound Liver JMakes a Well Han
Are you Bilious, Constlpatodand
troubled with J1.11 on SfekHend
aohe, Bud Taste In Mouth, Filn
Broath, Coated Tongue. Dyspepsia
Indigestion, Hot Dry Bkln, Pain in
Back and betwoeu the Shoulders,
Chills and Foyer, &o. If you have
any of these symptoms, your L.iver le
out of order your blood is plcwly
being polsouod, because your Liver
(loos not act properly. Hfiwinb ffiil
cutj any disorder ot the Liver,B(om
aoh orBowels. It has no equal as a
Llvoc Medicine. Price 76 cents. Free
sample bottle atiL O. Risher'e Drug
Fop sheriff.
In the proper column will be
found this afternoon the announce
ment that Mr. J. P. Naylor 01
Moody, is a candidate for the
office of sheriff of McLennan
county and The News takes
pleasure in bearinglestimony to
the eminent fitness of this gentle
man for the office. The writer
first knew Mr. Naylor 15 years ago
when the county was new and
things rougher than they are now.
Mr. Naylor was for a long time
deputy sheriff under Mr. Pete
RoaS and he made a splendid re
cord in those days which tried an
officer's soul. He is a gentleman
of great ability, inimitable pluck
ready resources and a man of
sterling integrity and kindly dis
position. There is no old settler
but will endorse him in all re
spects. Mr. Naylor would make
an excellent sheriff and those
unacquainted with him may vote
for him in all safety:
Central Statoln Firemen Again in
the Lead.
The Bosoani Hook and Laddei
companies of tho Central iiro station
drilled lust night the former on
South Fouriti and the latter on
South Sixth streets, Tho partici
pant in the drill of tho Hook and
Ladder company were: Frank Crow,
tuteinitn; Kd. v ilsford, driver; Rus
Hell Robertson, Lou Zeitler, Wiley
FJowerc, Maok Wilson, Clayton Wor
sham, Jim Lock wood and Jack Crow.
otx ruott were uiaao a distance 01 ono
blookao i all the ladders on tho truck
raised on a building in the short aver
ago tiuio of thirty-two seconds.
The drill ot the Central Huso com
pany under tho loreuiiiiship of Mr.
Sam Owens was had at tho corner of
Webster and South Third streets,
Two runs wero m do, first at tho
oorner of Third and Cleveland but
they wero entirely uiituocesbful on
account of tbe detective plug at that
point, and the company then repaired
to the oorner of Webster and Sou h
Third streets where in three runs tho
record of any former tiuio was ex
celled by running ono block and 150
feot, unrealing three sections
of hose, attaching it to the plug and
Gxing tho nozzle in tho following
First run. 45, second 38 and third,
37 seconds, taint? the best tiuo over
mS&.tbu city.
Tho waoh win held by Mr Chester
Kenucdy, commonly known as
"Chess,1 the affablo chief of 1I10 Hills
boro fire department who was aston
ished at the proficiency of tho Waco
bovs. He says that Waco lias dono
much for her fire department. I HE
News reporter tniirht add with equal
forco that Waco's tiro department has
done much for Waco.
A Sure Curo for Piles.
Itohinc riles are known by mois
ture like perspiration, causing intense
itohini? when wmm. this torm as
well as Blind, Bleeding or Protrud
ing, yield at onco to Dr. Bofanko's
File Remedy, which aots direotly on
paits effeoie'd, absorbs tumors, allats
itohlng and efffots a permanent cure.
50 cts. Druggists or mail Circulars
freo. Dr. Boimnku, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by W. B.
Moniacn & Oo,
- d
Furniture apd Carpets."
1M lk
11' 'TOME 0TO "VV'OWjOEIfc.
WHEN FINE FURNITURE can be bough- at a lower price than
was formerly asked for common. We are displaying a splendid line
of PARLOR SUITS, elegant in designs of oriental luxury in uphol
stery; BEDROOM SETS, adapted in style and size to homes of any
dimensions; DINING ROOM OUTFITS, plain, medium and elabor
ate all fashionable material, new patterns and elegant finish.
We have an elegant stock of the prettiest patterns of CARPETS
ever shown in Waco, at prices never before known here.
A MOB AT SllElfflAN.
Kxplni-n thr County Jail, Itiil Tall c
I'hul "MiisM-y, till! .Siiim'1 3Iut-iUti't'i' 01
H111 Mtiitli l'.iuiilv, V1ii Mum Iticii
hjili-lti'il Awsiy liytlio Muir;n'.
SunifJiAK. Tux.. Mirch .'!. The nt
tempted murder of tho Smith family
a uiilo east of Sherman, consisting ol
father, mother and two children, and foi
which Sam Wynne, alias Mussoy, was
arrested on tho statement of tho littlo
boy that "Sam did it," is still keeping
tho peoplo of this city and vicinity
greatly excited, and ia on tho tonguo of
every man nnd a mob raid upon the
Houston streot prison is openly pre
dicted and whilo the sheriff lias not said
as much it is evident that ho is somo
what apprehensive
Mrs. Smith rallied a littlo and thon
grew worse, but af this hour sho seemed
a little hotter, though sho has not yet re
covered consciousness, notwithstanding
the fact that it has been about forty
eight hours sinco tho nssnult occurred.
Ono of tho littlo boys has been growing
worso nil day and Mr. Smith is still
Drs. Michael, Wright and Freemnn
said Into this afternoon that whilo thoy
did not appreciate any immediate likeli
hood of death thoy wero very danger
ous cases.
When all of Court plaza was lined
and crowded with men somo ono cried,
'On to Houston street!" and in ten min
utes tho jail yard was swarming with a
wild nnd frenzied crowd 200 strong
Somo ono hnttered away at tho north
door of tho prison nnd in a moment it
was opened and tho crowd rushed in.
Warden McKinnoy and Turnkoy
McAfco told them that tho prisoner Sam
Mnssey, was not in tho jail. Tho crowd
refused to beliovo thorn and demanded
that the prison bo thrown opon. To
this tho orilcors of tho prison acquiesced
and corridor after corridor nnd coll af tot
cell wa carefully searched, but 110
whero from tho cupola to tho dungeon
bolow tho ground could tho negro be
found, nnd nt last maddened and infur
iated, tho crowd withdraw from tin
prison and began searching tho resi
dences of tho officers.
About this time Sheriff McAfco drove
tip to tho Husk street gato nnd an
nonnced that long ngo tho prisoner, in
chnrgo of deputies, had been speeding
on his way fcouth, a train having been
flagged nt tho Cotton Belt caossing nnd
boarded thero by tho officers with the
prisoner. At this hour tho crowd has
virtually dispersed from tho vicinity ot
tho jail, but aro gathered in knots of
fjom 00 to 100 at tho streot comers dis
cussing tho matter.
Deep disappointment is ovorywher6
oxpressed and while it is genorally bO'
lieved tho prisoner had been spirited
away by officers, tlioro aro doubts of bis
having been taken to Dallas and squads
are searching high and low for soma
clow to his whereabsuts nnd it to be
lieved that if nt any timo botwecn now
and daylight COO determined iiion can be
centralized in ten minutes.
To Subscribers.
Those who aro in arrears on sub
scriptions will pleaso call at the of
fice and fettle beloro March 5. I will
collect strictly in advance from that
dato and will be compelled to out
off all delinquents.
8. J. Quay,
City Circulator.
Watch, Clock and Jewelry
eeX A. 1 1 ING.
Plain and Artistic Engraving.
620 Austin Avenuo.
Transfors of Real Estato.
Reported by tho Waco Abstraot and
Investment Company, It)nm 17 Prov
ident BuildiDg, Waco, Texas.
II Pickett to Zapadonsky, 100 by
100 feot, llivcr street. $1225
H L Storm and wito to WD Laoy
lot 2, Ilth streot, farm lot 20, $705.
W S Smith and wife to 11 II Gray,
half interest 2 tracts. Barnoy street.
W F Ortfasy to W F Smith, traci
farm lot 22. 300.
Georgo D Wood by conatablo to J
M Wood Dnokory 2d story of building
Third and Franklin streets, $30.
Total March a, 18n2, $20(30.
' 1 1 ''
Mrs. R. J. Miller, wifo of tho lato
W. A. Miller, aged 35 years, died
yetterdayafternoon at 5:30 at West.
Tho remains woro shippod to Waoo
and interred today at 1:30 at Oak
wook cemetery. Rov. V. Gr. Cunning
ham officiating.
Another Accident.
Anotbor painful accident ocourred
this morning to a oolorcd man, whoso
namo oould not be learned, but who is
an employee of the Cotton Bolt rail
way as coal heavo'. Ho foil from a
coal car whilo in motion and tho
wheels passed over thrco of his An
gers which wore so badly mashed as
to requiro amputation. Dr. O. W,
Wilkes, assisted by Dr. V. 11. Fcr
rell, porformed the operation.
For Ront,
Six room house, bath room, a largo
gallery, cistern and dtablo, good loca
tion. Applv to Mrs. W. J. Hairis,
No. 1023 Jefferson street.
M. K- & T
1 4l SO
To New Orleans
account of
and Roturn ou
JVlafdi s Gras.
Tiokots on sale February 28 and 2o,
pood for return passage 10 dnys from
date of sale. For mops, folders, sleep
ing car accommodations, tickets or
any information, pleaso call on or ad
press, J. E. SMITH,
Ticket Agent M. K. and T. lty No
South Fourth street, Wnco,Toz
I '
k '4
1 -4.. 1

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