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i - Srinrs
Furniture apd Carpets.
City Cash Storo.
For a few day's only I will Bell you
lOdoz.oggsfor tl.Ou.
20 lb granulated sugar for $1.00.
22 lb brown sugar for $1.00.
Nice ripo banauna'a nt 15ots a dozon.
Sweet oranges at 25ots a dozen.
Spare rips fresh at lOots per lb.
fresh ealt water fish to arrivo ovory
other day. ,
Fresh vegetables cvory morning. Call
,t 0. J. Mim.kr's for bargains, 717
Austin Avo.
A - .r SHOPS
m?: .a ikLin. r r
f roncKobr
kV ? kv k
Jvw MllvVr
ints Oil
404 Austin Street,
Buy Egan's "Blaok Diamonds."
Straight dinner lrom 12 to 2 and
anything you want at any hour at Joe
Kgan's blaok diamonds" will soon
give way to "ooal comfort," try him
ere it is too late.
1 m 1
Buy Egan's Big Muddy Lump ooal.
For tho best and freshest bcof,pork
mutton, veal, sparcribs, fish and
oysters vo to Crippon corner Fifth
and Frankling
Dookcry & Co., Assuranoo Agents
represent first rlass companies only.
Every attention paid to placing risks.
Givo us a call at our now quarters in
tho Provident building.
Ladies, we havo just reooived fresh
stook of flowor seeds.
W. L. Tuokek,
"Lion Drug Store.
"Sleoper, Clifton & Co. havo added a
repairing department in connection
with their shoe store. All ropairing
of boots and shoes neatly done.
Charges reasonable Leave your
shoes to bo halfsoled at Slocpor, Clif
ton & Co's,, oorner of Fourth and
Austin streets,
For Sale.
Throo horses, one ten-horse power
engino and boiler and a lot of shelving
and storo fixtures. Cheap and on
good terms. Moons Bros.
The Iron Front.
This popular resort which was clos
ed yesterday and today for repairs
will bo open as usual tomorrow with
grand freo lunoh.
5 Cents Each.
A two-holemouso trap, 2i clothes
pins, a tin dipper, a big pressed pan,
1 lamp ohimncy, a covorod buckot, a
tin f unnol, 1 iron stand, a tin sooop, 1
dish mop. 2 pie plates, big box tacks,
a largo grater, 2 boxes matohes, big
potato masher, a kitohen spoon, a
nutmeg grater, a stovo lifter, 1 pack
ago good envelops, a box slato penoils,
a large tablet, 1 oan opener, a woodon
apoon, a good taok lifter, 1 paper filo,
1 padlook, a paint brush, 1 maohino
oil oan, a bottlo good maohine oil, a
strong hitohing ring, a pair hinges, 1
"wire tea strainor.
703 Austin avo., bot. Gth and 8th sts.
A Husbands Mistake.
Husbands too often permit wives,
And parents thoir ohildren, to suffer
from headache, dizziness, neuralgia,
blcoplcsduess, iits, nervousness, whon
by tho use of Dr. Miles' Rostorativo
Nervine suoh serious results oould
easily be prevented. Druggists every
where say it gives universal satisfac
tion, and has an immenso sale. Wood
worth & Co,, of Fort Wayne, Ind.;
Snow & Co., of Syracuse, N. Y.; J. 0.
Wolf, Hillsdale, Mioh.; and hundrods
of others say "it is the groatest seller
they over know," It contains no
opiates. Trial bottlo and freo book
on Nervous Diseases, froe at H. 0.
ftishor & Co.
Dr. Goo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
sett of uppor or lower teeth, $12,50.
9 Rro's-
The Popular Grocers,
005 Aim I in Avonuo
public to givo them a oall. They
strivo to ploaso both in quality of
goods and in low prioes. Thoy offer
a pretty specialty this week in Shopp's
In one pound packages. Every
housekeeper should try it. They
also offer to smokers tho indisputable
and incontestable best
in the city of Waco, besides hundreds
of other ohoico goods. Fleaso give
us a call.
Gribble Brothers,
505 AiiNtllt Avoiiiio.
Waco's Candidate Mixing With the
Tho interest in tho war ship voting
oontcst is still increasing. The young
lady who represents Waco is adding
one thousand a day to t or string and
today sho reoeived twelro hundred.
Hor 'friends are very determined in
their efforts for viotory and will mako
tho struggle vory serious for some one
boforo the ond comes. Tho voto at
twelvo o'olock today as tolographed
The News from GalveBton is as fol
lows :
Morton Campbell 1305
Celeste Willis 1215
Bettie Brown 740
Frances Wois j- I96
Sallio MoLomore 104
Adeline Widen 251
Helen Niohols 1017
Loula Jookusoh 3920
Rosa Tiernan 4005
Selona G. Sargent 515
Maggio Williams 4840
MidaTidoman 1005
Paulino Wynno 1010
Sallio Searight 300
Loo Upson 3222
Lola Williams 2700
Nottio Rotan 3200
We rn authorized to announces Jno F. Mar
shall as a uamlldate (or the ollloe or county
clerk, subject to tbo action oi tho Democratic
Special invitation iB extended to
the ladios to oome to the Clark rally
tonight. Tho gallery will be resorved
for them and it is hoped many of
them will be there.
The sample pavement on tho cor
nor .of Fourth and Austin is being
taken up and rook and gravel boing
put down. That has beon an ugly
place in the streets.
Hotel Royal Bar.
Haydon & Haydon, proprietors.
Neat and quiet. Vory finest wines
and liquors. Suporb lunoh at 10.
Old frionds and customers as well
new will meet a hearty weloomo.
Hill Has Killed- Himself In the
Candidate AVIio can AVin hut if an
Available ill an Cannot bo Found
to Knoclc Cleveland out Ho In tho
New Yoaic, Maroh 4. A promi
nent Kentucky Democrat writes tho
World in part as follows:
"Hill's silver speech and snap-judgment
manuuuvres have doubled popu
lar distrust of the man, of his moth
ods, ot his real popularity and ability
to carry Now York, and his connec
tion with Brice, Gorman and Dana has
identified him with Demoorats who
are regarded as the political agents
employed by plutocracy to obstruct
and darkon the pathway of Demo
cracy. A solid uncontested Hill delegation
from Now York will now only oonCrm
and incenao the anti-Hill sontirncnt,
whioh will enter tho Democratic con
vention like an avalanoho. Tho of
feot of Hill's oourso and Tho World's,
ringing protests has beon so emphatio
that I can hardly believe a man of
Hills ounning oould havo anticipated
a different result. I suspeot that
Hill's only hopo was to prevont Cleve
land's nomination, and I feel sure
that this is all Hill's Now York dele
gation oan accomplish by assuring
Now York's elootoral vote to some
candidate from another state
As to oandidates from othor states,
if Judge Thurmau woro as vigorous as
Gen. Palmer or there wero some
othor Western man of equally well
known character and ability, he would
bo nominated without a question. The
want of a western man of genorally
recognized availability acoounts for
tho dinging to Cleveland when ho
has lost Now York onoo and apparent
ly is bound to lose it again if nomi
nated. His strength in the West
rests partly on popul r admiration for
his courageous honesty and frankness,
but more on doubt that any new man
named in tho West oan make a bet
ter raco.
In spite of bis silver viow grand old
Gen. Palmer would bo supported with
enthusiasm and with much hopo of
his carrying Illinois, Indiana, Wis
consin and Iowa, if it wero not feared
that tho party would shrink from
nominating a man ef seventy-three.
Boies is rising finely in public
esteem, but he is brand new, and tho
understanding that howotcd for Blaine
in 1884 is against a ready oonoon
tiatiott on him.
Carhso was born in Kentucky and
lives in Kentuoky.
Neither Gray, of Indiana, nor Camp
bell, ot Ohio, is thought of as a com
petitor for Harrison. Looking furth
er east, Pattison would stand in tho
front rank of availablos, if thore wero
any ground for a rational hopo of his
carrying Pennsylvania. Gorman's
ability is recognized, but his Demo
cracy is distrusted and his stato is a
safo one. There is nothing against
Abbett, of New Jersey, but tha West
is not looking that way. Politicians
of the Joe Riokey tjpo may talk of
Flowor, but tho masses think of him
only as a rich New Yorkor, willing
and able to pay liberally for positions
above hii capacity. Fuller's mustache
and Buprome court position rule him
Some Democrots think they can bea'
Harrison with a yellow dog, but a
When FINE FURNITURE can bo bought: at a lower price than
was formerly asked for common. Wc arc displaying a splendid line
of PARLOR SUITS, elegant in designs of oriental luxury in uphol
stery; BEDROOM SETS, adapted in style and size to homes of any
dimensions; DINING ROOM OUTFITS, plain, medium and elabor
ate all fashionable material, new patterns and elegant finish.
We have an elegant stock of the prettiest patterns of CARPETS
ever shown in Waco, at prices never before known here.
great growth of confidence in tho
availability of ono of tho now candi
dates will bo required to knock Clcvo
land out, if ho does not knook him
self out before tho convention meets."
Doctor Chiu-cctl with Seduction UohU 111)
St. Cuahles, Mo., March 4.-The at
tempted white capping of Dr. Diger
Sunday ovening nt St. Potors, a villago
ten miles west of hero, in which a warn
ing was posted on his door to leave town
iu three hours, is said to have arisen
from tho seduction of a girl named
Schwentlonnanii. When ho read tho
warning Dr. Digor at ouco took to task
tho parties whom ho supposod posted
the notice, and defied tho armed mob
which gathered. Weapons woro pointed
and it looked for awhile like blood would
be spilled, but fortunately better coun
sel prevailed. Dr. Diger says tho real
animus of tho threats is personal spite
from men whoso enmity ho has incurred
and that they havo taken adrantago of
tho charge of seduction to attack him.
Tho cliarge of seduction ho character
izes as an attempt at blackmail.
At ono timo the Schwondermann girl
acted. as housekeeper for a young man
of the village and tho two livod alone ir
tho same house for several months. Af
terwards tho girl visited Dr. Digor at
his offlco when ho prescribed for her.
Tho girl's relatives claimed that during
ono of theso visits tho doctor accom
plished her ruin.
Tho doctor is a man of family and
lias accumalated considerable property.
He emphatically denies tho chargo of
seduction and says he is anxious to eS'
tablish his innocence in a court of law,
Deputy Sherlfl' Nottli-s Shut by A X1H
.Texahkana, Ark., March 4. At In
gorsoll, a small town mi tho Cotton Belt
railroad fourteen miles wost of hero,
Deputy Sheriff William L. Nettles was
shot and instantly killed by a mill man
named J. T. Mozicr.
It e corns that Mozior, who lives a few
miles out of town, had gone to Ingersoll
and during tho day partook vory freely
ot alcoholic stimulants until ho becama
crazy drunk mid began to fire a shotgun
rather promiscuously on tho streets.
There- being no city government no
policeman was on hand to arrest
him and Officer Nettles was sont for.
When tho latter arrived ho walked up
toMosior and baid: "Mr. Mozior, I must
arrest you; please hand mo your gun. "
Instead of doing so Mozicr said: "I will
givo you its contents, " and suiting tho
action to tho words, took a step back
ward, raised tho shotgun to a level and
fired a heavy chargo of buckshot through
tho clmet and lungs of Nettles. The
murderer then reloaded his gun and din
appeared boforo tho citizens of tho town
had timo to recover from the shock.
Sheriff Cannon of this placo has gone
to tho sceno of tho tragedy and will
spare no efforts to arrest and bring
Mozicr to justice.
Noted Tciiiiesseeun Dead.
Rome, da., March 4. Judgo Titos.
Nixon Vnndyko, long ono of the most
prominent members of East Tenneweo
has dlod hero at tho homo of his son. lie
was prominent iu political und industrial
FinslcIasB guaranteed
Watch, Clock and Jewelry
Plain and Artistic Engraving
620 Austin Avonuo.
Dr. Gunn's Union Syrup.
This remedy is a suro euro for all
discasos of the Throat and Lungs,
caused by taking cold. It will stop a
cough in ono night, no mutter how
It is just what its namo implios; an
onion syrup, compounded in Buch
manner as to do away with tho un
pleasant tasto and odor of tho vogita
blo. When in need of a ouro for a cough
or cold, try it. Price 50 oonts. Sold
by W. B. Morrison & Co.
Transfers of Real Estate.
Itoportod by tho Waoo Abstract and
Investment Company, lloom 17 Frov
ident Building, Waoo, Texas.
J M Boyd to J T Swootman, blook
20, Olenwood addition, 1G7G.G0 2-3.
Uon Boyle to Mary Ortwith, traot
douth Fifth street, 41 and lovo.
Z Davis and wifo to J N Willis,loto
7, 8 and 9, blook 11, Davis & Mara
bios addition to West, $150.
J P Bagby to J 1 Wainman, lot
14, blook l!f, Bagby addition, $255.
W D Thomas to A Lovo et al, lot
4, block 4, Bagby addition, valuo.
A Lovo ct al to Williams & Evans,
lot 4, blook 4, Bagby addition, $100.
Willians & .Evans to 0 a. Wainman,
lot 4, blook 4, Bagby addition, $175.
S L Wainman to J P Wainman, lot
4, blook 4, Bagby addition, $200.
J W Masters and wifo to It Moaor,
lots 1 and 2, block 2, Eikel & Brous
tedt addition, 1500.
G B Fosouo to I Simmons, 30 by
1G5 feet of farm lot 14, Eighth Mrcet,
M R Ilolladay ot al to W W 81au
tor, 45 acres of J French sur,, $450.
J Closnor to McLennan oounty. 1
aoro Clayton survoy, sohool purposes.
Total Maroh 3. 1892, $4457.06 2-3.
Notice of Dissolution.
Tho partnership hcrotoforo oxisting
between us under the firm namo and
stylo of O'Donncll & Boylo, in tho
I'arnoll saloon, is this day dissolved
by mutual consent. Anthony O'Don
noil will ooiitinuo in the business at
tho old stand, oornor Public Squaro
ond Second street, assuming all in
debtedness of tho old firm and col
lecting all dobts doe tho same
Referring to tho above I dosiro o
thank all friends and customers for
thoir liberal patronage in tho past and
recommend my successor as worthy of
future consideration, Con Botxk.
A J. Lenlio for first-class watch
clook and jewolry ropairing. Samo
building with II. E. Ambold Austin

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