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K'lllB Dlil'AUTMENT.
of Flro Alnrm Iloxex.
4 Fifth Wari F ro Station strikes
6 Corner 9 h vd Austin '
6 ' 4th " " "
7 Central Flro Station ,"
8 Weft End Fire Station "
13 Oor .or 14 h a id Washington "
"14 " Bth and Malboro ih "
15 " Sthanl Co umbos
is "' 8thandJaeB0ti "
"IT " 4th and Webster "
" ' Rth nd Cleveland "
9 " Bthatui Hiielelit "
i mi
i urn
07 ' flthand Wa-ilnK'on" ii-iltlill
' 84 Koyal Hotel Sth a d Franklin ' ut-il II
6 Woolen Kills Htn and Mary m nmi
37 Corner 1 th and Jefferson 111-11 111!
All boxot ntimbeied above 8 strlko thnai
Box 13 strikes 1 and stops, tho strikes 111
xaaklnt Box 13, thoi repeats four times
Box 2J strikes II and st jpa, thon strikes UIl
naklug Kox 25 a d eo on
DimcTio.NS ron oivmo ai-ahm.
Keys wll bo fon 'd In fcs'deccon each coi
jer whore b'ixen areloca ed Onon Flro Alarm
Boxes and poll Hook down and lei go, Liavc
key lit box
Torn alarm in only for Arcs. (10 00 line for
false alarms.
Slow tapping of bella signify company
Bet'ond Friday In each month each box Is
tapped twice, testing b ixes and circuit lire
Whenalarmof flrelsglvp the Flro Depart
ment hSB too right of way on n'l areola All
vehicles mnst drive near tho sldcwMk and kep
away from the fire J.W lino for running over
hose. . ,
lttport oT any care'ess driving going to ot
from Qrcs by the Fire Department will be
thankfully received by the Ch ef, as fast ai d
arelcts driving U str rkly forbidden.
Try Egan's o lump coal.
Dr. Geo. P. Mann, ikntist. Full
eett of upper or lower teeth, $12 50
Eigan has the best cheap coal in
tho markot at $5.50 per ton
Tho best restaurant in town, Joe
Lehman's, No. 117 South Fourth
Fishing taokle of overy description
with a full stook of huntors supplie
Joo Lehman is tho most popular res
taurant man in Texas. His place
117 South Fourth streot.
Pure and whito lara ot 9 cents
per pound in ten pound cans at Chip
ten's, corner Fifth and Franklin,
Everybody goes to Joo Lonman't
when they want a good moal, or iit
A J. Leslie for first-class
clock and jewelry ropairing.
building with II. E. Ambold
Joe Lehman's for
confeotionories 117
ioo oream and
South Fourth
Dookery & Co., Assurance Agents
represent first rlass companies only.
Every attention paid to placing risks.
Give us a call at our newjjuarters in
tho Provident building.
Drs. Wilkes & Wilkes and Dr. J.
It Forrell huve fitted up a suite of
rooms in tho new Provident building,
second floor, where they may bo found
in future Telephone at office and
residences. Slates at OJd Corner Drug
Buy Egan's Indian Territory coal.
Fop Rent,
Six room house, bath room, a large
gallery, cistern and stable, good loca
tion. Apply to Mrs. W. J. Harris,
No. 1023 Jefferson street.
Hotel Royal Bar.
Hayden & Hayden, proprietors.
Neat and quiet. Very finest wines
and liquors. Superb lunch at 10.
Old friends and customers as well
new will meet a heartv welcome.
Just Received Large Stock
Frosb ijarden seod. Come ye market
gardeners. We have ample to supply
you in everything.
W. L. Tucker,
at "Lion Drug Store."
To Subscribers.
Those who are in arrears on sub
scriptions will please call at the of
fice and settle beforo March 5. I will
collect strictly in advance from that
date and will be compelled to cut
off all delinquents.
8. J. Quay,
City Circulator.
Tra La-La
In a few days a
new book and pe
riodical store will
will bo opened up at 401 Franklin
street, where lovers of Literaturo,
Musio and Art will find all tho peri
odicals foreign and domostio, latest
novels, sheet musio and all tho Tra-La-La'a
of a popular house. Keep
your eyo on the placo and your mem
ory on the number of O. T. ltldloy's
new stand.
All bills duo the News for advertls
lng from July 15th aro payable to
R. Christopher or bis authorized col
lector, This appllos also to subscribers.
ritMlmmnru Wilis In the Twelfth Knuml
ainlinr, In tliti First, Fulls to Improve
tlui Only Opportunity OlVmwl to Flulsh
Ills Scientific Opponent.
NkwOiu.uans, Jlnrch il. long boforo
litno the uititiiitiotli pavilion wns packud
with enthusiastic humanity, testing tho
tenting capacity of tho structure which
given at 7r00 persons by mathemat
ical measurement. Out3iilo tho club
houso boforo K o'clock a crowd beseiged
tho doors clamoring f or tickets and
pushing and almost climbing over each
other in thoir anxiety to get in, but to
no avail. Tho Olympic had sold no
tickets than their seating caimcity war
ranted and with tho Inst ticket thnt
passed out of tho box oflieo business
was suspended in that direction.
It wns a quarter to 8 o'clock whon Mr.
Ed Curtis entered tho arena and by ro
qnest of President Charloy Noel spoko a
few verses. Ho told of tho calculation
made for seating overy tickotholder and
announced tho programme. IIo regret
ted, ho said, that no men could bo fonnd
for lovo or itionoy to stand up ami bo
knocked out respectively by Mitchell
and Slavin but that two local men had
agreed to boic them. Thoy wero Arthur
Uphnm and Felix Vaquelin, tho creolo
heavyweigUt. Mitchell aud Slavin
would follow in an exhibition sparring
Clmrley Mitchell rntereil
tho ring, attended by Tom Allen, Pat
Allen and Frank Slavin. Mitchell looked
round and fat, decidedly better than I
during his last appenranco here, when
mado by seconding Kilraiu.
Upham, who was introduced as tho '
champion heavyweight of Texas, looked
beefy and in no condition to spar. I
Mitchell toyed with him and buffeted
him about tho ring three rounds and
then a much better three-round cxhibi-1
tion wns given by Vaquelin and Slavin.
Vaquelin showed marked improvement,
and got in some good licks that elicited
hearty applause.
Sluvlii and Mitchell
followed in an interesting three-round
set-to, which was entertaining as a
brother act if nothing else.
It was 0:03 o'clock when Mahor en
tered the ring clad in green tights. Ho
was attended by Billy Madden, Gns
Tuthill and Jnck Fallon. The Irish boy
was warmly greeted, hut tho applause
was tremendous when threo minutes
later Bob Fitzsimmmons camo into viow
attended by Joo Choyinski, Jimmio Car
roll aud Professor Robertson. Fitz
turned about as ho passed Maher'a
corner and shook hands with tho Irish
man and his seconds in a comicnl yet
hearty manner that evoked laughter and
applnuso from tho audience.
When stripped Fitz looked a perfect
bnnch of bones and muscle, bigger and
heavier than whon he settled Jack
Dempscy in such short order, but though
the scales saw so, the extra llesli was so
well distributed that it was not promi
nently perceptible.
Matter stripped full and round. His
chest was broad full and deep, standing
out prominently. Ho was heavily mus
cled in tho hack, tapering fjracefully
down to full aud rounded hips. The
Asked for tlio VTqlgiitii
and Referee Professor John Duffy, after
consulting with tho men exclaimed,
"Fitzsimmons 163, Matter 178."
Tho refereo announced Mr. P. J.
Donahuo, tho Now York sporting writer,
as timekeeper for Mnlier, Mr. Georgo R.
Clark for Fitzsimmons and Mr. R. M.
Frank for tho club.
As tho men faced each other for a
fight and tho contrast in their appear-'
anco became apparent tho friends of i
Fitz felt strengthened in their judgment
of him, while those who had wagered
wealth "6ightnnseen" on tho Irish cham
pion concluded that thoy had mado a
good investment. His big frame and
bturdy look inspired confidence, which
ono brief hour dispelled and
showed tho burly Irishman to bo
1 ho KiinkcHt Quitter
who over stopped into tho ring, worso
oven than Tommy Callahan, tho light
weight, who displayed tho white feathoi
beforo Cal McCarthy thought Callahan
did at least havo the graco to mako bo
lievo he was put out.
As tho men feinted for tho initial open
ing Maher lacked graco, bnt looked
fonnidablo in his massiveness. Ho
planted himself firmly and hold his
guard low and stiff.
Fitz was to tho contrary on springs.
Ho kept his arms moving in unison with
his feet, eyes bright and sparkling and j
lips hrmly sot, breathing wholly through
tho nostrils. Ho looked serious hut firm
while Manor's face was stolid and ex
pressionless. Mahor opened hostilities with a short
half-arm lead with his left, which Fitz
avoided by jumping away. Fitz bobbed
around, waiting his chance, dodging
and feinting until an opportunity for an
opening was found, when away shot lite
loft, catching Maher with tlio heel of his
glovo full in tho mouth. It was as much
a shove as a blow, and sent
Mnlier Heeling llacluvnnl
Fitz's impetus carried him forward
upon Mahor, who sat down nnd Fitz
walked over him. Maher quickly re-
ained his foot anil blood was seen trick
ing from his mouth. Tho sight of il
ecmed to mako turn vicious and ho
tishctl at Fitz landing a heavy right-
anuer directly under tho heart that
ient the Australian against tho ropes near
labor's corner. Tho Irishman was
ready to follow up his advantage Bwif tly
and tho vast audienco held its breath in
anticipation of seeing Fitz knocked out
in tho first round, but Mahor hesitated
a second and tho sound of tho gong de
prived him of tho golden opportunity of
delivering the decisive blow. Fitz was
saved and a sigh of relief was givon by
his backers, bnt it wns well nigh tho
unanimous opinion that ho would not bo
iu it much longer.
At tho opening of tlio second ronna
ritx Cniiiu Up a Trill o Willi,
but othorwiso nil right, his oyes snapping
and mouth shut. Mnhor's mouth was
bleeding and his respiration heavy.
Fitz quickly rccvered and from thni
time on ho simply kept jabbing with his
left hand on Mnhor's faco, increasing1
tho flow of blood with overy punch and
skillfully ducking and dodging to avoid
tho attempted returns of tho Irishman. '
Round after round saw no c.haugo in
tho tactics on either side. Fitz would
coolly step up, jab Maher on his
HlreilliiR Is'ono or Mouth,
duck or jump away from a dropping
swing mid como back at his man at
will on tho soro and bleeding spots. Fitz
seldom used his right hand except as a
guard to stop tho .blows aimed at his
wind. Two or threo times Mahor did
manago to catch Fitz with an upper cut,
but tlio blows seemed to lack steam.
In tho seventh round Fitz landed n
neat pivot blow on Maher's neck which
elicited cries of foul, but no heed was
paid to them as thoro was no agreement
to bar such a stroke.
In round nino Maher changed his so
rious look and smiled as Fitz jabbed
him in tho noso and mouth, producing
n squashing sound audiblo all through
tho pavilion aud which brought a fresh
flow of blood over Maher's breast.
In tho tenth round Mahor started in
to force the fighting and made tlio pace
fo lively thnt despite Fitzsimmon'a
dodging and jabbing ho got sovorol
heavy clouts in tho body that mado him
very weary by tho ' tiino tho goug
In ugility, reach aud cleverness
1'ltz.sliniiions I'ar Outstilps Mulirr,
but when it comes to standing up and
taking punishment as administered by
tlio burly Irishman, Fitz wasn't in it.
If tho first round tnught him caution
tho tenth round rammed it homo to such
effect that ho took no moro chances.
Ho jabbed through tho eleventh and
twelfth rounds almost without a return,
nnd near tho end of tho twelfth round
ho said to Fitz
"I'll Quit After This."
.Taking him at his word Fitz lot up
until the gong sounded and as ho walked
to his corner ho said, "Ho's quit, Jim
mie." Recovering from his astonishment,
Carroll rushed across tbo ring to Ma
her's corner and asked him if ho had
quit. "Oh, yes, I quit," said Mahor aa
ho was being sponged off by his attend
ants, and tho sports who had backed
tho Irishman loudly bowailed ho loss of
their mouey and tho champion's pusila
uiinity. Fitz was without a bruise oxcept a
light red imirk under tlio left eyo nnd
another over tho heart. Maher hadn't
really hit him a half dozon times. Ma
her's lips aro cut, noso bruised and body
scarred, but beyond that ho was not
Fitz Received nn Oration
and trotted around tho ring nfter shak
ing hands with Maher and giving him a
nip from his private flask.
Billy Madden is tho most disgusted
man in town and thero is talk of taking
up a collection to send his newest prod
igy back to tlio Emerald islo.
l'uotpaiU In Kansas City.
Kansas Citv, March 3. A daring
highway robbery was committed hero.
Conductor H. W. Smith of tho Eigh
teenth streot lino of tho Metropolitan
cable system was hold up and robbed of
$20. Tho conductor and gripman wore
sitting in tho trail car waiting for theii
timo to start on their return trip whon
two masked men entered, produced re
volvers nnd commanded tha conductor
togivouphis cash. Twelvo dollars ot
tho amount taken was in nickols and
dimes. Tho highwaymon instantly dis
appeared. Foliling-Heri Accident.
Slateh, Mo., March U. Josiah Baker,
Jr., ono of tho wealthiest stockmen of
central Missouri, and his wifo wero
nearly smothered to death at their homo
in this placo by tho closing up of a largo
folding-bed weighing about COO pounds.
Tlio groans of Mrs. Baker brought tho
children to tho rescue, and their utmost
efforts wero needed to savo tho lives of
their parents. Mrs. Baker is in a pro
carius condition. Mr. Baker will bring
suit against tho manufacturers of tho
l'urlnliuri lu tlio Flumes.
Bayon.vu. N. J., March a. The St.
Charles Hotel, a threo-story structure,
was burned nliout midnight entailing a
loss of 50.000. It is renortnil Kovor.nl
iruests are missiwr and it is fenred thnv
perished in tho llames.
fltutemenU Mmto by Secretary lltnlna
About Her Daughter.
Nkw Yoitic, March 1). Mrs. Novincs,
tho mother of Mary Novins Blaino, who
G. Blaino, Jr., was seen in referenco tl)l
tho statement sent out by young Blaino's
father, in which tho secretary proceeded
to answer, tho remarks mado by tho
South Dakota Judge when ho granted
tho divorce Mrs. Covins discredited in
vehement terms Blaino's statement nnd
thon said:
"His btory of our interview with Mrs.
Blaino is largely mauufacturod out of
whole cloth. I will tell you oxactly
what took placo. I accompanied my
daughter ta tho house. Tho nurso and
tho child wero with us. Wo woro shown
into tlio drawing room. Mrs. Blnino
camo in. "VVo all bowed and asked to
seb her husband. Mrs. Blaino said wo
could not see him. Sho insisted upon
tho nurse leaving tho room) Sho said
sho would not discuss tho matter boforo
a servant. Tho nurso and little Jim
wont to tho kitchen. Wo continued to
talk matters over for some timo. All
threo of us wero perfectly cool. Mrs.
Blnino snid, when Mario spoko of going
away again: 'Well, you can leave your
baby hero if you want to.' If Mario had
been somo poor outcast whom Jim
Blaino had seduced, Mrs. Blaino could
nover havo spoken in a moro brutal
manner. I spoko up for Mario: 'Thoy
havo both done wrong, Mrs. Blaino, iu
marrying without our consent.' A mo
ment or two later sho turned to my
daughter' aud said in nn extremely sig
nificant way: 'Well, your marringo
was all wrong anyway, Mario.' Thon I
protested. Mrs. Blnino instantly flow
into a fury. Sho rang n bell nnd a ser
vant appeared with surprising speed. If
it had been my servant I should cer
tainly have accused her of eavesdrop
ping. 'Show tlios-o persons out,' cried
Mrs. JJhrim-, and then she added: 'And
watch them.' Wo walked out and called
tho nurso aud littlo Jim. At tho door of
tlio carriage tho nurse, who was crying
out of sympathy for Mario, snid: 'Mrs.
Blaino, yon aroagooso to ro away like
this. You nro his wife. Gorigtitupto
his room. No ono hits a right to stop
"Mario went back into tho house. I
stayed in tho carriage. Then it was that
tho bcenes took placo."
Murder in tlio Vint Ilrgrre.
Lamar, Mo., March 3. Tho jury in
tho A very case, after a fivo days' trial,
havo just returned a verdict of "guilty
of murder in tho first degree as charged
in tho indictment. " Avery killed Jas.
N. Miller near Liberal on Sept. 22, 1891.
Killed TnuMcn.
Scottsville, Ky.. March 3. Briggs
Caldwell shot and killed Fount Justico
and Charles Hancock in this county near
Simpson county lino. Caldwell and
Justice wero brothers-in-law. Thero
had been an old grudge betweou them
for somo timo.
Wly trill anyone remain weak when
they can b macs s'.roag 1
Everyone should know that the entire
human structme is constantly being torn
down and rebuilt, the tame as in the
vegetable world the trees shed their leave
and a;:ain put fortli new shoots. Now,
when the blood becomes too weak to carry
to the kidneys und liver this dead tissue
that should be removed, the whole system
becomes enervated and a distressed feeling
of weakness and unnatural fatigue follows.
One feels half dead, so to speak, and liter
ally ii half dead, the old tissue clinging tn
particles throughout the system, prevent
ing the forming of new tissue and tha
awakening of new life. At such times a
medicine that will enliven the blood, re
more its sluggishness, till it with red cor
puscles, and strengthen it, is necessary.
There is only one mich medicine and that
ia Dr. John Bull's Sursaparilla. Its action
on the blood ii like the ell'ect of cream on
coffee, t( malxsitgood. Ho you want to feel
tho exuberance of perfect health? Doyoa
want to feel strong and full of life in every
part? Do you want to increase your self
control and ho a perfect man or perfect
woman, fiee from the unnatural tenden
cies of wasting and debilitating diseases?
Then use Dr. Thill's Snrsapurilla. It will
make you feel new and full of stiength.
r. u. narrows, ixivineton, k.v writeii
"I would now be In mv trrave
re in
had I not
wn nnln.
used Dr. Hull's BnrbannrlUa. I was pale,
UstlDSS, and bo weak tbut 1 sjieut more tbas
half mv
ny time lying in bed. Jly memory
was bud
I could not concentrate my nilna
on business or anyiDtUK. .My ulRiits wen
restless, and my dreams unnnturnlly vivid.
I loat tlosili, and scorned to bo wasting away.
I cniw despondent, and consuiiitly (earful
that something evil was going to happen.
The imnltest out would run Into a sore, and
my blood was thin and cold. 1 heard Ilull't
Barauparllla wus a good strengthenlnc med
icine, and so gave It a trlul. It has mad
llfenecm dlllorent to sue, nnd filled me with
activity, bone und determination, while ray
ucnuu is nu i cumu ui'hire."
l.llnv IIaiIaI l.utvp.n.nhimr T.l
"1 was weak ond nervous. w'alihe3
only eighty-six pounds, took twenty-three
bottles of Dr. Bull's 8rpiirllln. and crew
strong and fat. I now weigh 117 pounds."
B" If yon love your child, look after IU
y occasionally giving It Dr. Jou
Bull' Worm Destroyers.
vy uccusiun
laer never d
harm and will keep It well
B"8mlth'gTonlo8yrup cures ohllls b4
fever after quinine has failed. It Is ple
ant to take, and uuver fulls to cure. Voudv
yourself a wrong to use quinine or any
other chill medicine.
Joun D. Pauk & Sons, Wholetalt Agent
VK, 177 and 179 Sycamore St, ClneinaaU, a
nothing but absolutely Pure Liq.
uors and Finest of Wines are
offered customers. A full stock
Spanish Hand-made Cigars.
To Subscribers.
Thoso who aro in arro ub on sab.
scriptions will plenso call nt tho office
and settle before March 5. I wi
oollootly strictly in advance from that
dato and will be compelled to cut off
all delinquents. S J Quay,
City Uirculator,
The Waco Water & Light Uomnanv
havo removed from their old quartets
on Fourth street to new and elegant
offices in the Provident Building.
They oooupy room No. 11, 1st floor
faolng Franklin street one ol tho fin
est and most accessible rooms in the
m m i
I torn s and communications Intended
tor this department should bosoutto
No. 809 North Twolftb streot or ttlo
plioned to No. 80, on or before Friday
afternoon of each week, In order to
rocelvo proper attoutlon. News
notes rocolved after 10 o'clock Satur
day morning cannot appear until th&
uext weok, however much wo may
regrot tho delay.
il "
Elegant Photo's.
Having seourcd tho serviocs of Mr.
W. M. Hall, of Chicago, as operator
and retoucher, will guarantco tho pub
lioa finer class of photographic work
than has over been shown iu Waco.
Havo recently purchased tho largest
as well as tho Gncst photograph leas
in Texas. Gall on tho old ro liable
photographer and seo samples.
W. D. Jackson.
Buy Egan's Athracite coal.
A Wonder Worker.
Mr. Frank Huffman, a young msb
of Burlington, Ohio, states that ha
had been under tho caro of two proa
inont physicians, and used thoir treat
ment until ho was not able to get
around. They pronounced his c5?
to he Consumption aud inourable. IIo
was persuaded to try Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption, Coughs
and Golds and at that timo was not
ablo to walk across tho street without
resting. Ho found, boforo ho had
used half of a dollar bottle, that he
WrtS much better; ho continued to use
it and is today enjoying good health.
If you havo any ThroHt, Lung or
Chou Trouble try it. Wo guarantee
satisfaction. Trial bottle free at W
B. Morrison & Co., Drug Store.
Tiiiia JLofc
Garden spot of tho great Panhandle.
Itioh loamy soil. Groat wheat oountry.
Tiiiia, Lots
Tulia is tho county seat of Swisher
county. One of tho finest oountics
in tho great Panhandle. Courthouse,
chnrohes, schools, Ac, &o.
Tulia Iaot
Swisher county is developing rapidly.
Thousands aro going to tho Panhaa
dlo daily and the man with tho plow
is daily going to Swisher county.
Tulia !Lots
A pretty town in tho prettiest oountry
in tho world. Land level as a floor
and producing immense crops of a
cereals, vegetables and fruits.
Tulia Lots.
Evorlasting frcostono pure water in
illimitablo quantities at twonty-iivo to
thirty feet.
Tulia Lots
Aro in a growing town, in a growing
oounty. Property is advancing daily
and will continue to advanco in a way
to make the boad owim. Buy now.
Don't delay a day. Lots cheap !
dirt at prices now asked.
For maps, plats and othor partioo
lars apply to
I. H Eouldy,
411 Franklin streot.

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