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Cnuiuy ullumri.
roncounT attoiinby.
Wo ato antli riicd to announce Capt. T. A.
Malt M a -landldato fo eo0ly wtarney ofMo
lionoan coouty. subject to tlio action or tiio
Dcmocmttc party.
Mr S. A llogan authorises us to amionuco
thatlifilsa candidate for county attorney of
McLcnnnn eonnty, Mibject to tl.o aUlon of tba
Democratic party.
Tub News In authorised to announce tht
JndKo S H. Hardy Is camUdate for cou uty
attorney of MoLommm county, autject to tlio
action of the Domocratlo party.
rORTAX COLl.K.l-1011.
TUB Nnws U authnrled to announce T.
J. rrliiim as a candidate tot t col I cctor for
McLennan county, subject to the action or tho
Uemocra lc party.
Wo are nnthorUcd to announce Mr. J. 0
Jurnoy as candidate for the office of county
Tax Collector, subject to tlio action of tho Dem
ocrats of McLennan county.
for Miurllk.
Wo are authorized to announce Joo F. Ellison
as a candidate for sheriff at tho enmlm; elec
tion, subject to tho action of tho Dcmoorutlc
W. L. Bnrko is a candidate for sheriff of Mc
Lennan couiity, subject to tho action of tho
Dan Vd Is a candidate for re-election to tho
office fsheriff r.f McLennan count. subject to
the action ot the Dcmosratic party.
Wo aro nuiho ized to announce J. r.Naylor of
Moody as a candidate for slier ff. subject to tho
action ot tho Democratic party of McLennan
FOIl DISIitllCT Ct.KllK.
Wo arc authorized to anrounoe thit Mr. 'A.
F Uealey is n candidate for re-election to tho
office of tlisirlct clerk of McLennan county,
subject tot o action of tho Democratic party,
The News la authorized to announce Kd
Sparks "8 n candldato (or district clerk, subject
totlio actlonof the Demooratlo patty.
Tub News Is authorized to announce that
Tom II. Brown is a candidate for county clerk
orMcLennau county, subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
We am authorized to annouueo Jno F. MaT
ahall 03a .landldate forth-) ellK-o of comity
clerk, subject to the acttnn of tho Domociatlc
i m i
The News Is authorized to nnnounco Heo
?ook nsa candldato fur re-election to the oftico
of constabloof rccInctNo.l Mol.ennau couu
ty , subject to the action of tho Democratic patty.
Mr Jame II Lockwood suthorlzo' ns to
announce bim n a candldato lor constnblo of
yrcclnct No. 1 McLmnau county, subject to tho
action of l ho Democracy,
Tiik N ws Is authorized to announce John C.
West ss a cand dato for mayor nt tho ensuing
ity election, on Arrllsth.
Tub News is authorized to announce that
TIyorC C. McUalloch is ncan-lidato for re
election to tlio oIllc.- of mayor of Waco at tho
nsulog election In April.
Election 1st Trcsdayin April. We aro au
thorized to announce Major A Iliuchman as
candldHte for the office of Mayor ot Waco at the
coming city election.
Tiik N'fws is uu'hnrlzed to announce Hon. It.
J Goodoasacndldatoformar -r otthe city of
Waco at tho o suing election l April.
The News la authorized to announce tho
mraeof Mr A, M atioblo for re-election for
the offleo of alderman for the Third ward.
iljsa HoSJtar tetasss
Editor and General Manager.
Entered at the Wqlj poawffloo aa seo
ond olass mail matter.
Largest Ciroulaiion of any Paper in
Central Texas.
"JhitrltliH riuhi, though it is not nt
(if pojnilnr, nnd Istnutl by it icltctlicr ft
retfriHiiiK toprirate life or lifts me to hioh-erliOiicrr."-Ilofier
Q. Mills.
Every one who wants copies of
Jtidgo Clark's speuob, delivered re
cently at "Weathorford, can obtain
them, ready for mailing, at tho busi
ness office of TnE News
Tho resolution providing for tho
lnternation and Great Northern rail
roed investigation passed in the last
legislature requriod that the roport
of tho investigation; committee should
bo filed with the secretary of state by
August 1, 1891. The Newb is
informed that the report was only filed
, a few days ago. Tho resolution also re
quires that the roport bo published and
laid boforo the logislaturo but it is
hardly, probahlo that this can be done
in tho limited time now allowed, or
, if it is, it will bo toward the oloso of
the session and suffioiont time will
not bo given to tho members to post
thomsolxos upon tho matter. Tho
constitutional amendments were
printed and sent out to the members'
why not, the International and Groat
Northern investigating oommittco's
report? It looko a littlo as though
thoro was a disposition to prevent
thorough and intelligent considera
tion of that part of the governor's
Tho mcotinfr at tho court house last
night in the intorest of Hon. Gcorgo
Clark was one of tho most enthusias
tic ovor hold in Waco. The porsonol
of that meoting was equal in ovory
respect to nny political gathering in
tho luBtoryJof any.Toxas city. A few of
tho participants aro named in ovr ro
port clsowhore. ThkJ Nuws would
delight to print the outiro list, for it
does crodit to tho candidate
in whoso bohalf thoy as
sembled. There were business
mon, professional men, farmers and
wage oarnora. Thoir enthusiasm was
unbounded their faith in their candi
dato is snpromo. Thoy join' honrtily
in tho Blogan "Turn Texas loose,"
and tho refrain will not die down un
til tho last shaoklo is struok from tho
vitals of Texas. To their brethren all
over tho stato thoy sond greeting with
a hearty good choor. To tho Mace
donians in Southeast Texas thoy say
wo aro coming; to the undeveloped
West thoy say horo is a man who
will strike tho fetters from you; to
all the stato thoy say "Texas God
bless her," wo offor Clark to lead her
out of tho bondago of demogogy and
baok to truo Dcmocraoy.
Tho Capitolian romarks: "Gov.
Hubbard says that Georgo Clark is
the man for governor. After this it
is expected that Hogg and Web Finloy
will force him to leave Tyler where
ho has residod for tho past fourteen
years or more." Ho' didn't leavo
Tyler but ho denied having said what
he said.
George Clark will do more than aot
as governor for tho noxt two years.
Ho will keep Hogg out of the oxeou
tivo chair for the better part of this
year and that is a groat deal. Hogg
is ongaged to mako speeches from
April 21 to July 1.
Elegant Photo's.
Having secured tho services of Mr.
W. M. nail, of Chicago, as operator
and retoucher, will guarantee the pub
lic a finer olass of photographic work
than has over been shown in Waco
Have recently purchased tho largest
as well as tho finest photograph lens
in Texas. Call on tho old re liable
photographer and see samples.
W. D. Jackson.
A Suro Curo for Piles .
Itohing Piles are known by mois
turo liko perspiration, causing intonse
tohing when warm. This form as
well as Blind, Bleeding or Protrud
ing, yield at once to Dr. Bosanko's
Pilo Remedy, which aots direotly on
paits effcoted, absorbs tumors, allays
itohing and effects a permanent euro.
50 ots. Druggists or mail Circulars
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Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by W. B.
Morrison & Co.
BuoM&n'a Arnloa Salve.
The best salvo In the world for oats,
brulsos, sores, uloors, salt rheum, fo
vor sores, totter, ohappod hands, obil
blalns, corns jwi all akin eruptions,
and positively cures pllos, or no pay
required. It Is guaranteed to give
satisfaction or 'jioney refunded. Prloe
25 cents a box. Fcr sale by "W. B
Morrison & flo.
Extras for Buggies.
Carriago and bustgy tops, oarriage
and buggy wheols, buggy bodies, cush
ions, lazy backs, springs, 5th wheols,
shaft shaokles, prop nuts, prop
joints, boots, storm aprons, shaft tops
single treos, shafts in pairs or odd,
poles, broast yokcs,polo circles, dashes,
dash rails, seat handles, etc., oart
wheels and springs, at
T. P. Sparks & Son's.
For Rent,
Six room house, bath room, a large
gallery, cistorn and stable, good loca
tion. Apply to Mrs. W. J. Harris,
No. 1023 Jefferson stroot.
Don't be Deceived.
I am still holding down Standard
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for ono
Franoo-Amcrican Food Co's Frenoh
Soups, 3 pound cans, 30 cents each .
Star Tobaoco 10 cents por pound. Low
prices on everything. Call and boo
Joe S. Thompson,
The Grocer.
Ilotol Royal Bar.
Haydon & Hayden, proprietors.
Neat and quiet. Vory finest wines
and liquors. Superb lunoh at 10.
Old friends and customers as well
I now will meet a hearty woloome.
InUlroMlllK l.lltlo KplMMle 111 HMltr Hill
Ilrtfinlnjj lilt Hnvh 1'uy ltidlniiii JViiul-
Helms for Hnri Imiii .lnrlitou Conn I, III.,
Democrat Wimt Palmer.
Philadelphia, Mnrch 5, Consider
able interest has been aroused by tho an
nouncement that nrraugemeiits that
Senator Ilill niny got tho Pennsylvania
delegation to the national convention
hnvo been made by Mr. SiiiKerly, who
was recently in Washington as a mem
ber of a Philadelphia delegation on a
visit to tho appropriations coiiiinitteo to
urge an appropriation for a now mint.
When he heard thu story Mr. Singerly
said: "Thoro is not a particle of truth
in it. Tho facts aro these: While in
Washington with a mint delegation I
saw a number of senators and among
them Mr. Hill, whom I hnvo known
since 188-1. Wo have only mot threo or
four times in tho interval and wo had a
good many things to discuss besidei
politics. "
"Then you are not for Hill?"
"Decidedly not. I am for Cleveland
first, last and all tho time. That ought
to be definite enough. If I could do it
I would designate him tomorrow as
president of the United States. I admire
Hill, of course, but I am positively for
Cloveland for president. "
Mr. Singerly will be ono of the dclo-
gates at largo from this state to the Chi
cago convention. Secretary of tlio Com
monwealth Harrity, whose name has
also been coupled with tho Hill story,
denies it ilatly. Tho Ponsylvania dele
gation will, ho thinks, bo for Cloveland.
II III Refutes Tail 1'uy.
"Washinoton, March C Thoro was
quito an interesting littlo episode in tho
rooms of tho secretary of the senate
After tho voto on the Idaho enso had
been taken Senator Hill strolled into tho
room nnd remarked that "if convenient
ho would talk a minute." Senator Hill's
request was promptly responded to by
the secretary, who plnced before him
his vouchers for on amount aggregating
about $5000 and asked him to"sign them.
"Oh, no," said tho senator. "Tho
voucher for my salary from the day
I was sworn in, tlio 7th of January,
1892, wp to tho end of February is all I
want. This is your usual pay day, is it
not, the end of tho month?"
Tho clerk said they had a . certain
amount standing on their books to tho
credit of tho New Yorker and not to pay
it out would cnuso confusion.
With some brusqueness of manner
Mr. Hill said this wns nono of his busi
nessthey must keep their book to suit
thomselves. He wished to draw salary
for the actual timo he had served. After
some further parley the clerk mndo out
a voucher for SOT.OO-and Mr. Hill took
a check for tho amount in full payment
of his claims on salary up to date; $778
of this amount was for tho salary of
January nnd February and tho balauco
was mileage.
Solid for Harrison.
Indianapolis, March C Indiana's
thirteen districts selected delegates to
tho Republican national convention.
The delegation will bo solid for Harri
son. liutriictctl for 1'ulmrr.
MUHPiiYsuono, 111., March 5. Tho
Democratic convention of this (Jnckson)
county is the first to instruct delegates
to the convention to voto for Palmer for
Hester's Weekly Ite port.
New Oeleans, March 5. Secretary
Hester's New Orleans cotton crop report
shows another heavy movement for
market during tho past week, it being
10,723 bales more than tho corresponding
period ending March 4 last year. This
makes tho excess for the first four days
of March 27,020 more than last season,
bringing the cotton marketed to date to
400,373 bales over tho corresponding dato
last year. Tho total movements of tho
crop into Bight for the week is 111,407
bales against 125.7M from Feb. 27 to
March 4 inclusive last year. Tho quan
tity marketed for tho first four days of
March was 08,834 bales against 00,133
last year. Theso bring tho total
quantity of the cotton crop mark
eted to dato to 7,088,788 balos, against
7,520,415. Tho movement from Sept. 1
to March 4, including total receipts at
all Unted States ports was 0,104,415
bales against 5.87G.207 last year. The
overland movement to American mills
by railroads crossing tho Mississippi,
Potomac and Ohio rivers was 1,008,388,
against 881,401. Intorior stocks in ox
cess ot those held at tho closo of tho pre
vious season aro 432,119, against 383,300,
and all southern mill takings, oxclusivo
of tho quantity consumed at southern
ports, were 331,100, against 3S2.301. The
total takings of American mills north
aud south thus far for tho season of
1891-92 hnvo been 2,140,011, against
2,018,590 last year. These include
1,747,418 by northern spinnors, against
1,010,303. Including stool loft ovor at
tho port nnd interior towns from tho
last crop aud tho number of bales
brought into sight thus far of tho now
crop tho supply to dato is 8,2G5,104,
ngninst 7,598,257 bales for tho fcamo p.
riod last year.
Contains All the Latest Political, Telegraphic and Local News.
Will be Sent to any Address from Now Until JANUARY 1,1893
3 3 lb oans of Vanguard best
peaches $ 50
Dodson & Hill's best in pints,
ketchup 20
Superior Chili sanco, pint b'ts. 25
2 lb oans blakborrics, 0 for f0
1 lb can Monaroh B Powder for 15
Good family fancy flour, per sk. 1 25
The best green cofTee 5J- lbs for 1 00
Navy boans, JJ5 lbs for 1 00
Hominy, U0 lbs for 1 00
Best preserves, per pound 09
30 Ibsgritsfor 100
Dried 4pples,quartors,bcst 1G lbs 1 00
And all othor goods too numerous to
mention, Pleaso call early and leavo
your orders, as I havo a great rush on
Saturdays. Yours for low prices.
J. D Loftin,
At Ohas Rast's Old Stand.
PAID IN CAPITAL '. $100,000
J. S. MoLKNDON. President.
O. H. niGGlNSON,
J. T. DAVIS, Vloo-prosldent.
I B. BLA.CK, OaBhltr
Veoonnts of banki. bunker t, morohann, firmnrs. msoh&ntci and othor olansos BOlloItod. w
1 to iuqi amounts t.H isrgoonoi. wo gire personal ana special auecnon
nev&smuoh uttontion
to our collection drartment, ftti'l ro-nU"ri an of payment,
all tne principal pjlnta or mo unitea Btuiofl ana tuiropo.
Kioh.inge bought and sold 01
ers S
Alejandro's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Puro Bpioos.
Whdesale Grocers.
Aloxandro's Java and Rio Blend Coll'eo.
Moore Bros' White Wine and Apple Vinegar.
Moore Bros' Pure Cldor.
Moore Bros' Flint Candy.
Having purchased Mr. Alexandre's buslnoswoa re now prepared to till
orders promptly. Patronize Home Institutions. Biistaln our efforts to make
Waco a Groat Manufacturing Centre.
Have removed from Pacific Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'g
The old Orand llulldlug, Jforth of 1'laza,
irvico, TEXAS.
The nnost vehicles and horses in th
oity. Gall carriages for ladies a spo
cialty and when desired, ladies can
have a driver in livery. All trains met..
Prompt attention to all orders and satisiaction guaranteed. Horses
boarded on reasonable terms.
W, D MATE1ELD, President J. I). DELL, Vice Prcsldont. JOHN T). MAYKIELT), Cashier
The GSty Savipgs Bapk
Will Commence Business March 1, 1892, with
$100,000 Carpita,! Stools-
The eharea ore payable In motlily lmtallmcnta of two dollars. Anybody can take stock
now becaase;the payments are eo small, bat In a Bliort time you will not bs blo to bay the stock
without 'paying an cnermons premium. Sec tho cashier at onco f you want stock,

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